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The Real You

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Her best friend is the hottest guy in school…

Rourke hasn’t been in the same room with Dallas since she was eight years old. Since moving away from her small hometown nearly a decade ago, she’s had to stay in touch with him online, where the pair has grown closer than ever sharing everything from their favorite sci-fi shows to cute photos of baby animals, to crises that have cropped up in each of their personal lives as they’ve grown up. Now Rourke is suddenly back in town, and while she’s thrilled to be reunited with the boy who has become her dearest friend, she realizes it won’t be easy seeing him in person again every day. Because over the years, Rourke has fallen deeply in love with Dallas…but Dallas isn’t the sort of guy who falls in love.

As the high school’s resident drama heartthrob, Dallas is known for his passionate starring performances. Unfortunately his Romeo act isn’t only confined to the boards. Off-stage he’s so popular with the opposite sex that other guys come to him for advice on how to succeed with girls. Although Rourke knows there’s a lot more to him than the charismatic playboy everyone else sees, she still doubts Dallas could ever be satisfied with only one girl, especially not one as bookish and old-fashioned as herself. She knows the smart thing to do would be to get over Dallas and fall for someone more suitable, or else resign herself to only finding happily-ever-after within the pages of her favorite romance novels.

But if it was hard enough for Rourke to keep from fixating on her charming pal when he was hundreds of miles away, now that she’s living right down the street from him again it seems downright impossible. Especially with Dallas sending her so many strangely mixed messages concerning his own feelings about her…

• The Real You is a complete novel of approximately 80,000 words. There is no cliff-hanger ending.
• It is a light-hearted, contemporary YA romance written in third person, alternating between Rourke’s and Dallas’s points of view.

• While The Real You may be enjoyed on its own as a stand-alone novel, it shares a setting with, and features some characters from, Elizabeth’s previous novels, Fear and Laundry and Fear and Laundry 2, also available now from Amazon.

366 pages, Kindle Edition

Published January 11, 2017

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About the author

Elizabeth Myles

14 books110 followers
Elizabeth Myles is a graduate of Lone Star College-Tomball and the University of Houston. Her prize-winning short fiction appeared several times in Inkling: the Creative Arts Magazine of LSC-Tomball, and her novel, Fear and Laundry, received a notable entry honor in the teen category of Shelf Unbound Magazine's Writing Competition for Best Independently Published Book. Shelf Unbound subsequently included Fear and Laundry in a special contest issue spotlighting the work of “some of today’s best indie authors.”

Elizabeth and her handsome husband, Steve, live and run together in Texas, where Elizabeth also spends her non-writing time reading, cooking and baking, listening to Nine Inch Nails, watching sci-fi and horror movies, episodes of Supernatural, and The X-Files. She loves hearing from readers, so feel free to contact her at elizabeth(at)mylesandmyles.info and connect with her at elizabethmyles.com.

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Profile Image for Jessica Fether.
232 reviews23 followers
March 23, 2017
I enjoyed this well enough. It was a perfect, light read for Spring Break!!
Profile Image for Kelly Knapp.
934 reviews17 followers
October 8, 2017
This is a difficult review for me...
First, the sexual tension was great, but it brought out too much anger in Rourke. It made me feel bad for Dallas. But that is the way with some books.

Where the main problem came in was the language. I was taught that people use cussing a lot when they have do not have a vocabulary that allows them to speak about their feelings. However, this isn't the issue with the characters in the book. They cuss just to cuss. There's no real point to most of it and it made me dread turning the page.

I really wish author's would realize that they don't need most of the cussing. Even people who cuss a lot, find it distracting when they have to try and figure out the meaning, since they don't have body language to assist them. Oft times a single curse, places at just the right moment has a far greater affect on the reader than trying to avoid reading all of the cussing.
Profile Image for Julie.
11 reviews16 followers
March 13, 2017
Great book

This book keeps you frustrated but in a good way. It was a really fast read because it had a great storyline and wonderful characters.
29 reviews6 followers
July 25, 2017
It was interesting but cheesy

The story was interesting and I kept reading to see how everything would turn out... but the style is not my personal fave. But a good pic if you're looking for a cheesy romance with a happy ending
Profile Image for Jenee Rager.
808 reviews7 followers
October 14, 2017
I received this book from a goodreads giveaway. Shoutout to author Elizabeth Myles for packaging the book in the absolutely most adorable way so that it seemed like the gift it was. :)

"The Real You" focuses on the relationship between Rourke and Dallas, one time step-siblings, and long term best friends who have spent the last ten years apart, but thanks to Rourke's mother's alcoholism are back living in the same town. While both of them have feelings that extend beyond friendship, neither wants to admit because they don't think the other is interested.

I know the romance is supposed to be the best thing about this book, but honestly I loved how real the characters, particularly the supporting characters, were. From their language, and manner of speech, to the sometimes over reactions to what adults would find to be a non-event, these just remind me of the kids you'd find walking the halls of any high school and that is what made me truly love this book.
95 reviews
November 12, 2018
I won this as an eBook from a Goodreads give-a-way. I thought Rourke and Dallas's story was sweet tale of growing up and being in love with your best friend. Rourke kind of gets on your nerves as she is alotta negative, worry, and naive all rolled in to one. She's in love with Dallas but can't seem to read between the lines or let go enough to take notice what's going on around her. Dallas is adorable but sometimes overly sweet. He takes the good guy approach, only to find it leads nowhere. There are quite a few times where the story draws out a little too much. For the most part this is a cute read for the young adult set.
Profile Image for Billie Flaming.
504 reviews6 followers
May 6, 2017
Surprisingly sweet. The relationship is based on a truly phenomenal friendship, and both parties are so sickeningly in love with the other it's almost cavity-inducing. But in a good way. The writing was pretty decent, the build to relationship came to a surprisingly fast peak, but seeing them be a couple was too perfect. The ending? ADORABLE. PERFECT. I LOVED IT.
All in all. A quick, sweet read.
Profile Image for Pascale’s*ARC,Unwind,Read,Review.
1,635 reviews23 followers
September 5, 2017
-"...Maybe I'm the only one who knows the real you."-

While the cover page doesn't look all that inspiring, this was a great story. A very popular theme of best friends falling for each other but for me it never gets old. It's a clean, stand-alone romance suitable for all ages. I recommend it. This was a new author for me and I would read more of her works without hesitation.
693 reviews8 followers
May 22, 2018
Cute but predictable yet different than other harboring-love-for-bestfriend books out there, The Real You draws you in with the author's engaging writing. Frustrating at times, you find yourself rooting for the somewhat loveable narrators to finally get together.
Profile Image for Danielle Raley.
3 reviews1 follower
October 4, 2018

I was pleasantly suprised by this book, not something I would normally pick up! The writing was so well done that it drew me in from the start. Would read more from this author!
187 reviews1 follower
December 20, 2018
Sent me back to my high school years and afraid to tell a boy how I felt. We were great friends and crossing the line was uncertain. All I can say, is it was a time of change and mates we weren't. Book was good and enjoyable.
10 reviews
May 9, 2017
It was so boring and wordy. Found myself skimming the last 50%.
Profile Image for Ivy Logan.
Author 7 books56 followers
July 17, 2018
A confused girl. The boy who loves her but is too hot. She makes him want to be a better man. A decent read.
2 reviews1 follower
September 21, 2018
Great but...

Great storyline, interesting characters. I'm guessing that Elizabeth Myles is a fan of J.D. Robb? If not that's one heck of a coincidence
Profile Image for Melissa.
156 reviews6 followers
January 21, 2017
Great book

I loved this book. Dallas and Rourke belong together. Excellent writing by the author. I look forward to reading more of her work.
Profile Image for Maddie.
40 reviews1 follower
April 26, 2017
This was a good book. I loved the way the characters interacted with each other. The plot had a good flow to it. It's a great read for a rainny day or any day.
Profile Image for Teri.
4 reviews
May 2, 2017

This was an easy quick read. I really enjoyed it! Super cute and a bit cliche and again so cute!
671 reviews
May 3, 2017
50% through and not sure if I'll finish. Just too much back and forth and not enough progress with anything.
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