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Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up

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Roses are red. So is passion. And blood.

Fourteen authors have brought you stories of pain and love.
Struggle and dissonance.
Lust and depravity.

Whether your poison is a naughty husband and wife, a kinky night out on the town, or something a little supernatural, come indulge in your deepest, darkest, most f*cked up cravings.

We promise we won’t judge if you won’t.

First published February 10, 2017

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About the author

Alyson Hale

10 books138 followers
Alyson Hale is a passionate contemporary/erotic romance author from the American South. Her weaknesses are rock stars, billionaires, and alpha males. She is married to a strong, stubborn family man who shows up in almost every book boyfriend she writes. Alyson is also a mother to one human child, one canine child, and one feline child.

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Website: www.alysonhale.com
Facebook: /AlyHaleAuthor
Twitter: @AlyHaleAuthor
Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2HkFWWv
Reader Group: https://bit.ly/2ELUzi

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969 reviews22 followers
February 11, 2017
I received a copy of this anthology through the Quill and Ink Tour Review Team in exchange for a fair and honest review..... well the title of this anthology says it all ... there are fourteen perverse and bizarre stories by fourteen authors ..each more fascinating and twisted than the last..... it is impossible to review each and every story but the four that caught my attention and caused me the most angst were:

Fucking Addicted by J A Kerr.... a quick and dirty, sexy screwed up story about two addicts who meet at a support group and end up finding more than they bargained for...this is just one huge sex fest full of humour and great dialogue....as with all true addictions once I started reading it I couldn't stop.

Wicked Games by Lilly James ....WTF ....the couple in this story are seriously f***** in the head.....a twisted love story where the main characters have a warped sense of commitment and love.....I loved the complexity of the relationship between the two main characters sexually charged and yet destructive at the same time..

Killer Dom by S. Valentine... this dark and twisted story is a salutary lesson in underestimating your one night stand.,..the title of this short story sums it up beautifully.... I loved the twists and turns in this story and the ending was awesome....

Another Last Glance by Zack Halford... It is impossible to say too much about this story without giving away the plot....a dying billionaire is given the chance to make his fantasies come true ....but nothing is quite what it seems....this was a really original story and I loved the unforeseen events as they play out leading to an unpredictable conclusion...

A thoroughly dark and twisted anthology...
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458 reviews6 followers
February 19, 2017
This anthology had me laughing, smiling, feeling the love, and sometimes not so loving. I can totally see why each and every short was apart of this Anthology. It was also perfectly named. It touches on the taboo side that everyone has inside of them. I know i do, so when i read something that touches that side i will buy every book by that author. All of these authors touched that spot so what do you think i did? Thats right.

Petition Denied by Alyson Hale.
Anton thought he and his wife Lana were living out their dream. He thought they had a happy marriage, so when he gets papers in the mail it totally blindsides him. He will do whatever it takes to prove that he still loves her.

I loved this one, it was the perfect start to this Anthology. I loved how they were so in love that nothing not even papers would separate them. When Lana finally opens up about her struggles and her wants Anton listens. It was sensual yet beautiful.

Darkness Consumed by Ariel Marie.
Arissa is a hired gun. Who would ever suspect a woman eight? While out looking for her next target she meets Ryland. He is her escape from the craziness of her life. When her secrets catch up with her, will he stay and try to save her? Can a normal man and an assassin make it in a relationship?

This short took a little while to get into it. I felt it was kind of rushed. I did like how Arissa was a total badass. She knew what she wanted and what to offer someone. I felt like she used Ryland but that was her escape.

Excitable by Brittney Coon.
Ember owns one of the most exclusive client lists in town. She brings out the deepest fantasies in everyone who comes to her. When her friend puts her up for an auction. Luca is the one who claims her. What happens when two doms try to play?

This was a very sensual short. Not only did it remind me of that old tv show called the Client List, but i just loved it. I wanted more. This one left me wanting.

Consensual by Cristina Slough.
Michael and Erica live an amazing life. Great kids and an amazing marriage but something is missing. They decide to try and spice up their relationship. Does it help or continue to cause a rift?

I loved this one, its honestly one of my favorite shorts in this book. It's just so real and believable that it makes me think this happens often in marriages.

F*cking Addicted by J.A Kerr.
Keira is addicted to lying and Aiden is addicted sex. They met at a meeting and hit it off. They both have needs to fill and is willing to go into a messed up relationship just to feed themselves.

This one took sometime just getting through it. It was good don't get me wrong the general storyline was good, but it just wasn't something i would normally read.

Forever Promise by J.L. Baldwin.
Elijah and Beatrice are destined to be together forever. She is the Mate, the other half of his Demon soul. But even a man who had been on earth for hundreds of years has secrets that find a way to come out.

This was a cute and loving short. I love how no matter how much Elijah pushed her away she fought for him. She trusted him enough to hear his secrets and judge for herself.

A Strange and Distant Safety by Jennifer Loring.
Taylor has hidden what he truly is from everyone. When a situation happens and brings him face to face with what he truly is, he has no choice but to embrace it.

Wow just wow. I'm not a huge fan of M/M romance but this one got my heart racing. Not only did i enjoy it, but it's kind of a fantasy that i want done to me.

Wicked Games by Lilly James.
Lyle and Ivy are both messed up people. They are perfect for each other. Lyle saved Ivy from the streets only to use her when he wants. They share these wicked games that are perfect for them.

Oh my goodness yes, this short touches my dark soul. That little piece of me that loves the taboo aspect of erotica. The darker the better sometimes.

Affliction by Marie Skye.
Killian and Alegra come from two different families. The families have been at odds with each for a long time. So when Alegra walks into Killian's classroom all bets are off.

This was kind of Romeo and Julietish. Two people from the opposite families feuding but when the meet and start a fling only to have it blown up in their faces. Oh man, i will definitely be looking for more from this author.

Story of Us by ML Rodriguez.
Adelina is a smart woman and already dating someone when Christian comes into her life. Against her better judgement she goes out with him. All it took was three weeks for his secrets to come.

This book left me wanting more. I had so many unanswered questions. It was an amazing short read though. I felt like it was such a romantic fast fall in love read.

Her Mistake by N. Mills.
Jezabelle was just a librarian trying to live a normal life away from all the mistakes her mother made. That was until a mystery biker came into her world and turned it upside down.

Okay lets start i love the name Jezabelle. I love me a good biker story. Whether it's a short or a full length novel. I loved how she works at a library and is a pretty boring woman. She is feisty and has a temper. I wish there was more information on everyone.

Miss X by Quinn.
She has simple rules for herself. If she breaks them it's only for one night. She has a rule of only married men, older marry men. That was until the one man that has her thinking of breaking all the rules.

Yes, this is an amazing short. It spoke to my daddy issues. Yes, i do have a few older men that i would love to help with those issues. I loved how she had simple rules and stuck by them. I do wish this was a full length book because i feel cheated that this is a short.

Killer Dom by S. Valentine.
Reid has fantasies that he takes litteral. He likes his woman timid and easily overpowered. But with Brandy he may have met his match.

I would have to say that i can totally see why this short is in this anthology. It touches a deep dark part of my. The opening to this book sucked me in and wouldn't let me go. I loved how the tables were turned. I loved it.

Another Last Chance by Zack Halford.
What do you do when you are about to lose it all? Well you participate in a fantasy that will eventually help you die on your own terms. That is what Hal anticipated. He was ready to go out on his own terms, but only it all comes crashing down.

I liked this book because it brings fantasy and a way to go on your terms. It was kind of beautiful actually, well it was until well I'm not going to say. This book held betrayal, love, loss, and having it all till it all comes crashing down.
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54 reviews
February 13, 2017
Rose are red.
Violets are blue.
Actually, f*ck the flowers and grab this book.
I guarantee it has something for you!

Holy smokes ladies, Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up is SCORCHING HOT! (Excuse me while I fan myself) This anthology features 14 original and panty melting stories that expose hidden desires, push boundaries, and will leave you panting and begging for more!

These short stories are exploding with raw, dark, and gritty love. Each one of them is packed with delicious demands and dripping with sinful temptations and forbidden passion. Each author's story is unique and addicting. Every single page is bursting with emotion, lust, want, and greed. Mystery and danger lurks within, along with dirty secrets that will leave you on the edge of your seat and totally breathless.

If you are looking for a sexy book, written by amazing authors whose words sizzle off of the pages, then pick up Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up! Sometimes, it's good to be a little bit naughty! ;)
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379 reviews1 follower
February 15, 2017

This title is so fitting, I am so upset here I am reading Darkness Consumed by Ariel Marie and I just want to scream, the storyline is captivating, the plot suspenseful and just when I want more there is a cliffhanger. Now I have to guess what happens with Arissa and Ryland, so not fair, I'm rooting for this couple, the chemistry is there. The other stories in the book are also good. I volunteered to read an ARC from the author
Profile Image for SouthernAngel.
1,621 reviews9 followers
February 15, 2017
This Anthology of fourteen different romance short stories from various authors has a wide variety of genres. It is impossible to review each individually, that would make this review to long, but there is something for everyone, contemporary, erotic, paranormal, all with twists and turns, hot sexy alpha men, steamy sex scenes, humor.
I voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this anthology.
Profile Image for Alyson Hale.
Author 10 books138 followers
September 12, 2019
I know my review is a little biased ;) But hear me out!

I've had the pleasure of not only writing a story for this anthology, but reading a bunch of the others, and let me tell you...these are going to burn your panties off! We've got sexy alpha males galore and more fun than you can handle in one book. You won't regret picking this one up!

Easy 5 stars! I wish I could give these awesome authors more credit...they are amazing!!
Profile Image for Katie.
2,131 reviews11 followers
February 28, 2017
Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up: An Anthology – Various Authors

4 star review

Read and reviewed on behalf of 2 girls who love books blog.

Fourteen Shades of F*cked up is a compilation of short stories by 14 different authors all wrapped up in one anthology! I love reading anthologies because it allows me to read short stories by some brand new authors! I was also excited to see that an author I really like had a story included too! The stories were all completely different and whilst I liked some more than others they were all 4 or 5 star reads! I loved that a couple of them I can also go and find to continue the story. The stories in this anthology covered a wide range of dark and erotic situations and there’s a story in there for everybody!

Petition Denied by Alyson Hale!
This was a great opening story about a husband who is shocked to receive divorce papers from his wife in the post! He decides to use his powers of persuasion to change her mind! There is a deeper meaning to this story which I loved finding out about!

Darkness Consumed by Ariel Marie
I loved this story! I always love a story with a strong female lead and Arissa was certainly that in this one! Arissa is an assassin who meets Ryland on a night out! He is her escape from her crazy life but trying to make a relationship work is going to be tricky for them! This was one of the longer stories in the anthology and I loved that it ended on a cliff-hanger! I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Excitable by Brittney Coon
This was a great short story! It is about Ember who co-owns an exclusive club where she brings out the deepest fantasise of her clients! Whilst trying out a new club with her friend she finds herself put up for auction and Luca claims her! How will it work when two Doms try to play?

Consensual by Cristina Slough
This short story is about Erica and Michael who find themselves stuck in their marriage and try and spice things up! Except when push comes to shove can they really go through with it? I will admit that this maybe wasn’t my favourite out of the book but I still enjoyed reading it. It was well written, had a good pace and good characters.

F*cking Addicted by J. A. Kerr
I’m still on the fence a little about this story but that’s not to say it was bad in any way! I think that it’s just sometimes hard to connect with characters when the story is so short. I still enjoyed it nonetheless. The story is about Keira and Aiden who meet at a meeting for people with addictions.

Forever Promises by J. L. Baldwin
This one I liked! It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting! It was about Elijah and Beatrice who are destined to be together forever. She is the mate to the other half of his demon soul. I liked the paranormal element of this story which is unusual for me as it is not a genre I really read but I did like it!

A Strange and Distant Safety by Jennifer Loring
Unfortunately I have to say that this was the story I liked the least and that’s only because I don’t like M/M stories. It was however really well written for a short story and if you are a fan of this genre then you will like this story!

Wicked Games by Lilly James
This was one of the darker stories in the anthology and it was a good read. It’s about Ivy and Lyle who are both messed up! They like to share wicked games!

Affliction by Marie Skye
So I kind of loved this story! I love anything by this author and I wasn’t disappointed in this story at all! It was dark and a whole lot naughty! I can’t wait to read the rest of the story because I need to know what happens next!!!

Story of Us by ML Rodriguez
Wow this story had twists and turns galore! I for one did not see the ending coming! It was a fast paced story and it certainly has the potential for more! I know I would definitely read a longer version of it!

Her Mistake by N. Mills
I LOVE a biker story and this one was no exception! It was a really great story and one of the slightly longer ones in the book which I am really grateful for because it may be my favourite!! I think I may have lost my heart to Trick!!

Miss X by Quinn
I think it’s safe to say that this story definitely belongs in an anthology with the name of this one! It was hard to make my mind up about it until I got to the end and everything becomes a little bit clearer. It was a good short story and I enjoyed reading it. I have to admit my heart did break a little bit for the characters at the end of it! This story has the biggest plot twists ever!

Killer Dom by S. Valentine
Well this one was different! This one certainly belongs in this anthology! It was a good little read and something different to what I would usually read! Brandy and Reid were certainly a match for each other and there were a couple of good twists!

Another Last Glance by Zack Halford
The final story in the book was a good one – again not something I would normally read but it had an interesting twist at the end. I certainly didn’t see it coming anyway!

If you are looking for an introduction to some new authors then I would definitely recommend this book. They stories are all different and there is something for everybody! Whilst I didn’t enjoy all of them it was nice to be introduced to new authors by being able to just read a short amount of their work! I definitely recommend this book and give it an overall 4 stars!

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40 reviews
November 4, 2017
Title is accurate. This book will curl your toes, for better or for worse...
Profile Image for Amy Shelton.
427 reviews10 followers
February 28, 2017
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibraian – I Dig Good Books
Wowsa! This book was filled with all sorts of dirtiness and I have to admit it made this girl blush over and over. As an anthology of course there are multiple different types of short stories but the theme was the same; dirty, sexy, fantasies, dark. Prepare yourself for some awesomeness when you finally get your hands on these stories!
The collection of different authors that entered a story to be told in this anthology is absolutely amazing. They all have their own little twist on writing, but there wasn’t one story that I didn’t enjoy for one reason or another. The different types of short stories are another reason that kept me reading. It was like opening a surprise gift, what surprise could be on the next page.
If you’re not a fan of descriptive sex scenes, okay let me rephrase, scorching hot sex scenes at times, then back away slowly. However, if that’s your thing, dive in head first, you’ll absolutely love these stories.
A few of my favorites were: Petition Denied, Excitable, Story of Us, Her Mistake, Miss X, and Another Last Glance. I loved all of them but these particular stories were some of my favorites and stuck out when I finished them all.
If you have a little dark and dirty in you somewhere, get a copy of this anthology, you’ll enjoy it and thank me later!
*A Copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.
Profile Image for Sassy Southern Book Blog.
3,854 reviews219 followers
February 14, 2017

This book is filled with so many good stories. It has a variety to read. Something to scratch your itch in erotic. Some I liked more then others and will definitely look into continuing some of them. It gives you just enough of the story to hook you. I was introduced to so many new authors that I haven't read yet and so glad that I have now. I would recommend this book to everybody 18+.
Profile Image for Chelsi Tauscher.
Author 11 books27 followers
February 18, 2017
There is definitely something in this anthology for everyone.

Some stories were super easy reads, enjoyable and...entertaining to say the least. There was one I didn't enjoy much, but that's not to say it won't be someone else's cup of tea.

Grab this anthology, you'll love something about it.
Profile Image for Kevina.
78 reviews30 followers
February 18, 2017
*received an arc for an honest review*

Sexy, fiery, forbidden, gamechanger!
Profile Image for Reading with 2 book lovers.
3,031 reviews38 followers
February 8, 2017
wow what a read, i loved all the different hot and panty melting stories by different romance authors. what an amazing read. i highly recommend grabbing this anthology up.
M.L Rodriguez knocked this out of the park with a different story then she is used to writing. loved the whole book, fantastic work by a bunch of different authors.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book
2,617 reviews22 followers
March 11, 2017
this book was amazing! with all the sexy short stories by these awesome authous. it has some many different sexy scenes in this book! it will keep you wanting to read until the end. thanks for giving me a chance to read this book!
Profile Image for Jenny  (Jenz Book Jewels).
418 reviews16 followers
February 16, 2017
I have only read the part by S Valentine's Killer Dom but I will update as I read the book:

This a very different from the other books that I have read by S Valentine. It has a dark side of BDSM with no limitations and safe words mean absolutely nothing. 
Reid is seriously hot but under his professional suits he's a bad boy with tattoos. A vey bad boy but be prepared and expect the unexpected! 
Profile Image for Shannon R. Nemechek.
Author 42 books1,327 followers
February 14, 2017
I received a copy of this anthology through the Quill and Ink Tour Review Team in exchange for a fair and honest review..... it is definitely a great read the authors delivered on a F&*ked up Valentine's Day thank you
Profile Image for Kristan Anderson.
268 reviews
February 17, 2017
First of all this is absolutely 18+, you read the name, you know what it's about. Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up is a collection of stories written by, you guessed it, fourteen talented and deliciously dirty minded authors. If you are not in the mood to be turned on I suggest you don't read this until you are. Each story has its own personal crazy twist and not a single one of them are the same, good. All of the authors do such an amazing job turning you on and make you wanting more. Good thing I just starts all over, fourteen magnificent times.

Petition Denied by Alyson Hale is about a husband and wife, Anton and Lana, who have been having some issues. After Lana sends her attorney hubby a petition for divorce, Anton makes sure she remembers she is loved and cherished. Will she be able to handle the bondage? Will their marriage be saved?

Darkness Consumed by Ariel Marie is about a super awesome assassin, Arissa, who accidently breaks her own rule, no strings attached. After she lets her one night stand with Ryland turn into a sporadically regular thing, how is she going to handle this. I need to know what else happens here!!

Excitable by Brittney Coon was one of the most interesting, I’ll say. Take a dominate man and a woman who kneels to no man and put them in a room. What is going to happen? Battle of the sexes, or really battle of the dominate. Is there more because there needs to be.

Consensual by Cristina Slough introduces us to Michael and Erica, a husband and wife duo who are missing the spark of lust. After having kids and settling down way more than they thought they decided to check out a swing house. They make their rules and head out for a night of fun. Or not? Is this too much for them to handle?

F*cking Addicted by J.A. Kerr give us two addicts Keira and Aiden. This story is full of a whole lot of steamy sex. The connection between the two is obvious, have they found their new addiction? Is this a bad idea, this is probably a bad idea, right?

Forever Promises by J.L Baldwin is a paranormal little number about a demon, Elijah and his wife Beatrice. The pair have their share of demons, or secretes they they’ve kept to themselves. Will they be able to love one another after everything is uncovered?

A Strange and Distant Safety by Jennifer Loring shows us Taylor’s story of self-discovery and exploration. He was kidnapped but is this the worst thing that’s happened, or everything he’s needed and wanted? What a story.

Wicked Games by Lilly James is a story about the crazy toxic relationship between Lyle and Ivy. [I don’t really know what else to say because I’m not sure that I have completely recovered from this.] Their story definitely lives up to the title.

Affliction by Marie Skye tells the conflicting tale between Killian and Alegra. Killian is a doctor who is also a professor and he’s a bit of a crab. Alegra walks into class and becomes the insta-target. But what’s this, her last name? Oh crap, she belongs to THAT family, the family that ruined his life.

Story of Us by ML Rodriguez is secrets upon secrets between Adelina and Cristian. This whole thing was a complete what just happened. It was so captivating and I read it too fast because I just wanted to know what was going to come of it. Not what I was expecting, but that’s the best kind of ending.

Her Mistake by N Mills shows us that you can really meet anyone at the library. Jezabella is a librarian who is not fond of her job and has to sometimes play the adult to her own mother. Trick is the bad boy biker than rides into her life but for just one night. But is that it?

Miss X by Quinn is a story that is full of lies and deception. Lane, or maybe Jane, is the one person you hope your significant other stays far far away from, the mistress. This is not just a one man thing, this is a job. Until Damien, something is different. Something seems, off. What a surprize ending.

Killer Dom by S. Valentine is a story that I can honestly say I read with wide eyes the whole time. Reid is a Dominate who is trying to pursue Brandy to be his. Is it going to be that easy? Will he scare her away, or is this something she hass fantasized about? Reid also enjoys hunting, a little bit of anything, what is that about?

Another Last Glance by Zack Halford brings us Hal. What would you do if you were incredibly rich and dying? What if you had a chance to go out in the coolest and most fulfilling way? That’s exactly what Hal plans to do. Is he going to get everything he wants?

Each story is just long enough to captivate you and then plunge you into the next one. Unfortunately, that's the only flaw, the authors write so well that just when it gets juicy, pun intended, the end is near. Never to fear though, there's more where that came from.
If you need a little me time, definitely give this a try, find out your limits and live your wild fantasies. After all, none of us will judge.
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184 reviews14 followers
February 19, 2017
4 Stars
Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up
An Anthology

This anthology is a series of short stories about love loss and mind blowingly great sex. The varying authors and writing styles keep it fresh without it seeming like the same story over and over.

Petition Denied by Alison Hale is about a big hot shot lawyer who has lost touch with his wife of 6 years. He comes home one day to a divorce decree in his mailbox and his wife telling him she wants out. Before he signs the papers he declares she give him one night, what could it hurt?

Darkness Consumed by Areil Marie is a story of Arissa a hired assassin one of the best actually she is the third generation and started in the family business at 16. When assigned her new mark she goes to tail him at the bar he is known to hang out in but she soon realizes he isn’t there. No matter because Ryland is, and she decides instantly she is going home with him. Exchange first names only I mean one night stand why not, but Arissa can't stay away.

Excitable by Britney Coon is about Phoenix and her night club Damned Diamonds except it isn't your typical night club, guys can come and get their every desire taken care of for one night. When a new club opens up close by Phoenix is dared to visit by her best friend a business partner Zoe. At the club Phoenix gets auctioned off for a weekend for 1 million dollars to a steel tycoon, soon we learn what happens when two doms meet.

Consensual by Cristina Slough follows one couples journey into swinging after all the passion is gone from their marriage. Once they agree to it they head to the meeting place it will only be Erica doing it she will get to live out her ultimate fantasy being with another woman, and Michael gets to watch. Soon enough Erica is given enough confidence to tell Michael what really needs to happen.

Addicted by J.A. Kerr is about a sext addict and attention addict and what happens when their worlds collide in a seedy hotel room. Keira gets off on attention so going to AA meetings and making up stories is her drug. Aiden is a sex addict who can't control himself he sleeps with everyone including the maid at home, he goes to meetings to feel better about himself. They have met their match in each other and their insatiable sexual appetites.

Forever Promises by J.L. Baldwin follows Elijah a demon and his wife Beatrice whom he loves dearly and the would be attacker, the guy breaks into rape her in her own fantasy except it all goes south when Elijah feigns interest. Soon enough though their passion is back and in full swing of each other. Though Elijah has a secret and wants to tell his wife. He gets to the mystery room and loses his nerve he compels her to forget and sneaks in while she is asleep, she doesn’t forget and he is forced to reveal his secret.

A Strange and Distant Safety by Jennifer Loring follows Taylor a guy kidnapped and dumped by an abandoned warehouse where he will soon be fully aware of just who he is and what he wants. He is taken an and sexually tortured to come to terms with just who he really is. Then he comes face t face with his dom.

Wicked Games by Lilly James is about Ivy and Lyle she fell from grace and lyle picked her up gave her a job at his strip club and soon she was falling in love with him. According to Lyle their relationship is nothing more than a business transaction with great sex. He tells her what to wear where to go and what to do, and who to sleep with and end, though Ivy has had enough of Lyles controlling ways and she knows just how to end it.

Affliction by Marie Skye is about Killian and adjunct professor who hates teaching and Alegra Clyper who shouldn’t be in his class due to the feud going on between the families. Though Killian cannot stop thinking about her and what he wants to do to her. She shows up at his doorstep in the middle of the storm of the century and all his thoughts come to life as he takes her just how he wanted to. After she doesn’t show for class the next day Killian cancels class and goes in search of her when he finds her he decides that she must be spared.

Story of Us by ML Rodriguez, Adelina is struggling with forgiving her husband but as she walks into his office she knows it won't happen. Adelina has learned love though in her beloved Christian, he was her first true love and in other ways. Though his love was earned through a measure of deceit, he promised he would never lie to her again, though it appears that's not true.

Her Mistake by N. Mills Jezebel was a small town librarian wanted nothing to do with the crazy life her mother did enough of that for her, though when the mysterious biker guy came in looking for law books, she agrees to date of sorts only after he has removed a mystery cable from under the hood of her car. The date ends up in crossfire from a local biker gang where she helps return fire. All it took was one night to turn her simple life upside down.

Miss X by Quinn As a mistress she gives men what their wives can't, and men give her a lot in return, money nice things and a vow of secrecy. There is one man though that she cannot live or breathe without, but he is married so their stolen moments have to be enough. Until him. While out with her bff Tiff she gets knocked out of her seat and wears her drinks and the rain drops covering Mr tall dark and handsome. He learns just how to push her buttons break her and put her back together and that scares her more than anything.

Killer Dom by S. Valentine Reid MAsters openly admits he likes to hurt people but it appears no one realizes just how serious he is in his admittance. His therapist is just certain that it is just fantasies. Brandy is his latest target he needs to dominate. He wines and dines her and takes her back to his place, thinking he is going to shock her with his torture chamber once he gets to his house. If only he knew just how well she could play his games.

Another Last Glance by Zack Halford when you are dyring and have all the money you need in the world what do you do other than find a way to go out in style. By paying billions of dollars to experience death by orgasm. But what happens when paradise isn't quite as good as you think?
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December 28, 2017
Fourteen shades of five-star reading, this anthology is full of great reads, most of them are worthy of five stars, a couple only four, but the whole thing together is amazing. I wanted to read this anthology as it has one of authors that I one click everything they publish. So, I wanted to check this out as soon as I heard about it. Its suitable for over 18’s only as some content is explicit.
Petition Denied by Alyson Hale – When Anton Law is served he doesn’t think anything about it, as a lawyer he gets served lots, but when he realises its divorce papers by his wife Lana Grace Law out of the blue his blood runs cold. When he agrees to sign on one condition she agrees. One night she is at his mercy, will one night be enough to change her mind? Or will he break her once and for all?
Darkness Consumed by Ariel Marie – tells the story of Arissa Knight a lady who enjoys her job a little too much. Especially when you consider her job is killing people. Her job has left its mark on her body, in the form of tattoos to remind her of her most memorable jobs. She is an independent woman who doesn’t need a man, until she meets Ryland, then after one night her life is changed. The question is how will the story end?
Excitable by Brittney Coon – She is usually known as the powerful one, as part owner of Dammed Diamond with the stage name Ember she works as a Dominant, but one night when her appointment gets cancelled she goes to a new club with her friend Zoe, and Zoe signs her up to be auctioned off, for a lot of money for one weekend of her time. Only problem she was sold as a Submissive to a dominant male, as we known two dominants in a room just makes for a battle of the wills. Will they both come out the other side?
Consensual by Cristina Slough – Erica and Michael have lost the spark in their relationship, the first time in ages they get frisky they get interrupted, when Erica is bemoaning this to her friend she gets a surprise with what her friend tells her she does to keep the spark in their relationship. Her friend Julia tells her that every third Tuesday of the month they go to a house and swing, but will that help them get the big spark back? Or will it cause the little spark to fizzle out?
F Addicted by J.A. Kerr - When sex addict Aiden meets a woman in Therapy, who is addicted to Lying they hit it off immediately. Despite the fact that all he can think about is getting her naked and she can’t seem to tell the truth even about her own name, is that any way to start a relationship? Or do they even want a relationship? Would it work between two addicts anyhow?
Forever Promises by J.L. Baldwin – When a man has a knife to Elijah’s wife Beatrice throat he tells him to kill her, she’s a lousy wife any way, he doesn’t mean it. When the intruder ends up dead, they end up in bed, but that is surely the way of five-hundred-year-old demons, like Elijah. He keeps trying to keep her safe, but maybe she is stronger than he realises. Only time will tell.
A Strange and distant safety by Jennifer Loring – When Taylor gets abducted off the street, he thinks that he’s going to be killed by his hooded captor, when he questions his captor about how he knows his name, they reveal that they know lots about him, and he will in turn learn lots about himself. Things he hasn’t dared admit to anyone, least of all himself.
Wicked Games by Lilly James – Lyle and Ivy met through work when he gave her a job at his strip club, but their relationship soon developed into something more. Between the sex and drugs their relationship becomes toxic. Will they become so toxic that they detonate or will they just keep matching each other and egging the other on?
Affliction by Marie Skye – Prominent Doctor Killian Kingston is a very complicated man; he has certain things he likes to do, he like to inflict pain, and when a student arrives in his class with the name Alegra Clyper, he knows he should stay far, far away from her as his family and the Clyper family have a very long and complicated history. His family want them all dead. But family history sometimes means nothing when sex is involved. What happens next will reveal many things, like if they can each enjoy the pain and pleasure that it brings? And how far will you go for family?
Story of us by ML Rodriguez – Adelina and Christian meet when she is “Engaged” to another man, and he is having a very rubbish month after discovering his girlfriend in bed with a someone from his class, he keeps pursuing her with chocolates and flowers, until she eventually succumbs to his charms. Will he be the last man to ever bring her the pleasure he has given her now? Or will he do something that will shatter their dreams.
Her mistake by N. Mills -With a name like Jezabelle I expect you get used to people reacting a certain way with you, when a biker comes into the library looking for law books she tells him where they are and leaves him too it. When the hot Biker turns up again the following day, asking her out again, and again. Jezabelle wants a normal life after a childhood that’s best described as dysfunctional but a tall hot Biker has other plans.
Miss X by Quinn – Miss X describes herself as a mistress, the woman wives try to keep their husbands from, she usually gets called a home wrecker, whore and many other wicked names. She likes when she gets from married men, she gets the money and a good lay without having to deal with the drama, she likes an older man who knows what he’s doing and when she meets one who is strangely familiar she starts something with him, when he reveals something to her it will change everything for her forever.
Killer Dom by S. Valentine – Reid likes to hurt women, he tells his therapist this and tells her that he has “Dreams” about 3 times a week, he likes to hunt, birds he tells everyone but is that all he hunts? He usually meets women takes them home and then does what he wants to them, until that is he meets is match.
Another last glance by Zack Halford – If you had more money than you would ever need, but were told that you have a terminal diagnosis, what would you do for your final days? Would you give it all up to have endless ecstasy? But what if all you wanted was one last minute with his true love? But what if something is too good to be true?
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February 26, 2017

Fourteen Shades of F*cked up was a great 5 star read.

Petition Denied - Alyson Hale:
Anton is shocked when he is served with papers, he’s even more shocked to find out who was serving him. Lana is tired of being a trophy wife, she want’s more. When Anton discovers the reason behind the petition he is determined to prove her wrong.

Darkness Consumed - Ariel Marie
Arissa is a very deadly woman who ends up meeting Ryland when her mark doesn’t show up.
Needless to say that these two have quite the connection and just when things start to kick in, things get complicated very fast. Will Ry be able to help Arissa? This read ends in one heck of a cliff hanger.

Excitable - Brittney Coon:
We meet Ember (Phoenix) who owns Damned Diamond, a club that services some very high end clients. Her best friend Zoe talks her into going to a new kink club and finds herself being auctioned off for the weekend. Little does she know that she is about to be challenged big time. She is a dominant and has just been bought by Leo who is also a dominant. Who will be the first to submit? Needless to say things get very hot and steamy and there is a great ending.

Consensual - Cristina Slough:
Erica is a mom looking for a break but she has trust issues when it comes to people watching her children. I want to act like a dirty little whore once in awhile She is feeling a disconnect with her husband and is missing their crazy sexcipades. Than she gets one heck of a suggestion to get their sex life on track. Michael’s excited but it feels wrong. Will these two get what they are looking for?

F*cking Addicted - J.A. Kerr:
We meet Keira a liar who is addicted to attention and drama. Aiden is a sex addict and catches on to Keira’s BS and is very attracted to her. These two end up in a hotel room and let’s just say it was a very hot scene. Aiden and Keira are both confused about how they are feeling. Can they help each other with their addictions?

Forever Promises-J.L. Baldwin:
Beatrice is turned on by danger and being scared. Her husband Elijah is a demon and if he loses control he could hurt her badly. He fed off her fear. He craved it more than anything. When Beatrice discovers his secret things get very interesting. We end with a possible to be continued.

A Strange and Distant Safety-Jennifer Loring:
Taylor finds himself abducted and in a warehouse.being tortured. Fear is how we get to know ourselves. Pain is how we understand and appreciate pleasure. Taylor’s experience opens his eyes to a few things.

Wicked Games-Lilly James:
Lyle is a very hot and dangerous alpha male who Ivy is addicted to. He’s a gangster, the worst of the worst, but I am his ride-or-die chick Let’s just say that these two are very twisted and are made for each other.

Affliction-Marie Skye:
Killian is a professor who when he sees his student Alegra, is instantly attracted to her. The problem is she is a Clyper. Killian is a sadist with a dark soul and a need for revenge. There is a twist I didn’t expect which leaves a cliffhanger.

Story of Us-ML Rodriguez:
Adelina has an arranged marriage, however while out with her best friend Olivia she meets Christian. Christian is determined to prove they are meant for each other. I’ll never meet another Adelina; that I know for a fact. And because of that, she will be mine.
What will happen when Adelina discovers Christian's secret? The epilogue leaves us in a cliffhanger.

Her Mistake-N.Mills:
Jezabelle works in the library and at times gets calls for help from her mother. While at work she meets a hot biker named Trick who screams trouble. What she thought was going to be a quick bike ride turns into so much more. Jezabelle was a very strong character and stood her ground, I really liked her.

Miss X-Quinn:
Jane has an addiction to older men, especially after her boyfriend's father took her V card. There’s something about an older man and how they can use their D. Then she meets Damien, who turns her world upside down. There is a huge unexpected twist that was very unexpected.

Killer Dom-S. Valentine:
Reid likes to hurt women and than kill them, he has several issues from his past that have made him this way. Brandy is out for a little fun when she meets Reid, and let's just say things are not as they seem. There is a big twist that added a great element to the story.

Another Last Glance-Zack Halford:
Hal has signed an agreement that has put him into a fantasy while on his journey to death. There is a huge twist that definitely wasn’t expected.

This was a great compilation of short stories, It gives you an opportunity to read several authors. Some were new to me and others I was very familiar with. I was pleasantly surprised with the mixture. There are several hot and steamy moments. If you're looking for a great miss of short stories I suggest you 1-click and get started today.

Alpha Book Club
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Reviewed by MAustin from Alpha Book Club
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February 16, 2017
14 Shades anthology 5 stars X 14!
Who needs 50 Shades when 14 is clearly enough!! This anthology is erotic, dirty, hot, deviant. It promises no judgement for your preferences, fetishes, or desires. This is Fourteen shades of hot. Fourteen shades of yummy. Fourteen shades of O.M.G! Some of the stories could lead to more. Some stories were more! I can’t complain about a single one.

Story 1 is called Petition Denied by Alyson Hale. It is about a husband and wife. And like all good, long marriages, communication is key. However, the wife, Lana wonders if divorce is the answer to their relationship differences. Anton, the husband, has a different way he wants to handle the situation. There’s a shirt circulating on social media that says “every girl wants a guy with a little Christian Gray in him.”

Story 2 is called Darkness Consumed by Ariel Marie…This is about bad girl Arissa, who kills for a living. She meets a guy, Ryland, who turns out to be the love of her life. But how can this possibly work? Great start to a what should be an amazing story! Cannot wait for the rest of this!

Story 3 is Excitable by Britteny Coon. This could easily be the best story ever. I really hope there is more to this one! What could possibly happen when two doms get together!? A sure battle of the wills!

Story 4 is Consensual by Cristina Slough and is about husband and wife duo of Michael and Erica. But holy moly the names could be changed to be my life. Married with kids and no time to do anything dirty! This couple is feeling like they are drifting apart. Together they decide to check out the local swing house. After a night of fantasy will their marriage survive? Have they changed too much? Another 5-star story!

Story 5 is called F*cking Addicted by JA Kerr. This story is as hot as it can get for two young addicts. No drugs or alcohol needed. Just a whole lot of sex! This story kept me turning the pages and has me wondering if there will be more of Keira and Aiden.

Story 6 is Forever Promises by JL Baldwin. This story tells about our friend the demon, Elijah. Elijah has a secret from his wife and mate of over 20 years. When she finds out what he is keeping from her will she send him to a fiery death? Great immortal intro that could lead to a series if Baldwin desires.

Story 7 is A Strange and Distant Safety by Jennifer Loring. “The truth is that I’m tired of pretending. He may have kidnapped me, but I’ve been waiting for him my whole life. Someone to steal me from my commonplace life. To save me from it.” I have no other words for this very deep, revealing, crazy story that I loved!

Story 8 called Wicked Games is by Lilly James. What the What?!?!! Wicked Games indeed! Wow! “Our love is based on flaws and scars not romance and hearts.” This story is about Lyle and Ivy, with a few minor characters thrown in. These two love to hate each other, they degrade each other, their relationship is toxic. I wonder if there will be more outside of this anthology. Will they get what they deserve!?

Story 9 is called Affliction by Marie Skye. Ooohhhh that Marie Skye. She is so good. She loves to give it to the reader! This story is no less than intriguing, hot and captivating. My only response to this story is MORE MORE MORE! There is a secret or a feeling of something else in this story only it is never revealed. Killian is a professor at a college and a doctor. He has a vendetta against the Clyper family for killing his parents and sister. He doesn’t expect the unknown of Alegra Clyper. I cannot wait to read the rest of this story!

Story 10 Story of Us by ML Rodriguez. Rodriguez is another new to me author from this anthology. And what the what!?! Rodriguez’s writing has pulled me in, grabbed me and has not let go! #neversawthatendingcoming This story is about Adelina and Cristian and so many secrets and lies are in play throughout this story.

Story 11 is a story called Her Mistake by N. Mills and is the only biker story in this anthology. But what makes it even better is that it is hot and sweet. A biker vs librarian story. There’s all kinds of action and mystery! I look forward to seeing where Mills takes Trick and Jezabelle. (Love these names!)

Story 12 Miss X by Quinn This story is a good reason the anthology has the name it does! This story is about Lana or Jane and Damien or Michael. No one tells the truth in this story or so it seems. Which is just the first of the fourteen shades of effed up this story is!

Story 13 is Killer Dom by S. Valentine. This story while quite deadly, it was funny in a twisted sort of way. Karma rules this story in my opinion. Brandy and Reid are perfect!

Story 14- Another Last Chance by Zack Halford. Wow, last but certainly not least is a story that is a complete mind screw! Hal is richer than anyone, has more power that anyone and is dying. He wants to go out on his terms and is with a new program he can go out in ecstasy. But greed and lust fill this crazy story and there are plot twists waiting on every turn of the page.

I can’t believe that I have found 12 (of the 14) new to me authors all in one place! This anthology is definitely for the 18 and over crowd...maybe even the even older crowd! The title kind of tells you just how this anthology is going to go, but you really have no idea!
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February 25, 2017
This anthology has the WTF moments mixed with steamy scenes. If you want those twisted quick stories with a little romance this is your go-to!

Darkness Consumes By Ariel Marie

This is the first time we see Ariel not right about anything paranormal, but instead we get an assassin. Yup you heard right we got a female killer and she loves what she does. Arissa enjoys the thrill of getting her target and hunting her prey. Until one day her target gets wind that he is being hunted and runs, but she is already there in location to seduce her prey. Yet with no target in sight, she finds a new mark to entertain her for the night. She has simple runs don’t get attached because there won’t be another night. Ryland on the other hand wants more from the secretive blonde. There is this push and pull between the two and everything is put on the line when you are a killer.

Ariel, why! Yes, this introduction to a story ends just when the story starts to get good. However, I know when this story does hit it will be amazing like every other Ariel story. Cant wait to continue this plot with Arissa and Ryland.
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February 17, 2017
What's not to love about this book? You get fourteen short stories for the price of one. The only thing I wish was to have more. I just could not get enough. It's very hard for me to pick which stories were my favorites so I decided to pick my top three.

Forever Promises- Loved it! Absolutely loved it! Loved the relationship between Elijah and Beatrice. Loved how she loved him so deeply despite his darkness.

F*cking Addicted- Holy Hotness! For this short story I suggest a change of panties. My girlie parts kept clenching. It was that hot. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Affliction- First thought right off the bat was Killian was a HUGE asshole. But with in reading the first couple lines I wanted more. More of his assholeness and more of his story.
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February 15, 2017
This Anthology has a little bit of everything for everyone, sexy alpha males, strong women, forbidden passions, boundaries pushed, greed and dirty little secrets. This is a great way to read different authors and get a taste of how they write. I now have new to me authors that I'm excited to read more books from. I highly recommend this anthology.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book through Quill and Ink for an honest review.
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522 reviews
August 17, 2017
Review for Darkness Consumed:
Arissa is an assail and knows that she will never get the happy ending with a husband and kids and that white picket fence. But when she doesn't see her current target, she meets Ryland. She can't keep away from him and he falls for her. But will she be able to keep her secret from him for long? This was a to be continued story so I can't wait to read the full length novel!
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February 2, 2018
Review for Forever Promises by J.L. Baldwin

This story was cute and sweet. I know weird thing to say when talking about a demon. But, the love between Elijah and Beatrice was so wonderful, you could feel it like a second skin. If that makes any sense. I didn't want this story to end! It was short and could have so much added to it! I can't wait to read more!

I voluntarily agreed to read this story and this is my honest review!
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February 15, 2017
Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up: An Anthology is a collection of stories about pain, love, lust, struggles and being deprived. There is something for everyone in this collection. Find out how hot these stories really get!

Petition Denied by Alyson Hale is a story about a couple on the edge of divorce. They both are in love with each other so what is the problem? Find out if their marriage is worth saving? Will everything change from one night of passion?

Darkness Consumed by Ariel Marie is a story about an assassin who doesn't do relationships. Then she meets him. Will she change her mind? What is that keeps her going back to him? She is dangerous but does he know just how dangerous she really is?

Excitable by Brittany Coon is a story about two dominants. What happens when one dominant is sold to another? Will they make each other their own? Dominance is a powerful thing, who has the dominance in this situation?

Consensual by Christina Slough is a story about a couple that has come a slump in their marriage. They need something to change that. What will they do? When an opportunity comes up to join some swingers, will they take it? Is it what they need to get back on track with each other?

F*cking Addicted by J.A. Karr is a story about two sex addicts getting together. What will happens when they meet? Are they dangerous together? Will they satisfy their addictions?

Forever Promises by J.L. Baldwin is a story about a demon couple who have strong love for each other. One of the demons has a secret. Will it be revealed? What happens when the truth comes out? Is their love strong enough for what happens next?

A Strange and Distant Safety by Jennifer Loring is a story about a man who has been held captive. What is the real reason he is being held captive? Is his captor the key to his inner fantasy?

Wicked Games by Lilly James is a story about two people who have the most twisted relationship I have seen in awhile. Find out how toxic their relationship really is! Wicked Games is a fitting title for this couple.

Affliction by Marie Skye is a story about a doctor seeking revenge on his enemies. What will happen when one of the number one enemies comes in contact with him? He has a plan, will he follow it out?

Story of Us by ML Rodriguez is a story about being introduced to pleasure that you would never dream of feeling. See what happens when pleasure and revenge get mixed together for this couple. What will happen to them?

Her Mistake by N. Mills is a story about a woman who has tried to avoid everything that has been dysfunctional in her life. Then she meets him. Will he change her mind? Will her whole life change after meeting him?

Miss X by Quinn is a story about a woman who people call a whore, slut, a home wrecker. Then she meets him. What will she do? Is she willing let herself learn to how feel things she has shut out? Is he the one that will make her feel again?

Kill Dom by S. Valentine is a story about a twisted dom who meets his match. What will happen when they meet? Is there meeting by chance or was it planned? What will happen when roles get reversed? Are these two the same type of people?

Another Last Glance by Zack Halford is a story about a man who has spent his adult life chasing the most money, the most power and the most women. Now there is only one thing that he wants. Will he get what he wants? Will all the things that have haunted him take a back seat to what will happen next with him? What he does is a must see.

The authors in this anthology have created some hot, spicy, lusty stories that will draw you in to their world. You will find yourself relating to some more then others. You will want to read every single story without putting this book down. The authors have created fast page turners that will keep you reading. Some of these stories will surprise you and other will shock you. I love this anthology and I highly suggest you read it as I know you will love reading it as much as I have.
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1,554 reviews
February 15, 2017
4 Stars ****

Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up is an anthology made up of 14 short stories that will make you squirm in your seat and fan yourself to cool down. I am really looking forward to learning more from each of these authors and I am confident that you will not be disappointed when you read this anthology.

Petition Denied by Alyson Hale is a short story about the lengths that you will go to prove to your wife that you love her more than life itself. To overcome all doubts and show that true love can withstand all obstacles.

Darkness Consumed by Ariel Marie is a short story that will leave you wanting more. Literally it does leave in a cliffhanger that will leave you anxious for the rest of the story. Arissa is an assassin that knows better than to get close to Ryland but when she does, will she be ready for the consequences?

Excitable by Brittany Coon is a short story about Ember and Leo who have an instant connection but quickly have a battle of wills as they fight for dominance.

Consensual by Cristina Slough Erica and Michael are in a low point in their marriage where intimacy is something of the past. When they decide to spice things up and head to their first kink party. Will this be a new beginning or the bitter end for them?

F***ing Addicted by J.A Kerr is a short story about two sex addicts (Aiden and Keira) and the explosive chemistry between the two of them. Although they know that they are horrible for each other, they cannot fight the pull. Will they be able to handle the heat or will it consume them?

Forever Promises by J.L Baldwin is a paranormal story about Elijah and Beatrice are two demons that at one time loved each other like crazy but with emotional distance and secrets they are falling further apart. When everything is out on the table, will they be able to find their love again?

A Strange and Distant Safety by Jennifer Loring is a story about Taylor and his experience as a kidnappee. Not only did he get taken but there is so much more to the reason why than he thought. Will he be able to survive the journey of self-discovery? Or will this be what finally breaks him?

Wicked Games by Lilly James is a story about Ivy and Lyle and the serious toxic relationship that they have. While role-playing is one thing their relationship is manipulative and abusive. Wicked games indeed…

Affliction by Marie Skye Killian is a doctor that is teaching Organic Chemistry, he has a horrible temper and is angry pretty much all of the time. When Alegra Clyper walks into his classroom late, he starts to target her until he realizes that her family is his arch-nemesis. Will history repeat itself or will it be time to do something different?

Story of Us by ML Rodriguez is the story of Addie and Cristian and how their relationship starts with intentions of revenge and ends up a good love story. At least until the end when we get a serious twist…

Her Mistake by N. Mills Jezabelle is a librarian who leads a life full of chaos. She is constantly bailing her mom out of situations, she hates her job and to top it all off, she meets a bad boy at the library and cant stop thinking about him. They spend one night together and then weeks go by before she sees him again.. Will the one night be all he gets or will he show up to whisk her away again?

Miss X by Quinn Lana (aka Jane) is the woman that everyone hates, she is the one you want your husband to stay away from, and she is the mistress. Lana has always gone for older men and she is all to familiar with the saying “I will leave my wife for you” When she meets Damian she thinks it is more of the same, but with the major plot twist at the end, will either of them be able to move forward?

Killer Dom by S. Valentine is a story about Reid, who is a Dom (borderline sadist) and his journey to convince Brandy to be his. Will she run as far and fast as she can or will he unlock the desires hidden deep inside?

Another Last Glance by Zack Halford is about the lengths a person will go to when the realize that they are dying, making all of their fantasies come true.

This is a scoarching hot read that goes quickly but will leave you wanting more. I highly recommend that you one click this now!

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February 15, 2017
14 different stories by different authors, some new to me and some I already loved. Everyone had at least one twist and some of them more than one. It was hard to put the book down. Together you had it all - strong characters, well written stories and often very hot.... Puh! Have to fan myself.
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June 30, 2019
14 different stories.
Not with the same theme, all different, most of them hot.
Pity there were some with a cliffhanger, I just don't like these.
But there were enough who I did like.
Some where twisted, but most of them were hot.
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