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Tales of the Lost Citadel

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The Lost Citadel is a shared-world horror fantasy edited and developed by C.A. Suleiman, based on an idea he conceived with his longtime collaborator, fantasy and horror novelist Ari Marmell. The first project in the world of the Lost Citadel is an anthology of short stories called Tales of the Lost Citadel, featuring some of the most acclaimed voices in fantasy and horror fiction, but the idea of the Lost Citadel is more ambitious in scope than a single collection of words.

With this setting, we're trying to re-define the idea of what it means to "share" a fantasy world, to have different voices and talents come together to build, express, and explore a world with a particular set of themes and aesthetics. We're working with writers, yes, but also fine artists, musicians, graphic designers, cartographers, and more; anyone whose gifts might help flesh out and embolden the world of the Lost Citadel.

382 pages, Hardcover

Published December 1, 2016

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C.A. Suleiman

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Profile Image for Hal Bodner.
Author 34 books64 followers
May 13, 2017
I'll preface by admitting that I'm not a gamer on any level. I find all the details of the artificial worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and Warcraft and such to be complicated and mind-boggling. By the same token, I never fail to be impressed by both the creativity and dedication it takes to construct such comprehensive universes.

That said, I really REALLY enjoyed TALES OF THE LOST CITADEL.
I'm just not entirely certain that I understood it all. Actually, belay that last statement: I'm SURE I didn't understand it all!

The reason I mention this is that the stories in TALES are such treats that I regret not being able to immerse myself more fully into the extensive fictional world-building that accompanies this volume. It's certainly not necessary to understand the ins and out of the various fictional races, religions and histories in order to enjoy the book. But, even after the editor very kindly provided me with a copy of the "bible", I felt I was somewhat "out of the loop".

Nevertheless, the writing of these stories is almost universally strong enough for each of them to stand alone. And that's to be expected as editor C.A. Suleiman has assembled a cast which includes such seasoned pros as Brian Hodge, Kealan Patrick Burke, Elizabeth Massie, Mercedes Yardley and someone who is perhaps the finest author you may not be familiar with, Damien Angelica Walters.

The bulk of the stories take place within the walls of a gigantic city called Redoubt, in the midst of a Tolkienesque world where the dead have revived for inexplicable (so far!) reasons. But don't make the mistake of believing this is a zombie book. Suleiman has artfully shepherded his contributors into using the risen dead primarily as background. No matter how horrific the countryside filled with animated corpses may be, these authors' focus is on the horrors of a population crammed into a city where both space and resources are running low with no respite in sight.

If you are a fan of Middle Earth-type literature, you will quickly become a fan of THE LOST CITADEL. And, even if you're not a Tolkien buff, you'll find a tremendous amount to like about this collection of stories.

One final note, apropos of nothing literary in particular:
The physical book itself is pretty spectacular. Suleiman and the publisher, Lost Citadel productions, seem to have spared no expense to produce a hard cover volume that is truly stunning. Simply holding it in your hands hearkens back to the days, several decades ago, when publishers often produced books as things of beauty as well as things to entertain and to stimulate the mind.

Strongly recommended.
Profile Image for Donald.
95 reviews8 followers
January 26, 2017
The real strength of this book is that, by and large, you have horror authors trying their hands at fantasy. In many cases, they are either unaware or actively ignore the usual fantasy tropes and do something original and fun.
Profile Image for Ives Phillips.
Author 3 books12 followers
June 9, 2022
The editor of this book categorized it as a horror fantasy, and I hoped that, by this premise, I'd be wildly terrified and mystified. I was excited for it! But that didn't happen for me. It was a run-of-the-mill zombie horror thrown into a standard fantasy world, and it was underwhelming for the majority of the story. Reading about the Dead/restless/rotters felt like I was watching a 60s black and white zombie movie, and truthfully, I was more terrified by the people in power than the creepy Dead. That would have impressed me if my main focus for horror wasn't zombies.

The world-building in each story and the general premise of the book was, as I've said, standard: not terrible, but it wasn't distinguishable from many other Tolkien-esque fantasy stories.
Profile Image for Janessa.
217 reviews13 followers
December 13, 2020
While I did enjoy the stories here, I realized that apparently they are part of an existing world of some sort of RPG game I know nothing about, and I think that made it hard to completely understand the world and characters.
2 reviews
March 25, 2020
Note: It's not "by" C.A. Suleiman, it's edited by him, and he contributes the least entertaining, pompous story of the book.
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7 reviews3 followers
January 9, 2021
High fantasy + actually well written zombie horror so that it's actually scary = good stuff. I want to get the rpg.
Profile Image for Lex Hobbs.
20 reviews
March 25, 2023
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It brought so many emotions and I hope I get to play the dnd campaign at some point
Profile Image for Brad Fonseca.
49 reviews4 followers
May 1, 2017
Scary, disturbing horror fantasy...you want to look away but you can't. If you like this genre, you'll love this anthology.
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