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Under Suspicion #5

Every Breath You Take

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“Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke are back with their fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Under Suspicion series; Every Breath You Take follows television producer’s Laurie Moran investigation of the unsolved Met Gala murder—in which a wealthy widow was pushed to her death from the famous museum’s rooftop.

Laurie Moran’s professional life is a success—her television show Under Suspicion is a hit, both in the ratings and its record of solving cold cases. But her romantic break from former host Alex Buckley has left her with on-air talent she can’t stand—Ryan Nichols—and a sense of loneliness, despite her loving family.

Now Ryan has suggested a new case. Three years ago, Virginia Wakeling, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and one of the museum’s most generous donors, was found in the snow, after being thrown from the museum’s roof on the night of its most celebrated fundraiser, the Met Gala. The leading suspect then and now is her much younger boyfriend and personal trainer, Ivan Gray.

Ivan runs a trendy, successful boutique gym called Punch—a business funded in no small part by the late Virginia—which happens to be the gym Ryan frequents. Laurie’s skepticism about the case is upended by a tip from her father’s NYPD connection, and soon Laurie realizes there are a bevy of suspects—including Virginia’s trusted inner circle.

As the Under Suspicion crew pries into the lives of a super wealthy real estate family with secrets to hide, danger mounts for several witnesses—and for Laurie.

304 pages, Hardcover

First published November 7, 2017

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About the author

Mary Higgins Clark

585 books12k followers
The #1 New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark has written thirty-eight suspense novels, four collections of short stories, a his­torical novel, a memoir, and two children’s books. With bestselling author Alafair Burke she wrote the Under Suspicion series. With her daughter Carol Higgins Clark, she has coauthored five more suspense novels.

Clark’s books have sold more than 100 million copies in the United States alone. Her books are beloved around the world and made her an international bestseller many times over.

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Profile Image for Chantal.
579 reviews390 followers
July 11, 2023
Even though I didn't like this book as much as the others in the series, I was still pleasantly surprised by what happened. I loved the setting and the way the producers tried to replicate the night of the murder. And of course, it was great to see Alex back in Laurie's life!
Profile Image for Julie .
4,080 reviews59k followers
January 28, 2018
Every Breath You Take by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke is a 2017 Simon & Schuster publication.

This fifth installment in the “Under Suspicion’ series has Laurie reluctantly agreeing to investigate a cold case suggested to her by her new co-host, Ryan, who is still an insufferable jerk.

The case involves Ivan, a fitness guru, suspected of murdering his much older lover for money. Charges were never brought, but the man lives under a constant shadow of suspicion and wants to see his name cleared.

As Laurie and Ryan dig into the cold case, they discover the victim, Virginia Wakeling, a wealthy widow, had been thinking about changing her will, which sent her children, and her son in-law, into sheer panic mode.

Could one of them have killed Virginia? Is Ivan as innocent as he claims?

For me, this series is very appealing, not only because of the two fabulous authors, but because I really love the set up. A series focused solely on cold cases is right up my alley because of all the mystery tropes out there, cold cases are one of my all-time favorites.

I have really enjoyed watching Laurie’s character bloom, as she slowly comes back to the land of the living after the tragic death of her husband. There is a little romantic angst tossed in, along with the mystery, which is a nice addition to the story, as well.

This particular segment is just as fun as the first four installments have been, although, I must confess, I didn’t feel a connection with the suspects or even the victim, in this case, even after all the facts were presented. I found myself thinking that I didn’t really like most of the characters this time around, which muted the feeling of vindication a little bit.

But, I couldn’t decide who was trustworthy, or who to suspect, which at the end of the day, is the most important element of a mystery- trying to figure out whodunit! The suspense builds at a nice brisk pace, and kept me fully invested in the story, if not the characters.

The dry spell in Laurie’s love life is about to come to head- one way or another- and I thought perhaps there was a bit more time spent on this area than in the past, but it was also something I thought should be resolved and was happy with how things turned out.

Overall, I enjoy the light, clean mysteries these stories provide, and with the powerhouse team of MHC with Alafair Burke, the writing is always superb, giving their readers the type of entertaining stories they expect and enjoy, and will come back for time and time again.

3.5 stars
Profile Image for Louise Wilson.
2,907 reviews1,642 followers
November 15, 2017
This is the 5th book in the Under Suspicion series.

For me, this was not the best book by Mary Higgins Clark that I have read (and I've read all her books). She has teamed up with Alafair Burke to write this series. I do like all the main characters in this series but the suspects in this book all seemed to have a motive but not really anything concrete to go on (apart from inheritance) to back it up. I did guess correctly from early on who the culprit was. This won't put me off reading more from Mary Higgins Clark in the future as I'm a big fan of her work.
Profile Image for Brenda.
4,233 reviews2,738 followers
March 27, 2019
Every Breath You Take is the 5th in the Under Suspicion series by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Laurie Moran runs a television show called Under Suspicion where she works, with the team, on solving cold cases. This one revolved around wealthy widow, Virginia Wakeling and her murder at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the night of an annual fundraiser. A man, Ivan Gray, twenty years younger and Virginia’s current love interest was the main suspect in her murder. But after three years, the police had been unable to prove his culpability.

With Ivan directing Laurie’s crew to Virginia’s family as the ones responsible for her death, Laurie knew she had some investigating to do. But she was convinced the show would do well, and hopefully they would find a murderer. But was chasing a murderer who thought they’d escaped conviction, safe? What would that person do if they felt threatened?

An intriguing, suspenseful, heart pounding mystery, Every Breath You Take is one I highly recommend.
Profile Image for Erin.
3,095 reviews484 followers
December 8, 2018
3.5 stars
Okay, the Queen of Suspense who earned a 2 star from me the other day, has definitely been redeemed. Of course, Laurie Moran is a well established character in this series that Clark co-writes with Alafair Burke. Perhaps it is this collaboration between the two that makes this text tighter and more reminiscent of Clark's past books. I felt myself instantly immersed in the story that just kept building the tension to a satisfying conclusion.
Profile Image for Monnie.
1,437 reviews771 followers
December 6, 2017
I've now read four of the authors' Under Suspicion series, and quite honestly, I've enjoyed every one. Some of my enthusiasm, I know, comes from the media angle; I spent years in the industry, albeit on the print side of the desk - so if it involves news reporting, I'm all in. That said, holding my interest goes well beyond the setting; a solid story and relatable characters need to be in the mix as well.

And they are. Mind you, I'd call all these books lightweights when it comes to blood-and-guts type action; in this case, there's just one murder - a mega-wealthy businesswoman is tossed off the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If that's not your style, you may want to pass; but that's perfectly okay with me. What's not, though, is that the romance parts in this one go way beyond sappy (for the most part accounting for my rating of 4 stars instead of 5). The rest of the story, though, held my attention throughout.

Here's the deal: Laurie Moran produces a popular TV show titled, appropriately, "Under Suspicion," which opens new eyes on cold cases. Although it's been only three years since that aforementioned woman took a header off the museum roof and the case in theory remains under investigation, Attorney Ryan Nichols, who replaced Laurie's now-estranged love interest, Attorney Alex Buckley, as the show's host, is hot to trot on taking it on. Ryan, as it turns out, is friends with and believes to be innocent the primary suspect in the case: The 20-years-younger fiance of the murdered woman, Virginia Wakeling.

Laurie is reluctant at first - partly because she misses Alex terribly and is no fan of Ryan - but when further investigation reveals that several of the victim's family members, including a daughter, son and son-in-law, may have had means, motive and opportunity as well, she capitulates and the game is on. Aided by her father, Leo Farley, retired NYPD first deputy commissioner who now serves on an anti-terrorism task force, she begins to obtain requisite permissions, line up interviews and secure background footage for what looks to be another hit show.

But not everyone is thrilled at the prospect of airing dirty linen on TV - most notably the killer, who, needless to say, is dead set on remaining unidentified. If that means stopping Laurie dead in her tracks, so be it. Beyond that, if Laurie is able to survive all that befalls her and an hour later chow down on dinner and drinks (God forbid losing a reservation at a fancy restaurant), bless her heart. That kind of intestinal fortitude makes me reasonably certain she'll make it to another day and another book - and I'll be waiting to read it.
Profile Image for Sherri Thacker.
1,308 reviews268 followers
January 12, 2018
I’m not sure how this can only be my 3rd book I’ve read by Mary Higgins Clark since she’s been around forever but it is. This grabbed me from page 1 and I was able to read it in one day while laying around the house with a sore throat. It was good, nothing great.
Profile Image for Tim.
2,188 reviews213 followers
February 10, 2018
Less than satisfying. 2 of 10 stars
Profile Image for Tamara.
966 reviews244 followers
November 8, 2017
I absolutely love the duo of Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke. Between them- they create books that combine my favorite things about each of the writer's style.

In Every Breath You Take- there are def some red herrings. It seems that many people have a motive. I love it when that happens!

I just soaked up the story- wasn't really trying to figure out where the story was going- just enjoyed the ride!
Profile Image for Suzzie.
918 reviews161 followers
March 29, 2019
This one was fascinating and very fast paced. The older, rich woman in a relationship with a younger man attaches readers to the story right away, then you throw in the murder and spoiled, entitled children. You just keep guessing who done it and are left with a whoa moment. I thought this was one of the best of the series so far.

My quick and simple overall: intriguing, quick read.
Profile Image for Noella.
953 reviews61 followers
August 17, 2022
Het team van het tv-programma 'Verdacht' wil de moord op Virginia Wakeling onderzoeken, die 3 jaar geleden tijdens een gala van het Metropolitan Museum of Art van het dak van het gebouw geduwd is. Zelfmoord is totaal uitgesloten. De hoofdverdachte was haar 20 jaar jongere vriend Ivan Gray, maar dat is nooit bewezen.

Het is aan Laurie en haar team om uit te zoeken wie er nog meer baat zou kunnen hebben bij de dood van Virginia.
Er blijken heel wat mogelijke verdachten te zijn. De kinderen van Virginia, Anna en Carter, de man van Anna, Peter, de assistente van Virginia, Penny, de neef van Virginia, Tom, diens toenmalige vriendinnetje Tiffany en natuurlijk nog altijd Ivan.

Hoe meer Laurie zich vastbijt in de zaak, hoe meer er iemand in nauwe schoentjes komt te zitten...
Behalve de moordzaak, worden we ook nog ingelicht over het privé-leven van Laurie, meer bepaalde de gestrande relatie met de man van wie ze toch nog steeds zielsveel houdt.

Het boek leest erg vlot. In het begin vond ik er eigenlijk niet veel aan, het was precies een chicklit. Maar naarmate het verhaal vorderde, werd het toch nog spannend.
Toch kan ik het niet meer dan 3 sterren geven.
Profile Image for RM(Alwaysdaddygirl).
456 reviews68 followers
May 24, 2020
2 stars. I read many of her early books before I started Goodreads. Her earlier books were full of twists. This one was too easy to figure it. Read her earlier books if your look for a good mystery book.

293 reviews12 followers
July 29, 2019
Pues sí. Mejora bastante con respecto al anterior de la serie, que me quedó un poco decepcionada. Una investigación en toda regla con Laurie y su equipo al frente, reuniendo pistas, atando cabos... De hecho lo hacen mejor que la policía que, en su momento, no pudo esclarecer la culpabilidad de nadie.
Me ha gustado también la evolución de la relación de Alex y Laurie.
Quizás el final es un poco "corto". Me hubiese gustado saber las opiniones del resto de personajes una vez se esclarece el caso.
Como siempre, la autora engancha y entretiene.
¡Muy recomendable!
Profile Image for Sonia Cristina.
1,892 reviews55 followers
August 19, 2020
Não gostei, achei o enredo uma seca, mas chegando aquele final não consegui dar nota negativa.

Profile Image for Rahma.Mrk.
723 reviews1,319 followers
September 23, 2021
mélange d'émotions et sensations : histoire d' amour.
recherche d'autre chance.la vengeance et le peur de perde le bien aimée,.
j'ai vécue tout ces émotions en lisant cet roman.
c'est un autre style des romans policiers. puisque on parle d'un crime déjà fait.
a la sortie de prison a l'aide d'un programme télé réalité sur les crimes non classé. elle cherche à prouvé son innocence.

خليط من مشاعر،هنا قصة حب عذبة و جميلة،البحث عن فرصة ثانية،الإنتقام،و الخوف من فقدان الحبيب.
لقد عشت كل هذه العواطف و انا اقرأ هذه الرواية مع محاولة كشف المجرم الحقيقي.
هذا نوع آخر من ادب البوليسي لاننا نتحدث على جريمة تمت و انتهى امر و نفذت عقوبة في مرتكبها.
لكن بعد خروجها من سجن و بفضل برنامج تلفزي ستحاول ان تثبت براءتها و البحث عن قاتل الخقيقي.
هذه سلسة من روايات جديدة لماري.
Profile Image for Amarilli 73 .
2,285 reviews75 followers
September 6, 2020
Anni che non riprendevo queste autrici: un giallo soft, scritto con la consueta (doppia) classe, perfetto per un film hollywoodiano.
Indagine interessante, un tocco romantico, scenari fastosi (Il MET, la NY invernale con Central Park spolverato di neve, i quartieri bene della metropoli), ritmo vivace.
Molto carino.
Profile Image for Xana.
641 reviews39 followers
July 10, 2020
Gosto bastante de MHC. É daquelas autoras que me agarram sempre e recorro sempre a ela quando ando nas fases de preguiça.
Gostei muito deste livro :)
Profile Image for Nurse Lisa from Ohio.
768 reviews49 followers
January 18, 2018
TITLE: Every Breath You Take
AUTHOR: Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke
PUBLICATION DATE: 11.07.2017 by Simon & Schuster
SERIES: Book 5, Under Suspicion Series
READ: 01.2018
FORMAT: ebook from Barnes and Noble via NOOK (Samsung Galaxy Tab4 Nook device)
GENRE/KEYWORDS: series, mystery, murder mystery, adult fiction, fiction, New York, crime, NYPD, Metropolitan Museum, The Met, Met Galley, New York City (little romance in there ☺️).
MY GOODREADS RATING (0-5 star scale): 4 stars


Mary Higgins Clark is one of the very first mystery writers I discovered as a teen(-ish); once I had devoured Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, & Lawrence Sanders, I went to our local library and Karen (librarian) introduced me to MHC & many others. All these years later and I still enjoy her writing. I think it’s refreshing to read a mystery that is just that: a mystery. No gory/shocking scenes, I don’t think there’s ever a swear word, and the romance is subtle, if present at all, for the most part. While my biblio style has evolved (& my language & love of smut! Lol), it’s still really nice to read a solid “whodunnit” that’s easy to follow and entertaining.
Just my opinion, obviously, but I do think the literary world as been solidly enriched from MHC’s contributions all these years (guys, she’s 90!). I am also glad to have discovered Alafair from these collabs...she’s an excellent writer on her own & is still growing, IMO.

Always, message me here or social media for more info or with questions; I’m a spoiler avoider 😉

Happy 2018, friends!

Cheers ...Lisa (@NurseLisaInOhio IG, Twitter, Pinterest, FB, Google+, YouTube, etc...) ☺️
Profile Image for Sarah B.
836 reviews18 followers
June 18, 2020
For some reason it took me awhile to get into this book...I'm not sure why. But I often felt distracted while reading it and my mind kept wondering. Maybe it was something to do with the writing style or the characters? Sometimes you can't exactly put your finger on the exact cause. The book did seem to improve in the second half of the story and I did get a bit interested then, but I'm still going to rate it only three stars.

I guess I had thought the book would be more suspenseful? The front cover claims the author is the "queen of suspense" but the majority of the story was just talking, interviews and going on lunch dates. There was scenes where the main character was wondering if she should get back together with a man she likes. But there was no suspense! No threats, no mysterious notes, no danger, no sneaking around in the dark or snooping, nothing like that at all. I've seen more action and danger in a book written in 1947! I kid you not. So if you want something dry and kind of dull with lots of chitchat, then read this. But I prefer a few scares and well, something actually happening! The actual action and danger in this book doesn't start until page 314 (out of 340 pages).

I did try to guess who the killer was but my guess was wrong...I'm unsure if the book actually gave enough information to give a good guess? Needless to say I prefer a book with actual suspense!

Profile Image for Amanda McGill.
1,219 reviews51 followers
January 12, 2018
A nice, quick easy read.

The 5th full novel of the Under Suspicion series is similar to the previous novels. Lorie is working on the next case for her Under Suspicion TV series. Her host, brings her a new case that is only from a few years ago. 68 year old, Virginia Wakeling, fell to her death, at a Met gala and of course her younger boyfriend was the only suspect. He was never charged and wants to clear his name.

I wasn't as confident with the murderer as I was the previous novel, but I slowly put it together. These mysteries aren't too complex since there is only a number of characters involved. There are some progressions that are made in Lorie's personal life, but I felt that a bit too much time was spent on it. I would of rather had another suspect in the mystery.
Profile Image for Kym Moore.
Author 3 books33 followers
July 26, 2022

Talk about suspense, twists, and turns of solving a cold case. Who murdered Virginia Wakeling? Is this an open and shut case?

Was this about Virginia changing her will, or was it a crime of passion? Maybe both?

This was quite a dramatic "Whodunit" story. Virginia Wakeling, a wealthy widow, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and one of the museum's most generous donors, was attending the Metropolitan Museum of Art admiring the Inaugural gowns of former first ladies. A jogger soon discovers her body in the snow in Central Park. Had she fallen, or was she thrown from the roof of the museum?

The leading suspect then and now is her much younger suitor and personal trainer, Ivan Gray. Virginia lavished him with money and expensive gifts. Ivan wants to clear his name as a suspect and goes to see Laurie Moran, host of the successful television show "Under Suspicion," which takes another look at solving cold cases. Was Virginia cutting her children out of her will? What would Ivan gain if he killed Virginia?

As Laurie investigates her leads, she finds that the list of suspects has grown. Did Carter Wakeling, the older son, kill his mother? He was agitated about his mother's plans to reduce their inheritance, and he was going to lose millions. Carter said she must be stopped. Or what about Tom Wakeling? He had a gambling problem, and his mother knew it. Laurie rechecked their alibis the night Virginia was murdered. It seems like everyone was accounted for. Later in Laurie's investigation, she would find some discrepancies in Tiffany and Tom's alibis. Tiffany was Tom's date on the night of the Met Gala.

Laurie found herself in a dangerous situation after questioning Tiffany again. She and Tiffany were being held hostage by Virginia's murderer. Laurie was allowed to make a call to her friend Charlotte who was posing as an agent for a publishing house, but instead, she dialed her father, Leo Farley, who was formerly with the NYPD and worried about her whereabouts. She spoke to him in code and gave him all the details he needed without alerting the killer, who had a gun pointed at her.

Did Tiffany take the bracelet on the Jackie Kennedy display? Yes. Was Tom willing to lie for Tiffany? Yes. That is until Tom knew Tiffany told the truth about their alibis at the gala. So here's the deal. Tom watched as Laurie left Tiffany's house after finding out about Tom. He snuck up behind her with a gun pointed at her side and forced her to walk back to Tiffany's house. He thought his plot was foiled but planned on staging an in-home invasion. Tom intended to kill both of them. After Charlotte arrived and knocked on the door, the scene changed quickly, and Tom was shot dead.
Profile Image for Darla.
3,522 reviews621 followers
December 4, 2017
A solid 4.5 stars for this 5th collaboration of Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke in the Under Suspicion series. This installment investigates a mysterious mystery at the Met making that iconic landmark a strong character in the book. I really enjoyed having the first ladies exhibit front and center, too.

There is definite and realistic character development among the team members and those close to Laurie Moran. A foundation is built for future episodes and I look forward to reading #6 next year.
Profile Image for Minty McBunny.
1,163 reviews27 followers
December 1, 2017
I really enjoy this series. I’m so-so on Alafair Burke’s solo work and I often feel that MHC is calling it in for the last decade or so, but it seems like they sharpen each other by working together and have created an enjoyable cast of characters as well as a tidy structure for each book (the show makes a neat way to keep new cases and fresh bad guys coming to Laurie’s life). It’s not great literature, but it’s fun and entertaining.
Profile Image for CD {Boulder Blvd}.
963 reviews93 followers
December 23, 2017
I've read all but book #2 in the Under Suspicion series. It's a good series and this was a quick fast read. I really like the characters of Loran Moran and Alex Buckley. And I like to hate Alex's replacement host and Ms. Moran's boss. There were definite points in the story in which I just got irritated by Ms. Moran's boss and his male chauvinistic tendencies. A little too much of the reality we still deal with.
Profile Image for Ellen.
1,003 reviews22 followers
August 12, 2018
3.5 stars
I liked this more than book 4 in the series, but still not quite as much as books 2 and 3. I didn't have a clear idea who the killer was until close to the reveal, so that was good. Sort of spoiler: I'm glad they've resolved the Laurie/Alex issues that I think have plagued this book and the last. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series that comes out later this year.
Profile Image for Laurel-Rain.
Author 6 books236 followers
January 1, 2018
Laurie Moran’s professional life is a success—her television show Under Suspicion is a hit, both in the ratings and its record of solving cold cases. But her romantic break from former host Alex Buckley has left her with on-air talent she can’t stand—Ryan Nichols—and a sense of loneliness, despite her loving family.

Now Ryan has suggested a new case. Three years ago, Virginia Wakeling, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and one of the museum’s most generous donors, was found in the snow, after being thrown from the museum’s roof on the night of its most celebrated fundraiser, the Met Gala. The leading suspect then and now is her much younger boyfriend and personal trainer, Ivan Gray.

Ivan runs a trendy, successful boutique gym called Punch—a business funded in no small part by the late Virginia—which happens to be the gym Ryan frequents. Laurie’s skepticism about the case is upended by a tip from her father’s NYPD connection, and soon Laurie realizes there are a bevy of suspects—including Virginia’s trusted inner circle.

As the Under Suspicion crew pries into the lives of a super wealthy real estate family with secrets to hide, danger mounts for several witnesses—and for Laurie.

My Thoughts: From the very first page of Every Breath You Take, I was drawn into the story of Virginia Wakeling, a wealthy woman who fell (or was pushed) from the roof of the Met during a celebrated fundraiser.

Her much younger boyfriend, Ivan Gray, was a major suspect of the family, but the police did not have enough evidence to charge him, and, in fact, the accusations of the family members were all they really had.

I enjoyed the way Laurie Moran handled the investigation, and even how she found a way to co-exist with Ryan, the egotistical new on-air talent. He so clearly believed in the innocence of his friend and trainer, Ivan, that Laurie feared his ability to remain objective. However, she gradually saw another side of him in his willingness to set those feelings aside in order to find the answers.

Laurie’s talent for following her instincts and the ability to pursue fresh angles made the story a great page-turner that kept me guessing. With each new revelation, the possibilities of finding the truth seemed to increase.

Would Laurie’s search for the truth put her own life in danger? Would an irate killer bring her to the brink of disaster? There were numerous red herrings until we unexpectedly saw who the killer had to be. Meanwhile, some new possibilities for her sidelined relationship with Alex kept me intrigued, just as the case started heating up. 5 stars.
Profile Image for Ariannha .
1,062 reviews
December 30, 2019
Me encanta la serie Bajo Sospecha y como los llevan las autoras!
En esta historia en particular, hubiera escogido un culpable menos obvio y un final un tanto más dramático.
Espero por más...
Profile Image for Sarah.
180 reviews2 followers
April 14, 2020
3.5 rounded down. Glad to see that ending, it seemed weird in the previous book. Fun, light read. Less character development than in previous books in the series.
Profile Image for Carolina Mares..
192 reviews13 followers
September 23, 2020
Entre el 2,5 y el 3*. Muy en la línea de los anteriores. Ligerito y de los que enganchan, aunque hay algunos personajes tan tan tan estereotipo que uff *face-palm*.
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