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Shadow Council Case Files #2

Devil Inside (Shadow Council Case Files #2)

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Quincy Harker is back!

The Quest for Glory continues as Quincy Harker travels to Charleston looking for a missing Archangel and becomes embroiled in local magical turf wars and potentially murderous politics. Things really heat up when an evil wizard tries to burn the city to the ground, with Harker at ground zero in the conflagration!

Glory gave up her wings to save the world, now Harker and the Shadow Council are working to get them back. To do that, they have to locate eight AWOL Archangels and convince them to go back to work. But not all these angels want to get back to the business of Heaven, and not all of them even remember who they are.

122 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 1, 2017

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About the author

John G. Hartness

172 books551 followers
John G. Hartness is a teller of tales, a righter of wrong, defender of ladies’ virtues, and some people call him Maurice, for he speaks of the pompatus of love.

He is also the award-winning author of the urban fantasy series The Black Knight Chronicles (Bell Bridge Books), the Bubba the Monster Hunter comedic horror series, the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter dark fantasy series, and many other projects.

In 2016, John teamed up with a pair of other publishing industry ne’er-do-wells and founded Falstaff Books, a small press dedicated to publishing the best of genre fictions “misfit toys.”
In his copious free time John enjoys long walks on the beach, rescuing kittens from trees and playing Magic: the Gathering.

For free short stories and to follow his activities and appearances on his newsletter, follow this link - http://eepurl.com/fV4In

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1,604 reviews30 followers
February 27, 2023
This is book 10 in the Quincy Harker Demon Hunter series. It’s also part 2 of a four part story arc spanning books 9-12. As such, there may be spoilers to book 9 in my review.

(Honestly there’s pieces here and there that come up from previous books, so they’re best enjoyed in order and after reading all the previous books. That said, I *think* you could start with book 9 and do OK if you wanted.)

Harker and various other members of the gang are searching for all the Archangels in order to bring God back to His heavenly throne. As always, irreverence and Demon battles abound. Add in an uncooperative Angel and local witches who may be as much hindrance as help and it makes for a suspenseful and action packed novella.

This definitely ends on a cliffhanger and I’m immediately starting Angel Dance.

James Anderson Foster is perfect again. He’s just so much fun to listen to - not only bringing snark for Harker, but unique voices and personalities for all the secondary characters as well. Great listen.
Profile Image for Milan.
592 reviews12 followers
November 5, 2017
Okayish new novella in Quiny Harker series. But... Again with the inconsistencies. This is becoming pretty silly now. Twice in this novella Quincy was surprised Lucifer is one of the archangels and needs to be part of the plan to get Glory her wings back. It would be bad enough that he's acting like that's new information once since that fact has already been established in the previous novella, but twice in the same novella is over the top where inconsistencies are concerned.

Plot, besides finding Gabriel, was strange as well. The "bad guy" was part of their coven yet that Ari girl doesn't know she went to high school with his brother. Still possible I guess.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
August 2, 2017
A decent filler book

It was ok. A decent filler but not terribly engaging. Hope he writes a full book soon. The new characters were under written
Profile Image for Trevor.
1,127 reviews2 followers
October 6, 2019
Continuing the hunt for the missing archangels, Harker finds himself in Charleston and slap bang in the middle, as a necromancer looks for revenge on the city. Harker takes centre stage again, as the hunt to restore Glory continues.
Profile Image for Angela Ower.
9 reviews6 followers
May 24, 2017
Looking forward to many more Quincy Harker Books

I love Harker, his whole F you attitude! He is smart, funny, sarcastic, witty and can be a real Ass ..all in a day's work
Profile Image for Erin Penn.
Author 3 books14 followers
July 9, 2019
Typical Quincy Harker with some amusing interaction with the new archangel.

My personal fave part is the overlay with Trifles and Curiosities, a series created by Gail and Larry Martin. Quick background (from the things you learn when attending sci-fi/fantasy conventions as a fan/stalker) - the Martins place all their Urban Fantasies in the same world - which means that Mark Wojick (Spell, Salt, and Steel) in the Bubbaverse overlaps with Deadly Curiosities and Night Vigil worlds, though published by different companies - and Mr. Hartness has also indicated the Harkerverse/Bubbaverse is share in other stories - so with this story he does a big, huge nod of making the links between the Martin-verse clearly cannon for the Harkerverse/Bubbaverse. That is one big shared universe. Makes me want to do a full monster Wiki for everything together. It would take a lot of time and effort - we are talking like about a decade of novels, novellas, and short stories intersecting - over 100 stories all told - to be complied - and more being added all the time. Anyway, coolness to have it all linked together. (And if anyone would like to help pay me to put the Wiki together and keep a website up - let me know.)

(Read through Kindle Unlimited)
Displaying 1 - 7 of 7 reviews

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