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Endgame #3

The Castle

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I’m safe in the ivory tower Gabriel Miller made for me. That’s what he says. Enemies lurk outside, waiting to strike. An army of enemies held back by these walls.

Except some animal instinct warns me the danger is much closer. It’s already here. Is Gabriel Miller my protector or my enemy? Is this house a castle or a cage?

There’s nowhere for me to go, no one left for me to trust.

No escape from a past determined to capture its prize.

300 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 4, 2017

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Skye Warren

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2,733 reviews1,297 followers
March 29, 2017
If you know me you know that Skye Warren is my DROP EVERYTHING and RUN author. Her books are pure kindle crack to me and the only thing making it better is her next 5 star book. And OMG does The Castle deliver. I absolutely FLOVED this book. Ms. Warren is such an intelligent writer that she can tie small nuances together from the first book with the third and final book in the series and your left stuttering and mindblown as it all makes sense!

If you've read the previous two books you know that Avery and Gabriel have a strong connection. There is sexual chemistry and attraction but beyond that there is a woman who sees the man within. She knows he will protect her above everything, even at the cost of her own freedom. In The Castle, Gabriel and Avery have an even more dangerous push and pull relationship as they strive to stay one step ahead of a formidable foe. But just when you think you have it all figured out, there is a new twist out of nowhere.

What I loved first and foremost about this book was that Warren stayed true to her characters. Gabriel was still a predator. Yes he found his Queen but that didn't mean he didn't want to see the fresh sheen of tears in her eyes or hear her beg for him. He is the exact same man as he was in book one. The only difference being that he allowed this innocent woman into his heart. Likewise, Avery was exceptional in this book. She grew even stronger as she learned to best the King of mindgames at his own game. She knew what made her Predator tick and how to wield her unique power over him.

I've followed Ms. Warren since her first book and quite honestly this is the best series she has ever written. Her words are her weapons and she uses them to puncture you deep inside where they stay with you and resonate. She truly has a gift and her words are a token of that ability. I dare you to read this book and find fault with it because in my opinion you will find none. This story has passion, lust, dark obsession, love and a mystery that will ultimately leave you gasping for more when all the pieces on the board fall and The Queen is left to stand among the fallen players. This series has been an amazing roller coaster ride and I'm frankly not ready to give up my seat! I absolutely can not wait for her next book! Bravo!!! 5 Epic stars!! ~Ratula
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March 29, 2017


descriptionI LOVE this cover. It is nice to see a romance book once in awhile have a creative cover that doesn't involve half naked people. This one is a fantastic representation of the story found within. The author has a theme that continues through all three covers. So nice unity within the series. The typography is eye-catching and interesting. That said he loses a star for the author's name being larger than the title.description

descriptionOMG...This book was AMAZEBALLS. This was by far my favorite of the trio. Same fabulous writing. Same fast pace. It had twists (boy did it) and turns and some smokin' hot sex scenes. Gabriel and Avery lite up the pages in this one and I ate it up by the spoonful.


I found this third book to be more couple-centric which was one of my issues with book two. I also felt Avery really came into her own in this one. The strong woman I saw in book one (and was missing from book two) was back with a vengeance. Gabriel was still Gabriel, he doesn't lose his edge but we get more of him letting Avery in. More of his background and what made him the man he is today.

Overall this series has been a pleasure to read. I can't even begin to tell you how flipping excited I am to get my hands on Damon and Penny's book. Not to mention I would LOVE to see Anders get a book as well. Two HUGE thumbs up from yours truly.description


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June 16, 2017
***** 4.5 'Checkmate' Stars *****

Cannot be read as a standalone.

"I know how to break you if I need to."

An unforgettable dark masterpiece. I literally couldn't put this down. Everything about this series is perfect!!!! The hot scenes, the mystery, the violence.

In this final book, Gabriel tries to protect his queen by keeping her in his castle surrounded by guards. She's in great danger, and Gabriel does everything in his power to destroy the threat. But there is a problem. How do you catch a ghost?

Avery feels trapped and doesn't feel safe at Gabriel's home. She doesn't know if she should stay or leave. She feels like she's losing her mind at times and doesn't know who to trust. The only thing she's sure about is her feelings towards Gabriel.

I'm so sad that this series is over. The story constantly surprised me and kept me glued to the pages. I loved the twists and turns. I also enjoyed seeing all the other characters, and I hope to see them again in the future. The only tiny issue I had with this book was the lack of Avery's father. He's not really involved in this book, and that felt a little weird. But even though his presence was small, the journey was amazing. Skye Warren is a twisted genius, and I'm definitely going to read her other books soon.

description description description

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5,531 reviews15 followers
March 29, 2017
The Castle by Skye Warren is the third installment in The Endgame Series.
This is not a stand-alone and I recommend to read the other books in this series: The Pawn and The Knight, first.
Avery James is safe in the house Gabriel Miller settled her in. But she doesn´t know anymore if this is a castle or a cage. She feels and is trapped.
This book is written in dual POV. The Cover is to die for and the plot and characters are a 5 from 5.
There is scorching hot sex, twists and turns I never- Never had expected and another dark mindfuck from mastermind Skye Warren!!
5 Dark Stars!
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1,347 reviews373 followers
April 17, 2017
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Title: The Castle
Author: Skye Warren
Category: Romance, Dark
Series or Standalone: Series, Book #3
POV: Dual
Plot: 5
Characters: 5
Scorching Level: 5
HEA: Not telling

Okay. *deep breath*
This was my favorite book in the series. Skye Warren outdid herself with this book. It is safe to say that The Castle is her best work up to date. For me at least. The writing is so expressive, rich and vibrant that you get hooked from the first page.
Avery & Gabriel are such a powerful couple. Their chemistry is out of this world and I love how their relationship pushes the boundaries between fantasy and reality.
There were twists and turns I did not expect in this book. The character development was fantastic and I do believe Gabriel made it to my top favorite list of book boyfriends.
If you loved the first books, you will ADORE this one. Skey Warren as you've never read her before.
I recommend it.

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1,176 reviews4,162 followers
April 19, 2017
If you follow my reviews, it is no mystery that Skye Warren's 'Endgame' series has become my latest addiction. There was something about Gabriel and Avery's story that drew me in, right from the start. What can I say...I love an uber-Alpha a$$hole! Gabriel Miller did not disappoint in that regard.

After the way 'The Pawn' ended, is it any wonder I was hooked? It blew me away! For me, this series is about as addictive as crack cocaine. I can't wait to get my next fix and when I get my next "hit" I devour it in record time.

The third book in 'The Endgame' series, 'The Castle' picks up where 'The Knight' left off. Gabriel and Avery are back on again. For once, they seem to be on the same page and their relationship seems more solid than ever. This was a nice development, as there seemed to be such a huge disconnect in previous books. Now, they seem to be united against a common enemy - Jonathan Scott.

Damon Scott's maniacal father has it out for Avery. To protect her, Gabriel has pretty much imprisoned her on his estate for her own protection. In the meantime, the madman grows increasingly dangerous. No matter how hard Gabriel works to find him, he always seems to be one step ahead. This made for some very suspenseful, nail-biting scenarios.

I have to say that I couldn't really understand the motivation for Jonathan Scott's actions. Sure, he supposedly loved Avery's mother. However, that doesn't really explain his cruel actions or his determination to harm Avery...or her mother for that matter. Perhaps I should just accept the fact that he was a deeply disturbed individual and that there was no justification for his actions. Yet, I can't deny that I craved more of an explanation.

Maybe we'll get the story of Avery's mother, Jonathan Scott and Avery's father in the future. That's one story that I'd love to read. It is bound to be a angsty and captivating story. I love a great villain and I can't help but wonder what made Jonathan Scott into the deranged man that grew up to terrorize his former lover and her daughter.

While there was plenty of action in this book, I feel content with the way things ended. Their road was a difficult one, riddled with danger and deceit. Nothing worth having ever comes easy though.

This book also introduced Penny, a young lady traumatized by Jonathan Scott. Despite She clearly holds a special appeal to Damon, but we'll have to wait to see exactly how deep their connection runs. Although she was mostly in the background this time around, I have no doubt that Penny will be central to Damon's story.

Each book in this series has proven to be suspenseful and utterly addicting. I have enjoyed each one immensely and I look forward to seeing where the next book, 'The King' will take us. While 'The Castle' brings Gabriel and Avery's story to a close, there are many more intriguing characters whose stories are yet to be told. 'The King' is supposed to focus on Damon Scott and I could not be more excited! I've pre-ordered my copy and will be anxiously awaiting it's arrival in June.
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374 reviews569 followers
April 1, 2017
5 - Do you even have to ask how many stars I’m giving this??? – Stars

A Love Letter to Skye Warren…..Maybe more like a Crazy Fan-Girl Letter….Same thing.

Ok, this should be a book review for The Castle. But let’s be honest. Everyone KNOWS The Castle was brilliant, and if you don’t, then you should obviously read it (After The Pawn & The Knight). But what I really want to do is write a love letter to Skye Warren. Because I’m in luuuurve with her. Ok, not really….Well, maybe a little.

GABRIEL. Can I have him? Seriously, I want you to write a Gabriel story EVERY…..DAY and send me the story. No one else. Just me. Especially not Lana. BECAUSE HE’S MINE!! That’s why I want you in my basement. So no one else can have Gabriel. It’s a completely reasonable request.

Dear, Skye. I’m just over here with your favorite thing to lure you into my house so I can lock you up in my basement. (Jk. I’m not a crazy person…..not really.) Seriously. I want to meet you. And brunch with you. And just…..talk. Because you are brilliant. I love your words on pages. I love your STORIES. Ugh, your stories. I love those people in your head that talk to you and make you put them on paper. Ugh, all your characters. I am completely intimidated by you. This whole series and all of your books leave my jaw on the ground.

Ugh. This letter is getting cray. I should probably go before people think I’m cray.

Actual Review for The Castle:


ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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2,000 reviews11.8k followers
April 2, 2017

So bright. So beautiful. I used to wonder if it would burn to touch you.”
“Now you know. It doesn't.”
“Oh, little virgin. You definitely make me burn. And I'm addicted to being ash.”

Alright, confession time.

True story. And usually the mere thought of a trilogy is enough to make me break out in hives. Why? Because I'll usually find book two to be more filler, and I'm pretty much bored and uninterested by book three. So you may be asking yourself, why on earth did this crazy heifer read a trilogy then? And to that, my doubting friend, I only have one answer for you. Skye Warren wrote it. It doesn't matter what this woman writes. She can write the damn alphabet and I'll read it.

If I can describe this trilogy for you in one word, it'll be intense. And not only does it start that way in book one, but it only gets more and more intense as the story progresses.
He fucks me like I'm the enemy, like he can vanquish me.”

Not only was I still riveted to every single word of this book and story, but I was fully invested and addicted. It doesn't get more intense than Gabriel. It just doesn't. And the man only gets better and better with each look into the depths of his dark soul.
A sense of inevitability overcomes me, the same as watching the moon rise in the sky. There's no way that we can change the tides. All we can do is cling to the mast, the way I'm clinging to Gabriel now. He's my ship, my center. My only hope for surviving the night.”

Skye Warren is a literary genius. The way she weaves her words is downright magical. Greek mythology, chess analogies, and dark intensity all wrapped around a romance that's as erotic as it is forbidden. An innocent virgin falling for her captor and protector. A man who has seen too much darkness in his life to be anything less than a monster, allowing some of her light to seep through his heart's cracks. All of it blended flawlessly through a captivating story of betrayal and vengeance that goes to show that monsters are real and can break even the strongest of spirits.
I'm not made of marble or anything hardy like that. I'm built from crystal flutes and rare silk. From the brushstrokes of my mother's portrait. I'm a shadow of a human being, only a cautionary tale whispered from mother to daughter. A collection of dangerous words. I'm a myth. And as long as I don't speak, I can bury myself.”


The Castle was the perfect conclusion to a series that captivated me from the very first. The Endgame trilogy was a story that kept me glued to the pages. The intensity built with each new book. With each secret that gets revealed. With each depravity that comes to light. It was addicting. It was heart pounding. It was completely unputdownable.
Oh, little virgin. I love you with every cold bone in my body. I love you with every dark thought, every violent impulse. I love you enough to leave the walls I've carefully built, the iron bars I refined, the castle I made.”

I forever worship at the altar that is Skye Warren and kept wait for more. So if you'll excuse me, I'm off to rock myself in a corner somewhere, drinking my feelings, until The King comes out. Because DAMON!!!!

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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1,187 reviews510 followers
April 4, 2017
I'm high on adrenaline right now! What a series Skye Warren has created. The Castle was spectacular just like it's two predecessors. I won't give any of the plot away because you simple have to read it from the beginning The Pawn to truly appreciate what a fabulous story this is.
The Castle picks up right where The Knight ended and what can I say? These characters have come so far and still I got to see and experience so much from Avery and Gabriel. He's her protector but also the only one she somewhat trusts now. She's isolated in his tower. Their chess games they play are intriguing and have so many hidden meanings and symbolism to Avery's journey and to Gabriel. But most of all it's eroticism at its best. Wow! I devoured every word, every push and pull between these two. A certain balcony scene was out of this world hot. Hot hot hot and I loved it single moment.
The story has so many revelations and I had no idea what to expect as the story evolved. It was such a thrill not knowing, just wanting answers and to be blown away by them.
The prose is extraordinary and at times it felt like poetry. Hauntingly beautiful. This series is my first by Skye Warren and now I'm asking myself why the hell I haven't read any of her work sooner. I'll definitely make amends for that now.

5 BadAssDirtyQueen&KingStars
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2,101 reviews1,252 followers
April 4, 2017
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo d5795e775c46f44931fa8c2944908b_zpskqxzqksf.gif

A sexy, sophisticated, and intoxicating romance that blends passion, eroticism, and suspense in a spellbinding and visceral manner. Skye Warren continues to have me mesmerized as she layers the The Endgame Series with so much intrigue, grit, and mystery. As each layer of secrets are unraveled and revealed, Warren has readers like myself begging for more and not wanting the game of Gabriel and Avery to end.

 photo 4271be775bbd29ffcd9eba976a0e2a_zps3gomigsy.gif I’m going to lift that silk around your thighs. I’m going to taste how wet you are for me. Are you wet, little virgin? Or will I have to slick you with my tongue?”


The Castle concludes Gabriel and Avery’s story and is hands down one of my most anticipated reads of 2017. This final installment could just be simply summed up as epic. Everything about this third installment was brilliantly done. Skye sophisticatedly created a story where each piece and move was perfectly orchestrated. Nothing about Gabriel and Avery felt rushed. Each move was timed perfectly. The King is indeed nothing without his Queen.

 photo 4271be775bbd29ffcd9eba976a0e2a_zps3gomigsy.gif I want your juices sliding down the insides of your thighs. And I’ll lick it up, because you taste like heaven.”

 photo TheCastle1 1_zps6aytkqwa.png

Since this book is about revealing the enemy and how the game will unfold, I will not say much since the best part of this book is getting inside Gabriel and Avery’s mind, heart, and soul. I love how Warren beautifully weaved and layered this book with raw emotions and vulnerabilities. The King and Queen are the main players in this game but they can easily be knocked off by an unforeseen opponent. And so, chinks to their armor were showcased in a profound manner allowing readers to understand and feel for Gabriel and Avery. Feel their despair, their brokenness, their helplessness, their fear, and most importantly their love. A love that is strong like a castle. Like any strong fortress, a castle can be invaded. How far will Gabriel go to secure his castle? His little virgin?

 photo 4271be775bbd29ffcd9eba976a0e2a_zps3gomigsy.gif One, little virgin. Only one woman ever broke down my walls. Only one woman ever had that power over me.”

 photo TheCastle1 2_zpsybo7ojbm.png

When I was first introduced to Gabriel and his little virgin, Avery I was practically sucked into a vortex. I was consumed and addicted to them. I couldn’t get enough of these two as their sexual chemistry was tangible and palpable from the start. And although this book concludes their journey, I still can’t get enough of them. So it is a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to them and hello to Damon Scott and his new pawn.

 photo 4271be775bbd29ffcd9eba976a0e2a_zps3gomigsy.gif You captivated me before you even knew I existed. You’re my queen.”

I will say this again Skye Warren has brilliantly wrote an epic and brilliant romantic suspense. The writing was flawless. The characters were compelling and addicting. The passion was intense. And the story line was a perfect blend of dark eroticism mixed with romantic suspense. So if you are looking for a story that will leave you begging for more of Skye Warren’s writing and of course, Gabriel Miller then I highly recommend you to read this book. Go meet the Little Virgin that was able to invade the Castle and make it a real home.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg Skye Warren

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1,809 reviews28.5k followers
August 8, 2017
3 - 3.5 for this book...4 for the entire series...

This last installment lost a little steam, sadly.


The urgency and excitement more present in the previous books was missing here...not to mention the fact that the supposed "reason" for this whole shebang - which was finally introduced in the last book - was further...explored in this book - and it was just as underwhelming as I had expected it to be following its big "reveal."


Seriously though.

In book one, there was tension and omg-auctions and virginity losing and all kinds of the "what the fuck is going on."

It was great.

Book two, there was still a lot of all those things, but as with any mystery, there come eventual answers...and the ones we got toward the end of this book were kind of, well, more than lame but less than stellar.

At this book involved a lot of...home arrest of sorts...not to mention some moments that just didn't make sense to me.

But regardless, I really enjoyed this series as a whole and if you like stories about virgin auctions and anti-heroes, this trilogy is very satisfying.

Also, I really liked Gabriel and Avery together.

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321 reviews48 followers
April 6, 2017
★6+ Stars! The Castle. Where all secrets and agendas are revealed!
A king only bows to his queen.
He bends his head—to kiss me, I think. Until I feel his teeth sink into my lip. The pain makes me cry out. A burst of copper spreads over my tongue. He licks to soothe me.
“There is no place he could take you that I wouldn’t follow, little virgin. I will climb into the depths of hell to get you back. That’s my promise.”

Three words. Speechless.
Mind blown.

This story has left me obsessed, satisfied, emotional and craving for more of Gabriel and Avery.

The Castle is nothing like The Pawn or The Knight..it was in its own category! It was absolutely incredible. A rollercoaster.

All I have to say is..expect the unexpected!
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699 reviews174 followers
April 5, 2017
“Oh, little virgin. I love you with every cold bone in my body. I love you with every dark thought, every violent impulse. I love you enough to leave the walls I’ve carefully built, the iron bars I refined, the castle I made.” -Gabriel Miller

What a bone jarring finale to a brilliant trilogy filled with mind games and panty dropping steaminess! I was blown away. I couldn't count how many times I got the goosebumps and had my jaw stuck on the floor the entire time I was reading The Castle. Now this—this is exactly how you end a series—packed with clues and mysteries that eventually lead you to the absolute truth and answer all the questions you've had looming inside your head since book one without dragging and boring the reader to death. I got hooked from the very first chapter, which starts right where The Knight left off. From there, you'd just have to hang on tight and prepare yourself for one helluva rocky and crazy ride.

Gabriel Miller was still that broody, mysterious alpha you'll die trying to figure out. He'll make you hate him, yet you'll swing right back to loving him even more later. You wouldn't know if you want to kick him in the nuts or attack him with kisses. And good lord, the man made me hold my breath so many times! But in the end, he just made me melt and swoon all over him.

I adored the Avery James we got here. She's certainly come so far—with or without Gabriel—and her maturity and strength truly shone in this finale. She isn't the little virgin we first met at The Pawn anymore. Gabriel is right; she's now a queen. She embodies the grace and confidence of someone holding that kind of power and after everything she's been through, you'll just be left in awe.

Action-packed and mind-boggling, this final book in the Endgame series will without a doubt leave you anxious with sweaty palms, sitting at the edge of your seat, clutching your book or e-reader the whole time you're emerged in Gabriel Miller's world. And maybe screaming a little WTF at what you just read at times as well. The twists and turns in the book will just keep you asking for more and the intensity levels are surreal. Skye Warren seriously knocked this series out of the park.

P.S. I'm still squealing deep inside for Damon and Penny's book coming this June, The King! With the parts we've seen from these two on this book, trust me—you'll be super stoked too! There's not a chance you won't want to know their tale!
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1,512 reviews489 followers
April 4, 2017
If I could give it a 100 stars, I would!!!

These are desperate times for Avery and Gabriel. A mad man is after Avery's life so Gabriel does the only thing he sees acceptable; lock Avery away in his mansion. He knows how wrong he is but his desperation for Avery knows no bounds and he'll to go any lengths so keep her as his.

As mesmerized as she is with Gabriel, Avery's mind keeps telling her that maybe the danger she is hiding away from is closer than she expects. She wants to trust him with everything in her but some things are better not laid out. Is she going insane like her mother did? Or is there some heartbreaking secret that is simmering just below the surface, waiting to spill over and wreck everything in Avery's life?

I don't think I was able to properly breathe until I finished this book. The Castle is one of the post poetically written stories I've ever read. The Gothic feel to it, the numerous amounts of secrets waiting to spill over and a manic villain all made this an impactful story. My heart was breaking for Avery and all the things the poor girl went through.

If you thought the previous books were emotional, let me tell you, you haven't seen anything yet. I didn't know that Gabriel's character could get so emotional. His love and desperation for Avery was palpable and GOD I swooned so much. It would really help me if Gabriel was a real person.

Skye Warren is a pro at creating a dark mystery and making it sexy and so heartfelt. Everything tied up perfectly and believe me, you won't see the end coming. You will be left in pieces and then mended together.

Now, all I need is Damon's story to make my life happy. ~Sonal
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6,924 reviews820 followers
April 4, 2017
What a fantastic end to a fabulous series!

I can always tell Skye Warren’s writing. It has a wicked and dangerous quality that draws in the reader and immerses them in a world of depravity and desperation. Where men are gods of the underworld and rule by might alone. Where only women who are smart and tenacious survive. Her writing pulls me under and wraps me in a blanket of darkness that I welcome.

The Castle had all of these fantastic qualities and was the perfect finale to Gabriel and Avery’s twisted relationship.

As Avery is secured in the fortress of Gabriel’s home to keep her safe, Gabriel seeks out the forces that seek to destroy her. He is ruthless and harsh, and a man that is not to be messed with. He is an avenging archangel seeking out the devil and he is fantastic. He is sexy and the passion that flows between him and Avery is a tangible thing. I loved the chemistry of the two of them together and how their relationship morphed from something sexual to one where the heart was involved. Theirs was not a relationship of sonnets and flowers, but rather something more feral. Similar to the chess game that they always played, Gabriel maneuvered their relationship in a way that was calculated and strategic, and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

This story had unforeseen twists and turns that had me on the edge of my seat and never had me bored.

The only criticism I have is that a character, Penny, was introduced, and she will play a large role in Ms. Warren’s next release. Her story in this book was central to the plot and gave a clear portrayal of the vileness of Avery’s tormenter. However, Penny’s story was not told in this book itself. It was part of a compilation of shorts (My Sweet Villaintine) that was released as a sort of twisted Valentine’s Day gift to readers. Penny’s story was dark and horrible and gave a perfect example of the nature of Jonathan Scott. But readers unaware of this compilation may not have known to read this as story 2.5 of this series. I had read this compilation it so I understood Penny’s relationship to the story when Damon Scott brought her to Avery. But as it was not a true part of the trilogy, it could be missed by a reader and not given them the full picture of how Penny came to be in her current situation.

But this issue aside, I couldn’t have adored this story more. Lovers of dark romances will not be able to get enough of Gabriel and Avery and their journey through hell to come out the other side.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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3,438 reviews239 followers
April 3, 2017
The moment that I started reading the first book in the Endgame series I was hooked. I have loved every single thing in this series and was not disappointed with the Castle as Skye Warren has once again managed to blow me away with how much I loved her book. I have to say that this is one of my all time favourite series that has kept me up late at night every time I have read one of the stories in this series. Skye Warren is one of the best writers that I have read because she is able to create a story that completely captivates you and makes you feel like you are there experiencing the story with the characters. I was a bit sad when I first read this story because I didn’t want it to end, but I think it was the perfect ending for Gabriel and Avery.

Avery really grew as a character through the series but I think she really grew the most in this story. She was more aware of the feelings that she had for Gabriel. She has grown into an incredible strong character that soon moved from being a pawn to a queen along side her king.

Gabriel is still the same Gabriel we all know and love from the other two books in the series. He is a sexy and dirty talking character that is also very dangerous in the underworld. But I feel in The Castle there is more to his character as he discovers his feelings for Avery and the way that he is willing to destroy any threat of harm towards her.

The castle continues the story Avery and Gabriel as they face new and old dangers. This picks up from where the last story left off and you must read the first two books in the series before this one.

Skye Warren continues to surprise me with the twists in each book in the series and the way that I am taken on a rollercoaster of emotions with her stories. This book I loved from the start to finish. I loved the characters and I love the relationship between Avery and Gabriel. I love the way that mystery that surrounds the story and the hot scenes between the two characters. This is definitely one of my all times favourite dark romance reads and scant wait to find out what happens next in the series.
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1,175 reviews63 followers
April 3, 2017
Firstly the Prologue gives us more of the night of Avery's 18th birthday and it helped me return to this world of many games being played.

The Castle was breathtaking and brilliant and when Avery finally makes all the connections in her memory from her childhood it created that moment in books where you take a breathe. As a reader you knew major secrets were hidden but there trying to be revealed - just fantastic. This instalment is fast paced and you will be constantly on guard with Avery waiting for that moment when all the people in the game make their play.

Avery was strong in this final instalment of the trilogy and Gabriel was dominant and ultimately her protector and I loved the ending.

I loved the addition of Penny for Avery and I was so excited reading the thank you notes from the author that we will be having a story on Penny and Damon. I have actually held an interest in Damon Scott from the first book and considering all his connections I cannot wait as I feel he has so much more to reveal and also perhaps Avery and Gabriel will make an appearance too!

I read this in two days, could not put down and I will be returning to read this series again as I just connected to Avery and loved her whole story.

Avery and Gabriel's passionate sexual scenes were intense and erotic and held so much emotional feelings even amongst all the danger.

Quote: A pawn with ambition. Or a queen with chains
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3,440 reviews63 followers
April 1, 2017
I was a little worried going into this book, I mean, I loved the previous two, so would this one live up? Yeah, that wasn't a problem, this was a fantastic conclusion to the journey for Avery and Gabriel. Whereas the first book had the dark, and the second the suspense, this one has both of those, but it has the emotion, the heart, and I am in a serious book hangover this morning from it!

We get to know the people that Avery and Gabriel are, together. This is clear coupledom, but neither is fully grasping that it is yet. They are together, but for safety's sake. We are focused in on our main two characters, even when other make an appearance. Yes, Penny and Damon get their start here, and Justin pops in, and Harper texts, but it is all about Avery and Gabriel

They get their HEA, but while the path wasn't a surprise, the darkness that haunted them wasn't at all what was expected. Even once everything settled, it was still bumpy to get the ever-after with these two. It was all worth it in the end, and I hope we get some glimpses into their lives along the way

Now, we know we're getting Damon and Penny, but what about Harper, Justin, and that bad doctor?
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4,995 reviews404 followers
April 4, 2017
You can always tell when you are reading a Skye Warren novel… from the cover art to the dark and wickedly spellbinding stories she writes. Here we have another hit as The Endgame Series comes to a close. This series has packed quite a punch with so much drama, suspense, intrigue, mystery and a heap of sex- sexual tension and steamy sex. There are so many levels of secrets that keep coming out, Ms. Warren had me sitting on the edge of my couch yelling at my kindle, begging for answers and not wanting the game of Gabriel and Avery to end. I adored Gabriel and Avery – each broken yet how they found the missing pieces with one another that could make then both whole only with each other.
The Castle ends this epic trilogy , concludes Gabriel and Avery’s story and I have to say is one of the top 10 books of 2017. Ms Warren made sure she kept her readers hanging but in a masterful way, always keeping us one step behind as she built the story, showed us what could be there or might not but always created a chess piece of a story where each and every move was perfectly orchestrated. Nothing hurried, nothing Rushed. Each move was perfectly timed. The King is nothing without his Queen. I cant say much more without giving the plot away but you will be shocked and amazed as I was when everything is laid out for you when the evil villain /villainess is exposed. My heart bleed for poor Avery and all she went thru in this story. Gabriel was a wonderful man, standing strong but the twists and turns in this story had me by the end seeking strong drink – what a way to go. Kudos to Ms. Warren for writing such a magnificent and strong dark romantic suspense story that kept me guessing until almost the very end. Ask yourself this, what would you do for love? Would you risk everything for true love. That is thy question.

My rating: 4.9 stars ****
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
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April 4, 2017
This is it. The finale. The final conclusion to such an explosive and thrilling series that had me on pins and needles. The Endgame was an endless cat and mouse game that brought out a lot thrills, emotions and suspense that was a huge rollercoaster trip. It has become my favourite series and made me fall in love with Skye Warren even more. It was definitely a wild journey that I will always remember. Skye Warren keeps getting better and better. The Castle is a testament to that. The Castle proved to be the final catalyst to the Endgame series that definitely the closure I needed.

The Castle was an amazing read. It still had the same storyline that I fell hard in love with. The Castle still caused me shivers down my spine like The Pawn. It still pulled me in. To me, The Castle was my favourite because it tied everything together like a thread. In The Pawn gave me the chills. The Knight gave me so many thrills. However The Castle was the glue for the whole Endgame series. Forbidden. Beguiling. Tense. Vigorous. The Castle shook me up and caused an avalanche deep in my soul. The storyline was still able to grip me and I found myself drunk on it. Full of twists and turns, The Castle told a story of sex, seduction, secrets and the biggest chess game in the art of life. Skye Warren definitely always gives something special in her books. Her writing to me is simply exquisite and her words always excite me beyond measure.

The Castle ends one of the most gripping and dynamic relationship every. One of the most prolific relationship that reminded me of prey and predator. Avery and Gabriel will forever be one of my favourite couples. They were one of the consistent couple I have ever read. They were still the same and I liked it. They were one of the most memorable couple with that special and dark chemistry that pulled me in. I am actually going to miss them because I lived their journey as a couple throughout three books. They filled an empty void within my heart.

Avery really developed in the whole series. In The Pawn, she started all naive and innocent but she rose to be strong and powerful. She rose up to be a Queen. She still had a darkness inside her but she was the headstrong woman I know she would be. Wow, she had a side to her that also made my jaw drop. But she was still the same Avery but with an edge. Gabriel. Oh Gabriel. My dark King in a chess game. He was still dominant. He was still the villain. He was still dangerous. But I still fell hard for him more and more. He had and cold exterior but I know in his heart that he was protective over Avery.

The Castle will remain the pivotal book in the Endgame series. I am going to miss this series because like I said it gave me a journey that I will forever remember. The Castle definitely gave the perfect ending to such an exciting phenomenal. I simply looking forward to what Skye Warren writes next.

ARC provided by author via L. WoodsPR in exchange fro an honest review.
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April 3, 2017
The endgame of all endgames! I can't believe the game is over! Helluva way to go out in any event, however!

Avery. Gabriel. Castle. Cage. Secrets. Castle, the explosive conclusion, is dark, twisted, and incredibly yummy! I am in awe of Gabriel's technique to take something as sexist as "settling Avery in" (read the story) and make it seem totally normal! I feel as if I'm deprived and missed out because I haven't experienced those tactics. Kudos to Warren for an A-1 imagination!

I am incredibly happy with the conclusion of this phenomenal series! I can't wait to discover what's next from Warren.

5 stars
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2,239 reviews3,438 followers
April 29, 2017
...and the conclusion of the Gabriel and Avery's story

I really do not want to say anything about how the story of Gabriel and Avery continues in this third book. Whatever I say, it will be a spoiler.

But there are so many unexpected twists. Good and seriously bad ones.

And the feelings. There are so many amazing feelings. I just want to share my favorite passage from the book.

Hope flickers across his face, doused by stoicism. “That isn’t how the game is played.”
“I’m done playing.”
“So am I.”
“I love you.” I’m out of breath, the words falling like gasps.
“What did you say?” he demands, taking a step closer.
And something matters more to me than losing. “I love you, Gabriel Miller.”
He takes another step closer, almost compulsively. And stops. “God. Don’t.”
“I really do.”
“It’s suicide. To love a man like me.”
“Then what is it to love a woman like me?” My laugh sounds maniacal even to myself. “Hearing voices. Chasing cars. I’m a little bit insane.”
“You’re a queen, little virgin.”
I throw myself into his arms. Of course he catches me. “Then you’re my king.”

In anticipation of the forth book… “The King”
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August 8, 2017

 photo SkyeWarren.jpg

4.5 Sinfully Sexy Stars

"You definitely make me burn. And I'm addicted to being ash."
This series owned my life for 2 days! I read the entire series in that time span and already want more! Gabriel Miller! Holy Smokes...he's sexy and commanding! If you're into dark, sinful, and twisted this book is for you! It's unlike anything else I've read. It was completely unexpected and blew my mind!

"Is it protection to keep a flower in the dark, away from water and light? To watch it wilt in front of your eyes?"

Here's the breakdown: Avery has been locked away in Gabriel's tower to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Gabriel is on a mission to find anyone who threatens her. But can she truly trust him?

Here's what I loved: Obviously, Gabriel Miller! He's darker and even more dangerous in this book.

I also really enjoyed Avery this go round. For most of the book, she's much stronger and more assertive than she was in past books. She stands up for herself and her relationship. It was good to see this stronger more self-assured Avery.

The setup for Damon and Penny's and Harper and Christopher's stories. I CANNOT wait to read these stories. I need them now.

And most of all, the writing. The writing and twisted plotline were definitely the star of The Castle!

Overall, this series is one of the best dark romances I've read. I truly enjoyed this wild ride and look forward to reading more from Skye Warren soon.

 photo ARC_2.jpg
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April 4, 2017
6 stars

I finished re-reading The Castle two minutes ago. It’s the first time I ended a book and jumped back to the first page again. I literally couldn’t let go.

I’m so amazed by how brilliantly Skye managed to wrap up this trilogy! I really liked The Pawn and The Knight and I was a little worried because we all know the final book can make or break an entire trilogy. The Castle didn’t just make the trilogy, it skyrocketed it. Absolutely mind blowing!

“The societies we build, the secrets we hide. Men and women. The gods themselves.”

I won’t share any plot details but I can say that The Castle has it all: passion, lust, attraction, sex, love, obsession, mind games, violence, darkness, mystery, suspense, fears, mythology and, of course, checkmates beautifully entangled in Avery’s and Gabriel’s story. Edgy and wicked, Avery’s journey kept me guessing at each turn. The story’s absolutely fantastic, each piece serves its purpose even when I second guessed it and the twists… definitely unpredictable. A masterpiece.

If you’re looking for a dark romance that keeps you in your toes, you really can’t miss this series. A 2017 top favorite and 5 stars aren’t enough to rate it: it’s unquestionably 6 stars!

As a side note, I pre-ordered The Castle on Kobo as soon as I turned the last page on The Knight but I barely managed to hold on to my sanity while I waited for its release, so when I saw the chance to get an eArc I signed up in a second just to get my hands on it early! I have to thank Kylie (Give Me Books’ owner) and Skye Warren for this amazing opportunity, my sanity was definitely at stake: thank you so much for saving it! And now, I’ll probably re-read it again on my Kobo Glo because I just can’t resist it.
August 21, 2018

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As a chess-player and a smut queen, there was no way I couldn't buy this series. I mean, it combines two things that I love in a weird and unexpected way - like a peanut butter and pickle sandwich (no, okay, this is actually a thing and you should try it). THE PAWN, the first book in the series, lived up to my smutty expectations with its "dangerous" hero, virginity auction, revenge subplots, and utterly depraved cast of characters. THE KNIGHT was a step-down because it lacked the things that made THE PAWN so much fun. No more racy auctions, only lots of angst about whether or not the hero loves her, and a bizarre criminal underground subplot that showed no hint of going away.

THE CASTLE takes all of the weird subplots from the two previous books and just runs with them - and I mean runs with them. At breakneck speed. Probably while nude, with a half-drunk bottle of tequila in the other hand. This book is freaking insane, and not in the good, bodice-ripper way, but in an "Oh my God, what is even happening right now?" way. The criminal underground subplot culminates in a hit being put out on the heroine, Avery, who spends the whole book angsting over her love for Gabriel and whether it will destroy one or both of them, and she starts to hear the same voices that drove her mother mad, so there's also a bit of, "What is sanity? Am I insane, too?" going on, as well.

And then there's that twist. Wow, I have no words. That's all kinds of messed up.

You know, now that I'm sitting here mentally cataloguing all the messed up books I have read, I think I've found the perfect comparison to Skye Warren's Endgame series. Andrew Neiderman. Andrew Neiderman was the writer who took over for V.C. Andrews (of Flowers in the Attic fame) after she died. You can totally tell the difference, too. Andrews had a sort of poetry to her writing, and Neiderman tried to keep it up for a while, continuing the 4- to 5-book-long family sagas that were Andrews's claim to fame, but then the estate seemed to give him what was basically free reign and he started turning out all these really bizarre, borderline smutty stories that were off-the-wall crazy. That's how I feel about Endgame. The first book was like OG V.C. Andrews, the second book was like that transitional phase when he was still trying, and the third book, this book, is unbridled Andrew Neiderman shouting, "YOLO!" while writing the YA equivalent of a bodice-ripper (which is what I adore him for, in his own way, but he is definitely not V.C. Andrews-caliber). (Comparisons of YA aside, I feel obligated to issue a disclaimer that this book is not YA and deals with virtually every unsavory topic you can imagine (sometimes graphically).)

I'm really grateful for my friend who loaned me this book for my Kindle so I could see how the series ended. It was just as weird and OTT as she promised, so at the very least you can say that this book will deliver your full quota of WTFery for the day (especially if you're short on vitamin WTF already.) Now let's break out the peanut butter and pickles, shall we?

2 to 2.5 stars
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July 6, 2017
**** 4.5 stars! ****

An amazing ending to an exciting, suspenseful, and sexy trilogy! I'm so happy I read this trilogy, and I'm very eager to read Damon and Penny's story!! Skye Warren has always delivered enjoyable books that are usually on the darker side! I'm now reminded of her talent so I feel the need to check out more of her backlist too!
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March 16, 2018
What an insane ride for Endgame trilogy. The Castle is the conclusion to Avery and Gabriel's story. This book holds the last piece of the puzzle about the antagonist darkest secret that almost break Avery. Out of the three books, this was the most creative and has the best plot twist. It was unpredictable, dark and sickening.

While the antagonist is on the loose. Gabriel ensures Avery's safety by not letting her out of his sight. She stays in his home like a princess trapped in a fortress. His overprotectiveness was suffocating and what's crazy? Avery starts hearing voices... like her mother used to experience. They found out their enemy was really close and a bounty was put on Avery's head. Will Gabriel be able to protect his queen? Or will it be the queen's downfall taking her king with her?

I think Gabriel had proven his love for Avery. He's doesn't bow down to anyone and loves putting up a fight. He's a great man in a fucked up way. I guess I grew to like him now. As for Avery, she's finishes strongly more than Gabriel did. From the naive princess to headstrong queen, I applaud her for being a survivor. I also loved the Greek mythology references in this series and how it's relevant to the story.

To conclude this review, it's checkmate. I'm more excited to read spin-off series because it's about Damon and Penny (screeaaamiiiingg with joyyy! I know I'm so late with this but still!!). I hope to see Gabriel and Avery there too.

Final rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
March 16, 2018
“You captivated me before you even knew I existed. You’re my queen.”
- Gabriel Miller

* * *
“My heart aches. He’s been so alone, without even knowing it. These men at the Den, they’re his friends. But they’re also tough assholes, used to hurting each other as much as helping. A group of lost boys, all grown up but still searching for a home.
Gabriel hasn’t had anyone to look after him.
Now he has me.”
- Avery James

* * *
“He might be my enemy, but by God, if he’s my hero, he doesn’t deserve my doubt.”
- Avery James

* * *
“I can make a stand, demanding what I’m due.
A pawn with ambition. Or a queen with chains.”
- Avery James

* * *
“A smart man enjoys the challenge of a smart woman.”
- Gabriel Miller
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April 8, 2017
4.5 Chess-Games Stars

"I can no longer defend a king who doesn’t value me, the pawn who faces the enemy front lines. I can no longer fight for my own virtue, a knight who wields her sword in service. And I can no longer hide behind the walls of Gabriel’s castle. I’m a queen in my own right, whether I fall or fight another day, whatever my next move, wherever I land. I have the whole board to consider, every direction available. My fate may not decide the game, but I can go anywhere I want. The queen has freedom the king does not. She decides her own fate."

In the previous book we found out some secrets about Avery’s family. But if you, like me, think that the secrets end there you are definitely wrong! We read about Jonathan Scott (Damon’s father) in the second book but there is more about him that we don’t know! After the things he has done, now he is after Avery! So Gabriel imprisoned her in his castle. She isn't happy about it but she doesn’t know if she leaves this castle, other nasty secrets are awaiting for her. She has promised that she is not going to leave but she can’t keep her promise. So she leaves this castle and then…

I think I’m addicted to this series. I know this trilogy is finished but there is another one coming soon! (OK, not really soon but still.) I really love this series. I think something that is so special about these books is Ms. Warren’s writing. These books are really well-written and well-paced! I loved their chess-talking. I loved when they spoke about their feelings or strategies in the game. But in this one I really felt the lack of Gabriel’s POV. When I was reading I knew something was missing and when I finished I realized it was his POV that I desperately wanted to read! These books keep you on the edge of your sit and you just want to know more about them and when it finished you just want to know more about the others, like now that I want to know about Damon!!
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February 11, 2018
Such a great ending to this trilogy! I loved this series and definitely recommend it!
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