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Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told #1

Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told

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Let go from her job and feeling lost, Navy Carrington takes a position as coffee-girl at a publicity firm. Their newest client is Carrick Kennely, the former love of her life and her fiercest adversary. She thought she'd let go of the past by playing it safe with book boyfriends—and avoiding frustratingly sexy guys like Carrick.

When Navy's roommate finds the Boyfriend Book, a silly relic leftover from Navy's teens, it prompts a dare; Navy is to go on five dates and pick one to be her Valentine. Despite her reservations, she can't say no, especially if it means proving to herself and Carrick that she can move on.

Navy chronicles her brief romantic entanglements with the Hottie in 7G, the Man-Bun-Barista, the Gym Stud, and the Book Boyfriend who turns out to be a toad—not the kind that when kissed turns into a prince—, on The Boyfriend Book Blog. She doesn't want to let her readers or herself down, but as Valentine's Day nears, none of the guys comes close to being her one true love.

Except Carrick. He’s infuriating, attractive, confusing, catnip…and it turns out he has a secret.

With a love letter and a plane ticket in hand, Navy leaves her baggage behind and must decide between love, hate, and the lies she told to protect her fragile heart.

Told with humor and heart, Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told may appeal to readers who enjoy Alice Clayton, Sally Thorne, and Emily Giffin's work.

364 pages, ebook

Published January 17, 2017

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About the author

Deirdre Riordan Hall

49 books263 followers
Deirdre Riordan Hall is the author of the contemporary young adult bestseller Sugar, Pearl, and several YA fantasy novels. When she's not writing, she's probably surfing or in pursuit of magic. She also has a healthy case of wanderlust, is a major Harry Potter nerd, loves chips and salsa, and dreams about learning no less than three languages.

For more, please visit her blog or twitter

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1,137 reviews1,662 followers
February 7, 2017
I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

It's a good and quick read but I have mixed feelings towards it. Navy Carrington works on a new publicity firm after she's cut off from the old job she truly enjoyed. She's living with her best friend, Katya who is sassy, optimistic and carefree. Unlike her, she's a little broken because she can't let go of her past as her High School boyfriend cheated on her. It breaks her heart that her best friend, Claire and her brother, Carrick whom she had a crush on and her boyfriend's best friend, knew he cheated except her. Since Claire died from an accident, she felt guilty of being mad and as for Carrick, there's no closure between them.

Katya being a concerned best friend encourages Navy to live a little by dating five guys and she'll pick one by Valentine's Day. Navy enjoys her casual dates and by some fate, Carrick Kennely is a client on her work place and somehow wants to rekindle. It's his chance to apologize and he's willing to do everything for her and spill his secrets he kept for a long time. Her heart wants him but is she ready to give her heart to a man who broke it before?

It's a good and quick read but I have mixed feelings towards it. Their story is sweet but I find it a little overdramatic. Often times it's cheesy. The chemistry between Navy and Carrick is good but I was hoping for more. As for Navy's best friend, I wasn't a huge fan of her. Yeah it's nice to have a best friend who'll encourage you to live a life and do things out of your comfort zone but I wish Kat didn't pressure her too much and let Navy do things in her pace. There are times she annoyed me for being too nosy. On the positive note, I like the ending, the writing style is good and I think this second chance romance has a potential despite of my little issues.

Final rating: 3 / 5
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937 reviews118 followers
February 7, 2017
LOVE HATE and other LIES WE TOLD ~ 4 Stars

“Love is paradox. Love is contrast. Love is complicated.”

This was a cute second romance. Navy and her roommate Kat were living life and having a good time. Unlike her roommate, Navy is little shy and not at all a serial dater. But things are about to change when Kat challenges Navy with a dare to go on five dates, picking one lucky winner for her Valentine. Navy is not too keen on it but she recently ran into her ex Carrick… well, literally ran like bat out of hell into her apartment. So with nothing to lose and at the same time wanting to prove that she is way over Carrick, Navy reluctantly agrees to her roommate’s bet. Navy goes on to date all these interesting men but she soon realizes they all pale compared to Carrick. Can Navy find it in her heart to let go of the past and find happiness with the one guy she is meant to be with?

This book was a sweet, cute, heartfelt read. Most of the story is told in Navy’s POV so I felt like the story sort of focused more on Navy and her journey of finding herself and finding love again. Navy is sweet and a little quirky. She has had a jaded view of men since high school. She thinks men lie and crush all hopes which might have to do with how things were left with Carrick. She is scared to take a leap again.
I like Carrick – handsome, persistent, a Marine – I always love men in uniform . Carrick’s got secrets in his closet but he is ready tell the truth in the form of a book – did I mention he is an author? This hot man is all kind of talent… Carrick is willing to do what it takes to win Navy’s heart again.
The story was a slow steady read – nothing too hot, angsty, or dramatic. If you are looking for a little sweet, second chance romance this is the one for you. I have to say I do love all the letters from Carrick though – the man is super sweet and swoony <3

“Love is comfort. Love is understanding. Love is forgiveness. Love is home. And when you love someone, no matter what happens between you, love can become something else, something more.”

Cheers to “something more”! And happy reading!
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1,134 reviews68 followers
February 15, 2017



I just didnt get this book, the hate on, the connection. It was all just really really meh.

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569 reviews238 followers
March 1, 2017
This review also appears on my blog, Reading with Jenna.
I received a review copy of the book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s been a while since I’ve read any women’s lit and Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told was just what I needed during my mini-reading slump. It was light and easy to read. If you’re looking for something fluffy and romantic that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, this is a great novel to pick up.

In this novel, the main character, Navy, is a young woman in her mid to late 20s who has never really had a proper relationship. She’s an introvert and tends to keep to herself, indulging in fictional worlds and characters. Her best friend and flatmate, Katya, is determined to help Navy get out of her shell and find love by Valentine’s Day. She dares Navy to go on dates with the first five men that she encounters and Navy decides to go through with it, and blog about her experiences. But in a strange turn of events, her fifth guy is an old flame from the past, who has played a huge part in Navy being a single pringle. I really, really loved the plot of this book and enjoyed how much fun it was and how light-hearted it was. I loved Navy and all of her dates and how disastrous some of them were. My only small criticism of the plot was that I felt that it was a little bit slow at times. I would have liked a little bit of a stronger story arc. There were times when I felt like things were jumping around a bit and it would have made a better reading experience for me if there was a more logical story arc.

I really liked the romance in this novel. It has one of my all-time favourite romance tropes, which is second chance romance. I liked the dynamic between Navy and Carrick and really liked their interactions. My main complaint about the romance is that I felt like I didn’t really get the full backstory and it wasn’t completely clear exactly what had happened between them in the past. I think I would have enjoyed the romance a little bit more if there was more Navy and Carrick in the story as well. Having said that, it was really sweet and I loved both Carrick and Navy a lot separately. I also really enjoyed some of the other guys in the story as well and had a really great time peeking in on Navy’s dates.

I absolutely loved Navy as a character. She reminded me of myself a lot because I’m a mid-20s single pringle and it was just nice to read about an experience that is or would be similar to mine. I found Navy super relatable and easy to connect with, and really enjoyed reading about her story.

Overall, I thought Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told was a really lighthearted and engaging story that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.
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1,368 reviews99 followers
February 11, 2017
Navy is living her dream in New York City, but dreams can also take the shape of nightmares, and that is her life right now. No dating prospects, a job she hates, and no desire to live outside her world of romance novels, it’s Navy’s friend Kat, that pushes her into action. Her goal is to have a date for Valentine’s Day, a month away. In order to do that, she decides to follow through on a dare to date five different men, hoping that one of them will be that special someone to spend the holiday with.

In the meantime, Navy decides to sign up for an online course to help her find herself, to get outside her shell. But when someone from her past, someone she had very strong feelings for a decade ago, returns she’s not ready to let go of the hurt that she caused. Carrick’s ready to fight for her, but is Navy ready to hear the truth?

The book is a fun second chance romance with quirky characters. From the “interesting” men that Navy is paired up with to the former friend that is pursuing the career Navy wish she had, they each in some way help Navy on the journey to find herself. The book did move a little slow and if you’re looking for a steamy read this might not be the one for you as it is fade to black (which in no way detracts from the story), but it is sweet and you can’t help but cheer for Navy and Carrick.

I was a little underwhelmed as to the WHY the relationship between Navy and Carrick blew up the way it did. It just seems that things could have been a little more dramatic, or that ten years later, when Navy is nearing thirty, that maybe she realizes how holding a grudge for something like that was a little juvenile.

The book is mostly told through Navy’s POV but there are a couple of chapters from Carrick’s POV. I honestly would rather have seen more from him, at times Navy’s pessimism got a bit annoying. In all, to use one of Navy’s terms, this is a great beach read and fans of romcom will eat this one up.

I received a copy of this book for review purposes.
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773 reviews36 followers
August 25, 2017
If you like a headstrong female character, Navy is your girl. Even though all signs point to Carrick, she refuses to let herself fall for him. At times you want to bop her so she wakes up to see what is right in front of her but as we all know, we have to let things happen naturally. Delightful weekend read for a relaxing vacation!
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740 reviews192 followers
February 20, 2017
I decided to read Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told because the synopsis sounded like fun. I enjoyed the book though I think the same synopsis that got me to read the book also gave away too much. The story didn't exactly stand out but I appreciate the character growth.

Throughout the story Navy carried a lot of guilt for something that happened between her and Carrick years ago. It was the foundation of her hatred for him. I thought the thing that plagued her was truthfully underwhelming. I can understand why Navy felt so guilty and betrayed but given all the drama and build up, I expected it to be something more serious than what was revealed. so I thought Navy's reactions were a little too extreme.

I had a lot of laughs reading about Navy's dating experiences. They were all so different yet very realistic and likely to happen to any person dating. The way Navy chronicles them on her blog was brilliant. Whether it was the easygoing Hottie in 7G or the ideal Gym Stud, each guy brought a little something out of her. Along with the inspiring UBoss program Navy was able to break out of her past.

One other thing I didn't quite like was how Navy compared herself to her best friend Katya. Somewhat unnecessary but I guess it did allow us to see her transformation. She went through a lot of stages- recounting her dates on The Boyfriend Book Blog, (more or less) following the Uboss program and discovering Carrick's messages to her. I'm genuinely happy for how she managed to emerge on the other side successful.

Katya is an amazing bestie to Navy. She pushed her friend out of her shell and never let her put herself down. I'm excited for Katya's novella! I'm sure she has her share of secrets and insecurities even if she seems to be happily floating through life. I can't wait to see her have some sexy fun ;)

Readers looking for some romance and fun should give Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told a try. It's a light read but one that leaves you thinking.
110 reviews
March 29, 2017
Everyone needs a best friend like Katya, someone who loves you enough to push you out of your comfort zone but is there to support you when things fall apart. While I enjoy Navy as a character, her relationship with Katya really made this a lovely story. While following a dare seems like a silly thing to do, I think it speaks a lot about their friendship that Navy was willing to go along with the dates to humor her best friend.

If you've ever had experience dating, you'll really enjoy the dates that Navy endures. While lots of people find "The One" eventually, it does take some work to weed out the other options. You'll get some good laughs as you live the dates with the Hottie in 7G, the Gym Stud and the others.

Don't worry my romance loving friends, this is no insta-love, Navy and Carrick have a long and sordid history. Navy has been holding onto to a lot of guilt from her past and until she can move past it, there is little hope for a real relationship. She's been pining over her fictitious book boyfriends to avoid any actual relationships.

I read a lot of romance novels and sometimes I get burnt out on the same tropes, but this story is one of complexity and I really enjoyed it. Grief can make people do crazy things, I know this from personal experience, so it was nice to be able to see that flaw in the pages of this story.

All in all I would say this book made me laugh and I would recommend it to romance readers.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
184 reviews6 followers
February 16, 2018

This story is about a girl rediscovering herself… sort of.

For me, Navy Carrington was the type of character you just want to shake because it’s obnoxious to a fault. Luckily, she had some good moments and eventually she made up her mind and put her big girls panties and went for what she wanted.

But before that, she had to endure being basically bullied into something she wasn’t comfortable with. There’s nothing I hate more than characters in these situations. Sure, people usually mean well, and ‘usually’ is the key word here. If you don’t want to do something, well, don’t do it! Peer pressure at its peak.

Maybe this is just me. I just don’t give a rat’s behind about peer pressure. I’ve never cared, and maybe that’s why I’m so weird. However, Navy came with baggage, the emotional kind, and despite everything she said, the only thing she did was to dig a deep hole and bury said baggage. She was twenty-eight years old, and at some point I kept wondering if she wasn’t, in fact, ten years younger. This is supposed to be an NA novel, and it felt more like a YA. Most of the book is from the female character’s POV, so I found myself rolling my eyes often because I didn’t see the interaction of the main character and the love interest, from which we just glimpse a bit in two separate chapters.

Then we have the best friend. Katya something, who goes by Kat and owns a cat named Mew… *crickets*… not the most original thing in the world, but at least I didn’t have to endure the antics of the cat, as it has happened with other books, and I don’t like cats in real life, so in books… you get the point.

Kat, the good hearted bestie from college, is Navy’s new roommate —the other way around, in fact— and she’s gorgeous, with a mix of several countries in her DNA, making her even more stunning. I had really conflicted feelings toward her because I DESPISE the best friend character that just wants to get the main character out of her comfort zone, and not precisely in a smooth way. These kind of characters simply get on my nerves, and I inwardly groan every time I come across them because… well, isn’t there a way for the friend to coax her best friend (aka: the MC) into doing things gradually, helping her along the way? I’m pretty sure there is.

Except this book doesn’t have that.

Well, Navy just wants the whole romantic deal with a perfect gentleman, even if she says it’s not that, but she LIVES vicariously through the stories in her books. She has book boyfriends, and is obsessed with them. We’ve all been there, some of us still are, but when you tend to simply pretend real life men to be like a book? Girl, wake up, real life men screw up, so do we, it’s called LIFE. She just didn’t want to give her heart again to some guy named Carrick.

(By the way, the names kind of sucked here… Navy… sure, old family name… wtf?... Carrick… I bet someone called him ‘Carrot’ at some point…)

Back to the review…

Carrick is the older brother of Navy’s best friend who happens to be dead (the best friend, not the dude, this isn't paranormal). She had a crush on the guy since forever, and, apparently, he had a crush on her at about the same time. This isn’t star crossed lovers, people. This is about a girl and a boy who made love one day, and then he vanished, and she never forgave him.

I would think ten years is enough. You can only dwell so much in the past, and I’m not taking it lightly because I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and then comes a point when you realize that things in the past are there, in the past. Unless there’s a time machine hidden somewhere, you won’t relive it.

But Navy simply gives up. She has self-esteem issues —also, I can relate to a certain degree, enhanced by her own stupidity of always thinking how amazing her bestie Kat is. Kat, a yoga teacher (and the MC in book 2), keeps telling Navy that she doesn’t see what Navy sees; Kat tells Navy how amazing Navy is, how beautiful, and yet, Navy doesn’t believe it. When does she? Well, when she hooks up with her neighbor, and then wearing red lipstick to her office because she signed up for a program where you empower yourself through simple tasks (such as the lipstick). Ok, there's nothing wrong with realizing that you are, in fact, amazing, but it's not like Kat tried to just be beautiful! Regarding this issue, I think that's what redemeed the bestie's character for me: she always told Navy how beautiful, both inside and outside, she was. It was just Navy's stubbornness what stopped her from seeing this.

I understand issues about self-confidence, about self-worth, self-esteem, about how others see us differently than we see ourselves. We live that every day. I bet even celebrities do, because we are all humans. But I didn’t get the feeling that Navy actually overcame her fears here. Not that that happens all at once, but she kept moping for this Carrick guy, and at the very end, she said ‘Screw it. I’m gonna spice this shit up and do whatever I want’. And then she goes to the airport and leaves with him because he never stopped loving her yadda, yadda, yadda.

My problem with this book came with the fact that the MC didn’t have a consistent attitude toward her own development. This is fiction, so there should be a moral somewhere along the line. Something like: ‘You can do whatever you want as long as you set your mind to it’.


I never saw anything like that.

She ended up getting together with the Carrick guy, but that’s because this is supposed to have a HEA. It felt a bit rushed, as in, she felt this way today, and then, just because, they are together in Rome and… well, that’s the end of the book.

If you reached this far, it means you spoiled yourself despite my warning. Read the book if you want to, but I don’t think it’d be a good reading if you feel exasperated at the first few 15 pages (IF you even get that far).
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Author 18 books630 followers
June 2, 2017

Cover, amazing. Story, swoony -- knee knocking romance with a bit of girl boss in the making. I fell in love with this realistic story from the start. The title is a perfect description of the contents. Bravo!
February 25, 2018
Sweet romance

Loved the dare! Could see BFF's coming up with that dare! Happy ending! Quick read and sweet childhood love story.
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Author 20 books847 followers
March 25, 2017
Having read and loved Dierdre Riordan Hall’s Young Adult novels Sugar and Pearl, I was excited to read her debut women’s fiction novel, Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told. I wanted to love this book, but...it hurts my heart to say this...I didn’t. I’ve been reading a lot of women’s fiction lately, and rom-coms are totally my jam, both in book and movie form, so I had high hopes for this one. While the story had good elements and a fun premise, what kept me from ever fully connecting to it was Navy herself. There were things I sympathized with - mostly her feelings of being lost and unsure - but for the most part, I just couldn’t connect with her. She frustrated me from the beginning with how she constantly compared herself to Kat and laid out all the things she wasn’t - beautiful, fun, able to trust, successful, etc. She focused so much on negative things and on the past, and refused to move on. Every time she took one step forward, she ended up taking two or three steps back, and she was constantly going over how she’d been hurt, how she couldn’t trust men, especially Carrick, how she kept herself guarded, etc. I did appreciate her ultimate growth and how she really came into her own, but the journey was rocky.

All that being said, my issues with Navy could totally be ‘me things’ that might not bother other people. There were things I enjoyed about the book, such as Navy and Kat’s friendship. I’m a sucker for strong female friendships that have their ups and down, but where the characters ultimately love each other unconditionally. Navy’s dates were also fun and often had me smiling...and glad I’m not part of the dating scene!

I enjoyed the overall premise of Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told. Navy was an avid reader and had far more book boyfriends than real boyfriends - both of which I can relate to. I think many of us live inside fictional worlds for various reasons, and sometimes forget there’s a whole real world out there waiting to be discovered and lived in. It was nice to see Navy maintaining her love of books and book boyfriends while realizing she can still have a real and fulfilling life outside the pages.

Despite my issues, Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told was a book with a fun premise, interesting characters, and a lot of real-life emotion. If you’re a fan of women’s fiction, I’d encourage you to give this one a shot!
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