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Indecent Games #2

Dirty Wife Games

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* This is a Standalone novel *

A scorned wife on the run, and a stalker who follows her every move… Match made in heaven?

After being forced to marry a tyrant, Hyun Song flees his home in a desperate attempt to save what’s left of her dignity … and her life.
Now on her own, she tries her best to move on with her simple life. But she quickly realizes she can’t escape her past … and that she’s not alone …

He watches her through her window.
Sends her indecent notes.
Stalks her everywhere she goes.

He wants her badly, and when she finally lets him in …
It’s time for the wife to play a dirty game.

Author’s note: This story contains sensitive content that may be upsetting to some readers.

Indecent Games Series:
Wicked Bride Games: Naomi’s Story.
Dirty Wife Games: Hyun’s Story.

266 pages, Paperback

First published February 18, 2017

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About the author

Clarissa Wild

100 books5,859 followers
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Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author with ASD, who was born and raised in the Netherlands. She loves to write Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels featuring dangerous men and feisty women. Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her cutie pie son, her two crazy but cute dogs, and her adorable kitties. In her free time, she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, and cooking up some delicious meals.

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3,454 reviews241 followers
March 2, 2017
I love this author's books! I mean, the holy cow what did you just write kinda love. In Wicked Bride Games infeeo deep for the twisted mind of the author and all the characters, so I was super excited for a second book.

Hyun went through stuff in the first book but came out on top: she is just as dark and twisted as I hope she would be, but in a different kind of way. I can't go too much into it because, well, she was kickass and you have to experience.

Drake from the start, right from the prologue, captivated my heart! That's what I love, when being in the heros head for a few short pages, yet I fall so head over heals, that I wish that I was the heroine, yup, that's where I was, just a few short pages into this book and my feelings only grew and intensified with how amazing he truly was.

A huge bonus that we get with his story is the sound track! I'm a huge fan of music, so being able to look these songs up and feel the story through the music was a great addition to an already uniquely amazing story!

Ok, so the plot was twisted!!!! I never saw anything coming. I thought I knew what I was going to get but in the end, the author showed me never to expect anything! There are twists in this book that are like a huge slap in the face. I mean, jaw dropping.

Overall, this book had an erotic feel too it that you can't look away from, but it's a game. Just like the title states. So if your ready to play another twisted game with this author, dive in and enjoy this twisted tale of taking back you life despite the odds. 5 stars #2OCCJD
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2,814 reviews157 followers
February 22, 2017
What a mind bending read! I can tell you that it doesn't take much for me to believe anyone's story. Gullible, that's me. I was totally sucked in to Hyun's story. The plot is so juicy and full of angst that you just have to keep putting it down, just for a second, to have a little think. Is it ok to be rather turned on by the thought of a stalker? If it is, I'm guilty. The writing flows so well. I am going to find time to read more by Clarissa Wild.

We met Hyun in Dirty Bride Games, she was a quiet unassuming girl who was lucky to get out of that situation alive! Now we follow her life. She is sold by her parents in an arranged marriage. Her husband, Greg, is a nightmare, he is sadistic . She has to fight to get free of him. He won't divorce her, he owns her! What a drama!

She has a stalker. He watches EVERY move she makes. She loves it.
This is definitely a good story. Clarissa Wild is really good with twists and turns, mind boggling and general 'wtf' moments.

With a fabulous twisty plot, this is a definite must read if you like to be kept on the edge of your seat.

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February 22, 2017
** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers Down Under **

Okay, okay....
I am a HUGE Clarissa Wild fan. I have read just about everything that she has written, so when I started to read Dirty Wife Games I knew that I was in for one hell of a ride.

Now here I am after finishing it and I am speechless people, just speechless.
What the hell did I just read?
I can't get my head around it.
Twisted, dark, gritty, raw and confronting is what it was.
Sinful, delicious and all things naughty.
It was freaking mind blowing and I loved every single minute of it.

We meet Hyun.
She's in a loveless, degrading and humiliating marriage to a man who is a monster.
She never loved him to begin with, but Hyun was bought.
Her parents sold her to him.
Her life is what nightmares are made of.
She can't stay trapped in this world.
She can't allow him to take her heart and soul.
So she does the only thing she knows how to do.
She runs as far away from him as she can, in hopes that he will never find her.
Because if he does, it may just mean her death.

We meet Drake.
He has watched her from a distance, in the shadows away from prying eyes.
He yearns to touch her, to feel her, to be with her.
But he can't.
It's not the right time.
But he will, he just has to be patient.
Time is the key.
Hyun will be his.
He will own her.

Welcome to Hyun and Drakes world, where nothing is what it seems.
Where secrets will be revealed.
Where death will surround them.
Where revenge will be bittersweet.

Guys I am begging you, you need to read this. Dirty Wife Games. It's so twisted, it's like a jig saw puzzle trying to piece everything together, but believe me you will not see what's coming. It will blow your mind.

A HUGE wtf 5 star read
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2,689 reviews33 followers
February 27, 2017

Dirty Wife Games was a 5+ read.

Clarissa Wild has once again drawn me in with her Wicked writing. I loved book one Wicked Bride Games and I was super excited to read this book. It can be read as a stand alone but I highly suggest you read book one first, this is an addictive series that pulls you right in.

After Hyun Song left the Wicked Bride games, she thought she was safe until her parents sold her to Gregory Warren a dark and twisted man. The things he did to Hyun were terrible.

She takes a stand and leaves him, she is now living on her own working as a librarian. She knows that she still isn’t safe, she is always watching over her shoulder waiting for the day he finds her. She also discovers that she has a stalker. Drake is always there watching and leaving her notes. There is something about him that turns her on in a twisted way.

Maybe it’s because we share something no one else does. Or maybe it’s because she was already taken...by a monster. And I want her for myself.

The stalker ends up being her protector at times and it’s hard for him to stay away. She is so tempting, he has to have her. I’m a stalker. Not a lover.

There is so much more to this great read. Just when you think you know what's going on there is a couple of big twists. Clarissa has a dark side with her writing that is great, she has a shock factor that I love. This story is told in both past and present in Drake and Hyun’s POV’s. I am really looking forward to the next book in the series. Clarissa is one of my top favorite dark authors, 1-click this great series and you will see why.

Alpha Book Club
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Reviewed by MAustin from Alpha Book Club
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3,463 reviews2,358 followers
February 22, 2017


descriptionUnfortunetly the cover for this one isn't that great IMO. The composition feels Off with the placement of the text. The typography is a little boring. It's also not really a good representation of the story within. A book this AWESOME deserves an out of this world cover. That said it is similar to the cover of book one so the author is continuing with a theme and the blue matched with the B&W photo make the cover POP.description

descriptionCHRIST ON A CRACKER did I LOVE this book. If you've read book one WICKED BRIDE GAMES then you are familiar with Hyun. This is her twisted tale of a life gone wrong after making her escape from the Marino brothers. BONUS...you even get a tiny glimpse of Max in this one.


Like I said, I LOVED this one just as hard as book one. Same fabulous writing. Same non-stop pace. Same twisted and turning journey. Intriguing new characters. Hot sex scenes. A mind blowing ending. What more can you ask for?

I will say for those of you that skipped book one because of how OTT the situations were this one was MUCH more tame in my opinion. You won't find any cum infused edibles or multiple sex partners...more's the pity. *lol*

Not too much left to say. Read it. Loved it. Really hope there is going to be another book in this series! Two HUGE thumbs up from yours truly.description


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797 reviews2,828 followers
March 2, 2017
And I'm out! I never dnf books, but I am just narrowly escaping a book slump so I think it's for the best. It pains me greatly to do this, because I really enjoyed the insanity of the first one. I will still read more from this author in the future. This one just isn't for me.

* I'm not rating it, because I read til 70 percent and had to stop. Maybe one day I will try again.
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3,385 reviews1,991 followers
February 28, 2017

Dirty Wife Games follows Hyun, who you would have first met if you read Dirty Bride Games. This book takes place in the present time after she escaped from the Marino brothers and their twisted game. But now she has another psychotic man after her, and this one isn't going to stop until he gets what he wants.

Let me just say that this book can be read completely on it's own and there's only one very small cameo from a character from the first book. But with that being said I did sort of compare the two stories and I found this one a little lacking. There wasn't much craziness until the end, which I was fine with at first, but then when it all came up it felt sudden and not like it went along with the story.

Hyun and Drake were okay characters but I was never able to connect to them. My big issue was that this story jumped around a lot. From POV to POV after only short excerpts from a character and also between the present and the past. I am not a fan of stories that jump back and forth, and this one did it a lot. Just my own personal preference to stay in the present.

What saved this story for me was the sexiness, and the shocker that comes at the end. Hyun and Drake had some great sexual chrmistry and every time they were together my eyes were glued to the page and reality left my mind. Then at the end everything was tied together really well and it made me appreciate this story more than I had in the beginning so I really liked that. Plus I love when a book can give me a really good shock.

Overall, I did enjoy the reading experience that came from this story and I'm glad I got to read it. I think this will be a good introduction to the Indecent Games series if you're not yet ready for the truly insane story that this author can come up with.
Dirty Wife Games Playlist:
Creep - Radiohead
You Can't Hide From Yourself - Zayn
Machine - MisterWives
House of Mercy - Sarah Jarosz
Nightmare - flora cash
I'll Never Love - Michael Kiwanuka

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 100 books5,859 followers
March 8, 2017
Now in Kindle Unlimited!
Amazon: http://bit.ly/dirtywifegamesamazon


From the moment I first saw my stalker, I was captivated.
The man with the black leather jacket and dark, spiky hair sits on a bench across the street from my house, staring down at a notebook.
Every night, he sits there at exactly ten p.m., looking off into the distance or writing his notes under the street light … or looking straight at me.
Like he is now.
Our eyes meet, and a sudden electrical current rushes through my veins.
I’m unable to look away from his piercing blue eyes, and I wonder … How long ago did he first see me?
I’ve only noticed him outside recently … watching over my house as if he’s guarding it. Guarding me.
I don’t know if I should be scared. If I should run or call the cops.
He’s never come close.
So is there any reason to act?
As long as he maintains his distance … an invisible line he doesn’t cross … I still feel safe. I can survive, knowing he is there, wherever I go.
I never know when or where I’m going to see him again.
I just know I will.


From the living room, I can hear the shower running. I step closer to the only light source in the house, my heart practically beating out of my chest from excitement. She’s so close; I could almost taste her. I could almost take her.
I shouldn’t.
Yet I can’t stop myself from inching closer with every passing second.
It’s as if my feet gravitate toward her. My mind can no longer stop my body from approaching, even if it’s wrong on all levels.
I watch her shower. Through the curtains, I can see the silhouette of her body, and sometimes, her skin peeks through the gap. Her body looks like silk, so smooth. Her olive skin so deliciously appetizing, I want to lick it.
I stop myself before I go too far.
I already went past the moral line when I came all over her window.
Standing near the door to her bathroom, I admire her from a distance, listening to the water cascading down her skin. She massages herself with oils, and the scent is intoxicating. I feel the warmth prickle on my skin, and at this moment, I wonder if she’ll ever want me.
If it’d ever be okay to talk to her.
To touch her.
To be with her.
The more I watch her, the more I want from her. I’m physically incapable of staying away. I feel my best when I’m close to her. I only desire to give her everything she needs. I don’t want to hurt her, yet I know she has every reason to fear me.
She’s fragile. Emotionally drained. Used.
Smacked around like a wet rag by a man who didn’t know his own strength.
Her man.
He likes beating things senseless. It makes him feel powerful. Better than her.
Calling the cops is useless; they’re in his pocket, and she knows that too. That’s why she never did a thing to stop it. That’s why she ran away from him.
She ran and ran …
But both of us know you can never run away from a lie.
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239 reviews80 followers
February 28, 2017
3.5 Stars

Disclaimer: I did not read the first book in this series, Wicked Bride Games, but this has been sold as a standalone, so it's not supposed to be an issue.

Oy, where do I even begin? I finished this one a couple of hours ago and my head is still spinning! To be honest, up to the first 50% this seemed like a standard stalker fantasy with a standard heroine running away from an abusive husband on the side. There is so little information about the hero, it makes it hard to connect with him on any kind of level. We learn his name is Drake because it's at the top of every one of his POVs, but his contact with Hyung, our Korean heroine, is actually very limited.

It's very... and I mean very easy to become frustrated with what's happening and bored even. It's so hard to justify Hyung's strange attraction towards her stalker. It requires one hell of suspension of disbelief and trust that this writer can deliver something actually exciting. I contemplated DNFing at one point, not gonna lie, because as hard as I tried, I just couldn't buy into the reckless fantasy.

BUT (and this is a big one), if you perserve, the second half delivers blow after blow of genuinely heart-racing plot twists and developments. I found myself gasping in disbelief, in bafflement and in genuine shock. It's one hell of a wicked, dark rollercoaster and that point, I didn't want to get off.

This is my first book by Clarissa Wild and I must say, I'm genuinely impressed with her plotting skills and her ability to deliver a genuinely surprising dark erotic thriller. Everything makes so much sense in the end, it's hard to leave this story feeling dissatisfied.

But as with any dark books, it's hard to freely recommend this. The warning in this book is very vague. It doesn't quite give any indication on what a reader might expect. It just says some content may be disturbing for some readers. Honestly, I agree. But it's nothing of an actual sexual nature. There are other things going on here that will cause some people to become genuinely morally uncomfortable.

Here be spoilers:


So because of what I just described in that spoilery section, the entire dark fantasy was almost ruined for me. However, I'm still giving this book a positive rating and a positive overall review, because if you like dark romance and you like thrillers, you might find it enjoyable. The last 10% was a well delivered twist, which I never saw coming (clever little meta there because Drake normally studies how to create clever plot twists as part of his writing syllabus).

So I'm giving this one 3.5 stars. I'm predicting this one is probably going to be divisive for many and probably hard to rate. I know I had a hard time coming up with that rating but ultimately I respect this author's ability to delve into the dark side of human relations.

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573 reviews336 followers
June 16, 2017
***** 3.75 Stars *****

Can be read as a standalone

I remember Hyun from the Wicked Bride Games and was surprised to find out that this book was about her since she played such a little part. But since many of those ladies ended up having fatal endings, I guess it makes sense.

The story is about Hyun trying to escape her abusive husband. The husband that her parents sold her to. She can't even call the cops because they are in his pocket.

As she lives her life cautiously, she notices her stalker. This stalker leaves her notes and letters in various places. But instead of feeling fear, she feels protected and safe.

For me, her stalker was.... a stalker. I didn't really find his qualities attractive. But I did like the steamy scenes and suspenseful moments. I also enjoyed the great twist at the end.

description description description

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422 reviews86 followers
March 1, 2017
****3.5 Stars****

This was my first reading from this author. What attracted me to read this book was the blurb. I didn’t read the first book to know exactly what to expect. The book is written in dual perspectives between Hyun and Drake.The book is written in many plans. In the past when Hyun meets her future husband, in her marriage whether monster husband and in the present.
The book is about a woman, who is forced by her parents to marry a co-worker of her father’s.

Greg Warren, a monster of a man.

Her parents receive money in this bargain.They don’t care about their daughter’s happiness.They never did, never cared about her.
So she becomes a scorned wife Her marriage is full of unhappiness, pain, and humiliation.

¨She’s fragile. Emotionally drained. Used.Smacked around like a wet rag by a man who didn’t know his own strength. Her man. He likes beating things senseless. It makes him feel powerful. Better than her.”

But what I loved about her was her strength and her determination to escape that painful life. The action of the book is mainly based on the present, when she’s gone from her husband for a few months. She lives, or try to live her life like a free woman.

“I can survive, knowing he is there, wherever I go. I never know when or where I’m going to see him again. I just know I will.”

She is watched. Every move or action of her’s is followed and never out of sight. She is stalked by a stranger. So instead of feeling scared, she feels safe.
How the story goes is up to you to discover.

An Arc of Dirty Wife Games was kindly provided to DirtyBooksObsession in exchange for an honest review.
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3,565 reviews372 followers
November 9, 2020
CURRENTLY .99 - https://amzn.to/2I9y5hp 11/9/2020

Clarissa Wild has a way of weaving a story so dark and twisted you'll be asking yourself "WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST READ"

You can see my full review plus enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Gift Card and a signed paperback of Dirty Wife Games here: https://nadineisobsessedwithbooks.blo...

While come people will not read books with cheating or an affair in it please know that Hyun does not cheat on her husband while she is living with him.

Dirty Wife Games by Clarissa Wild

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3,907 reviews396 followers
February 28, 2017
Clarissa Wild never fails to suck me right into her stories. Each story has me stalking her even more. Every time I finish a book I wonder what else the authors gonna come up with.

This is a standalone though as this author is so good I recommend you read Wicked Bride Games which is where we meet Hyun. The story is told through two points of view- Hyun and Drake who I loved. I'm not gonna go into the storyline as I don't want to spoil it. If you love dark and dirty reads then get 1-clicking.

This is a superbly written story with some fantastic twists and turns that I certainly didn't see coming. I absolutely loved this story and look forward to seeing what else this author has up her sleeve.
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3,515 reviews10 followers
October 2, 2019
Great book told in 2 pov. It goes from present to past so you know why things happened the way they did. Kai & Wen did a great job narrating.

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2,067 reviews112 followers
February 23, 2017
***4.5 “Stalker Love” Stars***

Where to start with this one and keep it spoiler free is the question at hand and since it’s really a rhetorical question I’ll just see where this goes. I loved the idea of the scorned wife falling for her stalker, I mean it falls under the whole from the frying pan into the fire situation and I really wanted to see how it would all play out and once I started I couldn’t put it down. I got drawn into Huyn’s crazy so easily it’s just a bit scary, or not depending on your POV, but the bottom line is I couldn’t stop turning the pages and had a little smile on my face in the end.

Now I hadn’t read Dirty Bride Games until after I put my request in for this book and although it does state that this is a standalone, I felt it was in my best interest to read it since Huyn was in it and I’m happy I did because I have a much better appreciation for the Evolution of Huyn and think she’s pretty awesome. As for our Stalker. Is it bad to say that I fell for him the first time we meet him? Maybe. Probably. But it’s true. He’s a stalker with a heart, an obsessive one sure, but there is a heart there and I wouldn’t mind having him stalk me.

Dirty Wife Games is dark and dirty, but nothing as extreme as Dirty Bride Games and for that I’m actually thankful. Not because I had too many issues with what happened in DBG, but more that I’m happy that Ms. Wild didn’t try to replicate it. The flashbacks were done well and I loved how the various twists and turns in the plot were woven together and kept me on my toes and wondering what would happen next and in the end I wasn’t disappointed at all. Now the only question is will there be more Indecent Games books to come?

~ Copy provided by Give Me Books Blog ~

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631 reviews19 followers
March 30, 2017
As stated, this book can be read as a standalone. The heroine does have a part in the first book but this one is completely different and barely brushed the topic of the first one. The plot is also very different than the first.

I don't really want to give too much away but Hyun was forced to marry a man that she did not love and he did not treat her well. She has left him in order to seek a better life for herself. However, he's never far away and continues to insert himself in her life.

Drake has been in love with Hyun since they were little kids. They never met but he always had his eye on her. No matter what she did and no matter where she went. In true stalker fashion. When the two do finally meet, sparks fly and so does one very twisted game.

I will admit that I did struggle with the pace of the book in the beginning. I felt like it time jumped too often and was kind of difficult to keep up. I don't know if I struggled to keep up based on the frequency or because I wasn't able to fully commit to it. However, towards two thirds of the way, it started to stabilize a little more and the flow was much easier to follow. Not only do you have the time jump, you also have dual POV, which I actually enjoyed. I'm glad that we go Drake's side as well.

I also straddled the line of how I accepted how much of a stalker Drake was. In the end, everything makes much more sense but at first I was conflicted. I shouldn't have liked it as much as I did but there was always a piece of my mind that kept telling me that it's creepy and I should not enjoy it. For me, that was one of the best parts of the book. It pushed me close to my comfort zone and made me think. Made me feel. So kudos to you, Clarissa for making that happen.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. Don't let my rating fool you. If you like books that push you and kind of make you think "WTF" then this is absolutely the book for you.

*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*
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1,104 reviews72 followers
February 28, 2017


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..

And that is exactly what this book was all about.

Cruelty. Reality. Revenge.

I will admit it was pretty darn engaging till the end..it sort of keeps you guessing.

That’s why she ran away from him. She ran and ran … But both of us know you can never run away from a lie.

Now characters..
Drake was mysteriously mysterious and I truly had a hard time with him..I just couldn't guess it with him and I love that in a character.

Hyung..well for most part I felt sad for her but her character was pretty darn well too.

There’s one lesson I learned in this game of cat and mouse. Never play them with a scorned wife.

Some characters you instantly wanna rip apart.

The ending was a nice twist..it was rather sad,too,when you learn it all.

But I really really enjoyed it.

ARC received in exchange for honest review!

For more rants,reveals,blitz and giveaways,check out
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2,346 reviews216 followers
February 28, 2017
4.5 Stars

Dirty Wife Games is the second book in Clarissa Wild's Indecent Games series. It can be read as a standalone, but I suggest reading Dirty Bride Games first so you can fully appreciate Hyun who we met in book one.

There was a lot happening in this story did this is one if those books you step carefully through as you review because you don't want to give too much away. This was just as dark and twisty as book one, but not quite as over the top. I really enjoyed Hyun's character. You feel sad for what she gives through, but at the same time, you get pulled into her special brand of crazy and she is pretty kick ass in her own way.

The premise of a scorned wife on the run and falling for her stalker is an interesting one and there is a twist at the end that will have you doing a double take. I'm not sure how I feel about Drake. There is always that special magic an author of dark romance weaves to have you fall for the male lead you should hate on paper and I felt that at work here, but part of me didn't completely warm up to him. Definitely a book I would recommend to those who love dealer romance and want to read something different.
202 reviews8 followers
March 26, 2017
If not for the climax twist and turns I would have given it 2 star because I totally expected something else and this book is entirely different
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458 reviews6 followers
February 28, 2017
Warning: please note that this does has triggers. If you don't like books that are on the darker side of things, please don't read this book. Don't take the fact that you couldn't handle everything in this book out on the author with a low review. THIS BOOK DOES HAVE SOME TRIGGER POINTS FOR SOME PEOPLE.

Hyun Song was forced to marry a tyrant, so she does what every self respecting woman does, she flees his home in a desperate need to save her life. Now that she is on her own she tries to forget about everything and live a simple life, but she soon realizes that she can't escape her past.
She also realizes that she's not alone ...
He is obsessed.
He watches her every move, and even through her windows.
He sends her indecent notes.
And he stalks her everywhere.
He wants her badly, and when she finally lets him in ...
It's time for the wife to play a dirty game.

Let me tell you something, Indecent Games has to be my favorite series. The first book is Wicked Bride Games. That book touched a part of my soul that dark. It touched parts that i had hidden but Clarissa Wild brings out the deepest fantasies. Now Dirty Wife Games does in fact bring to life a fantasy of mine. Hey, you no judging please. I loved how this book is in Parts, and the fact that it switches to present day to months before. It really helps you get the full aspect of the whole plot. It also has deuling POV'S, you get to see whats in both of their minds as they play this game. Hyun just wanted her family to love her. To accept her for herself, a coffee shop worker. What her parents did to her i wanted to yell at them. How could the do that and to Greg no less. Hyun new he was bad news, and so did i. He had a creepy vibe about him. Not only is this a dark read but the twists and turns that happens leaves you reeling and wanting more. I read this book in 2 days because i just had to know what happened.
Part 1 The Encounter, Part 2 The Transformation, Part 3 The Descend, and Part 4 The Scheme. They all bring you something different and unique to the cat and mouse game. I wouldn't really call it a cat and mouse game.because it's so much more than that. Hyun can sense someone watching her so the illicit notes start. As does the start of the Sinful game. Now this is where my fantasy comes out. Yes, its of me having a stalker like Hyun. I'm not going to lie it's a dark one. Those notes, i need a minute to mention those are some amazing things about this book. As the book progresses so does the Game and Greg. Greg is a typical wealthy man that appearances matter the most to him. And having Hyun away from him is a big slap in the face. As the book starts to come full circle, you see a change in Hyun. She isn't the meek woman who will do whatever her parents tell her. Her stalker has brought out a wild side of her.
I had so many questions when i first started, and trust me just read the book and all your questions will be answered. I can't wait to see what comes next in the Indecent Games series. Clarissa Wild brings your hidden Fantasies to life.
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March 2, 2017
~2.5 *spoilers ahead*
I couldn't connect with the characters. Hyun's situation was interesting in many aspects including subjecting herself to an arrange marriage she could've avoided by leaving her asswhat family and would be husband. I mean she did it after getting married why couldn't she have done it before? And Drake, he was characterized almost like a dont-give-a-shit-but-imma-get-my-gurl kind of bad boy, yet he seemed cowardly to me. I mean he knew her since they were young, was obsessed with her, but he couldn't make a move earlier than when he did? Also I'm familiar with these kinds of twist and all I can say is that it wasn't executed as smoothly as I would have liked. I will say there were parts of it that were commendable but it wasn't that well executed. Also I get Hyun wasn't supposed to be very fluent in English right? But why do I keep forgetting that throughout the whole thing?
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February 28, 2017
Holy moley!! Talk about a page turner!! Once I started I literally couldn't put it down. Exciting, suspenseful and loaded with surprises. We first meet Hyun in Wicked Bride Games and though she left that game, she found herself in a completely different one....one just as dangerous and deadly. And Drake is now a participant whether he wants to be or not. But the outcome truly proves that you never know what a woman is capable of when she is scorned by those around her.

This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this review voluntarily
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February 23, 2017
The saying, 'Hell hath no fury...' is so spot on in Dirty Wife Games.
This can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend reading Wicked Bride Games first.
Hyun and Drake are electric together in this dark read. Their interactions with one another are sweetly twisted, highly dangerous, and so forbidden, but you want them together.
I couldn't put this book down. I thought I knew the game, but it changed at every corner. And while I had a tough time with Wicked Bride Games, Dirty Wife Games made up for it!
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February 10, 2017
Another stunning, yet dark, read from this awesome author!

I'm a massive fan of Clarissa Wild's writing and work and I'd recommend it to anyone who would listen. This one was a little more laid back, if you could say that in the first place about this book, from Wicked Bride Games. It's definitely not as.. gory? Maybe that's the wrong word but this was a story that will make your heart beat harder and may set your nerves on edge.

The main characters in this book are awesome with unique personalities, and to be honest, they're odd people indeed. But they work.

I was really looking forward to reading Hyun's story and I'm certainly not disappointed with what I've read. An ABSOLUTELY incredible read and highly recommended to readers who like a bit of Dark Romance
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March 1, 2017
Bride Games Part Deux—what can I say? I found myself enthralled with this semi continuation about the one of the brides from book 1-Hyun Song. Her story is so sad and heartbreaking yet it’s also empowering to see her journey from broken down shell to the woman she becomes.
Hyun never was loved or wanted by her parents but she was a respectful girl/woman and did what they asked even though it wasn’t what she wanted. I do not want to give too much away but suffice to say they landed her in a really bad way. Then she ends up in hell, literally. One filled with terror and pain, abuse and despair. Then on top of everything else, now she has a stalker who seems to want to torment her—or does he?
There are many twists and turns in this followup to Wicked Bride Games –Dirty Wife Games is a mind trip and a half. You don’t know what is real or what is fake. All I knew was I couldn’t stop reading about Hyun and her “stalker”. I thought I knew what was coming but I so didn’t and that is what makes Ms. Wild one of the best when it comes to dark romance storytelling. You have to read this book , really, because you will not see what coming. The push/pull, the terror, the heartbreak yet the hope and the love…oh trust me, this is one book you do not want to miss!

My rating: 4.8 stars ****
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
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February 27, 2017
5 Stars

I loved this book more than Wicked Bride Games. In this one we meet Hyun who was involved in the Wicked Bride Games. Along with being scared that they will come back for her she is dealing with a husband she a husband she does not want to be married to and a stalker. All of this put together makes for an book you won't want to put down until you turn the last page.

The characters made this book. They are twisted, dark, scary, intriguing and full of mystery all rolled into one. Because of this is make the story full of suspense and non stop twists and turns. The story was not as extreme as The Wicked Bride Games but was so intriguing it pulls you in and doesn't let go. I felt like I never knew what was coming.

The best part were the twists that kept you guessing. When you think you know what is going on and what is going to happen Ms. Wild throws throws you for a loop. She also has a way of writing a stalker that makes you fall in love with them. This story does not disappoint for sinister, dark, suspenseful and twisted.

~ Shelly
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February 24, 2017
I was immediately pulled into this book. I hated when I had to put it down. Hyun and Drake are such fascinating characters. There were twists and turns and things that I just didn't see coming! I think this author was playing a game with me!! The ending I did not see coming!! Fantastic read!!
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May 4, 2017
Really amazing book. Again, this author surprised me with the depth of the story, which is scorching freaking hot. I loved it. Partway through, it became a little fragmented, but the overall work made up for it.
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March 30, 2017
This books is a standalone but I have read the wicked bride games and you first need Hyun in that books. This is what happens when she has left the games. Just like the title says it's a game so get ready for outstanding twists and an amazing game!

Clarissa wild has a way of making you get sucked in to her story's. I took me a little bit to get in to it but from chapter 3 I was so sucked it I read so fast and had to know what was happening. I couldn't put it down.

She give you twists and turns you definitely don't see coming. I loved this books.

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