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Trump's Brain: An FBI Profile of Donald Trump: Predicting Trump's Actions and Presidency
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Trump's Brain: An FBI Profile of Donald Trump: Predicting Trump's Actions and Presidency

3.60  ·  Rating details ·  633 ratings  ·  57 reviews
This is an unofficial FBI profile of Donald Trump that lists the likely actions he will take over the next four years. FBI profiling is used to predict actions based on a pattern of behavior. This book uses FBI techniques to clearly list Donald Trumps likely actions as president.

Learn what his domestic and foreign policies will be, what will happen with the economy, and w
Kindle Edition, 23 pages
Published January 19th 2017
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3.60  · 
Rating details
 ·  633 ratings  ·  57 reviews

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Jun 05, 2017 rated it really liked it

Everything that was predicted in this book already happened or happening. It was written before he even set foot into the Oval office, released just three days after. Read this very short book and be prepared.
Montzalee Wittmann
Jun 05, 2017 rated it really liked it
Trump's Brain: An FBI Profile of Donald Trump: Predicting Trump's Actions and Presidency by Dr. Decker is a great book I was thoroughly engrossed in. This is written by a FBI profiler and put out of before Trump was sworn in. Everything he said was right so far. He did say Trump would be accused of corruption of justice but gets off and not impeached. I hope this part is not true. It is a short book and does not have any opinions, just facts based on personality profile. Great book.
Louise purfield-coak
Mar 27, 2017 rated it it was ok

Almost all of this book has already happened, except for his not getting re-elected.The author states the publication date well into the text. I saw no predictions that show what specifics are going to happen next year. The diagnostic criteria was more professionally done by Laurence O'Donnell, than the author who claims to be a Psychiatrist.I think this book is possibly a scam,but the information itself is accurate up to March. It reads more like a news summery up to March twenty f
Jun 02, 2017 rated it did not like it
While I know Trump is a narcissist and some of the info in the book is correct, it is so poorly written it end up being embarrassing from the perspective of a psychologist. With that said, Trump is a dangerous, erratic, mentally unstable individual so I agree with the author on that point.
Elisabeth S. Gilliland
Mar 06, 2017 rated it it was amazing

A quick,succinct overview of Trump, the way and why of his thinking,and what to expect for the next four years.
Feb 23, 2018 rated it liked it
So far, not inaccurate.
Michelle Tackabery
May 20, 2017 rated it liked it
Shelves: nf
I grabbed this when it was on sale for a buck, so I figured I'd indulge myself for a bit. I bought it, read the forward--which takes up the majority of the book--and then let it go for a while as I read other, more interesting books. Then I went back in and finished up the rest in about 20 minutes.

The anonymous author gives us a very broad introduction to psychopathology and the array of traits that can be a part of a narcissitic psychopathic personality. If you are anti-Trump, you will find a
Valerie Mitchell
Jun 21, 2017 rated it really liked it
Interesting read

I found this book to be a quick look into what's in store for our future outcome, With having such a small minded president and feeling like petty much anyone could probably I also found it to be quite accurate for someone with little experience in profiling. A lot of what was said in this book has already happened . I can't believe how close he was to all the horrible things Trump has done sense he's been in office. I also hate to think that if the author was that accurate about
Apr 30, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Short, clear analysis & prediction of Trump Presidency

This book is succinct, accurate, factual and non-political. I'm familiar with the medical definition of a narcissist and I think this book explains it well to those who don't know much about narcissistic behavior. This book leaves no room for doubt that Trump is a narcissistic; if you're looking for a book that debates details or quibbles on the main issue (whether Trump actually fits the definition of a narcissist), this book isn't for y
Leslie Lowdermilk
Nov 28, 2018 rated it did not like it
Lacks scientific/psychological validity- save your money

Despite claiming knowledge of FBI Behavioral Analysis understanding, the author progresses from a faulty premise at the start. Narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder (psychopaths) share some common denominators but are two distinct disorders and cannot be combined into one.

His “predictions” are drawn from Trumps own political campaign and the only surprise is that Trump is actually doing what he promised.

Ambre Phillips
Mar 19, 2017 rated it really liked it
Good analysis, interesting read

I thought it was pretty spot with a lot of stuff, especially Trumps personality, but a lot of predictions seemed kind of obvious. That might be because I'm reading this almost two months into his presidency though (hindsight is 20/20). One thing I think the writer did not (and probably could not at the time) account for is Steve Bannon being in such a high position of power in the white house and manipulating Trumps decisions, decisions he might not have made other
Jun 05, 2017 rated it really liked it

With President Trump's first "100 Days" behind him, several projections/predictions of this author are "spot on," while other areas seem to be painted with such a "wide brush" plus that of the presidents actions are likely regardless of profile findings could be predicted. Hence the reason for my rating of 4 stars.

In closing too..... I do feel this author compiled his book in a very fair and unbiased way.
Nov 10, 2017 rated it it was ok
A cheap, quick read

Bought this on a whim because it was cheap. Interesting but nothing new. I had a very sad and expensive marriage to a woman with a severe personality disorder and immediately recognized the same symptoms in Trump. So sad to see him dragging the country down. America should be ashamed that they could not recognize such an obviously damaged and dysfunctional person.
Jan 17, 2018 rated it it was ok
Fair attempt at summarizing Donald Trumps actions.

I guess being a Trump hater I was not able to read this book with a unbiased look.
The author has done a good job of pining down Trump, but I guess every one already know what an asshole he is. I am so sorry our country will have to put up with him for another 3 years.
God help us if he runs again and wins, I worry our country will be able to stand 8 years of his non leadership
Bonita Rose
Sep 17, 2018 rated it it was amazing
A lot of the personality predictions have happened.let's hope he looses in 2020 as predicted!

I would recommend this to ALL..democrats, republicans, and independents. We need books like this to guide us and know what may happen in the future.let's hope the prediction for the 2020 election holds true.
deborah a provinzano
Jun 23, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Wow! Profile is 100% correct

As I read the description of a narcissistic personality, I could think of examples of Trump's behavior with almost all listed traits. Though written at the time of inauguration,many of the author's predictions related to Trump's behavior are already happening!
Doris Lynn
Nov 24, 2017 rated it did not like it
I could have told you that...

Not worth the $0.99! Of the information included in this book, 90% was obvious, known information already. The rest is spotty at best in terms of accuracy. If this is FBI profiling, get me an application because this was amateur at best and again, not worth even the $0.99 I paid on Black Friday deal! Lol
Cathy A. Chance
Feb 26, 2018 rated it really liked it
This is very brief and written right at the beginning of Trump's administration. Many of the predictions based on personality have already manifested themselves. We'll see about the others. I would have liked a more in-depth discussion.
May 18, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Fascinating and amazing

Not only incredibly fitting descriptions, but the predictions for Trump's presidency are already happening during the first four months! I'm astonished at the accuracy.
John Garr
Nov 26, 2017 rated it did not like it
Waste of money and time.

The claim that this book was published on or around the inauguration is an obvious lie. More likely, it was written/published around Sept/October 2017. The "predicted" behavior and events had already occurred. The book is a fraud.
Linda L. Costa
Jun 23, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Easily Understood

I would give this book a five due to its ability to hold the reader's attention. It was also very easy to understand, which I thoroughly appreciated! 5 Stars and headline is. Easily Understood
Marc Wojciechowski
May 11, 2017 rated it liked it
Quick lesson on narcissist Trump

Although the Dr tries to make a diagnosis from afar, and he makes a compelling case, this is a poorly written essay. It's almost too clinical. Seems like it was thrown together to make a few bucks.
Henry Casavant
Aug 19, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Thought Provoking

This is a summary on the method of profiling the FBI uses in capturing criminals. In it's conclusion the author applies this method in predicting Trump's actions during his presidency. As of my writing this review the author is spot on.
Aug 19, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Very good profile of D.Trump

I wish this profile of D.Trump had come out before the election. If people had known who ,or what,he is, he might not be president. He scares me. This book gave me reasons for my feelings about him. I recommend this book.
Carolyn Blowers
Jan 04, 2018 rated it really liked it
Scary-Honest-and something to think about !

This is like looking into the looking glass and finding the rabbit is old, fat and especially very dishonest. Highlight information and check back daily to find out it's absolutely right, then hope somehow tomorrow it's all wrong.
Cathy Buge
Jun 05, 2018 rated it liked it
Interesting truth

Sad but true. As an American I am so tired of this Presidency. What a farce. This is an interesting article on the subject at hand. But so sad. I fear for the chilled enough of the future. Please forgive us, we failed you miserably.
Tony Litwinko
Jun 23, 2017 rated it liked it
Prescient? Maybe.

Any person who has worked in business will recognize and agree with the behavior. The man is the kind of boss no one likes or likes to work for. The essence of vulture capitalism becomes incarnate. The Trump brand incarnate.
David Donahue
Feb 21, 2019 rated it it was amazing
President Trump’s Brain analysis.

This analysis is scary because it is so accurate! I have set the presidents effective emotional and moral age at 9 years old. My apologies to actual 9 year olds.
Jun 21, 2017 rated it liked it
Interesting quick read

Nothing earth-shaking or new. This short book just pulls together what is known about the man into a slightly cohesive profile. Could have gone into much more depth on some topucs
Dickie Lunsford
Feb 14, 2019 rated it it was amazing
This is actually a script for the last two years.. ..

We have two more years to go and I feel great dread for each of the remaing 23 months.. ...
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