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Shadow Council Case Files #1

Calling All Angels (Shadow Council Case Files #1)

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From the pages of Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter comes this thrilling new dark fantasy series!

They are humanity's defense against the supernatural. They are the light in the darkness. They are the guardians that walk in the night. They are The Shadow Council.

Joanna Harrison is a freelance editor, working mother, and loving daughter. She is also the great-granddaughter or legendary steel driving man John Henry, and she has taken up his hammer to fight against the monsters that threaten her family and her world. She is Jo Henry, and she packs one hell of a punch.

Jo is fighting like the devil, looking for an angel. She's on a mission to find the Archangel Michael, give him back his holy sword, and bring his memories back. But first she has to stay alive. Through underground cage fights and demon hunts in the desert, Jo will need all the help she can get to wake up the angel. And when a demon kidnaps her mother and daughter, it's time to come out swinging.

The Shadow Council Case Files is a new dark fantasy series in the world of the best-selling Quncy Harker, Demon Hunter books.

113 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 24, 2017

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About the author

John G. Hartness

169 books545 followers
John G. Hartness is a teller of tales, a righter of wrong, defender of ladies’ virtues, and some people call him Maurice, for he speaks of the pompatus of love.

He is also the award-winning author of the urban fantasy series The Black Knight Chronicles (Bell Bridge Books), the Bubba the Monster Hunter comedic horror series, the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter dark fantasy series, and many other projects.

In 2016, John teamed up with a pair of other publishing industry ne’er-do-wells and founded Falstaff Books, a small press dedicated to publishing the best of genre fictions “misfit toys.”
In his copious free time John enjoys long walks on the beach, rescuing kittens from trees and playing Magic: the Gathering.

For free short stories and to follow his activities and appearances on his newsletter, follow this link - http://eepurl.com/fV4In

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Profile Image for Rellim.
1,536 reviews25 followers
February 10, 2023
This is book 9 in the Quincy Harker series by John G. Hartness. While I think they’re best enjoyed in order, this launches a new direction and storyline for the series so you could start here.

With the introduction of Jo, Hartness gives us a new heroine to root for (and a little break from Harker 😉). She’s looking to find the archangel Michael but frustrated to learn he doesn’t know who he is now that he’s in the mortal realm. As always, there are demons to battle. Friends will be lost and loved ones are in peril - so Jo doesn’t have time for Michael to get with the program.

Great balance of mystery, suspense, and action. Listened to it in one afternoon. Looking forward to more Jo.

James Anderson Foster is great as always. He *is* the voice of this series and even though this mostly focused on a female MC - he did a fantastic job.
Profile Image for Nervous Nellie Justice.
181 reviews7 followers
May 5, 2017
Awesome female role model

Jo is an incredible woman. She has no magical power but she is a powerhouse nonetheless. This story is woven in Quincy Harker's world, but Jo is no Quincy. She's a mom and she doesn't cuss unless she has to. She's John Henry's great grand-daughter and I can't wait to hear more of her in future stories.
Profile Image for Nannette.
498 reviews16 followers
March 16, 2017
Calling All Angels ((The Shadow Council Case Files #1)
by John G. Hartness (Goodreads Author), Melissa Gilbert (Editor)
Courtesy of John G. Hartness

Calling All Angels takes place in the same universe as the Quincy Harker Demon Hunter Novellas. The main character is Joanna (Jo) Harrison descends from an American Legend, a man of mythical strength, John Henry. Not only has Jo inherited John’s strength, she also has his hammer. Jo has returned from helping Quincy stop Hell on Earth from happening in Atlanta. But home holds it’s own battles and challenges.

Jo lives with her elderly mother, Cassandra, and her young daughter, Ginny. Jo is a single mom, working by day as a freelance editor to support her family. She is working as a cage fighter at night. The money is great. She always wins due to her great strength. But her main reason for putting herself through the brutality of the fighting is to complete the task Quincy had given her. She is to return an item to a man. The item is a sword. The man is an archangel. Easy peasy. Or not. As usual in the Harker universe, nothing is easy. The man does not know he is an archangel, he wants nothing to do with the sword and there is a really nasty demon that wants the angel and the sword.

Calling All Angels is a fun read. As with the Harker series, the story has intriguing characters. The backstory on Jo adds more facets to a character I already liked. This is the first in a new series. I am hoping that each novella will feature a different member of the Shadow Council as I am very interested in learning the backstory on each of them. If you have enjoyed the Quincy Harker novellas or any of Mr. Hartness’s other series, I highly recommend Calling All Angels. It has the makings of another great series to get hooked on.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Erin Penn.
Author 3 books13 followers
June 4, 2019
A new year, a new four-novella group for Quincy Harker, only this year (year 3) introduces the Shadow Council. First up, Joanna Harrison.

I was not expecting that. I'm so used to Mr. Hartness strong large male bachelor characters, I did not expect a female to be a POV character with a child. Yet it works, very, very well.

Joanna inherited the hammer from her great-great John Henry with a couple twists passing the hammer down the woman line, giving her the last name Harrison, but most of the old members (and some of them are really old) of the Shadow Council call her by the hammer's lineage - Jo Henry.

Glory lost her wings at the conclusion of last year's story. Now the council needs to find the archangels to see if they can get her wings back. Jo's mission is to find the first one.

It won't be easy. Might break her body. But one thing the Henry steel-drivin' line doesn't do is give up.

Well-structured and interesting story. An excellent addition to the Harkerverse.

(Read through Kindle Unlimited)
Profile Image for Shane Benson.
37 reviews
May 14, 2017
A great installment in the Harkerverse

Now that author John Hartness is writing novellas about other characters entwined with Quincy Harker I think it's ok to refer to the Harkerverse. I thoroughly enjoy these books and this was no different. I also enjoyed being able to get a different character perspective in the form of Jo Henry. I think what the author has planned for this phase of story telling is going to be exciting and mind blowing. I can't wait to read what's next.
Profile Image for Jan.
4,692 reviews50 followers
April 23, 2018
Jo Henry is given an assignment by Quincy Harker: find Michael the Archangel and get him back in the game. So she works nights in illegal Mixed Martial Arts cage matches in order to find him, but when she does, he doesn't remember being an angel at all, even when she gets him to hold his sword and it bursts into flame! Lots of action and a couple of disgusting demons. Just exactly what I expect from a Hartness book!
The audio narration is aced by James Anderson Foster.
Profile Image for Justin Berg.
8 reviews
March 1, 2017
Jo Henry kicks demon butt

I loved reading about this fascinating character from Quincy Harker's adventures. I especially liked Jo's relationships with her mother and daughter preventing the character from being another one-dimensional action hero.
May 16, 2017

I found this book to be entertaining and attention grabbing. every Paige had me riveted to it. I recommend this book be anyone who is looking to re!ax and forget about the stress of the day, and want immerse themselves in a supernatural,funny and terrifying story.
Profile Image for Trevor.
1,066 reviews2 followers
October 5, 2019
Year three kicks off with no Quincy Harker, as Jo Harrison takes centre stage. The quest to restore Glory's wings begins with finding the archangels. Nice book, but Harker is the star and something is missing without him!
Profile Image for April Schilling.
182 reviews17 followers
March 23, 2017
Absolutely LOVED this story! Jo Henry is an awesome character and it was fun reading about her and her family. I usually enjoy learning the back story of characters and this time was no different. Such a great start to a new series and I can't wait to read the next!
August 10, 2018
Well Written Book

Awesome, well written book as always. The characters are well developed and the story kept a good pace. Loved it.
22 reviews
April 27, 2017
The Quincy Harker universe is expanding .

This was a very enjoyable read. While I usually prefer my protagonists to be dark and borderline antagonists it was fun to have a genuinely good person in the lead . Solid storyline as one would expect from Mr.Hartness. Very much looking forward to the next installment from the Shadow Council series.
Displaying 1 - 14 of 14 reviews

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