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Midnight Breed #5

Veil of Midnight

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Book 5 in the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling Midnight Breed vampire romance series

Bound by blood, addicted to danger, they'll enter the darkest--and most erotic--place of all.

A warrior trained in bullets and blades, Renata cannot be bested by any man--vampire or mortal. But her most powerful weapon is her extraordinary psychic ability--a gift both rare and deadly. Now a stranger threatens her hard-won independence--a golden-haired vampire who lures her into a realm of darkness...and pleasure beyond imagining.

A combat-loving adrenaline junkie, Nikolai dispenses his own justice to enemies of the Breed--and his latest quarry is a ruthless assassin. One woman stands in his the seductive, cool-as-ice bodyguard, Renata. But Renata's powers are put to the test when a loved one, a child, is threatened and she's forced to turn to Niko for help. As the two join forces, as desire fans the flames of a deeper hunger, Renata's life is under siege by a man who offers the exquisite pleasure of a blood bond--and a passion that could save or doom them both forever....

355 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published December 30, 2008

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About the author

Lara Adrian

108 books10.5k followers
LARA ADRIAN is a New York Times and #1 internationally best-selling author with nearly 4 million books in print and digital worldwide and translations licensed to more than 20 countries. Her books have been named among Amazon’s Top Ten Romances of the Year, and have also been nominated by readers multiple times as finalists for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance of the Year. Reviewers have called Lara’s books “addictively readable” (Chicago Tribune), “extraordinary” (Fresh Fiction), “strikingly original” (Booklist), and “one of the best vampire series on the market” (Romantic Times).

Writing as TINA ST. JOHN, her historical romances have won numerous awards including the National Readers Choice; Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice; Booksellers Best; and many others. She was twice named a Finalist in Romance Writers of America’s RITA Awards, for Best Historical Romance (White Lion’s Lady) and Best Paranormal Romance (Heart of the Hunter). More recently, the German translation of Heart of the Hunter debuted on Der Spiegel bestseller list.

With an ancestry stretching back to the Mayflower and the court of King Henry VIII, the author lives with her husband in New England, where she is working on her next novel. Visit Lara’s website and sign up for new release announcements at http://bit.ly/LaraAdrianNews

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August 25, 2018
5 Nikko Stars


Veil of Midnight was so good. Nikolai and Renata were one sexy ass warrior couple. I loved that Renata was a bad ass fighter able to put a male on his ass with her breedmate power. Nikolai was sexy and had honor. A total adrenaline junkie Nikolai loved his weapons and getting in the middle of the action. Renata had a hard life. Caught by Sergie Yakut to be bate in his human hunts, she was only saved when Sergie seen her breedmate power and made her one of his bodyguards. She may have been stuck with an evil vampire, but she had a dignity. She did everything she could to protect the other breedmate that Sergie was holding prisoner. A child name Mira who, Renata loved like her own.

Renata and Nikolai not only had a ton of passion, they had a sweet partnership. They let each other in and their relationship felt deeper than some of the others in this series. I loved all the action in this book and I loved the plot. Sergie was a pos and I was so glad he got killed. Sorry not sorry I'm bloodthirsty. Mira was so cute, my heart hurt for the fact that sergie was using her up and it was costing her, her sight. OMG Hunter melted my heart. That part where he said that Mira saved his life. The bond him and Mira had was so cute. Totally swoon worthy. Of course as I have already read this whole series and this is a reread. I already know that Hunter is my favorite hero of the series with Tegan a close second! Dragos was in this book and he was crazy ass evil. He made my skin crawl. The fact that he planned to kill off Lucan and Tegan has me wanting him to die painfully and slow. And the fact that there were a ton of evil Darkhaven leaders secretly working with Dragos makes it hard to know who can be trusted. I can't wait for the next book!
*On a side note I listened to the audible version this time round and Hillary Huber the narrator did an amazing job bring the characters to life and with the accents!*
June 21, 2010
I really liked this storyline. Although Tegan is still my favorite Breed warrior, I liked Niko. Renata was a powerful, admirable heroine. I liked that that she was a true survivor. I thought it was awesome that she rescued Niko from the interment facility. Mira, the young girl with the power of showing people who look into her eyes the future, was an interesting story idea.

The Midnight Breed series is pretty dark and violent. The concept of the alien Otherworlders coming to earth a millenium ago, going on a rampage of bloodletting and killing, and raping and impregnating specific Earth women who are compatible with them, to form the breed--alien/human hybrids who live off of blood--is pretty sinister. Although generations of breeding have tamed most of the savage instincts of the original Otherworlders, there is still a dark, violent nature to the Breeds, more obvious in some than others. Although the body count can be somewhat high in these books, this concept has grown on me. I do think that Ms. Adrian has distinguished herself with the storyline of the Breed warriors amongst the vampire romance entries. I find that I am invested now, as I yearn to see what will happen as the new nemesis of the Order unleashes his army on the Breed and on humans, desiring to take over and bring things back to the way they were before, where the Breed ruled, and humans were merely their chattel and food source.

As this book ends, things have come to a very sad turn for the sophisticated Berlin Darkhaven leader, Andreas Richen. I expect that he will be very changed in the next book. I'm looking forward to reading his book, Ashes of Midnight. And I am dying to see more of Hunter, the Gen One warrior who turns out to be an unlikely ally to the Order. I hope he gets his own book. I quite liked him. I think this is one of my favorites in the series, so far.
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1,838 reviews6,164 followers
October 29, 2015
He was sitting there staring at her hair, for crissake. Not just staring, but staring with total rapt fascination. To Niko, that seemed to indicate one of two equally disturbing facts: Either he should seriously consider looking into night courses with Vidal Sassoon, or he was a complete goner when it came to this female.

Yeah, I think I love Niko. He is gorgeous, smart, and deadly. Also, obsessed with guns, so I guess he would fit in well with my Texan lifestyle. Texans love their guns almost as much as they love Texas, and that's saying a lot.

These vending machines are on every corner, just in case you left your house without your gun on accident.

I was really looking forward to this book because I liked Niko from the last one, but it was slightly disappointing how small the love story between him and his chick was. And, I liked his chick a lot too! She's a total badass girl who can take down vampires with her cool super-powers. But, since the other storylines are growing, we didn't get as much time with these two.

Still, it was a fun book and I do like the side stories happening. There is some major alien-vampire shit going down and I can't wait to keep reading.

hmmm, Google "alien vampires" and this is what you get.
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847 reviews339 followers
February 2, 2020
3 re-veil-ed STARS ★★★✩✩
Do I reccomend this? In all honesty, at this point I’m seriously considering to refrain from doing so. At this point, the plots of the books are too similar to be distinct from one another and every woman, and I mean every woman, even though some of them kick ass for a living, are beautiful in their delicate and fragile appearance. Obviously.

The only expectation I had for this book was that I would enjoy it less than I used to. And I was right. No shock there. What seemed forbidden and wild and novel when I was a teenager now lacks a certain grip. When this book manages to coax a reaction out of me there's a 90% chance it's an eye-roll or an again?. In comparison to its predecessor, it's still an improvement, though. No Stockholm Syndrom, but the sexi times aren't even close as good. Bummer.

For an in-depth critique of this series/genre in general, head over to my review of Midnight Rising.

Again, I didn't hate the entire book or anything. It was excellent for a lazy day.
writing quality + easy of reading = 3*

pace = 4*

plot/story in general = 3.5*

plot development = 3*

characters = 3*

enjoyability = 3*

insightfulness = 2*
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1,069 reviews282 followers
December 27, 2008
OMG! If you haven't been reading Lara Adrian's 'Midnight Breed' series, then you really don't know what you're missing! I was lucky enough to pick up the first book, "Kiss of Midnight", and I was hooked. Adrian's breeds are vampires, but their origins, history, and powers are a bit different from the rest of the vamp stories floating around the market today. These guys are hot, hot, hot; and they're fighting to save their kind as well as humans. "Veil of Midnight" is Adrian's latest and it may just be her best yet.

Renata is trapped in a nightmare. She's bound by blood to a creature of legend and by love to a little girl whose safety is dependent on Renata's obedience. Renata has honed herself into a skillful fighter to survive life in the vampire compound ruled by a merciless and cruel leader. When she meets Niko, it's as bait to trap him. When her world explodes, she only hopes he can help her rescue the little girl who's become a daughter to her.

Niko is the fun-loving, footloose breed. When he finally gains an audience with the First Gen Sergei, he's shocked to find a breedmate and little girl in residence. Then he realizes that Sergei is more animal than human, but his mission for the Order is accomplished and killing the First Gen isn't part of that mission. Things quickly head south and Niko becomes entangled in a territory war and imprisoned by enemies of the Order. When Renata rescues him and asks for his help, he quickly realizes that NOTHING is more important...than Renata...HIS breedmate.

It's hard to describe this intricately woven tale without giving away too much. This series is one of the best in this genre that's available today. If sexy vampires, intrigue, action, and hot loving get your blood moving, then pick up one of Adrian's books and be prepared to get hooked.
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845 reviews327 followers
November 6, 2010

By far this book is the best when it comes to action and the introduction of new and twisted characters. Though this book doesn’t offer up the sensuality and sexiness of the previous books, it delivers with heart pounding menace and destructive action. Adrian brings terror knocking at the Breed’s door and shit just got personal.

Nikolai aka Niko lives for a fight. He is an adrenaline junkie who lives for the next kill, his weapons are his friends. He is the type to do things his way but he’s about to get a lesson in discipline and an education in love. Niko is on a mission to warn a certain vampire of an upcoming assassination and that job is proving difficult, some questions in a bar leads him to his answer and to the sexiest female he has ever seen. What Niko finds is worst than he expected, and he realizes the vampire he was trying to save is better off dead.

Renata is a bodyguard to the most evil Gen One( old as hell vampire) out there. She longs for the day she can leave but she knows that future is very bleak, until Niko walks into her life. With one kiss he changes her outlook on life and she starts thinking that he might be able to save her. Renata is a tough as nails chick but what vampires fear is her extraordinary psychic abilities, in just a blink of an eye she can bring the most trained and deadly vampire to their knees. All her life Ren has known only darkness but one golden hair vamp is about to bring the light.

What happens next is a series of twist and turns and some of the worst betrayals yet. It was one shocking twist after the next, and the new characters that get introduced will have your head spinning in hopes of a book of their own. It was refreshing to see the world of this deadly breed of warriors get shaken, and death came a knocking, plus to see Niko struggle with bloodlust just proved how imperfect they are and also how very human.

I just loved this one, the love story was blah at best but I think Miss Adrian wanted to introduce a more intricate and plot induced story line because this one makes you wanna dive right into the next book. Renata as a female is kick butt she can take down vamps just like the breed warriors and I loved it. Niko was just Niko, what can I say he’s a bit of a smartass and he is cocky what’s not to love. Veil of Midnight was a smash, pow and boom. It rocked. The Midnight Breed warriors is pure action movie to the face.
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2,239 reviews3,452 followers
September 2, 2016
Breed warrior Nikolai (Niko)
Special ability: Controlling and growing plant life
Age: 170 years old

Breed mate Renata
Special ability: Incapacitating breeds with phychic blasts, creating mental pain
Occupation: Bodyguard
Mark place: Inside right wrist

Settings: Montreal (Canada), Boston, Berlin

Another great story. A full force action packed book.

Niko is a fun to be around adrenaline junkie warrior who goes to Canada to warn Gen One Yakut for the possibility of his assassination. There, he meets Renata and he immediately recognise her as a fellow warrior.
Renata is a bodyguard and she loves her weapons (she owns 4 blades with the words courage,honour,faith and sacrifice written on them). Since Niko also loves his weapons, this is a starting point for both of them. Renata is held against her will by evil Yakut. She is the adopted mother of little Mira. We will see more of Mira later on.
We also meet Hunter an unlikely ally to the order who feels instant love for Mira.
My favourite scene is when Niko creates a vine canopy between two pine trees for Renata to rest.
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2,438 reviews812 followers
November 18, 2010
Dear Tegan,
I’m sorry to say this but I think I’ve moved on. He’s younger and he loves action and really, can a girl say no to that?
Please don’t kill me.

It’s true. Veil of Midnight has become my new favourite book out of the Midnight Breed series. The adrenaline junkie we all know as Niko sets out for Montreal to track down a Gen One named Sergei Yakut. When he locates Sergei, Niko discovers far more secrets than he ever thought possible.

There he meets Renata, a Breedmate who is capable of handling herself well. She’s a warrior at heart and even with a dark past that haunts her, she’s able to remain strong-willed. I loved Renata from the moment she is introduced. She is cold as ice in the beginning but that’s because she’s been burned numerous times in the past. And the way she is living with Sergei doesn’t bode well for her future either.

Speaking of that monster of a man, I cannot express how happy I am to see Sergei dead. He deserves it. I figured he had something to hide but I never believed it would be like what it turned out to be. He disgusts me.

Another person whom I just despise is Lex. The entire time I just wished Niko or Renata would just end him already. The fact that she sold Mira off to Fabien completely enrages me. What an ass.

On a more romantic note, I thought the romance between Renata and Niko was paced perfectly. Sometimes authors can get a little carried away and just jump into things too quickly, making the romance just not believable to readers. This is not the case with Veil of Midnight. There are sparks from the very beginning, but it progresses smoothly. I think this is due largely because they are equal partners in crime. Niko sees Renata as a fellow warrior throughout their journey and it’s beautiful to see how they both come to trusting each other completely.

And that first feeding? Wow, way to make a girl blush.

Also, can I mention how awesome it is to have this book be set in Montreal? Canada is getting some rep!

I loved every single page of this book. I’m so sad to have it end. I think I could have read about Niko and Renata forever, but of course all good things come to an end.

Now on to Andreas whom I just adore! The things he endures in this book is so heartbreaking. To lose everything in one night is a hard pill to swallow. I can’t wait to see how things work out for him.

And, I have to mention Hunter. That moment when he’s walking away clutching Mira’s tiny hand? That got an “Aww” from me. I’m really looking forward to both their stories!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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6,728 reviews146 followers
April 30, 2022
I have come to absolutely relish this series! Each book takes the Midnight Breed further into a hidden evil they knew nothing about. So busy fighting Rogues they never saw the more devious and true threat to them and their species. These warriors have had a rude awakening to the truth, the threat to them comes from within. A rich and power hungry few who wish to rule both the Breed and the Humans by any means possible. They are devious and without conscience. The corruption has already taken hold of the Darkhavens and the Enforcement Agency and can not be trusted.
Nikolai has been sent on a mission to enlist the help of a Gen One. There he meets Renata. She seems cold as ice and hard as nails. A warrior in her own right. But nothing is what it seems. The intrigue, treachery and suspense is intense and non-stop. All the characters and the situations feel substantial and authentic.
The writing is off the charts FANTASTIC!
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723 reviews317 followers
February 6, 2009
The romance was pretty rushed at the end of the book, it was another case of "insta-love". The action was good and I am excited to see what happens with the original Breed and how Dragos gets brought down.
Profile Image for Stacie.
1,969 reviews191 followers
May 17, 2018
Solid 5 "And the plot thickens!" Stars!!

That was so freaking GOOD! Two really smart, powerful and loyal main characters. A lovely slow burn romance. And action, action, and more action!! A heartbreaking set up for the next book. And oh! I can't say anything else. Can't give it away! As you can tell, I loved it and can't wait for more! Happy reading!!
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489 reviews680 followers
April 13, 2010
VEIL OF MIDNIGHT is an intricate, action packed and well written story. Containing several ongoing sub-plots and many different POV's. Although not as romance filled as the past 4 books in the Midnight Breed series. I feel that this instalment could easily be read as a stand alone as it steps away from the previous story arc and main `breed' characters. Lara Adrian has however filled in any relative back story and given the rules to her Vampire world, so you won't be lost.

Nikolai, a member of the military faction `The Order' has been sent to Montreal to find a Generation One Vampire targeted for assassination. Sergei Yakut at first proves difficult to locate, however once Nicolai identifies the beautiful but deadly Renata as his personal bodyguard, the game changes. She turns the tables, tricking and immobilizing the blonde warrior with her physic powers then delivering him personally to her boss's lodge. Initially Yakut plays the gracious host but after Nicolai snoops around the grounds and discovers the atrocities that have been taking place within, all bets are off. In a rage he confronts the Vampire and is expelled from his property.

Renata has been a prisoner of Yakut's for 2 years now, unable to escape because of the blood bond between the two; she is living a life of fear and random beatings if she refuses to follow his orders. While enslaved Reneta has taken into her charge a young girl named Mira. The also imprisoned child is an oracle, able to show the future in her mirrored eyes. Nicolai, having gazed into them saw a very sexual future between himself and the mysterious Renata. He's doubtful but just the same won't be leaving the lodge without learning more about Renata.

Events soon unfold which see Nicolai trying to stop another attempt on Yakut's life and being wrongly accused of murder. He is then taken into custody by the Enforcement Agency who plan to torture him for information then kill him. Mira is in turn sold into slavery. Although Renata now finds herself free from her years of servitude she is determined to rescue the young prophet. She won't be able to find Mira alone however. First she's going to have to free Nikolai and convince him to help her. Renata can only hope she's not too late and that the future foreseen between them can somehow be changed.

As I said this is a good read but not without its flaws. My main gripe (and I just couldn't get past this) is that this book takes place exclusively in Montreal yet not one character main, sub or otherwise speaks French or has any kind of accent. Ever. One of the secondary characters actually had a Texan accent and the heroine herself, although born and raised on the streets of Montreal never once speaks French. This could really have taken place anywhere and I'm wondering why you would base your book in Montreal and not have any French characters? It was almost as if the author wrote the story then pulled out a map and pointed a finger. There are also a couple of really silly scenes involving Nikolai's ability to grow vines, some of which could shoot guns. This had me saying to myself, Oh come on, that's ridiculous. (Then I reminded myself, you're reading Vampire romance)

I have enjoyed this series as a whole and most of this book was excellent. The ending chapters in particular are quite awesome; romantic, erotic and suspenseful. The next in the series, ASHES OF MIDNIGHT takes place in Berlin, I wonder if anyone will speak German?
Profile Image for Mojca.
2,133 reviews143 followers
September 7, 2010
Someone is slowly offing Gen One Breeds and Nikolai is dispatched to Montreal to warn Sergei Yakut, one of those Gen Ones. Pity, he meets his bodyguard first. Renata, a woman of incredible psychic power fells him with one thought, catching his eye. Unfortunately, the girl appears blood-bonded to Yakut. Which wouldn’t be that bad, if the bastard wouldn’t be a real bastard with a sadistic streak a mile wide and a huge superiority complex…Then all goes to hell in a hand basket and…You’ll just have to read it to know what happens next.

Well, it seems this series is (finally) picking up pace, because this is the second book in a row I actually liked…And (coincidence?), it was also very character-centered, compared to the first three in the series that were more about the action – and world-building – than anything else.

I enjoyed Niko’s story, it was light and entertaining, but still retained that small amount of gravity so as not to fall off the PNR grid. I loved both Niko and Renata (though she irked me more than Dylan did in the previous book), I can’t wait to read more about little Mira, the first baddie (Sergei Yakut) was chillingly thrilling to read, the second one not so much and I didn’t care much about the main series arc and its bizarre breeding Nazi-like program. The action scenes were good, never taking over the story (hence it staying character-centered and me liking it), the one-on-one scenes were hot enough to keep me entertained, and the cliffy with which Ms. Adrian left us regarding Andreas was nail-biting and intriguing (which is always a nice bonus where cliffys are concerned).

Also, I’m (impatiently, I might add) looking forward to Deeper Than Midnight (yep, something to look forward to in regard to this series), because Hunter just…Well, he touched me, and I want to know more about him (despite him being the creation of the above-mentioned bizarre breeding Nazi-like program).
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3,510 reviews4,567 followers
March 1, 2009
5 stars - Vampire Romance

The fifth installment in Lara Adrian’s marvelous Midnight Breed series did not disappoint, and in fact; she seems to get even better with each book. Veil of Midnight focuses on Breed warrior Nikolai and psychic, kick-butt heroine Renata. Niko is a battle loving adrenaline junkie, yet tender, romantic, and loving (albeit somewhat reluctant to admit it) and Renata is his perfect match/mate. There’s lots of action and Niko and Renata have dangerously hot chemistry. They might even be my favorite Breed couple so far in the series. There’s also a gifted Breedmate child, Mira, who’s central to the story and adds to Renata’s richness as a character. I would have liked a bit more involvement from the other Breed warriors and their Breedmates, but it’s clear that Adrian is building things up for future installments and a grand showdown with the Order against Dragos and his captive Ancient. I can’t wait for the next book in this awesome series!

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250 reviews13 followers
August 22, 2015
Gostei bastante de voltar a esta série e li o livro muito rápido! Já estava com saudades de ler livros de vampiros! :) Contudo, desta vez fiquei com a sensação de que lhe faltava mais desenvolvimento! Tudo se desenrola em cerca de 5 dias e desta vez ainda achei que o romance conseguiu ser ainda mais "instantâneo" que o costume e gostava de ter ficado a conhecer melhor estas duas personagens.

Este é o tipo de livros que eu pego quando preciso mesmo de ler algo que já sei que à partida vou gostar e nesse aspecto, apesar dos problemas que eu levantei, resultou muito bem!

Se alguém tiver alguma sugestão de livros de vampiros para ler fiquem à vontade para me dizer :)
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222 reviews61 followers
September 19, 2010
Our "go out in a blaze of glory", live in the moment, thrives on danger, Warrior Niko finds love, in Renata who is a fearless Warrior herself. This is PNR as it should be in my opinion. It had action, romance, a dark story, and great characters! Each book seems to get better.
I loved this book! Actually one of my favorites so far. I like the addition of Hunter, and I really liked Niko and Renata. Wow, there's a couple of new threads added in now, and I'm looking forward to the next book!
Profile Image for Luana ☆.
508 reviews80 followers
August 27, 2021
Now, that's what I am talking about. The main couple were 50 shades of badasses. I was not expecting to like the hero as much as I did. He was definitely a surprise.

I liked where the plot went, how things played out and it always makes it sweet when a child or a pet is involved. But I can't believe what happened to Andreas, I would explode as well.

PS: the narrator for this series is awesome.
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1,461 reviews1,087 followers
March 12, 2012

This is the 5th book in Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed – a paranormal romance series that I enjoy reading – having only discovered this author’s books in the last few months I am most impressed with the female and male characters she creates in the series – females who are interesting, strong, tough and don’t become simpering idiots and alpha males who don’t have to dominate a woman to show their own power and strength.
Whilst one could see a similarity to JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series...yes it has a group of warrior vampires, known as the Order, fighting against those who threaten the future of their race but there are quite a few differences.
These are vampires descendant from aliens who arrived on Earth, needing human blood to survive and who mated with human females with compatible DNA to bear their children and thus continue their race. The women are no weaklings…they are able to care for themselves and not afraid to fight. This series has so much romance showing a strong connection and devotion between the hero/heroine. It’s an intriguing world with vampires with a difference!!!!!

Veil of Midnight is the story of Nikolai, an amazing warrior and the Order’s weapons specialist, who has been sent to Montreal to find Sergie Yakut, a reclusive Gen One (one of the first vampire Gens) to warn him of the threat against all Gen One Breeds who are being targeted and killed all over the world.

He meets Renata, an aggressive warrior with a gift that she can mentally torture vampires merely by using her mind and working as Sergei Yakut’s bodyguard.
She has a very dark past and you know that there is a lot about her that will surprise you. You discover that Sergie Yakut is not a nice vampire….cruel, evil and uses her for his blood needs. The only person she cares about is a little girl living in the compound called Mira, who can see the future when you look into her eyes. Renata has been protecting her from the abuse and cruelty that she endures and when Sergei Yakut is suddenly murdered, she decides to escape taking Mira with her. But his evil son, Alexi, who has taken over his father’s empire, has other plans…one of them being to sell Mira to the highest bidder.
Renata realizes that she cannot escape without help from Nikolai, a vampire she does not trust and who she had handed over to the Enforcement Agency, where he’s being tortured by an evil vampire.
They cannot deny the attraction to each other and as they repeatedly rescue each other from dangerous situations, romance slowly grows until they finally fall in love and bond together as a couple.

The plot has so many surprising twists, filled with tension and exciting action happening regularly. The characters – and there are many -are so very interesting. The romance is sweet and hot, sensual and sexy.
What an exciting, dark and addictive world this author has created in the series.

If you love vampires, paranormal romance, gorgeous men and interesting women this is the series for you.
I hope there will be more books in the future. I have added Lara Adrian to my favorite authors list!!!!
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145 reviews38 followers
June 19, 2018
So far, this is the best in the series. It had everything: romance, action, good plot, twists, awesome characters.

Nikolai is perhaps the most ideal out of all males in the series. All the rest were brooding, trying to escape their fate or not being able to see it and accept it, wanting and doing and the next second regretting it, or acting all macho and ancient and special. Nikolai was nothing like that.
Even though I really like Tegan, Niko is magnificently simple and simply magnificent!

He knows exactly who he is and what he wants and who he wants. He is not afraid to admit what he thinks. He knows right from wrong and can use both his head and heart. He is storng and fierce without being brutal and primitive. He is gentle without being soft. He is kind and genuine.

Renata is a very strong character as well who is very similar to Niko in so many ways. They have both lost a lot in life and each has found a way and meaning to survive; one through the order and the adrenaline of war; and the other through plain survival and the protection of Mira.

I was glad about the fate of both the Yakut males. They had it coming and they deserved even more. It was absolutely horrendous and appalling what they were doing up in the lodge.

So many things happened in this book and I am so curious to see what is going to happen, especially with the addition of Hunter, as well as the shocking twist with Reichen which is the only thing I never saw coming. I bet we have a lot to expect after this and Reichen is most likely going to turn out the most coldhearted of them all.
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857 reviews131 followers
July 10, 2011
Just when I thought this series couldn't possibly get any better, along comes Nikolai, Renata and Mira... Boy did this book pull on all sorts of emotions... As the Order come to terms with having breedmates as part of their family, the evil stalks not far away... each book brings us a step closer and this book closer still.

I held my breath on numerous occasions but towards the end it was the tears that took over... I was devastated for some and overjoyed for others and now I am left wondering what is next...

Having come to terms with falling in love each time I read Lara's books, I just know that my next bout of heart thumping adventure is just ready to be read...

I totally recommend this series... a must!!!
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May 2, 2017
La trama se hace más interesante a medida que avanzamos en la saga. Niko y Renata son dos guerreros de fuerte carácter sin embargo se entregan a lo que sienten sin dejar de lado sus obligaciones. Nikolai es un tipo duro al que no le tiembla el pulso en la batalla pero casi de inmediato se sabe perdido cuando conoce a Renata. ¡Ay Nikolai eres un amor!
Y a pesar de que en su momento le diera 3,5* al primer libro de la saga, Lucan es el protagonista que más me ha gustado, pero es que los prefiero tercos y reticentes aunque me hagan sufrir. Ay que vampiros ay
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November 11, 2015
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My Review
Nikolai is searching for a certain assassin, a vampire that is a "gen one". On his hunt he comes across a woman of mystery but one that draws him into a trap, a trap where he finds himself a prisoner because of her unique power. But Nikolai is drawn into a different world that is Renata's reality. He learns that Sergei is not what he appears to be. What he learns he decides that its time to return back to his brethren of warriors and find a way to get the bigger enemy of theirs. But Renata is put in a bad place. Renata has a unique gift and she was taken off the streets and kept prisoner and only keeps her loyalty due to her love for a young girl Mira,  who is innocent and has special gifts and considers her like family. But when Mira is sold, and she learns that Niko has been taken to a vampire facility. Renata must rescue Niko and in the process Niko and Renata will undergo a journey where they will discover the truth behind the bigger picture and discover a passionate love.
Plot and Story Line 
Veil of Midnight is such a truly wonderful addition to the midnight breed series. This story was a bit different than the previous books. What was fun was the heroine...she is totally kick ass. She is not afraid of using her gift of causing intense pain in the head to her advantage. She is sassy and spirited and a fighter. She is strong and has to learn to fight on her own and not depend on anyone. She grew up on the streets, but we see what she is willing to do to protect those that she loves.

There are many misunderstandings that happen between Niko and Renata and they have a difficult time learning to trust in each other. But they have a spark, and there are passion and a certain resilience these two to keep fighting for what they have no matter what difficulties they come across. We see secrets happen, but we also find a love that is tough and full of spine.
When I look into your eyes, one word leaps to my mind every time: Forever.

I really grew to admire these two. Even though they both make mistakes with each other, and in certain decisions that they choose to make. But they also have something so real in ways that any reader could easily relate with. What is most fun about Lara Adrian is how she can make each story come alive and I was flipping through this book as fast as I could. I just couldn't get enough of this couple or the Midnight Breeds. What a thrilling addition that had me hooked!!
The Cover 
This cover is very interesting, quite different from the others, but one aspect I really like is how much it relates with the story.
Overall View 
Veil of Midnight is an exhilarating ride of desire, adventure, dangerous scenarios and characters that will spell bind you. A STIMULATING ADVENTURE!!

Series Order

Kiss Of Midnight Kiss of Crimson Midnight Awakening Midnight Rising Veil of Midnight Ashes of Midnight Shades of Midnight Taken by Midnight Deep Than Midnight Darker After Midnight Edge of Dawn Crave the Night Bound To Darkness

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November 28, 2012
Woohoo!! The 'Midnight Breed' Train continues!

This time it’s Nikolai’s turn to be the hero. Niko is a fierce warrior, driven and determined, he loves his weapons and he loves to fight. The story starts with him in Montreal where Niko is searching for the reclusive Gen One, Sergei Yakut. When he finds him, however, he also finds his badass bodyguard, Renata. Renata is different from the other heroines in the series who have no idea of the Breed world. Renata is aware of the world and her place in it as a breedmate with a special psychic gift. And she hates it!

When Niko is invited back to Sergei’s compound, he also meets a mysterious young girl, Mira, who is a young breedmate and has the special gift of being an Oracle, and Niko’s first meeting with her shows him that he is fated to be with Renata – even though she has already tried to kill him, and seems keen to try again.

“Mira’s never wrong. Whatever she showed you tonight, it’s fated to be.”
“Fated”, he said, sounding amused by that. “Well, shit. Then I guess we’re doomed.”

It doesn't take long the action to start and all hell breaks loose with betrayal, murder, corruption and treachery, and when Mira is taken, Renata will stop at nothing to get her back, and thankfully, she knows just the big, hunky warrior to help her on her quest ;) But there are many obstacles to overcome on their road to their HEA, and Renata shines here as a hero in her own right - courageous, brave and honourable, she is not afraid to get involved in the fights with the boys, but also has some very epic scenes of her own (although she does have a pretty huge moment of stupid at the end of the book that made me want to smack her… hard!). But she and Niko make a great team as they work together to get the bad guy and bring Mira home.

Tying into this story, Gen Ones are still being killed, and tyrannical bad guy Drago’s plans continue to unfold, with a mysterious ‘8’ put together to bring about his ‘revolution’. We are also introduced to the newly-bred Gen One assassin, Hunter, and another couple of new bad guys Edgar Fabien and Wilhelm Roth.

With most of the action taking place away from Boston, there’s not a lot of time spent with the rest of the boys in the Order, but they do all make an appearance, and a minor storyline checks in with Andreas in Berlin, and events there build to an absolutely heart breaking climax – I need to read his book! I need him to get his HEA!

But it’s very much Niko and Renata’s story, and I loved the dynamic in this one where Niko had had the vision of him and Renata together, but she had no idea, but still she is drawn to him. Their love story is well paced and swoonily beautiful, as Renata opens up to Niko about her tragic past and it brings out the tender side in both of these badass characters.

Nikolai stroked her cheek, then wrapped her in his embrace. “You’re safe,” he said tenderly beside her ear. “I’ve got you, and I’m going to keep you safe.”

The romance is steamy as always, with some sensational swoon.

“I’m in love with you Renata. I know I’m not a poet – shit, not even close. I don’t have all the fancy words I wish I could say to you … but I want you to know that what I’m feeling for you is real. I love you.”

I freaking love this series! The individual stories are fantastic, and the overarching storyline is intriguing and intense. I cannot get enough of these characters, and can’t wait for more!
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November 11, 2011
I love this series by Lara Adrian. It’s absolutely fantastic and each book provides exactly what I want from a paranormal romance when I take some precious time out to read. Well, that is under normal circumstances. I will say now that Veil of Midnight is probably one of my least favourite books in the series. You really should be reading the series in order with this one. I'm not really one to talk though as I went from Kiss of Midnight (the first book) to reading Ashes of Midnight (the one after this book). It was Ashes of Midnight and Andreas Reichen that got me into the Midnight Breed series. The first book wasn't that good, and I feel this one isn't either.

Nikolai is as hard as warriors come and a real lover of all things shiny and sharp, and he’s always been one of the most interesting Breed males in the Order in my opinion. In Veil of Midnight, he is sent to Montreal in search of a Gen-One vampire who has gone off the radar, a vampire that he knows from his past, or at least thought he knew. There’s a dangerous Breed male on a mission to kill all Gen-One vampires using his own army of bred-for-murdering Gen-One assassins and Sergei’s name is on his hit list.

In Montreal, Niko meets Renata, a beautiful warrior and also a Breedmate. She’s under the command of Sergei, bound to serve him because of her love for a young Breedmate child, Mira, whom he holds captive. It isn’t long before Niko is torn between his duty and his growing feelings for Renata, but saving both her and Mira from Sergei’s clutches isn’t going to be as easy as it seems.

This story should have rocked, just as the previous ones have, but while it had all the wonderful action and great characters, it fell short of the mark for me. Renata is kick-ass, strong and capable of taking down Breed males with her ability and shares a love of weapons with Nikolai. Let’s face it, he was doomed from the start. Renata is a grade A weapon junkie like he is and is more than happy dishing out a serving of pain on anyone who tries to harm her or those she loves. She’s probably the strongest heroine in the series so far and matches the gorgeous Niko perfectly, which should make for a compelling romance. That’s where I had a problem with this book.

Veil of Midnight is very plot focused rather than romance focused. It took a long time for the romance to begin blooming, beyond half the book, so I found that it was a very slow read. I generally like more romance and passion spread throughout the book. The hero and heroine were apart for so much of the story that I didn’t really feel any of the usual passion, tension and desire we get in the Midnight Breed books. Because of this, I didn’t feel as much love for this book as I have for previous stories in the series.

There was a lot of character hopping in this book too—Nikolai, Renata, Alexei Yakut, Fabien, Dragos, and even Andreas Reichen to set up the next novel in the series. That’s too many characters for me. I tend to lose interest once we move past the hero and heroine, although I could never lose interest when Andreas Reichen is on the page!

Because of the slowness of the romance between Niko and Renata, I really didn’t enjoy this book as much as I wish I had and wanted to, so I give it a 3 out of 5.
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March 11, 2010
In Adrian's 5th installment of her Midnight Breed series- we get the warrior Nickolai's story. To be honest, his story was one I was fairly indifferent about, but ended up being a fav.

Nikolai is in Montreal on a particular mission. Sent by the leader of an elite group of warriors known as the Warrior Breeds - a band of fighters initially brought together to destroy the malicious alien/vampire progenitors who were wreaking havoc on the human population- Nikolai must track down a 1st generation Vampire and warn him about the attacks that are being perpetrated on their kind.

But when he is ambushed by a powerful woman whom he knows is the key to finding Yakut, the Breed he's looking for, he discovers the Gen One Vamp is far more sinister than he's been led to believe.

Nikolai also knows the woman who felled him is not the evil creature she portrays, but he cannot understand why Renata is working for Yakut. Imagine his surprise when he gazes into the eyes of a young girl who can foretell the future and sees that his own future is intricately entangled with Renata's.

A warrior in her own right, Renata wants nothing more than to be free of the ruthless Yakut's grip. However, he holds her securely by his side with the one thing she cannot fight- her empathy for others. But when the young seer she is protecting is sold out to an even more dangerous evil,- the Gen One known as Dragos who is building an army to finally defeat the Breeds who stand between him and world domination- she sides with the strangely attractive blond warrior who is somehow managing to break down the walls she's erected around her heart.

Before long, Niko and Renata find themselves at the very heart of the battle between good and evil that has overtaken their world, with nothing more than each other to rely on. Will they learn to trust the bond between them in time to defeat the forces arrayed against them or will Dragos finally unleash the hell he's created and destroy the world?

Full of action and yes- romance- Adrian does a excellent job of tying together Niko and Renata's love story with the plot that's been building since the introduction- several books ago- of the evil Dragos. Veil of Midnight flawlessly advances the story arch of the big bad bent on destroying the cadre of Warrior Breeds, yet somehow manages to leave you tearing your hair out for more.

I loved Renata's strength and vulnerability and Niko's courage and heart makes him an excellent match for her. Adrian does such a fine job of defining them, that I can as easily see these two characters fighting together in battle, as I can see them living happily ever after. What more can you ask for in a modern romance novel?
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April 28, 2023
I think I liked this one as much as Midnight Awakening. I did get annoyed at Renata at a critical moment, but overall I thought the book was very effective. I even got choked up at the end. And, as annoyed as I was with her, I could easily see where she was coming from. It's not like I would have reacted much differently if I'd had her abilities. And she didn't end up screwing up the mission at all, so she was quickly forgiven by me.

BTW -- I still think Rio's book should have been after this one. I was reserving total judgement because I thought Rio's mating might have played a crucial role in VoM. Not so. Now I really feel like the order was screwed up.

Still, I liked the premise a lot. The bad guys were really bad. Incredibly bad. This arc is not over by a long shot, with several elements still in play, but I like that Adrian can keep the thread going while giving so much new information and bringing a book-specific story line to a satisfying conclusion. Very impressive. And bad, bad guys for villains. I like how she sets her sights on political villains. It's a very accessible and relatable element in this day and age, I think.

I love Niko. What a hard time he has of it, though. Poor guy. There's torture, revenge, murder, confusion, lust, murder, love, fights, explosions, murder ... everything you want from a paranormal suspense romance. How's that for creating a specific genre?

I'm moving right along to Ashes of Midnight now. Then I'll be sad because I'll have to wait until December to see the next one, but Adrian is averaging two installments a year so sadness will not be followed by complaints. Again, this author is impressing me more and more and I'm glad I finally tackled that first book to get to these gems underneath.
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September 2, 2014
This is a mighty fine series and book #5 did not disappoint This Reader. The majority of the book takes place in Montreal, Canada and picks up where #4 left off--finding Drago and the ancient. A lot of things spun into play in Veil of Midnight kicking up the momentum for some kind of grand finale. Curious to see how the author is going to play it out and how many more books will come out of this series...

A few of the earlier characters popped in toward the ending: Tegan, Rio, Andreas Reichen and his lady friend, Helene (from the Darkhaven in Berlin), Lucan, etc. Very little updates on those characters and their mates, though. A few tidbits of new news. ;-)

This book was fast paced, lots of action, bad guys and good. Both Renata and Niko were good characters--easy to like--and once they got their act together, they made a good team. There is a little girl (breedmate) named Mira that Renata was very protective of and I expect we'll be seeing more of her. This book had the Breeds using the hereditary power of their mothers and I don't remember that happening in earlier books, but it could have...

A few slow parts, but overall nicely written and I'm looking forward to the next in the series.
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