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Alexis Black #1

Evil's Unlikely Assassin

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"Evil's Unlikely Assassin is a promising urban fantasy debut that features all that's great about the genre--action, attitude, and ass-kicking." -Jaye Wells, USA Today bestselling author of The Sabina Kane and Prospero's War series

Vampire Alexis Black is on a mission - to rejoin the human race.

Coerced into signing an ironclad contract by an Angel-with-attitude, Alexis must hunt down and assassinate at least one vampire, werewolf, or creepy crawly every night for fifty years to become human again. Too bad the contract didn’t mention the badass vampire who now rides shotgun in her brain, insatiable bloodlust, or her new I-hate-everything-with-fangs sidekick. If she can fulfill her end of the bargain, her humanity is restored, if not she will be destroyed.

But when a revenge-seeking bloodsucker threatens her city, Alexis must risk everything to ensure there’s a humanity to return to. Since her vampire nature is her greatest weapon to defeat the monsters that threaten her friends and future, Alexis must choose to accept her inner beast or watch those she loves die.

382 pages, ebook

Published June 6, 2017

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About the author

Jenn Windrow

14 books259 followers
Award winning author of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Vampires, Greek gods, and a bit of Demon Destroyer fun for everyone.

Jenn Windrow loves characters who have a pinch of spunk, a dash of attitude, and a large dollop of sex appeal. Top it all off with a huge heaping helping of snark, and you’ve got the ingredients for the kind of fast paced stories she loves to read and write. Home is a suburb of it’s-so-hot-my-shoes-have-melted-to-the-pavement Phoenix. Where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and a slew of animals that seem to keep following her home, at least that’s what she claims.

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1,336 reviews188 followers
April 2, 2020
Someone is creating vampires and setting them loose on the world before they can control themselves. Alexis is the most feared assassin in the city and it's up to her to track him down and end him.

For the most part this was pretty good. I think the ending dragged on a little longer than it needed to but all in all a good start to the series.
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2,180 reviews5 followers
February 9, 2019
Great Audible Listen🎧 A Fabulous Urban Fantasy! 4.5 Action-Packed Stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Evil's Unlikely Assassin
An Alexis Black Novel, Book 1
By: Jenn Windrow
Narrated by: Chelsea Stephens

This is a well written, well told action packed story that immediately grabs your attention and holds it to the end. The storylines are interesting, imaginative and original. Jenn Windrow created a fascinating world with supernatural creatures, vampires, angels & shifters who live amongst humans. The lead character, Alexis Black, an anti-vampire vampire, who made a deal with the an angel so she could be returned to humanity. Part of her deal is to not kill humans and to capture vampires and work with a human partner, Reaper. She meets some interesting character, including an old vamp friend turned ghost, who is one of my favorite characters. The action in this book is non-stop, there is plenty of drama, suspense and some romance too. Jean Windrow, thank you for this great & entertaining story.

I listened to the Audible edition, Chelsea Stephens does a wonderful job narrating the story and bringing the characters to life. She sets the perfect tone for the story and adds the right amount of dramatic flair. She is an entertaining storyteller. Thank you for the great listen.

Thank you 🎧AudiobookObsession
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416 reviews11 followers
March 2, 2019
If you had the chance to live again after you thought you had died, what would that look like? If there were stipulations to the second life—like fighting against your own to protect another race, would you still want to live? Windrow has one kick-butt assassin, who has a vampire soul and a contract to uphold in order to get her soul back. The story will immerse readers into a life filled with mischief and mayhem and is sure to be one that you’ll not want to put down.

Alexis Black is beautiful. Alexis Black is tiny. Alexis Black is ALWAYS hungry. With a contract on her hip, placed by one hotshot angel, she has a constant reminder of what she can and cannot do in order to earn her soul back. She has lived for one-hundred and fifty years and for every single one of those days, she has kept her nose clean. She hasn’t had a drop of human blood from the vein and has destroyed one supernatural EVERY night. It gets exhausting to carry out the same routine every day, but the reward is substantial to her and worth fighting the extra fifty years for. When a friend comes back to town after she almost lost her battle to a few humans baiting her in an alleyway, she has run out of options. As the night nears its end, she is forced to do something that she knows she will regret. Little does she know, in the days that follow, she would be doing a lot more of the things that she would always regret, especially once a major vampire leader has turned rogue and started to build an army. Not even the Behavioral Analysis Unit for vampires can hold them in check as their numbers grow to an all-time high in mere days. Alexis, her work-in-progress friend Reaper, and two unsuspecting individuals have formed an alliance to save the humans from the vampires, a bond almost like family. Can she protect her family and be the hero when her inner beast, AKA Eddie, learns how to start taking control of the wheel?

Windrow has a superb story-line, filled with creativity, originality and intriguing characters. The pace is very quick, but easy to follow. There is action and suspense lurking in the shadows and in every corner. With war waging among the vampires and humans for freedom, Alexis doesn’t know who she can trust. The story appears to be written fairly well. Since this review compliments the audiobook, Stephens provides wonderful voice relay for all of the characters within the story. Her narration makes the novel lively and enjoyable for the reader. This is the first installment in the Alexis Black Series; therefore, the reader can jump right in to the action. If you are a reader of paranormal romance, suspense and fantasy, you may enjoy this story.

An audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating to Evil’s Unlikely Assassin by Jenn Windrow.
June 26, 2017
Evils unlikely assassin by Jen Windrow

I love vampire books, but I'm getting a little tired of the story as they all seem the same. So I was skeptical to start this book. Let me tell you how wrong I was to hesitate.

The story is well written. Jen draws you into her world and just as you get comfortable and start to sink into the story BOOM she hits you with a twist.

Alexis started out like most a miserable girl who doesn't like the life that was handed to her ect. Here's where I thought I'd loose the story. Because well it's the old story right? But nope there I was wrong again. Alexis is a vampire. Not your typical vampire mind you but a vamp non the less. She made a deal with an angel to eventually get her humanity back. She has a violent vampire soul she shares her body with that she is constantly battling. I thought at first this was her way of dealing with the evil in her metaphorically, but no Eddie is a separate entity that gets...shall we say complicated.

She has a best friend ghost attached to her. I hope we get to learn more about this relationship as we get more stories. He is her laughter her heart her grounding.

Then there's Reaper. Her unwilling partner in assassinating the undead evil that lurkes ..do we hate him? do we love him? He's so complicately written that even at the end of the book I don't know which side I fall on.

There's the angel that marked her and keeps her inline whom is thoroughly disgusted and annoyed to be saddled with her. I really hope we get a back story on this one.

She battles evil with her little misfit group while trying to maintain her promise of not taking human life.

There is action, suspense, twists and turns and as it so happens a lustful love story that surprisingly did not take away from the story.

All in all I think this is one of those sleeper stories that will sneak up on many that read it and jolt you with it's cleverness and originality.

There is some typical vampire myth that runs through the story but it's not over written like so many other stories mistakenly do. There's enough newness to suck you in and keep you enthralled.

I started this book at noon and could not put it down. I read it straight thru and finished it that afternoon. My only complaint is I want more!

So sit down and let Jen take you for a roller coaster ride of a book. You'll not be disappointed.
Profile Image for Sapphyria  .
1,681 reviews45 followers
October 31, 2017
Evil's Unlikely Assassin has solidified its place in my top favorite urban fantasy novels. I devoured this book in one day and want more! Alexis Black has her entire life stripped from her by a sadistic vampire. In one fell swoop he killed her family and kidnapped her and her twin brother. She lost contact with her brother so she doesn't know if he's alive or dead. In an effort to get her human soul restored, Alexis made a deal with....an angel. The terms of her contract to obtain her soul back include assassinating one supernatural creature per night for 50 years. Oh, and the angel also planted the spirit of a very strong vampire "helper" in her mind she has affectionately named Eddie and saddled her with an uptight vampire-hater named Reaper.

When danger comes to town and turns a bunch of newbies and lets them reek havoc, Alexis, Reaper, and Eddie have to figure out what the ultimate goal is before too many more people end up dead. Along the way Alexis picks up additional reinforcements that include a ghost and shifter, rounding out her motley crew team as they charge their way in to stop a madman.

Alexis is a kick-ass heroine that, despite her vampire nature, still has much of her humanity. She cares about those around her including her brooding partner that would rather poke himself in the eye than be friendly to her. Reacher plays the troubled partner to Alexis. He's complicated and closed off. He has a hard time trying to rectify his partnership with a vampire.

The author does a wonderful job world building. I was able to visualize the scenes in my head because they were descriptive without going overboard. I really enjoyed the story and the plot. The character development is great and I felt like I was able to get to know Alexis, Reaper, Eddie, and the rest of the characters.

The book is fast-paced, action-packed, and suspenseful. There are twists and turns around every corner. I appreciate the uniqueness and originality of Evils Unlikely Assassin and can't wait to see what happens next.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of Evil's Unlikely Assassin provided by the author.
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135 reviews
September 19, 2018
I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Vampire Huntress Alexis Black has made a deadly deal with an angel. If Alexis permanently dispatches at least one evil creature each night for the next 50 years, the mortal life taken from her hundreds of years previous will be restored. Motivated by the chance to be human once again, Alexis stalks and kills her prey with stealthy precision. Alexis isn’t alone in her mission; for better or worse, she’s got an entourage of helpers including her angel-appointed recalcitrant partner Reaper, her vampire BFF turned ghost Nathan, and “Eddie” the savage vampire presence taking up residence in her head. Together the eclectic group improves the odds that Alexis will succeed in her mission.

Evil’s Unlikely Assassin is a formidable new urban fantasy. I loved this book from start to finish. Alexis is resourceful and crafty, smart, sassy, and sexy. She’s got a reputation too, and even the most fearsome creatures of the underworld quake in their boots when confronted by Alexis Black. Windrow is an excellent story teller. She reveals the details of this alternate Chicago of outlaw vampires thoroughly, but gradually. The story set up isn’t arduous as is often the case with series openers and the action is non-stop. The character development is perfect. The characters are all multi-faceted with abundant strengths and flaws. I adore the Billy Idol-esque Nathan who provides the bulk of the story’s comic relief.

This book has it all, including romance. While I thought I’d totally pegged the romance arc in the first chapter of the book, Windrow provided a delightful surprise for this reader by taking things in an unexpected direction. Not only does Windrow weave a killer plot, she writes romance scenes to die for. Evil’s Unlikely Assassin is fresh, creative, and wonderfully entertaining. I cannot wait for Evil’s Ultimate Huntress the second book in the Alexis Black series. I’ll be following the author for updates.

Reviewed for ismellsheep.com
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1,636 reviews38 followers
February 28, 2019
When I started listening to this story, I wasn't sure that I was going to like it. I wasn't sure if Ms. Stephens was a good choice to tell me Alexis Black's story. Then as I continued to listen, I came to the conclusion that she was the perfect choice. Since this story is from Alexis' point of view, it would be strange to hear a man tell the story. And eventually I came to form, in my mind, what Alexis might look and act like. Hher weapon of choice seemed to have a life of its own which I don't think I would feel if I went and read the book instead.

Ms. Windrow had me thinking of possibilities. It's possible that there's an Alexis Black out there somewhere. She has challenges both internal and the world around her. Now she doesn't fight evil on her own - she has a partner. There were times that I couldn't decide whether I liked him or not. That just shows how good the author is at her job. There's a lot going on here since Alexis has a really tough job. She's a strong female character and not worried about damaging a fingernail.

Once I finally got into the story, I had to listen every chance I got. I even got to enjoy most of the secondary characters. They all helped move the story along. Nothing felt out of place - that it didn't fit the scene. Does it make me mean that I actually started rooting for the enemy of the piece? Make no mistake, I didn't like him but knowing he was still around meant that my adventure with this author, maybe this narrator, and one kick a** woman isn't over yet.

I voluntarily reviewed an Audiobook copy of this book.
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536 reviews26 followers
June 29, 2017
4.5/5 Stars

What an intriguing twist on classic vampires. Alexis Black is a vampire turned supernatural beings assassin. She was approached by an angel who would turn her back into a human if she killed a supernatural being every night for 50 years.

This was an imaginative story. I know that the whole "vampire killing vampire" thing is not a new concept, but the way Jenn Windrow writes it, it becomes a new concept. Alexis is not only a vampire, but she also happens to contain the soul of another vampire to help her with her angelic contract. We watch Alexis struggle with her bloodlust, her backstory, and even her current life.

Every character was fantastic. There were layers to each that was peeled away as the book went on. And the growth of the relationships was absolutely phenomenal. We watch Alexis and Reaper (her human partner) go from unlikely partners to a semi-friendship. And there are many more relationships in this novel.

Honestly, my only complaint comes from the use of the quote "big cajones". I realize this is a fairly common quote, but cajones actually means drawers and not balls as many people think. (I used to as well and just recently got informed about it). But if that's my only complaint, that's pretty awesome. I want to read the next book so badly.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from a review group in exchange for an honest review
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373 reviews18 followers
March 2, 2019
Oh, hello Vampire! I am loving the series so so much! I have just finished with book one and I already want to see more. I was so captivated I didn’t realize when time flew by. Because it’s action and then more action. And later something happens and … yes, more action!

I am a sucker for vampires (haha!), so give me one bloody (literary) story and I am all yours. And our Alexis with her crowd of helpers and enemies is so amazing. She has fighting in her, she has strength and one hell of a vampire to back her up. I liked her resolution to do what it takes to get back her humanity and how firm she is in keeping away from blood.

Refreshing and intense, we have a gathering of beings, each with a special personality. The characters are not alike at all. People, actually beings, from opposite sides must work together to defeat a common enemy. There is so much action, you actually cannot spare a minute. There is something happening all the time… I love it !

I loved the narration as well. Chelsea Stephens is amazing! Her voice acting is superb! She kept me all the way with the characters and her way of being sarcastic, funny, enraged, a vampire, a ghost and all the other personalities, incorporating so many emotions… she does it flawlessly, in my opinion at least! (but others think the same, so … )

Suffice to say I have found a new favorite series and a new favorite author. I do encourage you to read this one, audio is even better. It has a little bit of everything you want. It’s entertaining and awesome. What more can you need? Happy Reading!

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Jenn Windrow. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.
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2,048 reviews38 followers
June 29, 2017
When I came across this book, I thought it looked interesting and wanted to read it. Who doesn’t love an evil assassin, unlikely though they may be? After coming across the book a few times, I’m really glad I was given a copy to read. This book has a unique premise about how certain vampires can get their humanity back. Alex is one of those desperate to get her humanity back, and she shares her body with Eddie, a strong vampire. She is a very interesting character, along with Reaper who helps her kill supernatural creatures in her quest to return to humanity. At first, I thought they would be each other’s love interest, but alas, that wasn’t in Ms. Windrow’s plans. I don’t really like to say too much and give anything away, but she does have a love interest. I also really liked her ghostly companion and can’t wait to find out more about their history. All-in-all, I found this book to be well-written, have great characters, and have a unique and compelling storyline. I’m excited to read more in this series to learn even more about the characters and to learn more backstory about things I’m still a little uncertain about. If you like kick-butt urban fantasy, give this one a try! Highly recommend! Thanks to the author for the e-copy which I voluntarily reviewed.
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233 reviews45 followers
June 11, 2019
I’m a huge fan of paranormal and urban fantasy reads, and when I came across this new-to-me author and series, I just had to see what it was all about. What a refreshing and clever spin on a new and fascinating paranormal world, with a kick-ass vampire assassin/heroine who I love everything about! Alexis Black’s story is quite unique and what makes her so much different than the average vampire, besides sharing her body with another, is that she still has a hold of her humanity and that allows her to fight for humans and rid the world of what she truly despises… those that have destroyed her family and taken her soul. Alexis is joined by quite an interesting cast of secondary characters, and at times it’s quite comical how they “get along”. My favorite by far is Nathan… and I’m SO glad I listened to the audio because the narrator, Chelsea Stephens, brought him to life with the perfect British accent and zaniness to his lines. As a whole the narration was amazing, and I loved getting to know the personalities of this unconventional bunch. I look forward to continuing with this series, and discovering how the rest of Alexis’ world unfolds.
Profile Image for Lynn  2 Girls & A Book.
629 reviews18 followers
February 23, 2019
Audiobook Review
Story 3
Performance 4

My first impression of this story at about halfway through -
Listening to the audiobook and I hate to say it but this book needs a content editor. Who is Craig? Why did he offer Alexis a deal? Why does she have an angel wing tattoo? Why does Blake/Reaper follow her around? What the hell is Eddie and how is he different/separate from her vampire? Why didn't she grieve the death of her best friend more deeply? I really hope it all comes together soon.

Now that I have finished the story I can reflect back on initial impression. Info regarding Craig is scattered throughout the story and the reader has to piece it all together. Reaper's backstory is explained making sense of his role. Eddie is explained and that is all I can say without spoiling it. And for the death of her friend, she had little time to grieve but since he was her best friend and mentor I expected more anguish.

Evil's Unlikely Assassin is my intro to author Jenn Windrow. After completing the audiobook I still feel like the story needs to be tighter and more concise. The premise is great. I like that the author didn't romanticize vampires and told a unique story. The MC, Alexis, is a strong female lead and very badass.

The narrator Chelse Stephens did a great job bringing the characters to life and leaping from the story; especially the action scenes. Stephens nailed the snarky attitude of Alexis too.
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6,476 reviews37 followers
June 18, 2017
I've been lucky enough to read several books with unique perspectives on the supernatural creatures that populate them. I'm excited to add this book to the collection. They all have enough in common with the classic lore that they're easily recognizable, but each of the supernatural species around Alexis has a unique twist that I've never seen anywhere before. The plot is fast paced and engaging with lots of twists and unexpected detours to get you to the end. I think what I loved the most were the moments of comedy that are sprinkled throughout the book. I started it thinking I was getting a straight-forward urban fantasy read, but I got so much more than that. I've fallen in love with Alexis and her little "family" and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.
I received a complimentary copy of this book.
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2,870 reviews45 followers
July 11, 2017
One supernatural surprise after another - Suspense, Intrigue, Romance and a warped touch of humor
Nothing about this is your typical Vamp /Supernatural story
There are so many surprises in store for you - I promise you will not even see them coming -one twist after another - it was like an onion each time a layer was exposed we ran into something new.
Alexis is a smart, witty kick @ss heroine who has been partnered with:
Eddie -a sarcastic inner demon(?) that only comes awake when supernaturals are present but provides her with a serious power boost when she needs to clean the floors
and the Reaper - a seriously bitter and surly partner , whom at times I would have liked to stake myself even though he is human
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379 reviews3 followers
March 6, 2019
I had requested and received audible version of this book for free from the narrator, in exchange for an unbiased review.

What I liked about the book -
The world the story is set in is really wonderful and imaginative. There are all sorts of "monsters" and this one vampire who is "anti-vampire", wanting to become human again. Her character is very interesting and enjoyable. Sassy and badass. The plot kept me hooked.

There's more to come in this series and I can't wait to read them.

What I disliked about the book -
The start was a little slow. Took some time to pick up pace and get interesting.

Narration -
Narration by Chelsea Stephens was really well done. The delivery was perfect and felt like listening to a story at campfire.
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1,505 reviews12 followers
June 27, 2017
This book reminded me slightly of the Blade Trilogy but with a somewhat snarky reluctant vampire heroine. Add in angelic intervention, a bonded ghost, a vampire extinction squared, and it equals a tale worthy of new readers! It is definitely a unique storyline for me and I found myself pleasantly surprised. I will be honest, at first I was on the fence but once the storyline was cemented in, so was I. I like that there was resolution to this story but still given a good incentive to want to read the next Book. It was definitely worth me giving it a read and hope others enjoy it as well. This voluntary review is based against an advance copy.
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1,385 reviews93 followers
July 3, 2017
This is a great find and I'm excited to start a fabulous new series. Alexis shows a depth and complexity which makes for a strong and well defined protagonist. This is continually showcased through her troubled past and complicated present.

The supporting characters are just as well developed and the layering of these diverse personalities creates a grittiness that continues to subtley carry the novel along with constant developments that keeps the reader intrigued.

There's a dose of hot and steamy and I can't wait for the next book.
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1,962 reviews3 followers
August 20, 2017
Awesome book. So much going on in it that I had a hard time putting it down. You have Alexis Black a vampire that just wants to be human again. (got to love her spunk) Her human partner Reaper who hates vampires. Her best friend that she killed but is attached to her and than she runs into a man she has the hot's for. If you want a book with lots of action and guaranteed to laugh at certain part. This book is for you. I received an arc copy for my honest received.
8 reviews
March 4, 2019
Evil’s Unlikely Assassin by Jennifer Windrow

A good new take on vampires; with one that is trying to get out of the “life” or her un-life as a vamp. Nice world building with out feeling that you are getting an info dump. You will meet a verity of people from various realms in immortal and mortal life. If you like your leading lady with snark and heart, able to hold her own in a fight without being over the top; then this is a series you will get into. I will enjoy getting more in this series.

“This audiobook was given by the author, at no cost
in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.”
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171 reviews1 follower
November 6, 2019

The dynamic of the characters is everything you want in a great read/listen. You have your action, romance, and laughs. Jenn’s take on the supernatural world is definitely different then the average and I for one love it. Also Chelsea voices and personality just makes the characters pop. She portrays them exactly how I picture in my head. This is a must read if you like bad ass femme fatale’s and charismatic men.
424 reviews3 followers
April 1, 2020

I actually got this because the author recommended it to another person on the fans of urban fantasy FB page. I did say I would be purchasing and Jenn said she hoped it would tick my boxes and it sure did. A great MC and I love her sidekick in Nate. A good plot, a bit of sexing and lots of twists in the plot. Best thing I've read for a while that isn't well into a series. Thank you for promoting this and you have a new fan.
Profile Image for Becky Baldridge.
3,183 reviews96 followers
July 10, 2017
Original, well-written, witty, full of action, a bit steamy, snarky, lots of twists, and fun! I'm always on the lookout for a good Urban Fantasy series and if this first book is any indication of what's to come, I've found one. It's a solid start to a series and I can't wait to see what's next for Alexis and Reaper.
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999 reviews25 followers
January 30, 2019
Profile Image for Amber Niebaum.
232 reviews34 followers
March 24, 2019
This book is action packed! The main character is fun, snarky and bad a@$. The story seems to have lots of supernaturals and cool surprises. It felt like an awesome action movie. Great characters and awesome narrator. I received this audiobook by my request in exchange for an honest review from Audio Book Boom.
Profile Image for Monique.
766 reviews1 follower
June 9, 2017
What a refreshing story! Yes, it is about vampires but with a very exciting and original twist. Very well written, with an endearing protagonist -- a really excellent storyline and characters! I loved it, and can't wait to find out what happens next...
Profile Image for Toni Peden.
Author 2 books8 followers
January 28, 2019
I really enjoyed this book. It is different than your typical vampire book. Elements that I have never considered when it comes to vamps and hunters. I loved the love-hate relationship between the partners, the vulnerability shown for all, the tears, sadness, heartaches, and happiness. I would recommend this book to others.
Profile Image for Phyllis Moore.
131 reviews3 followers
July 14, 2017
Nice story. Completely enjoyed the book and loved the characters. I put it among my comfort food list. It was a bit formula, not very many surprises, but nice and cozy to read.
Profile Image for Chrys Minter.
462 reviews4 followers
April 1, 2021
Absolutely Fantastic

I loved this story. What a thrilling ride. Great job and a big thumbs up to Jenn Windrow. I can't wait to see where this story goes next..
11 reviews
September 13, 2018

I didn't know what to expect when I picked up the sample, but I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. Well written with a slow to medium burn and a snarky heroine create a very entertaining read. Looking forward to the next book!
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