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You are invited to the wedding of your dreams!

You’re in for a wild, passionate ride on a breathtaking voyage to make your heart soar. This box set will leave you craving all things marital and wishing the honeymoon would never end.

Heat level: sweet to sensual

3000 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 18, 2017

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About the author

Maggie Way

13 books599 followers
Maggie Way is the USA Today Bestselling Author who hails from Sydney, Australia. She loves drinking ridiculous amounts of wine, making her own beauty products from scratch, and traveling around the world while munching on cheese and chocolate. She lives with her real-life happily ever after, while fantasizing about all her hot fictional book boyfriends on the side.

She is also mommy to a little Maltese who may or may not be named after a famous vampire lover. In case you were wondering, no, she will never ever not in a million years write a vampire hero. She prefers her men to be true-to-life even when they just live inside her brain and on the pages of her books.

She writes stories with heat, humor, and lots of heart and is more than happy to say what the rest of us are thinking, and sometimes what we’re not.

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3,022 reviews1,739 followers
April 17, 2017
My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:

Entangle Me - Sydney by Maggie Way
I was supposed to marry the man of my dreams, ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after, but somehow it all unraveled like a ball of yarn. I just don't know who pulled the thread.

She taught me that crying is not only ugly, but it is also a waste of mascara. The last time I cried was when my grandmother, Betty, died. I was wearing waterproof mascara, though.

To say it out loud is tragic. Maybe I just didn't notice, or I chose not to notice but our sex life over the years went from the Amazon Rainforest to the Sahara Desert - hot and exotic to dry and welled up.

Of course I have to talk like an idiot, how else are you going to understand me?

Gentle giant, they used to call him in high school. Huge, colossal tool is more like it.

Sweetest Mistake by Amy Olle

I wasn't complaining. A quiet woman is like a mild winter. Both a rare and welcome relief.

It was the most special kiss of her life. The most special, intimate moment with a man that she'd ever experienced. So naturally, he had to ruin it. He pulled back. Smug satisfaction chased the heat from his face. 'So, how do you like me now?'

He was a Harley Davidson when she needed training wheels, but she wouldn't let her ignorance rob her of the chance to ride such a supreme vehicle.

You're a piranha... A small fish with a big bite.

Wedding Gift by Gemma Brocato

That's me. I came, I saw, I understated. I like it. Think I'll put that on a T-shirt.

She'd been a cheerleader and so damn pretty it had been hard to look at her. Stringing two words together in her presence had all by required divine intervention.

Men are basically boys at heart. And what boy doesn't want a dog?

The expectation in the air was thicker than fudge and not nearly as tasty

Consolation Prize by Abbie St. Claire

My water broke in the middle of the night, and I was happy one of us remained calm. And yes, that was me.

My Review:

You would think a wedding planner would have THE perfect wedding, and within the pages of Entangle Me - Sydney, the character of Lacey was on-track for just that... but during the rehearsal dinner, Lacey learned her love of six years had someone else in play. Cue record scratch. Despite the heartbreaking premise, the storyline also includes amusing banter and humorous inner musings. I enjoyed the characters and Ms. Ways writing style. The storyline was highly entertaining and easy to follow.

When I wasn't smirking from the clever hits of humor, my heart was constricted in a vise while reading the intensely emotive story of Sweetest Mistake by Amy Olle. It was an intriguing and engaging character study. The story was thoughtful, poignantly written, occasionally frustrating, frequently heartbreaking, smartly insightful, and observant of human nature.

Gemma Brocato also provided a highly relevant, sizzling, and thoughtful read with Wedding Gift. The writing squeezed my heart and triggered an interest to learn more about therapy animals. The main character was a military hero who returned from deployment with a wicked case of survivor's guilt and PTSD, which was derailing his integration back into civilian life and causing him to question the wisdom of going through a long-planned wedding to the love of his life. His fiance's gift of a therapy dog proved invaluable and life changing. And Ms. Brocato's sensual scenes were scorching hawt.

And speaking of atomically hot sensual scenes, Abbie St. Claire is a genius and I am a total fan girl. Consolation Prize was steamy, easy to read, contemporary, and immensely enjoyable. I wanted to personally know this couple and belong in their circle of friends as they seem lively and good fun. The only possible complaint I can raise about Ms. St. Claire's contribution to the anthology was that I wanted it to keep going into infinity, and was ever so sad to reach the end.

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Author 5 books279 followers
April 18, 2017
Reading the stories in this anthology, I couldn’t help but remember growing up when I was 13 years old that one of the songs I always heard being played on the radio in 1964 had been “Chapel of Love” being sung by The Dixie Cups. If you’re not familiar with the words because you’re too young, here are the lyrics.

Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Gee, I really love you
And we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Goin' to the chapel of love

Spring is here, th-e-e sky is blue, whoa-oh-oh
Birds all sing as if they knew
Today's the day we'll say "i do"
And we'll never be lonely anymore because we're

Because goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Gee, I really love you
And we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Goin' to the chapel of love

Bells will ring, the-e-e sun will shine, whoa-oh-oh
I'll be his and he'll be mine
We'll love until the end of time
And we'll never be lonely anymore because we're

Because goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Gee, I really love you
And we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Goin' to the chapel of love yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Goin' to the chapel of love yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Goin' to

As you read the stories in this collection written by 20 best-selling authors, just allow yourself to fantasize you’re in the shoes of the female protagonists in each of these stories walking down the aisle to marry your guy of your dreams. As you do; this song should remind you of why you’re there and the HEA that waits afterwards.

To add to your reading enjoyment you’ve got deliciously sexy guys wish you could call your own, in a variety of cozy romances, thrilling international and holiday adventures, and sweet heart-melting stories. You’ve got your women who are looking for their second chance at a romance to brides who are seeking to get revenge on a previous failed romance.

With a wide variety such as this you’ll should definitely find at least a few stories to satisfy your taste; and at 99 cents for 20 great stories how can anyone go wrong, which is why I’m giving this collection and their authors 5 STARS.
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183 reviews52 followers
April 18, 2017
Wedding Dreams is a delectable box set of 20 best selling-authors. An excellent introduction to new and well-known authors from angst, drama, sexy, heartbreaking, sexual tension and epically romantic stories. Excellent collaboration between authors. When great minds get together, the end result is priceless.

Wedding Gift by Gemma Brocato

Brocato brings us the story of Elle and Gage. Gage is a Captain in engineering battalion who returns home from Iraq. Elle is his fiancé, a kindergarten teacher and the love of his life. Gage is attempting to re-adjust to civilian life after his return. The growth and development of their relationship after so much angst. Compromises, sacrifices and trials they both encounter.
They have this picture of how it should be but every relationship is work. Characters feel real and have their own distinctive voice. Will Gage and Elle make it to the alter? Or will Sigmund make it in time to save Gage from his torment?
Incredible plot. The protagonists change throughout the story. Characters evolved in a positive way. The plot, pacing, and scenes were magnificent.
Without reservation, I recommend this book as a definite read.
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3,297 reviews12 followers
April 29, 2017
Wedding Dreams a fabulous four Star-read. This is twenty stories all nuptial romance, each author tells a different story, some amazing, some not so amazing, I gave it a four overall as there were several five-star read, and one or two that I struggled to finish. I have written a short review of some of my favourites.
Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding by Lita Lawson – Fans of Foolish Gamble will love this story as we finally get to see simple stable girl Cassi Whitaker and her high society beau Austin Keller find their happy ever after, but will it be the simple and quiet affair that Cassi wishes or will her over bearing mother in law Bonnie take over and create and event of the decade that she wants? It’s a battle of the wills, and Cassi ponders if she should be polite or true to herself.
Be Mine by Amy Brent – Alexandra Hart is the daughter of a potato farmer in a small town called Twin Falls Idaho. Due to hard work and dedication she has managed to graduate Wharton with honours and massive student debt, like the type of debt you could buy a house with. When she gets offered a Junior Analyst job at Shaw Investments, a major company with offices all over the world, and a hot billionaire CEO Little does she know it will change her life forever. Cameron Shaw sees a red head when he has a meeting with the new starters at his company, and despite being engaged to someone else he can’t help but be attracted. Who will he end up married to?
Rhythm by Ann Marie Frohoff – Grace Solomon is a troubled woman, her husband has tragically passed away she retreated into herself, she just seems to be getting her life in order through the help and friendship of Jake Masters. She is slowly getting back out and meeting people but isn’t ready for anything else. Even when she bumps into someone she has thought of for years. But memory lane isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Mordechai Burton is a drummer he is working with Jake Masters and it causes him to come across the one that got away, but will chasing her down mean his downfall?
Cruising for love by Ann Omasta – Ruthie Rose has a terrible history with cars and jobs and worries people will think of her as vehicularly and job challenged. But by a chance of fate someone overhears her stories and offers her the chance of a life time, become the next big reality TV star. In true Ruthie fashion, she signs on the dotted line and doesn’t read the small print, something she may live to regret. Ruthie will face many trials and tribulations ahead; the question is will she sink or will she swim.
Consolation Prize by Abbie St Claire – Doctor Chloe Howard is married to her work, she is a talented veterinarian surgeon. When an invite to a bachelorette party drops in her email from her best friend since high school April, Chloe realises that she is now the last single girl standing. To make matters worse it’s in the one place that Chloe’s heart was broken, Moody’s bar, the reason she has been single so long. Flynn Davis spent years waiting for his lady to settle down and give him the family he was desperate for but when he gives up on the dream he is enjoying a night out with friends and then they play him and make a bet with him, $200 will change his life forever, but it may not lead to the outcome he thought. Will they be able to remember what happened the night before? Will they want to?
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278 reviews67 followers
April 24, 2017
This is the perfect book to snuggle up with on a cold rainy afternoon or when you are feeling a bit down. This book makes you fall in love, laugh and can even make you shed a tear.
There are 20 stories to absorb yourself in. The perfect book to binge with or read as when when you wish. The stories was very well written, each taking you along a different journey or fantasy. I would definitely recommend this book.

The stories are by Maggie Way, Iona Findley, Kristi Rose, K.M. Hodge, Lindzee Armstrong, Lita Lawson, Alix Nichols, Auriella Skye, Kate Allenton, Michelle Jo Quinn, Amy Olle, Amy Brent, Delshree Gladden, Gemma Brocato, Ann Marie Frohoff, Susan Ann Wall, Lexi Ostrow, Ann Omasta, Nicole Morgan, Abbie St Claire

Here is a bitesize of some of the stories:

Entangle Me Sydney By Maggie Way
This was the first book in the series and wow what a start to the book. It was the perfect read just before bed. She has an amazing way of creating a character and making you fall in love with her a little bit. After I read this I will admit I went online to find more of her books. 4****

A Seals Surprise Wedding by Iona Findley
This author really knows how to pull on a girls heart strings. Her fiancé has really set the bar of expectations for me now. A short but sweet story. 4****

Meyton Matchmakers Book 1 by Kristi Rose
I had to read this in one sitting. it was loosely based on pride and prejudice which is one of my favourite books of all time. (Do like the Colin Firth version as well!!) 4****

Something Borrowed by Lexi Ostrow
All I will say is every girl loves a gorgeous man in uniform Jaxon is a dream man for sure. It all begins with a wedding and a happy coincidence and we love a happy ending (I don’t want to say anything else in case I cause a spoiler alert) 4****

Sweetest Mistake by Amy Olle
HOT IRISH MEN ALERT – this is the second book in the series but can be read as a standalone. I did go out and purchase the whole my series once I had finished this. This story was really sweet with lots of parts to make you laugh. 4****

Mix 'N Match by Lindzee Armstrong
This story was a bit predictable in my opinion, two people meet that are polar opposites and you watch the sparks fly 3***
Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding by Lita Lawson
Bridezilla alert (one of these characters really frustrated me –guess which one) This was a perfect story for those wanting a chick lit light read with a lovely twist in the story.

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Author 19 books58 followers
February 17, 2017
I received a copy from one of the authors for an honest review. There has been no compensation.

Technically, I will be reading this collection throughout the year, but I wanted to go ahead and get a review out since I've finished one story and am on another in the collection (which I happen to have a separate InstaFreebie of as well). Some of the books in the collection actually have their own pages on Goodreads and Amazon and I figured if I do the collection little by little, I can also review the individual stories. That said, this doesn't mean I can't review what I've read so far.

What I decided to read first was Lexi Ostrow's Something Borrowed. I've read a lot of Ostrow's work and I am a fan of her work. She is an Indie author who specializes in erotic fiction, but all of her work deals with romance and characters. The sex scenes are steamy, but the romance between her characters is what makes her stories work.

Something Borrowed starts with a wedding and ends with a wedding. It's like a double dose of romantic bliss and a bridezilla in the mix. The male lead is Jaxon, the Marine brother of the first bride, Kailey. If he wasn't fictionally married in the end and was completely smitten with Adrianna, I would try to pull his fine ass out of the book.

Alas, Adrianna has the yummy morsel and she is well deserving. Yes, she acts like a woman in the midst of pitter patter love, but it doesn't change her. She is a newsanchor and keeps her cool in times of extreme stress. These two people seem like completely normal everyday people and I love that.

I would say more, but really . . . that would be spoiling. Instead, I will add that I'm now reading Meryton Matchmakers book one by Kristi Rose. It is also in the collection and is a modern retelling of a personal favorite, Pride and Prejudice.

Needless to say, this collection has a lot of different voices and different characters to keep my romantic heart pumping. 20 is a large number and it's going to take me a while, but . . . so far, I'm loving the journey.
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1,282 reviews139 followers
April 19, 2017
Wedding Gift by Gemma Brocato provides a short look into the life of a tortured hero recently home from deployment and his supportive fiancee in the weeks leading up to their wedding.

As the sole survivor of a bombing and building collapse, Gabe has returned home with a severe case of survivor's guilt and PTSD. Gemma did a good job detailing the symptoms of Gabe's PTSD and it created a good emotional connection with his character. My heart went out to him for everything he was going through.

Emma, who loves Gabe unconditionally, was desperate to help him cope and start to heal. When she introduces therapy dog, Sigmund, I was a goner. I enjoyed the relationship building between Gabe and Sigmund, and seeing Gabe face his fears was moving.

This is a short story that may bring a tear to your eye... and my favorite aspect by far was Sigmund. I am impressed that Gemma packed so much emotion into a small package. The characters were mature and created a picture of how a supportive relationship should work.

I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced copy of this story that I received from the author.
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1,395 reviews35 followers
April 22, 2017
Wedding Dreams is a wonderful collection of twenty wedding romance stories that will surely make you swoon!

The twenty authors weave unique stories that range from sweet to sensual romance ... but there is one delightful theme that runs through each story, wedding nuptial bliss!

I couldn't help but get drawn into the twenty stories, they each had something special that tugs at the heartstrings and stirs the soul. So if you want to read a delightful collection of romantic wedding themed stories that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling and leave a smile on your face, then look no further, Wedding Dreams boxed set is a must read!

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1,265 reviews17 followers
February 6, 2018
So far read Sweet Mistake by Amy Olle 2nd book after Beautiful Ruin: 5 stars
Amazing story filled with so many emotions.
After Luke Nolan meets Emily through his soon to be sister-in-law he learns she's
taking over the Inn, and turning it to a bed and breakfast. He wants her. It's just he's afraid
of letting anyone in.

Entangle Me-Sydney by Maggie Way-5 Stars ; Book One-
So good. Lacey is about to get married but the night of her
rehearsal dinner she finds something in her fiancés coat pocket. Devastated to say
the least she tells her whole family.
Her brother lets him have it. Boy does it get interesting after that.
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Author 2 books16 followers
April 22, 2017
5 Happy Stars

I was given this book for my honest review.

Each author brings so much to each story the uniqueness in each brings out the best and the worst of characters.

I really did enjoy each of the stories by each one of these amazing authors.

Happy Sexy Reading..
373 reviews46 followers
March 12, 2018
This book is well written. I have only read Rhythm so far. I can't wait to read more. Rhythm was an amazing read.
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458 reviews6 followers
April 30, 2017
Wedding Dreams: 20 Delicious Nuptial Romance Books by various authors is a fantastic series of some short stories and some novels. The Anthology includes the following books from these authors.
Entagle Me by Maggie Way - A SEAL's Surprise Wedding by Iona Findley - Maid of Honor by Kate Allenton - Love in Bloom by Michelle Jo Quinn - Sweetest Mistake by Amy Olle - Be MIne by Amy Brent - Memory's Edge by Delsheree Gladden - For the Love of Chocolate by Susan Ann Wall - Rhythm by Anne Marie Frohoff - Something Borrowed by Lexi Ostrow - The Wedding Gift by Gemma Brocato - Cruising for Love by Ann Omasta - The Best Man by Nicole Morgan - Consolation Prize by Abbie St. Claire

The following are reviews are a couple of the stories that were my favorite. EVERY one of the stories in this anthology is so wonderful! Each and every story was so sweet and gave me so many butterflies. Based off of the writers in this book, I will definitely be checking out other books by these authors. There were so many different stories, there were Scottish men (yummy), a modernized classic, some hunky service men, opposites attract, curvy women, CEO's and so on. I give this anthology 5 stars and would recommend to everyone who loves a good romance whether short and sweet or with a detailed story line.

Meryton Matchmakers Book 1 by Kristi Rose
Bill is a minister and helps with counseling at his friends' Lizzie and Jane's matchmaking company. He is not your usual minister, he likes stand up comedy and would rather be helping kids that have it bad off like he did when he was young, he is also a very oblivious person. Bill is working under the supervision of Lady Catherine whom funded his education and his life thus far, and now she has come to town with her daughter Anne and her nephew Darcy to have them help fix up the matchmaking company and bring it into the new age, or shut it down. Lottie is the owner of a bakery and she is in love with her childhood friend Bill. As a man of God she doesn't see how Bill could ever love someone like her, and she also doesn't think she is a good looking woman. While overcoming the annoyance of having this family come in and try to take over how the company is run, Lizzie decides to try some of their marketing tactics. She has Bill and Lottie fill out an online questionnaire to be put through their new screening process to see if they would be a match, they weren't. Lizzie wasn't happy enough with this answer and decided to try and fix Bill and Lottie up regardless, in the meantime Darcy made it known to her that because they are so opposite they would never match well and wouldn't work out. Lizzie is then out to prove him wrong, and that just because they are opposite doesn't mean love can't form and thrive. How will the relationship between Lottie and Bill pan out? Will Lizzie be able to prove Darcy wrong?

This book was perfect! I say that because I love any book that references Pride and Prejudice, and the fact that this story had Charlotte and Bill being actually in love and not just marrying for convenience made my heart palpitate! I can't wait to read book 2 and continue this modern version of a classic.

Save The Date by K.M. Hodge
Jolene is in the Navy as a doctor and is to be shipped out in 48 hours for 6 months. Also, in 24 hours she is marrying the love of her life Bennett in a couple hours. While her friend's are in the club drinking and having fun, Jolene feels sick and would rather go home and sleep to get ready for her big day. The day of the wedding all the girls are getting ready and with her best friend and made of honor, Mary in tow they find out a secret that Jolene thinks will destroy her future with her soon to be husband. Putting this secret in the back of her mind her and Mary go back to getting ready when the news comes on and shows a plane hitting one of the world trade center towers. The girls are all in shock and are too stunned to move. While at the church they turn on the television to watch the news and see that another plane has hit the second world trade center. The girls are devastated especially since one of the girls had a father that was there at the time, and didn’t know if he was okay. Will the wedding go off without a hitch or will they have to cancel the wedding due to the circumstances? Will Bennett be able to accept her secret? Will the world recover?

This story was absolutely beautiful, as it tells the story of a wedding and what was happening during each stage of the fateful day when America was attacked. This made me stop and take a moment to remember that day and all the people that lost their lives during this disgusting attack on the USA. God Bless America!

Mix 'N Match by Lindzee Armstrong
Zoey works with her best friend Brooke at a matchmaking company but longs to branch out on her own to start her own business as a make up artist. She is the maid of honor for Brooke in her upcoming wedding to a wealthy CEO, Luke. While at their engagement party, Zoey starts flirting with Alan to try and make Mitch jealous.
Mitch is the best friend, best man and also personal secretary to Luke. Being that he is Luke's personal secretary, he is tasked with making sure the upcoming wedding does not get publicized, as the couple wants their even to be a small intimate setting. Mitch, while observing all of the guests at the engagement party he sees Zoey flirting with someone, and from the looks of it, he looks to be a reporter. This infuriates Mitch as he can't understand how she can't see what the guy is and mad that she is flirting with another guy. Due to Zoey's flirting, Alan shows up at Brooke's bachelorette party, which Mitch immediately thinks is Zoey's fault. Luke and Brooke then decided that they would have to send Mitch and Zoey to Paris to finalize all of their wedding plans to throw off the reporter. While in Paris they both see Alan and wonder how in the world he would know they were in Paris.
A few months earlier Mitch and Zoey shared a heated kiss which ended with Zoey leaving and expecting Mitch to call her, he never did. Due to a miscommunication, overthinking and not willing to talk it out, both of them ended up working together through this wedding but are harsh to each other. Both also are secretly craving the other but not willing to say it out loud. Trying to put this reporter off the trail of their wedding plans for the couple, they stage it so they are the couple getting married. Will the reporter ruin their friend's wedding? Will Mitch and Zoey be able to pull of a fake wedding and then go their separate ways, or will they finally admit their love for each other?

This book was too cute. The characters were nicely developed, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the relationship between Mitch and Zoey.

Under My Skin by Alix Nichols
Jeanne works at a bistro that she hopes to one day take ownership of. Mat is a geek turned sexy man who has had a crush on Jeanne since college, he also is running for town mayor. While throwing her best friend's engagement party at the bistro she works at, Jeanne runs into Mat and doesn’t recognize who he is. When he explains who he is to her and how they know each other she is at a loss for words. At the end of the night they end up sharing a passionate kiss which leads Jeanne to think something could happen. Mat confesses that he can't continue this because he has a girlfriend Cecille. On and off for 12 months the two meet at various functions or events and sometimes they end up sharing a moment and sometimes they try to ignore each other. Jeanne decides at one point she has to let him go because she is no home wrecker and tries to ignore him when he is around to lessen her heartbreak. Mat on the other hand is having a terrible time, he can't get Jeanne out of his head and fantasizes about being with her for one night. In later months Cecille recommends that he go and share a night with Jeanne to get it out of his system because she knows she can't satisfy the cravings and needs he has. The fact that she could let him go off with another girl and be okay with it made him think, and after a talk with his mom realizes that the right woman for him is Jeanne. Will Jeanne take him after all they went through this past year? Or, will she tell him to move on as she has because of all his confusing and mixed signals.

A Chocolate Kind of Love by Auriella Skye
Tonya is a master with chocolate and and after she found out her long time boyfriend was cheating on her, she moved to Virginia to work with her Cousin Dezrah. Both girls were struggling and that is where Austin comes in and saves the day. Austin is the owner of the chocolate shop across the street from Dezrah, they agreed to join forces, and that is how Tonya ended up working in Austin's kitchen. This is where she meets Hudson. Hudson is a standard rich boy and can get whatever he wants when he wants but, he decided instead of his parents giving him everything he would work for it himself. He put his self through college and afterwards starts working with Austin, helping run the business. When he meets Tonya they have a fling, a one night stand if you will, during this time Hudson realizes that he feels more for her than he has ever felt before and this freaks him out and he pushes her away.
The shop gets an order for a wedding of a very prominent family in the town and they know they have to nail this order to drum up some more business and higher profile clientele. Tonya is tasked with making the chocolate sculpture for the wedding, and who else is there to help, none other than Hudson. At this time Tonya still harbors a sort of hatred for Hudson for the way he treated her that night many months ago, but they both call a truce to make sure they can satisfy the client. A weekend spent at Hudson's house to brainstorm and create, turns into a weekend in bed and reconciliation. Once their feelings are out in the open, they both think life can't get much better. One day at a town fair Tonya meets someone from Hudson's past and feels an immediate sense of betrayal and runs off. Will Hudson be able to explain his way out of this mess? Will Tonya accept him back in her life or walk away for good?

A must read anthology for any romance lover.
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57 reviews12 followers
May 2, 2017
The Wedding Dreams Anthology is put together by 20 short stories to complete this set. Many of themes authors I have not heard of but intrigued me.
1- Entangle Me “Sydney book 1 by Maggie Way
What an entertaining read! I enjoyed many aspects of this short story. Starting with two best friends making a getaway to discover just what makes them in need too. Lacy, a wedding planner is used to planning everyone else's happy day. Excited for her own day for it just to be ruined by her soon to be ex groom. Her best friend, Gabe picks up the pieces, trying to help the situation. Ready to confront her ex, she's confronted by her brother’s best friend. He has an offer that she can't refuse. I loved this read. Great chemistry! I would've loved more.

2- A Seal’s Surprise- Lona Findley
Who doesn’t like a hot alpha military man, and a SEAL at that. Con, a Navy SEAL is on leave and decides to surprise his fiance with a dream wedding. However, things keep getting in the way of him doing so. Vivi, the bride to be is in New Orleans with her best friend and sister for her bachelorette party. Things get crazy when Vivi becomes the target. One thing about this story is I had trouble with Vivi’s issues with all of a sudden needing more time for the wedding not knowing of the surprise. Clearly Con is a man in great love and ready to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves. I really love the way Con loves Vivi.

3- Lottie Pursues Bill - Kristi Rose
This one went a little slow for me. Not knowing how to understand what was happening. I wanted to speed this one up a bit. This is the Meryton Matchmakers. A tale of business owners. One who will try and save it the other one who is against it. Mr. Darcy wants to meddle in the matchmaker's affairs. Lottie runs the town cafe. Bill helps Lottie run and or help out with the baking for her cafe. I think he likes Lottie in return and this becomes a reason to be near her. Everyone seems to be put off by Mr. Darcy who wants to disable the matchmakers. I think Mr. Darcy has other plans of his own.

4- Save The Date- K.M. Hodge
WOW! This one was a crazy ride. Bride to be, Jo starts off with her wild friends throwing her a bachelorette party. Man is her best friend something else. Jo, being a part of the Nave was set to deploy the day after her wedding. Which is crazy right?!? Her wedding day falls on September 11, 2001. A day that we all know too well. We get to read about Jo and her family’s events throughout that day while still trying to proceed with her wedding. Jo’s best friend, Mary has her own story within Jo’s and it was really fun to see that whole side. This was the first story of K.M. Hodge’s and I will look up her other works.

5- Mix - N- Match- Lindzee Armstrong
This story so far has been my favorite. A tale of complete opposites attract. Such a fun read. Zoey is best friends to Brooke who is a bride to be. Mitch, is the best man to the groom, Luke. This isn't any wedding, this is a celebrity affair. Trying to shake the paparazzi and reporters is quite the task. Making sure Brooke & Luke’s day is hidden from the paparazzi; Zoey and Mitch advise a plan to throw them off. I loved this short story. I loved the friendship, the determination from both friends. Zoey and Mitch finally start to see a different side of attractions. I will gladly read more from Lindzee Armstrong.

6- Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding - Lita Lawson
This was a wonderful tale for me. I read the novel prior to this novella, a “Foolish Gamble”. I fell in love with the characters then and my love has continued. Cassi and Austin return to give us a look into the preceeding up to their wedding. Seeing the plans to become Mr. & Mrs. Keller was an adventure. They have a horse business, that is where they fell in love and want to have their wedding take place. Now the groom’s mother has a different tune to sing. Cassi has to decide whether or not this is still something she wants or sees for herself. There wasn’t anything about this novella that I did not like. I really enjoyed the follow up to some of my favorite characters.

7- Under my skin- Alix Nichols, “La Boheme Series”
This story is set in Europe, France. Two people who knew each other are presented with one another again. Years ago, Mat thought of Jeanne of a love. Their path of friends are getting married and they must see each other again. Seeing Mat again has Jeanne wondering about her future. Mat is an inspiring politician. Having his feelings for Jeanne could break his concentration on his campaign. He can’t get her out of his mind nor his heart. She consumes him. They try hard to not be involved but we all know how that turns out. This was a fun read.

8- A chocolate kind of love “ A Bluehaven Romance”- Auriella Skye
Tonya and Hudson are now co workers at Gold & Smith Chocolate. Having two companies coming together isn’t something Tonya is pleased with . Having been burned by Hudson in the past she isn’t too eager to have him near her no matter the relation, work or personal. She has to put her feelings aside in order to gain a client for a wedding adventure. Can her heart take it? Hudson seems to think him and Tonya can start fresh. I could have kept reading more and more from these two people. I really liked them.

9- Maid of Honor- Kate Alenton
I know I know, here is another story that I fell in love with. I loved everything about it. I loved the story, the history and mystery it provided. Alice is here in Scotland to serve as her best friends maid of honor. New to town, Alice decides to hit up the local pub. It is there she meets Duncan, who knew Duncan was the best man to be. Finding that out sends Alice into a tizzy. Alice has gifts, she’s a medium. And a mystery arrives in which Alice is determined to help solve. It’s there in solving the mystery she and Duncan realize they have mutual feelings toward one another. I was shocked when this story ended. I wish it would have kept going!!!

10 - Love in bloom- Michelle Jo Quin
This was a really cute and fast read. Morgan, a gal in her forties who has already been in one bad marriage is starting fresh by working in a flower shop owned and run by Darwin. A grumpy man who has been hiding his true feelings toward Morgan. She thinks he hates her but really he is in love with her. Valentine's day is the beginning of a new relationship that really blossoms. I had a smile on my face the entire time when Darwin’s feelings were coming out. This was just really short and sweet.

11- The sweetest mistake- “ A Nolan Brothers Novel” book 2. - Amy Olle
OK!! I loved this tale. It certainly got me hooked from the very beginning. This is a story that introduced me to the tales of the Nolan brothers. Which I will be reading shortly. I just could not get enough of. A story of love, alpha, heartache and above all else, the sweetest mistake. These two characters made me root for them ten fold. I wish it would have kept ongoing. I believe I have found me a new author and new series. Can’t wait to dive in. You will love this book!

12- Be Mine- Amy Brent
HOLY MOLY! This one was HOT! If you can’t handle adult language and content then do not proceed. It was filled with it. A girl from a small potato farm in Idaho lands her dream job in the big apple, “New York City” Her mountain of school debt follows her around. She is super excited to land a job for one of the best finance office. Thinking this is her ticket to her dream and a way to pay off some school debt she's excited. While at orientation she meets her new boss. It seems she wasn't the only one to notice the spark. This one was a fun, hot little read! Really enjoyed this.

13- Memory's Edge- Delsheree Gladden
THIS STORY RUINED ME!!!! Be prepared for some laughter, love and heartache. I fell in love from the start. The plot line and characters from the beginning got me. It really hooked me and had me rooting for them. Gretchen is traveling and discovers something in the road. Thinking it was an animal, she was shocked to discover a person. She names him John. Does his memory come back? Is there a happily ever after here? The author continues this series and I can’t wait to find out more.

14- For the Love of Chocolate- Susan Ann Wall
I know I keep saying I love these stories, but I really do. I can’t help it. Maddie is working on herself and ends up finding an attraction to a man at the gym. Cliche I know lol. Turns out she isn't the only one feeling the attraction. She finds him when she attends the stables. They both are avid horse lovers. And love chocolate, it comes in the name of a horse they both want. Darren’s past sister had Chocolate at one time and will stop at nothing to have her back. Will it cost him the chances with Maddie?

15- Rhythm- Ann Marie Frohoff
This is a standalone. Our lead lady, Grace Soloman was content. Living her single parent life. Rediscovering just what her life is to be. Being a single parent is where her heart is. She receives a wedding invitation. That wedding invitation ends up getting her a meeting with her old flame, Kai. Does this mean this is a second chance? Will there be another Grace and Kai?
According to Kai, Grace was his ending. Things happen when chances are given. Is it too much? I have never read anything from Ann Marie Frohoff and it won’t be the last.

16- Something Borrowed- Lexi Ostrow
Stunning! This is the first book of Lexi Ostrow. She has certainly grabbed my attention. What a story! Don’t you love it when your crush, the one you lust after ends up being your brothers best friend? To know that he felt the same way after all this time? YA, what a story. Jaxson is in the military so that poses a hardship. Adrianna is a passionate soul. Something arises that might put a damper in Adrianna and Jaxson’s relationship. I sure hope it isn’t a deal breaker.

17- The Wedding Gift- Gemma Brocato
The title made me think of other gifts for a wedding than what this was about. Certainly not about a dog. This is really a beautiful story! A bride, Elle is trying everything she can to help her fiance to overcome his dealings with PTSD. She finds him the adorable trained dog, Sig. Having served in the military he did not come back whole. Hopefully Sig does the trick. Elle loves Gage and will do anything she can. This was a true testament to love in the fullest.

18- Cruising for Love- Ann Omasta
This is the second book in the “Escape Series”. What a better way to find love than on a cruise ship. Even better to have it take place with a reality tv show. WOW! I mean finding love and becoming a reality tv star… Ruthie is quite the character and we are taken on one heck of a ride on her love finding journey. Plenty of twists and turns on this cruise. I felt like it could be a standalone for sure. I will certainly be reading more from Ann Omasta.

19- The Best Man- Nicole Morgan
This was a quick, hot read. Avery is traveling into town to be the maid of honor in her best friend's wedding. Thinking her friend is going to pick her up, she ends up being wrong. The groom’s best friend, Jackson picks her up. It’s there the attraction is undeniable. Getting to know one another, they see each other’s personalities. One thing leads to another and the attraction unfolds like a force of nature. Having that moment with Avery scares him and he bales… but she is always on his mind and that night lives with him wherever he goes. Time passes and he hopes it's not too late for him and Avery. Is it? This was really fun and cute.

20- Consolation Prize- Abbie St. Claire
Can you imagine to have the one person you love and respect the most; lie and cheat on you??
It seems she doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Chloe Howard. Flynn Davis wanted more out of life. Chasing his dreams of having a family of his own. He is determined to not give up. Wanting everything that comes with a family. His pals decide to set him up. Will it work? This was a fun read!! I will read more from Abbie St. Claire. ENJOY!

These 20 short stories had me on one emotional rollercoaster. I definitely found new authors that I can not wait to explore more of.
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May 4, 2017
Book Review: Wedding Dreams Anthology
A Five star read compiled by many different authors. All of these books one goal in mind and that is a wedding. In this anthology you find many different ways that the authors have gone through to get the the final stages of a relationship and finally comitting to a life of forever. Or is that what happens in them? There are a few suprises along the way but these short novellas all have a wedding theme to them and you will enjoy and wish for more. I know I did. Here are a few short reviews about each from me. HAPPY READING!

Entangle Me BY Maggie Way
This is a story about a jilted girl, A wicked boy a forbidden kiss and a happily ever afer?? After being jilted the night before her wedding, after getting drunk and trying to drive, Lexi is rescued from herself by a most suprising person. After a business proposal and a hot steamy kiss that makes her forget her own name for a few minutes, will Lexi find her happily ever after?
A SEAL's Surpise Wedding BY Iona Findley
Con is away on a mission or so Vivi thinks. The wedding isn't until August but Vivi and her twin and her best friend are in New Orleans having a bachelorette party. Until things get scary and Vivi is drugged in a bar and almost abducted. Will Con be able to put away his controlling side and make Vivi understand the he loves her without end and that he can't stand the thought that she might be in danger no matter how well she can protect herself.
Meryton Matchmakers BY Kristi Rose
Lotti and Bill have grown up together and have always been close. Lottie works at her dads bakery and wants to start her own some day. Bill is now a Padre and helps at his cousins "match making" business as well as he follows Lotti to work and helps her make the cupcakes and stuff that she makes. A fun and quirky "girl next door" romance . Very good read.
Save the Date BY K.M. Hodge
Jolene is celebrating her soon to be nuptuals at her bachelorette party, but she isn't really having fun. The thoughts going through her mind are just overwhelming her. She is due to ship out on deployment on the Navy hospital ship. Also she is a week late getting her period. Nervous about everything she tries to focus on the positive, Bennett, her fiance, and love for nearly ten years. Knowing she is leaving the day after they marry is a huge burden. Can they survive the time they are apart? Will the new world crisis destroy their lives?
Mix 'N Match BY Lindzee Armstrong
Zoey and Mitch are as different as day and night. Zoey is a consultant at a matchmaking firm and Mitch is the personal assistant to the CEO of Ryder Communications. Their goal in this story is to keep the press from discovering the time and location of their best friends' wedding. Luke and Brooke are very high profile people and their marriage is some-what a BIG thing. Can Zoey and Mitch overcome their differences and make this marriage happen for their best friends? Will Zoey and Mitch find that opposites attract? Very good book. From start to finish I was enthralled with it.
Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding BY Lita Lawson
Cassi and Austin met at the stables and around horses and that is where they want to get married. But will Austin's mom ruin things by demanding that all of her friends be invited to the marriage of her only child? Cassi is just a simple girl and doesn't want all of the flair and fuss. After several mishaps and the debate continuously with Austin's mother about how many people to invite to the wedding, does things get out of hand and Cassi walks away?
Under My Skin BY Alix Nichols
Mat is a rising political figure and has a five year plan, but what he didn't plan on was being thrown together time and again with Jeanne. Jeanne is a bartender and is not at all part of Mat's plan. Mat is in a relationship with an exquisite woman. Does he want to take a risk on it all and explore this thing that he feels for Jeanne? Will Jeanne be the piece to the puzzle that he is missing?
A Chocolate Kind of Love BY Auriella Skye
Tonya creates yummy desserts but Hudson is the master with chocolate. But now they have to work together to do the impossile and create a wedding sculpture. Can they work together or will it be a chocolate-tastrophe? True total opposites, but yet they are drawn to each other like moths to flames. Will they be able to create the sculpture or will they just create chaos in the kitchen?
Maid of Honor BY Kate Allenton
As a psychic Alice is asked to do many things. Yet this time she is on her way to Scotland to be the maid of honor in her best friends wedding. Hoping to meet some hunky Highlanders and be able to get her mind off of her toubles, Alice finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. Can she solve the mystery and get her best friend married off??
Love in Bloom BY Michelle Jo Quinn
Morgan is a 40 something divorcee who works in a flower shop. Darwin, a widower, is the flower shop owner and very hard to like. He is moody and says very little but he is a master of plants. After working for Darwin for several months, Morgan is seeing a different side of Darwin and she really is suprised but is liking what she is seeing. Darwin hasn't met anyone that he has cared for since his wife passed, but Morgan is beautiful and so nice. He finally drops the guard he has up and suprises her with dinner after a very long Valentine's day full of customers. Will Darwin get Morgan to drop her guard and accept him and his orchids?
Sweetest Mistake BY Amy Olle
Emily has moved from Arizona to Michigan to be closer to where her mother was buried. Not wanting to be away from her even in her passing. Emily always has been akward and shy and even now it is the same. Luke, is drawn to Emily for reasons that he cannot explain and it may even be a mistake but it could very well be the best mistake he has ever made! Can Emily open her heart and her life for the handsome Luke?
Be Mine BY Amy Brent
Alexandra Hart has just graduated with a Masters degree in Business from a very prestigiou Ivy League school and she has NO idea how she is going to pay the thousands of dollars worth of student loans. What she did know was she didn't want to go back to Idaho and be the wife of a potato farmer. She has to let her boyfriend Perry know that she doesn't want to go back to that life.
Cameron Shaw buys companys and dismantles then and sells them off at a huge profit. At 45 years old he is the founder and CEO of Shaw Investments. Engaged to a Victoria Secret model. What could he possibly see in the new hire?
Memory's Edge BY Delsheree Gladden
Gretchen found a badly beaten man in the middle of the road and stayed with him until medics arrived to transport him to the hospital. She stayed until he was admitted and then came to visit every day. John Doe was found with no identification and severely beaten. A week after being admitted to the hospital John Doe woke and had no memory of who he is, how he got there, or what happened prior to that moment. Gretchen, determined to not let John Doe be alone or leave the hospital without a place to go, makes it her chore to take care of him and see that he gets the help he needs. Will John get his memory back? Will the feelings that Gretchen has started to develop for John continue to grow? What happens once John regains his memory, IF he regains it.
For the Love of Chocolate BY Susan Ann Wall
Trying to go to the gym is easier when you have a hot gym guy to stare at while working out. When in all actuality all you want to do is go home and eat chocolate. Maddie is smitten with Hot Shirtless Gym Guy. Darren doesnt know her name, all he knows is that he is smitten, heck maybe falling for her and he has only talked to her once. Instructing her on how to properly operate the rowing machine at the gym and here he is all ready questioning his bestfriend Bennett on whether or not he believes in love at first site. Is he crazy? Darren is on a mission to find his sisters horse, Maddie has found a horse appropriately named Chocolate and is on a mission to buy her. However, could this same horse be the one that Darren has been searching for? Can they come to terms with their attraction to each other and the desire they both have to own this horse?
Rhythm BY Ann Marie Frohoff
Kai had his chance with Grace when they were nineteen and he got another girl pregnant. Now they are in their 30s and Grace recently lost her husband and Kai is single as well. Things are uncomfortable and full of tension whenever they are around one another, which happens frequently now. Kai still has strong feelings for Grace, it is possible to get her to love him back? Can they make up for lost time and discover what they should have had all along?
Something Borrowed BY Lexi Ostrow
Adrianna is in love with her best friends big brother, but no one is aware of it. How can she admit to her best friend that she's in love with the brother that torments and teases her all the time? Jaxson was a cocky spoiled rich boy who was a stellar athelete in high school yet after high school he enlisted in the Marine Corps. What a change in him now. In a moments notice he became the best man at his little sisters wedding and what luck, he got to escort his sisters best friend Adrianna down the aisle. Having been in love with her since they were in high school he has kept his feelings to himself, but has always known there is no one for him but Adrianna. Can they make it work even with his being deployed and her demanding career?
The Wedding Gift BY Gemma Brocat
Gage has returned from deployment overseas and the phobias and nightmares are plaguing him. Always wound up and experiences frequent panic attacks at the slightest noises, Gage is wondering how long it will be before his fiance will leave him. Elle loves Gage is doesn't understand why Gage is pushing her away. PTSD has its clutches on Gage and all Elle wants to do is find a way to help him overcome it so that they can get on with their lives. Hopefully her wedding gift to her beloved will help him find a new focus and make him realize that Elle isn't going anywhere without him.
Cruising for Love BY Ann Omasta
Based on a "reality show" Ruthie Rose is on one heck of a ride of her life. The producers of her show are throwing so many curves at her that she is just swinging to safe herself. Will she be able to make anything work with all that she has against her?
The Best Man BY Nicole Morgan
Jackson and Avery had a chance once and Jackson let her go. Can they try again to make things work? Jackson is determined this time that he isnt going to lose Avery. But does Avery want the same thing?
Consolation Prize BY Abbie St Claire
Flynn is heading up Davis Construction and is part owner of a horse named Cherokee. Chloe is a veternarian and LOVES what she does. All because of a bet and a lot of Tequila Chloe and Flynn are all of a sudden making out like drunken teenagers in the middle of a bar. This part of the book is not recomended for anyone not over 18. Many hot sexual encounters. Flynn and Chloe are trying to make a go of things but will Flynn's past come back to haunt them and ruin everything? Will Chloe's accident make things come to an abrupt halt? Many suprises lie in store for you in this book.
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May 4, 2017
“Once upon a time, I became yours, and you became mine…”

This anthology is all about love with each story centering on marriage in some way or another. Not all of the couples are the ones getting married, rather they are brought together because friends are getting hitched. Others are childhood loves that fate didn’t fix them up till they were older. There are many great authors featured, and several of the stories are a part of another series, novel, or novella series. This would be a great way to get introduced to a new author you may not have picked up before in the romance genera.

The titles and the authors featured are listed below, and following that is a short review of five of my personal favorites that spoke out to me more so than some of the others.
Maggie Way, Iona Findley, Kristi Rose, K.M. Hodge, Lindzee Armstrong, Lita Lawson, Alix Nichols, Auriella Skye, Kate Allenton, Michell Jo Quinn, Amy Olle, Amy Brent, Delsheree Gladden, Susan Ann Wall, Ann Marie Frohoff, Lexi Ostrow, Gemma Brocato, Ann Omasta, Nicole Morgan, Abbie St. Claire.

Entangle Me by; Maggie Way
“Have you ever had a kiss that breathed life into your soul? That ignited a fire inside you? That sends you into the most beautiful free fall? Because that happened to me on my wedding day. Except, it wasn’t with the man I was meant to marry.”
Lacey was set to marry the love of her life. Or so she thought. “The biggest day of my life didn’t happen. I was supposed to marry the man of my dreams, ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after, but somehow it all unraveled like a ball of yarn. I just don’t know who pulled the thread.” Lacey is a perfectionist, she has lists for her lists, and that makes her one of the best wedding, last minute ones to be exact, planners in Sydney, Australia. She is happy as can be that she will finally have the wedding she dreamed of and have a chance to be the princess for a day. That all goes to the crapper when she discovers a handwritten note in her fiancé’s suit pocket during the rehearsal supper. It isn’t her handwriting and it is certainly not a business note, or dry cleaner slip. Everything is halted and her best friend, Gabe and her delve into work. While working on a few weddings and trying to forget her ex she stumbles upon an old crush and family friend. “Tristan? Hansley’s friend? My brother’s best friend all through high school, he was the most annoying person and I had to deal with him constantly… Oh yeah, and I had a MAJOR crush on him. I would always get so nervous and jittery whenever he came to our place, which was often.” Does fate have a way of giving us exactly what we need and when we need it? Could her real true love have always been right in front of her and she ignored it? “I just kissed another man that wasn’t Adam. On the day that was supposed to be my wedding. And I liked it.”

Save the Date by; K.M. Hodge
This particular short was a very touching piece and incorporated a tragic time that most Americans can relate to and will forever be engrained into our memories. I thought that this was so beautifully written and enjoyed how K.M. Hodge really made the love of the two getting married the focus, even when it was not the best time for a wedding.
Jolene and Bennett are set to be married by the end of the day, September 11th, 2001. This is a most impromptu wedding as both Jolene and her maid of honor, Mary, are set to deploy for six months on the hospital ship for the NAVY. This wedding has to happen and it cannot be stalled. What starts out as a day of making memories is soon tarnished by the terror attacks on our nation that day of September 11th, 2001. “The news left a somber tone in the room like a balloon had been popped… A selfish thought ran through her mind, that her wedding day would forever be marred by this tragedy. This is how her new life would start. Not in a simple and sweet way as they planned, but rather a punch in the gut… Her world seemed upside-down and inside out.” Despite all that is going on around them, love conquers and the two manage to get the wedding pulled off, with a few wrenches thrown in the original plan.

Mix N’ Match: A No Match for Love Novella by; Lindzee Armstrong
This novella starts off with the planning of a wedding for Brooke and her rich and famous business tycoon, Luke. The problem with wanting to have a very elaborate wedding and having fame, is the paparazzi. Zoey and Mitch are the best friends to the couple and the maid of honor and best man. They will go to very great lengths to make sure that their friend’s wedding goes off without a single leaked photo or messy group of paparazzi looming over their heads. Quickly the story begins to lean more towards Zoey and Mitch, and the undeniable chemistry that exists between them. Only problem is they are complete opposites, and both very afraid of committing and getting hurt. “Zoe was a flurry of energy and excitement. She was everything he wasn’t- charismatic, bubbly, spontaneous. After they first met, he’d found himself making excuses to talk to her and for a while he’d thought she was as drawn to him as he was to her.” “If they had dated, Mitch would’ve tried to change her. Heck, they weren’t anywhere close to dating, and he’d flat-out told her she needed to act differently… He was attracted to her body, but he didn’t want her.” Planning the wedding of someone else in the city of love, Paris doesn’t necessarily make it that easy to play coy to love, and deny what is so obvious. “How many moments are we going to get caught up in before you admit that this is real?” “I’m not afraid. Except she was afraid of everything. She knew how to be spontaneous, how to live in the moment. How to enjoy life. But she didn’t know how to do the hard stuff. The serious stuff. The relationship stuff.” This was a fun little read and definitely had me wanting to find more by Lindzee Armstrong.

Under My Skin: La Boheme Series by; Alix Nichols
This is definitely one for the fans of the triangle love scenarios. Jeanne is a devoted barista at the La Boheme café. She has her goals of taking over and purchasing the café from her boss when he decides to retire here in the next year or so. It is during the wedding of her friend Rob, that used to work with her at the café, and his fiancé Lena, that Mat is introduced into the picture. “I’m sorry… Are you sure we’ve met?” “Every day for almost two years.” Mathieu Gerard has had a crush on Jeanne for years. Only problem is now that he has his life on track and looks the part, he is attached and really can’t leave his girlfriend at the moment, for fear it would ruin him and his chances of a political career as a Mayor for his town. “Cecile is my Pygmalion. I’m not exaggerating. She’s molding me into a winner. She corrects my speeches, picks my suits… I couldn’t do this without her.” Jeanne immediately worries that she has more feelings than what is appropriate for Mat. “How weird to burn like this or someone I barely noticed three years ago.” Mat is also struggling to keep his mind focused on his life and girlfriend. “The crush he’d thought long-gone was alive and kicking. Right where it hurt.” The story follows month by month for about a year and a half. Both Jeanne and Mat have many internal struggles and even slip up and have some physical contact with each other. Will they figure out what is really supposed to be between them? What is so obviously, a true soulmate type of love. Or will Mat ruin everything just when things get started? “I’ve never had a one-night stand in my life… I’ve never desired a woman only for her body. And you… you’re amazing in every way, Jeanne. If I sleep with you, I’ll want more. I’ll disappear from your life completely. I’ll stay away from La Boheme, from Rob and Lena’s events, and from Amanda’s too. It’s the only way…. You’ll forget me before the summer’s out… Take good care, Jeanne.” “No, you take care. Take very good care of yourself and your perfect girlfriend. She’ll make you such a fitting wife.” This was one juicy novella.

Rhythm: A Heavy Influence Novella by; Ann Marie Frohoff
This is an author that I had read before and actually other novellas in this series. I was really excited to see more of the characters I had previously read about and get a bit of an update on where they are. It also told the love story of a new point of view, Grace. Grace was left widowed by her husband a few years ago due to a tragic plane crash. It is just her and her son, Ethan, and the pseudo family that they have created amongst friends. “I missed Phillip so much, his laugh, his touch, his warmth, and the strength of his love for me. He truly did love me. Phillip loved me how men are supposed to love women… When Ethan’s grown, it will be m time for love.” All of that seems to change when an ex-lover and quite possibly the only man she could ever love like she did her deceased husband, Kai walks into her life again. Mordechai Burton, the swoon-worthy drummer of her friends’ band. “He was the sexiest drummer ever to exist… I wasn’t sure why I was shaken. I knew I felt desire between us but the yearning for it, him, was almost maddening. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt like that.” Does she let her conscious self, make the decision to love again, or will the past and her grief get in the way of a second chance at love? “Because it wasn’t right, that’s why Kai was not the right man for me. He’d proven that a long time ago.”
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April 30, 2017
Wedding dreams is an anthology of 20 stories centered around weddings of course. Some are short stories and some are longer.

The stories are as follows:

-Entangle Me - Sydney- by Maggie Way.

Lacey Ryan is a wedding planner and is finally a day away from her own wedding. At the rehearsal dinner she finds out that Mr. Perfect has not been so perfect after all. After a night spent drinking and drowning out the sadness she runs into an old acquaintance. One kiss later and everything changes.

-A SEAL’s Surprise Wedding (Bride of the Belle #1) by Iona Findley.

Con can't wait to marry the girl of his dreams, Vivi. He only has leave for a few days and wants to pull off the best surprise yet, their wedding. Something happens that threatens the whole thing and now he has to try to convince her he is still the one for her.

-Meryton Matchmakers Book 1: Lottie Pursues Bill by Kristi Rose
Here we have 2 stories, the first being a reimagined version of Pride & Prejudice with Elizabeth Bennet and the wonderful Mr. Darcy. Inside this version of P&P we have the story of Lottie and Bill. They are perfect for each other but are being kept apart by things of the past.

I loved this twist on the story and seeing Jane Austen’s characters reimagined.

-Save the Date by K.M. Hodge
This story is about Jolene, a Navy medic, and her long time boyfriend, Bennett. They are getting married before she shops out but the tragedy that strikes that fateful Tuesday would change everything.

Mix ‘N’ Match by Lindzee Armstrong
Here we have the Maid of Honor, Zoey, and the Best Man, Mitch. They are trying to keep the wedding paparazzi free but are followed there by a reporter. All while trying to fight their obvious attraction. Can they overcome their differences in order to work together, pull off the wedding and realize maybe they are that different after all?

-Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding by Lita Lawson
This is a sweet story about Cassie and Austin. They are fixing up the farm and planning their wedding. They have a few hiccups and must overcome them. It's a great love story.

-Under My Skin (LaBoheme Series) by Alix Nichols
A barmaid named Jeanne and a geek turned hunk slash politician. She waited on him for years and when she bumps into him at an engagement party, Jeanne doesn't recognize him. But there is an obvious connection between them. It's a great love story and cute take based on Four Weddings and a Funeral.

-A Chocolate Kind of Love (A Blue Haven Romance) by Auriella Skye
Tonya and Hudson are forced to work together to make the perfect chocolate sculpture for an upcoming wedding. Too bad they can't stand each other. They also want each other.

If you can't handle the heat, stay out of this kitchen.

-Maid of Honor by Kate Allenton

Alice has traveled to Scotland for her best friend’s wedding. She is not looking forward to dinner with the bride's mother so sneaks out and heads over to the local pub. Here she meets the Duncan the sexy, highlander bartender, who happens to also be the best man.

Love in Bloom by Michelle Jo Quinn
Morgan works for a florist and works hard. She is around 40 and has an awful ex husband.  Her boss, Darwin, is grumpy all the time and acts like he doesn't like anyone. He hardly speaks to her at all. One day he starts acting strangely toward her and out of character. When Valentine's Day rolls around, everything changes.

-Sweetest Mistake (A Nolan Brothers Novel Book 2) by Amy Olle
Emily Cole is moving to Thief Island, and in the airport all her belongings are scattered as her suitcase is destroyed. Everything including her B.O.B. in walks Luke Nolan, the sexiest man she's ever seen. He is not the least bit interested in her, but after his brothers wedding and a steamy hookup, he may make.the sweetest mistake of all.

-Be Mine by Amy Brent

Alex has just graduated with her MBA and wants more than anything to not go back to the potato farm in Idaho. When she gets a job offer at Shaw Investments, she is ecstatic. On her first day at orientation, she sees the handsome Cameron Shaw, CEO. Cameron is a shrewd business man. He has no time for love because he is building an empire. He is engaged but only as a business deal. When he sees the beautiful redhead, Alex, and she smiles at him, he wants nothing more than to make her his.

-Memory’s Edge by DelSheree Gladden
Gretchen is driving when she sees a body in the road. She slams on the breaks, thinking she's hit someone. She calls 911 and waits for the ambulance.

John Doe wakes up in the hospital with no memories and no one to rely on but Gretchen. His memory starts coming back in flashes, but he hides it from her because he is falling for her fast and afraid to lose her.

-For the Love of Chocolate (Superstitious Brides #2) by Susan Ann Wall

Maddie has sworn off chocolate and dating. She is determined to get her life back on track. Then she meets Hot Shirtless Guy aka Darren at the fitness center. He shows her how to use the rowing machine and also asks her out to dinner. Will she follow her own rules? Or will she throw them out the window for this hottie?

-Rhythm (A Heavy Influence Novella) by Ann Marie Fronhoff
Grace and Kai dated years before and now she has run into him again at a band practice. After he walks her home and tells her goodnight, he can't get her out of his head. But Grace is reluctant because he showed her a long time ago he wasn't the right guy for her. Now he wants a second chance.

-Something Borrowed by Lexi Ostrow
Adrianna has had a crush on Jaxon since high school. Too bad he is her best friend Kailey’s older brother. Jaxon has joined the Marines and deploys 3 weeks later. Now it's years later and Kailey is getting married. The best man is unable to get back for the wedding so Jaxon is filling in. He’s always had feelings for Adrianna. Will it finally be their chance?

-The Wedding Gift by Gemma Brocato
Elle and Gage are set to be married soon, but PTSD threatens to tear them apart. As Gage is recovering and trying to cope with life after tragedy, Elle is desperate to help him and find a way to connect again. So she buys him a gift that could change everything.

Such a heartwarming story. This was one of my favorites.

-Cruising for Love (The Escape Series) by Ann Omasta
Ruthie is out to dinner with friends, having some fun when a man gives her a business card asking her to be on their newest reality show “Cruising for Love.” She is so excited that she signs up without even reading the contract. Things start out a little rocky because she has no idea what she's supposed to be doing, but gets excited after she settles in. After the first few hiccups, a huge bombshell is dropped on her and now she's not so sure anymore.

-The Best Man by Nicole Morgan
Jackson and Avery. The best man and maid of honor. They flirt back and forth and are both crazy attracted to each other. He’s everything she does want in a man, but she can't seem to stop looking at him. He doesn't want to get involved with her but can't seem to help himself.

-Consolation Prize by Abbie St. Claire
Chloe is happy with her life, being a vet, but knows something is missing. Flynn has been burned by love and just wants to live his own life, quiet and peaceful. On a night out Flynn gets bet that he can't sleep with just any girl. That bet turns out to be the best thing for them both.

Each of these stories has it's own unique quality are written very well. You have the jilted bride, the heartbroken groom, the Maid of Honor, the matchmaker. You've got a sexy Wall Street shark, a Navy SEAL, a cowboy and so much more. If you loves weddings and you love a good romance, these are the stories for you. I was expecting short stories throughout this anthology but most are not short stories. They are novellas. It's worth the read.
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May 3, 2017
Wedding Dreams Anthology

5 stars

I really do love an anthology and the Wedding Dreams Anthology was no exception! It was filled with a collection 20 great stories about love and weddings. Stories included themes such as second chances, unlikely romances and sometimes when things don’t go the way they should have! Each story was different and I really enjoyed reading them all. There were some new authors to me in this book along with a couple of authors whose work I have read and loved previously! I think the one thing I really like about this book over other anthologies that I have read is that all of the books were a decent length. Some were the start of stories that I can’t wait to go and finish and others were complete novellas. All of them were really well written and I found myself easily drawn into all of them. Out of the 20 wonderful stories I have tried to choose some of my favourites to review but they were all enjoyable 4 or 5 star reads.

Love in Bloom by Michelle Jo Quinn
I loved this story! It was really well written and had a great pace to it. This was one of them complete novellas in the anthology. The story centres on a flower shop and is about Morgan, a 40 something divorcee and her grumpy boss Darwin, who is a widow. There was some tension between these two from the start and I loved reading their story! Morgan was a really great character; she was kind and caring and turned up to work every day even though her boss wasn’t particularly nice to her. As the story progresses we find out just why he is so rude and grumpy all the time. There were some really emotional moments from both characters. This story was a really nice, sweet read!

Entangle Me by Maggie Way
This is the first book in the anthology and its get us off to a great start! I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to read the next part to it! The story is about wedding planner Lacey who is looking forward to her big day and finally marrying her fiancé Adam, except things don’t quite go to plan! I really felt for Lacey in this story – things just didn’t go her way! I loved the support she had from her best friend and business associate Gabe – he was a great character! Then we get Tristan, Lacey’s brother’s best friend! I loved the love/hate relationship between the two of them! He also sounded extremely hot!! I am certainly going to be looking for the next part to this story so I can see what happens with Lacey next!

Kentucky Bluegrass by Lita Lawson
Having read a book by this author before I couldn’t’ wait to get into this one and I wasn’t disappointed! It is a follow on to another book called Foolish Gamble which I haven’t ready but definitely will go back to now. Even though I hadn’t read it there was sufficient background information in the story that I could understand what had happened between the two characters previously. This story is another complete novella in the anthology too. Cassie and Austin are finally getting married. In this story we follow their preparations to the big day but they are not plain sailing. There were some great twists and turns in the story that I didn’t see coming. There was so much story packed into this novella – I think that author did a great job!

Rhythm by Ann Marie Frohoff
I was so excited when I found this novella in the anthology! Having read the authors Heavy Influence series I couldn’t wait to read Grace’s story! This could also be read as a standalone as Grace isn’t a main character in the series. This novella was however everything I have come to expect from this author! It was brilliantly written, had unexpected twists and turns and few surprises thrown in there too! I loved Kai – I mean come on anyone who sings to you the way he did to Grace has me swooning over him! This story was definitely second chance romance at its best! I liked Grace from the previous stories, she was clearly really reluctant to start anything with Kai because she was still grieving the loss of her husband and she only remembers Kai from when he was much younger! It was really nice to see Jake and Alyssa appear in the story too! Another fabulous story from this author – I loved it!

The Best Man by Nicole Morgan
I really liked this story! This was also a complete novella in the anthology! The story is about Avery and Jackson! I loved Avery from the very beginning; there was just something about her character that I felt a connection too. The two characters meet when they are both attending the wedding of their respective beat friends! Jackson is tasked with picking Avery up at the airport after the bride and groom have a little argument! I liked Jackson too even if he didn’t do the right thing by Avery to begin with and it took him a while to get his act together! This story is one of those that I would happily have read a full length version of – I really enjoyed it!!

Consolation Prize by Abbie St. Claire
This was a lovely romance story! It was one of those stories that after you have finished it you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! The story is about Chloe and Flynn. Chloe is a vet who looks after the horses at a local farm. Having been hurt in her previous relationship she isn’t happy to find her friend’s bachelorette party is going to be in the very place she caught he boyfriend cheating and the outfit she had to wear is particularly revealing! Flynn is on a night out with his friends who have bet him that he won’t find a woman to hook up with! Both Chloe and Flynn aren’t looking for anything they night they go out separately! I actually think Flynn was my favourite out of this story! He was a perfect gentleman! He looked for Chloe after what happened between them and there were some particularly romantic gestures on his part!

Overall I thought this anthology was brilliant. All of the stories were enjoyable reads and the ones above were just some of my favourites! I would happily read more by any of the authors! If you enjoy contemporary romance stories then you will certainly like this wonderful collection of stories! I highly recommend it!

The authors included in this anthology are Maggie Way, Ioan Findley, Kristi Rose, K.M. Hodge, Lindzee Armstrong, Lita Lawson, Alix Nichols, Auriella Skye, Kate Allenton, Michelle Jo Quinn, Amy Olle, Amy Brent, DelSheree Gladden, Susan Ann Wall, Ann Marie Frohoff, Lexi Ostrwo, Gemma Brocato, Ann Omasta, Nicole Morgan and Abbie St. Claire.
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April 19, 2017
Wedding Dreams : 20 Delicious Nuptial romances. This is a set of twenty stories, by twenty different Authors. Some of these Authors are new to me. Each Authors did a great job. The stories were all well written.
The first story: Entangle Me -Sydney- is written by Maggie May. Lacey was going to marry Adam, but Adam did something that's unforgivable. Lacey could never forgive him. Adam had issues. Lacey deserved better, and she found it.
The second story: A Seal's surprise wedding (Brides of the belle #1) is written by Iona Findley. Vivi and Con are great together. Their chemistry is sexy. Just perfect together. Love how protective and possessive Con is.
The third story: Meryton Matchmakers Book 1: Lottie pursues Bill is written by Kristi Rose. The two main characters are Elizabeth Bennet and William Darcy. Elizabeth is a matchmaker, her business is in trouble. She has to save it from corporate raider William (Bill). Even though, they're so different, the chemistry is strong between them. These two were great together.
The fourth story: Save the date is written by K.M. Hodge. Jolene and her friends are out for her bachelorette party. Jolene's friends take her to a strip club. Jolene has anxiety, so being there, is causing her more anxiety than normal. She did the best she could to enjoy her night. But the night gets steamier. Bennett and Jolene are perfect together. Sweet and sexy.
The fifth story: Mix 'N Match is written by Lindzee Armstrong. The two main characters are Mitch and Zoey. Even though these two are so different. The chemistry is strong. Great together.
The sixth story: Kentucky Bluegrass wedding is written by Lita Lawson. Cassi and Austin are getting married. But when they first met. Austin and Cassi started out rocky. They didn't see eye to eye. But the chemistry between the two was strong, something neither one could pass up. They ended up being perfect for each other.
The seventh story: Under my skin (La Boh`eme series) is written by Alix Nicholas. The two characters are Jeanne and Mat. Jeanne is a sassy bartender, and Mat was a nerd, that turned into hotness. When Mat and Jeanne meet each other, there's an instant attraction. They can not keep their eyes or their hand off of each other. But Mat has big plans and Jeanne doesn't really fit the part, but he just can't let her go.
The eighth story: A chocolate kind of love (A bluehaven romance) is written by Auriella Skye. Tonya Holten is a baker. She's very good at specializing delicious desserts. Hudson Smith is a billionaire chocolate franchise owner. When Tonya and Hudson are forced to work together. They can't stop bumping heads. It's because they're total opposites, but they fit together perfectly.
The ninth story: Maid of Honor is written by Kate Allenton. Alice Graham is a physic. She's traveling to Scotland to be part of her best friend's wedding. Alice is the maid of Honor. She never expected to meet someone.
The tenth story: Love in the Bloom is written by Michelle Jo Quinn. Morgan works at a flower shop. She's good at her job, even though she doesn't know much about flowers. Darwin is broody, but great at his job. After thinking Darwin didn't like her, she finds out, it's the opposite. Morgan and Darwin are great together. Perfect pair.
The eleventh story: Sweetest mistake, A Nolan brothers novel book two is written by Amy Olle. Although they're total opposite. Luke and Emily are perfect together. Luke is charming, he can't help but fall for the sweet loving Emily. Emily is shy and she stutters, Luke can't help falling for Emily. He knows he shouldn't go after her, but he just help himself.
The twelfth story: Be Mine is written by Amy Brent. Cameron Shaw is a billionaire, he's the CEO of his company. Alexandra Hart was offered a job on Wall Street at Shaw Investment Ltd. That is where Alexandra meets Cameron. Together, Alexandra and Cameron are perfect.
The thirteenth story: Memory's edge is written by Delsheree Gladden. Gretchen slams on her breaks from hitting a person laying in the road. She was worried, she might had, until she got out and checked him. This is how she meets John, she saved his life. John's in a coma, Gretchen spends time with him. John comes out of his coma, he turns out to have a great personality. John and Gretchen are perfect together.
The fourteenth story: For the love of chocolate (Superstitious brides # 2) is written by Susan Ann Wall. Maddie and Darren had great chemistry. It was sweet and sexy. Perfect together.
The fifteenth story: Rhythm (A heavy influence novella) is written by Anne Marie Frohoff. Grace and Kai have an instant connection. They have great chemistry. Great pair Perfect together.
The sixteenth story: Something borrowed is written by Lexi Ostrow. Adrianna and Jaxon are a perfect pair. They have great chemistry.
The seventeenth story: The wedding gift is written by Gemma Brocato. Gage has been through a lot. Elle and Gage made a great pair. Elle is loving, she'd do anything for Gage,
The eighteenth story: Cruising for love (The escape series) is written by Ann Omasta. The two characters are Ruthie Rose and Andrew. The two were a great pair. They have great chemistry.
The nineteenth story: The best man is written by Nicole Morgan. Jackson Parks and Avery Foster were perfect together. But Jackson gave up on Avery, letting her walk out of his life. He always regretted it. So when Jackson sees Avery again, he knows, that he'll make that mistake again. He'll never let her go this time.
The twenty-th story: Consolation prize is written by Abbie Claire. Chloe and Flynn are a great pair. They have great chemistry. It's sweet and sexy.
I enjoyed each stories and the characters. These are great stories. Thank you, to all the Authors. Great work :) 4 Stars!
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January 28, 2022
This is a fun quick read. Lacey’s rehearsal dinner turns into a complete disaster, but her reaction to Adam is laugh-out-loud funny. He is so awful that you can’t help but laugh.

Lacey … GO GIRL POWER! She’s a bit sassy and determined but a romantic at heart. You can’t help but like her for the mere fact that she doesn’t allow her a**hole ex-fiance destroy her spirit.

Gabe is the fantastic gay best friend/business partner. He brings a bit of levity to the situation.

Looking forward to getting to know Tristan better in the next book in the series.

The only thing that would have made this better, is if I were drinking a glass a wine along with the characters. Oh, maybe some chocolate, too. (If Lacey gets to imbibe, I should, too)
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May 1, 2017
Wedding Dreams Anthology

5 Stars Review

This was my second anthology and let me tell you I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. I seriously love anything wedding related so this anthology was perfect for me! The variety of the stories will surely pull you in; they aren’t all about the bride and groom, which definitely came as a nice little surprise for me. These stories are scandalous, sexy, funny, romantic, sweet, and obviously filled with all kinds of love.

A Seal’s Surprise Wedding by Iona Findley was a fantastic read! I experienced many emotions while reading this one, frustration, anger, joy and of course happiness. On the night of her bachelorette party Vivi is put in an unthinkable situation, and when her super sexy fiancé Conner finds out he almost loses it. Being a Seal means he wants to protect everyone and that especially means the love of his life. Everything seems to crumble from this point forward, trust is broken, dangerous situations arise and the fights start to become too much for Vivi. The stress of the weekend causes her to rethink their whole relationship, which leaves Conner trying to fight for their love.

Save the Date by K.M. Hodge was honestly so incredible! It is not at all like any typical wedding story. It seemed like one of the most chaotic wedding days. Jolene and Bennett’s wedding day had been put together under short notice due to her upcoming deployment, they had it all planned to take place on September 11, 2001. We all know what that day symbolizes, as the girls are getting ready they hear the devastating news of the terrorist attack, this quickly throws the day off kilter, given the circumstances they decide to go through with the wedding. As the day goes on all kinds of surprising information is revealed, leading it to be one of the most unique wedding days ever.

This story was so original, totally nothing like anything I’ve ever read. The characters all seem relatable and the storyline is all kinds of crazy. Thank you K.M. Hodge for taking us on an unforgettable ride.

Mix ‘N Match by Lindzee Armstrong was a fantastic read. I absolutely loved this story. Zoey and Mitch are complete opposites but they couldn’t be a more perfect match. Zoey is a free spirited woman who takes risks and doesn’t always do the right thing but she certainly knows how to live the life she wants. Mitch is an organized, bossy, straight-laced man. He takes care of everyone and his life is more business then pleasure. Zoey is everything Mitch needs and vice versa. They start to really develop feelings for one another as they try to organize the wedding of their best friends dreams. The saying opposites attract is perfect for the two of them, and what better place to fall in love then Paris?

A Chocolate Kind of Love is a delicious story by Auriella Skye. “Love was for fools.” Well apparently Tonya and Hudson are the biggest fools of all. After spending the night together that ended badly they are now forced to work with one another for one of the biggest weddings in town. As they start to work together the tension becomes sexual until they finally give in to their desires. It ends up being everything they remember it being. They have both dealt with terrible relationships in the past but they know what they have is truly authentic and sweet.

This story felt too short for me; I wanted to read more about Tonya and Hudson. While their relationship changed quickly their love for each other was strong and everlasting, definitely swoon worthy.

Be Mine by Amy Brent is a super steamy romance. Shortly after graduating from business school small town girl Alexandra Hart receives the call of a lifetime, she just landed a job as a junior analyst for Shaw Investments. During employee orientation she catches the eye of Cameron Shaw, owner and CEO of Shaw Investments. Cameron finds himself very attracted to Alex and immediately tries everything in his power to get to her. On the night of an auction they spend the night together. From this point forward Cameron rethinks everything he’s ever wanted. Their relationship moves from 0-100 really quickly, the saying love at first sight is definitely real in their case.

Something Borrowed was an absolutely beautiful story. Lexi Ostrow did an incredible job with telling this one. Adrianna has had feelings for her best friends older brother for as long as she can remember. Jaxon has also felt the same way. Even after 10 years the sparks are still there. While being away on deployment Jaxon grew up to be a very thoughtful and serious man with less of an ego. Their time has finally come, although starting off a relationship during deployment is tough. Their ever-growing love remains strong.

I absolutely adored Adrianna and Jaxon together, they were a perfect match. Plus who doesn’t love a good best friends older sibling kind of love. This story was very relatable and it was honestly just such a beautiful story.

One would think that after reading so many wedding stories in a row they would become predictable but that is definitely not the case here, some of these stories completely took me by surprise. No two stories are the same and they all vary in length. This anthology will give you all the wedding feels you’ll need for a long time. Thank you to all these incredible authors for providing us with the perfect wedding anthology: Maggie Way, Iona Findley, Krisit Rose, K.M. Hodge, Lindzee Armstrong, Lita Lawson, Alix Nichols, Auriella Skye, Kate Allenton, Michelle Jo Quinn, Amy Olle, Amy Brent, Delsheree Gladden, Susan Ann Wall, Ann Marie Frohoff, Lexi Ostrow, Gemma Brocato, Ann Omasta, Nicole Morgan, and Abbie St.Claire.
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December 3, 2017
Wedding Dreams

Sydney (Entangle Me) – Maggie Way
This was a fun read that make me chuckle it has a great plot which I totally enjoyed. One wedding planner coming right up with her trusty assistant along with one groom oops lets recheck that….. minus one groom he made one big mistake (What a total asswipe). Leaving the wedding planner going off with the assistant to tie one on and do some male bashing. One thing leads to another and she runs into her brother’s best friend who puts an offer on the table to good to walk away from. Wonder what he is offering hum I do hope it is something tasty and exciting. Things get pretty hot here with sparks flying. The chemistry is off the wall as these two take a walk along the wild side.

This was a fun read that made me laugh as one ex is put in his place as he is kicked to the curve with one man (Tristan) walking in making for some exciting read. I really liked Lacey she is a strong women who really grabs your attention. The characters are very likable, with a good plot. I thought this was well written keeping my attention. I did think it started out a little slow but didn’t take long to pick up getting me hooked in the story. It does end in a little of a cliffhanger. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

A Seal’s Surprise Wedding – Iona Findley
This one left me a little confused with who wants the bride. I thought it moved a little fast at times but was a good read that did keep me entertained. The title tells it all one seal takes leave and gives the bride a surprise wedding. The question is if the bride is ready.

Lottie Pursues Bill (Meryton Matchmakers #1)
A modern spin on Pride and Prejudice. I thought it was a little slow but a good read. I have never been that fond of Pride and Prejudice. Other loved it as I am sure a lot of you will this one.

Save The Date – K.M Hodge
This is one story that brings back lots of memories I remember that day just like it was yesterday. What a touching, emotional, heartbreaking, sweet, loving read that has more drama then you can shake a stick at. This is the first I have read of this authors work and I totally love it. I was pulled in almost from the first page. The author takes a sad time that broke our hearts with two people who get married on 9-11 and all the sadness that day brings them along with the happiness. There are a lot of twists and turns that keep the reader entertained and invested in this wonderful read. What a crazy day for them in more ways than one, there was a few times I even chuckled and a few that were very sad. The only issue I had is it wasn’t long enough and doesn’t tell us what happens down the road. I still have to say you really do not want to miss this story it was a wonderful read.

Mix ‘N Match – Lindzee Armstrong
I have not read the other books in this series but did not feel I needed to. The author gives you a delightful read of just what the title said. Mitch and Zoey are mix match totally opposites but that is what makes this book such a wonderful read. I loved the humor, laughed and chuckled my way through it. I would have liked a little more information at the end but since this is a series I might get my wish if the next book comes out it might take up where this one let off. I thought it was a great read with wonderful characters that kept you smiling. It was well written with wonderful characters you can relate to. I loved the bricking it really added to the story. Passion was there strong hot very clean but you have no doubt how they feel.

Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding – Lita Lawson
I really enjoyed this book it is kind of poor girl meets rich boy and they fall in love. They are planning their wedding with a mother who wants it all her way. This couple has one major down that has to be worked out before they can have up time. The wedding planner is a dream come true. The mother I never really got a true feel for her. She is one way and next she is another way. I would have loved to have seen them a few years down the road but the ending was wonderful leaving you with a feeling of peace and smiling.

Under My Skin (Bistro La Bohème #4) - Alix Nichols
Met Mat and Jeanne who can’t seem to leave each other alone. Mat has lusted after Jeanne since his younger days when he was a nerd and Jeanne didn’t want anything to do with him. He was weird and just not her type. Fast forward 10 or so years Mat comes back becoming a hunk leaving both with lust in their eyes. Mat must decided what he wants in life whether that be Jeanne or another women. This was a cat and mouse games that was entertaining with likable characters that have issues. At times I felt for Mat but as he takes off it is a little harder to like him with how he handles issues. Both do their best at times to leave the other alone which can be very hard. These characters are wishy washy with their two steps forward and one step back. Mat’s girlfriend is something else I think she is more along for the ride and power play. A cute read that keeps you on your toes.
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April 18, 2017
This anthology included short stories by 20 great authors. Some stories were a bit longer then others. I had a few that I enjoyed much more then others. If you want sweet happy swoon worthy books then this is just what you need to read.

Under My Skin by Alix Nichols was about true love and devotion. Mat was always the geeky toad eyed nerd who had the hots for Jeanne. They didn't see eachother for a few years until he was the best man and she was the maid of honor at Rob and Lena's wedding. Mat looks nothing like he did years back. Now he is tall, muscular, and very good looking. It just so happens that Rob and Mat were best friend and so was Lena and Jeanne. Once Jeanne and Mat ran into eachother again at the engagement party they both became obsessed with eachother. Only problem was Mat had a live-in serious girlfriend.
Can these 2 escape their attraction for eachother or will hearts be broken?

Another one I enjoyed in this anthology was Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding by Lita Lawson.
Austin Keller was heir the Keller Farms and currently engaged to Cassi Whitaker. Ironically Austin was dating a woman named Annie Mae and she had given away a gift he had given her. The gift was a horse named Foolish Gamble and Annie Mae gave the horse to Cassi. It's funny how life works. Cassi isn't from the same social circle as Austin or Annie Mae and isnt used to being in the spotlight. When a picture of Cassi is leaked of her in the wedding gown she had chosen, she freaks out. She firmly believes it is bad luck for the groom to see the gown before the wedding. Austin surprised Cassi with a trip to NYC for the most romantic night and then to visit a bridal salon the next day to find a new wedding gown.
Cassi and Austin want to have a small, intimate wedding but Austin's mother is friends with everyone as well as being involved with the Lexington Ladies League. She tries to have everything planned her way but, Jasmine the wedding planner somehow manages to make everyone happy with the ideas and plans she has for the wedding.

Mix n' Match by Lindzee Armstrong was another one of the stories I enjoyed in this anthology.

What lengths would the maid of honor and best man go to in order to keep everything calm, quiet and off the radar for their best friends wedding?

The paparazzi is dying to get information or more importantly pictures of the upcoming wedding of the CEO Luke Ryder and his fiancé Brooke. Somehow Alan, a man Zoey meets at a charity gala seems to be following them and everyone thinks somehow Zoey is the reason he is able to follow them everywhere. Zoey and Mitch ( Luke's personal assistant ) need to go to Paris for 2 weeks alone together to distract Alan. What Mitch and Zoey do for Luke and Brooke is above and so far beyond any normal best man/ maid of honor duties.

The Best Man by Nicole Morgan was also a good read focusing on the best man Jackson Parks and maid of honor Avery Foster. Both were not expecting the other to be so attractive. They only met at the airport when Jackson was there to pick up Avery as a favor to the groom. The rehearsal was the next day and then the wedding was the day after. Avery gave in to Jackson’s charms only to get her heart broken. What happens when your heart is broken by your best friend's husband’s best friend?? Your bound to see him again even if that's the last thing in the world you want.

Consolation Prize by Abbie St. Claire was another one of my favorites in this book.
Dr. Chloe Howard's has been working a lot and doing nothing else for the last three years since her heart was broken. Then she met Flynn Davis at a bar. She had colored her hair pink and gave a fake name but ending up going home with him that night. That one night stand ended up as a fail especially when she woke up naked and realized she didn't know where she was and ran out of there before Flynn woke up. To bad for her, Flynn has his ways of finding people. She wasn't very hard to find.

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April 20, 2017
WEDDING DREAMS (20 Delicious Nuptual Romances)


There isn’t anything I love to read about more than romance, passion, weddings and honeymoons. They are just so delightful! WEDDING DREAMS, (20 Delicious Nuptual Romances), written by twenty insanely wonderful romance authors, will have you reliving all the wonderful romantic moments of your life, and, of course your unforgettable wedding and honeymoon. Each individual story is brilliantly written with tenderness, charismatic characters, sweet and sexy passion, tons of laughter, and the happily ever after we all adore. One luscious, dreamy love story after another. I was thrilled that these amazing authors united to bring us such delicious enjoyment. Hours of passion, charm, true love and marital bliss. We have all dreamed about our perfect wedding, finding the man of our dreams, and living happily ever after. These thrilling books allow us to go back to those simper times and share other peoples dreams of their fairytale marriages. Once you start reading these heartwarming books you, won’t want to stop. They will leave you with a joy you haven’t felt in a long time. It might even inspire you to put a little spark back into your own love life. So grab this sizzling box set and get ready for an extremely enjoyable and fun journey. Each book is by a different author and a completely different romantic story. I highly recommend it for all romance readers.

CRUISING FOR LOVE (Escape Series #2)

CRUISING FOR LOVE is the second book in the “Escape Series”. Even though it is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. Ruthie Rose sets out on an adventure on a new television reality show, CRUISING FOR LOVE. She sees it as a golden opportunity to become a reality star sensation, enjoy a free cruise, and meet some sexy guys. She quickly signs her contract without reading it carefully and the fun begins. This is a great, fun read!


Abbie St. Claire has written a wonderful short love story about falling in love with the wrong person and luckily realizing it and getting a second chance. Chloe Howard is the owner of a veterinary clinic. When she discovers her boyfriend is a cheating scumbag, she gives up on love. Flynn Davis has been in love with Courtney for years and has dreamed of one day marrying her and living happily ever after. He is heartbroken when things don’t work out, but when his friends set him up with Chloe……there could be a second chance at love for both of them.

ENTANGLE ME, SYDNEY (Entangle Me #1)

Lacey Ryan is a wedding planner in Sydney, Australia, who is planning for her own big day. However, at the rehearsal dinner, she discovers her fiancé cheated on her. How can this be happening? This is supposed to be the happiest time of her life. Little does she know that her grief could be over soon. Her brother’s best friend offers her a golden opportunity. Could this be the new beginning she desperately needs?

SAVE THE DATE (A 9/11 Wedding)

K.M. Hodge wrote a gripping love story that brings back such tragic memories about a day that we will forever remember. It is hard to think about that day with anything but sadness and it was refreshing to read how two people’s lives were affected and how they respond to the events. Great story!

SWEETEST MISTAKE (A Nolan Brothers Novel #2)

SWEETEST MISTAKE by Amy Olle will keep you in stitches. It is the second book in the Nolan Brothers series and I can’t wait to dive into the other books in this series about the five Irish born Nolan Brothers. SWEETEST MISTAKE is chock full of flirtation and hilarious encounters between Emily and Luke and they will keep you captivated. Be sure and one-click this series.
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May 1, 2017
A great collection of books

  Wedding Dreams is a collection of twenty different amazing stories from twenty different authors. This collection literally has something for everyone looking for a little bit of love: whether it's a hot marine you're looking for, paranormal/sci-fi, surprise pregnancies, young love and love after loss.

 Consolation Prize by Abbie St. Claire tells the story of veterinarian Dr. Chloe Howard and Flynn. Chloe and Flynn first meet when she is doing a house call on a naughty horse and Flynn is looking to invest in the same horse and the horses future offspring. When they first meet they are instantly attracted to each other but due to the naughty horse they are unable to talk. After a chance encounter they find themselves reacquainted. They have both been hurt in the past and question if they can let go of their individual pasts to seek the future they both can see developing. This book was a great fast fun read full of hot sex, a little hurt and a whole lot of love. The story is written in first person through both Chloe’s and Flynn’s points of view. I absolutely loved Flynn...so sweet.

  Sweetest Mistake by Amy Olle is book two in the Nolan Brothers series and can be read as a standalone. This story is about Emily and Luke. Emily is a sweet woman but due to the stutter in her speech she has endured years of ridicule and bullying. Luke is a gorgeous man in uniform and is considered a local hero, but he doesn't feel that way, he is tormented daily by the events that lead to him to be considered a hero. When Emily moves to the tiny town Luke lives in their attraction to one another is off the charts but with her insecurities and his troubled past they have a hard time seeing what is in front of them. I loved this book and all the characters in it including the sub characters. This book had a bit of everything: love, tragedy, surprises and drama.

  A Seal’s Surprise Wedding: Brides of the Bell book one by Iona Findley is a fast sweet read about Vivi who gets talked into having her bachelorette party about five months early only to find out that it was a trick to get her to New Orleans so her Navy Seal, Con, could throw her a surprise wedding. But things start going south right from the beginning and their relationship is tested several times in the matter of three days. This book was packed full of drama, love, happiness, and one mishap after another. The story was well written and told in first person through both Vivi’s and Con’s points of view.

  Love in bloom by Michelle Jo Quinn is about a forty something year-old women Morgan who is working at a florist shop owned by Darwin who is a widower. After working with Darwin for almost a year Morgan is convinced he's nothing more than very talented grouch ball, but slowly Darwin starts to show her that there is more to him than just his grouchiness. This was a very fast sweet read that shows there is a chance for love after loss.

  The Best Man by Nicole Morgan is a short story about Avery and Jackson.  Avery’s best friend happens to be marrying Jackson's best friends. Avery is to be the maid of honor and Jackson the best man. They instantly click and after one amazing night Jackson makes a decision that will haunt him for years. He finally has the chance to ask for forgiveness and a second chance but Avery is not just going to give in and forgive him so easily. This was a great story that I was sad to see end, there was so many unanswered questions that could have turned this book into a great novel. This story is definitely intended for readers over 18 due to adult content and language.

  This is the perfect collection of stories to read while cuddled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and just get lost for hours. Overall I give this collect 4 stars and I'm very excited that I have found some new favorite authors.
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April 19, 2017
Wedding Dreams by Maggie Way, Iona Findley, Kristi Rose, K.M. Hodge, Lindzee Armstrong, Lita Lawson, Alix Nichols, Auriella Skye, Kate Allenton, Michelle Jo Quinn, Amy Olle, Amy Brent, Delshree Gladden, Gemma Brocato, Ann Marie Frohoff, Susan Ann Wall, Lexi Ostrow, Ann Omasta, Nicole Morgan, Abbie St Claire is an anthology that is a collection of sensual and sweet stories. These stories include anything from second chances to bad boys, BBW's and bridges looking for revenge. These stories will leave you never wanting the honeymoon to end and wanting to go out find yourself a boyfriend is you don't have one. Find out what happens to these characters as they each go on their journey of love.

Entangle Me-Sydney by Maggie Way is about a bride that was left at the alter. When she meets an old friend and he offers her a proposition what will she do? Will she be able to pick up the pieces? Author Maggie Way hails from Sydney, Australia and loves traveling around the world, wine and making her own beauty products.

A Seal's Surprise Wedding by Iona Findley is a story about two people who plan to get married but will they even get that far? They have some issues but she don't know about his surprise. Will he be able to pull of the best surprise ever? Author Iona Findley decided to let her wicked creative side loose and now she writes fast paced and heart warming contemporary romance, the kind that will leave you hopeful and happy.

Meryton Matchmakers Book 1: Lottie Pursues Bill by Kristi Rose is a story about two people, one trying to save her business and the trying to take it over. She has something to prove to him, that love really exists. Will she prove it? Author Kristi Rose likes to write about the journeys of everyday people and the love that brings them together.

Save the Date by K.M. Hodge is a story about how the happiest day of these two peoples lives could turn out to be the worst. A nation is shattered and their happiest day is in jeopardy, will they come out okay? Author K.M. Hodge lives in Texas with her family and enjoys writing tales of suspense and intrigue that keep her readers up all night.

Mix 'N Match by Lindzee Armstrong is a story about two people who are complete opposite. What will happen with one passionate kiss? Will it change things for them? Find out what happens when they are in Paris for a wedding, it may change them forever. Author Lindzee Armstorng has always had a soft spot for love stories. She loves click flicks, ice cream and chocolate.

Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding by Lita Lawson is a story about one woman having the wedding of her dreams and another woman wanting to turn it into a society affair. Find out if she will get her happiest day ever. Author Lita Lawson writes contemporary romance with heroes that everyone will fall in love with. She has always had an active imagination and is an avid reader.

These are just a few stories in this anthology and there are fourteen more that I know you will enjoy. Do not miss what happens with these characters as they take you on journeys that you won't be able to put down. You will have your favorite stories just like I do. Each story will pull you in from the first word. Some of these stories will make you feel compassion, some anger and some you will laugh or cry. Some will make your heart thump and others will pull at your heart strings. I highly suggest this anthology as I know you won't regret reading it. Which one is your favorite?
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April 20, 2017
Wow what a great read. Makes you feel happy all over.
Entangle Me – Sydney – Maggie Way
This story is about a young wedding planner named, Lacey Ryan who was engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Adam. The night before her wedding everything changed and now she is living her life differently. Lacey’s business partner and best friend tries to help her move on with her life and then she runs into her brother’s best friend Tristan Keys who offers her a proposal that would change her life.
A Seal’s Surprise Wedding – Iona Findley
This is a great story about Vivi who is engaged to be married in August and her twin and friend take her to New Orleans for an early bachelorette party and her fiancé Con has a surprise for her. He ends up in New Orleans planning something huge that takes his Seal buddies to pull it off along with Vivi’s friend and twin sister. Can Con pull off what he has planned?
Save the Date – K.M. Hodge
Jolene is in the military and is planning her wedding on 9-11-2001. Jolene has a secret that she has not told anyone yet and plans to be married before she goes back to duty. Jolene is engaged to Bennett, who is wonderful. This was a sweet book and I loved the dates that the author added in the book because it is history of the tragic events that happened to our nation on 9/11.
Mix ‘N Match – Lindzee Armstrong
Wow such a great book. This story was about Brooke and Luke who are planning their wedding but they are both pretty popular so the paparazzi likes to follow them around and they are trying to make the wedding date a secret. Brooke’s roommate and best friend, Zoey works with her at her business, Toujour which is a match making firm which has become extremely popular. Zoey also does makeup on the side and is really good at it. Luke’s best friend and right hand man Mitch is extremely hot and Zoey and he had a kiss at Luke and Brooke’s engagement party and now they try to ignore each other and keep their distance. Zoey and Mitch end up together in Paris planning the wedding of the year so Brooke and Luke can avoid the press and end up having some really nice adventures while they are there. They have a secret that they are keeping from Brooke and hope that it does not ruin her big day.
Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding – Lita Lawson
This was a great book and was right up my alley. I loved reading about the horses and the ranch it made me feel at home. Austin Keller is the most eligible bachelor but not for long. He is engaged to Cassi Whitaker now and they plan on getting married in her barn which now belongs to both of them and her brother and they will be growing their horse business from it. Austin’s mother has a different plan for their wedding. Who will decide where it will be?
Such great books and I loved them all. The books are well written and they were as if I were there. They made me feel happy and I loved the characters in all of them. Some truly talented authors and what a great idea of putting them all together to read at one time. Loved the anthology.
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April 19, 2017
Wedding Dreams Anthology is a collection of 20 different novellas by 20 different authors. Each author brings their own style to writing. Some will have you laughing and others will have you crying because of their character’s stunts. Each novel is different from the first. Where one has a happy ending and the guy and girl get married, there are some that either the bride or the groom called off the wedding. If you are in the mood to read something that has a happy ending to it and a little bit of drama then this anthology is for you. You will find a new author and story that you like and sometimes be reading about someone else’s wedding can make you remember how yours was or how you want yours to be when you get married. Step into the world where love always finds a way no matter what it takes. Out of the twenty novellas in this anthology, there is a handful that I absolutely loved.
Mix 'N Match by Lindzee Armstrong
This is a fun and charming read. This is the 5th book in her No Match for Love series. It is a standalone novel, you do not have to read the first few books to understand what is happening. The way Lindzee Armstrong describes some of the places in the novella, you would think that you are in France yourself instead of reading about the places. Her characters are charming and will make you laugh.
Entangle Me by Maggie Way
Wedding planner Lacey finally gets her day. After years of giving every girl her dream wedding, Lacey finally gets to plan her own with the help of her best friend Gabe. This novella is filled with love and lots of DRAMA. Maggie Way will make you laugh and then she will make you want to strangle the groom to be because of what he does. But wait, Ms. Way isn’t done yet. She will also have you saying way to go, girl, when Lacey finally realizes that she is happy.
A SEAL's Surprise Wedding by Iona Findley
This novella will have you ready to strangle the main male character. Yes, he is the alpha type but some of the things he does will make you want to. However, Iona Findley is a wonderful writer because not only does she draw you in the story but she will have you wondering what is going on in the first few paragraphs of this stunning work.
Save the Date by K.M. Hodge
Everyone knows what happened on 9/11. K.M. Hodge has taken an extremely sad and depressing day and tried to make it a happy one for her characters. Not a lot of authors would try and undertake this type of project and Hodge has succeeded. When one thing after another keeps going wrong, the best thing to do is find the one you love and hold on to them and never let them go. This is a heartwarming and touching story of how love will always find a way.
Consolation Prize by Abbie St. Claire
What happens when you have a bachelor (that doesn’t do love) and a spirited bachelorette bet each other and it gets out of hand. Does it change anything? Abbie St. Clair is a wonderful author that had me laughing the entire time I was reading this novella. What better way for a pick me up when you are feeling blue than to read about weddings.
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April 18, 2017
Wedding Dreams is a book filled with 20 short stories about the weddings and Sit back and enjoy the read!!!

Entangle Me - Sydney - Book One, by Maggie Way
Lacey is a wedding planner who is preparing for her own big day. The night before her wedding, to her fiancé of 6 years, while at their rehearsal dinner, she comes across a letter. While reading this letter, she finds out that Adam has been cheating on her. When she confronts him, he doesn't confirm or deny at first. Thank goodness for her friend and business partner, Gabe. He is there to help her get back in track. They head to Gabe's house to indulge in wine and ice cream. After too much wine and sleeping for a while, she decides it is in her best interest to confront Adam again. Only she never makes it very far and runs into her brothers best friend, Tristan. When she passes out, he brings her to his home. Tristan is hot, sexy and funny. Just what Lacey needs after the humiliation that Adam caused her.

A Seal’s Surprise Wedding, Brides of the Belle #1, by Iona Findley
Vivid and Con are due to get married in August. Vivi, along with her best friend and her twin sister are in New Orleans for her bachelorette party. Con wants to speed up their wedding while he is home on leave. Can he convince her to go through with it or will circumstances make it impossible? Marriage is all about trust and vivi isn't so sure that Con trusts her completely. It is trust that he doesn't have or is that he just likes to be in control of every situation?

Save The Date by K.M. Hodge
Jolene and Bennett are getting married before she deploys. She is a medic in the Navy. So her and her friends are having one that hurrah before her big day. When she gets sick during her bachelorette party, her best friend and bridesmaid, forces her to admit that she might be pregnant. The morning of her wedding, while the girls are getting ready to leave for the church, the unthinkable happened. 9/11…….

Kentucky Bluegrass Wedding by Lita Lawson
Cassie and Austin are planning their wedding. Austin comes from one of the more influential families in Kentucky, while Cassi does not. Planning their wedding is not going to be easy. Austin’s mother wants it to be the social event of the century while Austin and Cassi want a more intimate wedding. Can the all come to an agreement that will make everyone happy?

Rhythm ( A Heavy Influence Novella) by Ann Marie Frohoff
This is Kai and Grace’s story. Kai is a drummer, he met Grace about 10 years ago. Things happened and they ended up going their separate ways and continued their lives without each other. After Kai’s divorce and Gracie's husband passing away, they find their way back to each other. Even tho they weren't together, that did not mean that they were ever far from each other's thoughts. I loved this story. I wish Kai and Grace had a full story..

This was a very enjoyable read!!! 20 short stories about love!!

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April 19, 2017
Almost every girl has a vision of what she wants for her wedding. Sometimes as that little girl grows up those visions change. More often than not the girl gets her happily ever after. In this anthology there are 20 stories of weddings. While some of the stories are a little far fetched, all of show how much love a couple has for each other and the lengths they will to in order to get the wedding they dreamed of.

Entangle Me by Maggie Way is about a wedding planner named Lacey. After many years of giving every girl her dream wedding, Lacey finally gets to plan her own. Her boyfriend of six years is exactly who she wants to be married to. But on the day before the wedding of her dreams, everything goes wrong. Then a hero shows up in the unlikeliest form and everything is right again. Or is it? I really loved this story, or should I say teaser because I really need more of this story!

A SEAL's Surprise Wedding by Iona Findley is a story that whoa, I really didn’t think was going to be like that. There is a lot of angst and heart ache in this short story! It is the first book of the Bride’s of the Belle Series so I am looking forward to reading more. Vivi is the bride to be with Con her husband to be. He is a Navy SEAL and certain things need to happen when and how he says. But Vivi has plans of her own. These characters are very strong willed and ready for anything, or so it seems. A great adventurous read!

Save the Date by K.M. Hodge is a story with a date that everyone remembers, 9-11. Terrorists may kill many people but they can’t and won’t stop happiness and love. Jolene is a medic in the army, on leave to get married. Her wedding date is September 11. Little does she know things go from bad to worse throughout the day. Her husband to be, Bennett is her rock. I loved this story in that this couple shows so much strength at a time when we as a country had very little.

Meryton Matchmakers by Kristi Rose is an intricate story about several people. Elizabeth, Lydia, Kitty, Mary, Jane, Bill, Mr. Darcy just to name a few. Many of these characters work at the matchmaking company in town. They are struggling to save the company against the ��silent” partner. They must show that love is worth a chance. Cute story.

Love in Bloom is by Michelle Jo Quinn. Darwin is a flower shop owner and Morgan is his employee. They both have loved and lost so they are not looking for a happily ever after. They sell flowers for all occasions and after a very busy Valentine’s Day at the shop Darwin finally shows Morgan what he’s been secretly working on. And does this change everything!

Each couple, whether engaged or just looking for love, face quite the adventure in order to get to their happily ever after. Each couple proves how worth it love can be. My heart is full from these stories! You cant go wrong by giving these author's a chance!
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