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Reign of Secrets #2

Cage of Darkness

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While traveling to Fren, Allyssa and Odar are hijacked by a ruthless assassin who divulges a stunning secret that changes everything.

Trying to come to terms with this newfound revelation, Allyssa is taken to Russek and delivered into the hands of a malicious and twisted royal family. She finds herself an unwilling pawn in a risky political game that will either end with her death or the annihilation of her beloved kingdom. Unsure of where the lies end and the truth begins, she must survive the brutal family and escape the fortified castle, all the while coming to grips with her feelings for Odar.

In a kingdom filled with darkness, Allyssa enters a game where one wrong move means death, secrets hide around each corner, and it will take every ounce of cunning she has to survive.

316 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2016

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About the author

Jennifer Anne Davis

28 books1,014 followers
Jennifer Anne Davis graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in English and a teaching credential. She is currently a full-time writer. Jennifer is the recipient of the San Diego Book Awards Best Published Young Adult Novel (2013), winner of the Kindle Book Awards (2018), a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards (2014), and a finalist in the USA Best Book Awards (2014).

Visit Jennifer online at:


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422 reviews16.8k followers
April 27, 2018
Jennifer Anne Davis did not disappoint.

Cage of Darkness was an addictive adventure envelopped in darkness and horrors that made my heart pound throughout the story! My only complaint is the way the author handled the main romantic relationship, and I'm afraid that Odar's actions were out of character (and out of the blue, to be honest). I'm off to start Cage of Destiny!

- Full review will be posted if I manage to find free time (that's a huge if)! -
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660 reviews231 followers
February 26, 2018

EDIT: That does not seriously say 2017.

EDIT x2: Okay, I'm months late, but the cover. The COVER.


Okay, I liked book one better, but book two is still good. Review to come (assuming my college brain doesn't forget crossposting...).

EDIT: I moved to WordPress and now I have a review that posted. At last!

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Well, booklings, it’s that time again in which I slack off in reviews, forget about writing them and have trouble writing those reviews when I have to write the reviews (I could call off from the tour, but I already the book, so I might as well).

Cage of Darkness is the newest book by Jennifer Anne Davis and the second book in her Reign of Secrets series. The book is the sequel to Cage of Deceit , which, in my review for the blog tour last year, there is a massive cliffhanger. The actual review is hidden, so all you need to do is click on the letter, and it’ll expand. ^^ Of course, I haven’t checked up on that review in particular since BWT went through its latest makeover, so… I don’t know how the spoiler button will fare (it seems to work? I rarely use it now).

I adored Cage of Deceit a lot more than Cage of Darkness, but I liked it in its own regard when I didn’t compare it to its predecessor. Cage of Darkness brings back Princess Allyssa in all her kick butt glory as she and Prince Odar are forcibly taken on their journey to Fren by an assassin who takes her to Russek, where the royal family there is looking for revenge. Much like in the first book, Cage of Darkness focuses on court politics and intricacies involved, but in this sequel, the court politics are brought up a notch as new players are introduced.

One of my favorite things back in the first book was how Allyssa isn’t the “typical” princess - caring about the court, winning the hand of a prince, going to balls, etc. Allyssa snuck out at night and teams up with someone else just to bring down the criminals of Emperion, and she doesn’t care much about trying to win a prince’s hand. Cage of Darkness gives us a brief look at how she is outside of the court but focuses heavily on how she handles herself as a princess in another court despite the unpleasant conditions she faces.

The one thing that I am bothered with, however, is the romance between Allyssa and Odar. I totally ship the two of them. They’re both clever and strong willed, and they’ll make a great couple together. (Also, I am all about strong couples like Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows.) BUT…. this might just be a personal preference, but Allyssa kind of moves the relationship a little fast even when things are falling apart around them, thus keeping both at a distance from each other.
So far, she’d heard a lot about what the king and queen wanted, but nothing about what Odar did. “I love you and want to marry you. I thought you felt the same.” She folded her arms, trying to hold herself together.

But anyways, that might be a nitpicky personal thing. Other than that, Cage of Darkness lived up to all of my expectations as a sequel, and I am eagerly waiting for the third book to see what Allyssa goes through next.

This review was originally posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts
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1,735 reviews66 followers
April 7, 2017
Amazing, chilling, and heartbreaking! By the end of Cage of Darkness, I was just shaking my fist at the sky! This was my actual response “For the love! For the freaking love! I can’t even! When is the next book out?! So many emotions right now. For the love.” That was over two weeks ago and I am still shaking my head. I want a do-over on that ending, kidding.

At the start of the book Odar and Allyssa are in the hands of an assassin. At first they are unsure as to why he had taken them. It becomes apparent that he is delivering them to the kingdom of Russek. That is not a good thing and they are unsure what they should be expecting. It is during this trip that the assassin tells Allyssa who Jarvis really is and it is a slap in her face. This is the story where all the secrets come tumbling out and Allyssa is given no time to deal with the emotional fall-out with the reveals. Although she should have had some idea as Jarvis did try and tell her that he had something important that she needed to know.

Odar had created a masterful ruse and despite his feelings he was willing to use Allyssa as a pawn because he had his heart broken once. Great that he developed feelings for her but his deceit was truly cowardice in my opinion. Though I still adored his character and was thrilled with their emotional development. Allyssa deserved much happiness.

Which lasted for two pages, tops…kidding. They managed to give the assassin the slip but just landed in hotter water when they were taken by enemy soldiers who in turn turned the duo back over to the assassin, who just happened to be the step-son of the ruler of Russek. He is a truly despicable character whom I dislike immensely.

Once entering the kingdom of Russek things just take a turn for the worse. Alyssa is taken prisoner while Odar tries a political approach. I was feeling for Allyssa’s character throughout this book but, damn, things just became horrific for her. It was at this point that my feelings toward Odar started to turn. Not too happy with this character!

Allyssa was doing her best to survive and deception was at every turn, so when an unlikely ally came about, I was screaming for her not to trust them, trust no one….burn that place to the ground…oh wait, hmmmmm, yeah I went there. I know that I was on the edge about this turn in the plot but she needed to do what she could to survive. Although not everything was as it seemed, and the subterfuge did not ease up, but there was a conclusion to the horror and for that I was glad.

Now the ending, let’s just say that my heart is still a wee bit angry about those turn of events and I must read the next book now. This is not a HEA people but it is a cliffhanger that will leave you needing to know where the story is going next. All I can say was that this story was sooooooo good and I am in love with this series. It is a must read!

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Blog Tour, Good Choice Reading Promotions. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Find this review and more at The Genre Minx Book Reviews
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732 reviews76 followers
April 4, 2017
I am a huge of Jennifer Anne Davis. Her stories always captivate me and transport me to another world. I thoroughly enjoyed Cage of Deceit, but I have to say that Cage of Darkness blew me away! The book grabbed me from page one and did not let go. One of my favorites of the year. I cannot wait for the next book!
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245 reviews17 followers
May 2, 2017
Well... Dang it. Sooooooon of a horse. I read it... Waited so long to have it... And I finished it in less than a day.

*This may contain minor spoilers. I am upset so I cannot be trusted.*

This book was very dark. The title is perfect. I admire Jennifer's ability to "go there" by allowing terrible things to happen to Allyssa. I'm used to feeling confident that the main character will always be rescued before anything truly horrendous happens to them. That is not the case with this book. She has to endure things that I know I couldn't, and she gets stronger instead of allowing it to break her. Without spoiling anything, I'll offer a vague review of the new characters. I hated all of them. They are all stupid asshats and I want all of them dead.... The fact that I loathe these fictional characters so much just shows you how good the writing is. There is one new person that I love. And even tho a revelation left Allyssa (and me for that matter) sad... I'm excited with the twist that I didn't see coming.

If you know me, you know The Cage Of Deceit is my favorite book. It's rare to be able to say you know, without a doubt, what your "deserted on an island and you can only bring one book" book is. I could always say I knew. This one was even better.

Can it be November?
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1,007 reviews782 followers
Want to read
September 16, 2018
So I honestly almost forgot about this series until I got an email stating that the fifth book is coming out this December. To which my reaction was, "WHAT BOOK 5!? Where did the time go?" Lol, but anyways I remember really like the parent series and the first book of this one so I think I'm going to try and get back into this series soon.
No consistency, it seems there can be no consistency or continuity in series' book covers these days
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712 reviews51 followers
April 12, 2017
Warning: Do not read until you have read Cage of Deceit first. You are forewarned

When an assassin finds Odar and Allysa on the road to Fren, he takes them as POW's to Russek. Where all the turmoil and war is originating from. But along the way, Allysa finds clues about this assassin by the way the assassin is greeted and finds there to be some disgruntled people in Russek. Once there, the castle in the cold winter of Russek is dark and she ends up in the dungeon and tortured. Don't worry, nothing sexual!

There is a lot of violence but Russek is known for their barbaric ways. There is some revenge going on here too. And some real crazy revenge too! I am talking really cray cray here!

Along the way, Allysa finds the Prince of Russek to be kind and fair. He only acts different around his family. Which is Allysa's only saving grace.

By the end of the book, I was very sad and mad and totally needing book 3 now! I mean, we are just presented with another twist and bam the end! I want to see a happily ever after and so far it's not happening! But I know that is just the author's way to get you to read on. Still don't like it!

If you like action pack pacing, twists and turns that you didn't expect; people who try to do what is right; kick butt heroes; torture; desire to find love in a marriage; castles; horses; crazy family members; a book that acknowledges when people work out they actually get hot, stinky and sweaty; lost love;books that leave you hanging in the end and fantastic writing that keeps you on the edge of your seat this is it!
Profile Image for Rebecca.
2,579 reviews40 followers
April 4, 2017
Since the explosive ending for Cage of Deceit, I have been anxiously waiting to find out what would happen to Allyssa and Odar. Rest assured, there is no second book slump in this series. From the beginning moments, Cage of Darkness is action packed and never relents. I couldn't even bother to sleep, staying up late into the night to finish. There are numerous plot twists and alliances are constantly shattered and realigned. Cage of Darkness represents everything I enjoy in a YA fantasy series.

"Always remember, you are the leader of your own destiny."

Cage of Darkness is darker and more intense than anything I've read from Jennifer Davis. After the initial shock wore off, I was left feeling impressed. Allyssa was a tough heroine in Deceit, but she delivers on an entirely new level. She has to endure countless battles and events throughout, and it only strengthens her resolve. Her chemistry with Odar is as fiery as ever. Despite the violence and more somber feel, there is still plenty of banter and emotional moments. Allyssa continues to develop into a strong leader for her kingdom, and I especially admired her attitude in the closing moments.

"I'm not the girl I was before I came here. This place has changed me."

I cannot wait for the third installment of this series. All of my ships have sunk and my theories blown to pieces, but I relish truly not knowing what will happen next. If you are a YA fantasy fan, I recommend trying Reign of Secrets.
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413 reviews84 followers
March 4, 2021
This book was amazing. I liked it even more that the first one, and it had a very satisfying ending. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because of the romance situation we had going on. I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say that I was not happy with a certain someone, and it kind of ruined a part of the story for me. That person changed so much, and I really miss the person they were before.

I really enjoyed reading this book, but I think I'm getting a little burnt out on all these books about adventures in made up kingdoms with danger and romance and stuff. This is my third series that I've read that's like that, all by Jennifer Anne Davis, and all in a row, without any real breaks in between. I think I just need to switch up the genre, otherwise I really will get into a slump. But this book was amazing, and I'll pick back up with the rest of the series after a little bit.
Profile Image for Mona.
29 reviews
May 9, 2023
Odar is still dead to me and my goodness that really hurt.

You may ask what exactly hurt…
To which my response would be: ALL. OF. IT.
Profile Image for Dee/ bookworm.
1,345 reviews4 followers
May 3, 2021
I love this series, after I finished it I read it again!! Can't wait to start the next one.
Profile Image for Ivusha (Tenebien).
448 reviews11 followers
September 28, 2017
I don't even know what to say about this. It had all the flaws of the first book, plus it was boooooring. I didn't get much of an explanation for the characters' behavior and when I got something, it was unbelievable and superficial.
The master plan of getting rid of the antagonists was idiotic. The execution was poor and I got to dislike the main characters even more.
The only character that's interesting is Kerdan.
Why am I giving this 2 stars again?
Profile Image for Leah Alvord.
Author 2 books35 followers
October 21, 2017
This is a book that doesn't deceive. There is evil in this world, and Allyssa is unfortunate enough to meet some of the worst of it. It is also a reality in which she learns what it means to be powerless, but not helpless.


Ambushed on the road to Fren, Allyssa and Odar find themselves the responsibility of the lone assassin that had haunted their steps. He is a clever man who sees much more than they could wish, and whose threats drip with promise and an eagerness to follow through. It is from him that Allyssa is given a startling revelation that fractures what little trust she has left.

Dragged across the country, innocent facts pile atop the others as the mysterious assassin takes them deeper into enemy territory. Crossing the border into Russek seals Allyssa's fate, and she knows that she would rather die than be used to harm her parents or her country. Though a prisoner she might be, she's still willing to fight.

A choice that is taken out of her hands by a charismatic maneuver by Prince Odar. He swore he would do anything to keep her alive; he didn't say it wouldn't hurt.

Trapped in this world of darkness, Allyssa's hope is as transparent as glass, but it's still sharp enough to cut through the despair. All she has to do is hold out for something. Or someone.

Allies are found in the most unlikely of places, and they bring offers that sound too good to be true. They usually are.


Powerless, but not helpless.

The thing I admired most about the True Reign Series was that Rema never accepted the role of a damsel in distress. While she did need rescuing, it wasn't without her trying to help along an active escape.

Her daughter is the same kind of human being. Allyssa knows she's in trouble, but she's got the skills to get her out of it. All she wants is an opportunity. Throughout this entire book, she actively seeks it. She's a survivor; not a victim.

Granted, there is turmoil here. There are several subplots that slip and slither throughout the main storyline, and they enhance everything about her situation. Secrets meet reality in harsh jabs, sharp barbs, and a few wicked truths.

With the new and chaotic character dynamics exposed like a raw nerve, Allyssa's control over the situation is all but gone. Then she makes a new ally and reality begins again to shape to her will.

To be fair, there's not a lot I can say without giving away too much. This novel is fast-paced, addictive, and full of character. You will feel. Anger, frustration, hurt, relief, elation, and shock. Allyssa's rollercoaster is also the reader's. And it is a rollercoaster.

As with its predecessor, Cage of Darkness focuses most of its energy on its characters. If you're looking for a massive, complicated plot with pawns moved about on a board into the situations that are the most exciting, this book is not what you need. This one is for those of us that want to get into the skin of a single narrator and feel every sharp stab that the writer inflicts on them. (Ms. Davis inflicts a lot; you've been warned.)

This book is about learning who can be trusted and what you're most willing to sacrifice. In times of war, the answers may surprise you.
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5,163 reviews458 followers
April 10, 2017
*Source* Blog Tour
*Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy
*Rating* 3.5-4

*MY Thoughts*

Cage of Darkness is the second installment in Jennifer Anne Davis's Reign of Secrets series. Picking up right where Cage of Deceit left off, Allyssa, Princess of Emperion is in a whole lot of trouble. She, along with Odar, Prince of Fren, have been spirited away from Emperion by an assassin who has already left bodies in his wake. The why becomes quickly apparent as is the identity of the assassin. The assassin plans on taking the two to the Kingdom of Russek. The same Kingdom that is currently marching towards a full-out war with Emperion.

*Full Review Posting @ Gizmos Reviews 04/10/2017

131 reviews83 followers
April 13, 2017
I’ve been waiting for this book for over a year.

Cage of Deceit ended in a cliff hanger. While it was the perfect ending for the book, it also made for a very long, hard wait. Cage of Darkness is the culmination of all that waiting and it was well worth it. This book was perfection. I loved the first book but Cage of Darkness was 10 times better. It was interesting, exciting and surprising. Jennifer Anne Davis took everything I loved about Cage of Deceit and amplified it or subverted it in Cage of Darkness turning it into something totally new and exciting.


I have yet to figure out how to review a sequel without spoiling the first book. Things have happened and book two is the continuation of those things.

The book opens right where Cage of Deceit ended. Princess Allyssa and Prince Odar are in the clutches of the evil assassin who is hell bent on dragging them to Russek. From there, things only get worse. Everything has been revealed to Allyssa. While she is initially pissed, she gets over it quickly. They have more pressing concernsOne of my absolute favorite things about Cage of Deceit was all of Allyssa and Odar’s bickering. This book has none of that, but it does have some sweet scenes. I like Allyssa and Odar almost as much as a couple as I did when they were at odds. Almost.

Thankfully, Cage of Darkness has a lot more going for it than just a kickass, adventuring princess and some sarcastic one liners. Where I found Cage of Deceit comfortingly predictable, Cage of Darkness is surprising. There were a lot of things that I just didn’t see coming. I love that! It’s also quite a bit bleaker than Cage of Deceit. This is definitely a good thing! The worse off things become, the more satisfying it is when the author turns things around. There are high stakes and that’s important. Finally, there’s some depth to Allyssa in this book. She struggles. As a princess, she’s used to everything always going her way and that isn’t necessarily true anymore. There’s a lot of adjustment that happens and it’s fun to watch.

Cage of Darkness has new characters, terrifying villains and intrigue. Everything I want in a fantasy novel.
About the Author

Jennifer Anne Davis is the award-winning author of the bestselling TRUE REIGN series. After graduating from the University of San Diego with a degree in English and a teaching credential, she married her high school sweetheart. Jennifer is currently a full-time writer and mother of three highly energetic children. Her days are spent living in imaginary worlds and fueling her own kids’ creativity.
Website: http://jenniferannedavis.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorJenniferAnneDavis

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorJennifer

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorjennifer/

Author GoodReads Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6466369.Jennifer_Anne_Davis

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Author 30 books328 followers
July 17, 2017
It only took me three months to read this, right? No biggie. Not shameful at all. That’s entirely on me as this was an absolutely fantastic book, though I thought there were a few problems.

Mainly, I thought the author underestimated herself in conveying emotions. It was a “show, don’t tell” issue in some scenes where a character’s feelings/intentions were displayed very well, but we still had Allyssa put it to words in her head. If those sections had been cut, I wouldn’t have had any problem rating this a full 5 stars. (Goodreads and Amazon don’t let you rate in halves, so I try to do my own ratings accordingly.)

The plot:

Book #1 ended with an ambush/murder/kidnapping and the action picks right back up. Romance, torture, betrayal, and a tangled web of duties and deceptions. This series continues to have the same feel of the True Reign series whilst being its own and I'm loving it!

The characters:

Allyssa does some interesting growing, realizing that her responsibilities to her kingdom are much bigger than what she wants. She matures a lot, especially with what she goes through in Russek. It was amazing to see how much she grew, but also sad. No one should have to age 10 years in a few weeks. My poor baby.

I really didn’t like Odar in this at all. Even before we get to the twist at the last quarter of the book, I was starting to dislike him. I mean, planning to let the princess of Emperion marry his squire in a deception? What the hell, dude? Never mind the unrenounced, misogynistic bastardry of his homeland, Fren. And the whole “don’t spare my feelings” debacle. Jerk. To be honest, he started irritating me most once Kerdan turned up.

I want to marry Kerdan. It’s hard for me to explain why without dissolving into besotted blubbering, but we have a duty-driven badass loved by his soldiers while struggling to do the right thing. How can I not love him? At one point, it was like “Odar who?” Not to mention Kerdan has never actually lied to Allyssa (unlike SOME PEOPLE). I’m sorry, but it’s so freaking true.

Soma, Shelene, Jana, and Eliza were just…raw evil. I prefer my evil medium rare or at least blanched, but this is middle YA, so I didn’t count off for that. I’m not sure why, but I found the final scene with Odar and Shelene highly disturbing. Usually, I’m not bothered by violence in books, but…I don’t know. Still, that was probably my favorite scene with any of the step-royals because it was the most humanizing.

I’m super excited for book #3 this fall and it looks like my favorite character from the True Reign series will be coming back. YES. Just give me Nathanek and Kerdan bantering for a whole book and I can die happy.
Profile Image for Jan farnworth.
1,313 reviews83 followers
April 1, 2017

I loved this one we are really getting into the dark and dirty part of this series. The tones of darkness in this book go perfectly with the title. The amount of pain and torture that our characters have to face in this installment are spot on. I was cringing and on the edge of my seat as the amount of action is ramped up. Allyssa really comes into her own as a determined princess to save her kingdom and at times in this story at the risk of personal harm to herself. I really liked how it was hard to tell when one character was playing a part and what was really happening. Kudos to Jennifer for writing a thrilling action packed book two and ready to see how this whole adventure plays out.
Profile Image for Jess.
16 reviews
May 31, 2023

While Book 1 was a bit slow in places, Book 2 was fast paced and seemingly had a new twist around every corner. Allyssa, Odar, and Kerdan faced so many trials throughout this story that it would be impossible for me to ignore the ache in my heart and the excitement in my soul when events took place.

Davis expertly weaves thrilling, mysterious, and suspenseful tales that keep my attention engaged and have me dreading the coming end. I’m on my way to buy Book 3 to begin it in the morning. I have to know what happens!
Profile Image for Tim Lumsden.
233 reviews1 follower
August 26, 2017
Wow!!! Really loved this book!!! Great read!!!

Allyssa is such a great character!!! But Kerdan is probably the most intriguing. Such a great exciting story. It flows along so easily, seems i just started, and it's done! Looking forward to more. Happy Reading!!!!!
Profile Image for Pam C.
966 reviews16 followers
August 23, 2017
I really liked it except
Profile Image for Taylor Fenner.
Author 12 books108 followers
March 21, 2017
Review & Rating to come during the Cage of Darkness Review Blog Tour (My post is scheduled for April 11 on my blog)
Profile Image for Dania Mcclanahan.
166 reviews
October 15, 2018
still really liking this series, lots of lies, deceit, love, hate and the constant feeling of something just wrong going on and some things unfold more come into play... excited about the next book
33 reviews
July 13, 2017
It was good

It was very good, if you enjoyed Throne of Glass I think you'll like this, although the love interest becomes kind of a disappointment.
Profile Image for Michelle .
2,017 reviews230 followers
April 10, 2017
**You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: https://bookbriefs.net**
*Please note: This is a series that must be read in order. If you are new to this fantastic series, check out the first book, Cage of Deceit!*

Cage of Darkness by Jennifer Anne Davis is the second in a young adult series called the Reign of Secrets series. It is a young adult fantasy series that totally rocked my world! The first book, Cage of Deceit was my favorite books of 2015. And it continues to be one of my favorite fantasy series I have ever read. It was seriously that good. This is my first book I've read by Jennifer and I have to say, I will be reading many more. As soon as I finished the first book, I was dying and I do mean dying to get my hands on the second book. So as soon as I got an advanced copy of Cage of Darkness, I immediately went on a binge read fest. I re-read book 1, and I loved it just as much as the first time reading it. And then I dove directly into book two.

I loved the disclaimer that she put on page one, about the kind of book this is and the kind of book it is not. It is not a book that wraps up nice and neatly by itself. It is most definitely part of a series and there will be loose ends. You are warned. I loved Cage of Darkness every bit as much as I loved Cage of Deceit, however this is also a book that does not neatly wrap up. Cage of Darkness picks up exactly where book one left off, with Alyssa, Jarvik and Odar in the hands of the Assassin. But trust me when I say that is only the beginning for this story. Cage of Darkness has so many twists and turns- it blew my mind. I love the world that Jennifer Anne Davis has created. It is seriously so politically interesting and richly detailed. I am more than a little obsessed. (Can you tell?)
And I have to say, Cage of Darkness went in a completely different direction than I was expecting. At the end of book one, I had some very strong opinions regarding the love interest, and I was so not expecting that to change at all. But Jennifer Anne Davis is a masterful storyteller and with the plot developing, and new characters and twists added into the mix, I would be lying if I said my opinions did not change. They did. A character that I was totally infatuated with started acting like a bit of a jerk and a new character totally caught my eye. I am just as desperate for the next book because now I have no idea what to do with myself on the love and alliance front. Jennifer Anne Davis you are killing me. And I love it so much!

Allyssa is still a wonderfully complex and multi faceted character. I love her. And Prince Odar is a very complicated character as well. As is all of the characters in the Kingdom of Russek. And I don't want to say much more than that, but if anyone has read the book, I would absolutely love to discuss a certain extremely fascinating character with you. Prince Kerdan has completely captivated me, but maybe not for the reasons you are thinking. He is just so so interesting and different. Jennifer Anne Davis has flipped my world upside down with Cage of Darkness.

There are so many good ole fashion fantasy elements in this series, including kick ass world building, lots of castley- empires, lots of sword fighting and dagger throwing and characters are are engaging and fascinating. To hold me over until the next book, I am going to read the prequel series, featuring Alyssa's parents, the True Reign series. I could see where the series would overlap in this book and I am really excited to read about her parents' story. I cannot recommend this book and this series enough. It is perfect for fans of Mary E. Pearson, Maria V. Snyder (yes, even though there is no magic) Sarah J. Maas, and Rae Carson. Everyone needs to read Cage of Deceit! Everyone. It is one of my favorite fantasy series EVER. And I do not say that lightly. Cage of Darkness is pure magic.

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July 3, 2017
A thoroughly entertaining read. You know, just know, that the heroine is going to be ok in the long run but you're not sure how it's going to work out and then BAM, everything changes and things don't work out the way you think they will. This was an unusual book from the beginning until the last page. It had some unusual twists and turns that the reader isn't expecting and doesn't end like we think it will. All in all it's a good, quick read. Can't wait for the last installment to come out.
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