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Alex Cross #24.5

Detective Cross

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The suspect is your patient, Dr. Cross.

An anonymous caller has promised to set off deadly bombs in Washington, DC. A cruel hoax or the real deal? By the time Alex Cross and his wife, Bree Stone, uncover the chilling truth, it may already be too late....

Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading All original content from James Patterson

145 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 2, 2017

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James Patterson

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James Patterson is the world’s bestselling author. Among his creations are Alex Cross, the Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennett, and Maximum Ride. His #1 bestselling nonfiction includes Walk in My Combat Boots, Filthy Rich, and his autobiography, James Patterson by James Patterson. He has collaborated on novels with Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton and has won an Edgar Award, nine Emmy Awards, and the National Humanities Medal.

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1,152 reviews58 followers
December 9, 2020
Quick, action packed read. One of the best Bookshots I've read. Kate was a nice addition to the story, I wouldn't mind reading more about her. An intriguing short story to hold you over until the next Alex Cross book comes out.
Profile Image for Matt.
3,821 reviews12.8k followers
September 30, 2017
After a hiatus, I am back reading BookShots and revelling in some of the superior work that James Patterson has to offer with one of his original series, Alex Cross. While out running, Chief of Detectives Bree Stone (married to the aforementioned Dr. Cross) receives a call that a bomb is set to explode. She calls in resources around the National Monuments and helps diffuse the situation. Meanwhile, Alex Cross is serving his suspension and awaiting trial, having returned to his psychology practice for the time being. After Stone calls him, he drops everything and tries to offer a psych profile of the sort of person who might be capable of this. Narrowing in on a homeless military vet, Cross and Stone think that they might be making headway, only to have more bomb threats called in, forcing the evacuation of the area. Some are simply threats, but others pack an actual explosive punch, leaving the authorities to play roulette with how to handle things. Cross has been seeing a patient who has a military past working with IED (improvised explosive devices) and seems to have a means of helping the investigation. With a pattern emerging, the bomber is likely soon to be in the crosshairs, but then things take a definite turn and no one can be sure of the next move, even this illustrious Dr. Alex Cross. An interesting piece that speaks not only to Patterson’s ability to write independently, but also tackles an issue that is close to the hearts of many. Series fans will surely enjoy this as they wait for the looming trial of their favourite fictional character.

I’ve often said that Patterson can be hit and miss, particularly when he teams up with others. This series, his longest running, is usually quite good and goes to show that he still had ideas to keep the reader hooked. Alex Cross has been through much in the more than two decades that he has graced the pages of novels, though he seems to have a need to remain front and centre. Still, with his wife as Chief of Detectives, it is difficult to keep her too far in the background. The Cross-Stone connection in this story is one that proves they can stand on equal footing, as well as when Cross utilises his patient to help, rather than string her along for the ride. The story itself seems plausible, which makes it all the easier to swallow. The issue, veterans’ rights and the proper recognition of those who have come back stateside, particular those with debilitating injuries, is front and centre throughout the narrative. Patterson handles it well and gets to the core of the issue without trivializing things. My second book today that pointed the corrupt and ignorant nature of Congress on such fundamental issues, so there must be a theme here. Thankfully, I need not get in the middle of this contentious issue and can remain firmly rooted on my Canadian reader perch, enjoying the view.

Kudos, Mr. Patterson, for enthralling your fans with this short story. While BookShots are supersaturating the market, it is nice to see that some are still of such high calibre.

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916 reviews163 followers
June 10, 2018
This was a good Bookshots with a very upsetting plot. It is a said fact that, for the most part, veterans do not get the care and respect needed for them to adjust back to civilian life. The lack of support for veterans is very upsetting and happens every day in countries around the world. This will be a very difficult bookshots for readers to read without being completely empathic.

My quick and simple overall: the best bookshots I have read so far with a sad plot that gives a strong lesson.
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4,228 reviews2,728 followers
July 10, 2017
Detective Bree Stone received the anonymous call advising of the IED set to explode at a certain time and the race was on. Special Agent with the FBI, Ned Mahoney, Bree and Alex Cross co-ordinated the search for the bomber, with the dog squad joining in. But the calls continued and the bomber was as elusive as in the beginning.

What was the motive for the attacks in Washington DC? And though no one had been hurt as yet, were the bomber’s irrational moves escalating? Would they locate the perpetrator before a tragedy of the worst kind occurred?

Detective Cross is #24.5 in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson, and although it’s a novella, it’s an excellent, fully fledged and gritty thriller from start to finish. Another in his BookShots series, I thoroughly enjoyed this one and recommend it highly.
Profile Image for Skip.
3,351 reviews413 followers
June 29, 2017
I typically dislike novellas, because I feel plot is shortchanged, but I liked this one. A bomber is on the loose in Washington D.C. and keeps calling Chief of Detectives Bree Cross. We are given passing glimpses of the bomber, who is trying to draw attention to veterans' need for support services, both mental and physical. Meanwhile Alex is having a hard time with a female patient, Kate, who has unique insight into the psychology of bombers from her own war experiences and an skill for recalling faces. She finds the perp, essentially on her own, and the bomber's identity is a real surprise. I would have liked more background on Kate.
October 16, 2021
"Detective Cross" is a short story but keeps readers captivated until the end. A bomber with links to the VA sets off bombs around the Mall. He / she calls Bree each time and provides a warning so innocent bystanders can be evacuated from the site in time. One of Cross' patients, a female who spent time in the Middle East as an IED expert in the military, is withdrawn and constantly hurting herself; she is seeing Cross as mandated by the courts, and he tries hard to gain her trust. After later seeing him on the news about the bombings, she volunteers to help Cross and Bree expose the bomber. Leery at first, Cross sees that she is energized and comes out of her shell because she feels needed. Reluctantly, Cross shares police information with her and sees a complete turn around in her disposition. She has a photographic memory and begins her own investigation - eventually tracking the bomber down.

Readers are left guessing as to the identity of the bomber and are surprised at the end as to the real identity and the reasons for the bombings. Some readers may also side with the bomber and stand with him when making his final demands. The story can be read in a single setting and like all James Patterson books, readers can finish in one read if they want.

Second Read: I got a lot more out of my second read than the first. I liked the quick reads and this one has a full story which makes it that much better.
Profile Image for Wendy.
551 reviews18 followers
May 28, 2017
Detective Cross

Good story. This could even make a good new series with Kate. It kept my interest until the end of the story.
Profile Image for Kathryn.
376 reviews14 followers
July 12, 2017
Amazing how Patterson can write an exciting thriller in which the reader feels completely fulfilled in 131 pages. A must-read for fans of Alex Cross!
Profile Image for Marianne.
3,500 reviews178 followers
February 2, 2018
3.5 stars
Detective Cross is a novella in the popular Alex Cross series by prolific American author, James Patterson. It apparently comes between the novella, Cross Kill and the full-length novel, The People vs Alex Cross. It is published under the BookShots: stories at the speed of life banner, and at a mere 131 pages, it is intended to be a one-sitting read. It is heavy on message, that being the poor treatment that America metes out to its war veterans.

Detective Bree Stone has apparently been chosen by an anonymous caller to be told the location of the next bomb blast in Washington DC. And the next, and the next. The back-cover blurb begins “The suspect is your patient, Dr. Cross”, which is completely misleading. But it is a fast-paced tale with some clever detecting and an exciting climax. It does nothing at all to resolve the cliff-hanger that ended Cross Kill, but fills in nicely as fans await the next proper Alex Cross book.
Profile Image for Grace.
504 reviews
December 28, 2017
This is a book shot so it's a quick read. There isn't really a lot of character development although there is a new character Kate Williams, who I'd like to see more of in future books. Kate is a patient of Dr. Cross but at the end of the book she has become more of a friend and has made great strides in turning her life around. I'm interested in seeing how her life shapes up.
Profile Image for Lynn.
419 reviews10 followers
July 1, 2017
The only way I will purchase a "Bookshot" is if it is part of one of the signature Patterson series, and of course, the Alex Cross series started it all. I believe this is the ONLY series that is written 100% by Patterson, with no co-author, and that is what makes it so special. I love every installment, and this one was no exception (although as a Bookshot, it's almost a tease).

This is also a story with a message - how poorly we treat our returning veterans. That message is the woven throughout the story of a serial bomber on the loose in Washington, D.C., and Patterson returns to it again and again. It is obviously a subject he feels strongly about, and it increased my admiration of him.

I can't wait for the next full-size installment in this series!
Profile Image for Chad.
8,138 reviews906 followers
July 26, 2017
Bree receives a phone call that a bomb will go off in the National Mall a hour from now. Now Alec and Bree must track down this bomber before he seriously hurts someone. At the same time, Alec is also treating a veteran who worked as a bomb specialist in Iraq.

Even though this was just a novella, I really liked it. I liked the introduction of Kate and the deal behind the bomber.
Profile Image for Dorel.
3,861 reviews34 followers
November 27, 2017
First off I wanna say I borrowed the audiobook from the library. The audio was nice & clear. This book's book's story line was okay. Some parts of this story was sad 😢. I really liked the ending.
Profile Image for Emme.
357 reviews1 follower
May 17, 2017
Enjoyed this book. There was action throughout and I could hardly put it down. As part of the Alex Cross series it didn't disappoint, despite being a Bookshots book. Definitely worth the read. I love that JP actually writes them himself...you can tell the difference. Can't for the next Cross book....hopefully it will be a full story book.
Profile Image for Sultana.
45 reviews13 followers
December 9, 2022
This deserves 0 stars. Thank God i bought this second hand for a cheap price. I shall never buy something from this author

RACIST, what is wrong with the author to put something like that in a book page 55.
Disrespecting islam and Allah. Soo mad right now.......

Readers do not buy this book or anything else from this author.
Profile Image for Arlene♡.
461 reviews108 followers
December 29, 2017
Meh. I don't know. This series just hasn't been hitting it for me as of late. It makes me very hesitant to pick up the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Ruth Ann.
2,036 reviews
May 24, 2018
Perfectly satisfying and heart wrenching story about a bomber clamoring for attention needed to help pass a Veterans rights bill.
A surprise wrap-up for two main characters.
Profile Image for Joan.
2,560 reviews23 followers
June 17, 2017
Finding himself suspended yet again, Alex Cross has resumed his practice and is seeing patients, among them Army veteran Kate Williams. Meanwhile, Bree Stone works at unraveling the mystery of anonymous bomb threat calls. Can she keep Washington, D.C. safe . . . or are the threats part of some elaborate hoax?

As with most BookShots, the story is long on action and short on character development. But, with the Alex Cross stories having already established the central characters, the action takes center stage, ramping up suspense and keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Along the way, the plot offers some unexpected twists, pulls veterans’ affairs and mental illness into the spotlight, and champions compassion and understanding.

Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Carol A Chase.
47 reviews1 follower
June 8, 2017

I love the Alex Cross books and this is another one for the win column! Patterson always keeps the plot moving and gives just enough hint with the characters to help the reader try to follow the clues and determine the outcome of the book. Patterson always saves a surprise for the very end and he was true to form this time as well. A very enjoyable read and I would highly recommend it for those who like Patterson and Dr. Cross!
Profile Image for Emily.
781 reviews42 followers
November 2, 2017
3.5 stars. I'm not a huge fan of the Bookshots, as I like more character development, but this one was pretty interesting. Always enjoy dipping into to Alex Cross's home and hearing what amazing (and frankly unbelievable) concoctions Nana Mama, his 90+ year old grandmother, has come up with lately! A good story and a very quick read, definitely worth reading if you're a fan of the Alex Cross series.
Profile Image for Helen Drake.
750 reviews8 followers
November 29, 2017
For a Book Shot, this is a well crafted story. It had plenty of drama and suspense packed into a short story. It’s also a nice bridge until the next full novel involving Alex Cross who is now suspended awaiting trial. It’s nice to see what a difference Therapist Cross can do with a disabled female Vet who is an IED expert. It also brings in the role of Congressman in providing the funding for the services our disabled veterans need!

Another positive aspect of the story is the role played by his wife, Bree. It gives her a much larger role in her own right as she is leading the investigation into the bomber who is threatening popular locations in DC with bombs and bomb threats.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
426 reviews1 follower
June 6, 2017
This is a great story! Short and very engaging, makes a much needed statement and even had a happy ending. Super good read for a relaxing evening!
Profile Image for Amber Garabrandt.
808 reviews37 followers
May 23, 2017
Suspended from the force, Alex has reopened his psychology practice and is trying to help a young vet named Kate.  At the same time his wife, Bree, is getting phone calls from someone that wants to "wake everybody up"-with bombs.  The people are scared, the city seems mad.  Can they find the culprit before it's too late?
        For me, this was a fantastic bookshot and a good addition to the Cross series.  I enjoyed the fact that we got to see more of Bree, and  I really liked the new characters.  What really drew me forward was the fact that I got to know the culprit as well, and to like them.  Patterson has a way of making good, interesting bad guys.  I loved the story line, and the flow of the book.  It's also nice being able to see Nana Mama and Ali.  As a long time reader of this series these characters are very special to me.  One thing I did not like, though, was that it seemed to come up right after the last installment, but there was no talk of Sampson whatsoever.  I had been waiting for news, as one does with a beloved character.  Still, it was a fast and intensely interesting read.  I give it five stars. 
    As far as the adult content goes, there is some language and a lot of violence.  Neither are too very graphic though.  I give it a four.
115 reviews5 followers
May 12, 2017
From an Alex Cross Fan

I'm a big Alex Cross fan. I anxiously await every new release and read it as quickly as I can get to it. Maybe I'm prejudiced, but I think each successive book is better than the previous one.

In this book, Dr. Cross is suspended from the police force awaiting trial. He's seeing patients, one of which is a suicidal veteran.

A bomber is calling Bree on her personal cell phone and telling her where bombs are located and how much time she has to clear the area.

All evidence points to a disabled vet, but there's one problem. He's deaf and couldn't have made the phone calls.

As luck would have it, Dr. Cross patient is a disabled vet, with experience identifying and disarming IED's. She has her own idea who is responsible and begins a search, calling Alex when she feels she's on to a real lead.

The book races to an exciting conclusion, with special meaning for Vets as the Senate votes to pass a Veterans Appropriations Bill that had been stalled and there's a happy ending for everyone.

I'm sure you'll enjoy Dr. cross as much as I do.
12 reviews
May 26, 2017
Loved it as usual with the Alex Cross series. Really loved the fast moving pace without all the fluff!
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