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The Vegas Proposal

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By USA Today Bestselling Author, Julie Jarnagin.

A celebrity wedding would save her family’s Las Vegas chapel—as long as she doesn’t fall for the groom.

The Traditions Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas has been in Claire Grigg’s family for three generations, and she dreams of restoring the struggling chapel to its original glory. When Claire discovers the chapel’s financial problems and the strain it’s putting on her parents’ marriage, Claire commits to doing whatever it takes to save the business.

Vegas is the last stop on Ben Karr’s tour, and he’s afraid he’ll soon be added to a long list of one-hit wonders. He’s determined to prove that his talent deserves to be taken seriously and all the sacrifices his grandmother made were worth it. He’s known more for his frequent break-ups with famous women than his music. Until he can repair his public image, Ben’s label refuses to invest in another album.

Ben devises a radical plan to save his career––a fake wedding to his starlet ex-girlfriend—but the adorable chapel director and her talk of true love and commitment is making him rethink the scam. Will Claire and Ben let go of their dreams and risk it all to grab onto a shot at true love?

240 pages, ebook

Published January 25, 2017

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About the author

Julie Jarnagin

22 books48 followers
I write sweet romances. I’m a small-town girl who moved to the not-so-big city. I’m mom to two young sons and wife to an amazing man who puts up with all my nerdy quirks. If we meet, you’ll know it’s me by my Oklahoma drawl.

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473 reviews
February 13, 2017
Claire Griggs believes in true, lasting love, but she’ll do anything to save the family owned Traditions Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Benjamin Karr has achieved fame and success with his music, but to keep that fame, he needs to enter into a fake marriage with his ex-girlfriend for publicity’s sake. A celebrity wedding is just what the wedding chapel needs, but what will Claire do if she falls for the groom?

I loved Claire immediately! She is so genuine. I loved the way she talked about love and marriage in such a pure way. Encouraging a fake marriage went against everything she believed. Her angst as she battled with her belief in love and desire to save the wedding chapel was palpable. Add all the other things going on in her life, and she had reason to feel like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. I enjoyed watching her understanding of real love deepen as she faced the things affecting her life.

Ben is such a good guy! Claire’s comments on marriage really made him think. I felt like that right there showed the type of person he really was. His journey to rediscover himself and what he truly wanted in life was wonderful to watch.

I loved this book! I loved the journey Ben and Claire went on together and the things they taught each other along the way. And their chemistry was undeniable! Definitely some swoon worthy moments in this book!

I was given a complimentary copy of the book. I have given my honest opinion.
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3,019 reviews
February 8, 2017
The Vegas Proposal by Julie Jarnagin
Claire Griggs loves her job at the wedding chapel that has been in her family for fifty years. Her life is changing though, it started a year ago when her grandparents, who had started the business and whom she loved dearly, passed away. And with other things happening, Claire is beginning to wonder if true love really does exist.

Benjamin Karr loves his career as a musician. Somewhere along the road to fame, he lost the young man who just enjoyed singing and wanting to make his grandmother proud. He's just finished his tour and it's time to sign a new contract for his next album. Only things have changed. He's changed.

Claire and Ben's lives cross paths and changes them both. Being from two different worlds, without a bridge to join them together. I just loved this story and went through a few tissues while reading it. I think there's a lot of real life in the story too. Life often changes us so slowly that we are surprised to wake up one day and find we are far away from the path we thought we were on.
738 reviews2 followers
February 7, 2017
Julie Jarnagin has done it again in giving readers a sweet amazing romance with The Vegas Proposal. The characters were authentic with realistic emotions and desires. The plot made you believe that it could easily happen in Vegas where wedding chapels and performers are galore. Fake verses real, it is a struggle for everyone, the setting and career choices of Claire and Ben gives it added emphasis.
Ms. Jarnagin has an easy style that simply pulls you into the story while you are also developing definite opinions about the outcome that you want to see happen. In this case, she has taken a jaded place filled it with characters that you root for and thrown in a subplot or two with family. Even with those family messy members, this a sweetheart of a romance.

4.5 Stars
The author gave me a complimentary ARC of the book.

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1,082 reviews13 followers
June 27, 2018
What an interesting idea for a love story. Claire and Ben are very different people, but they bring out the best in each other. Will they be able to overcome their differences and find true love? This was a fun sweet romance. I really enjoyed both the characters and the changes they went through. I wish the ending had been longer, but overall I enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Becky.
176 reviews3 followers
October 11, 2017
The book's title intrigued me, and the first chapter, had me hooked. In fact, I could hardly put it down! About the time I thought Ben and Claire were both ready to take a chance, something happens. All their ups and downs are realistic enough, and made them seem more real. I would definitely recommend the book to my friends, and anyone who enjoys romantic novels!
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575 reviews
February 7, 2017
Fairytale story come true. Any girl would appreciate this relationship and the realization the characters come to of reality. Super cute story.
Profile Image for Beth | Faithfully Bookish .
869 reviews180 followers
March 18, 2017
This story is mostly light hearted and fun but it also looks at important issues like staying true to yourself while chasing your dream and commitment in relationships. The Vegas setting doesn't overpower the story and there is a strong sense of community among the chapel workers and vendors. I enjoyed the conflict and contrast of romanticized wedding days versus making a marriage work over the course of a lifetime. Really good story and I can't wait to read more from this author.

I requested the opportunity to read and review this title through the author. The opinions expressed are my own.
415 reviews6 followers
February 11, 2017
Claire Griggs' world seems to be caving in around her. The wedding chapel that's been in her family for 50 years is struggling. Her parents' marriage is struggling. And, now she's struggling with what she views as an impossible relationship.

Ben Karr is an up and coming pop star who thinks the best thing to securely launch his career is to enter into a phony marriage with an up and coming actress. Unfortunately, as the date looms nearer, he fears that his life is spiraling out of control. Can a beautiful girl who runs a wedding chapel be his salvation or ruination?

I totally enjoyed this story. It has depth as well as realistic romance. Throughout is the theme of marriage - from all angles. The author even explores the delicate topics of wedding jitters and calling off the wedding, and the heartbreak of divorce. The image of the wedding chapel is a key element to this theme.

The romance is also very realistic. Both Ben and Claire have every reason to exercise caution in a relationship. Not only do they have poor examples set before them, they have external pressure against them. I can appreciate the struggles they faced as well as the monumental decisions they had to make. It took a lot of guts.

Of course it ends in a HEA, but it makes you think and evaluate real life as you read it.

Language - clean
Romance - PG - some kissing

My rating - 5 stars.
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120 reviews
February 8, 2017
Claire is trying to do it all - save her family's wedding chapel in the middle of Las Vegas, go to school, and keep her family from falling apart. While she is giving marriage advice to a potential bride, a potential groom, Ben, and his starlet ex-girlfriend, Evelyn, overhear, and he begins to doubt his upcoming fake marriage. When Claire finds out the chapel is suffering several financial problems she realizes that a celebrity wedding between Ben and Evelyn may be exactly the exposure the chapel needs.
As Ben begins to doubt his upcoming nuptials, he also faces writers block, being a one-hit-wonder and the end of his career. He is forced to decide what is truly important to him. As Ben works to overcome his writer's block, his eyes are opened to what he really wants in life.
I really enjoyed this book, but honestly, kept getting mad at several of the characters. I'd recommend this book, and would even read it again.
I truly appreciate receiving a copy of this book from Julie Jarnagin, in exchange for an honest review. Now, quit reading reviews and go read the book!
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628 reviews29 followers
February 11, 2017
My Thoughts...

Sometimes all I want is "Comfort Food", well that was me the last few days. All I wanted was a quick fix of "Comfort Food" reading. This book was just what I needed, nothing deep, no steamy bedroom scenes. It was impossible not to cheer for the characters in the story.

I think I would have to put this book on my list of "Mind Candy" books. Sweet, Funny, Fluffy and Fun. It made a fun read for a few cold winter days. I enjoyed the book enough to award it 4**** Vegas Stars.

A special thank you to the author, Julie Jarnagin, who kindly gifted this book to me to read and review.

I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers and authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review.
2,016 reviews13 followers
July 24, 2017
What a fun story about a family that owns a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Unfortunately the chapel is having financial troubles and there is a new chapel being built down the street. If they can have a celebrity wedding at their chapel it might just save them. In walks Ben, a musician, and Evelyn who is an actress. The story surrounding the couple Ben and Evelyn and Claire who works at the family's chapel is very interesting. I love the line..."Faithful and true. No matter what we go through our love will be faithful and true." This is another fun book from Julie Jarnagin. I received an arc of this book and I willingly chose to write an honest review.
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46 reviews6 followers
February 13, 2017
I really loved this book with such likeable characters. Thus was a sweet, but realistic story. It kept me eagerly turning the pages. Enjoyed the Vegas setting. I would recommend thisbook to all my friends.9

Profile Image for Andrea.
689 reviews8 followers
July 20, 2017
Despite all the complications, this is such a sweet story!
Claire wants someone to love for the rest of her life, a love like her grandparents had. Ben is afraid of commitment because he's never seen real love before. After meeting Claire and hearing what she says to a would-be bride, Ben has some thinking to do. A fake marriage might not be the best choice for his heart.
The book is full of interesting, well-developed characters, such true to life people.
Knowing a “Celebrity” wedding would save the family business, Claire tries hard not to fall in love with the groom but there is a toe curling kiss in the rain that she can't get out of her mind. I can't say any more without giving spoilers. I highly recommend this sweet, clean romance. I felt like I was watching a movie as I sat and read this in one sitting. It was so good!
I now own a copy of this book!
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