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Hot Cop

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You have the right to remain sexy.

Anything you say can and will be used to get you in my bed.

You have the right to use my body to give yourself a delirious, life-changing orgasm.

If you have trouble... don’t worry, I’m a bit of an expert in that department.

There’s nothing ‘thin’ about my blue line, if you catch my drift, and trust me, I know how to put those handcuffs to good use.


Livia Ward wants a baby before she’s thirty.  And even though Officer Chase Kelly is exactly the kind of cocky jerk this librarian has sworn off, he is undeniably hot.  Both of them think they can give each other what they want—a few nights of fun for Officer Kelly, a no-strings baby for Livia—but this hot cop is about to learn that sex, babies, and love don’t always play by the rules.

288 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 13, 2017

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About the author

Laurelin Paige

85 books14.7k followers
Laurelin Paige is the NYT, WSJ, USA Today Bestselling Author of the international sensation, The Fixed Trilogy. She's also written other popular books in the Fixed Universe as well as the Dirty Universe and has cowritten with both Kayti McGee and Sierra Simone.
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3,262 reviews2,268 followers
June 18, 2017


descriptionThis cover is SMOKIN' HOT. Honestly, who cares about the rest. That said it is also a fabulous representation of the hero. Has great composition and interesting title work.description

"Note to self, see if Livia is willing to play Sexy Librarian after we play Find the Nightstick."

description I am conflicted over this one. I enjoyed it hence the 4-Stars, but I struggled with the set up a bit. Especially for the first half of the book. I didn't find it particularly romantic. Especially a hero that can be OK with I mean it's a human life we are talking about not a goldfish! I think a decent human being would at least have considered it for more than the five minutes he did. It pretty much sat in the back of my mind for the entire book. I also got tired of the constant reminders of his manwhore ways. I've said this before, but I am a smart person. You tell me he is a manwhore ONCE I can retain that info through the entire book. I do not need to be constantly hit over the head with reminders. I get it, he is known by EVERYONE as officer "GOOD TIMES" I didn't need that repeated to me over and over again. For ME as a reader that hinders my ability to form a connection with the hero/heroine. Particularly when I was already having trouble feeling anything more than a sexual relationship between these two because of the way the plot was set up.


NOW, having said that the book did have a lot of good going for it as well. It was fantastically well written. You would never be able to guess there were two different authors writing it. The pace was fairly good. Some parts felt a little slow, but nothing that led to me feeling the need to skim. The sex scenes were plentiful and smokin' hot. There was no OW/OM drama, and I didn't find it particularly drama-filled. There was some very amusing laugh out loud moments and two (for the most part) likable main characters. I would have liked to have seen more depth to Livia's character or more background depth I guess. She swears off men but her reasons for doing so seem a bit vague and a bit over the top for the info we are given. Chases' reasons for being the way he was were more understandable. Lastly, it's all wrapped up with a pretty sweet epilogue one year on.

So a little bit of a mixed bag but in the end, the good did outweigh the annoying so two thumbs up from yours truly.description


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662 reviews2,396 followers
June 13, 2017
It's LIVE!!!

➦Excuse me, officer, I was just speeding and I might have a body in my trunk and am possibly planning to kidnap the President... are you gong to arrest me yet?

➦Oh, I'm sorry, was I supposed to review this thing?

➦Ok, so, this book has a hot cop hero.

➦Yeah. And the heroine is this adorable librarian who has sworn off all men.

➦But what if this cop and this librarian can make some kind of an arrangement where both parties are satisfied? May be some no-strings attached sex for the cop in exchange for, say, semen?

➦Oh, you know, for making one of those adorable little creatures that a lot of women want to have before they can no longer have them?

➦I've been a fan of Laurelin Paige for years now but have only recently discovered the awesomeness of Sierra Simone. These two ladies are so talented and together they definitely did a terrific job here. This book has great banter and tons of feels!

➦I fell in love with these characters and really wanted to see them find their happiness. For the most part it is a pretty lighthearted read but the ending is a bit angsty, which I loved. Definitely recommend! That's all!

➦Ok, so sorry, just one more, for the road

Are you shocked? Like, in a good way, though? :O

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2,417 reviews13.8k followers
Want to read
June 17, 2017


You have the right to remain sexy.
Anything you say can and will be used to get you in my bed.
You have the right to use my body to give yourself a delirious, life-changing orgasm.
If you have trouble...don’t worry, I’m a bit of an expert in that department.
There’s nothing ‘thin’ about my blue line, if you catch my drift, and trust me, I know how to put those handcuffs to good use.
Livia Ward wants a baby before she’s thirty. And even though Officer Chase Kelly is exactly the kind of cocky jerk this librarian has sworn off, he is undeniably hot. Both of them think they can give each other what they want--a few nights of fun for Officer Kelly, a no-strings baby for Livia--but this hot cop is about to learn that sex, babies, and love don’t always play by the rules.
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1,568 reviews1,138 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
June 14, 2017

It’s my personal preference, but I’m NOT fond of women who turn to imbecile when they see a good-looking man.

I like my heroines to have enough brain to be able to think / speak / breathe etc. when they meet a hot man.

Lobotomy effect caused by sexual arousal?
Without me, please!

And don’t let me start with her age problems (coz 29 means death is coming), baby (coz it’s ok to want to be impregnated by a man you saw twice) and and and *double eye roll*

And he... *cough cough*, I think it's great that he was good-looking, at least something…

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2,239 reviews3,425 followers
July 12, 2017
I have to have her. Dinner, drinks, handcuffs -the Kelly Trio- and I need it all, the whole works, probably at least two or three times. Maybe then I can start thinking like a normal human being again.

Well, this book was NOT what I expected - especially with this definitely lickable book cover.
I was expecting a hot love story between a hot, pushy cop and a shy, timid librarian.

Instead I got a baby fever/madness book.

"What is it that you want for your future, Livia?"
"I want a baby," she answers calmly. "And I want you to be the one to give a baby to me."

Ok, so...
Livia is almost 30 and she is scared that she is starting dying and she will never be a mother.
Chase is completely irresponsible towards women and serious relationships.
Still he is asked to become Livia's sperm donor and still he accepts.

To say the least, I believe they are both thoughtless, impulsive dumb-asses. And I don't even feel the need to explain why I believe they are both thoughtless, impulsive dumb-asses.

Nevertheless, the book is HOT. Chase tries really hard to make Livia pregnant and Livia counts on his super-sperm. There is one sexy scene after the other.

If cops and their handcuffs is your secret fantasy or if you just fancy books with pregnancies; this book is for you.
If you actually like both themes (like me); you will be over the moon with this book.
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Author 85 books14.7k followers
May 26, 2017
There's officially less than a month before the story inspired by Sierra Simone and her hot cop husband* can hit (and cuff) your readers! YAY!

*No no no, it's not REALLY their true life story. Not even a little bit, really. Although she did used to be a librarian. And he is a cop. So, maybe? I mean...what IS life, anyway?

Picture of a baby wearing a police officer hat. Caption: He just wants to give it to her. She just wants to keep it when he's done.

★ Amazon: http://amzn.to/2qh4x60
★ Nook: bit.ly/HotCopNook
★ iBooks: http://bit.ly/LPSSHotCop
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2,112 reviews7,114 followers
June 11, 2017
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HOT COP: Is a standalone Contemporary Romance Novel by Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone and is also written in dual POV ( Livia & Chase )

Three hundred and six four days, that’s how many days before doom and destruction will come a knocking at Olivia’s door on when she turns thirty. She can hear her biological clock tick tick tocking as the days creep ever so closely to her thirtieth.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What do you do if your sworn off men completely but your biological clock is ticking loudly in the background? You do the only thing you can do, you proposition the hot cop you’ve just met!!

Livia Ward is just wanting a clinical shove in, do the deed and then exit, no kissing, no sleepovers and definitely no falling for the other. Both aren’t in the market for a prospective partner but what happens when rules get broken, what happens when it turns from doing the deed to making love?

I’m a means to an end to her. An eight-inch syringe attached to an admittedly great body. She just wants me to be ‘Officer Good times,’ Mr Officer Blue Eyes, not the kind of guy who gets attached. Not the guy who can’t stop wanting her.

She never expected to see the softer side of Chase, the side he rarely shows to others, where he puts her well being above all else.

He used to stand by ‘The Kelly Trio’ Take the woman to dinner, drinks, then out come the handcuffs.

I wish there was a Chase and Livia that existed somewhere else, in another dimension, where the goal wasn’t a baby and our time together didn’t have obligations attached to it.

There were certain scenes in this book that I loved, had a giggle over and enjoyed but a minority of the time I wasn't engaged with the characters or the story. Some parts were just too cheesy to comprehend, sayings that half the time had me cringing. I know I'm in the minority with my rating but sadly it just wasn't a winning read for me.

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211 reviews2,165 followers
May 30, 2022

TW: This entire book is about pregnancy.

What the f*ck did I just read 😂

Listen, this was so freaking weird lmao

Do not pick up this book in the hopes that you will read something that can be taken seriously. That is the only reason this got 3 stars from me, because this is a COMEDY ROMANCE book, with a lot of spice and half of it being cringe.

This womanizer cop meets a very attractive woman who is swearing off men. However, she is about to turn 30 and she wants something real bad:

She wants a baby. This HOT COP, who GETS CALLED HOT COP TO HIS FACE AND everyone else in this book refers to him as the hot cop, steps up to the challenge.

He will help her, just so he can sleep with her, they will hook up until she is impregnated and then, per her request, he will have NOTHING do to with the child and with her after she gets knocked up.

She want's to do this alone, because men can't be trusted. Honestly, the only relatable part of this book.

This entire book is filled with br&&ding k!nk talk, pregnancy talk, ovulation talk, vaginal mucus talk...and yet...lol

It just felt like I was watching a silly Adam Sandler movie at the end of the day to get my mind off things. It was funny, ridiculous, cringy but they did add some very sweet/emotional moments when it came to his career, to their wishes to build a family and the lesson was: you will never be happy if you guard yourself from people and if you don't allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Was it repetitive? Yes. I was almost pulling my hair out near the end with the: NO, I CAN'T LOVE HIM! dialogue.

Cringy? Yes... I have read worse though. This fulfilled it's purpose. It was supposed to be a silly cop romance book and it delivered.

Pick this up when you wanna have some laughs and not take a book seriously for once.

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1,481 reviews3,484 followers
June 20, 2017
3 Stars

Overall Opinion: Welp...if you want some hot sexy cop sex -- this is the book for you! I would definitely categorize this as erotica more than romance, but that might just be me. The romance and the characters didn't ever get that deep, and the relationship pretty much consisted of just hot sexy scenes with a few other encounters (that usually resulted in sex) thrown in. Nothing wrong with that! But don't go into this expecting something more than what it is...pure smut! Luckily I wasn't expecting more, so I still enjoyed it 😜

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Livia and Chase's story. They meet on a call for Chase who is a police officer, and they bump into one another once again at the library that Livia works at. Chase convinces Livia to go on a date, and Livia propositions him to have a no-strings-attached affair with her with the goal of getting her pregnant. He agrees, and they start a sexy affair. There are some walls that Chase has to get over to get to the real Livia, but after a lot of sexy times and some sweet moments he does...and they get a HEA ending.

POV: This alternated between Livia and Chase's POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good. I only skimmed over some of the sex scenes (🤷🏻‍♀️!), but otherwise I thought it flowed well.

Instalove: No. Instalust? Yes.

H rating: 4 stars. Chase. I liked him. He was hot, sweet, and the right amount of alpha for me.

h rating: 3 stars. Livia. She was ok. I didn't have any feelings for her one way or the other tbh.

Sadness level: Low, no tissues needed

Push/Pull: Yes

Heat level: Hot. They have some hot tension, chemistry, and scenes -- at times I did feel like it took away from the story, because there was A LOT of sex in this.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: Yes

OW/OM drama: No!

Sex scene with OW or OM: No

Cheating: No

Separation: Not really.

Possible Triggers: Yes

Closure: This had ok closure with a cute jump ahead epilogue and a HEA ending.

How I got it: I got it with my kindle unlimited subscription.

Safety: This one should be Safe for most safety gang readers
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Author 3 books277 followers
November 9, 2018
I like this book. And I think a lot of you reading this review will want to put it on your shelf and pick it up.

It's a hot ride! Truly...

The only problem I have with it and one I suspect many of you will have with it, is the heroine.


It's like the author(s) have no idea who their demographic is.

There's a heroine in this book who's thirty years old, or at least will be thirty on her next birthday.

But the way this heroine talks about her age, you'd think she was a ninety-five year old woman who's about to turn into sand.


I mean, even me, I'm not even the demographic for this book, I've barely left my teenage years, and this heroine made me feel uneasy with the way she rambles on and on about how when a women turns thirty, it's game over for her.

A lot of readers are going to be women in their forties and fifties, lol and I don't think they will appreciate this heroine's point of view one single bit.

Just saying.

Profile Image for CristiinaReads❀.
574 reviews3,279 followers
June 4, 2017
➳A hot cop on the prawl? COUNT ME IN!

➳This was such an intense, straight to the point type of romance that finally got me out of my reading funk! Not only was there enough aspects of the story in which both Simone and Laurelin do not forget to add all on the alpha male and becoming one, but they also unite to create a love story that is unique in a way that no other author has written or I have read before. The suspense comes from all the candor there is between them both! I hope both Simon and Laurelin keep writing more together, because this was incredible!

➳Pre-Order Links:
Amazon USAmazon UKiBooksNook

ARC kindly provided in exchange, for an honest review coming

➳Follow Me On:
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Author 74 books22.4k followers
November 4, 2017
I actually listened to this book on audio (even though I have a copy on my kindle) because I'm in love with Jacob Morgan's voice. Jacob as a hot cop is a hells yes all over the place for me. I could listen to him recite the phone book and be a happy, happy lady. He does such a great job bringing the humor and the sexiness of this book alive with his awesome, awesome voice. The female narrator was also hilarious, but Jacob has my heart.
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2,101 reviews1,250 followers
June 19, 2017
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 9067808ddd2cabe53e40b05c45b275_zpszxk7ioj4.gif

You have the right to swoon and remain ecstatic for Laurelin Paige & Sierra Simone’s Hot Cop. Be prepared to handcuff yourself to your kindle as you will want to devour this book in one sitting. Trust me, I did and no cuffs were needed as this book was everything that I could have wanted in a contemporary romance. Hot Cop was a literary juggernaut of every element coming together. From the sexy writing of Paige & Simone to the vibrant and lovable characters and to the heartfelt and endearing story line made this book one sizzling and sexy summer read.

 photo a07b61d191421dedf6068f407233ff_zpsl3qyj5kr.gif His blue, blue eyes. They’re pools of cobalt, and I forget to blink when I look into them. Forget how to breathe. Forget how to look away. Now this is what they mean by ovaries exploding. Mine are exploding. They’ve exploded. Kaboom. His manly aura has sent signals to my baby-makers and caused instant combustion. ”


Livia Ward wants a baby. She is well aware that her biological clock is ticking according to statistics that once you hit thirty…tick tick time’s wasting. Since Livia is an independent woman with a secure job as a librarian, she is ready to play the role of mother/father to her unborn child and all she needs is that sperm deposit.

 photo a07b61d191421dedf6068f407233ff_zpsl3qyj5kr.gif He feasts on me , and I feast on him. His lips devour every sweep of my tongue. His teeth are playful and nip at my jaw. His beard is rough and coarse and will leave burn marks with swollen lips, but I don’t care. I want it all. I’ll take it all. ”


Officer Chase Kelly is hot, single AF!! Yes, he is the quintessential hot man that will you be drooling all over. Not only does he have the looks but the man has the brains to boot. Oh and did I forget to mention that he is an amazing uncle, big brother, and grandson. So good looking, loves kids, smart and has good DNA, of course naturally he would be the best candidate for Livia to ask.

 photo a07b61d191421dedf6068f407233ff_zpsl3qyj5kr.gif I devour her mouth, I claim it, I lick inside past her teeth and I bite at her lips and I keep her face tight to mine as she moans and kisses me back, just as fiercely, just as urgently. “This is real,” I tell her, and now I don’t know if I mean the pregnancy or if I mean this— the chemistry, the connection, the us we’re both too afraid to acknowledge even to ourselves. “This is fucking real.”


Livia and Chase Kelly are sexually attracted to one another from the moment they met. And so when Chase asked her out on date, he was looking to score and bang the hot librarian. And why not, she was totally his type but what Chase didn’t expect was her to ask him to impregnate her with no strings attached. All she ask is that they have lots and lots of sex till she gets pregnant and Chase wouldn’t have any parental rights to their baby. Easy enough for Chase since he didn’t mind at all that is until he starts developing feelings for Livia. Will Chase be able to walk away from Livia once she’s pregnant? And will Livia want to do it alone?

 photo a07b61d191421dedf6068f407233ff_zpsl3qyj5kr.gif You have the right to use my body to give yourself a delirious, life-changing orgasm.” He bends in close to my ear and whispers. “If you have trouble... don't worry, I'm a bit of an expert in that department.”

Chase Kelly is definitely one HOT COP!!! Seriously, panties will be melting as this dirty talking officer will have you wanting a ride on his nightstick. Sirens will be going off as this book was ridiculously and deliciously sexy, fun, heartwarming, and sweet. He was that book hero who not only attracted you to be charmed by his looks but also by his sweet and caring nature. You gotta love a man in uniform who makes smart sexy.


Livia Ward is one sexy librarian. Don’t let the good girl appearance fool you because Livia’s bright and sassy personality gave this book an extra dose of charm and appeal. And so when you put Chase and Livia together, the sexual chemistry was off the charts sizzling!!! I was absolutely smitten with Livia and Chase because their personalities balanced each other. And toss in the fact Livia didn’t shy away from getting dirty and sexy with Officer Kelly made this book such a riot!!!!

 photo a07b61d191421dedf6068f407233ff_zpsl3qyj5kr.gif You’re mine, princess. You were mine the moment you let me feel your bare pussy in that restaurant. You were mine the moment you let me kiss you so dirty outside of it. And you were definitely mine when you came around my cock and hoped I’d put a baby inside you.”

So yes, I will most definitely recommend readers to check out Hot Cop. If you are looking for a book that was fun, fresh, and had lots of sexy times with a dirty talking cop then Hot Cop is definitely for you. Trust me when I tell you, you most definitely want to get arrested by Officer Chase Kelly this summer.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg Laurelin Paige Sierra Simone

 photo goodreads_zpshaa4caha.png  photo facebook_zpsqjcvyadu.png  photo twitter_zpsrtyt2zy7.png  photo instagram_zps5yndkjke.png  photo networked-blogs_zpsahlwh1yx.png
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1,038 reviews2,382 followers
October 11, 2017
We have an AMAZING signed paperback giveaway going on now.
Corina brought some treasures with her from the book signing last weekend in the OC, so we're sharing with you!!!

Enter below for a chance to win one of 6 signed paperbacks.

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Hot Cop is everything I expected from this dynamic duo of steamy dirty talking alphas! It's wicked hot and so much fun. Officer Kelly can arrest me anytime! 🔥🔥

What I loved: The storyline - It's a definite winner for me. The only thing I enjoy more than babies in romance is reading about crazy hot baby making in books 😁 This book definitely ramped up the sexy times. Officer Kelly is a shit-hot dirty talker that knows how to work the D! Need I say more? Nah, didn't think so!

The family dynamics - I adored Chase's relationship with his family. It was great to get those glimpses of him with his grandfather and nephews. I loved how Livia just fit right in. Super cute!

Most importantly, I loved the little things. The socially conscious undertaking Chase takes on at work. Livia's interaction with Ryan. Although it wasn't a focal point, the bit of diversity in the secondary characters. Small things like that really jumped out at me. They added an extra dimension to the story that took it to another level that really resonated with me. I have mad respect for these two authors! My fan-girl meter ticked up another notch after reading this book!

Overall, Hot Cop is sexy, funny, and sweet! Two thumbs up from yours truly! Buy or borrow a copy ASAP! You will not be disappointed. If you're like me, you'll be lining up to get frisked by Officer Kelly repeatedly.

 photo ARC_2.jpg
June 21, 2017
DNF @30% - ish

I was so excited with the premise about a hot cop and sexy librarian. Well, duh... It was none of that. I didn't read the blurb fully and maybe that was my fault. I decided to give 1 star for both main characters.

Livia Ward. Annoyed me to the hell since her first appearance. She's going to be thirty years old with five years old attitude. In her eyes, thirty is ANCIENT. What the actual fuck?! Also she thinks no kids = end of the world. Livia 'victimized' herself as a relationship-phobe and accidentally she met the hot cop and asked him to be her sperm donor.


Officer Chase Kelly. In my eyes, he's cocky AF. He seems struggle with his job but honestly, I didn't understand. Also he appears to be family guy. Uh huh...


Final verdict: Nothing is sexy with those two. Their first met was really... bizarre. Livia drool over herself because she couldn't stop think about how hot is Officer Kelly. Really?? She even wet her panties in the daylight. *SHUDDERS* The next time Hot cop asked for a date, she gave baby proposal in their first date was such a MAJOR TURN OFF. END OF. I don't even bother to sex the sex. I think that will be cheesy AF on the top of all of the cheese in the world.


Private note: I'm very much insulted as a twenty seven years old sane woman with no baby in mind. Puh-lease... Thanks God none of my friends think like this woman. Are you really that fucking desperate and lonely? Having a child is such a hugeee responsibility. It isn't something you decide to have because you're thinking thirty is FUCKING OLDDD.
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791 reviews999 followers
June 14, 2017
4 'The Kelly Trio' Stars!

Officer Kelly is definitely hot! Really enjoyed this love story even though sometimes I had a hard time connecting with the main characters (I feel Chase is such a great hero but he is too much of a manwhore and Livia just does not know what to do about what she feels for him).

I especially loved how everything changed towards the end (I always love when the feels get in there! lol) and this made Hot Cop quite a good and entertainig read fo me. The writing is fantastic so definitely check it out if its awesome blurb catches your attention!
Profile Image for  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕.
953 reviews1,053 followers
June 12, 2017
⭐⭐⭐ 3.5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

What do you get when you have a “hot shot “cop womanizer and a tamed sexy librarian? A sexual journey that’s filled with nothing but the intent of getting knocked up!

Livia is one year away from her 30th birthday and she’s pretty content with her life. Working as a librarian and having her own place should bring more to joy to Livia’s life but she’s missing something. Not wanting to get hurt or go through a tumultuous relationship again, she decides to avoid all of that to get to the one thing she really wants. A baby. A no strings attached arrangement for the sole purpose of creating life? Livia is about to meet the hot cop that will be on duty.

Chase has seen it all and done it all including half of the female population in town. Hey he’s a manwhore with a badge, so you try turning him down and see if your ovaries won’t be mad at you. He’s single, loves his job, and spending time with his nephews is the highlight of his week. But meeting the demure but sassy librarian, is about to change his whole outlook on everything especially when he gets an offer he can’t refuse.

I think that these authors are two of the best writing duo that I’ve ever came across reading. Their writing styles were so in sync with each other that I honestly thought at times that this was only one author. I fell in love with the humor in the beginning and I really liked that Chase and Livia felt like normal people with their family dynamics. But if I’m being honest, somewhere along the line the characters lost that spark for me and the sex scenes were a bit too much. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it but I wished there were fewer scenes on that aspect and more of a storyline on Chase and Livia’s relationship.

If you love a hot sexy romance with Mr good times “himself, then this is the perfect read for you.

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2,795 reviews616 followers
March 13, 2022
Wow! The combination of Miss Paige and Miss Simone, have me laughing and snickering. The story of getting a stranger to impregnant the heroine is nog something new. Of course, not my favorite trope, but these 2 talented writers make it work.

I do enjoy Chase smart and sassy mouth. He is also a dirty talker. I like him. He is sexy. On the opposite, Liv is just... too much drama. Overthingking and to be honest, annoying. She is not my favorite part of this book.

Overall, I do enjoy Hot Cop on the night my weekend ends.

4 stars
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June 7, 2017
Hot Cop is scorching hot and funny as hell! I adored the quirky librarian, especially since I'm a former librarian myself...

Officer Kelly, here are my panties. XOXO, Ilsa. All joking aside, Hot Cop is the perfect rom-com…top-notch hilarious with a heroine I adore and a hero that’s so scorching hot he gave me chills. It’s absolutely one of my favorite reads this summer.

~Ilsa Madden-Mills, WSJ Bestselling Author
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October 14, 2018
This was a good read. I honestly didn't think I'd ever try this Laurelin Paige book out because I really don't care for the whole pregnancy thing in books. I know, I'm weird... and that's totally fine, I'm odd and I embrace that shit.


But this was done well and it definitely wasn't a *GaSp* surprise, how-did-that-happen, I-couldn't-be-bothered-with-birth-control kind of pregnancy.


This was planned, well thought out, transactional. It worked! It was still just a middle of the road read for me... but I liked the different angle presented here.
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June 18, 2017

OH HELL YES! Officer Chase Kelly can arrest me ANY DAY. ANY TIME. ANY WAY he wants! I loved Hot Cop so much! It's dirty, it's fun, it's sexayyyyy and HELLA HOT. And it gave me the FEELS. BIG feels! Arrest me officer. Handcuffs NOT optional!

I am SO IN LOVE with Chase and Livia's story, I cannot even. I devoured this book and never wanted it to end! If you love a dirty talking, tattooed alpha with a heart of gold, then you MUST meet Officer Kelly. This guy is at the top of my list of ALL OF THE THINGS. Aannnd he is a dirty talker. OH. GOD. YES. My weakness. Seriously. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He does NOT fuck around. He definitely lived up to the name Officer Good Times. RAWR. I'd definitely play Hide the Nightstick with him. Multiple times.

Speaking of multiples....

The sexy times were off the charts freaking HOT. Like. WHOA. These two. The chemistry. HOLY HELL. I needed a fan and not for my face. I've mayyyy have read most of the sexy scenes multiple times actually. Just sayin'. They are THAT achingly good. There is this one scene though...I think I got pregnant from reading it. *moans* Not that I'm complaining.

This love story had my heart doing EVERYTHING. Everything!!! It beat, hard. It fluttered, a lot. And man, did it MELT. Chase and Livia's love journey gave me the feels. BIG FEELS. I didn't expect to experience so many emotions! I cried. I swooned. I clutched my heart! And the banter between Chase and Livia was so fun! I laughed so much my face literally hurt. These two were so, so perfect for each other! PERFECT! The sexy librarian and the #HAF officer. YES. PLEASE.

Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone created magic. I loved everything about Hot Cop! If you are looking for a hot summer romance that will make your ovaries explode, then you must one click Hot Cop!


✦ Amazon: http://amzn.to/2rc8TIk
✦ iBooks: http://apple.co/2kMIQG3
✦ Nook: http://bit.ly/2paWfZw
✦ Google: http://bit.ly/2rHP2EV
✦ Kobo: http://bit.ly/2rXpIvv

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June 4, 2017
***ARC Provided by the Authors and Social Butterfly PR***

I am not the biggest fan of the "baby" trope. And, I find it highly amusing that this is the 2nd book this week that focused on a woman who wants a baby and finds the perfect man to do it with. (I was not able to resist that wording, I know, I really should have...but it kind of fits in with the book.)

But, when Sierra Simone writes a book, I love it. And when Laurelin Paige writes a book, I love it. So, them together? Yeah, I loved it. And, I admit, were it not for who was writing this, I may have shied away because of the trope. If this is you, if you are thinking the same thing, I promise you, all of the reasons you don't like the baby storyline (the one dimensional characters you don't like who don't ever seem to really like one another...at least this is why I don't like them) are totally missing here. Fully developed, complex, funny, heartwarming characters are what you get here.

The plot is somewhat as you expect, but there are some twists and surprises along the way, including one at the end that gives the reader a great glimpse into Chase and what he has been thinking all along. You get to know the characters, as it is told in dual pov. And, the time spent with each character is well balanced, so you feel that they are each equally developed by the end.

I will admit that this one made me feel all the feels. I was charmed from the beginning. Chase and Livia have chemistry that just sparks, and their meet cute is absolutely hilarious. Snow White, with bolt cutters. No, I am not making that up, but you are going to have to read the book for that one to be explained. And, it will make you laugh. Their whole first meeting will make you laugh.

There were so many things about this book that I loved. As always, the characters were strong, and they were real, and they acted like you think they should in the situations. And, you can relate to them. I think the reason they feel so real is that the surrounding details make the story feel like real life while maintaining the escape of fiction, including some sexy time scenes that probably should have the "do not try this yourself" warning running in the margins of the book.

But, isn't that why we read? I know it is for me. I read to escape, but also to believe that there could be people out there who are just like the characters in the book. I believe that Chase and Livia are real, and doesn't that make it even more fun?

I recommend this book.
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June 12, 2017
I wasn’t prepared for this book to be so entertaining, but man did I enjoy it. Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone show they are an impressive pair in this amusing romance that is both enticingly erotic and delectably sweet at the same time.

I’ve read lots of books featuring hot doctors and hot lawyers, but a hot cop is pretty fresh terrain for me. I can’t think of a better way to make me a fan of men in blue than Officer Chase Kelly, the ultimate über hawt cop. Based on the blurb, I expected him to have an annoying level of cockiness and cheesiness, but I was pleasantly surprised. He’s a confident manwhore for sure, but he’s respectful, responsible, and a really compassionate cop. Add in his supremely nurturing nature and affinity for kids, and he’s a walking ovaries detonator.

Livia Ward is a beautiful librarian with an unfulfilled life and a heart guarded against relationships with men. Chase is so patient and understanding with her, and it’s fun seeing how his seductive but humorous flirtation helps break down her walls. The playful and caring friendship they develop despite their strictly “business” arrangement is the cherry on top of X-rated bedroom—and shower and stairwell and parking lot and rest room and library stacks, etc.—activities that are an erotica lover’s dream.

Erotica is often serious, suspenseful, or dark—and that’s perfectly fine. Sometimes it’s nice to switch it up though and read a lighthearted story that makes you laugh while also indulging your naughty side. This book falls into the latter category. There’s absolutely nothing deep about the story, so if that’s what you want you should look elsewhere. There are no great plot twists or complex characters. It’s just pure fun delivered in a particularly entertaining and sexy way.

Hot Cop is by far one of the steamiest books I’ve read this year, but it had me smiling and swooning throughout.

Recommended for fans of:
Sexy librarians
Sexy cops
Romantic comedy

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review.**

Reading Frenzy Book Blog
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August 10, 2017
Librarian Livia wards wants a a baby before she turns thirty and she decides the ask the sexy hot cop Chase kelly to get her pregnant. Both parties in this agreement are going to get what they want, Livia a baby with no strings and Chase lots of hot sex with no strings attached. the only trouble is they didn't expect just how much feelings this little baby once conceived was going to bond them emotionally to each other. Now I did like this book, the comedic banter between the two characters was at times hilarious and the sex was definitely hot. Good story line I just felt that their attitude to haveing a child together was a really fast and a somewhat immature decision. All Livia seemed to think about was being old at 30 and depressingly desperate and Chase just thought about getting his d**k wet more than the responsibility of having a child. Great narration by Elena Wolfe and Jacob Morgan.
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July 24, 2017

Originally posted at Booklovers For Life

“You have the right to remain sexy,” he says. “Anything you say can and will be used to get you in my bed.”

When it comes to Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone, whether it’s individually or together, I expect a romance that is off-the-charts hot, and they have yet to disappoint me in that aspect. What came as a surprise with Hot Cop though, was just how FUNNY this book was, too. This was a fabulously sexy romantic comedy that I absolutely adored. I was smiling and giggling near the whole time I was reading. Livia and Chase’s story is light-hearted, hilarious, and just ridiculous enough that I had the best time reading it. This dorky librarian wants a hot cop to impregnate her – what can be more over the top than that!?

Livia is approaching the dreaded 3-0. She desperately wants to feel like she’s NOT getting old (I don’t see how 30 is old, but to each her own), and to feel young again, she decides she wants… a baby? But since she’s sworn off men, that makes having a baby a little difficult. Just when she’s about to turn to a sperm donor, Officer Chase Kelly enters her life and makes her ovaries go haywire – THIS is the man she wants the father of her baby to be. Except she doesn’t actually want him in her life, just their baby.

Tab Chase goes into Slot Livia; lather, rinse, repeat until baby.

Chase has never met a hotter librarian in his life, and he’ll do anything to get Livia into his bed – including agreeing to her deal to get her pregnant and relinquish all rights to the baby. As a cop, Chase knows that he doesn’t have the time or room for a significant other or family, so this deal is perfect for him. Except the more he’s around Livia, the more he wants to just BE with her – and not for the smokin’ hot sex. Being with Livia makes him feel alive and happy… but can he prove to her that he’s good for more than just his sperm?

Attached. It’s one of those words that I associate with bad things—pleading texts and late night phone calls and possessiveness. A toxic word. And yet, I find I don’t mind the idea of Liv getting attached at all. In fact, the idea of her being possessive of me is rather pleasing. Especially because I’m starting to feel rather possessive of her.

Livia gets a little frustrating when it comes to her determination to have a baby while keeping all feelings for Chase out of her mind. She can’t risk falling for Chase because of the possibility of the hurt that will come if he leaves her. I still enjoyed her character though, and how adorable and quirky she was. I can always appreciate a heroine who stuffs as many books as she can into her purse whenever she goes out.

The relationship between Chase and Liv is fast-paced, cheesy, and there isn’t much depth, but it’s fun and highly entertaining to read. And did I mention all the filthy, dirty sex!? The author duo turns up the heat in Hot Cop – if you’re going to read the book, you definitely read it for the steam. And I’m not sure how they split up the writing, but Laurelin and Sierra’s writing styles worked so perfectly well together I couldn’t tell who wrote which chapter. I am so looking forward to more collaborations from them! Overall, if you’re in the mood for a rom-com starring a hot cop and sexy librarian, I would recommend this book!

Thanks to the author for generously providing me an ARC to review.

Quotes are taken from the ARC and are subject to change in the final version.

Amazon Ebook: http://amzn.to/2r2AA9W
Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/2qxrf69
Audible: http://amzn.to/2t8uvaR

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October 21, 2019
No estuvo tan mal como pensé al principio.

Si estuve tentada en abandonarlo pero le quise dar chance.

Y si mejoró fue muy cliché pero ta´bien.

Hay varias escenas muy hot y me imagino que son obra de Sierra Simone.

Btw, es la primera vez que leo a Sierra en un género que no es tan erótico y kinky.

Si se fijaron no tengo ganas de hacer reseña ok? Gracias.
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June 13, 2017
Maybe it's my mood or I just had high hopes for this book but it fell flat for me. You are want to have a baby with a man you met TWICE and you work with his sister but in the beginning want him just to be a sperm donor. I can't even ! Of course he's okay with this because he probably has other kids running around he doesn't know about, really? I don't find that funny or sexy.
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June 4, 2017
So when HOT COP by Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone popped up on my iPad, I legit FREAKED OUT! I knew it was coming, but that didn't make me any less excited! I mean two of my favorite authors co-writing a HOT contemporary romance? No big deal, right? GET OUTTA HERE! It's such a big deal, I didn't want to start right away because I knew I would DEVOUR the hell out of it and it would be over too damn quickly! But me? I don't have any patience when it comes to these two authors, so what did I do? I CONSUMED this baby in TWO HOURS! I couldn't help myself. The HOT cover, the ENTICING blurb, the two HUGE names at the bottom of the cover...there was no way I had it in me to wait this one out. So, like I said, I inhaled this delicious romance cover to cover and it was so FUCKING AMAZING! I knew it would blow me away, but HOLY SHIT, I was a goner from page one! Nobody pulls me in so quickly and leaves me so satisfied like Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone. When they write together, it's FREAKING MAGIC!

HOT COP has some of THE BEST characters ever written between these two and I couldn't get enough! And don't even get me started on Office Chase Kelly! I can't EVEN with him! You want a taste of his dirty mouth? YOU GOT IT! Be prepared to BLUSH a lot!

"Do that on my cock," I rasp. I use my other hand, which is shaking, to undo my belt and my dress uniform pants. I pull my boxer briefs down enough to bare my erection, which is fury-dark and thick. "Do it on my cock."

She looks up at me with hungry eyes and swollen lips. "But what if a patron..."

"I don't fucking care,"
I say through clenched teeth. "Put my cock inside you and fuck it."

Yep! Did your ovaries explode? Are you pregnant? Can you function? You guys, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I re-read that scene. It's embarrassing really. But that isn't all. HOT COP is full of INTENSE SEXY moments with Officer Kelly's dirty, dirty mouth! And our heroine, Ms. Livia Ward was amazing as well. Don't let her demur exterior fool you, because it didn't fool Chase Kelly at all. Sexy librarian + hot as sin cop = comedy, passion, emotion, and fireworks! HOT COP was SO much fun! It was INCREDIBLY sexy! It was laugh-out-loud HILARIOUS! It was EVERYTHING I thought it would be and SO MUCH MORE! I adore both Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone independently and together. I think they make a TREMENDOUSLY GREAT team and I hope they never tire of each other because what they create together is out of this world FANTASTIC!

Sexy young couple kissing and playing in bed.

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