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Cleo Hill is a married woman, in love with a man she's never really known—her husband, whom she hasn't seen in eleven years.

Paxton "Torch" Hill is a Notorious Devil, a man who's been wrestling with his personal demons since before he knew the horrors of war.

When a threat against his club means danger could be lurking around his estranged wife's door, Paxton is determined to protect her. Yet, one look at the woman he left behind, and he knows his plans are about to change.

The past is not an easy thing to forget, especially not for a woman scorned. While Cleo isn't the innocent catch he once knew, there's something about that rough and ready man she's not sure she can deny.

After all—they promised each other forever.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to Language, Sexual Content, and Violence

394 pages, Kindle Edition

Published June 16, 2017

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Hayley Faiman

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Hayley Faiman was born and raised in the Central Valley in California. She and her husband met when they were still in High School. They were married a few years later. They lived in Oregon while her husband was in the US Coast Guard. After living in Hill Country, Texas for eight years they have made the big move to East Texas. They spend their time with their two teenage sons at all their events, screaming from the stands, as they swim their hearts out!

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790 reviews141 followers
July 6, 2017
I don't think I've ever read a book with a more disgusting hero. Literally makes me want to break something. Good thing he's not a real man because some poor girl would have to put up with his disgusting mess.
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3,985 reviews328 followers
July 4, 2017
Everytime I finish a book in Hayley Faiman's Notorious Devils series I immediately decide it is my favorite, and Rough and Ready is no different!

I have never been a big fan of second chance novels because there is always so much pain for the one left behind and I can never understand why someone had to leave. But with Cleo and Pax, I can understand why a damaged Pax made the decision he felt he had to. They were too young and too new to weather the storms that laid ahead for them. But what bugged me is he had so much love for Cleo he never checked on her? And after 11 years he comes back because of a threat to the Notorious Devils? Pax might have been damaged all those years ago but his leaving broke Cleo where she couldn't move on emotionally. Pax made me question the stupidity of men everywhere because of his actions once Cleo was back in his life.

But what saved this book and my opinion of Pax was his actions when he finally got his act together. He righted the wrong with Cleo that put this shattered woman's self esteem back together. He definitely freed her sexuality and made this shy innocent bolder! No complaints with Pax's take charge bedroom behavior.

This is an amazing series and I am loving each book even if I can't decide on a favorite!
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1,904 reviews26 followers
June 23, 2017
This was a great second chance story. We first learned of Paxton /Torch's situation in the last book. I  just new it was going to be a good one and it was.
I went back and forth on wanting this couple together so many times it was almost frustrating. Most times I wanted Cleo to leave him and never look back he was such an a##hole. God love her she never got over their young love even though he broke her. She couldn't move on and he had horrific demons that he wanted to shield her from so he stayed away. When he finally came back for her, she had to stay he was honestly protecting her from real danger.
When he finally got his head right and realized how he felt it turned into the type of story I love a badboy changed by love. Funny thing is he loved her all along he just had to accept it.
They fought through all there personal issues to be happy and live a life together. I loved watching, I loved watching him fall, loved watching his walls come down and accept her love! They worked it out only to have those original dangers rear their ugly head making for some intense final chapters.
The next one looks to be a very interesting story!! Can't wait! I am loving each Notorious Devil I meet.
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1,426 reviews17 followers
December 5, 2019
Rough and Ready

Let's start off by saying that we loved our first story by this author.For sometime I have had her books on my kindle and I can't wait to read more of this series as I know I am really going to love them.

This story had an interesting plot as well as having great characters and I have to say I loved them all.

I try to always pick a favorite character in the story that I am reading and mine is going to be Cleo,I Chose Cleo as she was truly and innocent even after the knocks life gave her.She was sweet and kind as well as generous and the type of girl who once gives her heart its for a lifetime.I loved the strong and independent person she had become.

Paxton was her husband who left her many years ago without even a glance backwards.Now several years later he has turned up in her life stirring up all hurts and sorrows.

Paxton reached out to her as he seems to think her life is in danger and now wants to play the protective husband .He left her without a by you leave so why bother now? The MC has made enemies of the Cartel and things are heating up and their going after the women and children to settle the score.How do you protect a women who wants nothing to do with you ?Paxton is up to the challenge as he realizes he as never stopping loving his beautiful wife and plans to make her his all over again.

I have to say I loved Paxton even after he deserted his wife but as the story progressed I wondered who proved to be the greater threat to Cleo's safety himself or the Cartel ?

This story was a bit of a emotional journey for this couple who were learning about forgiveness,trust,love,and second chances.

Cleo was my favorite character but Paxton got under my skin and I could not help but to love him to. Paxton turned out to be a really complex character and we understand why he as that way as the story progressed.One of this things I loved about his him as he always owned up to the mistakes he made when It came to Cleo past and present. He never made excuses other than having regrets and how he should have gotten treatment sooner.

This was a powerful love story that stood the test of time.I loved the chemistry this couple had as it burned even brighter than it had years before.I loved being on this couple journey of rediscovering one another but I have to say that I worried more than once that Cleo was not going to be able to handle the life that comes with being with a man like Paxton.We were rooting for the both hoping after everything that was said and done their would be a happily ever after for these two.They truly belonged together .

An great read that had tons of surprises and a cast of interesting characters that kept you turning the page until the story was done.

So looking forward to getting to know even more of these bad boy MC members.

5 stars from us
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3,024 reviews2 followers
June 21, 2017
I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book

Seriously what's not to like
Everything you would from beginning to end. Frustrating biker, but also you can't help but want to slap and love him
And Cleo, brave women! Completely had a crappy situation but she picked herself up and did what she had to, and she didn't let anyone walk all over her.

A awesome second chance love story that you will not want to put down

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390 reviews8 followers
August 5, 2020
The h has no backbone and is the typical asshole H that is the norm in this series.

The h knows nothing about the life and was understandably upset when she learns about the “whores”. She attempts to talk about it with the H but he keeps dismissing her concerns. Remember, she hasn’t seen him in over a decade and knows nothing about the life. Then he says this:

“Is your self-esteem that fucking low that you think I’m going to run right over to them? Is it so low that you can’t see the way I look at you? So low that you can’t understand why I would want to build a life with you again, pick up where I stupidly left off? Christ, Cleo. You aren’t eighteen anymore. You’re a fucking thirty-year-old woman. If I wanted a self-conscious eighteen-year-old, I could have one. Fuck, I could have ten. Figure out what the fuck you want and do it fast,”

That’s some grade A manipulation right there. Noped out at that point.

And oh yeah, he calls her sweetheart 162 times in this book.
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1,476 reviews39 followers
December 27, 2020

Paxton or Torch is his road name. I actually didn't like him in the beginning. He comes back on leave from the service practically rapes his wife and than he leaves for almost 11 years.

Paxton decides he needs to find her to protect her from the cartel. By the way that is not the only Danger though. She goes through some stuff. They have a traitor in their club.

In the end he gets better however his excuse to bail instead of talking in all those years was not an excuse. He should have traveled A LOT!
Profile Image for Tiffany Readz.
1,883 reviews50 followers
June 8, 2017
I. Am. Torn.

And I want to cause slight pain to Hayley Faiman for creating such a frustrating character. From one chapter to the next I didn't know if I loved or hated this guy. Honestly, this entire series has been hit or miss for me, mostly hit, but sometimes I'm not sure about these bikers proclivities. Now with Torch/Paxton, it was the most difficult decision by far.

We've met Torch over the years and knew there was something amiss about him. We knew he was ex-military and carried a pretty big chip on his shoulder from his past. He is a loyal brother to the club and helps keep an eye on the Old Ladies. The only lady he hasn't been taking care of is his own.

"Those demons aren't simply feelings, Torch. They're living, breathing things. If you're not careful, they will grow inside of you and kill the remainder of the man you once were."

Wise words. Ones that sooner or later Torch needs to abide by. He's gone eleven long years without the love of his life. He's a bitter man. A man that doesn't think he's good enough for her anymore. At twenty and eighteen, thier love was all he needed, once he came back, he was afraid of himself around her.

"Paxton Hill is going to obliterate me."

Cleo stands no chance against the bossy, yet charming Paxton "Torch" Hill. She's loved him since she was eighteen and the eleven years past hasn't done much change that fact. No matter how much she tries to convince herself that he isn't what she needs in her life, she falls right back in.

Okay, so round and round we go with these two. Like the hypocritical brothers, Pax can't handle that Celo tried to move on from him with others, even though he's been with all kinds of dirty club whores. That is the one thing the really bothers me in these books, the double standard of these bikers. Annoying.

Cleo tries to hold strong, but eventually gives in. Similar to the previous relationships, learning the life of the MC isn't easy and poor Cleo is thrown head first into the crap pile. No matter how many times Torch says he's going to protect her, we all know how it's going to end.

The book is well written and these two solve most of thier problems with some steamy sex. Another thing that didn't thrill me about Pax, the way he went about "things". To each his own I suppose. Either way, this was an awesome addition to the series and we delved a bit further with the whole cartel mess and of course other stuff. Bring on the next one!

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog.
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368 reviews10 followers
June 18, 2017
This is by far my favorite in this series! I was instantly hooked from the very beginning. I can't even describe accurately enough how much I loved Cleo. This is a woman who doesn't have any family and her husband, the one she waited for to return from war, breaks her completely. She picks herself up and makes a life for herself.

Torch has been traumatized by his past and what he's lived through. It's been over a decade but he's never forgotten his wife.

When these two are together the chemistry is still there. What I freaking loved about Cleo is that she wasn't going to be walked all over. She was strong and knew what she needed to do.

This was one of the best second chance love story I've ever read. I honestly couldn't stop reading this. I can't wait to read the next book in this series!!
Profile Image for Michelle Claypot_Reads.
2,213 reviews64 followers
May 11, 2020
Loved this second chance NC Romance. It’s witty and hot with a complicated story that had me hooked.
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759 reviews5 followers
June 24, 2017
he author is looking for an honest review.

3 stars

I love an angsty type of book. One that the man think he is doing right by his woman and leaves, but then realizes he is a stupid man. That is what you get in this book, well sort of.
Pax was the love of Cleo's life. She only had a few months with him before he was deployed, but those months meant everything to her. What happens at the beginning makes me sad, mad, sad and even madder at Pax, throughout this book. Eleven years goes by and now he is back in her life because she is in danger. Here's the thing, he is just a jerk and I couldn't get past it. I know that is on me and that is what made the book just a good read for me.

I don't want to get into to many specifics of the book, but I need to break some things down. Cleo is this naive girl at eighteen, but the thing is, she never grew out of that. She is thirty and she seems to have the mentality as when she was a teenager. It weighed on me a lot, not because of the things she did, but when Pax came back into her life, she just basically let him. Yeah you got a little bit of a struggle, but not one that was worth even commenting about. Pax, well all I have to say is that I hated him at the beginning, and it didn't get much better throughout the book. I didn't like the mood swings, how at times he treated Cleo and how he was always just leaving her unattended, even thought there was a threat. He kept on saying the same things through the book and it just became repetitious at times. I did love Cleo's best friend, he was just awesome during the book.

There is a great story here, don't get me wrong. I loved the layout, what was going on and how it affected everyone in the book, its just the characters were just some that I couldn't connect to this time. The drama that unfolds in this book is intense at times, and there is a surprise, that I didn't even see coming in who is involved in everything, but at the end of the day, it just wasn't one of my favorites.

I love reading new authors and this no different. Her style of writing is intense at times, and I would like to read another one of her books.
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673 reviews11 followers
June 23, 2017
3.5 Stars!

(5 Stars for the writing)

So here we go again. My first book in this series was Rough and Ruthless (book 4) and I was really torn by it because the H pissed me off quite a bit. Still, I enjoyed it and the writing was very well done so I just brushed my agitation for the H aside and went with it, giving it 4 Stars. However, with Rough and Ready I can't do that. I'm sorry, Ms. Faiman, but I'm throwing in the towel. Your brand of Bikers are not for me.

My rating of 3.5 stars is purely based on the writing because I will never say that Hailey Faiman can't write. Nope, she's incredibly talented at storytelling and capturing the essence of her characters. For that alone, she definitely gets 5 Stars from me. But where I couldn't climb on board is the characters.

I don't expect to fall madly in love with every character I read about, I know Bikers can be grade A jerks. However, Torch/Paxton pretty much takes the cake for me. I can not stand him. I may have wanted to throat punch Max in the previous book but I wanted to hammer fist Torch in the throat then Axe-kick him two or three times for good measure. He disgusted me from page 1 and while some may think he redeemed himself a little, I say "too little too late, buddy boy". He needed a blow-up doll, not a wife.

Cleo could have been lovable to me if it weren't for the one humongous flaw she had, giving into Torch. Sorry, honey, but I don't understand the attraction. You can do better and frankly, deserve better. Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend in this series. The men are a-holes and the women put up with them.

So, overall, do I recommend Rough and Ready? No! Having said that, if you're a fan of this series, you probably won't be surprised by Torch and might love the story. Who am I to say you won't. For those who haven't read this particular series yet, be prepared and don't say I didn't warn you.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***
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3,743 reviews116 followers
June 21, 2017
5 Stars!

When I pick up a Hayley Faiman book, I've come to expect a few things.... insane heat, crazy angst, loads of drama, page gripping suspense, damaged characters, and irresistible heroes that make you want to slap then ravage them. So far her gritty and raw Notorious Devils MC series has lived up to each and every one of those expectations.

But this book.... totally surpassed them and some... giving me the best of this series to date!

Rough and Ready was an incredible book in the most twisted ways. Ugly. Dirty. Steamy. Intense. Passionate. Heart-pounding. Yet completely beautifully in the most broken ways. Paxton "Torch" and Cleo's story was perfectly executed in a way that is indescribable quite honestly but was just.... everything.

Their love story never truly stopped... just paused.

I know what I'm getting into with this author each and every time but like a drug she has me addicted to what will come next. Sure this isn't my usual cuppa tea and she always pushes my boundaries.... making me cross lines that leave me squirmy yet glued to those pages.... I never regret the journey once it is over.

If you life suspense, angst, drama, and loads of heat then give Hayley a try.... you definitely won't regret it.

I highly recommend this book and series.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog
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5,156 reviews72 followers
June 21, 2017
5 star

I was pulled right into this story. This story contains heartbreak, pain, secrets, danger, and suspense.

If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first
Rough and Rowdy (Notorious Devils MC, #1)
Rough and Raw (Notorious Devils MC, #2)
Rough and Rugged (Notorious Devils MC #3)
Rough and Ruthless (Notorious Devils MC #4)

This is Cleo and Torch‘s story. Cleo is in love with her husband who she has not seen in eleven years. Torch has not seen his wife but when danger threatens her he knows he is going to protect her. But one look and he knows protecting her is not going to be enough. He needs to have her as his for now and the future. But does she want him? Can he make her see that even without the danger he wants her? Can he get her to believe that this time he is going to keep her forever? Or has she already moved on?

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read.

I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author.
Profile Image for Judy.
1,064 reviews
July 24, 2017
DNF at 24%...Just too many inconsistencies and questions. First he didn't know she was pregnant, then he knew she was pregnant when she ran. So many confusing points that had me questioning WTH was going on.
Profile Image for Mandie Foxylutely.
948 reviews94 followers
June 23, 2017
This is the fifth book in the Notorious Devils MC series and is Torch and Cleo's story.

Paxton and Cleo were married young before Paxton takes off to do his first tour of duty. When he returns he is a different person and is no longer the loving boy she fell in love with, but a man with haunted eyes. After a night of alien behaviour from Paxton, Cleo wakes up alone and confused. When Paxton doesn't return she tries to move forward with her life without her husband but he has always been there in the background of her heart and mind. Fast forward eleven years and Paxton is back and again he is totally different to the man she remembers. His hulking body, his broody eyes and a leather cut omits a persona of a man not to be messed with. Even more surprising he says he is back to protect her and wont take no for an answer.

Paxton is a man with many dark demons which started even before his many tours of war which have only added to the many burdens he carries on his shoulders. One of his biggest regrets is shutting Cleo out and taking off so she no longer had to deal with his darkness. Now a brother with the Notorious Devils, The Cartel are closing in and the biggest threat they have is to target the families and wives of the MC. Still married on paper at least, Paxton, road name Torch, knows they can easily link him to Cleo and hunt her down so he makes the decision to do that first and make her safe and more importantly make her his again.

This was a decent second chance MC romance which started off good with the young newly weds being branded by war. However one thing that didn't change was Cleo's doormat behaviour which you could expect from an nineteen year old but now thirty I would have expected her to have some backbone. This eventually does transpire but it was frustrating in the beginning with how she easily falls in with her estranged husband with no recriminations of his past behaviour and desertion.

I haven't read all of this series but it was easy to pick up on the other characters and their involvement to date. For those who have not read any of this series it would be easy to read as a standalone anyway as Torch is a new transfer to the MC from another chapter.

Overall I did enjoy this MC read which although not as dark and gritty as I like, it did give a realistic portrayal and was not a sweet and innocent storyline. Much better than the first book I read in this series and I did eventually fall for the pair. Lots of hot sex and some brooding drama for added tension. Four stars.

*ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review
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2,689 reviews33 followers
June 17, 2017


Rough and Ready was a great 5 star read.

We get pulled in right from the beginning and my heart just broke for Cleo and what she went through. She wanted to be there for her husband so bad, she loved him. Paxton ends up leaving Cleo.

He did something unspeakable to you, and then he left you high and dry. He’s not worthy of you.

We jump ahead about 11 years, Paxton (Torch) is now a brother of the Notorious Devils MC and their families are in danger. Concerned for Cleos safety Paxton has to find her before it’s too late.

Cleo has tried to move on but she can’t get Paxton out of her heart or mind. Plus she was used by her boss who is now being a jerk to her. She fears for her safety but yet doesn’t want to quit. She had really great support from Lisandro and Theo. When Paxton shows up on her doorstep she is shocked but yet the connection between them is undeniable.

Paxton is angry with where Cleo is living, it’s not a safe neighborhood. Something happens that causes Cleo to run, Theo and Lis help her and stage her apartment. When Paxton returns to see the place abandoned he is determined to find her.

Paxton of course finds Cleo and takes her to the club house with him. Lets just say this poor girl had quite the shock when she walked in. Cleo ends up giving in to Paxton and I have the say the scenes these two had were hot, steamy and panty melting. Oh my Paxton knows what he’s doing.

There is so much more to this great read. Several ups and downs, twists and shockers. We do get a HEA but it wasn’t an easy road. The secondary characters were great. Once I started I couldn’t put it down. Rough and Ready is book 5 of the “Notorious Devils MC” series, it can be read as a stand alone. I highly suggest that you 1-click and get started today. This is a great series and I definitely look forward to “Rough & Rich”. Thank you Hayley for another great read,

Notorious Devils MC: #1:Rough and Rowdy, #2: Rough and Raw, #3:Rough and Rugged, #4: Rough and Ruthless, #5 Rough and Ready, coming soon #6 Rough and Rich.

Alpha Book Club
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Reviewed by MAustin from Alpha Book Club

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119 reviews1 follower
June 21, 2017
***4 Stars!***

This was really a good read and just the way an MC book should be! It was my first read from this author and she did not disappoint!

Cleo and Paxton “Torch” Hill were married young before Torch went into the service. When Torch returns, he is a changed man with demons that are too much to endure. Torch hurts Cleo in the worst possible way and ends up leaving her as if she never existed.

Fast forward to 11 years later, Cleo is living her life, but not really. She is a shell of a woman and still heartbroken. She has made two great friends Lisandro and Theo who will do anything for her and I loved the friendship that these three had. Torch is a member of the Notorious Devils MC and when trouble comes knocking at their door, he realizes that Cleo may be in danger and decides to heal old wounds and protect Cleo at the same time. Torch realizes that Cleo is not the gullible teenager she was back then and also realizes that he left a good woman behind instead of dealing with his demons together with Cleo as a couple should.

With trouble knocking and Cleo’s reluctance to give Torch another chance, Torch makes it his mission to make Cleo his once and for all whether she likes it or not. But will Cleo accept the biker life Torch is offering or will she be stuck in the past always thinking that he will leave her again the way he did so many years ago??

This was really good read and I didn’t realize it was the 5th in the series, but this can be read as a standalone. I’m really looking forward to Genny and Sloane’s story which I know will be just as good this one!

ARC given in exchange for an honest review.

For more reviews by Philly Book Blog, please visit:

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534 reviews21 followers
January 21, 2020
Cleo did not have the love of her parents and after her grandmother's death she met Paxton Hill, who some time later will be her husband. He's everything to her. But war can change everything. In just one night, she will be hurt, learn to forgive and try to open her heart to a fresh start. Only to be abandoned again. And eleven years later, she will discover the fine and fragile line that exists between anger and love is about to break, with the return of her husband.

Paxton Hill is a man haunted by the ghosts of the past and the horrors of war. Today known as Torch, he has a secret that his brothers from Notorious Devils MC do not know: he is married and eleven years ago he abandoned the only woman who made him know what it was to love and be loved. And when the enemies of the motorcycle club can threaten his wife's life, he is forced to protect her. But keeping her safe may not be the only problem, when Torch rediscovers that his love for her has never ceased to exist, the desire to win her heart will be uncontrollable. However, regaining her confidence can be more difficult than it looks.

Two lives marked and hurt in different ways. The story of the protagonists is intense and revolves around trust, abandonment and self-love. Poor decisions and the consequences of the choices they have made will also be a crucial point in the narrative. There will be many mishaps on the way to Cleo and Paxton's happiness. They will have to prove that, this time, they are strong and ready to face any adversity that appears. An intense story about forgiveness and second chances, filled with suspense, uncertainty, romance and also many dangers. A great book for MC Romance lovers.
Profile Image for Kali McQuillen.
1,733 reviews35 followers
June 16, 2017
This author can write MC and Bratva to where you want to read every book!! I'm picky when it comes it to these genres but this woman gets it right for me every time.

Torch - a man who fell in love with Chloe before he left to go overseas to fight for his country. When he came back, he was a different man. He did what he thought was best for Chloe but he broke her heart.

Chloe is a strong independent woman now. She may not be rich in money but she is with friends. When she see's Torch again, she remembers how it used to be and she's still in love with him.

I do like that she's not a real pushover and will fight for her independence. She's going to make Torch fight for them and not just fall in line with what he wants.

Will he be able to open up to her about why he left and stayed away, will she be able to forgive and give them a second chance?
Profile Image for Helen Oakes.
250 reviews29 followers
July 11, 2018
I think this one is my favourite story in the series so far. I loved Torch having to prove to his wife that he disappeared on ten years ago that he’s changed and wants her back. He was still a brute like the rest of the guys but it was nice to see one of them realise they were the problem. I also loved the added bonus of one of the minor characters in this novel bonus chapters at the end so we knew what happened to them - great touch!
Profile Image for Amanda Adams.
484 reviews62 followers
June 24, 2019
Not my favorite

Not my favorite but I’ve read lots worse. I didn’t like Pax’s ways I was so worried once things got tough he was gonna run to the club whores again. There was a lot more suspense in this one compared to the others. But all in all Cleo tamed him. And helped him fight his demons.
Profile Image for Teresa Lara.
2,967 reviews41 followers
April 8, 2018
loving Pax and Clees amazing emotional 2nd chance.Love this series.
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552 reviews46 followers
June 1, 2023
She forgives him way too fast. He didn't contact her at all during the three years he was in prison, he left her to struggle on her own without his protection nor the help of the club, but the moment he kisses her, her body's melting and literally two seconds later they're having sex. Horrible case of Betraying Body Syndrome.

She never made him grovel nor prove himself to her. Should have held off on the sex until he did something to prove that he cared. Should have held her ground about keeping her job and her independence until he did something to ensure she would have a financial safety net for any future calamity. If he could afford to pay cash for a Camaro, he could have put money into a trust for their son or have the house switched over to her name so she never needed to worry about being homeless again -- something like that.

I really didn't like him. He was right that he fucked up and failed her in every way. Though he said he was sorry, he never did anything to make it up to her other than buy her a Camaro to replace the one that she had to sell off when he went into prison. It's such bullsh*t. He refused to let her continue working in the strip club, making her completely financially dependent on him and thus vulnerable should anything happen to him again. She wasn't even a dancer, she was a waitress! But he gets all sanctimonious about the way she's dressed and is like, "Why are you working in a job like this?!" Like, what business is it of his what kind of job she's doing when he hasn't bothered to speak to her for three years?

Sniper/Bates, one of the brothers in the club keeps telling Fury/Pierce (our supposed "hero") that Kentlee is strong. She is strong in the sense that she would do anything she could to protect and provide for her son. But she is PATHETICALLY WEAK when it comes to her relationship with Pierce. She suffered abandonment and fear and brokenheartedness that he didn't want her, why would she continue loving and wanting a man like that?? Okay, so you can't turn love off so easily but at least she should acknowledge in her head that this is not the kind of man she ought to be wanting. He literally treated her like sh*t and she just took it. She was a total DOORMAT for him and I couldn't stand that.

As for our supposed "hero", he was a selfish b*stard. He said he didn't want to make her his old lady because it was too dangerous for her, but throughout his stay in prison all his thoughts were selfish. When Sniper/Bates visited him in prison every week, Sniper would tell Fury/Pierce to contact Kentlee. He even told Fury/Pierce that she needed reassurance and she was lonely and struggling. Never once did Fury/Pierce ever think about Kentlee's feelings or needs. It was all about himself and how he wasn't ready or he didn't want an old lady and blahblahblah.

Later he tells Kentlee he didn't call her in prison because he didn't want to fall apart and seeing or hearing from her would have made him weak. Oh yeah, seriously f*cking selfish. He never saw her point of view on anything. He called all the shots and he did it when he wanted to, whether she liked it or not. She had zero say in anything, and worse still, she didn't even try to assert herself or stand up to him. He was like, "I love her so much" but the way he treated her was like she was a convenience to him. When it worked for him, he was with her, and when it didn't work for him, he didn't bother to have anything to do with her. If that's love, that's a f*cking weak version of it. It's not the kind of love I'd want if I were Kentlee and it's not the kind of love I like reading about.

I wished she could have ended up with Sniper/Bates, who showed like 200% more love, care, and support to her than Fury/Pierce ever did. Even when Pierce gets out of prison, what does he do to show that he cares, apart from buying her a Camaro? Nothing, that's what! A whole lotta sex until she gets sore (which the author makes sure to mention each time -- how sore Kentlee is from all the dick). He's not even taking care of her physically, let alone emotionally nor in any other way. Sheesh. Apart from his dick, he was an utter waste of space. Hard pass.
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June 16, 2017
Hayley Faiman has written some of my most favorite reads rough and ready is one of them , we have seen most of the secondary characters from past books in the Notorious Devils MC and was so excited every time the Russian Bratva are mentioned witch is another amazing series that this author has written . Adored the characters , the story line kept me on my toes could not look away , always love a good second chance love read , and the mini story at the end I'm so happy she put that in along with the little tease for the next story in the series . My heart broke so many times for Cleo she is such a beautiful heroine inside and out , she has a back bone , and the more she got to reintroduce herself to the hero she began to blossom into a new kind of biker babe and her Best friend is just a dream friend . Now Paxton / Torch gave me mixed feelings but once he puts it all in to building something with the heroine I started to love him and when we get to know along with Clee what was in his head when he does the does and says certain things my heart went out for his damaged self . They are perfect for each other even though they have grown a lot and the experience that they went through have changed them they end up falling even more in love with one another , it's also awesome to get both point of views it's enjoyable to read what they are thinking and doing .
copy provided for honest review 
hero =9 heroine = 10 secondary characters = 10
Chemistry = 10 steam = 10 romance = 7 humor = 4
darkness level = 6 enjoyment = 10 angst = 4
action = 5 story line = 10 mystery = 4
character development = 10 pacing = 10 Plot = 10
cover = 10 stars = 5 author = 10
would I recommend this book = yes
would I re read this book = yes
would I read future books by this author = yes
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February 16, 2022
I loved the characters in this book. Cleo and Paxton are one hell of a match. The author brings young love and then slams me with a huge dose of PTSD. What the military service members go through for our country is amazing. I enjoyed the depiction of ptsd. The author was very accurate with the Pax- Torch character. The interactions with Pax over almost ten years is non existent. Cleo just goes about her life, content with being alone. When the Notorious Devils are threatened by a rival group, Paxton needs to find her, thus beginning the chase.

Another great book. Bravo
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October 29, 2021
I have never disliked a H as much as I do Torch. He shows up and expects everything to be ok. He takes her to the clubhouse and pretty much drops her off to fend for herself. Then gets mad at her for questioning him. I hate him. Once they got back together there was no ow drama. She deserves so much better. I hate that she is so weak. She ends up getting kidnapped by club VP Drifter. He betrayed club and was in on kidnapping mc members wifes/gfs.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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June 19, 2017
Still enjoying these books!!! Can't wait for the next one!
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