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Millions of readers around the world have fallen in love with Melody Grace’s bestselling contemporary romances. Now discover the romance, laughter, and happily-ever-afters waiting for you in her new series, Sweetbriar Cove!

Summer Bloom lives for adventure—and buttercream bourbon frosting. As a high-end pastry chef, she spends her days (and nights, and weekends) whipping up sweet treats, but when an unexpected detour leads her to the dilapidated bakery on Blackberry Lane, she decides to take a chance on her dreams and leave it all behind for a new life in Sweetbriar Cove. She has everything she needs for baking bliss—she just isn’t expecting her new landlord to melt her heart, as well as her chocolate truffles...

Grayson Reid knows better than to fall for his impulsive new tenant. He keeps his life quiet and drama-free, but there’s something about Summer he just can’t resist. He’s learned the hard way that a woman can turn your whole world upside down, but her kisses—and those croissants—are too tempting to ignore. He’s determined to keep the lid on their romance, but soon, their chemistry is heating up the kitchen—and he doesn’t want to play it safe any more.

Can this headstrong pair mix the right ingredients for love? Or will their passion burn out before they can find their happily-ever-after? Find out in the new novel from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!

258 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 21, 2017

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About the author

Melody Grace

67 books2,577 followers
NYT bestselling author of small-town romance. A new chapter in the Sweetbriar Cove series begins with Two Hearts - July 30th!

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1,808 reviews384 followers
March 3, 2020
3 🤔❤️🤔⭐️s

A very sweet and light romantic story.
Summer was a beautiful character, full of dreams and inspiration, dreaming to open her own pastry shop. Her landlord was Grayson, a quiet person who liked his routine.
It was uneventful, with no sparks or emotions and had plenty of narration.
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2,392 reviews443 followers
February 21, 2020
Incredibly enjoyable book with the kind of food porn that makes you (me) want to bake. Like Lisa Kleypas’ Dream Lake, the heroine channels her love of life through her food. I’m not a big pastry person personally, but when Summer starts on about the croissants, the tarts and most especially a Bourbon soaked peach cake I am all in.

I am currently contemplating this


Anyhoo, back to the story. Summer slaves away for a temperamental chef in NYC while she saves to have her own place. Meanwhile her overbearing Martha Stewart-ish mother wants her to be on her cooking show to show what an awesome family they have but really don't. Not only did her mother discourage her need to cook, but is now taking the credit for Summer's success.

Summer ends up in Sweetbriar Cove where she eventually ends up opening her pastry shop on Blackberry Lane. That says a lot right there about the book. Summer…Sweetbriar Cove…Blackberry Lane. Summer is easy, breezy and bright and meets a studly British curmudgeon who can’t commit. He is nice and broody, but the romance was secondary to the charm of Summer’s baking passion. One thing that I didn’t care about and it shows my age, is the heroine does a lot of chasing. The hero comes around on his own though, and the heroine stands up to her mother.
4 stars fir the foodieness of it all; 3 for the romance.

For readers who like Babette’s Feast, Like Water for Chocolate.
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3,036 reviews1,747 followers
May 20, 2017
Favorite Quotes:

She’d learned the hard way it was easier just to agree with everything her mom said. And live halfway across the country from her, too. Her father had the same idea: he’d divorced Eve when Summer was six, and now lived up in Alaska with his third wife and five Husky dogs.

The only buns she needed in her life were the kind that came with pistachio crumble and caramel glaze. After all, once people had a taste of her sticky morning rolls, they all swore they were better than sex.

I’m the Spinster of Sweetbriar. It’s official, they made me a sash and everything.

‘A lady doesn’t kiss and tell,’ Summer said primly, and Poppy snorted. ‘Then it’s a good thing I don’t see any ladies around.’

He had gotten exactly what he wanted, a peaceful life of steady solitude, and he couldn’t have hated it more. Irony was a bitch.

My Review:

Reading a Melody Grace book is like respite, her work generally contains most of my desired elements for an entertaining and pleasurable read; a sweet and steamy love story, relatable and endearing yet slightly bent characters, an interesting plot, amusing humor and clever banter from shameless friend posses, and a well-earned Happy Ever After. I haven’t read all her books but I have always enjoyed the ones I’ve had my hands on. All For You came with all the previously mentioned elements as well as the added bonuses of a sexy Englishman and a heroic cat named Marmaduke who saves the day several times. I adored it.
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4,838 reviews294 followers
May 24, 2019
Summer Bloom and yes that's her real name has always loved cooking, but baking has been her dream, and she has always dreamed of opening her bakery. For years, she has been trying to earn her way in the world and working her way up the restaurant industry as things are complicated when your mother is a famous television cook and published cookbooks. A lot of people think she has gotten where she has because of her mother Eve Bloom, but that is far from the truth, in fact, her relationship with her mother is very rocky and only gets called when her mother needs publicity and to look like a family. When visiting a friend in Sweetbriar Cove and delivering a cake, she spots a cute cottage and shop front that would be perfect for a bakery. On a whim, she quits her job and makes an offer. The thing, though, is that the landlord is the complete opposite of Summer. Grayson Reid is the quiet, annoying type who loves routine and hates chaos, he tries to escape the cove during the holiday season and hates change and Summer is everything he tries to avoid. However, there is something about Summer that he finds himself attracted too, and no matter how hard he tries to stay away and live in his small bubble, he finds himself drawn towards her. Can the pair work things out and become the "perfect couple" or will their opposite personalities be too much for each other to handle and end up pushing each other away instead of towards? I also liked the mother/daughter interaction in All For You, when Summer finally stands up to her mother and confronts her for all their past transgressions. As always if you are in the mood for a sweet contemporary romance set in a small town, then the SweetBriar Cove series by Melody Grace is the series for you.
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2,115 reviews5 followers
May 19, 2017
Who doesn't love yummy cake? I admit when I saw the goodies in the cover I wanted a taste. All for you is book two in this series but works great as a standalone. The location sounds the perfect place to open a quaint bakery with it's own garden just idyllic. Summer had a great idea there and reclusive Grayson might be in doubt but can't resist the goodness.

Oh the stress in the busy fast paced kitchen life is not for all. I can understand Summer's dilemma after all the shadow of her family name too. Grayson is an interesting enigma also he relocated from London, a bit aloof, silent and broody charm. Summer is like a drink of champagne light, bubbly, zest and passionate about baking. Together quite unlikely but a good balance.

The tension eventually boils over and what starts out as a fling soon is starts to take over, a lot of steamy moments sprinkled in between all the delicious treats. Their physical connection is strong, I'm not as sold on the emotional level as much yet. Grayson has his walls which something they need to deal with to move forward. They could be much more if they let it. Add a little mom drama, baked delights and it makes for a enjoyable read.

Melody Grace makes me want to go Sweet briar Cove and feel the beach, sea and nature. The bakery would be a great reading nook and place enjoy desserts. With good friends and neighbors abound. A fun, sweet, flirty and light kind of vacation read.

** ARC kindly provided for an honest review ***
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1,067 reviews33 followers
May 21, 2017
3.5 Stars

*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

This was a light, sweet, perfect Sunday afternoon read. First off, lets take a moment of silent to admire the gorgeous cover. It is simple, stunning, and adorable. Summer and Grayson are a delightful combination of chaos and order. Summer is wild, determined, and as sweet as the desserts she whips up. Grayson is your resilient alpha with a sexy accent. There relationship was a little too fast for my liking, and as I closed the last page of the book, I feel like I still didn't really have a good grasp on who Grayson was as a person.

Summer was determined, flirty, and I could totally relate to her and connect to her on the topic of her mother. Summer and Grayson have a very physical relationship, and they were burning up the bedroom and kitchen. I have read everything by Melody Grace and these are by far some of her best and searing sex scenes. They were scorching hot, now I just need the emotional side to balance out the physical. These aren't the type of characters to weigh heavy on your heart but the type that leave you feeling light-hearted. I am glad I got to cozy up at Sweetbriar Cove this afternoon, and I can't wait for the next.
May 19, 2017
This book is a slow-burn to a five-alarm fire!

Summer is trying to find where she belongs. Her love and gift for baking is the perfect conduit for her to make her mark. She is not after glory or attention. She just loves to watch people when they first bite into one of her confections. That moment when the eyes close and a yummy sound escapes as they savor her wares.

Grayson is looking for the safety of being by himself in a life without drama. He has been hurt before and it took him a long time to recover from the devastation of a romance gone wrong. One look at Summer and he just knows the instant attraction he felt could only lead his life to chaos.

As always, our author's storytelling gift weaves a story that will delight you. I love her stories because they are funny, romantic, and just feeds the soul. Look for Marmaduke to steal your hearts.

I have voluntarily reviewed this title. This is my honest review. Thank you to the author for a copy of her book. One request: I want the recipe for the peach cake.

June 17, 2017
I always enjoy reading Melody Grace -
I fell in love with Beachwood Bay and I am feeling the same for Sweetbriar Cove !! Summer and Grayson fall into an easy routine despite neither looking for the other. Summer is busy with her job and her mother looming over her every move while Grayson is busy avoiding most people and all drama. Not to say that Summer is drama BUT she has him considering breaking his routine and that may be a problem.

Summer flies into town with a wedding cake delivery and flies out just as fast but not without catching Grayson's eye. Life in New York is crazy for her putting her all into working for someone else. She is a very talented baker and has dreamt of having her own bakery. Living in her mother's shadow keeps her from doing so but one look at this old building has her wondering if it is time. As fate would have it the owner of the building may have something else she needs !! Summer and Grayson have an easy connection , and great chemistry and it doesn't take long for them to heat up the pages BUT do they have what it takes to last ??
Can Summer be a success in Sweetbriar Cove ?
Will Grayson change his routine to allow for love ?

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2,189 reviews126 followers
May 22, 2017

A baker and a bookstore owner.. Sounds like a match made in heaven.. Or not!
Grayson and Summer are polar opposites and I seriously wondered several times if they were
ever going to get their happy ending.
This book is definitely a slow burn, there is no fast paced race to a happy ever after. There are lots
of hurdles for this couple to jump first. The biggest one being that Grayson is so set in his ways that he has a
lot of trouble changing his routine of lifestyle to make room for Summer.

Summer is very happy go lucky and she is ready for love. She quickly realizes though that she needs to put herself and her own needs
first or she will just continue to run herself around in circles.

The writing is soft and sweet and the storyline is romantic and keeps you entertained from beginning to end. There is some sexy scenes but they
are not over the top and leaves some things to the imagination.
It would make a good beach read!
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173 reviews14 followers
May 25, 2017
🍰🍰4 sweet peach cake stars!🍰🍰

It takes a mysterious private Englishman and whisked it together with a sweet treats of lovely Summer and I'm hooked! 😍😍😍 I love this couple more than Poppy and Cooper!! (sorry 😇)
996 reviews10 followers
November 8, 2020
All For You was a sweet romantic read! Loved the sweet town Sweetbriar Cove! Wonderful characters! Loved Summer and Grayson the chemistry was the although Grayson was a bit guarded at times! Great endind!
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2,603 reviews76 followers
December 30, 2021
The couple: Grayson and Summer

Romance genre: contemporary
Series: Sweetbriar Cove
Length: 284 pages

Plot: Summer happens upon the perfect little cottage to hold a bakery, in Sweetbriar Cove, where her best friend happens to live. The only problem is the landlord, Grayson - British, grumpy, and oh so hot. Even though Summer wants him, she also wants to prove to herself (and her mom, if she's being honest) that she can be successful in her own right. And Grayson? He may be drawn to her, but he is not about to have his quiet life derailed by chaotic, messy love. Something has to give though, because they can't seem to stay away from each other.

Commentary: So that point where Grayson mentioned his little solo camping trip? I could have cheerfully murdered him! Surely no one person could be that stupid and mean. But above all, I felt sorry for poor Summer. It felt like she had to practically beg Grayson at every turn to stay with her, and he showed her so many times that he wasn't the person that would be there and stand up for her. And his reasons were so weak as to be laughable. So while I appreciated the HEA at the end, I did not find anything attractive about the hero.

Previous book in the series: Meant to Be
Next book in the series: The Only One
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149 reviews1 follower
March 30, 2023
Well, I devoured that. Even with some of the issues I had, I can't 3 star something that I ate that greedily. Please note that these stars all belong to Summer. Grayson was fine, but Summer was excellent. OH, these books are open door too. Lovely little surprise. Got the first two free for signing up for her newsletter. I am PLEASED AS PUNCH.
991 reviews5 followers
October 5, 2017
Absolutely loved this book. One of those books that you want to go on and on.
Cannot wait to read the next in the series, although each book can be read as a standalone.
309 reviews3 followers
May 9, 2020
Great second book in this series! Of course, I love to read books with food in them, so this was perfect!
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211 reviews6 followers
August 10, 2017
Melody Grace is one of my favorite authors and this book was such a sweet and beautiful love story!!

Grayson & Summer are two opposites who are attracted to each other. Summer is lively and wants nothing more than to make it own her own, and what better way than to do that in Sweet Briar Cove!! Grayson loves the serenity of Sweet Briar Cove and loves that he controls his own life, but when he meets Summer, that control goes out the window.

Summer was a great character. She was funny, sweet & loves to bake! She was also very down to earth and I think that is why I really connected with her character. I understood where she was coming from, with wanting to just get out into the world and do something for herself. I also think that she gave Grayson a run for his money and I loved reading about the push & pull and the strong chemistry between them.

Grayson is a broody @$$hole sometimes, but seriously, I couldn't not love him. He fought the attraction between himself and Summer, oh boy did he fight it, like to the point I was getting a little annoyed with all the back and forth that he was doing. I like that Melody Grace made it that the male lead was the one doing the back and forth, because usually it is the female lead. Grayson had a charisma that just pulled you in and once Summer knocked through his walls, oh he was just beautiful; not that he wasn't before, but he was less broody.

I loved the sweetness and vulnerability of this book and these characters. I loved the little drama, because it made for a little thrill, but it didn't overtake the whole book. Melody Grace wrote these characters with love and carefulness and you can tell that with them and their story, she really put her heart into it. I am SO excited for the next book in this series!!
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436 reviews6 followers
September 17, 2017
Is it crazy this book made me crave something sweet? Because it did. I have a appointment with a very mouthwatering eclair in the very near future.

Summer is Poppy's friend from book one. Grayson is the brooding Brit that was from the bookstore. If you didn't read the first book or can't remember, it's ok. This can be a stand alone.

These characters are all so great. Also after reading Beachwood Bay I didn't think there could be another town I could love more but Sweetbriar Cove is pretty spectacular. I would love to just getaway to this town for a weekend. <--that would be awesome.
This is a definite summer READ!!
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9,520 reviews149 followers
May 11, 2017
I seriously love it when authors include animals in their stories, especially cats because I love cats, “so tell me, Marmaduke. How are you with a mop?” He purred in response, then settled down to lick himself. She smiled. “Figured.” Grayson understands his woman is not like most, “no, I love it,” Grayson answered. “I was just thinking, if you’re this excited over the farm stand, what’s going to happen when we go pick our own strawberries?” I absolutely adored this book, and I can't wait for more.
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301 reviews11 followers
May 22, 2017
A sweet love story that is light-hearted and feel-good...

I went into All For You excited by the blurb. It sounded like an endearing chick lit rom com. I'm going to go about this swiftly - there were elements that I loved and there were parts that weren't my cup of tea. I'm not someone that only loves Insta-Love or slow-burn, but I am someone that needs a good pace. It's such a pity that two thirds of this book are just slow and dare I say— draggy. It felt like I was in the fast lane stuck behind a slow geriatric driver. Tedious. There wasn't much plot development happening and the little character development that did take place didn't really make me fall in love with neither Grayson, nor Summer. There was no teasing and tickling... there was one VERY tame sort of kiss, but that was it. Yes, I'm a book whore. I'm a book nymphomaniac... kind off. A little. Point is, that very little happened in the first two thirds of this book - and that was so very disappointing because there was so much promise. So much potential. However, one thing I'll give Melody Grace— once that slow as hell driver buggered off, FML, things really took off!

Like I said, I wasn't a massive fan of either the hero or heroine in this story... until things picked up pace. Not because they were shagging left, right and centre. For me the sex is actually rather tame and lacks je ne sais quoi, given how broody Grayson comes across - I expected him to be feral in the sack. But, he was just good. Not great. Just good. There weren't any passions boiling over and scalding me. Anyway, Grayson did grow on me eventually, as did Summer. It really felt like they had so much more to give, they felt like they were reigned in and tightly controlled. Summer has so much passion for her baking, and yet that doesn't come through into her love life until much later on in the story. Given Grayson's past experience with love, I can understand his broodiness to some extent, but in all honesty there are times that he's just a knob. Plain and simple. Fo r a guy that doesn't like games and drama he sure knows how to brew it with the whole - I want you... Stay away. Jesus, talk about whiplash - maybe that's why Summer is so blasé about going after him at first.

Okay, that was the first two thirds of the book. The last third... it was like being in a Grand Prix. Grayson and Summer's relationship literally zooms, a little too fast considering how long it took them to get their act together and even have a proper smooch. I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden it was like someone spiked them with viagra and they were off. I dunno, it felt odd to me because they went from tame to actually rather hot. However, the hotter the sex got the more you lost the emotional connection. Not that it was that strong in the first place. In all honesty, I blame the third person narrative from the dual perspectives. It took away from the emotional build up. Pity. I really feel that had this story been told from first person relatively, it would've been AMAZING. Also, Grayson goes from sounding American to English... to American... being British, it made me struggle with his dialogue. But, that's whatever. annoying, but whatever.
All in all, despite my serious bitch about the book, it was a good light-hearted read. I would've saved this book for a holiday read. In fact, this book will make a wonderfully light and easy holiday read. I feel like I need to read it again because I really want to love it. I want to get to know Grayson. I finished the last page and I didn't feel like I had any insight into his person, with the exception of his crappy time with love. This was a sweet story and I think that it'll be greatly loved by readers that prefer a feel-good, light-hearted rom com, as apposed to my general dark romance inclination.
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441 reviews16 followers
May 20, 2017
Once again, Melody Grace brings us more fabulous characters to fall in love with in the new release in her Sweetbriar Cove series, All for You. She once more delivers a heartwarming romance that will make your heart quiver and swoon.

Summer has always lived in the shadow of her mother, a well-known celebrity chef who has always been self-absorbed. But although she followed her footsteps into the kitchen, Summer was never interested in fame. She just simply wanted to open a bakery and find a life of her own. So when she discovers the perfect location to make her career dreams come true, Summer knows it's time to take the leap. But she never anticipates what happens to her heart when she meets her new landlord, Grayson. Despite the glow of light Summer shines into his life as well, Grayson battles with the overwhelming urge to let another woman inside, especially after being hurt in the past. He prefers to maintain his rigid schedule with every moment of his day mapped out. But as he watches Summer focus on turning her dream into a reality, Grayson is unable to ignore the flutter in his own heart as he senses the connection their two souls share. Will Summer be able to break down the walls Grayson has erected around his heart and show him how to open his unyielding world and let her love finally encompass him?

I absolutely loved Grayson and Summer. From the moment they met, the electricity of attraction magnetically sparks between them, despite Grayson’s concerted effort to ignore it. And to witness the transformation of Summer’s strength as she learns to overcome the interference of her mother's overbearing nature and express herself was so compelling and inspiring. Page after page, I found myself wishing I lived in Sweetbriar Cove feeling the ocean breeze and spending time with some wonderful new friends, and certainly devouring Summer's fabulous pasties. All of the support characters also added such a loving and comfortable element to this story. I do certainly look forward to returning to Sweetbriar Cover and reading their stories as well.

All for You is a sweet story of finding love with some hot steamy romance entangled within. I really enjoyed the connection shared between Grayson and Summer and loved the inclusion of the baking and yummy pastries. But this story left me drooling for more than just Summer’s sweets. So no matter if you are new to Melody Grace or have read her stories in the past, you are going to fall in love with All for You. This is such a fantastic addition to her Sweetbriar Cove series.

Although All for You is book 2, it can be read as a standalone. But once you have had a glimmer into the lives of these characters, you won't want to stop with just one book.
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1,454 reviews32 followers
May 22, 2017
If you have read Meant to Be, the first book in the series, then you will remember Summer as Poppy's best friend who was working herself to exhaustion as a pastry chef in a high New York restaurant. As All for You opens, we see exactly what Summer's life is like as the head chef verbally abuses everyone in earshot in the kitchen and acts like a tyrant. When he forces Summer to cut her visit to the Cape short with ridiculous demands, she finds herself questioning whether a different life might be a better option for her.

When she returns to New York, she can't stop thinking about the rundown little shop she stumbled across while she was visiting her bestie. For years, Summer has been making plans to open her own bakery, but who says it can't be in a seaside tourist town rather than in the hustle and bustle of the city? Besides if she goes back, she just may find the tall dark and British hottie she encountered last time she was there...

Grayson is the definition of reserved with a stiff upper lip. He made some poor decisions in the past that caused him a lot of emotional and financial stress, so now he enjoys a quiet life running his bookstore with no extravagant lifestyle and no unnecessary complications. One beautiful and vivacious brunette is threatening the balance he has achieved in his life, and he both loves and hates it. That leads to a pretty tumultuous ride for Summer as Grayson goes very hot where they have some fun only to immediately go cold and return to reserved detached persona. At first she thinks she can bring him around, but her heart is on the line when she realizes the war Grayson is waging with himself is all too real and he may not be willing to ever take a chance on what could be. Add in the pressure of getting the bakery up and running, planning down to the last detail to try to have a successful opening while escaping the overbearing steamroller that is her celebrity chef mother who wants to take all the glory and spotlight of Summer's success for herself and Summer is wondering if she can ever just have a little piece of happiness all her own.

All for You was a quick read with a slow burn that quickly combusted. I have to admit it took me a while to warm up to Grayson with his hot and cold mood swings, but I loved Summer! She is optimistic, lighthearted and determined to find her place in the world on her own terms. I just wished I could have stepped into the pages to taste some of the yummy treats she whipped up because they sounded amazing!
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1,810 reviews539 followers
June 22, 2017
All For You (Sweetbriar Cove #2) by Melody Grace is a feel good delicious novel with a lovely heroine chef/baker, and a gruff, bearded British hero who owns a book store just because he wants to own a book store. This is a perfect read for anyone who enjoys small town contemporary romance. You also might have a craving for dessert as the heroine tries to open a bakery, even though the odds may be against her, which includes a Martha Stewart type mother who thinks of only herself and not her daughter, who wants to be a success, but not the spotlight.

Summer works for one of the most respect chefs in the industry. She spends most of her time cooking at a restaurant in the city, but doesn’t reap the rewards. Her mother is a celebrity in the cooking and home decorating world, who never has had a kind word for Summer. But Summer is pretty well rounded and rolls with the punches. When she delivers one of her homemade wedding cakes to Sweetbriar Cove, she has an epiphany. She wants to quit her job and open a bakery in the Cove. The man who owns the building, and came make her dreams a reality is Grayson, a transplant on the UK who runs a book store in town. Grayson has a very stringent lifestyle and refuses to budge when it comes to his time. He’s the complete opposite of Summer because she’s very optimistic and excited to do new things. Grayson gives her some attitude, but when she tempts him with her decadent desserts and pastries, he quickly changes his tune.

Because Summer is so lovable and an amazing baker, Grayson falls for her charms. They soon engage in a hot and heavy affair while she gets her bakery ready for the masses. But there are a few bumps in the road for these two because Grayson is so set in his ways. He begins to frustrate Summer, and she in turn because more stressed, especially when her mother shows up out of the blue with TV cameras to give her the spotlight she needs, regardless of Summer’s wants and needs. Not only does Summer have to put her foot down when it comes to her mother, but figure out a way to accept Grayson’s quirks. But is he willing to sacrifice on his end in order for a future with Summer?

All For You is a sweet and sexy breezy type of romance that will keep you smiling until the last page. Summer is a joy, while Grayson is a bit too gruff, and at times selfish. But when he realizes he may lose the best thing in his life- Summer, he eventually comes around. He does a bit of a groveling, which will please readers, especially by the end.

For a feel good romance that will make you sigh in happiness, do try All for You.
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4,285 reviews70 followers
April 24, 2018
Reviewed at Romance Is Ageless

I was looking forward to Summer’s story even before I finished up Cooper and Poppy’s romance in Meant To Be. After all, with a best friend like Summer around there’s no way she’s staying back in New York City for very long. And Summer’s romantic adventure was well worth the anticipation.

We met Grayson in the first story and if he seems like a nice, quiet, unassuming Englishman then you’d be correct… and wrong at the same time. Grayson has trained himself to avoid chaos at all costs which requires a regimented lifestyle of schedules, routines and not getting caught up in a whirlwind like Summer. While Grayson’s lifestyle decision made sense for his situation – at one time – what he forgot was to truly live is to let others in and every life needs a little chaos to be truly alive. Summer was a talented chef, she’d worked her way up the ladder in spite of her famous TV cooking diva mom. She had a dream, one that she’s been putting on the back burner until someday. Until now became that day. This little old pie shop with its charm and overgrown garden in the backyard was perfect. And if the man who owned the property also seemed perfect, well, that was a bonus. Except they truly did seem to be opposites, and unless Grayson really let her into his life they’d stay that way with no future. Watching this couple fall in love and seeing how Grayson fought against it every moment of the journey was heartbreaking. They fit so well together, their opposite parts more than balanced each other. But for true happiness to happen, Summer needed to be part of his life not a guilty moment.

I was easily captured by All For You. Summer and Grayson make an intriguing couple. And it was delightful to see all the old friends back again. Sometimes we have to let go in order to gain, that was something both Summer and Grayson had to learn in different ways. I loved stepping back into Sweetbriar Cove again and I”m anticipating Riley’s story next. I’d happily recommend All For You and this series to any Contemporary Romance reader who enjoys a good solid story, believable characters and a love worth fighting for.

I own a Kindle Edition of this story.
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2,714 reviews
May 21, 2017
4.5, Broody Englishman, Stars!!

“What a curious man. Curious, unreadable, and undeniably handsome.”

“She felt a shiver of longing. It had been too long since she’d felt this way, the spark of possibility warming her blood and circling lazily in her belly.”

“Life’s unexpected detours were the best parts; that rush of heat, the thrill of possibilites. Summer thrived on it, and she knew her instincts led her to the right direction, every time.”

“He saw her. How long had she wanted that: just simply, to be seen? Accepted. Wanted. Enough.”

Oh, how I have fallen in love with Sweetbriar Cove! Seriously, I just want to pack my bags, run away and escape it all. All For You is the second book in the Sweetbriar Cove Series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. This book is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Grayson and Summer. Summer has been trying to make a name for herself her entire life, but has struggled to get out from her mother’s shadow. But, when an unexpected detour brings her to Sweetbriar Cove, suddenly her dreams don’t seem so far away. For once, Summer wants to do something for herself and is on a mission to make her dreams come true. What she didn’t plan on was falling for her broody landlord, Grayson….Grayson loves the serenity and quiet that comes with life in Sweetbriar Cove. He enjoys having control and order in his life. But, when Summer blows into town, she turns his perfectly scheduled life upside down…

All For You is a sweet and delicious read. I fell in love with the characters and their stories instantly. From the moment I met Grayson, I knew that there was more to this broody Englishman than meets the eye. I loved watching the interactions with Grayson and Summer. They had so many will they/won’t they moments. And while Grayson may have frustrated me with all of his back and forth behavior, I honestly couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t wait to see him crack. To see him open his eyes before it was too late. And Summer… She was so easy to relate to and I connected with her right away. I understood her dilemmas and wanted nothing more than for her to find some happiness. I think Grayson and Summer had some amazing chemistry. I loved how they both turned each others lives upside down. Neither one was planning for love, but found it when they were both least expecting it.

All For You is a fabulous summer read. It is filled with some delicious angst and sweet romance. I enjoyed spending the day getting lost in Summer and Grayson’s story and could not stop myself from devouring every page. All For You is a terrific addition to The Sweetbriar Series, checking off all my boxes for a great summer romance with just the right balance of light drama, angst, broody Englishman, and steamy good times. Simply put, a very enjoyable read! I’m looking forward to seeing what adventure Sweetbriar Cove has in store for me next!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*
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May 21, 2017
**ARC provided by publisher**

All for You was my first book from Melody Grace. The blurb sounded sweet, mostly light and fun so I definitely wanted to give it a try and I'm glad I did. This book was a quick, enjoyable read to me and has me looking forward to the next in the series.

I really liked Summer, right from the very start of the book. She is such a relatable character. Her mom is a cooking celebrity so Summer has that in the back of her head to try and live up to. Of course there is pressure there-intended or not-that Summer needs to be like her mother. I like how that struggle was portrayed in the book. I think many people can relate to that kind of family dynamic in some aspect-trying to live up to expectations of others, specifically-and it was well written here.

I fell for Grayson almost immediately. I loved his scheduled, orderly self and how Summer really managed to throw that self into a tailspin. Watching him fall for her, and eventually accept that he had fallen was so satisfying to me. He definitely had me swooning in the end.

I fully believed in the push/pull tension between Summer and Grayson. They had a really good dynamic right from the start. There is definitely a bit of heat in this book-which I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting, but enjoyed.

There were parts of this book that felt like they dragged a tiny bit, but the pacing overall worked. I enjoyed meeting the members of Sweetbriar Cove-and look forward to seeing other characters stories play out. This book was a quick read for me and has me looking forward to the next book in the series. I would recommend this book.

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November 7, 2018
All for You: Sweetbriar Cove Book 2 is by Melody Grace. This book takes us back to Sweetbriar Cove on Cape Cod. The characters are somewhat developed although they could be a little better developed.
Summer is a pastry chef who has come to Sweetbriar to visit her friend, Poppy, and get some well-deserved rest. However, she isn’t here even one day before her boss, a chef, calls her back to work. In a fit of rebellion, she quits and decides to open her own bakery here in Sweetbriar. She finds the perfect place and then has to convince the owner to let her have the place and redo it. Grayson Reid is the owner of the bookstore in town. He is known to be set in his ways and never to change a thing. He even seems to resent people for coming into his bookstore. He likes his life to be drama free and quiet. He isn’t prepared for Summer. Summer finds the perfect place for her bakery and sets out to convince Grayson to rent it to her. With the help of her friends, she manages to get the bakery ready to open only to have a fire and the sprinklers go off and ruin the place. Can she find it within herself to rebuild in just a few days? Then, her Mother, a chef in her own right, who has her own television food show and who takes credit for everything Summer has done, decides to come to Cape Cod and do a television show with Summer’s bakery to show the world that her show should continue and that she is really motherly and cozy with her daughter. Summer wants nothing to do with the show. How can she get out of it?
The romance between Summer and Grayson just doesn't seem to fit.
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May 23, 2017
Summer always wanted the support and attention of her mother, but she was always dedicated to her television profession, little cared for her daughter. Summer was not discouraged and took her place in the world of gastronomy by herself. Only his current boss a renowned and stressed-out New York chef is consuming all Summer’s energy. While delivering a cake at a wedding in a seaside town near where her best friend Poppy (Book 1) lives, she ends up being literally run over by a different cat.
Grayson fled the corporate world of London and is totally averse to confusion and dramas, preferring the tranquility of life in his farm and work in his bookstore. It's all happening the way he planned until he bumped into the crazy little Summer and he knows that a girl like that would turned his world upside down.
I really enjoyed Book 1 but the story of Summer and Grayson stole my heart. All because the help of a very crazy cat called by Summer , Marmaduke, also by the way little by little Grayson realizes that his life is not so good as his thinks without the constant noise of Summer.
I loved the message of forgiveness and strong resilience.
I loved the way Summer knew how to impose herself at the right moment without being overwhelmed just because she was in love.
I loved the participation of the characters of the previous book, mainly of Riley that already is leaving me curious to know its history.
I love the covers of this collection and this represents the couple so very well and all the sweetness of the city where the plot goes.
5/5 stars.
Kisses, Myl
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May 22, 2017
-ARC received in exchange for an honest review-

I enjoyed this book so much I read it in one sitting.

This story centers around Summer, a pastry chef who loves what she does, but hate where she works and Grayson, a bookshop owner in the small town of Sweetbriar Cove.

Grayson lives a quiet, calm, organized (dull) life, and that's just the way he likes it... or so he claims. However, Summer comes sweeping into his life.

Her best friend, Poppy lives in the small town and when visiting her, Summer comes across the perfect location for the bakery of her dreams. The empty shop is owned by the taciturn Grayson, who reluctantly agrees to rent it to her and despite not wanting to because of the chemistry between them.

I went into this book not having read the first in this series, but that wasn't an issue at all. The story flowed effortlessly. I liked that it was a sweet, simple and low-angst read. I found Grayson to be an okay hero, but I LOVED the character of Summer, she was bubbly, fun and full of life.

This was my first read by Melody Grace, but after reading All For You, I want to catch up on all her other books. I enjoyed her easy style of story telling, enchanting characters and I look forward to my next visit to Sweetbriar Cove.

*Reviewed on behalf of Amo & Sarah's Book Corner*
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May 22, 2017
This was my first read by Melody Grace and I'm in love. I am a major sucker for a classic romance similar to a Hallmark movie on a written page. But this was better; it's my dream life in a book. Eeeeeek 😍😍

Upon meeting Summer Bloom, I knew this was a special book 💜 Her fire, passion, grace, and humor made for a delightful, yet spunky, character. and the charms of Sweetbriar Cove I can't even get started!!! Small, lake side towns wth charming bakeries, bookstores and coffee shops have always stole my heart. So when Summer moved to Sweetbriar Cove to open her own bakery, I seriously melted. Can this please be my life!! Or at least a Hallmark movie that I can play on repeat??

Now can we please discuss Grayson. Brutting, British, slightly mysterious, outdoorsy, and deliriously handsome, he's the perfect balance to Summer's passionate chaos. I absolutely LOVED their chemistry and every single heated moment.

I'll definitely be a frequent visitor to Sweetbriar Cove and all of Melody Grace's books.

*an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review*
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