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If you can stand the heat, there's a single dad in the kitchen.
At not-quite forty and with his son in his last year of high school, Bert's going to be dining alone.

His restaurant's wine rep has a few ideas on how he might sate all of his appetites.

He hasn't been buying what she's been selling, but she’s only in Memphis for a few months before moving back home to California.

Besides, it's not like he's going to fall in love for the first time in his life or anything crazy like that, right?

Plus One is a steamy standalone novel.

268 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 28, 2017

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About the author

Mae Wood

11 books434 followers
Professional sassypants and novelist, Mae Wood has been a bookworm her entire life.

She loves cheeses, complicated crafts that she'll start but never complete, and puns.

A while ago Mae decided that she needed to give up the fear that she couldn't write "great literature" and write what she wants to read.

And she wants romance. And laughter. And real life.

She wants heroines who are brave. Brave enough to be themselves and brave enough to fall in love. She wants men who are strong and kind.

So, what do you want to know about Mae? Drop her an email, ask questions, and she'll respond.

Visit her website for bonus content, including deleted scenes, sneak peeks, and
behind-the-scenes treats.



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260 reviews76 followers
December 22, 2021
Let's start with how it amazes me that this book and Crush were written by the same author. Okay, the writing was good in both of them, but whereas Crush was an insta-fest with immature characters and sometimes ridiculous storyline, this book is a wonderful story with an actual relationship-development and characters at the crossroads of their life in some sense, who behave like adults.

We have Drennan (26), who with her cousin (the cousin is the heroine from the Crush), are now in charge of the family business (winery). This book, even though written before Crush, takes place circa 8 years after what happend in Crush. Drennan, after her mother and aunt died unexpectedly, has been "hiding" in New York and now in Memphis, working as a wine sales rep, before going back to her life in California.

Bert (39) became father very young and now he co-owns a restaurant in Memphis, where he meets Drennan. Just to draw the whole picture, he was a stay at home dad, while his wife finished her degree and later ran her orthodontics practice. He's six years divorced now with a son in his senior year in high school, with a vision of an empty house after his son goes to college.

The relationship begins with lust, Bert is looking for a "quick fuck" while Drennan sees Bert just as a "trophy fuck", but they became friends slowly and after Drennan leaves for California permanently they both come to realize how much the other has come to mean to them. You can feel these characters as they're experiencing each step of their relationship. And not only their chemistry was palpable from the beginning, but they understood each other in other parts of their lives so well too.

Reading this story was so refreshing! Mainly because both, Bert and Drennan, were actually normal, mature people, which is such a change to the alpha or immature heroes we always read about. Bert is an awesome and devoted dad with a realistic perspective on his divorce, and what I really liked, was to see a healthy co-parenting in a story, with an ex-wife as a friend. It was compelling, genuinely relatable and entertaining.
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2,121 reviews5 followers
February 9, 2017
5 Indubitable stars

This is maybe my first book by Mae Wood, when Kate Canterbary recommends I listen, so had to check this one out. Suffice to say she was right, indubitably. While this is part of series, I was told it can be read as standalone and it does. The blurb had pique my curiosity and single dad bartender sold. Right away that writing style grabbed my attention, it was smooth and crisp with notes of humor. The characters are complex, dialogue is layered but straightforward.

We get introduced to the present Bert who had a tough relationship with his ex who he now has a grown up son with. Drennan who had a good background with wine. Drennan is smart, classy and confident heroine, a good balance. A wine rep for the restaurant of our hero Bert, Pig & Barley, she has had her eye on our hottie bartender for a while now, well he sounds quite lickable so of course. While there's that pretty big age difference factor for Bert, a little casual sexy time with the also eye catching Drennan can't be helped. She's in town for a while anyway.

Oh Bert, one good dad but lately feeling the empty nester can't pass up the lady who he also had his eye on. Accept he was hesitant for his own reasons. I like his passion for his restaurant, food and bike co-op; my favorite things. I like that he knows his stuff, well versed in the classics, an athletic guy always a plus for me. Also a devoted dad even if their circumstances weren't ideal, strong and kind. All in all total swoon. Suddenly from this intense chemistry, a budding friendship forms based on mutual likes and love of food. I like that they just organically transitioned and progression wise when it changed to becoming more. It felt right.

While these two are not so serious in their relationships before it's when they least expect it their missing half comes along. Oh and it's just wonderful. Sigh. Bert maybe at the point in his life where lots change is happening and Drennan is one of those but she adds color and gives him something new to look forward to. His relationship with his ex is not the best so having a best friend in her is something special. I loved their little moments, together they are awesome.

This book really ppealed to me for many reasons aside from Bert and Drennan of course, the food and beverage industry setting, the extensive knowledge of the terms used ( descriptions of food, wine and beer). The foodie in me is happy with restaurants, food items whatnot. Mae Wood's words are articulate and captured the moments well. I really need to go back to the other two books now based on this. Truly, terrific all around.

*** ARC provided by author via Give Me Books for an honest review ***
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883 reviews29 followers
February 7, 2017
Plus One (Pig & Barley #3) by Mae Wood

Review 5 Stars

Listen up people, whenever one of your favorite authors recommend another author and a book of theirs to read, you fucking listen, I’m looking at you Kate Canterbary. But being the bookwhore that I am, I had not had the time to read any of Ms. Wood’s previous novels. Moving to the present, I saw a sign up that another blogger friend told me I had to absolutely sign up for, and she told me not to worry it was #3 in the series, since it was basically a standalone. After reading Plus One, I basically started stalking the author and told her to prepare to get a TRO on my ass since I basically fell in love with Bert and Drennan. Oh then proceeded to buy her previous two books! Enough of the fangirl, right!

Drennan is a wine rep visiting Memphis for a few months, in fact she’s the wine rep for Pig & Barley. Bert is the owner of Pig & Barley. He is also a divorced father of 18-year-old Grady. He hasn’t had a serious relationship since his divorce. I adored him as a father. Also, he and his ex-wife are great at co-parenting. As we may all know, co-parenting is hardly ever done in real life because someone from either party is always bitter. Not Bert and his ex-Amy. Bert is trying to come to the realization, he’s going to become an empty nester now that Grady is graduating high school.

Drennan has had the hots for Bert, hence he earns the nickname likable. Oh he’s likable alright with tattoos. Under the hot tattoos, he extremely smart and philosophical as well. The song and dance between Drennan and Bert is so sweet and hot. They are both not looking for long term, she having to go back to California, he trying to adjust to not have his son around soon. Plus, Bert has some issues with their age difference, that passed. But their fun loving ways, like food, wine, beer tasting, or taking bike rides can lead to some serious feelings. And oh the sexy times time, hot!

I can go on and on about this book. The writing was so witty and all the food and wine references just made me want to hop on a plane and go taste some good southern food. Bert is seeking up as Book Husband. We all need a Bert in our lives. Drennan can be easily my BFF and great at picking the best wine and pair it with the best food.

Plus One is a standalone, I knew this before I started the book. There are two secondary characters mentioned in Plus One, they are Marissa and Trip from Risking Ruin and Borrowing Trouble. You will not be lost reading Plus One, I promise. Having said that, you all should, like I have, one click those other two books. So the morale of this review you may ask? The next time an author recommends a book, fucking one-click, no questions asked.

*An ARC was provided for an honest review.

For more reviews, visit
description description description description

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1,356 reviews54 followers
February 6, 2017
** ARC kindly provided for an honest review. **


This was my first book by Mae Wood. The blurb was definitely catchy and I couldn't wait to read it.

It was quite good. This story about this restauranteur (Bert), and the sassy wine rep (Drennan) was fun, spicy and of course hot!

Bert is quite the catch, successful businessman divorced and happy father of no longer teen, he’s living this life one moment at the time, especially when it comes to women.

Drennan is independent and caring for her family business. Coming from a well-known family in her field, she wanted to learn from her own, as a hard worker, she is always trying to learn new things. Passionate and sassy, she could not notice the hot restaurateur who is making all the women fawning all over him.

Drennan and Bert have great chemistry, it's undeniable. The story is entertaining, full of sexy parts and sexual tension.

I have just one thing that frustrated me, the way Drennan was trying to get Bert attention first, it was so far from her personality.  Unfortunately, it spoiled me a bit for most part of the story.

I read this book until the end because it has great material to provide some steamy and sweet romance, but it was to me a bit drawn at times, especially in the middle when the constant descriptions, the hesitation and unsaid things made me lose my attention.

The part about their work life was kinda interesting. I really liked it. Hopefully the last part of the book got me hooked until the end. The writing was very good.
If you like steamy romance with a hot single dad, this one is for you. .

Enlight1 (9)
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1,276 reviews64 followers
April 18, 2020
Hot, single dad...check.
Tattoos, alpha, and he can cook...
checkity check check.

Once I started this book, it was hard to put down. I really enjoy the writing style of this author. So poetic, her words wrapped around me like a warm hug while I devoured each page. I was easily pulled in and I swear I could smell all of the foods and taste all of the wines.

This light-hearted story was charming and fun, and full of so many feel-good moments...even ones that gave me all the tingles.

Bert & Drennan are absolutely adorable together. There’s an age gap (she’s 26, he’s 39) but you’d never know it with how well they click. These two... their chemistry sparked from the very beginning. Their passion was ignitable, their connection strong. The banter, the innuendos, the FUN. They got each other’s jokes, appreciated the other’s humor.

He’s a restaurant owner, she’s the wine rep. He’s older, she’s younger. He’s got a son in high school, she’s not sure she even wants kids. Can these two make things work? I loved, loved, loved watching their relationship grow from business to flirty to friends to lovers.

This story was exactly what I was looking for and everything I wanted.

This was my third book by Mae Wood and I’m convinced I will love everything she writes.
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Author 16 books212 followers
February 9, 2017
I was so invested in this story, I literally took my kindle with me everywhere. I was rooting for them since the beginning.
Bert is the handsome restaurateur with a fondness for literature, and Drennan is the spunky, younger wine rep who keeps her family business running. There's a twelve years difference between the two protagonists, and yet, their reluctant relationship blooms into something beautiful. I loved the unusual storyline of an almost forty-year-old with a teenage son who's refusing any commitment and the young girl who's just looking for a bit of fun until the hero gets under her skin. Can't recommend this story enough. These characters stole my heart.
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1,343 reviews669 followers
August 19, 2017

Plus One by Mae Wood
Contemporary romance. Part of an interconnected Series but can stand alone. Great for Foodies.
I committed to read Plus One by Mae Wood back in February. I love a single dad book, especially a mature one, and was assured that this stood alone even though it was third in a series. I picked it up a few times, and it didn’t grab me right away, so being as overbooked as I am, I kept moving it to my next month’s to-read list. Well I finally got to it.

The first chapter or two was about people I felt I should have known, who I guess were from the previous books. I was kind of lost at the beginning until the book focused in more on our main couple. At first, Drennan came off as a kind of slutty tarte who used her tits to sell wine to the bars in Memphis. But then we learn it’s not for all of her accounts, just one. The one she calls “Lickable Man”, and she desperately wants his attention; she’s been trying for some time. So despite my initial not-so-great impression of her, I really ended up liking her.

Bert owns The Pig & Barley, has been divorced for 4 years and has an awesome son, a senior in High School. He is about to turn 40, but he is still focused on being a dad, and isn’t ready to date seriously, especially not Drennan, the 20-something blonde with the gorgeous legs. But when he learns she is only in Memphis for a few months before going back to California, he figures that’s a perfect, no-strings relationship, and she is up for the same thing.

Their relationship was all about being foodies, wine lovers and craft beer lovers. I can’t stand wine, don’t drink beer and I eat like a picky 6 year old, so I totally didn’t relate to this book. I think someone who loves all this may have loved it, but it took me TEN DAYS to read. I kept waiting for something to happen. There was a mystery about counterfeit wine that went nowhere, and the book just seemed so long to me even though it wasn’t.

I liked the characters. I liked the storyline. Besides the food and wine thing, I can’t really put my finger on why I had such a hard time. I didn’t mind learning about food and wine, but it just felt like I never got excited at all until the very, very end.

•Bert was smart, sexy and lickable. And an awesome dad.
•Drennan was smart, feisty and independent.
•He is an almost 40 dad of an 18 year old.
•Really healthy co-parenting.
•There was some hot sexy times.
•I was just in Memphis so it was kind of cool to read about it after.


•A foodie or wine or craft beer lover would totally love this book. I am none of those things.
•There was a LOT about the wine industry and about food.
•The secondary characters were clearly from another book and I felt like I missed something, so though it is a standalone, I think reading the others first would have helped.
•Got really long and drawn out at parts, especially all the food adventures. It took me a rare 10 days to read.
•There were a few things that were introduced but never fleshed out, especially the counterfeit wine story.

The Down & Dirty:
If you are a foodie or wine connoisseur Plus One would probably be a great read for you. It was a large part of the story and something I am not at all interested in. Though it stands alone, I did feel like I missed something, and would have enjoyed it more had I been introduced to the characters better from the prior books. Bert was a hot, tattooed, almost 40, single dad restauranteur who was delicious. The storyline was realistic and sexy, but it took me 10 days to read, as it never “called to me” to pick it up, I found myself on Facebook more often than reading. It just kind of stagnated in the middle to me. I enjoyed the end, but I would recommend Plus One only to the food/wine/craft beer/biking/swimming healthy crowd which is as far from me as you can get!
Rating: 2.75 stars, 4 Heat

Purchase Plus One by Mae Wood

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1,062 reviews97 followers
February 7, 2017

Plus One is the story of a sexy and tatted DILF and a witty wine girl.

I've really enjoyed reading this third installment of the Pig & Barley series even if it wasn't at al what I expected from the blurb.It is funny and hot as the previous ones but also a lot more sweet.

I liked the main characters so much I cheered for their happiness from page 1.
It was about time that our Hero,Bert,started to live his life for himself.Fortunately he met the woman who will take him on more than one adventure making him try every day something new.

I'm already excited to read whatever Mae Wood will give us in the future.

Copy kindly provided by the Publisher/Author

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617 reviews57 followers
August 17, 2017
His way. My way. It didn’t matter. It was all the same way.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that it has taken me since February to read Mae Wood’s Plus One. I bought it on release day and had great expectations of being able to read and review it ASAP. But then… ah, well, in the way it does, life got in the way.

And now, I can’t help asking myself why? Why did I not make this brilliant book a priority? I can only say that, though I’d heard only the best things about Ms. Wood’s writing and Bert Forsythe, sexy single father and restauranteur, I didn’t know.

Guys, I didn’t know what I was missing.

I didn’t know I was missing Bert. I didn’t know I was missing Drennan. I didn’t know I was missing this relationship. The connection, the chemistry, which was taut and fraught with tension, bone-meltingly hot without ever being overt and over-the-top, and which felt grounded.

In fact, the entirety of Plus One felt that way. Like a smart, mature tribute to life. Reading this book, you get the sense that this author didn’t just do research when it came to her topic—food and wine—but that it was something she knew. Understood. Lived. Her writing was smart and engaging. Though I am a dummy when it comes to fine wining and dining, I found myself drawn to the banter, the conversations that were a little bit verbal foreplay and a lot innuendo. Or, actually, #overendo.

Moreover, I was drawn to the characters. They weren’t fresh-faced college kids (please, don’t misunderstand me; I love a good NA romance as much as the next person), but rather men and women with experience—in the sack and out of it. With Bert nearing 40, which, coupled with his tattoos, beard and delicious DILF factor, totally got my motor running, and Drennan a mature twenty-something, it was easy to relate to the lives they were living. The hurdles they were facing. The choices they were making—and had made.

So, that. That is what I was missing and what’ll you too will be missing if you don’t find the time to read this book. A smart romance, with feels, with humor, with brains and sex appeal and a single father who cooks. A romance that shouldn’t have sat on my Kindle these past months.

A romance that you don’t want to miss.

She was as expansive as the sky. My constant companion, even if she didn’t realize it.

~ FIVE Good Man Found STARS ~


"Seriously though, if you like Single Dads, good food, all the wine, and fitness coupled with stellar writing and extremely well-developed characters, then PLUS ONE IS THE BOOK FOR YOU."

"Plus One will conjure feelings of joy and of sadness, invoke laughter, and renew your faith in love!"

"My recommendation: You must read this book. Even if you haven’t read any of the other Pig & Barley books, you must read this book."
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114 reviews8 followers
February 5, 2017
descriptionY'all. This book.
So good. So, so good. I mean, come on. While there was SO MUCH in this book to like, what I LOVED was Bert's relationship with his son.

"I need you to understand that.
You were a surprise. Not a mistake."

And all the ladies swooned. Okay? Okay.
Seriously though, if you like Single Dad's, good food, all the wine, and fitness coupled with stellar writing and extremely well-developed characters, then PLUS ONE IS THE BOOK FOR YOU. So, go ahead, one click it and enjoy.
*Pairs well with a nice glass of wine.
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954 reviews40 followers
August 19, 2017
When you pick up a book just to read a couple of pages and you look up and two hours have passed? That's a sign of a wonderful book. Indeed, Plus One is just that. Mae Wood is a new to me author, but if this book is any indication, I am all in!!

Plus One is swoony, sexy, good with chemistry and charm that dazzles. I fell for these characters in real time -- it is impossible not do. Together Bert and Drennan are pure magic, a love story that you want to see on a screen.

Bert Forsythe is a triple threat-plus - a tattooed, single dad, restaurateur, lover of the classics and an added bonus, the owner of a lethal southern accent. Being in his head was a special kind of treat, while he is his toughest critic, this man is goodness personified and loved by everyone in his life. He has earned his HEA, it's a matter of getting out of his own way.

Drennan McCutcheon is the heroine that you wish could walk off the page and join you for a beverage or ten. I loved every single thing about her. Her passion for life, wine and family. Her wit and way with people. While she might have a fear or two, she conquered them like the badass she was.

This book really did pull me in. From the writing -- the dialogue was so witty and brilliant that at times it felt Ephron-esque.. To the attention to detail -- it never once feels like you are being schooled, but the reader does getting a better understanding of things like the art of winemaking, whiskey, Memphis and craft cocktails. But what I really need is a recipe for angel biscuits. Like yesterday.

In a so many ways, Plus One is a book that that never fails to delight -- from its humor, romance and absolutely beautiful heart. This is a book that you will want to get lost in a hundred times over just for the company of all of its characters. So good. Enjoy!!

Happy reading!!!

Laurie’s Rating: 5++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++STARS
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277 reviews33 followers
October 4, 2023
This was a nice surprise! A very realistic story. You may not like the main hero, but he felt real. A bit cocky guy who knows what he wants. And the heroine was fantastic, strong-minded and empowered. Also the smut was just right - not always explicit (with many close door scenes), but when it was described in more details - it was hot! And to top it - no third act breakup! Thank you 👏
2 reviews2 followers
February 7, 2017
Like an irresistible wine whose elegance draws you into its orbit, Mae Wood’s third Pig and Barley novel Plus One is sure to please not only the devoted reader base (anchored in Borrowing Trouble and Risking Ruin), but new readers as well, people looking for a steamy romance between two well-drawn characters: vivacious wine rep Drennan and sexy restauranteur Bert. No matter their ages differ by more than a decade, no matter he’s a single dad with an eighteen-year-old son, no matter she’s a California girl heading home soon to the family vineyards in Napa -- the story line is as palatably yummy as a carefully blended wine. The Drennan component offers a slightly spicy presence with hints of frangipani and orange blossoms, mingled with lacy underwear and innuendo. The Bert half of the blend, aged for nearly forty years in Memphis, is a pleasant profusion of swim trunks, biker shorts, and sage sexual advice for his college-bound son Grady. Not surprisingly, the Drennan and Bert blend pairs nicely with angel biscuits, Cajun edibles, late nights, and families prone to revealing childhood embarrassments. After hours, the well-balanced oak bar only enhances the naked characteristics of this blend -- robust and deep with good aging potential. It is fair to say that together Bert and Drennan are generous in the mouth and pleasant on the palate while prolonging your reading pleasure toward a satisfying conclusion.
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3,454 reviews109 followers
March 4, 2018
I never felt any love between the MCs. If you like emotionally distant heroes, this one is for you. The hero even has the heroine's number on his phone listed as "rep" at 83% in the book. It was all lust in my opinion. She was easy to give it up and he was happy to take it. "Milk for free..." and all that jazz. I think the reason he even called her in the end was that the easy sex was gone. This is my opinion. The writing style also did not work for. I think it would have been better if I did not know what the hero was thinking. I did not care for him. I like jerky heroes, but this guy was just an a**.

Also, I felt like the hero held a candle to his ex-wife. Maybe that is why I was unable to connect to the MCs since the hero always thought so fondly of his ex. Anyway, you may love this one. This is all my opinion. You may disagree 100%. A lot the writing felt like filler.
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712 reviews167 followers
November 8, 2017
4.5 stars! Really enjoyed this one! I've got to say, it's refreshing to have a hero that's got his life together. Bert and Drennan have a fantastic relationship and banter that I read through with ease. This is my first book from Mae Wood and definitely won't be my last. I definitely have to read the Pig and Barley series from the beginning so I can get everyone's story! With that being said, Plus One reads perfectly as a standalone, even though it's book three in the series.
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2,162 reviews120 followers
February 6, 2017
3.5-4 stars

Drennan and Bert. Let me just start by saying I love her name. I also liked her. Drennan is working as a wine rep before going back to Napa to the winery she owns with her cousin. She meets Bert because his restaurant is one she sells too. She's been trying for a while to get him to notice her, but he hasn't been biting. Finally, at a food conference things heat up between them.

I loved that Bert was older and a single parent of a teen. I loved that he didn't want any kind of serious relationship because his main focus was his son. And I even get his trepidation of being with Drennan because of her being closer in age to his kid than him. Thank heavens he got over that and went for it.

I loved that Drennan was strong and independent. I felt like she really didn't want to go back to Napa and work for the family business. Her jokes with Bert were great. And I loved their food and drink adventures.

So why not 5 stars? Well, I was a little overwhelmed with all the food and wine talk. There was a mystery introduced about Drennan's wine being faked but we got no wrap up about it. And I'm kind of dying to know what the guy told her that made her so quiet after the ghost tour at the club there. These might be things that others wouldn't even blink at, but they left me wanting in this case.

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939 reviews4 followers
August 16, 2017
Plus One by Mae Wood follows the life of a single dad who finds himself attracted to a younger and sassy liquor rep that services his place of business.

It was fun reading a book set in Memphis, a city I'm very familiar with. I felt the interaction between the characters was little short, but overall I enjoyed this book.

Plus One has an interesting storyline that addresses issues facing many divorced parents.

3.75 Stars
Profile Image for Dawn Strickland.
373 reviews15 followers
February 7, 2017
Plus One is a Must Read!

Albert Tynes Forsythe IV is a good man. He is a great chef, athletic, and a sexy single dad. His marriage ended and he keeps his relationships shallow and brief.

Drennen McCutcheon is an independent woman. She is sassy, hard working, and a lover of food and wine. Her time soaking up knowledge and experience in wine sales is quickly coming to an end. Soon she will have to return to her hometown to takeover as COO of her family winery.

Their paths cross through business, yet Drennan would love to get more personal with the "lickable man." However, Bert does his best to resist the sexy, wine temptress. When fate, a food/wine festival, and lust combine their passion ignites!

I love the banter between Bert and Drennan. They bring out the adventurous side of one another. Their relationship is playful, sensual, and scorching!

Mae Wood's writing is thoughtful, detailed, purposeful, and engaging. Her characters are multi layered, bold, and endearing. Plus One will conjure feelings of joy and of sadness, invoke laughter, and renew your faith in love!
Profile Image for Jaime.
575 reviews
December 12, 2017
Don't get me wrong, I loved Trip. But Bert. Bert has etched a place in the book boyfriend hierarchy.

Bert, a single (divorced) dad of a teenager. Trying to date, while co-owning Pig & Barley down in Memphis. Drennan, a wine rep for the bar who is in the city for a few more months. They aren't looking for anything more than a good time.

Bert isn't perfect. Neither is Drennan. You don't want to them to be. Navigating through the unknown is completely terrifying, nothing in there lives were done with malice. Just outgrowing their staid state, recharging and understanding that maybe, just maybe what they are looking for is right in front of them.

Mae took us on fun ride filled with speedos, bicycles, good drinks, amazing southern-inspired food, laughs and some hot, hot, hot, sexy times.

Like a fine wine, Mae's writing gets better.

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925 reviews34 followers
August 16, 2017
3.5 stars!

This is my first book by Mae Wood and it was enjoyable.

Plus One is a story about Bert, a restaurateur and Drennan, a wine rep who have undeniable chemistry.

Bert is a very successful businessman who is a divorced father of a teenage boy. He is living his life to the fullest and enjoying every moment.

Drennan is from a well-known family and is trying to make it on her own. She is very sassy and has noticed the hot restaurateur who has woman falling at his feet.

With quite a few years age difference between the two of them, Drennan and Bert fall into a beautiful relationship.

This was an enjoyable hot single dad steamy romance!
Profile Image for Vivi.
35 reviews
August 19, 2017
First time reading Mae Wood, and I have to say I'm impressed. Hot characters and a solid story. Can't wait to read others titles in this serie.
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408 reviews3 followers
February 5, 2017
I received an advanced reader copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review.

After several attempts of writing my own version of the blurb but nothing I write can even come close to her awesome blurb!

I have been eagerly awaiting this book since I finished Borrowing Trouble. I listed it as one of the books I wanted to read in 2017. And it’s here! When I finally sat down to read Plus One, I swore that I would read just the first chapter and then I would prepare for the house inspection. Of course I have no self-control and proceeded to read a chapter then do a bit of cleaning and that carried on for the entire day. I tried my hardest to stay up and finish it that night but my body betrayed me. The next morning though, I was finished and eager to share with the world.

This novel can be read as the third installment of the Pig & Barley series or it can be read as a standalone novel. In my honest opinion, this is Mae’s best book yet. Don’t be mistaken about the genre. It isn’t instant love. It isn’t about a woman giving up everything for the man she falls in love with. This book blows your expectations out of the water.

Plus One was hard to put down. The sex scenes were perfect, as is Mae’s style, they are just right. Not overboard, not underdone. It was realistic and sexy. Her characters have real growth and are adorable and relatable. I loved Drennan in particular. I didn’t think I could love one of Mae’s characters more than I loved Marisa, but I do. It is clear that Mae puts 150% into her characters.

I absolutely love that Marisa and Trip’s story was continued slightly in Plus One. It was exciting and added a level of familiarity to the story. I really felt as if I knew the characters on a personal level. I love the element of mystery that Mae adds to her books. Not a full-blown mystery but just that little something extra. In Plus One it is someone fraudulently labeling wine as Drennan’s family’s famous wine.

I am incredibly eager to read the next installment of Pig & Barley.

My recommendation: You must read this book. Even if you haven’t read any of the other Pig & Barley books, you must read this book.
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August 19, 2017
First Off, I am a totally big sucker for the 'single dad' storyline. When I saw the opportunity for cover re-reveal/sales blitz, no words other than "Where do I sign up?" were spoken by yours truly. Give me the book recommendation to read from my friend at Panda & Boodle - SOLD!

Bert is the perfect hot, tatted, alpha males all us romance readers swoon to find. Drennan is the perfect blend of strong, determined yet owns her femininity. Together the chemistry on the pages starts with a slow burn and eventually gets hotter with each page turn. Add PLUS Grady is not the typical child to the single dad. But a high school senior ready to be his own man. Some of the best advice came straight from the mouths of babes.

I loved that the author gave us a May/December romance but turned the tables to consider what if one makes the choices that don't seem possible. The tension was just perfect and didn't veer into ridiculously over cute where younger characters can go. Drennan had lived a full life in a short time. Her approach was winner take the hot guy behind the bar!

This was a first time read by Mae Wood and surely will not be my last. It's everything that I look for in an entertaining story. So, yes my hearts & flowers unicorn loving heart was full by the end. I'm now a firm #fangirl and can't wait to read more from this author. 5 out 5 stars

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November 21, 2017
There is so much to enjoy about this story and I hated it to end.

We get two strong, smart, sexy MCs with their sh*t pretty much together. Neither have too many hangups outside the normal "this is life" issues. They have a short-term acquaintances with benefits relationship while Drennan is in town. I loved that Drennan was confident in herself and didn't apologize for who she was or what she wanted. And Bert, who doesn't love a man who loves his son, isn't afraid to be a parent (not his BFF), treats his ex with respect because she's the mother of his son, can cook, and has the body of a trained swimmer? Really what more could you ask for.

The relationship starts shifting from a benefits relationship to maybe something more although it has a built in shelf life given that Drennan is moving across the country. Neither plan for more but sometimes life has a way of changing our plans. Watching them move apart and how gracefully sweet/hot it was - perfect. And because this is a romance you know Drennan and Bert are going to get back together (they better or I'm boycotting). It doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility for this to happen either. The relationship between them makes sense and the change in their relationship is the absolute next step (per me!).

The more of this review I write the more I remember how much I loved this book and Bert and Drennan. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!
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February 7, 2017
The Lickable Man & His Wine Rep!

Plus One is Bert and Drennan's story. It is a hot, sexy read with sweet moments and moments that will make you laugh. The story takes place in Memphis. Since it is centered around a restaurant, the author gives great descriptions of the food and wine.

Albert "Bert" is a tattooed, divorced father of a son. He spends many hours at Pig & Barley. Bert's son is getting ready to graduate from high school and go off to college. Bert will soon have to deal with being an empty-nester. He is smart, caring and sexy.

Drennan is a young wine rep. She is in town for a short time and is selling her wine to Bert's restaurant. Drennan is an independent and hard working woman. She finds Bert very attractive. Drennan tries to get Bert to notice and pay attention to her. Drennan calls Bert, "Lickable Man".
There is an age difference between Drennan and Bert. Once they start their steamy fling / affair, will Drennan and Bert be able to walk away when it is over? Will they fall in love? Will they want there to be more?

Plus One is the third book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. This is the first book that I have read by author Mae Wood. I volunteer for this arc book. This is my unbiased review.

Overall Story - 4 Stars
Chemistry / Hotness - 4 Stars
Cliffhanger - No
POV - Alternating Each Chapter
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May 8, 2020
I liked reading this book. What I liked:
- There was no insta lust, there was lust, but h and H reacted to it later in the ebook.
- There were reversed role models, a stay-at-home-father and parents being friends after the divorse.
- He was very careful when having intercourse insisting on double contraception.
- There were many facts worth knowing about wine.
- There were interesting second characters.
- There were funny dialogues.

What I didn't like:
There were no explications in the last chapters about
- what happened to the FBI investigation of the wine fraud?
- her new ring, a proposal?
- his house on sale - is he moving completely to California?
- his restaurant in Tennessee - did he sell it to Trip?
- is he content to be just an employee?

That last point did not convince me. He was discontent being an underestimated stay-at-home father, adjusted that situation by opening a successful restaurant and now he runs the tasteroom of his girlfriend/fiancé's wineyard as an employee. I cannot imagine that that will satisfy him in the long run.
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January 12, 2020
Wine Goddess And Pastry Chef

Bert is a recently divorced man who is fumbling his way. Part owner of a restaurant in Memphis. He meets Drennan, she is a wine rep. A lot younger than him. Him having a son closer in age to her than he is. That doesn't stop the insane attraction.
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August 4, 2017
Why have I not heard of Mae Wood and why is the first book in her Pig & Barley Series that I have read, book 3 in the series and yes they can be read as standalones, I can say that honestly because this is the first book I have read by this author. IT WON'T BE THE LAST......
Bert part owner of the Pig & Barley restaurant, a tattooed single father of Grady who is just about to graduate high school, what is more endearing I ask myself well when that man is also funny and loyal my heart goes into overdrive. Drennan is a wine rep who is spending a few months in Memphis before she goes home to run the family winery that she inherited unexpectedly, she has one thing on her mind and that's bedding the man she has nicknamed Lickable and yes that man is Bert. What starts of as harmless flirting turns into a heated passionate romance but what will happen when she has to go back to California, will she stay or will Bert leave the business he helps run and the son he became a stay at home father for. Guess you need to one click to get the full story.
This book is not only funny it has some great food and drink references that will make this book perfect for all you food junkies out there. The characters have chemistry and are easy to fall in love with and that's why I'm off to one click books one and two, Risking Ruin and Borrowing Trouble.
Love the characters, love the storyline well I guess I can say I loved everything about this book.
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