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T is for Transformation

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As a fitness icon and motivational mastermind, Shaun T has helped millions of people transform their bodies and their lives through his Hip Hop Abs, INSANITY, and CIZE workouts. But people who think of Shaun T as just a workout force are missing something. He has always focused on building inner strength first, then moving to the exterior. And that inner focus started in his own life. He became the man and motivator he is today after escaping from the abuse he suffered as a child, and fighting his way back from a 50-pound weight gain in his early 20s. He knows firsthand that you can’t drop weight or enjoy better health until you overcome the mental obstacles that cause bad choices in the first place.

In T is for Transformation, Shaun T unveils the 7 transformational principles that guided his progress through life and that are at the core of his incredibly successful workouts. T is for Transformation is a motivational master class as Shaun shows you how to become more flexible and resourceful, give everything you've got, and, most importantly, trust and believe in your path to success. The only real obstacles in life are the mental ones, and T is for Transformation can train you to achieve astonishing results in your own life, just as Shaun T has in his.

272 pages, Hardcover

First published November 7, 2017

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Shaun T.

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November 26, 2017
Most of the time when I see a personal development book I tend to run away screaming. I have never liked nor enjoyed them. The same thing can be said for workout instructors. I tend to have a lot of mean things to say during workouts. However, and this is a big however. Shaun T has become the one workout motivator that I genuinely love. He is hard on you during workouts and doesn’t let you settle for how you were yesterday. That is exactly what this book portrays. Throughout the entire book he gives truth bombs that (if you just read those) would give you more than plenty motivation. But, it goes beyond that. Through his life story he links those truth bombs to superpower that if you can master you will rule your own life. That is the key to “T is for Transformation.” He is not telling you that he will change your life or even if you follow one of his programs he will change your body. What he wants you to understand is that you have the power and strength to drive your own story and your own success. I can safely say that this book changed my outlook on what it means to work on yourself and create the persona that you truly are and can be.
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301 reviews12 followers
April 5, 2018
I normally don't read self-help books, but I love Shaun T so I had to give it a try. Shaun T is so raw and real. I love this book, and feel so inspired to spice up my life. I might even go crazy and start INSANITY after I finish my 80 day workout program! Shaun T is making my brain go bananas!
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818 reviews121 followers
March 7, 2020
Trust and Believe

I've been a Shaun T fan ever since I pushed play on my very first Insanity workout. It was the first ever training program I did from start to finish with results that blew my mind! Shaun T taught me to dig seriously deep! And this is his 7 step plan to teach us how to transform ourselves in every part of our lives. I'll definitely be referring back to most of his guides and truth bombs.
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250 reviews15 followers
January 23, 2018
My Rating: 4 Burpees

An excellent autobiography of the one and only Shaun T.
He tells the story of his life and how he got to where he is today.
An inspirational journey with some pretty rough times, but he survived and ultimately rose above.
He offers insights and advise to be better every day.
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403 reviews32 followers
November 9, 2020
Amazeballs autobiography out to help us lift ourselves by our bootstraps by my fitness guru: Shaun T.

The main themes are:

1) No one is too fucked up to transform.
2) The farther you start from the finish line, the stronger you are for starting.
3) Undesired states are the seeds of motivation and learning (rather than shameful).
4) "Don't run from the work. Feel the work."
5) Commit to step-by-step growth.

... and more :-)

Shaun steps us through his life and how he discovered the Truth Bombs that decorate the text.

I don't want to spoil, but here are some quotes:

"A cinnabon isn't going to kill you, but beating yourself up over it might 😃"

"You're in prison by what you hide because that means you haven't accepted it yet."

"If you ask for the right things, you'll be surprised in ways you can't believe."

-- -- --

If you've done Shaun T workouts and would like to boost your love and appreciation for the man, this is 100% recommended :-)

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112 reviews18 followers
May 20, 2018
While I couldn't always follow his messages, Shaun T's energy and positivity jumped off the pages and made me feel inspired to go out and be a better version of myself, just like in his workouts. He is just an amazing role model, and even more so after finding out all that he has overcome to get where he is today.
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170 reviews5 followers
January 17, 2018
This was the first “self-help” book that I’ve ever read.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. But I know I wanted to make 2018 a year of expanding my horizons and bettering myself. So I started with a book by someone I KNOW could help me do that - Shaun T.

He pushed me last year - the healthiest year of my life. And let me tell you - every time I finished a workout from T25, I felt like a BOSS. Who knew I could do that?

So when I pulled this book off the shelf, I hoped it would do the same.

I wasn’t expecting it to smack me in the nose like a rolled up newspaper.

A lot of the book wasn’t relatable. But a lot of it was. I was slowly working my way through it when BAM. Page 64. It wasn’t even a truthbomb. But it was a sentence that resonated so hard as something from my own life that I put the book down for a minute. I set it in my chair. I stood up and paced the floor. I grabbed my forehead, I pulled my hair back. How could that one sentence strip everything down like that?

My bad habits and bad health have affected my personality, my career, my relationships, and my life for too long.

That was the rolled up newspaper. That hit me square in the face.

So...it’s time to move on and up.

Five stars.
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35 reviews
January 1, 2018
Anyone who has ever been to a workout with Shaun T knows that this man is a force to be reckoned with! I’ve had the honor of doing workouts with Shaun live at the annual Beachbody Summit. This is where we coaches meetup, learn, discover, and workout with the trainers. I have always picked Shaun, why because this man transformed my life even though we have never officially met. He did pay my shoulder once as he was running around the room as we sweated our a$$e$ off!

I used to weigh 240ish pounds. Using his Insanity program I was able to drop to 168. His inspiration through my laptop screen as I pushed my body beyond comfort is contagious!

Reading though this book, it’s more than the Shaun T story. It’s a guide on how to TRANSFORM yourself into a better more fulfilled person! This book is a fast read! I honestly read it in 2 days. My plan is to read it several more times. This book makes you look inside yourself and find the true you, look for opportunities, and seize the day. Never accept status quo. Prepare to be transformed and excited to find the best you!
June 9, 2019
Such a great book!! He is inspirational and motivational!! This put me in a good place to get my life in check. Can’t wait to start making some changes so I can transform my life too!!!
Profile Image for Zach.
12 reviews
March 4, 2018
If you’ve ever done a Shaun T workout (Insanity, T-25, Insanity: The Asylum, Insanity: Max 30, Cize...) I think you’ll really enjoy this book. Well, if you didn’t care for those workouts, then maybe not ;)

Shaun expertly weaves his personal story, struggles, successes, through a book that helps to inspire all with his characteristic motivational tone and humor. I’m not a “self-help” sucker, or ever particularly felt a deep need for it. But Shaun T isn’t really that anyway- he’s a guy who I consider a friend. Even though we’ve never met.

Shaun has been a part of my life for 6 years now. I was first exposed to his craziness in Insanity, as so many others were. A friend of mine was doing the workout and challenged me to give it a shot- I previously had seen the infomercials and laughed it off with my usual skepticism of such infomercials (I was more accustomed to make fun of them late at night with friends and college roommates than I was to actually picking up the phone and ordering the product being advertised.)

Well, thank goodness I accepted my friend’s challenge. I met the man who was to become my personal trainer of over half a decade and I don’t anticipate losing this friendship anytime soon. Since 2012, I have tried nearly each of his workouts, I have discovered his podcast (Trust and Believe), and when I heard he had a book coming out, I was thrilled. I was so excited to get the audiobook and hear him share his story to me, along with some “truth bombs” and inspiration of course. I learned a lot about my friend through this book. I feel so close to this guy who I’ve never met. I would be thrilled to meet him someday and I wouldn’t be star struck. I would just feel like I’m reconnecting with an old friend who I haven’t spent personal time with in awhile.

Shaun has just an incredible way about him that transcends barriers for so many. He’s cut through my bs of hating working out (I still hate gyms- but I met a way to workout that has totally transformed my life- the home workout.) The body weight workout. The “nada” equipment needed workout. I’ve lost 30 lbs. But I’ve gained an incredible treasure of self-confidence, a “can-do” attitude about whatever life throws my way, and a “dig deeper” mentality.

I really can’t summarize all Shaun T has meant to me. But that’s a pretty good attempt. If you feel any sliver of affection to Shaun that I’ve mentioned here, please treat yourself to this audiobook version of his book- he’ll read it to you like he’s in your living room hanging out. As friends. Begin your Transformation.
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217 reviews5 followers
February 18, 2018
I read this one in one day!

It’s not a book about exercise, even though that’s what Beachbody Coach, Shaun T, is known most for (Insanity, Cize, Hip Hop Abs). Rather, it’s a self-help book and memoir, tied together in a neat, well-organized package.

No doubt Shaun T wrote it - no fluff here! Tells you like it is! Encourages you to let go of the past, embrace the present, and remain flexible in the future! Exercise your mind and leave your comfort zone! No road in life is smooth, not even this seemingly perfect, chiseled god of the fitness world!
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102 reviews
March 17, 2018
This book was amazing!! One of my favorite books I have read to date. I was lucky enough to meet this man in person, and he gives THE best hugs!! This book tell us about Shaun's personal life growing up, but it also tells us about what it means to truly push yourself and succeed in life. He's amazing! There is a good reason I have completed 10 of his workouts (some multiple times)!! I ❤️ Shaun T!! Read this book!!!!
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267 reviews22 followers
December 23, 2017
Shaun T blends his experiences with his motivational speaking messages in his debut book. I wrote many quotes in my journal to help me stay focused with my wellness goals.
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811 reviews33 followers
April 19, 2020
I’ve enjoyed working out with fitness trainer Shaun T since I first saw him in a Hip Hop Abs informerical. When I saw this book at my local library, I knew I had to read it. I’m so glad I picked this book up because of the insight Shaun provides as well as the amount of honesty he shares with the reader. This book is part biography and part motivational manual.

Within each chapter, Shaun shares how his life experiences has helped shaped the person he is today. Although he suffered from sexual abuse from ages 8-12, he manages to survive the abuse and finds solace at the home of his grandparents. I really enjoyed the conversational style of the book as well as each of the “truth bombs” that he drops during the course of the book.

Through providing readers with written exercises meant to spark their own transformation to sharing his own personal transformation story from overweight college student to fitness icon, he is honest yet humble. In addition, I appreciate that when Shaun speaks of transformation, he is not only referring to a physical transformation regarding weight, he means a transformation of mind as well as spirit. The biggest lesson I learned from this book is that you need to love yourself as you currently are so because the current you will help you get to the future version of you.

Overall, this book is great for those wanting to be motivated and inspired as well as anyone who wants insight into how to achieve their goals despite setbacks and things not moving as fast as they’d like them to. In closing, I loved the knowledge imparted in this book so much that I am buying my own copy so I can refer to it when I’m looking for motivation.
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306 reviews40 followers
January 12, 2021
Half autobiography, half inspiration book from the fitness icon, Shaun T, creator of my favourite workout videos: Insanity series. It's quite eye-opening to learn about his dark past where he was sexually abused by his step dad for 4 years (8-12 years old). He went on to overcome it, be open and public about his sexual preference (gay), worked hard and managed to become successful in his career. The story is of his life is woven with inspirational and self-help tips/guide for better fitness/carreer/life.

The audio book is read by the author himself who has great energizing voice.

Fav quotes from the book: (a lot of quotes are about overcoming dark past/garbage of life, which I don't copy down)
You get stronger by unpacking the baggage, not by stuffing it into the closet.
Get a little better today than you were yesterday. Multiply that by 365 days in a year and your life will be transformed
The work doesn’t begin until you get tired.
Concentrating on smaller victories makes the bigger ones more likely.
The only thing holding you back is your own mind.
Crossing the starting line, where nobody’s cheering for you, and nobody believes in you, is always a bigger deal than crossing the finish line, where everybody cheers you on.
When the pain begins, that’s when the workout begins, and that’s when your progress begins.
If you define yourself by a negative, that negative spreads to other areas of your life.
If you look hard in the mirror and begin to see yourself in a new way, you can become that new person.
To raise your game, raise the level of the people you’re playing with.
It isn’t about the breakthrough. It’s about doing the work that allows you to break through.
There is always, always a reserve. If your body says “quit,” but your mind says “I . . . CAN . . . DO . . . THIS,” you’re laying down the strength that will serve you for a lifetime.
Either you accept your life as it is, or you accept your responsibility to change it.
The stronger you get, the better you feel. The better you feel, the stronger you get.
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81 reviews2 followers
July 9, 2018
I love Shaun T. I don't know if people would enjoy this book if they didn't already love Shaun T, but I do and I did. It tells about his own personal journey (including an appendix rupturing story similar to my own!) as well as offers no-nonsense advice for taking charge of your own life and personal transformation.
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63 reviews
August 11, 2018
Okay. 3 stars not because it is a bad book. I LOVE Shaun T. I do. However, I can handle Shaun T motivation for 30-40 minutes in a workout video, but this was hard to read cuz he writes the way he talks so it was almost like a non-stop Shaun T video which got to me at times and i couldn't just sit and read it for hours on end. Great information in here and he is always a great motivator.
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Author 14 books108 followers
May 30, 2022
This is very memoir biographical about his childhood and fitness career. Nothing for actually losing weight - he worked out like 5 times a day. Not sure that’s helpful advice for non fitness professionals
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146 reviews5 followers
February 18, 2020
I absolutely love Shaun T. Love his workouts, love him! I would recommend this book to EVERYONE!!
November 11, 2020
Shaun T is inspiring and super vulnerable in his book. Reading this was a great experience. Some parts brought me to tears, but his joy and enthusiasm brought me back and got me energized.
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7 reviews1 follower
July 8, 2020
What an inspiring book! Thank you Shaun T for breaking it down and remind me of what I’m capable of doing. This book will take you to not only your fitness journey but also a personal growth.
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543 reviews6 followers
March 20, 2019
I listened to the this book because I do love how Shaun T motivates me to strive to be better. I'm not sure that if I read it in print that I would have finished it. Shaun T does a great job motivating and keeping you in a positive vibe but he is not a writer.
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5 reviews2 followers
February 21, 2018
I loved this book. Shaun T provides a great background of his life thus far and the challenges he has faced. In this book he provides techniques, commandments, and exercises to not only help you improve your health/fitness but also any other problems you may be facing. A lot of self help/wellness books provide a lot of ideas you’ve probably already thought of yourself but throughout THIS book I found myself impressed with some of the perspective Shaun T provided. I loved this book so much I also bought it on audiobook and it is just as great! 100% recommend if you need some inspiration, change or a pick me up!
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81 reviews
January 12, 2018
Maybe I am rating this book higher than it deserves, putting into practice all the kindness that Shaun T is claiming in it! Or maybe it is because I really like him, since I did my first Insanity program more than 5 years ago and I simply felt curious about his book...
Anyway, the book isn't a masterpiece in self-help topics, to me it is more an autobiographical story accompanied by some interesting (altough magazine style) quizzes to help you boost what he called "Superpowers", which eventually are going to make the transformation happen.
All in all, this is a very easy to read book, but not a big piece. If you don't like Shaun T, stay away from it, since 90% of it is his story and only the remaining 10% is about self-help and motivation.
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224 reviews
November 17, 2017
I️ received a copy through Goodreads Firstreads program and am very pleased. I️ enjoy Shaun Ts workouts and thought it might be a light self help book simply saying push though and you’ll succeed. There was real meat to this book, exercises to really look who to keep close, how to make the most of those relationships and how to transform yourself into who you want to become. He has overcome serious challenges and shares them in inspiring passages.
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393 reviews
January 14, 2018
If you are a fan of Shaun T, you can't really go wrong here.

If you have suffered from abuse as a child and are wondering if it's possible to come out the other side not just surviving but thriving, give this a read.

If you are chasing a number that you think equals happiness, this might be very useful.

It's not really a self help book, nor is it an exercise guide. Half autobiography, half self check, half inspiration, a truly lovely read.
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142 reviews4 followers
October 31, 2018
I love Shaun T's workouts, and he's an outstanding motivational speaker, but his writing leaves something to be desired. It was encouraging to hear his positivity despite the difficulties life has dealt him, and his sheer grit is inspiring. Didn't enjoy the self evaluation quizzes - felt a lot like I was reading one of the magazines I used to devour as a teenager. 5 stars for Shaun T the trainer; 2 stars for the book.
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