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Marie Kelly is a survivor who doesn’t know when to quit. Against all odds, she’s living a life she never dreamed she could have. It was enough… until a stubborn boxer makes her want more.

Irish charmer Kieran Doherty has been a fighter at Driscoll’s Gym for most of his life. He’s been content to let his best friend take the spotlight, now it’s his turn to make a name for himself in the world of heavy weight champions. Falling in love is the one thing he vowed never to do, but meeting Marie changed everything.

It’s easy to imagine a happy-ever-after when the sun is shining. But when the storm comes, and all hope seems lost, they both learn that if you want something badly enough, you have to be willing to fight for it.

The Storm is a full length boxing romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger and no cheating. Mature content means that it is intended for readers aged 18+.

First published March 21, 2017

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R.J. Prescott

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June 3, 2019
4.5 stars

Did you ever read a book where you wanted to jump in the story and steal the hero? I just did.

I floved this man!

Unfortunately for me he was so deep in love with the heroine that he worshiped the ground she walked on, and he didn’t look at any OW (and I’m hot, have a killer body & stuff… just saying ;-)).

He didn’t even touch any OW after meeting the heroine.
Hot! Absolutely sexy!

I love men who acknowledge their feelings and don’t screw around.

Ah, and this man loved and respected his mother!
My type of the hero!!!

(Why am I always too late? :-( -> ;-))

Sweet lovely strong heroine! Loved her (even despite my jealousy ;-)).

Fighters are not my favorite heroes usually, but I really liked this book!

Many sweet moments, many wise lines and epic true love.

My first book by this author, but definitely not the last!
“Worrying doesn’t take away our troubles. It just robs us of the strength we need to deal with them.”

“But one day we’ll all leave this world behind. The only thing that’s important is that you live a life you will remember.”

“There was no shame in losing if you gave it all you had.”

“Faith in God, faith in life, faith in the power of good. Sometimes, faith is the only thing that makes sense when nothing else does. It is more powerful than anything else, even guilt.”

“When I’m alone, it feels like the world is falling apart, but as long as I can smell you and touch you and feel that you’re safe here with me, it’s easier to convince myself that everything’s going to be okay.”

“No matter how difficult things get, I promise I’ll always be there to make you smile,”

She looked anxious as she slipped a hand inside my jacket, running it down my chest until it rested over my heart.
“It’s so strong,” she whispered.
“That’s because it beats for you.”
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March 29, 2017
3 - "Defy the odds." Stars.

The Storm is the first book that I have read by R. J. Prescott, although it heavily features characters from her previous two books The Hurricane and The Aftermath.

Although I would agree that this is a book that can easily be read as a standalone, there were certain characters and aspects of the book that happened without much explanation or real development to them, which I think may be attributed to it being dealt with in more depth in the previous books, Liam and Albie’s inclusion in the story for one, to me it came completely out of left-field without much preamble, and I just found myself wondering while reading if this was because the build-up to their revelation was played out previously to Kieran and Marie’s book. Also the jump from friendship to something else between our main characters was quite ‘insta’, and again I got the feeling it was possibly because their beginnings had played out already.

"One day something or someone, will make the sun come out, and you’ll smile again."

You have to love a book that has you in tears from its prologue, and I got a few odd looks while on the train I can tell you, so following on from that I had high expectations for fighter/trainer; Kieran 'The Storm' Doherty and seamstress/wedding dress designer; Marie 'Irish' Kelly’s book.

"Hold onto your knickers, Irish. There’s a storm coming."

And on the whole it was an enjoyable enough read, no arguments from me that the author can write well, and put a cohesive and easy to read story-line together, my three star rating is more to do with the fact that from the first few paragraphs I could pretty much guess exactly how their story would play out, and apart from one small twist towards the end everything played out as expected. But Kieran was sweetly attentive, and Marie likeably amenable to his considerable charms, so it wasn't a struggle to read the book.

"I think I’ve finally met my match."

I really enjoyed the interaction and inclusion of the wealth of secondary characters in this one as well, the banter between the guys was spot on and I liked the familial feel and camaraderie to it all, a few giggles were had in the telling of this story, as well as a few more tears shed in getting to its end.

"My hero…"


I would certainly be happy to read more from this author in the future, I just think with the wealth of fighter type romances out there now, you need to offer up something different to the normal tropes to make the story stand out, and although there were a few twists and turns in its telling, nothing really new or unusual stood out about The Storm to take it from enjoyable to unforgettable.

ARC generously provided by the author, via the New Adult Book Club in exchange for the above honest review.
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April 9, 2017
**4.5 Stars**

I feel like I've waited forever for this book. I was so ready for Kieran I preordered it and jumped on it as soon as it hit my iPad. I absolutely LOVED The Hurricane and The Aftermath. Cormac is the perfect hero. He is broody,, dark, possessive and INTENSE. Kieran is different. While he has some underlying sadness due to losing his da at an early age, (the prologue absolutely broke my heart), he is funny and lighter...not as INTENSE.

We know Kieran sees Marie for the first time in The Aftermath while helping to arrange Cormac and Em's wedding a few years ago. He has not so much as looked at another woman since. But Marie has been avoiding him until recently. She has her reasons. Kieran is determined to wear her down. She's IT for him...his one.

"Tomorrow I was going to own the fight, and when I was done, I was coming for her. If it took the rest of my life, I was going to make her fall for me as hard as I’d fallen for her."

It was definitely full of swoon-worthy moments.
"With every step I took, Irish was in my head with me. Whether I saw her or not, the world was suddenly a better place. It was like I’d been handed this amazing gift, and every day, as I got to know her a little better, I’d get to unwrap another layer of it."

"Without you, I can’t breathe anymore. When I think of doing this without you, there’s a pain in my chest that won’t go away. I can fight anyone you put in front of me. I will defeat any man who tries to stand against me, but I need you with me.”

And hot, sexy moments.
"Her thighs trembled the closer she came to orgasm. I’d never experienced anything like this. Having sex, even good sex, didn’t come close to the way it felt to make love. To know that she’d given me her heart, along with her body, was nothing short of humbling. Having her friendship was a gift, holding her heart was a miracle, and if I had to spend every day for the rest of my life doing it, I’d prove to her that I was worthy of that miracle."

Marie, aka Irish, was a great heroine. She was strong and determined. She put up a wee bit of fight against Kieran but realized he was it and she went full in. I loved that she didn't keep things from him and that she was honest. Several times she could have had a tstl moment but she didn't. She trusted him.
"When I’m with him, I don’t think about whether things will work out between us long term, or whether we have enough shared interests for a lasting relationship. It’s nothing that calculated. Being with him is like getting caught in a riptide. It’s pointless fighting against the current."

"I want his arms around me, keeping me afloat. And I want his deep, delicious, sexy-as-fuck voice whispering in my ear all the reasons why I’ll only ever be the girl for him and he’ll only ever be the man for me.”

While this wasn't AS GOOD as The Hurricane I still enjoyed the heck out of it and Kieran was a great hero just in a different way. There were times it was nerve racking and I was keeping my fingers crossed for the HEA. I just didn't know how it was going to be pulled off. I laughed and I cried. And at times, my heart broke. But in the end, it was a great book.

I cannot wait for Tommy's story...I just hope I don't have to wait a year to get it because I really need it now. And as a lover of MM romance, I would absolutely LOVE Liam's story. Maybe Prescott will venture into that territory *hint, hint*
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October 26, 2019
After reading Con and Em’s story I became obsessed with everyone in the previous book so of course I had to come and read this book about Kieran and Marie. I ended up loving these two, they’re so sweet with each other and I loved how they got very close without any drama involved!

Tommy and Kieran are so funny, I loved their banter.

I loved Danny and his temper, it was so funny at times but he loved his boys. The best part for me in this book should be Kieran and Irish (Marie) having a baby and it was a great moment, don't get me wrong but what I really loved is when Liam came out gay, his blood related family weren’t supportive but Liam’s friends and Danny all took his side, it was great!

I'm obsessed with this series mainly because I adore EVERY SINGLE person, in most books I don't feel connected to the secondary characters but in this series the author has a way of making you love everyone!
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March 28, 2017
3,5 Stars

This was a nice reading!

With a H.A.W.T cover!

I wanted Kieran's book since I read "The Hurricane" and I loved him so much! So he needed his own book. Marie was introduced to us at the first book as well but just a little bit towards the end.

This book was good and we got to learn about Kieran and Marie's story and their issues but also we got the chance to see once again the whole gang and the bond they still had. This book is about friends and family and how to protect and be there when someone important needs you.

Kieran and Marie had their issues and when they gave their relationship a try it was a give it all or nothing. They had good chemistry and what they needed to complete the missing pieces from their lives.

But this book wasn't what I expected! Kieran was the carefree and hot friend so I was hoping his story with Marie would have been easy and funny with hot sex scenes! It was the opposite they were friends at first and then after a kiss BAM "I want you" and "You're mine". And Marie had some healthy problems but the book didn't focus on that very much which I liked.

This review doesn't help my friends, I know.

Overall the book was nice and fast paced but not what I wanted from this kind of hero. Tommy's book is next and I HOPE his book will be the funny, easy and hot reading without serious issues to spoil it.

Enjoy! xxx
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March 28, 2017
This book was hands down AMAZING! Kieran stole my heart from the very beginning, he was sweet, sexy and alpha and the love he had for Marie was beautiful! Marie was amazing, at first I thought she would push him away the whole book but that didn't happen. She was very up front with him and didn't try to hide anything. This book is 100% safe, no ow drama at all and the only om drama is a guy who likes her and turns into a stalker but he doesn't cause any relationship drama. We also get to see Con and Em which I loved because who doesn't love them! Great read!

Now I I know Tommy's book will be next and I love him so much. Even though he is a major manho I'm hoping after his accident he will stop and find love. So please please RJ Prescott let Tommy's book be safe with now ow drama!!!
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April 11, 2017
2,5 really... but not 3...

This is the order you need to follow while reading these books:

1. The Hurricane (The Hurricane, #1)
2. The Aftermath (The Hurricane, #2)
3. The Storm

The first 2 books were 5 star reads for me (out of 4,5) but this book is a definitely 2,5 and I cannot even round it up to 3....

Let me say that I really love the group of people in this series. They share no blood but they are the closest family to each other. They are more than friends. They are all brothers and sisters to one another. In this book, I was happy to have my precious moments with Em & Con (hero & heroine of Book 1 & 2). Tommy was as cute as ever, again. I really would love to read his book whenever it is written but this book just didn't work for me...

STORM is the story of Kieran and Marie.

Kieran is definitely a swoon-worthy hero and Marie is a very likable heroine. Together they make a nice couple.

What didn’t work for me in this book was how their love started. It just happens... Well, let me explain...

In Book 1 & 2, we meet Marie and Kieran. They like each other at first sight but nothing happens between them. Kieran is afraid of loving and losing as he lost his father when he was a child and therefore, he never initiates anything in the previous two books. We just know they like each other - that’s all.

Now, in this book, I expected a kind of banter, or a push-pull maybe... anything that would make me crave for the moment they would give in and be together.

Nope, there is none.

No running after the girl, no chasing, or no excitement at all.

One day, he decides that they should be together and Marie is already willing apart from a major concern of hers. When she tells it to him, he is shocked at first. It is an illness she suffers from. But, later, when Kieran says he is OK with it, they start to date.

Just like that... easy peasy... No sexual tension built, no angst, no excitement at all!
From, then on, they never argue. They are so very happy. They never fight with each other, there is no cheating, no lying... Everything is fine between them.

I loved these two characters but their love never felt special to me, especially when I compared it with the epic love story of Em & Con.

As they start dating and being happy at the very beginning of the book, you may wonder what the rest of the book is about. Well, here lies the other reason of why this book didn't work for me because it was awfully boring.

The rest of the book deals with Kieran’s boxing career and his championship fight, then there is the tragedy Marie’s psycho-stalker friend Alastair causes and finally some pregnancy stuff...

Unfortunately, the book wasn’t “my type of romance” due to the path it followed and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first two books. It was nowhere close. In fact, if I didn't know the characters from the previous books and if I didn't already love them, I would most probably dnf it out of boredom... I barely kept my eyes open.

So, long story short, the book is a solid 2,5 stars for me but it never felt like a 3 so, 2 it is...
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April 10, 2017
If it is even possible, I liked this one even more than the Hurricane!

Kieran Doherty stole my heart, but above anything else, I loved the interactions between the guys. It was hilarious and endearing.

Plus, it's always great to get a side-dish of your other favorite couple, Em and Con. On top of that, Liam and Albie's story tied a bow on top of this amazing book.

Now I can't want to read Tommy's instalment.

If I find a spare moment, I'll probably write a longer review :)
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February 25, 2018
This was amazing.

Free Image Hosting at FunkyIMG.com

This book was just amazing. I m so glad that my friends told me about this author. The first books in this series was brilliant and I didn't think anyone could get better than Con but Kieran is just amazing and super sexy. God this guy just had everything he's sweet strong protective and caring plus more. I really couldn't get enough of him. I luv how close he is to his mum after his dad past away. He was really close to his dad so when he died he took it really hard. This just made his relationship with his mum stronger. He doesn't really get close to many people his friends at Driscoll are his family. He does get close to women relationships are just not in the cards. He luvs woman and has his fair share of them. But Kieran wasnt ready for Marie. Once he saw this gorgeous woman he just had to have her.

Free Image Hosting at FunkyIMG.com

Marie is just so sweet I really like her. She has been through so much in her young life. But she has also built a great life for herself to. She has her own bridal shop and has a passion for designing her own dresses. This is where she ended up meeting the very gorgeous Kieran. Once she saw him she couldn't get him out of her head. The only think is she couldn't do anything about it. She couldn't get in a relationship with him her life was just to complicated. But she wasn't prepared for the storm that is Kieran.

Free Image Hosting at FunkyIMG.com

I would highly recommend this book it's just so good. It gave me a big lump in my throat quite a few times. There story is so good but they have been through a lot and have to deal with a lot to. But together they can do anything even when times get hard. I can't say enough great things about this book. The author is becoming one of my favourites. Can't wait for more of her books. I

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April 14, 2017
I loved it. This is definitely becoming one of my all time favorite series. Kieran and Marie are amazing. I really got emotionally invested in them and just wanted to see them get their HEA. Kieran was the perfect alpha going after what he wanted and never giving up. He will definitely make you swoon. I instantly liked Marie. She is strong heroine yet still really sweet. Also I loved catching up with the rest of the gang from Driscoll's gym. Highly recommend this book and the whole series. Now I can't wait for Tommy's story.

Any push/pull
Any couple separation
Angst Level: Moderate
Heat Level: High
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March 7, 2019

The Storm es un spin off de la bilogia The Hurricane escrita por la autora R. J. Prescott y cuenta la historia de Kier y Marie.

Estaba emocionadisima de leer esta novela, Marie y Kier fueron dos personajes que me llamaron la atencion desde su primera escena en comun, ademas tenian tanta quimica que estaba segura de que su libro seria explosivo y no me equivoque.

The Storm es una lectura simple y sin demasiado drama, pero no te dejes engañar con lo que parece a simple vista, puesto que la historia que narra es mucho mas memorable y profunda de lo que pueda parecer.

La pluma de la escritora me dejo muy sorprendida, tiene una manera muy natural y directa de desenvolver la trama y por si eso fuera poco, supo definir de forma extraordinaria el caracter de cada uno de los personajes.

En conclusion, The Storm es un verdadero diamante en bruto, es el tipico libro que no destaca demasiado pero que cuando le das una oportunidad te sorprende con lo que hay entre sus paginas : una historia bonita y emocional.

P. D. : Ojala la autora escribiera un libro de Tommy, quede con ganas de verlo conseguir su final feliz.

3.75 Estrellas!
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March 27, 2017
"Through the pain and noise, the heartache and chaos, she was my peace." Kieran

I read that the H was a manwhore in the previous books BUT the way he loves the h in this book wiped the slate clean for me. It was beautiful how he fought for his game changer (Marie). I love it when manwhores fall because they fall hard. And the friendship and family dynamics in this book is amazing.

Thank you Leonor and Alex for bringing this book to my attention. :)
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810 reviews328 followers
July 17, 2018

I literally devoured this book this book!! I've read this in a day? Anyway, the thing is I started reading the Hurricane series, because of this book. Because I had been told I would relate to the female protagonist because we have something in common. I need to speak about it, but I'll probably do it in spoilers. Because I have some things to say on that matter. But I'm going to leave that for the end.

Kieran was a dreamy book boyfriend. He was the best I've read for months probably. I really liked him from the previous books and I'm so glad I got to read them before this one, because you get to meet these characters even better and get invested in them and their lives. I was so excited to see all the news about Em and Con, Liam, Albie, Tommy. They're like a family and I absolutely adore these guys. Even Danny has stolen my heart and I want them all to stay alive and united for as long as many books will come about them. I honestly cannot wait for the next book in this series! I actually think that this character is one of my favorites, because I adore me a funny guy and he's a blast to read!

"Hold onto your knickers, Irish. There’s a storm coming."

Now, back to our lovely heroine, Marie. I really really enjoyed her character. Her quotes were spot on! I had so much fun reading about her and her dialogues! But let's speak about the thing that at first made her hesitant and let's say unapproachable...

I really really enjoyed this book and it's probably my favorite so far, maybe because I had this connection with the heroine and haven't read about a heroine with this aspect before. However, I feel like the next book in the series will be my most favorite of all, because I love that hero. But we shall see! ;)
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1,901 reviews404 followers
March 27, 2017
Loved this newest addition to this series. I adored Kier and Marie together, and even her pushing him away didn't bother me because not only did it not drag on for ages, but she really did have a legit reason for it. And I totally got it. However, our Kieran was not going to be pushed away, and I LOVE how he wore her down, broke through her defences and got his girl. He was totally swoon-worthy, and made my heart sigh so many times. He was so very focused not only on his girl, but his training, his family and his friends.

This was a slow build/burn romance that just worked, simply because the reason was justified and not just thrown in for drama and angst.

As with previous books in the series we got plenty of time with the rest of the gang, and once again Tommy was the star of the show. That man couldn't even begin to understand what a filter was, never mind how to use it. Love that about him, love it! I really can't wait to get his book. Marie's brothers would make for some juicy reading too - more hot, possessive alpha males to drool over .... yes please! I think this is where the author excels, the family she has built within this series for these boys that had so much stacked against them is truly fabulous to read. I got so involved with them all, and love that she continues to build on their stories as well as the main characters. From Father Pat to Danny to all the boys - just brilliant.

I'm also hoping we get to know more about Liam's story (hint hint Ms Prescott).

Although I really did love this one, I noticed a fair few silly editing issues that really shouldn't have been there, but the book was just that good I'm leaving my rating at 5 stars.
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1,656 reviews330 followers
November 8, 2019
Spoilers ahead

Ok I'm feeling petty so 😂

“Once he met her, it was and always would be Lyla.”

Do y'all remember that line from another book released recently??? Well THIS is how you write a book where that line applies!!!!!! From the MOMENT Kier met Marie it was ONLY her!!!! And always would be!!!!

Ok off my soapbox and on to the review

I loved the two previous books but this one didn't deliver as they did, I'm sorry to say that Con and Em were a really tough act to follow and even though Kier was completely loyal to his girl I didn't FEEL the intensity of it as I did with Con.

Kier had known Marie for a least a year( but I think it was longer )before he made his move, I tried to understand his fears but really it didn't take much for him to flip from not pursuing her to being completely in love with her so it didn't flow very well. When they did get together he was possessive, protective and loyal

Marie had a very serious heart condition which made her resistant to a relationship with Kier but she too gave in pretty quickly one again showing that the year that they weren't together was just wasted time

Kier training and boxing in an actual match really was like a paler immigration of Con, while Kier had the training and maybe the skill he didn't have the heart for the sport that Con did, even before his fight I knew a career as a boxer wasn't for him

We get some OM drama from a creepy dude that Marie went on a date with before Kier, he turned into a stalker who in attempting to kill Kier instead caused damage to Tommy and Marie. I didn't like the handling of this situation at all, one would think with how creepy he acted that Marie would be concerned. He refused to stay away from Marie no matter what she said.... I'd think that would've been a giant red flag. When he finally confronted Kier he beat him up and warmed him off..... seriously???? Eventually justice was served however

It was nice to see Liam find his one though I feel he was slighted a bit, he was a loyal friend just as Tommy, Kier and Con and deserved at least a novella to show his hea especially considering he came out as a gay man with a strict Irish Catholic family. His father and brothers were bigoted idiots that I'd have liked to see get a pounding but I loved who his one turned out to be

We get a neat little wrap up with Marie delivering her baby and having surgery that is supposed to last her a long while. Honestly the moments with Con and Em made this book for me. The extended family of the fighters and their families were also highlights

While I wasn't as invested in this one as in the previous books I'm still interested in this series and will read more from this author

As usual a loyal hero will always raise my rating of any romance book so 3.5*
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April 30, 2020
1.75 star

There wasn’t a morning that I didn’t wake up and wonder what a lucky son of a bitch I was that she chose me.

If I had a dollar for every time this line was used in this story I'd be rich.

Don’t ask me why I even bothered with this. No, actually I'll tell you. This dumbass book made me sit through all that after-school-special mediocrity that was Con "The Hurricane" and his slut-shaming twit of a heroine just to get to this. Same issues I had with the other 2 books happened here. Suuurprise! 😒 This was mistakenly not marked as part of the Hurricane series when I had originally put in on my TR list, I thought it was a standalone so when I came to start it lo and behold I realized this was part of a series which made me go back and start from Book 1. I really wish I hadn't. There is a secondary romantic arc with a couple (who are more compelling and stronger than the h/hr FYI) that plays out through all 3 books. And the fact that I had to go back and read the other 2 before starting this should say enough. *sigh* Clearly I wasted my time and energy for nothing. I can now say with 100% certainty that this author is not for me.

If anything I would say R.J. Prescott is in serious need of an editor. Or a beta reader cause girly...you need it. Same problem stands: this book was riddled with mistakes. Grammar mistakes, typos, missing quotation marks, missing punctuation and general inconsistencies that are so jarring and cringeworthy. The heroine has an imaginary 4th brother named “Tom” pop up out of nowhere at one point in the dialogue in a scene that’s just WTF. The hero states that he’s known the heroine “for years” before they started dating which is completely bogus. Years? Bro, you met Marie in The Aftermath for the first time, you didn’t know her from Adam before that. So WTH?

Editing issues and the OTT corny repetitive dialogue just makes Prescott's work read like fan fiction. Nobody talks this way. Serious hurdles and outside threats (that are as obvious as day) are treated with kiddy gloves while the hero and heroine are too busy spouting lovey dovey “fuck I love you” “you make me horny” at each other every other line. It’s extremely annoying and not fun. And Marie Kelly never struck me as the type of heroine to *giggle* incessantly every time a man got sweet with her but whatever. The whole macho chest pounding “nobody breathes on or blinks in my woman’s direction!!!” is as exciting as a root canal. So unoriginal. Just don’t do it folks. And if you have to, less is more. There is nothing subtle about this story or the author's style of writing. The lovebirds from the previous book, Cormac and Em are as cloying and annoying as ever in here. Em can't even kiss her ailing friend on the cheek cause he's a man. 😱 The amount of scowling, fist clenching and jaw clenching testosterone that goes on here is insane. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't mind a good possessive alpha man in my reads, but not like this. Prescott doesn't know the meaning of the word subtle. I liked Keiran better than Cormac but this author's annoying heavy-handed tendency at making all her male characters meat-headed OTT caveman idiots just ruins whatever charming appeal they had to begin with.
“He, baby,” he corrected.
“Why are you so certain we’re having a boy?” I twisted around to see his face.
“Have you seen the size of me?” he asked. “There’s no way I could father something feminine and delicate. I’m telling you, it’s a boy.”

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590 reviews446 followers
March 10, 2017
Oh my gosh. My heart is SO FULL. And yes! Those are tears flowing from my eyes. Do I care? No. I don't, because, this book, The Storm was just beautiful. So heartwarming and breathtaking. Full of heat and emotion. It was just fantastic and fully deserving of 5 stars.

“True love ain’t the passenger train that pulls up at the station so that you can board when it’s time. It’s the freight train that ploughs into you when you least expect it.”

And that's what The Storm did. It ploughed into me and stole my heart. I said after reading The Aftermath that I was desperately awaiting Kieran’s story and what a story it is. I've been on a one way train to Swoonsville and I never wanted to get off. Kieran was even more than I expected him to be. So fierce and raw. So passionate and loving. Everything about him just meshes together and results in one hell of a delicious, swoony, dirty alpha. Also, he's HOT. Like WOAH MAMA kinda hot. *fans self*

His connection with Marie sent shivers through me. They are simply stunning. Loved them together. Their sweet and sexy worked for them oh, so well. They were just written to perfection.

What I loved most though? Being back with the boys. Undoubtedly RJ has wrote quite literally one of the best bromances ever. Con & Kieran and their whole friendship, knocked my socks off. The loyalty and devotion they each possessed flew out of them in spades and just solidified my love for the Hurricane and the Storm. The time in the ring nearer to the end… FEELS OVERLOAD!!!

And Tommy! Oh my gosh! I NEED his story. DESPERATELY.

I genuinely loved being back in this world RJ Prescott has written so vividly. My heart and soul are wrapped up in it all. I never want to leave!
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2,154 reviews45 followers
March 21, 2017
"Feckin Shenanigans",

Wow another brilliant read by R.J Prescott what a rollercoaster.

I absolutely love the characters in this series. Danny oh boy! that old guy is brilliant he cracks me up.

My review ratings:
I gave this book 4.5 stars, although I thoroughly enjoyed it and enjoyed the plot, I felt it didn't have the same oomph, the same heart pounding effect on me as The Hurricane and Aftermath.

Kieran doesn't give off the bad boy vibe I love and the angst that comes with it that has the reader flipping the pages eagerly. Kieran is a laid back lovable character and in his own right which is also the same vibe I felt throughout this book, a slower pace which is why I felt I couldn't give it the same 5 star rating as the previous books for that reason.

The Storm contains down to earth lovable Irish lads with hearts of gold who are full of humor, Irish charm and banter so get the fan out ladies and get ready and hold onto your knickers.

A heartwarming story, a story about finding that one person and taking a chance, soulmates, discovering the one who is put on this earth for you and not letting go, a story of taking chances against the odds and in the midst of it all, Family.

A roller-coaster read that will have you welling up with tears,pride then joy one heartfelt moment after another.

"Fighters don't stop being fighters they just take off the gloves".

Arc received for review purposes
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2,461 reviews37 followers
November 18, 2019
Love me some Kieran!

Kieran and Marie's story was a very good read. I started crying from the prologue. Thank goodness the rest of the book wasn't that way. I love how strong Marie was and how determined Kieran was. All the secondary characters we knew from the previous books were there to help enhance the story.
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1,885 reviews69 followers
August 6, 2018
I have been meaning to crack open The Storm ~ book 3 in the Hurricane series, finally!! I absolutely loved all of the characters in those first 2 books. A big band of Irish boxers, coaches, trainers, friends - I definitely found their group to be a favorite of mine.

I easily fell right back in with them, even though it had been a year and a half since finish the first 2 books. Kieran and Marie had great chemistry and the whole alpha, only have eyes for each other thing they had going on really worked for me. I loved the Irish family aspect, the sporty setting and all the heartwarming moments with Marie's illness, Kieran's fight, picking right back up with Con and Em - LOVED IT all!

I saw at the end of this book that Prescott announced a next book in the series about Tommy - but I don't see word of it anywhere - I do really hope they make that happen! I loved him too!
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March 11, 2017
Ladies and gentlemen,
Take your seats
Grab a drink
And hold on to your knickers....there's a 'Storm' coming and he goes by the name of Kieran Doherty!!!!!

And what a freakin charmer he is.
Marie, aka Irish, didn't stand a chance against Kier no matter how hard she tried.
Together they were a match made in pure heaven and were perfect for each other. Their relationship was full of love, grit and devotion.

"Having her friendship was a gift, holding her heart was a miracle, and if I had to spend every day for the rest of my life doing it, I'd prove to her that I was worthy of that miracle."

Being back with the Driscoll boys is like coming home. They're family and with each book its like you're visiting a different member of your family.
A family which has been chosen rather than born into.

"Blood doesn't make a family. Love and loyalty does." This book, this series is a testament to that.
It shows that they will always have your back, no matter how hard things get, and with their love and support you will always get through.

I wanted to devour this book but at the same time I wanted to take my time. I didn't want it to end, but at the same time I wanted to see how it would end. And the end, well...I have been reduced to tears. To a blubbering mess of a woman and although some bits hurt like hell and I cursed her out, a lot, it made me fall in love with the story even more. I may have been put through the ringer but I was left happy. Content and ready for more.

With each new book she releases you can tell how much she's grown in both the writing and as an author. There is so much love and emotion poured into every single page of this book it seeps through the pages and into your own heart.

I have watched Becks grow from strength to strength from The very beginning and I couldn't be more proud of what she has achieved. She's not just a talented author. She is my friend and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Keep doing what your doing Becks, because by god, you're doing it right.
The book is a knockout!!
You deserve success with these boys and with every book you deliver in the future.
And I shall be standing behind you, encouraging you every step of the way.
As a blogger, a confidant and more importantly a friend.

Now, it's my Tommy's book. I just know you're going to give him the book and woman he deserves..even if he has to work extra hard for it.
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26 reviews5 followers
March 9, 2017
Hold on to your knickers ladies there's a STORM 'a' comin.
The Driscoll boys are back in full force and leading the way this time round is Kieran "The Storm" Doherty......oh how I have missed these men (sigh)
Kieran's book is everything and then some the easy going man has his life turned upside down when he meets his very own knockout Marie.....you'll laugh you'll fall in love you'll swoon and you'll need to keep a tissue or two handy for all the emotions this book gives you...prepare to fall in love all over again with another Driscoll's man.
Congratulations RJ on another amazing book you've hit the spot with this book and lit a "FIRE" in my belly ready for more x
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1,622 reviews130 followers
March 29, 2017
The Storm is the third book in the Hurricane series by R J Prescott. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an Hines review. I love the series and The Storm is a great addition.

True to form in the series, Kieran Doherty is uber alpha and uber sexy with tons of personality. He's a fighter in every sense of the word. Marie Kelly is beautiful, smart and sassy. A perfect match for Kieran.

I love that it didn't take a lot of drama for them to get together. There is drama but it's external factors, not the long drawn out denial kind of factors.

I also love the continuous banter from the eclectic band of Driscoll Brothers. They aren't blood brothers, but they have an incredibly strong bond, sense of loyalty and protectiveness for each other. They also have the typical sibling playfulness and harassment. Prescott is able to weave them into all facets of the storyline.

Prescott included a secondary story regarding the coming out of another couple, the challenges they faced and the support shown from the Driscoll family unit. It adds depth and complexity to the storyline.

Another dimension is added to the storyline through Prescott's tackling long term illness. It's a tough theme but is portrayed realistically.

Lastly, Prescott includes the same enjoyable supporting cast of characters from previous books as well as adding Marie's brothers into the mix. I totally want a spinoff dedicated to the Kelly brothers.

Overall, The Storm is well written and well developed. The only draw back is several editing errors throughout the book, such as space left out between words, missing letters, incorrect tense and extra punctuation.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can't wait until the next book in the series comes out, The Fire, focusing on Tommy.

835 reviews75 followers
March 21, 2017
Sometimes it’s hard to write a review, not because I didn’t like a book but because I loved it. I’m afraid of not doing justice to the beauty I found within those pages. This is one of those reviews. There was so much goodness found in The Storm, I didn’t know where to start.

I never get exactly what I was expecting from an RJ Prescott book. What I know for certain is that I'll get feels, lots and lots of deep feels, and more than a few smiles and laughs. Here I found a treasure of a book that was all about taking chances even when it means facing down your biggest fear of all. It also had a strong undercurrent of the importance of family and how they will hold you up even when you think you are down for the count.
I can fight anyone you put in front of me. I will defeat any man who tries to stand against me, but I need you with me.

Kieran is faced with so many decisions to make and the stakes are high whichever way he turns. Does he take a chance on becoming a champion in his own right instead of Con’s biggest supporter? Does he go after the girl and risk being destroyed if it doesn’t work out? As for Marie, she’s lived under a blanket of fear all her life, meaning she’s not living at all. Does she take the chance of coming out from the shadows and going for it knowing that it may end sooner than anyone imagined? Really liking both these characters, I was 100% in both their corners!
There was no shame in losing if you gave it all you had. Trying and failing takes courage. The real tragedy is in failing to try at all.

As both Kieran and Marie explore their relationship and make their decisions, the wisdom and advice that is thrown out there seemed almost Hallmark Card-like at times. At first, this got on my nerves just a wee bit, but then I realized I was highlighting half the book. Yes, there was lots of pearls of wisdom found here, maybe even overkill, but it worked for me.
“That kiss had everything. Magic, fireworks, all that shite girls talk about, it had the lot, and I wanted more. It wasn’t a taste; it was a brand. She was mine now and I wasn’t letting her go.”

It wasn’t just the “feels” that had me cheering this book on. This was one sexy slow burn of a romance, not only because these two had a lot to work through but also because of the ban on sex while training. The anticipation was built up to dizzying heights and once they finally get there, it was the sheer depth of emotion that was the sexiest thing of all.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but even better than the sexual chemistry between Kieran and Marie, was the family that surrounded them, both related by blood and by choice. I fell in love with this group in The Hurricane, but the way these guys stood up for and supported each other here just solidified it even more. Father Pat will always be a favorite of mine, reminding me of my favorite Priest when I grew up, he’s pragmatic and caring, and so very funny. Adding to all the goodness were Marie’s brothers. Let me just say I’m intrigued and hope we get to see more of them.

My one complaint was that the antagonist was a bit much even though he had a small part. That entire plot line was easy to see coming and I found myself underwhelmed.

The Storm was sweet, sexy, emotional, and even gut-wrenching at times, but with just the right amount of humor to get you through and if you find one of those pearls of wisdom worthy of writing down for personal inspiration, even better.

Spice’s Rating: 4.5 Treasure Trove of Goodness Stars

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

EDGY Reviews
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499 reviews
April 3, 2017
Loved it!!!

What an amazing book!!!

Kieran was hot, sweet, funny, the way he loves Marie, sorry 'Irish!' is so romantic! Marie was so sweet, loved her strength.

Loved reading more about Con and Em!

Can't wait for Tommy's story!!!! The Fire!!!
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April 27, 2017
The Storm by R.J. Prescott



Irish charmer Kieran Doherty has been a fighter at Driscoll’s Gym for most of his life. He’s been content to let his best friend take the spotlight, now it’s his turn to make a name for himself in the world of heavy weight champions.

Marie Kelly is a survivor who doesn’t know when to quit. Against all odds, she’s living a life she never dreamed she could have. It was enough… until a stubborn boxer makes her want more.

Kieran sees Marie for the first time in The Aftermath ,while helping to arrange Cormac and Em's wedding a few years ago. He has not so much as looked at another woman since. But Marie has been avoiding him until recently.

Kieran hasn't had it easy when losing his father at a young age. He has blocked himself from relationships with women but when he meets Marie, he'll finally learn what true love means and that it's worth fighting for. But Marie hasn't had it easy herself and when Kieran learns why she doesn't want to get involved and gets his head around it

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1,592 reviews115 followers
February 11, 2019
«Mi niña, no podrías estar más lejos de la verdad. No importa cuánto tiempo o cuan breve sea el camino juntos, el amor no cambia el destino. Simplemente hace el viaje más dulce. Él estará contigo todo el camino a partir de ahora, no importa lo que pase. Una vez que toma una decisión, no es de los que se preocupa por los "que pasa si..." o "a lo mejor...". Lo que le preocupa son tus miedos. No quiere que tú ansiedad te ciegue ante las grandes cosas que les esperan a los dos»

Esta es la historia de Kieran y Marie, unos personajes que conocimos cuando leímos la historia de Connor y Em. El porqué no está incluida en la saga, no lo entiendo, porque ellos salen en esta historia pero es igual.
Marie se niega a dejar entrar a nadie, su condición le impide pensar en un futuro, además, sabiendo por lo que ha pasado Kieran no quiere hacerle revivir un posible mal momento. Pero Kieran no está dispuesto a rendirse sin luchar, y Marie se merece que luchen por ella. Todo parece ir bien... Hasta que alguien parece intentar acabar con la relación de ambos.

Mi nota en realidad es 3,5.
Antes que nada quiero aclarar que tenía una frase incluso más bonita para añadir a la reseña pero mi tablet parece haberla borrado sin mi consentimiento y ahora no recuerdo la página en la que estaba 🤦.
En fin, a lo que íbamos: la historia. Me ha costado mucho engancharme. Ya veis lo mucho que he tardado en leerla, y es que le ha faltado... Sentimiento y chicha. La primera mitad del libro se me hizo aburrida y sosa, realmente era todo paja para mí. Luego en la segunda mitad cuando ellos ya están juntos parece que arranca algo pero se queda ahí, en algo. Apenas tiene cosas que te mantengan pendiente excepto cuando sucede el drama gordo al final y me hace soltar lagrimillas y el caso es que no es ni siquiera por ellos. Le doy 3'5 por eso, por el drama final y por el final feliz pero la historia realmente tampoco es lo mejorcito. Prefiero mil veces la historia de Con y Em.
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1,265 reviews238 followers
April 4, 2017
3.8. Leitura fluida, boa mesmo, porém muito instalove pro meu gosto, não que não goste disso, claro que sim, mas.... Não senti AQUELA conexão dos personagens.
Mas vale a leitura.
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712 reviews8 followers
November 16, 2019
2nd read: 2019
1st read : 2017

I was given a copy of this book by the New Adult Book Club and this is my voluntarily, honest review of it.

‘The storm’ is the third book in ‘The Hurricane’ series but I think that you can read this book without reading the first two books of the series but I really, really loved the story of Con and Em so I would recommend that you read their story too. The Hurricane series is focused around the Driscoll’s Gym. Danny is the owner of this boxing gym and Con, Kieran, Liam and Tommy are the hot Irish boys who train there. Some of the boys who come there dream to become be a professional boxer but most of them just go there for the friendship and the loyalty that they feel there. In ‘The storm’ we get Kieran and Marie’s story. We met them both in the previous two books. Kieran is Con’s best friend and Marie became friends with Em (Con’s wife) when Em bought her wedding dress in Marie’s shop.

Losing his father at a young age, has hurt Kieran deeply. It didn’t only broke his heart but also his mother’s heart. Feeling and seeing the pain of losing a loved one made Kieran decide to avoid it at all cost but that all changes when he meets Marie Kelly. He falls deeply for her and for her he’s prepared to take a chance on love.

Just like Kieran, Marie lost her father at a young age and the last thing that she wants is for other people to feel that kind of hurt too. But the chance is big that people who love her will experience that pain too. Something that Marie is very aware of and that’s also the reason that she maintains her distance of Kieran because the last thing that she wants is for him to feel that pain again.
But Kieran doesn’t know this and he wants Marie. So finally Marie tells him the truth, knowing that that will scare Kieran away. But she underestimated Kieran and his feelings for her.

Because no matter the pain that is waiting for him in the future, Kieran can’t let Marie go. He has felt for her completely and there is no way back. But the fear that Kieran has is whether Marie can accept the man that he really is. Can she accept the fighter in him too?

That’s something that Kieran will discover soon enough because he just accepted the challenge to fight the fight of his life.

Soon Kieran and Marie will have to decide if love is really worth all the pain and worry.

Strange, how sometimes you don’t realize how much you missed something or someone until you meet them again. That was the feeling that I had when I started reading ‘The storm’. Reading it made me realize how much I had missed the Driscoll boy’s!!! I was so happy to see them again.

I don’t know if it’s the Irish charm or the friendship between the guys and their girls or the loyalty or simple the love that you feel between them? But I just love this series. The banter between the guys and the grumpy comments of their ‘trainer’ Danny always make me smile.

Although I must confess that I was a little nervous about reading this book because my hopes for this story were very high (after loving Con and Em’s story so much). But R.J. Prescott didn’t let me down! This story was everything that I had hoped for and more! Kieran was everything that I love in my men, loyal, soft and hard when needed, charming, a little bit of a bad boy. And Marie was such a sweet and lovely girl. She has been through much but she still managed to be happy. Her three brothers made me laugh. They really behaved like nosey, little brothers. I was really happy that in this book we discovered who stole Liam’s heart and that we could follow his love story too.

I’m very looking forward to the next book that will be about Tommy!!!
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