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Going away to college gives LIZA GLASNER a chance to escape her painful and dangerous past…or so she thinks. At fourteen years old, she survived an attack by a famous musician. After that, the media, groupies and crazies hounded her with a merciless cruelty that ruined her life. But now she’s thriving—until an internship brings her face to face with the sizzling hot lead singer of a rock band, and she finds herself drawn to the very thing that once destroyed her. Justice is a temptation she can’t resist…and one that could get her killed.

Sexy rock star JUSTICE CADE is determined to take his band, Savaged Illusions, to the top by winning the Court of Rock T.V. show. Tortured by guilt for failing his family, he believes fame is his only path to redemption. But when the fiery college-intern hiding her beauty beneath baggy sweaters and a snarky attitude bursts into his life, Justice is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the stardom he craves. The wrong choice will cost him more than he can bear.

**This is book one in a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. However the next two books are being released in July and September so readers won’t be stranded on the cliff for long!

318 pages, ebook

First published June 19, 2017

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About the author

Jennifer Lyon

24 books1,382 followers
Jennifer Lyon is the pseudonym for USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Apodaca. Jen has published more than twenty books and novellas, including a fun and sexy mystery series and a variety of contemporary romances under the name Jennifer Apodaca. As Jennifer Lyon she created the dark, sizzling, paranormal Wing Slayer Hunter Series, the emotionally sensual adult contemporary Plus Once Chronicles Series, and the passionately beautiful Savaged Illusions Trilogy. Jen has won numerous awards, hit bestseller lists on several sites, and had her books translated into multiple languages.

Jen lives in Southern California with her husband. Together, they raised three amazing sons, welcomed three lovely daughters-in-law and an adorable grandson. Jen loves reading, vacations at the beach or wine tasting, and making friends with any dog she meets. But her passion is writing about characters who must surmount impossible odds and make tough choices to prove themselves worthy of love. In the evening, her husband lures her away from the computer with a glass of wine and the company of the man who is her happily ever after.

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1,721 reviews338 followers
February 17, 2022
Part 1

4 💖💖💔💔⭐️s

I was very hesitant to start a trilogy, usually the first part is good and then goes downhill, but I took my chances.

So, this trilogy is basically driven by Justice and Liza.

Justice 24 y.o. was the the singer and front man for the new upcoming rock band “Savaged Illusions”.
Liza 20 y.o. was the new publicist appointed by the record company for the band, inexperienced and still in college.
Both characters had come across very hard and bad times and their life experiences lingered over their heads, making them vulnerable and flawed.

This was not the typical sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll story.
Justice was dedicated to make his dream come true, had matured since his rough teen years and managed to touch my heart! The way he treated Liza was so heartwarming and mindful.
Liza, my poor Liza... she was tricked and went through hell at a very young age, yet she was driven and trying to leave the past behind her and turn over a new leaf.
When her past came to light and Justice and his band were exposed, she didn’t take the matters in her hands and made decisions on her own. No, Liza and Justice stayed together to confront anything that came their way.

It was very well written, had remarkable secondary characters, insta love, drama and dual pov throughout all pages.
There was a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to start reading the next part!
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831 reviews27 followers
June 18, 2017
I have read many of Ms. Lyons books and enjoyed them, this one included. It is a story of a young man Justice, who with his band mates are in a rock competition and are on their way up. They meet a young college student who is to be their publicist Liza and of course there is a instant connection between the two.
Liza has a past, a very terrible one she is trying to leave behind. She trusts no one and has many triggers that cause her to panic. She finds trust and safety with Justice to the point where she lets him in on her secret.
Of course living in the rock world, the truth is revealed and she is subject to hatred and ridicule. There is a cliff hanger at the ending, setting up for the next one within this series. I will definitely be reading the next one. I read this story in one afternoon, not wanting to put it down. Will be excited to see how their story plays out.
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June 23, 2017

Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2rZItil

Sooooo. First off. I'm Jen's assistant. But she didn't know I was planning on reading Savaged Dreams. I kinda just...did. Yes. I sneaky read it. lol

And I enjoyed it quite a bit. Sexy rockstars, a fiery-fierce heroine, the drama of an up and coming rock band. It was an exciting read and had me pretty glued to my e-reader all weekend.

The Gist: Justice and his band are competing on a reality show for a record contract. Part of the gig is a publicist to help them win. Well, a baby one since Liza is still working through school. If they win she'll get a summer internship she desperately needs. Romance? Pffft neither has time for that but damn if they can seem to help themselves.

Yeah. I liked these two. Justice was all seriously swoony hero complete with a sexy mouth he knew how to use. Taking things real dirty or making a girl melt from the sweet. And Liza has smarts, determination and a caring heart that have pulled her through a traumatic past.

They were hot together. Some steamy sex scenes and some swoony romance. Plus some laughs. Every once in a while they'd do something stupid but what I appreciated was they reacted appropriately after things settled down and owned up to their dumb moments.

So there's sexy, and there's flirty and light hearted. But there's also some drama. These two have both had some hard moments in life and are a bit fucked up by them. Some that came into play during the competition. A predator from her past and his father dealing with PTSD. Some scenes were hard to choke down and whew they had me a bit riled as I read. But I liked that Lyon included some real life issues and realities.

All in all, a fab start to the trilogy. Savaged Dreams did end with a cliffhanger which yall know makes me stabby but enough of the storyline was a complete (the competition) that it was still satisfying while peaking my interesting in more of these two and how their romance will turn out. So, nicely done!
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1,032 reviews106 followers
June 20, 2017
✦Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: SAVAGED DREAMS: Savaged Illusions Trilogy Book 1 by Jennifer Lyon http://wp.me/p3d0RZ-93S
Publication Date: June 19, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Cori
Rated: 5 Stars
Cori 5 Stars

Loved! SAVAGED DREAMS is the first book in Jennifer Lyon's Savaged Illusions Trilogy, a rock star romance series. There is a prequel novella, SAVAGED SURRENDER, you can grab before this one, but you don't need to read it before picking up SAVAGED DREAMS. I always enjoy any book I pick up written by Jennifer Lyon, whether she's writing contemporary romance or paranormal romance she always delivers a great love story. SAVAGED DREAMS is a great love story! I completely fell in love with Justice, the sexy, dirty talking rock star and I was rooting for Liza. Jennifer Lyon brought the heat! The romance was smoking hot and the love story gave me all the feels. There is a bit of a cliffhanger, but not the kind of cliffhanger that makes me want to throw my kindle. The first part of the Trilogy still felt complete. I can't wait for the next release though. I want more of Justice! I highly recommend this new trilogy for romance lovers looking for a new rock series. I couldn't put this one down.

*Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.



Buy Links

Kindle http://amzn.to/2pZJhy3
B&N http://tinyurl.com/y888mqk3
iBooks http://apple.co/2sOpYxk
Kobo http://bit.ly/2ryPa6P
Goodreads http://tinyurl.com/jtxb2bf


PREQUEL: SAVAGED SURRENDER: A Novella by Jennifer Lyon
Review 4.5 Stars http://wp.me/p3d0RZ-6V9
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June 19, 2017
I had a really hard time connecting to Justice and Liza, and with Liza's back story. It didn't work for me.

Review coming
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Author 17 books59 followers
June 24, 2017
Oh my god. I could NOT put this down. Good thing my husband cooked dinner or we never would've eaten. Forgot my own work. Ignored the TV show I'd turned on. Skipped cigarette breaks. I even passed on dessert, for petesakes. And it ended on a cliffhanger which made me want to scream until I realized the first chapter of the next book was included, so I inhaled that, too, and felt better. A little. Now I have to wait until next month for the next book. Gah.

Read it now. It's worth it. Seriously. So much awesome is piled into the writing of this book. The characters are poignant and real, the backstory is heartbreaking, the plot is gripping... Worth every minute I put into reading it and everything I ignored in favor of the story.
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46.4k reviews4 followers
Want to read
April 21, 2021
🎁 FREE on Amazon & on Apple iBooks today (4/21/2021)!🎁
June 19, 2017
OMG!  I have been waiting for a new rock star romance to release that would WOW me like some of the earlier rock star romance series a few years ago.  It seems like so many authors jumped on the rock star bandwagon and the stories began to become predictable cookie cutter romances with the same tortured rock star theme.  I wanted something fresh with intriguing band members that were not your run of the mill manwhore, bad boy musicians with tortured pasts meeting naive innocent women who won their hearts.  I wanted something that had some meat to it and a story that kept me fully engaged.  Jennifer Lyon has delivered exactly what I wanted. Savaged Illusions has my full attention and I want more!
Savaged Dreams is the first book in the Savaged Illusions series and ended on a major cliffhanger that has left me chomping at the bits for the next book.  What makes this series stand out is the band as a whole is on a journey to fame through a reality tv battle of the bands competition.  The competition is cut throat and escalates as the weeks wind down to finals.  What begins as a quest for fame and winning a recording contract turns into a dangerous competition that exposes their secrets and strikes at the very heart of the band.  Their moral code and ethical values are put on the line and they have to choose between fame and fortune or selling out the values that formed their strong bonds in the first place. They all have their own personal demons and problems but that is glue that holds them together.  They have formed very tight bonds and a kinship that is unbreakable.  They have each other's backs no matter what and nothing can tear that apart.  They thought they couldn't be broken until they got their first PR person, Liz Glasner, who becomes their YOKO ONO. Her presence in the final stages of the competition could break them.  Their lead singer Justice Cade is letting Liz destroy the band.  Liz isn't good for their PR at all.
The final weeks of the competition have been stressful for Savaged Dreams.  Their competitors are ruthless and exposing all their weaknesses.  They have also become dangerous.  When they are assigned a college student as their PR person rather than a professional, things become even worse.  It doesn't matter that she is good at what she does, she's not savvy enough to swim with the sharks.  When the sharks attack her as well as the band, they are all going to be eaten alive.
Justice Cade is trying to hold them all together.  He can't help that he is falling for Liz.  When he finds out her secrets he wants to protect her as much as he wants to protect his brothers in the band.  They've all experienced the dark side of life in some way or another and survived.  Now it's time to chase their dreams.
I'm not going to say much more because this is a Rock Star Trilogy readers don't want to miss.  Although Justice and Liz are the main focus of this trilogy, all of the characters are intriguing. As a reader you want to get to know them all and   explore their pasts.  As a whole, they are mesmerizing and you want to know how their futures are going to playout. The overall plot is for the series is fresh, original, and compelling. This book was engaging and made the reader think about the ethical side of fame as well as the obvious journey to stardom.  I think this trilogy could easily expand into a twelve book series.
Jennifer Lyon literally WOWED me with this fresh new series! I cannot wait for the second book, Savaged Vows to release on July 24, 2017.
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778 reviews10 followers
June 6, 2017
Jennifer Lyon hits it out of the park once again! She has such a talent for immersing you into her characters feelings, hopes and dreams. I'm not a big fan of rock star romance but I am a fan of hurting souls healed by love. This book trilogy/serial has that in spades. But beware readers, this is not the end of their story and it ends way too soon. You will be salivating for the next installment of this addicting story which will be arriving very soon.

Justice Cade is the lead singer in the rock band Savaged Illusions. His tight knit band is competing in a live elimination show/contest that is launching their band into the limelight. Each of these men have issues and they've bonded together to give each other loyalty and support. This series is about loyalty and trust, being there for each other. This will be a journey of a rock band and a couple making it through the challenges life throws at you.

The show gives them a publicist now that they've made it to the top 3. Liza Glasner is a student who is also competing to win an internship for the summer that will get her foot in the door of her chosen profession. She has hidden demons driving her too. Her position of publicist throws she and Justice into a working relationship that quickly becomes personal as their chemistry crackles. Justice is a guardian protector and he senses Liza's need for protection. She is so driven by fear and he is so driven by the will to succeed. As the conflict grows and romance blossoms you can see the train wreck coming. The journey is delicious.

There is so many quotes I want to save from this book. I highlighted them so I could come back to them. "No matter how strong you are, life can break you.", Justice speaking about his war hero dad. "You look beautiful when you do that. ... Do what? ... Fight off whatever it is that scares you. It's seriously hot. The timid uncertainty vanishes and your confidence shines through. The green in your eyes shimmers, and I know something snarky or random will come out of your mouth." Oh be still my heart! Then there is how he helps her..."realization dawned on her--Justice had known what he was doing by holding her arm, teasing her, getting her into the club and past her fear, a fear he probably didn't understand but helped her navigate anyway." Then later she writes this-- "The intimacy in his gaze went deeper than sexual, stirring ashes of the girl she'd been. It made her long to reach out and try, to push herself to see who she could really be." --Hope. Then she shows us passion that's more than lust. "Every time I touch you and you respond--' his fingers on her nape pulled her closer, '--My control slips, and something primal takes over. The need to possess you. Not just fuck you, but possess a part of you no one else has, the part you'll only give to me." Then he tells her she's his muse, "I've never felt this before--a raging passion mixed with the massive tenderness that makes my heart feel too damned big in my chest. You're my song, that one that every singer craves and can't stop singing because it fucking owns them and they want the whole damn world to know it. You, Beth, you're my song."

Perfection. Thank you Jennifer for allowing me to have the opportunity to ARC read this story for a review. I can't wait to read the next installment.
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6,189 reviews152 followers
June 19, 2017
4.5 stars--

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 19, 2017

Going away to college gives LIZA GLASNER a chance to escape her painful and dangerous past…or so she thinks. At fourteen years old, she survived an attack by a famous musician. After that, the media, groupies and crazies hounded her with a merciless cruelty that ruined her life. But now she’s thriving—until an internship brings her face to face with the sizzling hot lead singer of a rock band, and she finds herself drawn to the very thing that once destroyed her. Justice is a temptation she can’t resist…and one that could get her killed.

Sexy rock star JUSTICE CADE is determined to take his band, Savaged Illusions, to the top by winning the Court of Rock T.V. show. Tortured by guilt for failing his family, he believes fame is his only path to redemption. But when the fiery college-intern hiding her beauty beneath baggy sweaters and a snarky attitude bursts into his life, Justice is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the stardom he craves. The wrong choice will cost him more than he can bear.

**This is book one in a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. However the next two books are being released in July and September so readers won’t be stranded on the cliff for long!


REVIEW: SAVAGED DREAMS is the first full length installment in Jennifer Lyon’s contemporary, new adult SAVAGED ILLUSIONS erotic, rock romance trilogy focusing on twenty four year old lead singer for the rock band Savaged Illusions Justice Cade, and twenty year old college student/publicist Liza Glasner. For fans of Jennifer’s THE PLUS ONE CHRONICLES there is a slight cross-over with the appearance of Sloane Michaels and Drake Vaughn. There is a prequel novella SAVAGED SURRENDER that introduces the characters and some of the background to the series.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Liza and Justice) SAVAGED DREAMS focuses on a battle of the bands- a reality show that will see one band’s meteoric rise to stardom. With four bands remaining, each band is assigned a publicist to help promote and primp the bands for their upcoming appearances. Enter Liza Glasner, college student and Savaged Illusions temporary publicist, and the woman who will call to Justice Cade’s heart. What ensues are the band’s preparations for the upcoming competition, Liza and Justice’s building romance, and Liza’s struggle to remain calm as her life slowly begins to unravel with the revelation of her past.

SAVAGED DREAMS follows the band as they battle not only for the coveted prize but a media campaign that exposes secrets and lies, heartbreak and pain, jealousy, rivalry, and sins of the past. Although the story line primarily focuses on Justice and Liza we are introduced to the members of the band: their history, their failings; their sins of the past. As the competition nears the end, old rivalries come to a head, threats are made, and the past comes back for revenge.

Jennifer Lyon’s SAVAGED DREAMS is an emotional, heartbreaking and wonderfully written story that will pull you in and never let go. There are moments of jealousy and rage, romance and love, drama, tragedy and destructive words. The premise is imaginative, spirited and intelligent ; the characters are passionate, colorful and broken; the romance is seductive, provocative and intense. SAVGED DREAMS is an intoxicating and sensual story of romance, love and the toxic reality of jealousy and hate. The story ends on a cliff hanger-you have been warned!

Copy supplied for review

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2,789 reviews50 followers
June 22, 2017
Savaged Dreams, Jennifer Lyon

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, 

This is part one of a trilogy, and has quite a dramatic ending but books tow and three are scheduled for July and September this year so not too long to wait ;-)
I can live with that, its waiting a year of more that I hate! Forgotten half the story by then, and lost the impetus that kept me reading. a few months means its still reasonably fresh.
I'd still like trilogies like this to be all three parts out simultaneously - but that's not going to happen. 

Anyway, great start. Liza is young, but not one of those lightweight main characters, she's solidly ambitious, she's got a dark past and a big secret.
She needs the intern position that comes if her band wins the competition, but they're one of three in the finals and they're all out to win. 

Justice, band leader isn't happy they've a college student for their PR. He expected someone with experience, but as he and the band are learning, the contracts they signed are tough and there's lots of things were hidden carefully in the wording. 

From that rocky start though they soon are into a hot and heavy romance, and while he's focused on leading his band to win, she's also dealing with things as they crop up. Some of the band have secrets too, dark pasts, things that can damage their reputation, and its her job to ensure they don't.
There's a fierce and vindictive rivalry with one of the other bands that's above usual issues, and brings them into danger and dirty tricks. 

There's lots going on in this read, a fun and real feeling romance, dark secrets, dramatics, and of course the band stuff, songs and music making, the TV show that's strongly skewed to ensure top viewing more than letting the band and their music show through.
The fireworks really light up, with the TV guys positioning things to let the sparks fly, regardless of the damage it causes to people, reputations and the bands as a whole.
Its the whole viewers attract ads, ads bring in money and money is God that rules reality TV ( and why I never watch it).
Its done really well in this book, shows exactly how badly people can get hurt in the quest for maximum viewers. 

I really enjoyed this story and though it ends on a cliffhanger its also a natural break point. Not one of those reads where you're expecting the story to continue and just run out of pages.
Roll on parts two and three, I'll be waiting to read the rest of the story. Its for me a perfect blend of great characters that feel real, problems and issues that many people face and which make for a good story, and its balanced out by sex that adds heat but doesn't dominate. Great read. 

Stars: five, a great story, lots going on with main and secondary plots that feel genuine and lots of drama and excitement, plus of course some very sensual heat. 

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers
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4,907 reviews153 followers
August 12, 2017
Savaged Dreams is one of the best rockstar romances I've read to date. It's the story of a young band in the making, Savaged Illusions, who are trying to win a rock reality show competition called Court of Rock. Justice Cade is the band's lead singer. When he meets the band's new college student publicist, Liza Glasner, sparks are flying all over the place. Especially because he and the band have accused her of being "a sorority girl whose only experience at promotion is taking selfies." "Or a groupie," River added. "More interested in snagging a rock star than doing a job." Does Liza take that and roll over?! Oh hell no, she's a feisty, tough woman!! "Actually...I'm not in a sorority, I'm a bit old for a babysitter, and I don't even like rock stars."

But, Liza wasn't lying, she really doesn't like rockstars and she has the scars to prove it. As she and Justice fight their way into a relationship, I was freaking out, because I knew that somehow the other shoe was going to drop and it would be really ugly. And it was, REALLY ugly. At the end, when the cliffhanger happened, all hell was breaking loose. The band was fighting amongst itself, accusing Liza of being a Yoko, and Justice could feel his loyalties being pulled all over the place. Does he choose Beth, the woman he's falling in love with, whose life he has helped fall apart in his quest for fame? Or does he choose his band? The guys who are his family, who have his back?

I am dying to read part 2 now (Savaged Vows), and can't wait for part 3 (Savaged Devotion) to come!

I received an ARC through NetGalley for an honest review.
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392 reviews16 followers
June 27, 2017
Wowzers. This book. This book. This book. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I picked up Savaged Dreams, I've always been a huge Jennifer Lyon fan, but good grief, she outdid herself with this book! Liza and Justice = mega swoon alert. These two have just about every obstacle in their way, but somehow they could not be more right for one another. They're the epitome of "it's so wrong, it's right". From Justice's devoted attention to Liza, to Liza's ability to ground Justice when no one else ever has, these two are scarred beyond imagine, but throughout the first book in their journey, it's an epically effortless melding together. But again, as right as they are for once another the TV show Justice and his band are trying to win, Liza's hidden, and ticking time bomb past are just the most present and noticeable tribulations that face these two in their unexpected romance.

I will say this: holy cliffhanger, batman I was NOT ready for a cliffhanger like this book delivered. I'm not adverse to them in the slightest, and I should have known going in, but I was just so damn excited about another Jennifer Lyon book I didn't even fully read the description before I started in on the book. But I got to about 65% and thought... hmm there's no way this can wrap up, and sure as heck curveball after curveball got lobbed at my poor sensitive reader heart and now I'm just sitting here desperate for the next book. I need Justice in my life like I need chocolate (hint, it's an almost daily consumption here in the SBDR household). I just cannot WAIT to get more of this story and figure out how one of my beloved authors is going to dig her characters out of these holes!

A definite must-read for me - you won't be disappointed!

Happy Reading!
*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
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622 reviews16 followers
August 24, 2017
Humor, suspense and heartbreak

The first book in a planned trilogy, there's some crossover with the author's Plus One series (this book is actually earlier in the shared timeline than the original series) but you don't need to have read those books to enjoy this one.

Justice and Liza are both smart and talented, both driven by pain from their pasts, but they have very different goals. Justice needs to succeed in his quest to become a star both to prove himself and because he owes it to his band mates. Liza needs to succeed as well to prove herself to her family, but she already knows what the spotlight feels like and wants to avoid it all costs.

I loved both of these characters; I loved their shared determination and vulnerability and I especially loved how supportive and understanding they were of each other in spite of sometimes conflicting goals. There are plenty of great supporting characters with interesting back stories, both members of the band as well as friends and family and I hope to learn a lot more about the other band members as the series goes on, though I believe the story continues to center on Liza and Justice. I also loved the glimpses we got of Sloane and Drake, characters I loved from the Plus One series.

The set-up was great, with lots of built-in tension and there were plenty of plot twists to keep me engaged--in fact, I read this straight through. With humor, suspense and heartbreak plus an ending I loved/hated (yes, there's a cliff), this was a five star read for me, and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book

B2B Kelly
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538 reviews15 followers
June 19, 2017
Jennifer Lyon has created beautifully flawed characters in her new series Savaged Illusions. In Savaged Dreams, we first meet the band Savaged Illusions. They're in the final stages of trying to win a record contract on a reality TV show. From the moment Lyon introduces you to the band, you can feel their bond. They are more like a band of brothers.

Enter Liza. She just walked into a staged situation, and handled it like a pro. Her personality is front and center. She spent the last 6 or 7 years being silenced and having her power stripped from her. She's now learning to use her voice and wants to prevent this from happening to others. She's happy staying out of the lime light.

Justice is battling his demons in the exact opposite way. He will finally be good enough for his family once he's a household name. His a missile, laser focused on being a super star. He's got the talent, drive and isn't afraid of the hard work it'll take to get there. He's also not embarrassed by the choices he made that shaped him. He did some stupid stuff, but that was then and this is now.

Savaged Dreams is very character driven. Oh there's lots of action and Lyon does a great job of keeping the story moving, but what made this book so good was how each of her characters respond to the situation. You can see the strain of the competition start to wear at the incredibly strong bond of the band. Will they be able to survive or will getting to the top shred them like so many others? Lyon leaves with a cliffhanger. I can't wait to find out what happens next!
Profile Image for Marie  Brown (Marie's Tempting Reads).
2,685 reviews45 followers
June 19, 2017
Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:

I will NEVER get enough of Jennifer Lyon's books. And this new trilogy is freaking AWESOME! I freaking L-O-V-E-D Savaged Dreams. I am not bothered at all by the cliff hanger. In fact I really REALLY liked how it ended. I feel anxious to get the next one to find out what will happen next. It makes me edgy...its a great feeling for a good story because it makes the book THAT much more filling. I fell in love with Liza and Justice from the start. The Rock-Star dynamic really is fresh. Savaged Dreams is sexy and edgy...with the perfect blend of drama, suspense and your emotions definitely get involved. It was AMAZING!

Savaged Dreams had some intense passion and sizzling sex! I fell in LOVE with the Rockstar lifestyle from the good and bad and everything in between and I really...REALLY liked how our rockstar fell in love with a feisty intern. The sparks just flew strong between these two and I enjoyed watching them tumble together. This book was addicting and I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Savaged Dreams gets a SAVAGELY GOOD FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It will leave you BEGGING for the next book.
June 19, 2017
“You’re not that girl. I don’t know exactly what you are yet, but you matter.” That is my favorite line in the whole book. This book is an emotional roller coaster, in the best way. The relationship between Liza and Justice is stormy, passionate and laced with trial. Liza is so caught up in not becoming her mom, she has a hard time seeing what is right in front of her. And Justice speaks volumes in the way he is trying to keep his promise to his grandmother, his devotion is unwavering. Being with Liza could cost him his band and that promise.

If you want to feel, read this book. It invokes emotions that hurt and feel good. It makes you question and think about things. It is not just another romance, but this is a deeper story with so much meaning and so much love. It approaches subjects we rarely talk about, such as soldiers with PTSD and rape.

Can Justice and Liza take their dreams and make them and ever after or will all the problems they face make their dreams crash and burn? I can’t wait to find out and read the next installment Savaged Vows.
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2,262 reviews41 followers
July 1, 2017
copy received courtesy of Netgalley
This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster. We get real characters with real life issues. Liza was victimized at a young age. The perpetrator, the media and her family let her down. She had to bottle up all her emotions to try to survive. Justice feels like he is not worthy. His mother left and his father would rather be homeless than live with him. Liza's character makes you want to stand by her and fight for and with her. Justice just made want to cry. The anger and guilt he feels is overwhelming. When they meet that offer each other the missing parts. They keep each other grounded. The hard part is when they have to come out of their little cocoon. There are a lot of things that get in their way. The past comes out of nowhere to blindside them. The story ends on with a dramatic cliffhanger. I am anxious to see how Liza and Justice beat the odds.
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June 20, 2017
There are only a hand full of authors I would read a trilogy from without all 3 books released because I hate cliff hangers but Jennifer Lyon is one of them.

Book one, of this amazing trilogy, introduces us to the band of non blood related brothers who call themselves, Savaged Illusions, who are competing for a contract/record deal to be the next big thing through a reality TV show. Each band is given an intern to help promote them and Liza Glasner is not only theirs but also the woman Justice Cade, lead member of the band, falls hard and heavy for. Both have a painful sorta pass that helps to make each other stronger, but also complicates things for all concerned. Justice is trying to prove he is somebody while Liza is trying to stay out of the limelight.

Even thou this book mostly centers around Justice and Liza and their up and coming romance and struggles it also gives the reader an in depth look at the band as a whole. It's a great read and I can't wait to find out what happens next!
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April 30, 2021
I love rock star stories; it's been a long time since I haven't read one as good as this one. Normally I read this kind of story with the impression of déjà vu. But not with this book, WOW, I was hooked from the first pages.

This book is a wave of freshness. I wanted something different, with intriguing band members not with nasty band members pretending to be stars and manwhore.

My heart was broken with the story of Liz, the girl went through a lot. I just wanted to give her a hug and tell her everything is going to be okay.

I love the passion between Liz and Justice. That’s just wonderful the way they are so supportive and understanding for each other.

The end of the book leaves us with a huge suspense ... OMG the book just can't end like this, it's so unfair.

Right now, I just want to read book 2 !

Congratulations Jennifer Lyon for this book it was AMAZING. You delivered exactly what I like and what I wanted from this book.
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April 26, 2021
Two people, at a time in their lives when they don’t need each other,.. or do they? The complicated situation could be a blessing,.. or a disaster. With each carrying past burdens, it makes it difficult to navigate their way with so much in their path. Yet, the heart knows what the heart wants,.. or does it? The future for them both could go so many ways, together and apart. This love story of Justice and Liza in SAVAGE DREAMS truly is well worth reading. The author translates with her words a captivating story that will grip your heart harder with each page that you turn. The ups, the downs, the twists and turns, creates a voyage of two lovers and the world that stands in front of them. I look forward to seeing where this journey take them.
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June 21, 2017
I fell completely under the thrall of this book. Justice isn't your typical rock star which I appreciated. I was a little afraid when starting this book because I kind of expected the bad boy player type of rockstar. Justice had a lot of heart. His band was pretty great too. Liza is such a strong character. I loved seeing her fight back her demons. I absolutely adored them together. They connection between them just arcs right off the page like lightning. I didn't realize when I read this that it was a book one, so now I'm upset I have to wait for book two (though at least I won't have to wait long)!

Savaged Dreams is both riveting and sweet. I was glued to the page and couldn't get enough. The next installment can't come fast enough!
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July 16, 2017
So good! I loved this. The characters all have really big issues and seeing them come out is thrilling.

Liza is a college student who gets a shot as a publicist for a band on a TV show competition. Justice is the lead singer of the band she works with. They start out on a rocky footing but come together quiet fast. Liza has a secret that Justice learns and he honors her wishes and keeps it to himself. He has demons of his own.

Justice's dad is suffering from PTSD and is out on the streets refusing to come home. Justice blames himself because of things he said to his dad when he was a teen. In the late hours of the night he searches for his dad.

The story follows the band competition and the lives of the cast. Left dying for more. Thank heaven it's coming soon :).
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April 22, 2021
**I was sent a copy of this book to read and review**

Wow...this book was amazing. I loved the start of the love story between the two characters and really want to continue on in their story. Both characters are so complex with dark pasts that just make you love them more. Justice is smoking hot and I really like how he acts towards Liza. Although this book does leave off on a cliffhanger, it isn't as bad as some of the cliffhangers that I have read. It does make you want to read the rest of the series though. I can't wait to see what is in store for Liza, Justice, and the rest of the Savaged Illusions band members.
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May 6, 2021
Gut-wrentchingly amazing!

Readers with be pulled into this story so thoroughly that heart strings will zig at the deep connection. Laughter, tears, universal personal truths, love, lust, betrayal, anguish, and triumph have readers so thoroughly engrossed in this story and its characters that when the book ends it is a shock to the senses and leaves one wanting more.
Excellently written, is this story of humans, with real emotions and real world baggage that is a minute by minute struggle while living life and focusing forward to keep the past from devouring them. It is an all around experience that consumes readers body and soul. In one word-- breathless.
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July 5, 2017
First things first. I'm not a huge reader of "New Adult" books. I am, however, a huge reader of Jennifer Lyon. I'm also not that into rock star books and reality TV shows are not my catnip, but I have to admit, Jen dragged me kicking and screaming into this one. Flawed characters, a depth of emotion and all sorts of twisty-turns kept me swiping pages. The reality show/contest and the rock band formats are genre-bending meld by creates a read that I couldn't put down. I had to process the whole experience before I could leave even this short review. Amazing stuff and I can't wait for the next installment because...warning! BIG cliffhanger. However, the next book will be out soon and the 3rd installment in September.
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July 13, 2017
Simply amazing

I can't say enough about this book. Simply amazing. Every page had you drawn in. I seriously couldn't put the book down! Justice and Liza had me on an emotional rollercoaster that I didn't want to get off. But the ending...oh my..... Jesus be a nerve. Simply amazing Jennifer. I hope the band members all get books after this series.
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May 2, 2021
Rockstar romance doesn’t begin to describe this book.

More angsty and emotional, this book packs a wallop.

In a ripped from the headlines storyline, Liza becomes the publicist for the band Savaged Illusions and meets its frontman, Justice. What follows is spontaneous combustion between the two but secrets and danger lurk around the corner and threaten their newfound relationship.

Liza is one strong lady who has had the worst thing that could happen to a woman happen to her. What she went through at a young age was horrible and the emotional abuse she endured had me wanting to commit violence against certain people

Not really any surprises. Some things were predictable. But that cliffhanger felt like a gut punch.
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April 30, 2021
If you like Rockstar romances with a reality show twist you will love this book. The main characters are damaged but likable. I highly recommend this book!
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