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Curse of the Phoenix #1

Phoenix Descending

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Since the outbreak of the phoenix fever in Drothidia, Tori Kagari has already lost one family member to the fatal disease. Now, with the fever threatening to wipe out her entire family, she must go against everything she believes in order to save them—even if that means making a deal with the enemy.

When Tori agrees to join forces with the unscrupulous Khadulians, she must take on a false identity in order to infiltrate the queendom of Avarell and fulfill her part of the bargain, all while under the watchful eye of the unforgiving Queen’s Guard. But time is running out, and every lie, theft, and abduction she is forced to carry out may not be enough to free her family from death.

298 pages, Paperback

First published November 28, 2017

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About the author

Dorothy Dreyer

36 books574 followers
I'm a Philippine-born American living in Germany with my husband, my two adult children, and two Siberian Huskies.

I am a USA Today Bestselling Author who writes young adult and new adult books, usually with some element of magic or the supernatural in them. I also like to read those kinds of books. Aside from reading, I like movies, chocolate, take-out, coffee, traveling, and having fun with my friends and family.

I tend to sing sometimes, too, so keep me away from your Karaoke bars.

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227 reviews19 followers
January 27, 2018
I received a free ebook copy in exchange of an honest review. I'm gonna start with one word: WOW I loved it and it exceeded my expectations, well written and it introduces you to the story without being boring and is not a flat story because it hooks you since the first page.
Some parts while you are reading get you cracking nerves to know whats going to happen next, it has romantic touches that makes you laugh and sigh.
I loved the goodness, strenght and heart of Tori because she is capable to do everything for her beloved.
Bram is other of my favorite characters since he is sweet and chivalrous. And Takumi was the best, loved that fox.
A new world that the author presents in this first book with a weird mixed of zombies, princesses, queens that makes a wonderful combination.
I absolutely want to read the next one
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Author 11 books151 followers
December 4, 2017
WOW! This was a thrilling ya fantasy that threw me for a loop, completely surpassing my expectations! Very well written with a gripping story that had me up until 4am reading. I didn't want it to end and when it did, I had a hard time getting to sleep after! Here's hoping the next book comes out soon!

Oh and, bonus! It includes some character sketches!
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Author 33 books107 followers
November 12, 2017
3.5/5 stars

This was a quick upper YA/NA fantasy read. Despite the characters being in their early twenties, it tended to read a little younger and so far there's no content in it that would be considered adult so I think it will probably do better with YA readers than NA readers looking for more adult fare.

I enjoyed this book. The story is fast-paced (perhaps too fast at times, feeling a little rushed in places with motivations not always as well as threshed out as I would like), and full of action scenes and tension that kept me turning pages. I enjoyed the characters - even the ones I loved to hate - and would've liked to have spent more time with them. The book felt a little short and that fact that will no doubt leave some readers feeling a little dissatisfied.

For me, where the story fell a little short was the world-building. Perhaps I found this element of the book a bit disappointing because I have been reading adult epic fantasy by the likes of Elizabeth Bear lately and can't help but compare the world-building. This is perhaps unfair, but I would still caution readers of fantasy that this story is definitely more fantasy-lite rather than true epic fantasy as there isn't much focus on the world-building with little to no mention of different languages, cultures, religious beliefs etc. What few elements were described left me scratching my head at times. How does one kingdom have electricity while its immediate neighbour does not? How does one nation have advanced medical and pharmaceutical knowledge while its immediate neighbour seems stuck in the Medieval era with only herbal lore? These aspects left me baffled and struggling to understand where the world and countries lay in terms of industrialization.

Possible spoiler ahead but I'm not hiding it because it could possibly be triggering for some readers

There is also an LGBT story-line in this book. While the LGBT characters are fairly well written, the homophobia present in the world ends in extreme violence that will no doubt be difficult for some readers. I do hope to see a happy ending for the LGBT characters in this series, so that this story doesn't add to the 'tragic gay character' literature we certainly have more than enough of already.

Overall, I found this a quick and enjoyable read that will probably satisfy YA readers looking for a romantic adventure with a fantastical setting. The characters are memorable, the plotting excellent, and given that ending I will definitely need to read book 2 to find out what happens!

*I received an ARC from the author for honest review*
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1,456 reviews17 followers
October 23, 2017
A big thank you to the author for making me discover this book via his newsletter and that I had at an affordable price. I already loved the illustrations that were between the chapters and especially the endearing characters and the pen of the author. My next book to read by this author: my sister's reaper. We find Tori trying to save her family by all means, she will have to do things that even before she had never done. She will associate with the Khadoulians by taking a false identity to be able to infiltrate the kingdom of Avarell. Too eager to read Volume Two I was well focused in history and puff suspense it will have to wait for the following :-(.
3 reviews8 followers
August 15, 2018
I cannot accurately rate or judge this book because I couldn't bring myself to finish it. After 8 months of procrastinating on reading this book, I've had to mark it a DNF. Perhaps I'll come back to it in the future but for now, I'm putting a bookmark in this one.
Profile Image for Megan Murphy.
274 reviews14 followers
October 27, 2017
I received an ARC copy of this book by the Author in exchange for an honest review. A must read for lovers of the Throne of Glass series and Graceling series. This book has a little bit of everything: adventure, mysteries, forbidden love, undead (Zombie like), fantasy, an Arthurian feel to it, deals, consequences and a whole lot of other exciting tales! A book that is different from any books that I have previously read. What amazed me was the immersive word Dorothy created, filled with complicated characters that I am itching to know more about. This is a promising first novel in what I hope to be a long series.

I am especially excited for this book since I was blessed to have been chosen to name the character Azalea Clayborne! I LOVE what she did with that name and the relationship that she has with Logon thus far. She is everything I was hoping she would be. As a side note...look at for that fox, I think we are going to find out more about him in the next novels. He seems strangely human for an animal. The ending was perfect, even if it was like sticking a needle in my heart (pun intended). Give this series a try and I promise that you will not regret it.
Profile Image for Stuart West.
Author 34 books35 followers
March 8, 2018
The most accomplished of Ms. Dreyer's fantasies, Phoenix Descending plays out like a YA Game of Thrones with plenty of political intrigue, skulking castle-dwellers and zombies (!) amidst the driving story of the plucky young heroine's quest to save her family from the phoenix sickness. While some of the characters could've been fleshed out better (I'm looking at you, Goran!), I'm reserving the final criticism on that as this is the first book in a series and there's still plenty of time (and lots of intriguing plot nuggets dropped along the way). Dreyer even manages to work in a contemporary same sex romance plot-line that works extremely well. My only complaint is this isn't a complete story and ends on a cliffhanger! Come on! (Although, the fact I care so much is probably a back-handed compliment). Tori's a fine heroine, one to root for with a compelling back-story. I can't wait to follow her into future books and you will, too.
Profile Image for Beth Oliver.
234 reviews39 followers
March 6, 2018
Oh my God that ending!!!!!!! Come on now!!!!

I loved this book. So intriguing and compelling. I could not put it down. The whole world was diverse and beautiful. It exceeded any known notion I had for this story.

The characters were amazingly well written.
Tori is a wonderful main character with a strong sense of justice and moral character. She is just a favorite.
Bramwell is super awesome and slightly in my fair opinion.😇
I'm pulling for Tori and Bram!! OTP!! I will go down with this ship people!!!⚓🚢

Takumi is gotta be the coolest fox in the world. Hell, the coolest friend.

Okay, to make this book even better, ZOMBIES!!!!
Well undead, but still!!
Sigh. So good. Soooooooooo good!

The only down side is now I have to wait till fall for Paragon Rising.

I write weird reviews.😜
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954 reviews127 followers
September 30, 2018
To sum up my feelings about this book in one word: meh

Content warnings include: homophobia, execution and extreme brutal sentencing of innocents, death of family members through sickness, character pretending to be an important religious personality

Why I didn't like it:
- the way information was conveyed was extremely awkward. Dialogue and describtions felt stilted and forced
- so many things are implausible and don't make any sense, or are not explained to a degree that is laughable, leaving gaping plot holes ()
- lack of worldbuilding, everything felt overly simplistic like it was written for children and not YA/NA
- continued referring to women as "females", and 90% of them are described as dainty/petite/fragile/delicate
- eye-shape of ppl from the fantasy-asian country being referred to as "exotic" and at one point it's said they all "look similar" (though the person who says that is from the fantasy-asian country themselves and says it in a situation where they are trying to keep up their cover/distract someone who might recognize them)
- constantly fearing for the queer character's safety due to the homophobia
- so many "wtf" moments that nobody questions ???
- there were a few editing errors like using wrong names or this one old lady saying "fuck it up" which didn't fit with the rest of the language - which I usually wouldn't mind all that much but I'm feeling petty rn

What I liked/what kept me from DNF-ing this:
- court intrigue!! I'm a sucker for such settings, made even better here by the main character pretending to be a priestress and getting kind of a kick out of the power all the religious bla gives her
-the political plot in general was nice and complex
- sapphic princess
- that one woman who is a soldier and can crush every single man in the guard, who appears way too little and is together with this one douche-y dudebro, which is a crime tbh
- complex family relationship between the princess and the queen regent
- generally there was this feeling that there was more going on behind the scenes, which I enjoyed as I was itching to find out what was going on
Profile Image for J. Ford.
Author 7 books140 followers
March 23, 2018
First, let me say I wanted to read this book ever since I saw the cover. I was hooked. It was almost as if I didn’t care what was in between those covers. It’s gorgeous and I could stare at it for hours.

But as it turned out, I loved the pages in between. From the beginning, the story is full of action and unforgettable, complicated characters. Takumi the fox…omgosh…I want more of him!! And Tori is an amazing main character with a strong sense of right and wrong, justice and moral fortitude. There were so many subtle twists, and the storyline is compelling. It was difficult to put it down.

The book is a quick read and I think it would appeal more to YA fantasy readers more than NA readers, even though the characters are a bit older. There is an LGBT element to the story. I thought it was handled well but I was unnerved by the violence that presented itself because of it.

This book has zombies and princesses and queens, right up my ally with YA fantasy. Some I despised (Queen Maescia) and others I adored (Princess Wrena). She’s so incredibly kind. I loved the innocence of Tori and Bram’s relationship as well as the author’s dive into YA Game of Thrones political intrigue.

There were a few issues I had with the plot line such as how did the Undead become the Undead and why do they only exist on one place, but it didn’t bother me enough to not like the book.

It does end on a cliffhanger and I screamed out at the end. I wanted more, more, more and now I have to wait for how long??? Come on, Ms. Dreyer. So not fair. I can’t wait for the second book in the series. That comes out when…tomorrow???

I think fans of the Throne of Glass series will love this book.

4 out of 5 stars.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Cheree Castellanos Edits.
286 reviews26 followers
October 15, 2017
WOW... just wow! I have no words for how much I love this story! I have became 100% attached to Tori and Bram, and am afraid if my hopes for them don't come true, I may cry and never be the same. All of these characters were so real and came to life in my mind. It was like I was walking with them and watching and listening along with their lives. Amazing writing. So many subtle twists in the story that had my jaw continuously dropping to the floor. I really would think I had it all figured out, boy was I wrong every time! The ending left me scrambling, I need the next book stat!
22 reviews
March 8, 2020
This was a intriguing book that kept me captivated from the beginning. I’ve never really read any fantasy books, but this one may have converted me. I received Phoenix Descending as an ARC and I can’t wait to read the next one to find out what happens to the principal characters. There are twists and turns that I must know the answers to. If you are a fan of fantasy or not, this book is intensely riveting.
Profile Image for K. Matt.
Author 30 books226 followers
November 29, 2017
Well, this book was a delight to read. I liked the worldbuilding in particular, and the fact that the majority of the major characters are strong women, with some nicely compelling storylines. I did, however, nearly let out an inhuman shriek as I hit the last page. I won't go into why, but you'll know it when you see it.
Profile Image for Shae.
2,541 reviews283 followers
December 10, 2017
I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. An excellent start to a new series! It moves at a quick pace, and has a pretty interesting plot. Though there are some things culturally in this book that can be viewed as problematic, I have hopes that a lot of those things will be worked through more in book 2. With that ending though, I wish I didn't have to wait a year for book 2!
7 reviews
February 8, 2018
It took me a few chapters to become vested in the characters but once Tori embarked on her mission I could not put this book down. Now I anxiously await book two.
Profile Image for Diana Lavaughn.
20 reviews2 followers
November 23, 2018
Phoenix Descending (Curse of the Phoenix Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Dorothy Dreyer
I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley and am leaving a honest and fair review.

This book is:
Part George RR Martin epic fantasy royal intrigue and machinations
Part fairy tale stepmother – in this case, Aunt
Part Shakespearean doomed love
Park Brontean mystery woman in the attack
Park Luc Beeson girl with weapons mystery
Part Romeo Living Dead
Part Beastmaster cunning pets
Part Katniss

All together that makes on page turning book that I couldn't put down.

Tori's family is dying of the Phoenix fever and she is will do anything, even if that means making a deal to infiltrate the palace as a holy woman. Using her skills with throwing knives, throwing stars and acting, she slips in as a High Priestess with three goals, a Book, A Girl and a Queen. She is shocked to meet the boy she had saved from the Undead years ago, even more shocked to discover a very dark justice handed out by the Queen Regent. She works to not only complete her tasks but to save her fiends and strangers both from the horrible injustice and possible upcoming war.

I enjoyed all the characters and really loved the epic fantasy themes without being drowned in the grimdark or brighthope genres that have overtaken the field. The twists and turns were well done and the hints about the woman in the attic are excellent!

The storytelling is a third person POV concentrated on Tori and a few other characters. The POV's are unique enough that I could tell them apart easily.

The actual writing is smooth and constantly tightens, like the rope on a trebouchet. When the catapult finally releases, just a few pages from the end, it hits like a huge stone.

Tori, Bram, Aurora, Wrena and even adorable little Theo are memorable. The only 'characters', I had an issue with was the countries. They seemed at times very close and at other, really far apart. I also sort of got lost as to how long the truce was and why they were fighting in the first place.

An admirable mix of familiar elements that create a phenomenal new work.

4 stars out of 5

Profile Image for Katriann.
69 reviews13 followers
November 5, 2017
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for the author for giving me a chance to read and review this book.

Phoenix Descending is the first book in the Curse of the Phoenix fantasy series written by Dorothy Dreyer. The story tells about Tori, a girl who must infiltrate a strange queendom in order to save her family members who are dying from a disease called phoenix fever. The story is a fast paced combination of fantasy, action and romance with a strong main character who does not expect others to do things for her but would rather take action into her own hands. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it for YA fantasy fans, who don't like love triangles or insta love.

I really liked most of the characters in this book. I felt like they truly cared about each other and their relationship didn't feel like a forced effort of representation as lgtbq romances in YA fantasy sometimes tend to do. I also liked it that there was no love triangle or insta love. Tori didn't just go and fall head over heels Neither did she forget her mission and go chasing after some guy putting herself and her mission at risk. She was smart and focused and took no unnecessary risks.

The only thing that bothered me a little was that at times I felt like Tori cleared her missions a little too easily. I would have liked her to struggle a bit more with her tasks. However, I did like it that she mostly relied on herself and didn't share her secret and true personality with anyone just because she happened to like a boy or befriend someone in the castle.

One thing I really liked about this book was, how different the realms were from each other. We didn't learn about all the nine realms in this book but the ones we did learn about were all very different. I loved it how Drothidia seemed more like a village when compared to Avarell and the castles and markets there. I also wonder why the other realms had electricity and the cure for the phoenix fever but Drothidia did not. Maybe the people in Drothidia do not value science or maybe Drothidia is a poorer realm. I would love to learn more about the different realms.

Oh, and I loved the illustrations between chapters. Would love to read the next book when it comes out.
Profile Image for Calvin Park.
183 reviews44 followers
July 22, 2018
Phoenix Descending was a book I very much wanted to love. The concept was fascinating and immediately hooked me. The world has a great deal of potential to be interesting, and I found the characters likeable. Unfortunately, I also found some significant issues, particularly in worldbuilding and to a lesser degree in the voice and editing.

Dorothy Dreyer has imagined an intriguing world. The nine realms provide for an interesting backdrop of shifting alliances and loyalties. I would have loved to have seen more information on this. The core of the story—a young woman who is forced to serve one enemy nation against another enemy nation in an effort to save her family—kept me interested and the pages turning in spite of other issues I had with the novel.

Speaking of those issues, they revolve around three main areas. The first—and most significant—is the worldbuilding and particularly inconsistencies and holes in the worldbuilding. I hate giving spoilers, so I will attempt to avoid them. One example, of many, of holes in world building has to do with technology. At least two of the nations we see in the book have electricity. However, there is a scene in which maids bring buckets of hot water to fill a tub. There is never an explanation of why a country with electricity hasn’t yet figured out indoor plumbing (something the Romans had nearly two thousand years before electricity). This isn’t the only hole but serves as an example of the type. I also found the voices of the different characters to sometimes blend and to lack anything differentiating them. The manuscript also might have benefited from another pass of line editing.

Phoenix Descending certainly has its share of issues, but those issues didn’t stop me from completing the book in barely two sittings. The core of the story is compelling. 3/5 stars.
Profile Image for Camillea Camillea.
Author 3 books63 followers
March 21, 2018
Phoenix Descending is a book that immediately interested me. I was intrigued by the idea of a Phoenix fever and political warfare. The book is fast-paced and kept me engrossed with its storyline. There's was much about the book that I would love to discuss and the world, although only glimpsed, is so creative!

However, I was a little bit dissatisfied with the book for reasons like lacking details pertaining to world building. In spite of the Phoenix fever being the basic motivation for the story-line, I was a little disappointed that we never got a more detailed plot-line regarding the plague. There were also a few instances that felt much like plot-holes to me. The problem probably is because there was just too many missions for Tori to accomplish within too little pages, so we never got the well-developed, juicy plot.

Because of the shortness, the world-building felt lacking to me. What do we know about the Phoenix fever? And The Undead? How did they originate? I wanted to know more about the Divine Mother and religion, the traditions of the Holy Priestess, and of the royal family. What about the use of electricity? Tori's herbology skills shows so much promise! These weren’t detailed enough for the readers to have a visualization of Tori’s world.

The characters in the book had a strong sense of justice and were easily loved. However, I didn’t find them having much individuality. The voices felt too similar. Although plot-driven, I feel the novel could have benefited a lot from its characters. Because there were many instances that I felt the characters made inconsistent choices for the sake of the plot.

I loved the LGBT couple of the novel and can’t wait to read more about what happens to our characters. I’m intrigued to know about the motivations of the antagonists and the ending, although predictable, has left me on the edge! Dorothy Dreyer is one author I’d say to keep a look out for.

Thank you to the author for providing me an eARC in exchange for an honest review. Follow me at Camillea Reads for more bookish adventures
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1,574 reviews17 followers
March 24, 2021
“Phoenix Descending” is the first instalment on the “Curse of the Phoenix” Duology by Dorothy Dreyer, an enticing, thrilling, well-written NA epic fantasy story, that captivates the reader from the very beginning, with a fantastic well-crafted world, which blends elements of hero quest, adventure, mystery, light horror and Asian inspired lore into a fully unique enticing story.

Tori (FMC) is a young girl who embarks in a quest to find the cure for the Phoenix Fever, is decimating the land, her own sister has succumbed to the disease and she herself is already infected. Her journey brings her across the Rift, and into distant kingdoms. The search for a cure is not only dangerous but also demands a lot from Tori, nothing ever comes free.

Dreyer has constructed a fantastic world, unique, fresh, beautiful, and terrifying at the very same time. Tori is a wonderful heroine, strong just because she needs to be. The secondary characters are fully fleshed and have their own personality, even the dead-inhabitants of the Rift are much more than mere brainless zombies and have their own purpose in the plot. The story is fast-paced, sometimes perhaps a little to fast, but again, we are fevering forward, turning pages in a frenzy, thus we would possibly be complaining anyway 😊. There is an array of very strong women and also a sex-same relationship, which doesn’t – unfortunately – ends in a HEA. The book ends in a real outcry demanding cliff… which – for full disclosure – I didn’t mind at all, but only because I kind of cheated, as the second book was just a screen-touch away on my Kindle 😉 (sorry, not sorry)
Profile Image for Eroine Penzel.
53 reviews12 followers
October 24, 2017
I really loved the books and I need the sequel so much right now because there are so many situations that need an end and also I need to know that my Tori will be safe and sound!
The book is really interesting although I could see some YA stereotypes that actually didn't annoy me thanks to your wonderful writing style.
And I usually hate "insta-love" by I can't do nothing but love both Tori and Bram, who has some really interesting characteristics along with the Undead.
I want to discover more about them, not only because they seem to be the main event of the next books but also because finally poison can kill them! It was such a new method and weapon that I think it surprised me much and it is something so unique.
As I said I loved Tori who is so much unique and amazing and a truly silent badass, but also because everything is so well measured in her character that you never question her motives or her characteristics. Although I didn't like both Aurora and Wrena, I can't say they aren't cute together and that's a huge compliment coming from someone who can't stand forbidden love!
Also I want to know more about both Finja and duke Grunmire, who I both don't trust and couldn't stand (and that'd be really good because it means you have created a credible villain!).
I am going to give to this book 4 stars, and I am just going to say that I hope that the next book will be 5 stars material, so I'll wait for it!
Profile Image for Hannah Michaels.
567 reviews11 followers
November 29, 2017
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

this was a super easy read. Very quick, not very taxing in that you were able to sit back and enjoy the story. I don't think some books get enough credit for that. But I am confused on several things. How did the Undead come to be? That was never clarified. When did they originate and why are they only in one specific place? That needed clarification. Also, the Phoenix Fever needed clarification as well. What does it do? We didn't really see the effects of it besides a few faint spells from Tori. There was a lot of telling, not showing. How did THAT come to be? Does dying of the sickness turn you into an undead? What's the correlation? Also, we gathered they're in a medieval time, but there's electricity. Are we to assume that this all came to be after the "zombie apocalypse"? How did that happen? The book really could have used that clarification and added backstory to bring the whole idea together. Also, I am the only person ever to care about this, but the details with the horses were incorrect. I'm not expecting everyone to be an expert, but it could have been rectified with a simple Google search. Just frustrating to read. Overall, it's not hard to get into the story and follow along with all the characters.
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2,133 reviews45 followers
October 21, 2018
This was a very good novel with impressive world building and true to life characters. The concept of the rift and the undead was scary and seems to have been used to keep people in thrall. Tori is a strong and courageous character, her loyalty and love for her family led her on an adventure into another country, Avrall, daring to risk her all to complete the quests set for her by Goran. He in turn promised that once his demands were met he would provide the much needed medication for Tori's family to cure the Phoenix fever which was killing the people in Drothidia. Reading about the turmoil and the plots taking place in the the court and the evil at the hands of Maecia, the Queen Regent and the horrible Duke kept me continuously on edge. So much back stabbing was going on, however, more scary still were the meetings of love between Princess Wrena and Aurora as well as those between Tori and Bram as both relationships would not be accepted in Avrall. This book kept me on edge right through, it is very well written with a gripping story and it ends on a cliffhanger so makes me need to read the next book in the series asap. Dorothy Dreyer weaves a very strong and intricate plot for her novel, and makes her characters so life like that the reader cannot help but be engrossed in their lives and wanting to know how these will end. Can't wait to know!
Profile Image for Lana.
2,133 reviews45 followers
October 27, 2018
This was a very good novel with impressive world building and true to life characters. The concept of the rift and the undead was scary and seems to have been used to keep people in thrall. Tori is a strong and courageous character, her loyalty and love for her family led her on an adventure into another country, Avrall, daring to risk her all to complete the quests set for her by Goran. He in turn promised that once his demands were met he would provide the much needed medication for Tori's family to cure the Phoenix fever which was killing the people in Drothidia. Reading about the turmoil and the plots taking place in the the court and the evil at the hands of Maecia, the Queen Regent and the horrible Duke kept me continuously on edge. So much back stabbing was going on, however, more scary still were the meetings of love between Princess Wrena and Aurora as well as those between Tori and Bram as both relationships would not be accepted in Avrall. This book kept me on edge right through, it is very well written with a gripping story and it ends on a cliffhanger so makes me need to read the next book in the series asap. Dorothy Dreyer weaves a very strong and intricate plot for her novel, and makes her characters so life like that the reader cannot help but be engrossed in their lives and wanting to know how these will end. Can't wait to know!
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290 reviews43 followers
November 29, 2017
Phoenix Descending was a really interesting fantasy novel filled with action, adventure and a strong female character. Tori Kagari's family has been infected by the phoenix fever that has broken over the land of Drothidia . In order to save them she makes a deal with the Khadulians where she must infiltrate the queendom of Avarell under a false identity. It is a dangerous mission but Tori will do whatever it takes to save her family.

Tori was a strong and amazing main character. She knew how to fight, carry herself and was an overall great character! I loved Takumi! He was very clever and I'm sure very cute too. How cool would it be to have your own fox! I also quite liked Bramwell, he was though and concerned about those he cared about. Aurora, Wrena, Azalea, Logan and Theo were also great characters that I liked!

I found the plot really intriguing and exciting. It was fast paced, had some romance and was well written in a way that just drew me in for hours. The illustrations in the book were also nice. I enjoyed reading Phoenix Descending and I'm looking forward to the sequel. I would recommend Phoenix Descending to fans of fantasy!

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114 reviews11 followers
March 22, 2020
I'm gonna give it 5 stars. At first, I thought it would be one of those, cheezy, simple, and cliched stories, but it wasn't. However, I couldn't really tell whether it is Asian inspired or old England inspired story; kunai, fancy corset dresses, Japanese-sounding names, queens locked in towers; they don't seem to fit together in my imagination. It's a mixture of everything but pulled off very skillfully. A couple of plot twists that surprised me greatly; they really got me sitting on the edge. I went through some chapters with my heart racing. World-building is nicely done and interesting. I wish it was darker, a lot darker in tone. Maybe it was me, but I kept picturing a colorful castle and dresses; Disney style, you know. Something about it told me it had to be so vibrant and lively, yet there was blood, plotting and queer romances. Nevertheless, it was worth reading, something new, something different. While reading I didn't plan to read book 2, but the end... come on! now I have to! But I'm glad I have to because the story only got interesting!
Profile Image for Emma Katherine.
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April 17, 2020
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Opinions: I simply ADORE Phoenix Descending, and there's nothing else to say! The plot and conflict was beguiling from the first sentence (which I found to be outstanding for its imagery and immersion) and the characters were reasonable and consistent. The first thing I look for when reading is connection to the characters, and this was almost instant in Phoenix Descending! I was touched by Tori’s love and loyalty towards her family and enchanted by her deliberation between what is labeled as the ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys.’ The themes were abundant throughout but didn’t bore readers who are looking for adventure over influence. Phoenix Descending contains so many elements - themes, character development, entertaining plot - that readers can view and take it any way they want. In conclusion, read Phoenix Descending because you’re destined to love it no matter what!
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March 9, 2018
Great story and what a cliffhanger at the end!! The suspense just kept building and building to its climax!!

There are plenty of loose ends to be addressed in the next installment and if you’re like I am this fall is a long ways away. I want to know now but will have to have patience and reread this book again prior to the release of book 2 to rebuild the feeling I had when I read it for the first time.

To use a baseball term Dorothy Dreyer hit it out of the park with this novel. A homer for sure!! It has tender scenes, action, suspense, hero’s and villains!

If you are looking for a book with all those requirements then look no more. This is one you will really get wrapped around right away.

Do yourself a favor and read this book. Your only regret is that you’ll have to wait for this fall when book two comes out.
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March 20, 2018
First and foremost I just want to say thank you to the author for giving me a free ebook copy in exchange of an honest review. This book is a wow; it deserves a round of applause. The plot is intriguing and that pushes me to give this book a try and I’m thankful that I did. The characters have their own unique personality. The writing is ok but the transition of the point of view is a little bit confusing. There are some instances that I thought its Tori but it turns out to be Bram’s something like that. The plot is SUPERB. I loved how the plot twist in the end takes place I mean I did not see that coming and that’s what I’m looking for in a book. A plot-twist that will make you stops for a minute because you are still trying to absorb everything. Over-all I will rate this book 5/5 because why not? This book is amazing and a must read one
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July 26, 2019
This one has been on my kindle for a while now...decided to read if during the IFAsummerchallenge as it was not a long read (300 pages). Though generally not a huge of most YA stuff, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed this one. One review complained of lack of world-building, but not all stories have to have complex geopolitical systems, 1000 year histories, etc...if the plot is intriguing and the characters are interesting and likable and the villains nasty, I'm all in. My only beef is at times some of the romance elements get dangerously close to the Hallmark channel material, but it doesn't overwhelm the story at all.

I immediately downloaded the next book, Paragon Rising and enjoying it as well.
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