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The Other Side Of Courage

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Tom MacMillan has a problem. He's a philandering, self-confessed coward caught in the middle of World War Two as an American fighter pilot.
Meanwhile British nurse, Molly Masterson, has a problem. She can't stand the Yanks- particularly Yank fighter pilots. And, Tom is the epitome of what she detests most in Americans.
Shoved together by circumstances, the two forge a love fired by a desperate need to escape the horrors of war. Molly becomes Tom's first true love, a reason to fight his way home after every mission and to escape the Nazis after he is shot down over Belgium.
But life is not fair, and war is not choosy when dishing out death. Who does a person become on

290 pages, Paperback

Published January 11, 2017

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About the author

Joe Matlock

4 books34 followers
Joe Matlock never thought of himself as an author but holds an interest in social sciences. Sharing life experiences though writing, his only desire is to entertain while educating the mind and feeding the soul.

Joe is a retired Marine Pilot and enjoys reading, traveling, cooking and oil painting as well as writing. During his flying career, he was a member of the Confederate (now Commemorative) Air Force. Joe has about a hundred hours in the P-51 Mustang. See video on author profile page.

Today, he maintains a small farm in south-central Texas and is a member of the Kingsbury Aerodrome, a group that restores and preserves pre-1930s airplanes and artifacts.

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1,004 reviews91 followers
April 14, 2018
I was pleased with this book, even though I was taken on a emotional roller coaster ride. Tom and Molly (the two main characters) both faced heartbreaking tragedies. As one reads the compelling story, a person can see the manifestation of how they were impacted in every way by their pain. They both must make difficult decisions as to whether to allow their respective pain swallow them and into their misery, or push beyond it. Not to say that is an easy thing to do.... at times that can seem to be a Herculean task, and giving in would be so much easier, but they managed to struggle through it and found hope and happiness in the end. I think the book was wonderful at illustrating priorities, the importance of hope, and had an inspiring underlying message of the value of not giving up, that perseverance eventually will pay off, and that the hardest people to love are often the ones who need it the most. I feel Mr. Matlock has written a thought provoking book well worth not missing!

I received this book in exchange from the author for an honest review. Thank you Mr. Matlock!

Read interview with author Joe Matlock, and enter to win a signed free copy of this novel and also "The Dance" written by Joe as well! Giveaway runs from 12/15/2017 to 12/22/2017! Good luck! https://twogalsandabook.com/
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259 reviews
June 17, 2018
Absolutely loved this book, is a”feel good” book that draws you in to the love story of Molly & Tom. He’s an American pilot flying with the British RAF, she’s an English nurse who can’t stand Yanks!! After he’s injured & she Has to take care of him, they are drawn to each other. This is a very emotional book, with frank “truisms” of both the horrors of war & the severe shortages as well as the emotional toll it takes on everyone. WW II in England was a horror story of immense suffering! Extremely well written story that takes you in & wraps itself around your mind & emotions! Many, many Thanks to the author, publishing company & Goodreads for giving me the privilege of reading this book. Enjoy!
Profile Image for S. Daisy.
200 reviews55 followers
September 12, 2017
This is a touching story about love and loss, set in England during the turbulent time of World War II. The story focuses on the lives of Major Tom MacMillan, a philandering American fighter pilot who is wounded in battle, and Millicent Masterson (otherwise known as Molly), a nurse with a passionate dislike for Americans who takes care of Tom at the hospital. Tom is attracted to this nurse who coldly spurns him, and makes it his goal to win her over. She dislikes his American cockiness... and yet is inexplicably drawn towards him. Will love blossom amid the backdrop of blackouts, bullets, and bombs?

I found the book very good, and would highly recommend it to anybody interested in romances, historical fiction, or World War II literature. I gave it four stars instead of five, however, for only one reason: much of the story was cliché, and I've read several WWII books that had, for the most part, a very similar plot.

This still does not take away from the fact that this novel was very well-written, nicely researched, and emotion-stirring, and I do not BY ANY MEANS think that simply because of a few clichés should somebody not read this book. Authors face a tough situation these days. There is nothing new under the sun, as the Bible says, and to think of things that have not been written a hundred times before, especially in books within the confines of historical fiction, must be quite an undertaking. Even so, the book redeems itself from these clichés with a very original ending that, I must admit, I did not expect.
Profile Image for Janet.
788 reviews31 followers
January 19, 2018
The other side of courage

I enjoyed this World War Two story of a pilot flying in the war. The character Tom is talented in flying and shooting down the Nazi planes, accumulated many kills. He ends up becoming a Major in the service.
While overseas he becomes injured and meets a nurse he fancies. Molly does not like Americans and was resistant at first to his charms.
War has a way of twisting life’s plans for this couple.
There is plenty of history and excitement in this story. A good read.
The Author Joe Matlock, had a free listing for the Holidays in honor of his son in the Military Service.
Thank you for the pleasure of sharing your story. I enjoyed reading this book.
Profile Image for Pam Mooney.
835 reviews49 followers
May 27, 2017
Captivating! I loved this book! You can really tell this author is a marine pilot and knows of what he speaks. I had to go back and read his biography as the story was just so real. Reading his bio, of course, I was able to read his research which really came to life in his story. I really fell into the period and the great anguish and challenges of war. I learned what the expression "the other side of courage" truly meant. While the fighter pilots and those who interact with them really made the story I truly did enjoy the underlying love stories as well. A good read.
40 reviews7 followers
August 12, 2017
I received "The Other Side Of Courage" from the author. This book was a new experience for me as I have never read a book set in this period of history. It is a very informative & exciting read. I found myself holding my breath at times & in tears at other times. Mr. Mattock has crafted a beautiful story that pulls you in from the very first page. If you have the chance to read "The Other Side Of Courage", please do, you will not be disappointed. You will find yourself thinking about Tom & Molly long after you have turned the last page.
8 reviews
May 31, 2017
This is a great book, such a bitter sweet story that draws you in from the very beginning. It's clearly very well researched, bringining alive the horror of war. You can feel what it must have been like for the pilots and indeed everyone back then. Tom and Molly's story is an emotional roller coaster and you find yourself really caring what happens to them. It will stay with you long after you've put it down. Thank you Joe for a great read ! I look forward to your next book.
Profile Image for Tena.
851 reviews15 followers
April 6, 2017
I won this in a GOODREADS giveaway - The Other Side Of Courage (Paperback) by Joe Matlock - Wow.. this was really good.. I had put it down for a while but now I wish I hadn't... a little rough around the edges but it was a great story with good character development. I enjoyed the period setting. Much thanks to Joe Matlock for the giveaway!
Profile Image for Theresa Wade.
666 reviews2 followers
May 19, 2017
This is the first book I have read by Joe Matlock. This was a very sad and happy story. I kinda of wished that Tom found out what Atkins did. The writing had a pretty nice flow to it. I personally had a hard time with the first chapter and envisioning the first fighting scene. Regardless the story is an excellent one and I enjoyed it. Thanks.
Profile Image for Carrie.
313 reviews
July 19, 2017
I won this book from Goodreads Giveaways. Thank you. How has this book not been picked up by a mainstream publishing house? This is an extraordinary story full of suspense, heartbreak , love and redemption. I can't wait to dig into the author's research notes.
Profile Image for Darque  Dreamer .
360 reviews47 followers
January 25, 2018
The Other Side of Courage is an exciting ride through history! It is emotional, fast paced, and hard hitting! For those that enjoy bitter sweet historical fiction, this one is for you!

This one was such an emotional roller coaster for me! It drew me in from page one, and captivated me until the very end! I laughed, I cried, I felt shock, and most of all, I was intrigued to not only finish this as quick as I could, but to look in to the history of World War II and the different types of air crafts used during the war.

The Other Side of Courage was so exciting! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! I grew quite fond of Tom, Molly, Mary, and Mary’s father Bill. All of the characters were beautifully written and extremely dynamic! There were multiple points of view that just worked and kept me wondering what would happen to each of them. Sometimes multiple POV’s get confusing, but Joe tied them in in a way that flowed nicely and never lost me. I was glad for the multiple POV’s because they made the story come to life and I felt like I was watching a movie!

The story was incredible! I’m sure readers have encountered similar stories, but this was my first historical fiction novel during this war time period. The last historical fiction novel I read set during a war was Alex and Eliza, and though it was cute, it didn’t offer the intensity and thrill of this one. This one wasn’t just a romance story. It was about action, the horrors of war, loss, fear, heartache, humanity, and most importantly, keeping hope alive and never giving up. It was very emotional and worth every heart pounding moment!

It’s been almost 13 years since I graduated high school. I honestly couldn’t remember learning many details about World War II in school at all. This book felt so well researched that it’s renewed my interest in learning about our history, and about the brave men and women that served during the war. What was really interesting about reading this book this past week is the fact that, while my in-laws were visiting, we took a trip to an Airspace Museum. So I was able to learn a few extra tidbits and see a couple of the planes mentioned in the book.

I just loved the twists and turns in the book. The story had a little predictability to it as far as the relationships built between the characters, but also had a lot of unpredictable moments that really gripped me to the pages. It wasn’t just a typical “easy historical fiction romance.” It had depth and danger, and the setting was highly developed. I was so fascinated by the bits about The French Resistance and the Maquis! It was an amazing story and learning experience rolled in to one.

I would definitely recommend this to all historical fiction lovers. I am glad I had the opportunity to read this. There were a few typos, and a few places where the POV character’s name was over used instead of just saying he or she, but those places did not really hinder my reading. It was a great experience and I would rate it 4.5 stars!

Thank you to the author for providing me with this free copy in exchange for my honest review! Make sure to visit his website, www.joematlock.net/research to see the immense amount of research he put in to writing this fantastic book!
937 reviews4 followers
May 15, 2017
I know when I have read an outstanding book by the fact that I cannot get the story or the characters out of my mind after having read it. “The Other Side of Courage” by Joe Matlock is such a book. This book is written about the American fliers and their counterparts in Britain during World War II. One pilot, Tom MacMillan is sent to England to fly against the Nazis because he is a scoundrel and one girl did not respect had family connections with his commanding officer. In reality, he is a coward. He doesn’t want to fight, is scared to death of going into battle. During one early sortie, he is hit by flak and is recuperating in the army hospital. His nurse is Molly Masterson, a wonderful girl who really does not want to be a nurse and who hates American fliers. Their relationship is a back and forth war-of-words until sparks fly between them. Her family is not enamored of Joe, but he and Molly love each other and have plans.

During wartime, one can never be sure of the future. This is true of Molly and Joe. She worries and frets when he flies his missions, and he just tries to do his job and get home to Molly. Joe is shot down and is helped by the resistance to get back to England. He is so anxious to see Molly, but fate has a different path for him.

I was so captivated by the writing of Joe Matlock. The characters really came to life for me and the descriptions of aerial combat kept me on the edge of my chair. Joe really goes through so many emotions and life changing experiences that it was hard to imagine anyone surviving all this. However, I’m sure that in war, especially a war like that the men who fight never come back the same person as they were before their war experiences. This book will join others in my personal library, not to be loaned or traded. Joe mentions in the back of this book that he is not a real author. I beg to differ. I think his writing is exciting, insightful, and compassionate. I look forward to reading his next work about Katinka Oostvogels, a Dutch girl and Commander Bob Corey, a survivor of Pearl Harbor and their adventures together in Joe’s next great saga.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Mr. Matlock for my honest review. You can read this review on my blog at http://wp.me/p2pjIt-qV. Check out other book reviews at http://imhookedonbooks.wordpress.com.
12 reviews1 follower
June 19, 2017
I received this as a complementary copy from the author and I can say without reservation that I was pleased. My educational background is in Medieval British Literature and most of my pleasure reading is medieval historical fiction. I have recently developed a curiosity about World War II and Matlock's book was a great place to dive in. It is clear from the descriptions that Matlock has a strong military background and understanding of dynamics of military life as well as intimate knowledge of the war planes used in this era. He has done a great deal of research which he shares with his readers on a website: www.joematlock.net. He uses the fictional character of Tom to weave a story through actual historical events of WWII. Through this character we can see the struggles of life during the war, both in England and the US from the perspective of a military man, but also from the civilians around him. Tom struggles with his spirituality, with guilt and with anger - these struggles coupled with immense personal loss give a daunting view for the reader. This was an enjoyable read and I look forward to the next book!
Profile Image for Amy L’Abbe.
29 reviews
December 21, 2017
I enjoyed the read especially during World War Two. I had little trouble understanding the workings of the old planes and how they fight in the air but I get some of the picture of it in my mind. What I really enjoyed in the interaction between an American fighter pilot and the British nurse. I thought it was cute of their attitude at the beginning. I was on the edge of my seat during his imprisonment under the control of Nazi but I was glad he escaped to be with Molly. The romance was good and easy. This was a great read. It took me longer to read because I was in college studying. Thanks!
Profile Image for Sharon.
1,219 reviews16 followers
March 20, 2017
A story of the air battle over England and Europe and the effects on the pilots caught up in them. A book that makes clear the horror and inhumanity of war, through the eyes of one American pilot. It is a moving tale of fear, courage, rage, horror, deep loss and betrayal. I found it impossible to put down and recommend it very highly.
Profile Image for Suzanne Sotzing.
152 reviews4 followers
March 13, 2017
This was an exceptional read for me...I couldn't put the book down and when I had to, I wanted to pick it right back up! So well written! I actually felt the action of World War II; the story and character development was fantastic. I am looking forward to reading other books by Joe Matlock!!! Thank you so much for sending it to me!
Profile Image for Melina Druga.
Author 20 books77 followers
December 13, 2018
I liked the premise of the novel. Fiction excels when authors follow the rule “show don’t tell.” Had the novel showed readers the characters' emotions instead of simply talking about them, the novel would have been as great as its premise.
158 reviews
August 12, 2018
I won this Kindle Ebook through a Good Reads give away. It is wonderfully written with a great plot and characters. I highly recommend reading this book. It is a war story with romance written in. It is a book that I think everyone would enjoy.
Profile Image for Kathy.
315 reviews
Want to read
June 9, 2018
Thanks for making me a lucky winner of this book through the First Reads program and I look forward to reading and reviewing!
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