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Happy, Texas #2

Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas

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A heartwarming holiday read from USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown

Nash Lamont is a man about as solitary as they come. That's exactly why ranch life in middle-of-nowhere Happy, Texas suits him. So what the heck is he doing letting a beautiful widow and her three rambunctious children temporarily move in? Before he knows it, they're stringing Christmas lights and decorating the tree... and he's having the time of his life. But after everything he's been through, Nash knows this kind of happiness doesn't last.
Kasey Dawson thought she'd never get over the death of her husband. Nash, with his strong hands and infinite patience, is stirring something she hasn't felt in a long time. Kasey knows the sexy cowboy isn't telling her everything about this past, though. And she refuses to risk heartbreak all over again. But her kids have a plan of their own: Nothing will keep them from having a real family again-even if it takes a little help from Santa himself.

The Happy, Texas series: Toughest Cowboy in TexasLong, Tall Cowboy ChristmasThe Luckiest Cowboy of All

368 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published September 26, 2017

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About the author

Carolyn Brown

167 books3,489 followers
Hi! I'm twenty five years old and movie star gorgeous. The camera added thirty plus years and a few wrinkles. Can't trust those cameras or mirrors either. Along with bathroom scales they are notorious liars! Honestly, I am the mother of three fantastic grown children who've made me laugh and given me more story ideas than I could ever write. My husband, Charles, is my strongest supporter and my best friend. He's even willing to eat fast food and help with the laundry while I finish one more chapter! Life is good and I am blessed!

Reading has been a passion since I was five years old and figured out those were words on book pages. As soon as my chubby little fingers found they could put words on a Big Chief tablet with a fat pencil, I was on my way. Writing joined reading in my list of passions. I will read anything from the back of the Cheerio's box to Faulkner and love every bit of it. In addition to reading I enjoy cooking, my family and the ocean. I love the Florida beaches. Listening to the ocean waves puts my writing brain into high gear.

I love writing romance because it's about emotions and relationships. Human nature hasn't changed a bit since Eve coveted the fruit in the Garden of Eden. Settings change. Plots change. Names change. Times change. But love is love and men and women have been falling in and out of it forever. Romance is about emotions: love, hate, anger, laughter... all of it. If I can make you laugh until your sides ache or grab a tissue then I've touched your emotions and accomplished what every writer sets out to do.

I got serious about writing when my third child was born and had her days and nights mixed up. I had to stay up all night anyway and it was very quiet so I invested in a spiral back notebook and sharpened a few pencils. The story that emerged has never sold but it's brought in enough rejection slips to put the Redwood Forest on the endangered list. In 1997 Kensington bought two books for their Precious Gems line. Two years and six books later the line died with only four of those books seeing publication. But by then Avalon had bought a book and another, and another. Ten years later the list has grown to thirty nine. Last year Sourcebooks bought the Lucky Series which is in the bookstores now. They've also bought The Honky Tonk Series which will debut with I LOVE THIS BAR in June and will be followed by HELL, YEAH, MY GIVE A DAMN'S BUSTED, and HONKY TONK CHRISTMAS.

Folks ask me where I get my ideas. Three kids, fifteen grandchildren, two great grandchildren. Note: I was a very young grandmother! Life is a zoo around here when they all come home. In one Sunday afternoon there's enough ideas to keep me writing for years and years. Seriously, ideas pop up at the craziest times. When one sinks its roots into my mind, I have no choice but to write the story. And while I'm writing the characters peek over my shoulder and make sure I'm telling it right and not exaggerating too much. Pesky little devils, they are!

I have a wonderful agent, Erin Niumata, who continues to work magic and sell my work. I'm very lucky to have her and my editors who continue to believe in me.

Happy reading!

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1,804 reviews831 followers
September 26, 2017
Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas was everything I love about Carolyn Brown’s romances, and more! A sexy cowboy, a sweet, but feisty heroine, playful banter, and three beyond cute kids! I guarantee this one will melt your heart!

Kasey Dawson McKay is a young mother left a widower when her Army husband, Adam, was killed on mission two years ago. She’s back living at the family ranch, Hope Springs in Happy, Texas, but she’s had trouble dealing with the hole her husband’s death has left in her heart.

Nash Lamont has returned to his family’s ranch, Texas Star, to find peace after his time in the Army left him with PTSD which includes guilt and nightmares. He never dreamed he’d be living next to Kasey McKay, and that he’d be running into her and her adorable kids all the time. An accident throws them together until Christmas, and he’s hoping, wishing for a Christmas miracle; that the circumstances will become permanent, and he’ll get to keep Kasey and the kids forever.

Oh, my stars, I just loved this story! I don’t want to divulge too many details about how Kasey and Nash are thrown together, but it’s quickly a passionate match. Add in Kasey’s seriously cute kids and how Nash bonds with them and this is a recipe for a 5-star story! This is Carolyn Brown at her finest!

A copy was kindly provided by Forever in exchange for an honest review.
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3,749 reviews441 followers
November 14, 2019
Sweet, family-filled cowboy romance…

Military, family, cowboys, romance. This author seems to find the best of all those things when she creates her tantalizing stories. Nash and Kasey, and their families, fill every nook and cranny of this holiday read with warmth, sweetness and the up and down battle that is life. Nash came home with a big secret and it gnaws at him, even as he finds himself falling in love. Kasey is a widow but finds her heart is ready for more....

Adorable kids and interfering family made this story special as the emotional zings kept on coming. A fill your heart full of love and hope, feel good story.... ~Diane, 4 stars
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1,395 reviews153 followers
December 14, 2017
Three and a half stars: A delightful romance with holiday cheer, adorable kids and a happy ending, just right for holiday reading.

Kasey is still trying to get through each and every day. It has been two years since her husband, Adam, was killed on a top secret, overseas military mission, leaving Kasey a widow with three small children to raise. Nash Lamont, reluctantly agrees to try ranching in Happy, Texas. He doesn’t expect to come face to face with Kasey, the widow of one of his former comrades. Then a fluke accident throws Kasey and Adam together. Sparks fly, but will the truth destroy everything?
What I Liked:
*If you are a long time Carolyn Brown reader, this book will satisfy you with its tried and true recipe. Whirlwind romance, holiday cheer, small town setting, plus lots of yummy food. Perfect for when you want a light, pick me up, holiday read.
*The romance was another one of Ms. Brown’s whirlwind affairs. Two neighbors meet and are thrown together due to unexpected circumstances. What follows are electric sparks, a friendship and then a romance. It is a fast romance, but it is sweet and nice. I especially liked that this romance was a healing balm to both Kasey and Nash. I loved seeing them learn to love and live again.
*The adorable children stole the show. I was especially fond of little Silas. He was too cute for words. All three of the kids were lots of fun, but Silas was my favorite.
*Let’s not forget the animals.This one has lovable dogs and some cute sheep. What is better than cute kids and animals?
*This wouldn’t be a holiday romance without the holiday cheer. You get a nice healthy holiday dose with cookies, decorating, parties, shopping and presents. I loved the warm cozy feel.
*The ending was sweet and satisfying. All ends well for the couple, but there are a few intriguing story lines that are left undone for future follow up.
And The Not So Much:
*There were several scenes featuring Hope, Kasey’s grandmother, reminiscing on her long, lost love. I found Hope’s view point a little jarring, it doesn’t resolve either. I am guessing all those interjections are to set up one of the next books, especially with the interesting phone call Nash gets right at the end.
*There were a couple of times when the couple had disagreements, mostly because they failed to communicate, I found this frustrating.
*For those of you who aren’t fond of instant romances, this may not work for you. The story goes down in six weeks.

Long, Tall Christmas Cowboy is another sweet, whirlwind romance from Carolyn Brown. This features all you love in a Brown book: hot romance, cute kids and animals, cozy small town and holiday charm. If you want a light, breezy read for the holiday season, this is a fun one to pick up. A nice, relaxing read.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review.
Posted@Rainy Day Ramblings.

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1,274 reviews307 followers
October 26, 2017

Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup. (live 12/14)
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2zGJLhz

Cowboys! Cowboys at Christmas! Woo! Even if I did read it in August. lol

A sexy cowboy struggling with PTSD finally finding peace and comfort with a woman who sets his boots to moving and her three kids who desperately want a daddy of their own for Christmas. There might be a wee herd of sheep, too. Yall. Seriously.

Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas was a sweet romance that'll leave you believing in miracles and dreaming of a white Christmas.

The Gist: Nash has moved onto the neighboring ranch and Kasey? Well, she lands herself a cowboy for Christmas when he falls from a tree-- he was rescuing a kitten-- and loses his memory. Now it's up to her to provide some, er, neighborly support while he recovers from his injuries. Mmhm.

Yeah. I was all in. I loved Nash and Kasey and her brood of kids. All of them have just been..existing--he's recovering from battle and survivors guilt. She's grieving the loss of her husband to war and neither is looking for romance or anything really. I loved watching them all heal in their own ways. The kids finally getting a father figure in their lives and blossoming. Nash working through his PTSD. Kasey letting her husband's memory go and moving on. There were some heartbreaking moments, some very touching and some pretty funny ones as Kasey and her kids move into Nash's ranch for a few weeks while he recovers.

They were all just likable and easy to care for. Strong, thoughtful, and with an honorable streak. You just want to swoop them all up and hug them tight.

The romance was both fast and slow. Weird but it was. Instant attraction but so much to get past before things could really kick off. Lots of chemistry and tension and then a little bit of heat. I thought it was pretty perfect for them, though.

Overall, Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas was a lovely read that got me in the Christmas spirit. Sweet romance, humor, healing, some wacky ornery family members. Just a lovely time and exactly what I expect from Brown.
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1,981 reviews28 followers
November 1, 2017

Happy, Texas book 2, While I did enjoy the book there were a couple of aspect that kept me from loving it. I loved the main characters and their romance and the situation they are having to deal with, what bugged me is how backwards Happy sounds, it's like the whole town is a bunch of old biddies gossiping about each other and how hypocritical some of the secondary characters acted. Another thing, and this one is personal preference, I know the other books have the religious aspect in them and it's normally not that bad it just this one seemed a little to overly religious for me.

Nash finally thought he could move on with his life, raise his sheep and live a quiet normal life after being in the military. Why not a town like Happy seemed just the place to do it. He didn't know that he was going to be living next door to the widow to one of his soldiers that never made it home, one of his friends someone he feels immense guilt for how he died.

Kasey Dawson moved back home with her three children after her husband's death. After the rough first meeting with her new neighbor Kasey is willing to give him a bit of leeway since he's a veteran but when he hits his head and gets concussion induced memory loss and confusion and thinks that Kasey is his wife and her three kids are his own and the doctor recommends she go along with it, she thinks that's going too far, it feels like she's cheating on her dead husband, but she's going to do it anyways. After spending time with him and seeing how good he is with her kids and even after the confusion passes and he remembers things as they should be Kasey and the kids stay. Nash still hasn't told her about her husband and he's afraid that will be the thing that keeps her from giving her heart to him.

Overall, it's a good Christmas Romance, and aside from my nitpicking certain thing if you love Carolyn Brown you'll love this.
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2,702 reviews780 followers
December 12, 2020
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance

Long Tall Cowboy Christmas is a holiday novel from the Happy Texas trilogy and I was super eager to pick this one up. When I saw that it was available through my local library, I was more than eager to grab this up. I was slightly nervous to pick this one up in a way because its in the middle of a trilogy, but having read Carolyn Brown's work before I was pretty sure I would be fine without having to read the first book contained within the trilogy. I found that this was a cute story, with lots of feels from time to time, BUT I did struggle with the pacing at times. However, despite that, I found that this novel was entertaining, charming and romantic.

Long Tall Cowboy Christmas begins with Nash Lamont moving back home, he is recuperating and trying to mentally heal from a PTSD type of injury from his time in the "sandbox" and we see how this trauma has really affected him. But his next door neighbor, happens to be the widow of one of his men that was killed in an attack....an attack that Nash blames himself. He knows that he needs to come clean with Kasey but has no clue how to go about it. When Kasey is asked by his doctor, to help Nash out, she is more than willing to do it. Her husband served in the military and she has a great respect for those service men and women. But as she and her three young children bond with Nash, a secret will come to light that will stretch her limits in a way she never imagined.

Long Tall Cowboy Christmas was such a powerful story especially in showing the aspect of healing and trauma from PTSD especially those that suffer in war time. I greatly appreciated the manner in which this author handled this situation especially with the complex matters between Nash and Kasey. This is no light and fluffy romance. I really liked the emotion that this author was able to evoke within me through the reading of this story. I never know when to expect this emotional kick Brown likes to throw at in the middle of her stories, but you can't predict it and I greatly admire that about this author.

When we come to the end of our lives, I hope that we make the jump into eternity together...

My only issue with the book was the pacing. So it started off great, up till the first 30% of the story, I was hooked. And then the pacing got a bit harder after that and I had to really stick with this story. By that time though, I was invested in the characters so that actually aided a ton in my decision to keep going with it. So it took a bit longer to read then expected because the abrupt change of pacing threw me off, however, I had a delectable time with this book despite the pacing issues I had. I loved the emotional intimacy that develops between this pairing, the Christmas time element and the three kids that added a level of humor and lightheartedness to bring balance to this story. A delightful Christmas romance to charm you in all the best of ways!

 photo Addicted To Romance Reviews 2_zpsplp8m0tb.png
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2,235 reviews65 followers
October 4, 2017
Captain Nash Lamont was discharged from the army two years ago after a tragic event that cost the life of half his team. He came back to Happy, Texas and now raise sheep.

Kasey McKay know the danger of war too. Her husband died, fighting for his country and never meeting the last child they conceived. At least she have three rambunctious kids to keep her busy and happy. But that make her wary,at first, of the former soldier she meet when he's having a flashback and mistake her son for the little guy he could not save before. Kasey might be concerned, but she's too kind to not engage in conversation with him and too smart to not recognize a good man when she see one. So when Nash injured himself when rescuing a kitten, she doesn't hesitate to offer her help. A beautiful frienship will blossom but it's not too long before romantic feelings emerge as well.

Kasey's children ask for a daddy for Christmas, but it's fate that will find a family, a new home for the hero. Just add a white cat, a fugitive dog and a couple of lambs and you got the perfect Christmas romance and feel-good story that Carolyn Brown is so good at creating. I was happy to see again the little kids we met in the previous book. They were so damn cute, amusing (especially when bickering) and endearing. There's something always so pure and pleasant about this author's stories. I find them so soothing for the soul.
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Author 5 books325 followers
November 11, 2017
It's little sister Kasey's turn to find love and healing in Happy, Texas. And Santa might just be listening to a little boy's Christmas wish for a daddy when his puppy finds its way onto Nash Lamont's Texas Star Ranch. I can't get enough of this author's home cooked cowboy romances.

Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas is book two in the series, but it can be read as a standalone though the characters introduced in book one are all still around and part of this book.

Kasey Dawson is a widow with three children. It's been two years since her husband died on a mission in Afghanistan and at the beginning of the story, she's convinced that she's only around to raise her kids and help out on the family ranch. But then Nash enters the picture and makes her come to life again. She's got guilt, anger, fear, hope, and some smoldering attraction all balled up inside her.

Now Nash, he truly has some guilt weighing him down with survivor's guilt and envying another man his wife because he was part of Adam's team and his commanding officer when Kasey's husband got killed. Between dark moments and figuring out how to come clean with Kasey, he just wants to really enjoy this Christmas season on his new ranch with Kasey, her kids, and her whole boisterous family.

The author can typically be counted on for a lot of laughs in her stories. And there were some, to be sure. But really, this one with its tougher subject matter and one character having recently lost a spouse, was more heartwarming and thoughtful, family and life struggles, the hope and magic of Christmas. It was a nice change up and I felt it was a great Christmas read.

Now, I'm looking forward to the last single Dawson of Happy, Texas to get his story. Who will tame Jace? Because that handsome playful cowboy is ready to settle down. Fans of contemporary western romance would be a great fit for this book.

My thanks to Forever for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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February 4, 2018
The story was cute, very appropriate for the holliday season. There was snow, Christmas trees and angel-costumed children.
I loved the young war widow and her three kids comming together with the damaged hero; I did not like the weird plot twist where he has a concussion and gets amnesia, so they are somehow thrown living together for the season. Not only was that bizarre, but also kinda creepy (in my opinion, and I will leave it there to keep this spoiler free).
In general, all youngish characters in this series have serious issues about adulting 'cause they don't do sh*t without their mom's and grandmother's opinions weighing heavily to influence their actions -- that's weird, not really a pro or con of course.
I'm a big fan of kids in romance books, specially when their speech is well written and believable -- this was not the case. It was ok though, only the 4-5 year old sounded like a 9 year old sometimes only with poor spelling, and the toddler spoke baby talk at amazingly convenient times in a way that just did not ring true to my ears.
Lastly, I can believe the hero was in a place where he is ready to open up to this ready-made family... I cannot feel the same way for the heroine to be so quickly ok with the fast and extremely convenient type of HEA here, but well, romance does not have to be strongly grounded in reality after all.
August 11, 2017
My first read of this author and I just loved it! Transported right to small town Texas. I love a single parent story as well and this one had absolutely adorable children in it. Pulled at the heart strings at times. Nice slow friendship to romance to lovers. I would read more from this author in the future!
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3,131 reviews24 followers
September 26, 2017
Received in exchange for a honest review.

I feel in love with this story. And I have to say Silas was so precious. that little boy steals your heart as much as he did Nash’s.

Nash at first comes off as a very quiet and haunted man. He carries a tremendous amount of guilt and is in Happy to find himself and where he wants to be. he didn’t expect his past to collide with the present. Nor did he expect to have the fortune of finding someone to help him forgive himself, find peace and move on but also to find love with this person. He thought he would quietly work the Texas Star and figure out life. His dreams come true due to one dog named Hero.

Kasey is so busy trying to be a mom and faithful wife to her deceased husband that she hasn’t really thought about herself or her own needs. She is still wrapped up in grief and dealing with just everyday life. Meeting Nash changes this for her and sometimes it frustrates her. She sees in Nash so much good and love. She watches as he is wonderful with her children. How her children flock to him and how he is kind, caring and patient with them. How he listens to her and those around him. How he respects her and is quiet. She starts to feel guilt over her mixed emotions about him and it is this that she needs to work through. Nash helps her to move on and let go. Him and the voice of Adam help her to go through grief and see that it is okay to let someone in her heart again.

Nash and Kasey are two characters you can’t help but fall for. they help each other so much but also they learn from one another. They don’t take anything from the other and are a team. Neither takes the other for granted and both respect and support the other. Kasey helps bring happiness into Nash again and helps him to open up and let go of the past. Nash helps Kasey to move on and let love in. they have some rough patches especially when nash unburdens himself of his time at war. But they do work through it and find their way to one another. Silas and Hero help as well. So do Rustin and Emma. They help to show Nash he is loved and wanted. That he is worth it and deserve a family. They love him and when he is with those three kids your heart melts. He makes you a pile of goo especially when he is with Silas. That little boy is too precious with words. The sass and banter between Kasey and Nash is fun and entertaining. But Nash with the children is just so heartwarming.

this is a sweet, tender story of a man struggling with his past and how he finds peace and love with a sassy woman and at the same time gains a adorable family.
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1,222 reviews
July 25, 2020
This was a pretty decent read, but could have been better. It did have all the makings of a good romance: cute kids, hot cowboy and Christmas.

There were still some parts that irked me. The whole thing where Nash has a concussion and gets temporary amnesia and then Kasey moves herself and her kids in his house to take care of him for weeks ... yeah, in what world would that ever happen? A total stranger agreeing to stay in your home with her kids - how is that even safe or sane? Once I read that part I honestly lost a little interest in the book. At least make the family coming to live with him a little believable.

If you can look past that part, the book is pretty good. Nash is a solider who has been trying to find himself and a new meaning for life after suffering a concussion and experiencing PTSD following the military ambush that killed Kasey's husband Adam. He keeps the fact that he knows her husband for a very long time (2 years following the incident). He's now newly living on his family's ranch in Happy, Texas raising sheep.

Kasey is part of the Dawson family we met in Book 1. She's widowed and raising her 3 kids with the help of her family. But she's ready to move out and on her own since they keep treating her like the little sister and not like a grown woman. She agrees to care for Nash while he's hurt since she somewhat feels responsible for him falling off the ladder.

I liked how well Nash & Kasey worked with each other. Nash was a quiet man with a lot of guilt and PTSD issues, but he opened up to Kasey in a way he didn't with others. He was also really awesome with the kids.

The kids were cute, but they didn't always talk their age, which confused me. But they were still cute none the same. I loved how they took to Nash so easily and really made him feel loved and wanted.

As usual, Kasey's mom is still the judgmental woman she's always been. And the town is still full of gossips. That part is pretty annoying since it doesn't seem like a good town to live in if you're an outside or someone who's ever done anything to warrant judgement.

I read this book several days ago and apparently forgot to write my book then, so I can't say that I remember the ending, but I'm sure it was great.
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201 reviews2 followers
September 13, 2017
I love Happy, Texas! I love the Dawson family and all of their extended friends. To make this book even better, it is Christmas in Happy, Texas, the time for love, laughter, and above all else, miracles. I love the way that this story unfolded, and was so happy for a Christmas HEA. This is the story of Nash and Kacey

Kacey Dawson has experienced loss in her life. Two years ago her husband was killed while on a military mission, leaving her with 3 little babies to raise, one that he never even had the chance to meet. Back in Happy, Texas with her family, she has shut down her heart and is resolved to be happy with her life the way that it is now, the thought of a relationship or another man in her life is frightening, that is until Nash Lamont.

Nash Lamont is riddled with guilt. Suffering from PTSD and the knowledge that he survived when 3 of the members of his team died is too much for him to bare. He never thought that he would end up in Happy, Texas, and he certainly never thought that he would ever meet the woman that haunted his dreams, the wife of his best friend, Adam, the man that took his place and died instead of him.

When Nash falls off a ladder and ends up not remembering anything, thinking that Kacey and her kids are his family, Kacey has no choice but to move on to the Texas Star and help Nash heal. When his memory comes back, and as Kacey and the kids make themselves at home on the ranch, Nash knows a peace that he has not felt in a long time. But things might just blow up in his face, because he is hiding the truth from Kacey, a truth that could not only make her run back to Hope Springs, but it might just take what is left of his battered heart with her.

What I loved about Nash and Kacey is that they understood each other on a deep level. Her being an army wife, him being a soldier, they understood that there were things that they could not speak of, had to keep secret. I love that Nash felt the need to tell Kacey everything, even though he knew that it could push her away. I loved that Kacey was patient and understanding, no don't get me wrong she was madder than a wet hen, but when she realized that what happened, happened and it was not for her or anyone to blame Nash. She helped him heal and he helped her live and love again.

Rustin, Emma and Silas made me laugh at their little antics. They opened their little arms and hearts and sucked Nash right in, loving him and including him and wanting to be where ever he was. They made this story even more magical. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series and cannot wait to come back to Happy to visit all of my favorite cowboys again.
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1,925 reviews
September 23, 2017
 I had to read LONG, TALL COWBOY CHRISTMAS after reading the first book in The Happy, Texas Book Series, The Toughest Cowboy in Texas. What can be better then a cowboy for Christmas? Especially a sexy hot cowboy like Nash. This book takes up where the first book left off with the wedding of Brody and Lila but centers around Kasey, the youngest of the Dawson siblings. She moved back to the ranch with her three kids after the death of her husband. Kasey is lost and depressed, but with the help of her brothers, Brody and Jace she manages to make it through the day. When Nash moves into the ranch next door all sorts of drama starts. Kasey and Nash have instant chemistry that everyone notices right away. Kasey shows just how neighborly and hardheaded she can be after an accident involving Nash, a dog, and a cat stuck in a tree. Nash suffers from PTSD and Kasey who was married to a military man knows exactly what to do to help. This book is full of love, hope, sadness, grief, friendship, and second chances. The characters are unforgettable with backstories that help to explain and mesh with the over story. The setting takes place in Happy, Texas which is a small town with people who always know what is going on. The gossip mill travels at the speed of light in this tiny town. Brown has really created a truly remarkably cowboy romance novel that will leave you wanting more. While this is the second book in the Happy, Texas Series it can be read as a standalone novel. I highly recommend this romance novel. 
688 reviews2 followers
December 2, 2017
I will never in a million years understand why the romance genre is so incredibly popular. I'm sure there are some very well written books which fall into this genre, but they seem to me to be more the exception than the rule.

Here is the catalog annotation from the National Library Service for the Blind and Visually Handicapped for this one:

Former Army captain Nash Lamont suffers a concussion and believes that Kasey McKay, who recently moved to a nearby ranch, is his wife. Due to his complicating PTSD, Nash's doctors suggest that Kasey play along, so she and her three children move in over Christmas.

Despite the rather ridiculous premise, I must at least say that I came to care enough about these folks to finish this. Still, it's a very uneven ride and the writing leaves much to be desired. The conversations about sex are hysterical, though that wasn't Brown's intent. At times, too, I felt like I was reading the work of a very talented high schooler rather than a respected author, though I can't quite put my finger on why I had that reaction.

I found narrator Chelsea Hatfield's voices for the characters, especially the men, to be a bit over the top which annoyed me, though this may have been less of an issue if I liked the book more.

If you enjoy this genre, you may very well love this book; if not, there are better choices for your holiday reading.
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1,476 reviews28 followers
January 4, 2022
The name of the series should have given me a clue, but I wanted a cute, sweet romance set around Christmas and this seemed to fit the bill. It even had a good rating...I mean, how could I go wrong?

It was cute and sweet, almost to the point of sappiness. I liked the chemistry between the MCs - Nash is the cowboy in question, although he is actually a soldier who's in treatment for PTSD and working on the ranch in the meanwhile. He is involved in a car accident that results in amnesia and confusion, including mistaking the widow on the next ranch as his wife. . The widow and her three kids move in with him to care for him while he recoups from his injury / memory loss (and stay even after he gets his memory back). This was just a little too far-fetched for me. I just wondered if there was a better way to get these two together. The town is weird - either uber-supportive or judgmental as it gets, there was no middle of the road, live or let live mentality here. Overall, the Christmas story was okay, but I really wish that I'd found something else. This should have been a few days read at best, but other things kept calling me away from this. I won't be going back to Happy.
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August 26, 2017
I enjoyed the first book in this new series. Happy, Texas is a nice place. Bash and Kasey were good. They both were healing and could relate to one another. Kasey from losing her husband in the war and Nash suffering from PSTD as an effect of the war. Because Kasey was married to a military man, she really did have great insight into what Bash was going through. This was nice as she was able to be a shoulder for Nash to lean on.

As far as the romance went, it was sweet. It felt real and believable but it was not a scorcher. More like mild heat level. However, they were good together. Nash and Kasey may have been the main characters but there were others that stole some of the lime light. There were Kasey's three children: Rustin, Silas, and Emma; as well as Kasey's two brothers, Brody and Jace and Brody's wife Lila. They all brought the charm as well as fun. The only thing that I missed from the prior novel to this one is more of the wittiness. Overall, I did enjoy this book. Although, I can't wait to read Jace's story in The Luckiest Cowboy of All.
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September 30, 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed Carolyn Brown's Toughest Cowboy In Texas when I got to review it back in June, so when the chance came up to review the second in her Happy, Texas series, I jumped at it.

Long, Tall, Cowboy Christmas might just be the fluffiest thing I've ever read. Featuring a former Special Ops soldier with PTSD and a Gold Star widow with three adorable plot moppets, it's full of sweetness, Christmas cheer and happily ever afters all around.

There was even an incident of temporary amnesia when Nash fell off a ladder and got a concussion, waking up convinced that he was already married to Kasey and they had three kids. In the hands of any other writer, this would have seemed like an absolutely unbelievable plot twist, but honestly Carolyn Brown has a way of carrying you along with the story and far from rolling my eyes at the cheesiness of the trope, I found myself giggling along with everyone else when Kasey found herself with no choice but to play along.

If you're looking for a charming, lighthearted Christmas read full of cowboys, cowgirls, adorable plot moppets and happily ever afters, this is absolutely the book for you. I found it utterly delightful. Five stars.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book from the publisher.

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November 26, 2017
I wish I could get extra stars for this one! I read straight through till 3:30AM. As Carolyn indicates, this is possibly one of her most emotional books. I got tears in my eyes a few times, laughs, and sighs over the romance. Kasey's kids were adorable, as was the way they were with Nash and how he was with them. Nash has PTSD and has pretty much kept away from crowds for the last 2 years because of it. Kasey has been in an emotional void since the death of her husband in the military 2 years ago. After a rocky start, they find themselves to be kindred spirits, as well as having those sparks! Nash sustains a concussion close to the beginning of the book, which causes him to temporarily lose his memory, and necessitates Kasey moving in with him. As usual, there is a crazy, but lovable cast of characters all meddling and giving their opinions. I loved how this story played out, beginning to end!
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September 22, 2017
Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas (Happy, Texas) by Carolyn Brown  
Scrumptious.  Serious subjects, tender sweet moments and new beginnings are packaged inside this heartbreaker of a read.  Life has not been kind to Nash or Kasey.  Trapped in his own personal hell, Nash keeps to himself, grieving the man he used to be and despising the one he has become. Until a couple sweet faces and a beautiful woman turn this beast into a family man.  Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas resonates, because we all have regrets and painful memories that litter our life. The key is to not let fear dictate our choices and hold us back, but push for something better.
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September 27, 2017
Star Rating: 3.75 stars

Cowboys! Even more cowboys!

I never ever ever thought I would love me some cowboys but dang do I love me some now.

I will say I came into this series in the middle, I have not read the first one but I will for sure read it now.

The aspect that this book takes is so..real life. There is always a chance something won't work but there is also that chance that it could.

I want to do badly give 4 stars for this one but during some point I got lost and just had to start over and finally found it. The writing is good but if I can get lost then I have issues.

Overall, not a bad read 👍
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September 7, 2020
Long, Talk Cowboy Christmas

Carolyn Brown takes us back to Happy, Texas for this one. I love holiday stories. Nash is a wonderful character. Strong, wounded and alone. Kasey is a widow, mother of three great kids. Their story will capture you and keep you entertained.
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November 7, 2017
After a tragic ending on his last mission, Special Forces officer Nash Lamont decides it's time to leave the military behind, and settle into a more solitary life. Witnessing all he did has left a hollowed man, riddled with guilt, and a strong case of PTSD, all he wants is a quiet place to heal. So, when he comes across a secluded ranch in Happy, Texas he knows it is the perfect place to put down roots. And just when he starts to settle into his new life, a beautiful single mom and her three rambunctious children come crashing into his world and turn it upside down.

Kasey Dawson is struggling to pick-up the pieces of her shattered life after losing her husband overseas. Losing him and trying to care for their three children has surely taken it's toll on her, then life deals her another blow and she winds up in need of a place to stay. Which brings her to the home of a certain sexy cowboy, which scares her a little more than she cares to admit, but also puts her at ease for the first time in a long while... and before long things start falling into place. And that sexy cowboy starts to show her a side she never knew existed... and she starts to fall hard for him!

This heartwarming holiday read is sure to put readers in the holiday spirit, and leave their hearts rejoicing! Ms. Brown has done it once again, her beautiful story has left me completely dazzled by her literary talents, and left me with a happy heart!! These characters were some of my favorites from her yet, before I knew it was happening they had snuck into my heart and made themselves at home. Their touching story was filled with moments that had me near tears, moments that had me swooning, and moments that had my heart singing Ms. Brown's praises. If you are looking for a read that is packed with emotion, heart, and comes equipped with a smooth talking cowboy sure to steal your heart, then I highly recommend you get your hands on this one, it's sure to hit the mark!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
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December 13, 2017
What a lovely way to return to Happy, Texas, what a lovely novel to read right before Christmas, and what a sweet, sexy, heartwarming way to do so. Although I wasn't in love with the first novel in this series, I was willing to give this series another chance, and I'm so glad that I did. This second novel in the Happy, Texas series gets 4 stars from this reader/reviewer.

This novel features Kasey Dawson McKay, wife of Army soldier Adam McKay, who was killed during what turned out to be his last deployment, leaving her a widow, left to raise their 3 adorable children, and who has yet to move on with her life. She's been living at the family ranch, Hope Springs, but merely getting through each day--Adam was her first and only love, and she's still grieving his death.

Army Captain Nash Lamont has also shown up in Happy, Texas, and is trying to get his head on straight. He's on leave from the military after being badly concussed during the same op that killed his team member, Adam McKay. In addition to his memory being faulty, he has PTSD and survivor guilt, and he's attempting to raise sheep on one of ranches owned by his family, the Texas Star, which borders Hope Springs. He meets Kasey during one of his flashbacks when he mistakes her oldest son, Rustin, for a child in Afghanistan who wandered into a minefield, and Nash tackles him during a wind, rain and sandstorm to protect him, and eventually realizes his mistake. He's heard all about Adam's love for his wife and children during their military service together, and wishes he had a similar love waiting for him back home. He certainly never expected to meet Kasey or to find her living on the ranch next door.

When he falls from a broken ladder, trying to rescue a cat up in a tree, he's badly concussed again, and now thinks that Kasey is his wife, and that her three children are his. He won't be allowed to drive or be alone until he has his memory back, and since the dog in question belonged to Kasey's children, she volunteers to stay at his ranch with her children, until Nash has recovered, a move no one in her family approves of, but which she'll do regardless of their opinions, at least until after Christmas.

As the two are thrown together by circumstance, proximity leads to a sweet, heartwarming relationship as the widow and the wounded warrior end up helping to heal each other. But Nash is keeping his secrets, and he fears that when Kasey finds out what those secrets are, it will put an end to the relationship he's hoping to build with her and her adorable, charming and funny children.

Since I don't do spoilers, let me just say that while I usually don't read sweet family romances, preferring darker, more serious and steamier reads, Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas, surprised and charmed the heck out of me. It did contain a small amount of heat, more religion that I preferred, and a large measure of charm, and I'm happy to recommend it.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance reader copy of this novel. The opinions expressed are my own.
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October 22, 2017
Reviewed at Keeper Bookshelf

If you’re looking for a sweet, a bit spicy, heart-warming, touching Christmas story this season then Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas is sure to fill your holiday wish.

Nash is a former military man with a boatload of guilt to deal with from his time at war. When a mission goes sideways leaving his military career far behind, Nash heads for the most solitary place he can find to hide and maybe heal, one day. That spot is the small town of Happy, Texas and one ranch that holds his new future.

Kasey is a military widow with three small, boisterous, adorable children. They are pretty much her life now as she isn’t willing to move on to the possibility of another love for her out there. She had her chance, now she’s a mom, got a ranch to run and a lifetime of memories to see her through.

Neither Kasey or Nash ever thought they’d find a special someone. Yet with a kitten rescue, a bit of an accident, the winsome ways of determined children and maybe some intervention from beyond or the North Pole – they may just have found what they each needed. Now comes the question of if Kasey will still feel the same way about Nash when she learns about his past. And can Nash make a ready made family his own completely.

I adored Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas so much. A story that realistically deals with the effects of PTSD, death of a loved one, and moving forward as we eventually need to do. Nash and Kasey were two people who fit, and the kids’ love of Nash simply made everything about them complete. Sure, there are issues to be dealt with, and real love rarely is smooth as silk – but they face the past, deal with the issues and love each other through it all. I liked this couple and their story is everything I love about Christmas Romance.

I would recommend Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas to any reader who enjoys a good love story, real life issues to deal with, and the love that only kids seem to be able to shower a person with, maybe because that love is purely straight from the heart.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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July 6, 2018
2.5 stars

This author is really going to drive me nuts. I don’t understand how some of her stuff is so amazing, and other things drive me crazy. This series had started off pretty strong with Toughest Cowboy in Texas. I had high hopes. While I absolutely still love the characters in this series, there were a lot of things in this one that made it not so great.

I often try to start with the good, so I’ll do that here. I felt the chemistry between Nash and Kasey immediately. Through the whole story they have such a special connection, and the way they are thrown together is really quite touching. Kasey’s kids are a real joy and there was also a wonderful chemistry between Nash and all of the kids. I also liked how Jace really stood up for Kacey with their family and how altogether involved (in a kind and good way) this family is with each other. They really care and look out for one another.

Here are my issues. I am well aware that I get annoyed by things others don’t even notice or care about, that’s why I’m going to spell this out. The things that annoyed me so much may not bother you at all and this book has such a great story and great connections that it may be worth a read to you. There are a lot of timeline/continuity issues. One minute Nash is saying he’s not taking pain meds anymore, the next minute he’s refusing a beer because it could mess with his meds. Kacey leaves the kids in the car (in their car seats so they cannot get out themselves) and the next moment they’re walking into the barn with her. Nash admits he wasn’t cut out for college yet he was a Captain in the Army. (Yes, I know there are ways that would be possible, but not with the amount of time he was active duty and not in the circumstances he describes.) With Nash’s rank there is no actual significance so I felt as though the author just picked a rank out of a hat and applied it to her hero.

I’m noticing more and more that this author falls back on her characters talking out loud to themselves for no discernible reason. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…I feel she uses this tactic as a crutch. And it is used far too often in this story.

See my full review at https://allingoodtimeblog.wordpress.c...
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July 17, 2018
The cover proclaims that the author is a New York Times Bestselling Author, but as you may know, making the NY Times list is arbitrary, at best, and it does not have ANYTHING to do with the quality of the writing. It's a good thing for this author that it doesn't. How this book got a Goodreads average of 4 1/2 stars is wa-a-ay beyond me.

For one thing, the writing is amateurish. The author even uses authorial viewpoint several times, a HUGE no-no! She tells rather than shows in many instances.

The plot point that gets the male & female protags together and keeps them together for a month is contrived and stretches believability.

There are the usual typos (more, rather than less) and typos drive me crazy! But in this book, what's worse are blatant errors. In one instance, the male protag saves a newborn lamb, but in the next sentence, it's a newborn calf! And then, in the next sentence or so, it's a lamb again! (I wonder if the author knows how to do a search and replace.)

In another instance, there are canned beers on the coffee table, but then, they magically turn into mugs, and then, back into cans!

The female protag's toddler, of course, talks like a toddler. At least in most instances. But on one occasion, he says that he's "hungee," but right after, he says, "hungry." So, which is it, please?

Most of the characters are nice enough, but that's not enough to save the book.

Most of the books I read, especially by my two favorite writers--Nora Roberts and Jill Shalvis--I hate to see them end. This one, when I finished reading it, I said to myself, "Thank God that's done!"

And speaking of God, though not heavy handed, this book is somewhat preachy. If I wanted to read about church-going Christians, I'd read Debbie Macomber. But I've been there, done that--once--and I won't be reading anymore of Macomber's books because of the holier-than-thou preaching!

Long story short, I've got too many books on my to-read list to waste my precious time reading anymore of this author's books!

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September 15, 2017
“I’ve waited my whole life for this moment, to meet my soul mate.”

Cowboys. Yes, please and thank you. I love them, and I love the way that Carolyn Brown writes them. Her books, of which I have now read many, are sweet, heartfelt, and filled with genuine characters.

Characters that make me happy. Which is why Happy, Texas (the series and the fictional town) is so aptly named. Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas left me with a smile on my face and in my heart, and though I might have felt an ache, a pang, throughout, I can safely say that this is a feel good read.

I so enjoyed Nash and Kasey’s story, and the way it flowed; their connection was deep and strong from the first, and yet they took their time to build something. I might even call it a fast-slow-burn. Because it wasn’t just Kasey and Nash falling together and falling in love. Kasey’s three kids were tiny scene-stealers, and oh, let me tell you, whenever Silas called Nash “Nashie”, I was about done.

What I am not done with, however, is the series and this author. I might have been a touch uncertain about Kasey’s naivety as related to Nash and his past, but I was also completely taken in by this story. By the sweeping romance of it and the way country music was blended into the story. By the respect paid to beliefs and sacrifices and traditions.

By the fact that family was so strong a theme and the utter joy it takes in showing that.

Books like Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas are the reason I read and love this genre so much. It’s unabashedly sweet. It’s genuinely heartfelt. And it has cowboys. What more does a girl need?

“I get tongue-tied around you, Kasey. There’s got to be a better way to tell you that you’re stunning and that you look like a movie star, but my mind gets all tangled up and all I can say is that you’re beautiful.”

~ 4.5 Nashie STARS ~
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October 14, 2017
Nash Lamont has come to Happy Texas to open up his family ranch which has been vacant for years after his uncle took off. Dealing with PTSD and other memories from his time as an officer in the Army he is still having nightmares and guilt over a mission that on paper succeeded, but at the cost of men with families while he had none. Guilt for him is another one of his problems. After being there a while he was expecting to meet Kasey Dawson who is living on the ranch closet to his and with her three children is dealing with her own loss of her husband of two years. After meeting Kasey after one of his flashbacks he begins to realize that she is the wife of one of his solders that was killed that day. He had known her husband before they got married and as much as he wants to distance himself he can’t. After he injures himself with a blow to the head he believes that they are married and that the three children are there’s. Going to the doctor he asks her if she could stay at his place for three weeks even after his memory comes back and she agrees. This leads up to Christmas day which she would need to move back to her families’ ranch. The story is good about two people trying to find their way. Add in three children who never knew their father, her mother who does not like him. She did not like the women who her brother married at first from the first book either. The grandmother does and that is what matters, and most importantly they begin to act on helping each other on healing. He is different than her husband and he was able to give her closer and he was hoping he could stop the nightmares. A very good book with many different characters and the children really add to the story. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com
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