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Not Yet #3

Someday Soon

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One mouthwatering temptation...

All Daisy Goldsmith wants is to get out of her small town, leaving behind the bullies who've taunted her. Attending culinary school in New York has always been her biggest dream---a dream she's not confident enough to pursue. After all, she's nothing but a "fat cow." But when her brother's best friend, the man who's always secretly held her heart, moves back to town after college, everything changes for Daisy.

One scrumptious nibble...

The Goldsmith house has always been Jon Roberts' sanctuary from the crazy of his life. With a broken and dysfunctional family, Jon embraces the Goldsmiths like his own. After getting a real glimpse of the woman Daisy's becoming, Jon is torn between his loyalty to the family and his desire for his best friend's little sister.

One delectable bite...

As Daisy and Jon spend more time together, they can't resist the attraction between them. Once they've had a taste, nothing can keep them apart--not their dreams, their families, or the difference in their age. Can someday turn into forever or will they bite off more than they can handle?

Kindle Edition

First published April 3, 2017

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About the author

Laura Ward

10 books620 followers
Laura Ward lives in Maryland with her loud and very loving three children and husband. She married her college sweetheart and is endlessly grateful for the support he has given her through all their years together, and especially toward her goal of writing books. When not picking up toy trucks, driving to lacrosse practice, or checking spelling homework, Laura is writing or reading romance novels. Her debut novel, NOT YET, is a Top 100 Amazon Bestseller.

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560 reviews419 followers
May 31, 2018
3 "Sunshine" Stars
"The outside feels different," Jon said. "But it's also gorgeous. Unique. Rare. Like you. And also like you, the inside is even more beautiful. That's where the heat is. The heat can melt through anything. Even stubborn jerks who never thought they could be close friends with a girl and care about her this much."

Disclaimer: Copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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May 21, 2018
A delightfully charming second chance romance. It is the story of 17 year old Daisy and her brothers' older best friend, Jon. They all grew up together. Jon comes from a broken, abusive home, and has been taken in many times throughout the growing up years by Daisy's family. Daisy has always crushed on Jon, but life goes on and they grow up. Jon goes off to college, but when he comes back, sparks fly between him and Daisy. Daisy is very unsure of herself and a virgin. Jon makes her feel beautiful and believe in herself, and they make a "deal". Jon will be her first and they will both remain just friends. But they aren't fooling anyone, other than themselves. Jon has a fallout with his family, and is one again taken in by Daisy's parents. And now they are all living under one roof and the deal they made is becoming more and more precarious as their feelings grow.

This is pretty low angst, very romantic and utterly charming.
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655 reviews66 followers
June 13, 2017
Daisy is very passionate about food and cooking. She wants to go a culinary school, but her parents don’t want her to go because they think she’s too young. Daisy will stay home for one year and prove to her parents that she’s mature enough to move away. She works hard and still continues to cook. In her free time, she grows closer to Jon. Jon is her big brother’s best friend and he’s off-limits. Daisy has a crush on Jon for several years and Jon feels the same way, and they become friends with benefits. They love to be together and their feelings only become stronger.

Someday Soon is the third book in the Not Yet series, but it was my first read by Laura Ward. It can be read as a standalone. I like to read a series in order, but I’ve dying to read this book since its release. I love curvy women who grow to love their body and become stronger. Daisy is that kind of woman. She isn’t happy with her body and she’s very shy. She becomes stronger during the book and she feels pretty, mostly because of Jon. Jon loves the way Daisy looks and her cooking. Jon doesn’t have the easiest home situation, but he has always found a home with his friends. He’s always welcome there. Jon is a sweetheart and a gentleman. He’s smart and wants to go to law school. He studies hard for it. I loved Jon and Daisy. They belong together.

I adored the secondary characters. Jon and Daisy have amazing friends and family. I loved the bond between them all. I also loved the bond between the Goldsmith family members. After meeting the characters of the previous books, I can’t wait to read them. I hope that this book won’t be the last book of this series.
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2,435 reviews380 followers
April 23, 2017
Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads.

Much like the first two books in Laura's Not Yet series, I adored this one. The combination of brother's best friend/little sister and friends with benefits tropes worked for me.

I adored Daisy and Jon. They were great, complex characters. Their chemistry was wonderful. It was painfully obvious to me that they belonged together and the friends with benefits thing wouldn't stay that way for long. Sure, there were complications — mostly in the form of his relationship with her family — but when it's real, you gotta fight for it. I got a little frustrated that they didn't step up and say something to her family sooner, but I also more or less understood why. Jon used to be a player. There was always a chance that Daisy's older brother and father wouldn't be happy with her dating him. Thankfully, the way that it all went down provided very little angst. I do love the Goldsmith family. And Jon. *heart eyes*

I had lots of smiles and laughs — and a fair few feels — while reading Someday Soon. The romance was just so sweet and sexy and I loved the way both Jon and Daisy came into their own during this book. As a fan of the series from (nearly) the start, the Grace/Dean scenes towards the end that had me swooning all over the place — and, yes, crying. MAJOR FEELS. (Seriously, I get teary eyed just thinking about them again.) Fans of the Not Yet series will love this one as much as I did, I suspect. Laura's delivered another amazing book!

I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


"Daisy, you light me up inside. My body is in a constant and highly uncomfortable state of arousal around you. But your brother would murder me. Scratch that. All the males in your house would take pleasure in my long and painful death."

"Like you, the inside is even more beautiful. That's where the heat is. The heat can melt through anything."

"Jon, I'm so embarrassed. I took advantage of your leg. I mean, how desperate can one girl be?"

"Daisy, I loved you first as a friend, when you were too young to be anything else to me. But now, I know. The kind of love I feel for you is what I learned about from the people in this room."
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1,755 reviews46 followers
June 4, 2018
Laura Ward gets better with each book.

Daisy is Dean's younger sister. At school she is being bullied by two of her former best friends. She has the curves of an older woman and they use that to ostracize and demean her. The bullying is affecting her. She is shy, timid, and closed off from all. The only person outside her family that she considers a friend is Jon, one of Dean's best friends. Also she has a crush on him and has since she discovered boys.

Jon is back home, graduated college, taking a year off to study for his LSAT to get into a law school while working and saving money. With Dean and Landon off living, Ricky being mysterious, he hangs at and with Daisy. He has always thought she was beautiful but to young for him or is she? Being in the same town and a family blow up leads to Jon moving into Daisy's family's home. Together and hanging out lines blur.

Eventually the sneaking around and white lies will come to a head and when they do lots of lives will be affected.

I love this series. I usually am a guy who loves twist and surprises in his books but this pure contemporary romance and I love it. Laura Ward is a rising talent IMO.
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1,595 reviews135 followers
June 25, 2018
This is another book from within a series but I hadn’t read the earlier books and didn’t feel like I’d missed anything at all. I liked this one but didn’t love it. It’s a solid second chance romance but it didn’t blow me away. I love that the heroine is curvy and not traditionally beautiful. I love that she eats and isn’t shy about her love of food. I love that the story reminds us that we all have our own beauty, regardless of how it fits with society’s definition of beauty. My primary issue with this one is around Daisy’s family and their overbearing and non-supportive actions. She’s an adult and they’re telling her she can’t do what she wants … it just seemed like a bit too much to me. It frustrated me and made me want to yell at them!

[Thank you to the publisher for providing a free copy of this book for an honest review.]
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216 reviews11 followers
March 21, 2017
This was my first Laura Ward book. Where have I been? I’m kicking myself for not having read the first two books in this series. But I did love Jon and Daisy’s story. I love New Adult novels. I like the college aged first love stories. What attracted me to this book was the forbidden love and the fact that it was Jon’s best friend’s sister. Stories like this tend to have more drama and tension to them and Someday Soon did not disappoint. There was a lot of tension, secrets and drama wrapped up in this cute, sexy enjoyable read.

Jon, OMG! I think I loved him from the start. Daisy is the kind of heroine I love. I really enjoyed the course she took and how she was written. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed this book. Even though this is part of a series, it can totally be read as a standalone. Then you can go back and read the others like I’m planning on doing. I can’t wait for the next book in this series (assuming and hoping there is one). Laura Ward, you just gained a new fan!
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677 reviews17 followers
June 18, 2018
I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Daisy has been in love woth Jon all her life. But he is her brother's best friend. And he is older than her.
They are good friends and although she dreams about being with him, she thinks she is not pretty or good enough. But Jon sees her. She is not just a friend for him.
They start to spend more and more time together and they make a deal. If she helps him to study in order to go into law school, he will help her to get more confidence abouth her body.
Obviously, the deal is dangerous for both of them. Because Dean, her brother, will kill them both if he finds out.
The story was ok, And although I didn't read the previous books in this series, I wasn't lost.
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1,163 reviews62 followers
March 26, 2017


Sometimes, a book makes you feel so much, you can't put it into words. They're there, on the tip of your tongue, and flowing through your brain, but you can't seem to get them down on paper. That's how Someday Soon was for me. I have so much that I want to tell you about this incredible, moving, breathtaking, gorgeous love story. I have pages and pages of highlights, notes, and bookmarks, but I can't seem to find the words to do it justice.

I have been waiting for Jon and Daisy's story from the moment I read the final word in Until Now. I knew it was slightly forbidden, it was going to make my heart beat faster, and maybe break a little, but I wanted it. I needed it... and when I got it?

It was everything I wished it to be and more.

Jon, Daisy's brother's best friend, has always been good to Daisy and done his best to make sure they didn't cross a line they couldn't come back from. Daisy has harbored a secret crush on Jon for years, age difference be damned. While both of them kept their feelings to themselves, all of that changes when Daisy graduates high school.

Jon was the one of the most patient, kind hearted, gentle heroes I have had the pleasure of reading. If you are looking for a controlling alpha, you're not going to find it here. Every time he opened his mouth, I became a puddle of goo. I just melted right there. I think half of my highlighted quotes are from Jon. Even if he wasn't sure he was doing the right thing, he was saying the right thing.

Daisy, tired of not being taken seriously by her family, was taking a year off before college to prove to her parents that she was ready for culinary school in New York. The Goldsmith clan, while loving, could be a tad overprotective, and Daisy wasn't going to let that get in her way. Daisy was such a well written, well rounded character, I loved her instantly. After years of being bullied at school, I loved watching her grow into herself and realize that she was worthy of the love that was right under her nose. Daisy is a true coming of age success story, and it was a privilege to witness it.

Someday Soon was all about the simple things. The stolen moments and glances. The trips to the grocery store, and walks along the lake. It's about two best friends, not being afraid to take the next step. It was about two people falling in love, and growing together. It's about what you can achieve when you start believing in yourself, and letting yourself be loved. Every time Ward releases a book, it becomes my new favorite, and Someday Soon> is no exception.
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501 reviews48 followers
May 25, 2018

Someday Soon é o terceiro de uma saga de nome Not Yet (o que só me faz lembrar uma passagem do filme Gladiador) que foi adquirida através do Netgalley e por isso é que comecei pelo terceiro, situação que vou resolver rapidamente já que depois de conhecer estas personagens, e principalmente a família Goldsmith e seus amigos, não vou conseguir parar sem devorar todos os volumes. Apesar de serem vários irmãos este volume corresponde ao irmão mais velho, como encontramos nas séries da Julia Quinn, aqui o primeiro vai ser de London, um dos amigos de Dean, que será o protagonista do segundo volume. Aqui neste terceiro temos então ainda um pouco a história deste último e a história da sua irmã Daisy.
Adorei a dinâmica familiar, que muitas vezes acaba por se sobrepor ao romance, o que não acontece neste caso. Adorei principalmente as cenas de comida e o dom de Daisy que tanto invejei, porque assim o seu lado (único) protector e de cuidado com a sua família e amor foi ainda mais evidenciado.
Laura Ward escreve de forma bastante simples, mas que nos arrebata com as cenas entre os protagonistas, Jon e Daisy. Quase todas as cenas são fortes, tanto pela paixão e amor, como pela dor que ambos sentem quando as coisas não acontecem da melhor forma. A cena da descoberta da família foi uma dessas vezes, em que acabei por não gostar da atitude de Daisy para com tudo e todos. Mas adorei a cena seguinte entre irmãs, que acabou por superar um pouco esse descontentamento. A cena do pré-casamento também me pareceu pouco provável, visto que Jon estava naquela posição, e se fosse eu, tanto de um lado como de outro, não teria comparecido à reunião pós-casamento e posterior jantar. Mas adorei todos os discursos, tanto da família como depois a declaração do nosso apaixonado, o que acabou por me surpreender visto não ser grande adepta de sentimentalismos e discursos prolongados. Mas depois de tudo o que se passou, e mesmo não conhecendo a história de Dean e Grace (o que vai sendo corrigido e recordado ao longo do livro), consegui ler de forma empática tudo o que foi dito, quase como se fosse da família Goldsmith.
Esta história, e as anteriores e seguintes, segundo o que eu percebi das sinopses e de algumas referências, não são tipicamente de romance jovem, mas sim com temas bastante pesados e Passados bastante traumatizantes e reais, o que dá aquele conteúdo a um livro tão cheio de cenas sexuais e românticas, muito românticas.
O que mais gostei foi sem dúvida a química entre personagens e todas as histórias paralelas que vão surgindo, todas com muito amor e personalidades cativantes. No caso de Daisy, a sua baixa auto-estima é sobrevalorizada e demasiado aproveitada pela autora, que acaba por ser um pouco repetitivo, principalmente quando descreve todas as outras personagens como magras e só sendo Daisy a "curvilínea".
No caso de Jon temos a questão da família problemática e da questão do perdão o que também foi interessante de ler, e que acrescenta aquele sabor muito amargo a uma obra tão doce.
Amy e Lizzie foram fantásticas e mais uma vez foi adicionada uma temática dupla com estas duas, que adoçaram ainda mais este romance tão querido.
Estou ansiosa também por conhecer mais de perto a história de London e Emma, que traz consigo uma questão com a qual convivo muito regularmente, já que tenho um casal amigo que estará aqui muito bem representado com a questão da diferença de idades. No caso de Dean e Grace sei que vou encontrar uma história baseada num bad boy e numa mãe solteira, mas o melhor vai ser mesmo aprofundar os obstáculos que eles tiveram que enfrentar para poderem ficar juntos.
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December 6, 2021
I don't think this book is bad but unfortunately, it didn't end up working for me. I didn't read the previous books in the series and that wasn't a big problem, although the other stories were referenced and hinted at a lot so I did feel like I was missing something.

Mainly, though, I wasn't that invested in Daisy's and Jon's story. They were obsessed with each other and her family was being overprotective of her and still considered her their little girl and both of these things became repetitive and a bit boring/frustrating pretty soon. The flashbacks to Jon's childhood felt quite forced and unnecessary.

The book just didn't manage to keep my attention for the whole time and even the smutty scenes didn't help that much. Some things felt over-explained and some dialogues were quite cringy. So in the end, it wasn't for me but I can understand what people like about it. It was sweet but touched on some heavier topics as well. I probably won't be picking up any of the other books in the series.
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452 reviews19 followers
April 13, 2017
Primeiro livro da autora que leio, gostei! :P
Aqui temos um romance proibido, ela com quase 18 anos, baixa autoestima e traumatizada pelo bullying de tantos anos devido ao seu corpo curvilíneo. Ele com 22, melhor amigo do irmão dela, um tanto quanto carente de afeto familiar...
A escrita da autora é gostosa, tanto que não consegui largar e fui dormir quase de manhã, haha
Bom acompanhar como a amizade deles cresce, como um ajuda o outro a ser mais confiante diante de suas fraquezas e problemas, como Jon incentiva Daisy a seguir seus sonhos, a parar de se esconder e ter uma voz mais ativa diante da família...
Perdeu pontos por ser tudo muito perfeito lá pelo final, tudo se resolve e fica muito lindo p/ todos os lados, rs mas recomendo.
August 20, 2018
***I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review***
I am not a huge fan of second chance romances but this was alright. Better than I was anticipating which is refreshing. Usually it is the other way around where I am looking forward to a book and then am disappointed after reading it. I am so happy that did not happen with this book.
Jon and Daisy are great together. Jon comes from an abusive and broken home where he escapes to Daisy's family's house. No one knows Jon better than Daisy. When Jon is back from college, the sparks start to fly between the two. Jon no longer sees his best friends little sister.... instead he sees the beautiful woman she has become. Their deal was to have sex and still be friends but once they had one taste of the other, they were goners.
This is the third book in the Not Yet Series, and can be read as a stand alone. This book is much better than the other two I read. I look forward to reading more work from Laura Ward.
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1,555 reviews
June 1, 2018
This is book three in the Not Yet series by Laura Ward and the third book I have been sucked into. Ever time I read one of these books I am unsure how she can top the last one but she is just an overall great writer and it shows in every book. This one is more of a forbidden romance as far as Jon is falling for his best friend little sister.

Daisy has always had a secret crush on Jon but knows that he is off limits. She has poured herself into cooking as it is her first love.

Jon has also crushed on Daisy from a distance because of his relationship with her brother but all of a sudden she is becoming hard to resist.

When they suddenly have time to spend together away from watchful eyes, it becomes clear that they are never going to be able to bottle up their feeling again but will the fight be worth it?

Even though this series can be read as standalones, it is completely worth it to read the entire series. You will love all of the characters, storylines and HEAs.

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230 reviews
July 27, 2018
It took me forever to get around to reading this book and I am sad that I waited so long.

This was a really great read. I loved the characters, the story line, all of it. I loved seeing the growth that both Daisy and Jon went through and how they overcame so many things.

ARC kindly provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,357 reviews36 followers
April 4, 2017
4.5 Stars

I really enjoyed this one. This was a great friends to lovers/brothers best friend type read. It was great to see how Daisy grew and was able to stand up to her family and bullies at the end.

Really good read. Now, I need to go back and read Dean's story.
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61 reviews1 follower
July 7, 2017
Yummy . loved it .LW is fast becoming one of my favourite authors I really liked the character​ building .Daisy standing up for herself, finding true happiness and love . really good
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28 reviews4 followers
February 20, 2017
4.5 STARS!!

Daisy & Jon just may be my new favorite book couple. I anxiously awaited their book, since teasers in Dean & Grace's book & short stories & I was not disappointed.

Daisy is the sweet almost 18 yr old, sister of Dean, about to graduate high school a year early. Daisy is an amazing cook & baker & wants to go to culinary school. She is taking a year to work, save & "mature" before heading to one of the schools she has applied to.

Jon is one of Dean's lifelong best friends & former football teammate. A recent college graduate, he has moved back "home" for a year to intern/clerk at a law firm, save money, take his LSATs & apply to law schools.

**Some light spoilers-but only a few to give you a taste** Skip to *** Below if you want to avoid them***

Daisy has low self esteem due in part to 2 nasty ex-friends from school, who bully her. They are jealous of Daisy's voluptuous body (which Daisy is very self conscious about) & make her believe she is "fat" ( their words, not mine ), rather than the hottie that she is. Daisy's figure stands out (in a sexy way) without trying, but her personality is also sweet and generous and loving.
She has been attracted to Jon for years, but knows that because he is 5yrs older, one of her brother's best friends & a known player, nothing could happen.

Jon is wildly attracted to Daisy & has secretly been for a while. He starts up a friendship with her, mostly through texting, helping her through some of the difficult times during her last year of high school. Nobody knows about their text relationship but their bond grows stronger over time. He fights the urges to take it to the next level, because of the same reasons (see above).

When Jon returns to town after graduating from college, he continues to spend time at Daisy's family's house...going over for dinner & other occasions, as he has his whole life...but it is Daisy that keeps drawing him back now.

Laura weaves in characters from the first 2 books & teasers of stories to come (I suspect Ricky will be next, but I hope we get Devin & the rest of Dean's siblings stories too). I was happy to see some issues that characters had, get resolved too.

The only area where I had an issue was Daisy's emotional revelation should have happened sooner. She kept saying "we're just friends" "helping each other out", rather than admitting her true feelings, even to herself. Considering her age, inexperience with relationships & long term crush on Jon, I would think it wouldn't have been a question to have had it come about much sooner. Jon, I could understand being late to the table, knowing his backstory with his home life & player status.

There were two scenes that I flat out shed some tears (maybe you will too).

***End of Spoilers***

I will leave it here, to let you discover the rest of the story, but I will say that you won't be disappointed. If you loved the first 2 books in this series, you will love this one. If you haven't read the others, then read this one anyway! It helps to have read the first 2 but it can be read as a standalone (my opinion).

Overall: 4.5 stars!!!!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
98 reviews2 followers
February 18, 2017
Another great book in the Not Yet series. Daisy is from a big, loving family but she has self-esteem issues. Jon is grew up with a single mom in a disfunctional home. He relied on his best friend Dean's family for a sense of love and belonging. Daisy and Jon start out as friends. Daisy confides in Jon about the mean girls at school and he tries to help her see herself as she truly is. However their feelings develop into more than friendship. The problem? Daisy is Jon's best friend's little sister. Is a relationship worth the potential loss? I really enjoyed this book. I liked how the characters grew and faced their issues. I loved the relationship between Daisy and Jon. Laura Ward is becoming one of my favorite authors. Her books have heart and great characters. While the characters are young adults they go on emotional journeys and eventually become better people.
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861 reviews194 followers
November 27, 2018
Original review

This book was provided by the author through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Laura Ward and Netgalley!

Someday Soon
tells the story of Daisy and Jon. Daisy’s just the ‘fat cow’ at school and doesn’t believe that any guy will think she’s beautiful until her brother’s best friend, the man she’s been in love with for such a long time, tells her she’s beautiful and worthy…

Someday Soon was such a cute and swoony book. I couldn’t stop reading Someday Soon, and that’s why I finished it in one day. It was such a good story, and I enjoyed reading it. It was so fast paced and so relatable. I’ve always felt like the ‘fat cow’ because I’m curvier than all of my friends, and reading Someday Soon made me feel better in my body.

I really like Daisy and Jon. They’re so cute together, and I totally ship them. Daisy is so determined to study in New York and that’s one of the things I admire about her. Jon is also one of the best men on earth because he’s so kind towards Daisy.

Someday Soon was such an amazing book and I cannot wait to read the other books in the Not Yet series. You can read every book as a standalone, but it’s always nice to read all of them because then you get to know the other characters that were mentioned in Someday Soon.
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602 reviews12 followers
April 4, 2017
I absolutely adored this story! I am a sucker for a brother’s best friend/little sister story and this one was amazing!

“I couldn’t look at her. If I did, I’d want to kiss her and make her mine. God, how I wanted to make her mine. But I couldn’t do that. Someday, maybe. But not today.”

Daisy is the black sheep of the family. She doesn’t look the same and she wants out of the small town she grew up in. But always one to please her family, she’s afraid to speak up and let her dreams be known.

She has always had a crush on Jon, her older brother’s best friend, and as the two become closer friends, the attraction continues to grow.

Jon knows he can’t have Daisy, no matter how much he wants her. She’s too young and his best friend’s little sister as well. But when she finally reaches 18, how can he stop himself?

“I could never regret this, because it’s you, Jon. It’s always been you.”

This story had everything I love. It was full of love and romance, sweetness and laughter, and some steamy scenes too. I am a huge fan of Ms. Ward’s work and this is by far my favorite. I can’t wait for more from her! (5 stars)
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416 reviews16 followers
April 26, 2017
It was enjoyable.....however I had a slight (I won't call it problem) wobble about a certain storyline!
Jon's mum is looking for love and has a lot of casual relationship's that never last and always start very quickly (sex on first meeting)
Jon hates this and to make sure he never turns into his mum......he only has one night stands???
What?? I was very confused, isn't this kinda what he hates about his mother?

Anyway it was only a small blip with the story, which was a solid read from Laura ward!

I'm looking forward to the next one!!
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3,000 reviews3 followers
September 18, 2018
Daisy Goldsmith has been bullied at school for as long as she can remember by her former best friends. All she wants to do is leave town and attend culinary school but her parents don't seem to want her to go.

Jon Roberts is best friends with Daisy's older brother Dean. In the past Jon is known for getting around and never dating one girl but he knows he has feelings for Daisy but can not act on them.

When Daisy turns 18 she asks Jon to kiss her as her birthday present and he does, even though he knows he shouldn't. As Jon and Daisy struggle with how they feel about each other, they realize no one can know as they will lose everything if their secret gets out.

This was such a good book filled with a "forbidden" romance and a continuation of Amy's story as well.

I liked Daisy and I was super sad about how she was treated at school and then to eventually find out why was very sad but unfortunately realistic. I loved how much Daisy enjoyed cooking and how she would do all the cooking for her family. I was hoping she would get a chance to go to culinary school and it made me mad that her parents would let her brothers go off to school but were very worried about her and not letting her follow her own dreams.

Jon was a little more complicated. I thought he was an awesome character and I knew that there was a reason why he avoided relationships and as the book went along everything made sense. That being said he had genuine feelings for Daisy but had no idea how to have a real relationship with her as he had never had one before. I felt horrible for Jon with how he felt growing up and his relationship with his mom. It truly broke my heart to see how he felt and why.

It was obvious how much both Daisy and Jon cared about each other but I understood why Jon was worried about things progressing for so many reasons. Yet the two really had feelings for one another.

I loved how welcoming the Goldsmith family was but you knew something big was going to happen!! It went down like I thought it would and things just exploded!

I was glad that we got more of Amy but I am definitely worried about her roommate Izzy who definitely has a huge issue. I'll be curious to see how their story continues in the next book.

I loved the end of the book and the repairing of several key relationships through the series!

The end was awesome but the hints to the next book look intense!!

Great series!

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March 23, 2017
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first Laura Ward book I've read and I really liked it. Her writing flows very well and the characters are very well developed. While this book is the third in a series of stand-alones with interconnected characters, I didn't feel like I was jumping into something I didn't understand.

Daisy Goldsmith is this wonderful 17 year old with a heart of gold. She comes from a very supportive family with 4 other brothers and sisters that love each other unconditionally. Unfortunately, she has been subjected to bullying from two girls that used to be her friends. Because of this, her self esteem has taken a huge hit. She's lost a lot of self-confidence. Unfortunately, this is something that teens deal with on a regular basis and the author handled this subject extremely well.

Jon Roberts is Daisy's oldest brother's best friend. He's 5 years older than her and has always had a soft spot for her. He's back from college and working on getting into law school when he and Daisy strike up a friendship. He recognizes her struggles and listens to her. He does everything he can to make her feel better about herself without giving his feelings away for Daisy because he knows his best friend will kill him.

This story turned out to be a very sweet coming of age story about finding yourself and believing in your self. Jon and Daisy were perfect for each other and their characters slowly fell in love with each other while learning each other's ins and outs. This was a story of forgiveness and figuring out how to make yourself happy and love yourself before you can love another. It was a great book and I enjoyed every minute of it!
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1,532 reviews43 followers
March 19, 2017
* I received an ebook from the author, however, that in no way affects my review or opinions. *

This is the third book in the series, but it can be read as a stand alone book. It does mention some of the characters from the previous books, but you can jump right in here and understand everything that is going on. The author writes a story that the readers immediately become immersed in the world of Daisy Goldsmith and her crazy family. It becomes an instant family to the reader and one in which the reader never wants leave. Picture pure craziness and add in some noise, amazing food and love and you have the perfect world!

Daisy and Jon have been friends forever and Daisy has always wanted more, but Jon is her brother's best friend and he isn't interested in her...or is he?!?! What has always been a mutual friendship suddenly becomes more....but will they be able to survive their friends and family? Will they be able to make a relationship work?

The author weaves a complex tale of friendship, love, and family. She keeps the reader on the edge of their seat with anticipation, longing and the bewilderment of growing up. The author tackles some hard topics such as bullying, low self esteem, growing up and even at times family and she does it all in a respectful and empowering way. This is a must read story that the author does an amazing job with. If you haven't read this author yet, you must! She is simply amazing and at the top of her game. Don't be surprised when you see her name at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers list - and it will be there soon! Sit back, relax and be prepared to be wowed!

**Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: www.facebook.com/NerdGirl.ng **
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June 6, 2018
This is my first book that I have read by Laura ward and I enjoyed it. This is the third book in the series and feel like it can be read as a standalone. Considering I haven’t read the first two books. Im going to have to go back and read them.

Daisy has a passion for cooking. She wants to be able to go to culinary school, there’s one downside though. Her parents don’t want her to go because they think that she’s to young. So, in trying to convince her parents that she I ready to go she stays home for a year in hopes to prove to them that she’s more than capable.

Jon is someone that is off limits to Daisy because he is her big brothers best friend they all grew up together. Daisy as also had a crush on Jon forever. When they become more than friends because of a deal that they make. I was happy because then they could finally be together and their feelings only become more intense and I loved every minute if it.

Something happened with Jon’s family and he movies into Daisy’s parents and there relationship becomes more special.

All in all I think that this is a great book and I need to go an read the first two in this series.

*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*
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March 24, 2017
This is one of the most perfect romance novels I've read lately. I loved everything about it. I wouldn't change a thing. The pace of the story was spot on. Nothing was rushed. It was a slow build told in such a wonderful way.

Daisy comes from a big family. She is the one girl that is shaped differently. From her sisters and her fellow classmates. She is not fat by any means, just more curvy than the other girls. Which makes her feel too different and inadequate. One thing that has been a constant is her feelings for Jon, one of her brother's best friend. She doesn't think he would ever see her as anything other than Dean's little sister.

Jon comes home from college for the summer and he sees how much Daisy has grown up but she is only 17, so he knows he can't act on his feelings. They make somewhat of a pact, with Jon helping Daisy become more comfortable with herself and she helps him with study for his law school exam.

As this year goes on, their feelings for one another deepens but they know her family just wouldn't understand. So they keep their unconventional relationship a secret. What happens when the family discovers what's been going on? Will they leave their relationship as just an experience or will they fight to show what they have is real? One-click this amazing book now and find out.
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September 30, 2018
Someday Soon is the third installment of the Not Yet series. It was just as good as the first 2 books. It's a quick easy read. This book pulls in instantly from page 1 and you will at the last page before you know. Someday Soon is Jon and Daisy's, (Dean's younger sisters) story. When Jon comes home from college he instantly builds a friendship with Daisy. Daisy doesn't see herself as the beautiful woman that Jon tells her, she is. Over time she starts to believe him. She learns that not only is she a beautiful woman,but she's capable to stand up for herself and what she believes in. Jon is Daisy's first kiss, the one she gives her virginity to and her first love. Daisy is afraid to share this with Jon in fear of rejection. Jon doesn't believe that loving someone or forming a relationship with them is possible. Through spending time with Daisy, he realizes loving another is possible. Jon fears if he tells Daisy, that he may lose his best friend . Through some life lessons and bumps in the road they experience. It makes the both of them realize the importance of sharing how much they love one another.
This book couldn't end with a better HEA. Definite must read.
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