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Trust Within: Letting Intuition Lead

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We’ve all experienced it: that moment when a sudden, undeniable feeling floods us with certainty. Without knowing precisely how, we acquire insight into a situation and understand which path to take. Intuition is one of the most powerful decision-making forces in our possession. Yet instead of tapping into it, we frequently ignore it. We weigh arguments, make lists of pros and cons, and listen to every voice except the one that truly matters: our own.

In Trust Within, Molly Carroll explores the fascinating, multifaceted, and mysterious nature of intuition and the ways it can be harnessed to inspire better life decisions. Drawing on heartfelt stories from those who have learned from and lived by their intuition, Carroll encourages readers to access their own instincts through creative tools and techniques. As warm and engaging as it is practical, Trust Within is a must-read for all those who wish to embrace the innate power of their inner wisdom.

208 pages, Paperback

Published October 17, 2017

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About the author

Molly Carroll

7 books18 followers
Molly Carroll is a nonfiction writer, artist, educator, and therapist who holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology. She is an expert in her field, with more than twenty years of experience in education and mental health. Molly wrote and developed the artistic self-help journal Cracking Open, which draws on her own professional and personal experience as a therapist, mother, and daughter, as well as her life in the small community of Bend, Oregon.

Molly’s 2015 TEDx talk was widely viewed. She conducts popular workshops with women and families throughout the West Coast and Costa Rica. Molly is a successful public speaker for corporations, teachers, administrators, and physicians. For more on the author and her work, visit www.molly-carroll.com.

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Profile Image for Yassir Morsi.
Author 4 books55 followers
September 26, 2020
Well written, interesting and at times enjoyable. My review though is the result of one major frustration.

The book doesn't really address how to resolve a problem about intuition, namely when the voice within is a voice of cunning unreason, or is the voice of defensive ego leading you through deceit and driven by trauma. How does one recognise intuition?

The author does a lot of cherry picking in providing examples, there are numerous instances when the internal voice or feeling turned out to be right, but they provide no examples of when "gut feelings" lead to disaster . Didn't George W Bush make an argument that he had to go to War in Iraq because he felt it in his gut?

I do agree intuition is powerful when tamed, but how you tame it is a long debate, through purifying the heart (Ghazali), through recollecting the idea (Plato) or through the talking cure (Freud) there are numerous works on listening to the "voice beyond the intellect".

I like Jung's view of intuition, as something that differs from sensation. It makes you aware of chances, possibilities and is the source of creativity and inspiration rather than what the author here alludes to, a guiding voice that works as a lighthouse that directs you to the truth.

Profile Image for Amber.
810 reviews
Shelved as 'did-not-finish'
August 2, 2018
DNF. I received a kindle version of this through Goodreads’ First Reads program. I made it 30% through, before relegating it to my DNF shelf. The writing style and new age spriritualism just didn’t click with me.
June 8, 2019
Trite. Patronizing. Shallow.

Do yourself a favor and check it out from the library before buying this book. Wish I had. Trust your gut instinct. That's it. Nothing more.
1 review
January 8, 2018
I absolutely loved “Trust Within” as intuition is at the center and core of my success, both personally and professionally. I am continuously amazed and fascinated on what a powerful guiding light our intuition becomes when we learn to awaken, listen, and follow it. Molly does a wonderful job of teaching all three as well as sharing inspiring stories of others who have honed their powerful gift with life changing results. As a Leadership Coach I work with hundreds of leaders and those who master the art of their intuition are the ones taking their companies and organizations to the next level with much more ease, joy and success. In my world, intuition isn’t just a “woo woo nice-to-have” but an essential business and leadership skill that needs to be in every leaders tool-kit. Whether you are just tipping your toe into intuitive living or wanting to evolve your intuitive skills to the next level, Trust Within is the perfect guide. Plus, it’s a fun, inspiring and easy read that is a “salve to our soul” in these turbulent times we are currently living. Give yourself the gift of reading Trust Within and watch your life transform and transcend to new levels and oh how our world might change if everyone learned to live and lead intuitively…
Profile Image for Heidi.
402 reviews3 followers
April 3, 2019
3.5 Stars
This book had me all over the place with opinions about it. lol
First, I was really glad to be reminded of intuition and learning to listen to the voice....I usually hear it and argue with it for one reason or another. For example, this evening I printed some documents in another office and was on my way to get them when my intuitive voice said something about not being able to get back into my office....well, hell, I have until 6pm to use my key card to get back into my office (at the time it was 5:50pm). I couldn't get into the other office but still didn't fear not getting back into mine. Well, sure enough, I couldn't get it. I had to ask a Security Officer to let me back into my office.....should have listened.

Second, I really liked many of the stories she added to the book, though some of them seemed a stretch when trying to link them to intuition...

There were some bits that just seemed to repeat over and over, some contradiction, and finally al a Columbo....always one more question. All in all, I did like it.

I believe I received this book via a Goodreads Giveaway and then purchased the audiobook.
Profile Image for Nicole Meier.
Author 4 books184 followers
October 31, 2017
“I want to share this gift of surrendering and awakening with you. I want intuition to become a tool to help you make healthy decisions, a place for you to land when you are lost or confused, and an inner sanctuary to go inside to learn more about who you are and what you want in this short and precious life.”

Molly Carroll’s honest and engaging book includes very relevant, modern-day accounts of how tapping into one’s intuition has protected people from fatal illness, poor decision making, opening up to spirituality and activism, gaining self-acceptance, and so much more. With her personal life woven in between emotional interviews with other inspiring seekers, Carroll lets us know the greatest resource we have in life is our self.

This book is also a lovely shot of spiritual encouragement when listened via the audio version (great for long walks and road trips)!
Profile Image for Ed Barton.
1,302 reviews
November 1, 2021
The Power of Intuition

Intuition is a both a gift and a skill. As a skill, it needs to be developed and worked. As a gift, it needs to be nurtured. There’s a mix of psychology and seemingly New Age teachings in the book, and the stories are interesting and well told. It was interesting to see the perspective on intuition, and the need to develop it. It was a bit light on actionable steps, but long on good cases.
12 reviews24 followers
November 11, 2017
An engagingly readable mix of stories exploring the various ways that we uncover, hone, ignore, and refine our use of the practice of intuition, and grounded discussion of what intuition looks like for each of us, this book serves as a tender and practical guide to a deepened connection with inner wisdom.
Profile Image for Anna.
4 reviews1 follower
November 28, 2017
Challenges we encounter in life are frustrating, and that is when we have to listen to our intuition, to help us find the answers we seek of paving a path to our ambition. Molly's insight to intuition is attention-grabbing, in which she weaves her personal experience and feedback of those who attained their goal successfully.
August 16, 2020
Nothing new

I couldn’t finish the book. It doesn’t go in depth to explain how to get familiar with your own intuition, it simply tells stories of how other people used their intuitive senses. Also, I really got annoyed at the author’s writing style. I’m very much into new age but she sounds fake.
Profile Image for LemontreeLime.
3,271 reviews17 followers
March 24, 2018
This is very nice set of interviews. But I must have wanted something more? Ridiculous, I know! Intuition is a diaphanous subject even at the best of times, and Mz. Carroll does a good job of attempting to nail it down.
18 reviews
May 18, 2019
Good read indeed

I have found myself reading a lot of books on self awareness , being true with one's self and trusting one's intuition. This book touches on all of the points. It's a good read.
September 11, 2019
Follow your gut

I always seem to be looking for answers in all the wrong faces. Turns out my gut instincts have always served me best. I enjoyed all the stories and philosophies outlined.
Profile Image for vannath duch.
6 reviews
August 31, 2020
Trusting in love

Learning to listen to that dormant voice inside all of us is a task not many take on until there is no other choice. This book has helped me start on that journey to understanding others and myself. 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾
7 reviews
October 23, 2020
Recommend read

I really enjoy how this book speaks to me. We tend to forget our own self while living the daily life of what societal needs are. This opens up the mind and connects us to ourself.
Profile Image for Lewis Ngugi.
60 reviews6 followers
December 14, 2019
Quite interesting

The inner voice. Would have liked to hear more on scientific facts about intuition and it's origin..
January 14, 2020
Give it a go

Thought provoking book that will lead you to better choices. Read slowly. Try out new ideas. Make them your own.
1 review
February 10, 2020
I wish I had trusted my intuition and stopped reading this book when I wanted to at 20% of it. The only "good-reads" in it are the quotes at the beginning of each chapter.
Profile Image for Adrian Villanos.
14 reviews1 follower
July 30, 2020
5 out of 5

This book has amazing writing with great personal stories that drive the point home I highly recommend this book to anyone feeling stuck in life
Profile Image for Maddie S..
29 reviews
April 28, 2021
A decent read that’s enjoyable in small amounts at a time. Hard to relate to at times but has a good message overall.
Profile Image for Rūta Turskytė.
22 reviews
March 9, 2022
“Intuition is a calm and silent voice. It comes as a crashing event only in times when it wants our attention”
Profile Image for Joy  Cagil.
322 reviews6 followers
September 22, 2020
What this book says in essence is: "Intuition works. Use it." The author, however, doesn't go deep enough into the workings of intuition, but relies on the experiences of people, mostly those who have had material gains through it and those whom she interviews. On the plus side, toward the end of the book, there is a meditation for opening the heart chakra.

Although I strongly believe in the best intentions of the author, I didn't see much of how-to in the book. Maybe from the experiences of others one can gather a few hints, but altogether those hints wouldn't add up to a page of instruction.

Just saying something works and we should use it leaves out a lot of information to be covered. Granted much information may not be available at this point in the evolution of this kind of knowledge, but I think no book should promise what it cannot deliver. Still, as I said earlier, I do believe that the author wanted to help others and thus she wrote this book. For that, I applaud her.

If you wish to find encouragement for trusting your intuition, do read this book, but if you are looking for concrete information, other than the experiences of the people the author knows, I didn’t come across much of anything to emulate.

Still, the book is written with the best of intentions and its reading is enjoyable. I, therefore, am not sorry I read it.

Profile Image for Leanne Hunt.
Author 6 books43 followers
May 9, 2018
I borrowed this book in audio format from my local library using the Overdrive app. Molly Carroll narrates the book herself, and i enjoyed her reading style. She comes across as warm and genuine, and she obviously cares about the message she is seeking to communicate.
The book is a good appetiser where intuition is concerned. It sketches the mysterious nature of intuition and illustrates some of its key features, making strong use of stories about real people. i liked this aspect of the book. However, coming from an MBTI background, I found that the subject matter was very general, not distinguishing at all between introverted [inner world[ intuition and extroverted [outer world[ intuition. In this respect, the content disappointed me, although I would not discourage anyone from reading it if what they wanted was a non-technical, motivational read.
75 reviews2 followers
January 1, 2018
This was not my type of book. There were too many quotes from external books and it was to vague for me. I don't know what I was expecting but this was not it. However, someone who really enjoys this genre may really enjoy it.

I won a copy of this book during a Goodreads giveaway and I am under no obligation to leave a review and do so voluntarily.
Profile Image for Jade Pope.
12 reviews8 followers
September 4, 2019
This is a great guide and discovery into intuition very informative with lots of great interviews
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