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Dear Agony

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Dear Agony,

You've been my shadow, following me through childhood—filling my days and nights with terror and uncertainty. You cleverly disguised yourself as some form of pain or suffering as I grew into a young woman. We were unwavering companions … until I severed our ties.

I traded homelessness on the streets of New Orleans for a luxurious bed covered by the finest linens.
I traded dumpster diving for dinner in the finest restaurants.
I traded myself to a stranger—Bastien Pascal.

I have a good life within my platonic and mutually beneficial companionship with Bash.
He’s my friend. My mentor. My roommate.
Until everything changes.

I’m not supposed to get goosebumps when his hand brushes my skin.
I’m not supposed to be eager for his soothing touch following one of my nightmares.
I’m not supposed to think about what might happen if I reached out to him in the darkness.

Falling in love with him? Preposterous . . . unavoidable.

Agony, why are you back with a vengeance to rob me of this life I’ve come to love so dearly?

I’m finally happy. Don’t ruin this for me.

Always yours,

In this epic love story, Dear Agony forges a connection between an unlikely pair—a beautiful rose entwined in barbed wire and a shipwreck sinking into the darkest depths of the ocean. This agonizing romantic novel poses some gut-wrenching questions: What does a woman do when the man she loves is planning his own demise? And how far will she go to give him something to live for?

317 pages, ebook

First published March 1, 2017

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Georgia Cates

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1,461 reviews1,088 followers
March 28, 2017
Aunt Agony by Georgia Cates is more than just a truly an awe-inspiring, uplifting, heart-warming and beautifully written love story. It's s story about two unlikely people, Bastien Pascal, a successful and very rich and lonely man and Rose Middleton, homeless in the streets of New Orleans, who is given a chance to change her life.

It's a story about life and how you deal with the good and bad things that are thrown at you. It makes you question the meaning of your life. The people you love. The fear of loss. And I far you will go and how much you will do for the person you love.
What does a woman do when the man she loves is planning his own demise?
She gives him something to live for.
I couldn't put this book down. It just grabbed me..........Rose and Bastien's story is bittersweet and gut-wrenching. It's filled with love. Pain. Hope. And never giving up. The pull at my heart-strings had me almost in tears near the end of the story.
 photo 7506828_zpsdvjh8cnu.gif
The plot is incredible......not going to give out any spoilers...I think that the cover blurb tell it all. Just that it's brilliantly written ....The author's words are sheer poetry......
Dying and Falling in Love
The Two Just Don't Go Together
I loved the way Bastien and Rose's characters are developed. We get to see the growth of their relationship, the deep love that surrounds them.............

The Epilogue...Wow....I wanted to sob!!! But it was the right ending, the most true and believable, even when it breaks your heart, you are still left with "what if a miracle had to happen" feeling.
I see the conflict in his eyes but it's unnecessary.
Healthy....Sick....I don't care.
I want him exactly how he is.
I hope that there's going to be a follow-up to this book. Would love to see what happens next to Bastien, Rose and their kids and also how about a book for Rose's boss! Now there's a mysterious woman!!!!

This is one story that will remain with me for a very long time.
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1,828 reviews2,189 followers
March 2, 2017
3.5 stars

“This man will burn me. I already know it. I feel it deep down in my core.”

Dear Agony follows Rose, a young homeless street performer who is rescued by a woman named Vale who raises her to be a companion. Meaning she spends time with men who pay for her, but not in a sexual manner. And not exactly like an escort service, more like a live in friend. Bash is a friend of the owner of the business, and asks for Rose to be his companion.

Bash and Rose connect immediately, and become the best of friends. They love each other, but both are afraid to share their feelings to one another. Rose is afraid Bash will terminate their time together if she does, and Bash is afraid to let anyone get close him for fear of them getting hurt.

“Dying and falling in love. The two just don’t go together.”

I went into this book completely blind, I didn’t read the summary. I was interested in it based on the title and the author. I didn’t realize some of the heavy subject matter in this book, it’s not normally something I would go for, but I think Cates handled it very well in this book.

Contract romances are always fun to read, because rules are set and we all know those rules are meant to be broken in the war of love. I thought Bash and Rose had a sweet connection based on respect and friendship. I didn’t lose interest in this story and the pacing was great, it’s one many readers will read all the way through. I wish there had been less time jumps, and less fade to black sex scenes, but otherwise this was an interesting story and a romance many readers will love.

“I will get my wish…. to not wither away alone.”

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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March 1, 2017
4.5 Stars!

-The new Rose is special. She's intelligent. Beautiful. And deserving of good things.

 photo 50E25CBE-F8EB-4A66-9DBB-8E006F92C683_zpsjpq89rjr.jpg

Rose Middleton is a beautiful 19 yr. old girl struggling to survive while living on the streets of New Orleans. She's hungry, desperate and alone when a woman named Vale enters her life & saves her from living a life in fear. This woman becomes Rose's best friend & mentor. Now 23, Rose lives a luxurious life & is almost done with college. Vale has trained Rose & groomed her for the last three years to become a Duets girl. She's given her a future and the opportunity to become something more. She's now a confident woman who loves herself & knows her own worth.

 photo 75E68102-131B-4027-95B7-6C460997844C_zpsvmsfis7b.png

The Duets Foundation pairs beautiful classy women with wealthy businessmen for companionship. Men who don't have time to find dates. Bastien Pascal is a successful 35 yr. old multi-millionaire. He owns a commercial real estate agency. He works long hours and doesn't have a lot of free time. He's been going through some personal stuff & decides he's lonely & craves a connection. His best friend Vale keeps bragging about how wonderful her new prodigy Rose is, so he decides he wants Rose as his companion.

 photo 48258B28-1CAB-438E-A3C5-7D273C5314CF_zpsohmclcon.jpg

Rose arrives to meet Bastien & is expecting the usual old elderly man, but instead is greeted by a handsome, drop dead gorgeous, mouthwatering sexy man. She agrees to be his companion & they agree on the rules. No sex or intimacy. No romance and no falling in love. They begin spending time together & quickly become extremely close. They are the best of friends, but both soon start to want more. Rose cherishes every moment she spends with this kind, thoughtful, beautiful, irresistible man. Bastien is completely captivated by Rose & she's brought a joy to his life that was missing.

 photo B665DDEA-3684-49F8-93E0-4B12894E7B57_zpslaqvy9v6.jpg

Rose is happier than she ever dreamed she could be. She feels safe, secure & cared for. She's falling in love with Bastien & wants a life with him. He's amazing in every way & leaves her breathless. The sexual tension between them finally becomes overwhelming & they act on their feelings. Bastien wasn't supposed to get attached to Rose, but now is totally consumed by her. Will his secrets threaten to destroy them, or will love prevail in the end? Has he given her the world only to take it away? Rose won't settle & she wants it all with Bastien. She believes you fight for love & risk it all.

 photo CE0B163D-1B96-48A0-B37E-23696A25A26E_zpsktgxscm7.jpg
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1,086 reviews1,169 followers
March 1, 2017
4.5 'Beautiful Agony' Stars

Mind blowingly beautiful story! It really had to be for me to rate it this way, even with fade to black sex scene. But this beyond realistic, sad and heartwarming love story, and his talented author, deserve the raving! I sobbed like a baby for Bastien and Rose, for their pain, and their struggle - which was incredibly well written, and I won't soon forget - but for a love like this it was SO worth it!!!
Of course, as a HEA addict, the epilogue felt bittersweet too me, but with given the circumstances, I think Georgia Cates gave them the best ending possible, in a equally beautiful and touching way! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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2,772 reviews1,472 followers
February 23, 2017

I love Georgia Cates and I loved Dear Agony. I love the cover, I love the summary, I love the characters and I love the story. Dear Agony is a melt-your-heart kind of read. It will leave you feeling swoony and breathless. I read this book in one sitting. I couldn’t put the book down! I was sucked in from the first page. There was NEVER a dull moment. I just could.not.stop.reading. Gah, it was addictive. I really needed this book.

Dear Agony had all the things I look for in a romantic read, with a damsel, a caring and strong Hero and heart-warming plot.

Rose has a hard life. She’s homeless and doesn’t know where she will get her next meal. Everything changes when she meets a woman that offers her a job. She will groom Rose to be a paid companion. When I first realized the plot of the book it gave me the sort of feeling this was like a sugar daddy / sugar baby story line. In essence it is, but to me, this story was a bit classier. The whole ideal of a companion relationship is that it’s a platonic relationship and I PROMISE you, it adds a very nice tension to the story.

Bastien (Bash), has it all, the looks, the success and the charm. What he doesn’t have is time. He’s at a point in his life where he doesn’t want mindless sexual relations with women anymore. He’s seeking something deeper, more meaningful, but just enough where he won’t get his heart broken. Basically, a best friend, but with a woman. I know, some of you are going to scratch your head at this, but I’m telling you, it makes sense and it fits the story perfectly.

I love Bash. At times he frustrated me, but it only (and like I said before) added to the story and angst. Bash pays for Rose’s time. The thing I love most about this book is that the author really builds up the relationship between the couple. I got a lot of character development. I love the tension between Bash and Rose. I love how sweet Rose is and I love Bash’s caring personality by wanting to give her everything.

Of course, not everything can be perfect and as the story progresses, it gets more dramatic and it got better and better.

I enjoyed Dear Agony from start to finish. I felt like I was on a roller coaster of emotions. At times the book was sugary sweet, but I’ll you what, I LOVED THAT!!!!

I highly recommend.

An ARC was provided

Dear Agony by Georgia Cates AMAZON
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1,805 reviews458 followers
March 30, 2017
Surprisingly sweet.

The offer of being taken off the streets and educated to be a companion to a rich and lonely man seemed a bit shady, but after Vale explains connections through her agency are usually just for company and friendship but sometimes develop into real romantic relationships, Rose agrees.

After three years under Vale’s tutelage, Rose Middleton has become the daughter Vale never had and Vale would rather make her a partner than pair her with anyone of her clients, until Vale’s best friend and silent partner specifically requests Rose as a companion.
“Dying and falling in love. The two just don’t go together.”

Vale is delighted that the two people she loves the most will finally meet, but she doesn’t know the real reason behind Bash’s request. He really just wants to not be alone until he decides his debilitating illness is too much for anyone to bare and he ends his life.
“I will get my wish…. to not wither away alone.”

Even though Bastien Pascal is over a decade her senior and he has his walls firmly in place, he and Rose make an instant connection. Can Bash and Rose remain just friends? Can Rose give him a reason to choose life with her for however long they have?
“I see the conflict in his eyes but it's unnecessary.
Healthy....Sick....I don't care.
I want him exactly how he is.”

Even though the title and blurb hint agony, the read was mostly sweet. The book’s premise was told quickly and fluidly and the main part of story is the relationship building between Bash and Rose, how they become friends and even though they both fall in love with one another they don’t express their feelings for their own personal reasons nor do they cross any romantic lines for a very long time. Until lines get blurred and then completely erased, truths are revealed and their lived get a bit complicated.

The story has a fluid pace with an interesting plot and well developed, likeable characters. It’s sweet, and heart-warming.

Dear Agony is a standalone, contemporary romance by Georgia Cates. Told from both points of view with a happy ending.

Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2odxoVh

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this title. *

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888 reviews680 followers
November 16, 2017
**3.5 stars**

In short:
Hero 4/5 | Heroine 4/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 3/5 | Writing Style 4/5 | Steam 3/5 | Romance 4/5 | Angst-Suspense 3/5 | Darkness 1/5 | Humor 1/5 | Secondary Characters 3/5 | Drama-Conflict 3/5 | Mystery 2/5 | Twists 3/5 | Pacing Fast | Action 3/5
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1,075 reviews610 followers
March 9, 2017
4.5-4.75 "Desirable Agony" Stars

"I’m convinced that you can see into the soul of a person through his or her eyes. Thoughts. Intent. Opinion. The simplicity in their expression tells a story. It says more than any words they could possibly speak."

I love Georgia Cates and her books as well, like this one! I loved it and really really enjoyed it. I had a really good time reading this one. I think Georgia Cates is well able to keep balance between sadness and joy in this book. she is such a writer!

Rose is a nineteen-year-old girl who had a really bad childhood and now she is a homeless street performer. She thinks she is filthy, stupid, nobody… . One day she meets Vale who is a beneficial relationship specialist. Vale suggested she works for her, but not like other girls. She wants Rose to be her prodigy who has long-term companionship with a single man and lives with him. She agreed to work for her. so her training starts for three years.

Vale owed a huge money to her best friend, Bastien. He suggested to clear her debt in exchange for Rose’s SEXLESS companion. He is 36 years old and he is a good man, kind and gentle. But he has a secret that prevent him to let this companionship develops to something else. His future is both certain and uncertain at the same time!

The story is fast-spaced and did I mention sexless!? Okay, maybe they have it but it fades to black… but it wasn’t important to me for this story. The story was so beautiful! The storyline, characters, everything were perfect!
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2,060 reviews709 followers
July 25, 2017
Rose is a homeless street performer doing what she can to survive when a beautiful sophisticated woman propositions her. With limited options, she accepts and finds a life she never even dreamed of as well as a self-confidence she didn’t know she could own. When she is placed as a companion to Bastien Pascal, her world takes another turn. Who knew that life could be so much better? What develops between these two characters is companionship to friends to lovers. And it is a beautiful story.

I loved both Rose and Bastien. Their relationship just felt so real and the fact that it spans months into years just added a depth to it not normally found in romance books. Bastien does make an absolute a-hole decision, several to be honest. And even if I wanted to give him several good wallops, I understood his motivation. Rose was exactly what he needed at a time when he needed it the most, even if he refused to be swayed by her presence in his life.

This was an incredible read and not at all what I was expecting. It is not a storyline I’ve read before and despite the heavy angst, found it refreshing in its uniqueness. This is my first Georgia Cates book and if her other works are a fraction of this one, I’m all in for digging into her backlist.

ARC provided by NetGalley

Dual POV
Other woman drama but H doesn’t cheat at all
Triggers -
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305 reviews63 followers
March 6, 2017
I usually don't read books where beautiful homeless girl gets taken in and is groomed to be a companion/whatever for a wealthy man. That trope doesn't interest me that much but something about this book intrigued me.

I have to say I really liked it.

At a certain point the plot goes in a direction that I think some people will not like, but I didn't mind.

The thing I didn't understand was

Overall I enjoyed this book very much.
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1,308 reviews546 followers
March 2, 2017
2.5-3 stars
A lot of this story didn't work for me which saddens me because i was really looking forward to reading it.
I loved how Vale found Rose and took her under her wing and changed her life for the better.
What didn't work for me was the actual relationship between Bastian and Rose...sadly I never felt any connection to them or between them. It felt very superficial and almost insta..maybe it didn't help that there were fade to black moments so any chemistry was missing.
While I liked the overall message of the book that life is precious and to treasure every moment, Dear Agony felt more like a less emotional version of Me Before You and I just wanted more.
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3,749 reviews443 followers
March 6, 2017
BRAVO Ms Cates, you have given us another beautifully breathtaking story of hope, life and learning to allow love in our lives!

There is so much I want to say about this breathtaking story yet I will hold myself from doing that so that you will get to experience the full effect of it.

Rose & Bastian's first meeting had me on pin in needles, would it be love at first sight, would they have an instant connection, would Rose finally have that "one person" that would be there for her?

I loved that it was written in dual POV because I get to hear Bastian's true feelings!! Rose & Bastian's journey was not an easy one due to Bastian's past and future but she made sure to show and tell him what he meant to her even if it wasn't what he wanted to hear.

I wanted to smack some sense into Bastian many times yet I realized that Rose's actions would do that on their own. Their story had me smiling, sighing and in tears wishing I could change the future for them. So be prepared to get lost in their story and fall in love with them! -Kara, 5 Beautifully Breathtaking Stars
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305 reviews126 followers
June 27, 2017
3.5 stars

This book is about Rose. A young girl who has been through alot in her life like living on streets alot.

Vale is her mentor, friend and much more as she was the one who found Rose when she was a street performer and had no one and nothing in her life.

Vale is a strong, ambitious and mysterious business woman. She saw something in Ross which made her choose Rose and turn her into a dream girl.

And by turning into her a dream girl i mean turning her into a desirable companion which any rich business man would die for .

Yup people i was little shocked myself there because blurb is so vague.

Well! This was a little funny for me as just the other day i was reading this whole article on Sugar daddy and Sugar babies and how this is a real concept.
THE article was quite intresting actually, the girl who was telling about her experience was only of 30 yrs and her Sugar daddy was of 62 yrs.
So, i was pretty shocked when i read this book its like universe is trying to hint me something LOL😂

now on the book- now enters H i.e Bastian pascal👀
A rich businessman. He is Vale's bestfriend and that's why he knew everything about Rose being a duet ( duets are those girls who Vale trains to be Sugar babies) and how she is special as she gets to train for 3 years.
Bastian asks for Rose as his companion in exchange of all the debt Vale owns him.
Then the story begins and reasons are revealed why a healthy guy like Bastian needs a Companion.
I liked h and H was ok but nothing i love to read you know my usual Alpha.

Yup there were some scene of possessiveness and jealousness but nothing to lift my rating up.

I felt like the book was limitive. I mean the whole book was spent in hotel , penthouse and office.
The time was flying through out the whole book even when the author changed the location she planned out the story in indoors.
I mean c'mon its not a low budget movie😐 you can imagine anything 😅 make it a little fun yeah?

Other than that you can read it if you have nothing good to read!
One time read for damn sure!
June 13, 2017
Wow! This book has been sitting on my kindle since it's release and three months later, I got to read it! Had I known I'd love it so much, I'd have read it pronto. I do believe this is the first book I've read by this author. But not the last.

Dear Agony piqued my interest with the blurb but let me assure you, there is SO MUCH story to this story. Wow. Be still my heart- the angst! Gah. I encountered a million emotions while traveling this journey for a heroine who has been down on her luck until a special woman takes a chance on her- and bam, new life. Then she meets our hero, Bastian. I need to go to New Orleans if he's what we get there! I'm a sucker for French speaking dark-haired suited men!

I'm not going to give away anything here. Just know this is an emotional journey for this couple and I vacillated from wanting to hug Bas to wanting to junk-punch him. The author stayed true to the plot and the hero's strong convictions and I respect that. When an author knows she will likely tick off readers but stays true to his character throughout. That's something for me.

This book is not smut. Most scenes rather fade to black but I was so captivated by their friendship turned love story, I didn't miss it...much. Okay, maybe a little more would've been...nice. But I digress...

Looking forward to more from Georgia Cates.

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1,209 reviews1,032 followers
March 1, 2017
Can I give Dear Agony 5+ stars? Why doesn’t Amazon or Goodreads allow readers to give an extra special star or even a 1/2 star? Oh well, at least I can do it in writing. I knew Dear Agony was going to be an emotional journey based on the title, but I didn’t expect this. Everything about this book pulled on my heartstrings and didn't let go. At times that I wanted to kick my Kindle as tears ran down my face. I think Dear Agony might be Georgia Cates' finest work to date! I'm lost in a sea of emotions and feeling like a book hangover will be in my future. Warning: you will need a box of tissues. This book will make my best of 2017 list. Bravo Georgia!

This review appears on www.kindlecrack.net, www.facebook.com/kindlecrack, Goodreads, Amazon, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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590 reviews446 followers
March 1, 2017
My heart is pounding.

My hands are shaking.

Tears are streaming down my face.

I'm a balled up mess of devastating, beautiful feelings. Dear Agony by Georgia Cates is a must read for EVERYONE.

Dear Agony is so different to anything I've read by Georgia before. I absolutely love Georgia's writing. Her books are ones I can easily lose myself in and not care that I've read away half my day. From the moment I saw the first teasers for Dear Agony and the minute I saw the cover I just knew I had to lose myself in this read too. And OH MY GOSH. I lost myself, in a intense, visceral journey that cut deep, blew me apart and then kept me open, hanging on by a thread to the very end.

If you love angst and tension in your books then this is the read for you. I feel I've been pulled and pushed, no, dragged, through so many emotions and feelings that I didn't know which way was up. I was burnt to my very core and I freaking LOVED every second of it!! The journey that Georgia put Bash & Rose on was devastating, full of rawness, grit and intensity. They broke my heart, they fixed it back up. And then they ripped it right open again, but I wanted it, found myself craving it, needed the suspense and tension. I don't care how crazy that makes me. I'm downright crazy over this book!!

Bash and Rose were fantastic. They were passionate, seductive, sensual. They were raw, brutal and devastating. They were love, light and happiness. Strange mix I know, but it worked. Perfectly.

I won't say anymore. I truly believe you'd benefit reading by going in blind. Just shut the world away and get lost, trust the words, trust the characters. Trust Georgia. Because she delivers one hell of a devastatingly beautiful, breathtaking journey.

5 all consuming stars.
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4,846 reviews294 followers
November 20, 2017

I wasn't entirely sure what this book would be about, I had originally thought maybe with the title it might have an Agony Aunt twist but turned out to be more the inner voice was her Dear Agony moments. I loved this book as it had a few of my favorite things, the first was that it was set in New Orleans and it reminded me of the time I spent there and gave me flashbacks of memories. The other thing it has arranged relationships and the theme of semi-roomies to friends to lovers. Rose was homeless and making her small pittance by entertaining in Jackson Square. Rose is approached by a woman named Vale who runs a companionship business and wants Rose. Rose agrees and soon becomes a project and more to Vale, almost like her protege. Vale owes her business success to her best friend B aka Bash as he gave her the start-up for the business. He is ready to wipe Vale's loan of $2 million for Rose as his companion. Rose and Vale agree, and Rose starts a companionship relationship with Bash on the requirement that they never fall in love. Of course, what will happen when feelings start to come into the companionship and Bash reveals a dark secret. Will Rose stay by Bash's side even if he tries to push her away and make her hate him? What will happen when the pair get news and Bash issue her with an ultimatum and Rose being strong takes the hard road but stands her ground and doesn't waver. I loved this part as I have seen, heard and read so many stories which when they fall pregnant are given the ultimatum - me or the baby and they abort the baby to stay with the guy whereas Rose stayed strong and did not bend to his demands and of course because she showed bravery and courage and good morals - she got her karma and ended up on top and with a truly HEA ending. If you are looking for a story with strong female characters but not alpha females - I don't like alpha females, then Dear Agony by Georgia Cates.
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313 reviews7 followers
March 2, 2017
Cant decide between liking it and it was just okay so Ill just go with 2.5
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372 reviews27 followers
November 10, 2022
such a sweet , sad and beautiful love story ❤️🥹
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381 reviews44 followers
March 6, 2017
Finished this in a day. Quick easy read for me. I didn't realize what the storyline entailed when jumping into this, but it turned out to be a story about love, loyalty and devotion no matter the circumstance.

3.5-4 stars
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1,068 reviews63 followers
April 18, 2017


I. Am. Ruined.
Like in really really ruined.


When I was given this book to read and review, I never thought that it would be this painfully and beautifully heartbreaking.


When Agony decided to turn her ugly face and give Rose Middleton a chance to finally have a decent life, she grabbed on it and enjoyed every bit of it to the fullest.

Being one of the Fairy Godmother's girls was impossible dreams come true.
With Vale, Rose learned how to live and how to become a woman she never thought she could be.

But when it was time for her to part ways with Duets and join her new companion, Rose never thought that everything she learned couldn't have prepared her for Bastian Pascal.


Diagnosed with an incurable disease, Bastian decided to use one of his best friend's duets as a companion in a strictly platonic relationship. He hadn’t much time left before going with the plan to end things his way, but hell if he wouldn’t make the most of it with the mysterious woman Vale kept talking about.

The joy Rose brought to Bash's life was unexpected. She made him feel things he thought he buried with his family.

“Rose is so different from any other woman I’ve ever wanted. She’s delicate. Fragile. Innocent. She doesn’t know how to play the seduction game, yet she has seduced my heart, body, and soul.
I need her.
I want her.
I love her.”



Dear Agony is life showing her ugly face but failing to pass the ugliness to our souls.


Ps. Teasers are from the author's website: http://www.georgiacates.com/



Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet.

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2,599 reviews416 followers
February 28, 2017
Review by Lisa Kane

Rose Middleton is homeless, hungry and hopeless. Dumpster diving keeps her from starving. When she’s approached by a sophisticated, beautiful woman with an intriguing proposition, her life changes. Vale from the Duets Foundation links wealthy clients with polished, educated woman. Men who are too busy to make their own contacts when they wish to entertain clients, attend events or have an attractive woman on their arm. Vale things Rose can be one of her girls.

A business deal. That’s all this is. That makes me a savvy businesswoman. Not an escort. Not a prostitute. Not a whore. Vale sees me so differently to how I’ve seen myself. Could it be true? Could what she’s offering allow me to start building a life? One that brings me happiness?

Vale takes a vested interest in Rose. For three years she grooms her, pays for her college education and houses her. She’s come to think of Rose as the daughter she never had. But her best friend and business investor, Bastien Pascal decides he will wipe away Vale’s considerable debt if she lets Rose be his assistant. He wants to be her client. Rose is less than thrilled about this turn of events.

Congratulations, Agony. You’ve managed to worm your way back into my life.

Rose and Bastien have a ton of chemistry. She has a hard time figuring out why a good looking, rich guy needs Vale’s services. But that’s because she doesn’t know what Bastien is hiding from her. Months go by and their relationship becomes complicated. This is when you are glad that Bastien exists between pages and words and isn’t standing in front of you or you wouldn’t be responsible for your actions…

“Your tragedy is completely your choice.”

Dear Agony has some tough parts to read through but it’s well written and has an intriguing plot. Can one person change the course of another’s life? Can they change what the other perceives is their destiny?

And then nothing remains between us. We become one. No beginning. No end.

March 2, 2017
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Dear Ms. Cates,
This is my very first book that I have read of yours even though I have others on my kindle. I am now kicking myself in my book whore ass for waiting so long to finally reading a book of yours. You have destroyed me, put me in a book depression (I can’t even say hangover because I am still having moments of tears when I think of this book), you reminded me why I love and hate angst at the same time and you reminded me why I love to read. Dear Agony embraced so many of the reasons why I fell in love with reading once more years ago. I was enthralled, I was completely under you spell of words, emotions and the hope that all of these emotions would be well worth it, and they were.

So while this review may not be in a typical review form I felt that doing it as a letter to you Ms. Cates was the best way to say how I felt in both a personal yet unique way. Dear Agony will be staying with me for days, weeks, hell let’s be honest most likely months to come. Dear Agony is one that I highly recommend and may very well end up on my top reads list of this year.

Janna a/k/a The Book Whore
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March 9, 2017

I think this one started off strong for me. A girl with a bad past gets an opportunity that seems a bit shady, but it's better than the life she's currently living so she takes it. Three years down the road she's thriving in the life that was offered to her, but everything changes when a man, who is hiding his progressive degenerative disease from everyone even his best friend, decides he wants to use her for the job she's been training for. A non-sexual, strictly platonic, live-in companion. Interesting right?

Well it went a little down hill for me when the hero was so adamant about not having a future even after these two eventually start having feelings. I realize this is fiction, but this man clearly needed to seek some form of therapy. He was very depressed about his diagnosis, which is normal, but his plan for his life and the no future storyline just was a miss for me.

The writing was amazing as always, and there were moments when I was really rooting for the main characters. Then there were parts where I was just begging for them to end it. Their agony, I mean. I'll continue to read this authors work, this one unfortunately just didn't work for me!
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March 1, 2017
* A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour *

~ 5 Lifesaving Stars ~

FULL REVIEW to come for Blog Tour...... I will say this, this was an AMAZING read and one I believe everyone should read. Georgia Cates at her best!!!!

FULL REVIEW Now Posted::
Wow, Wow, Wow…..I can’t tell you how much I loved this book!!

I have been left speechless after reading this book. I don’t know how to put my thoughts into words that could possibly do this book justice. I think it is safe to say this in my favorite Georgia Cates book to date. She knocked this book out of the park.

I won’t be talking about the storyline much, because this one of those books you can’t truly appreciate it if you know stuff before reading the book. You need to feel all the emotions that flow off the pages of this story.

Dear Agony is a standalone novel that is told in Dual POV. I have to say I am really happy Georgia decided to write this book that way, because I think the reader really needs both sides of the story while reading it. This story was such a tragic an epic love story all rolled into one. Bastien and Rose’s story is told over the course of a few years and I loved how Georgia wrote this book. She moved everything right along by fast forwarding some time here and there, but nothing feel rushed and I don’t feel we missed anything either. The flow of this story was effortless!!!

I loved the storyline of this book. I will say that this book does cover a kind of heavy subject and one that hit kind of close to home for me. This story is kind of my own personal fear and makes you think about what you would do in this situation. As hard as it may seem while reading this book, I was happy with the ending of the book and it left me feeling good and my heart was full.

Rose and Bastien’s journey is not an easy one and it has it’s ups and downs, but what it just shows, is that love can really prevail in the end.

I enjoyed getting to know Vale as well in this story. I am hoping that she might get a story of her own. I think there are some serious secrets she’s keeping and I love to uncover them.

Now don’t take my word for it, when it comes to this book….You need to just READ this book for yourself. I don’t think anyone will be sorry they read this story!!! It is just that good.

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March 24, 2017
I was given ARC copy for a honest review

I have final finished this one as I have to say it is hard for me to read as I know from the get go there is something wrong with the Hero and I hate to think then might not be a happy ending.

The writing style was good and drew me in when I was reading it but just when you were getting into the story the next chapter took a step back. Then it felt like you were skimming the good stuff never going into depth of what was going on between the hero/heroine.

The story line Rich hero Bastien who's best friend Vale owns a company where too busy business man buy a companion (doesn't have to be a sexual companion)when he finds out that he has a life changing illness he thinks this would be perfect for him so when he is ready he can just terminated his contract.
The heroine was found on the streets where she was basically homeless do street begging. Vale takes Rose under her wing and trains her for 3 years.

Bastien is quite a few years older than Rose what starts out as friends quickly turns to something more. Rose didn't have a good childhood & Bastien makes her feel safe.

It had all the right ingredients to be something great but just didn't get there for me.
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March 2, 2017
Very unique story-line. Super bittersweet. I cried for them both, for their suffering and their happiness. A wonderfully bittersweet and touching romantic story. I truly hoped they would remained eternally together.

4.75 Stars
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July 1, 2020
Well THAT packed an emotional punch! I'm not sure what I was expecting from this story. The title alone lets you know that you should brace yourself for a bit of angst-fest, however I personally think the title is a tad misleading. But that's neither here nor there. I rather enjoyed this book. Yes, it was a bit far-fetched. Yes, the things that happened were a bit fortuitous. Yes, these two were a bit too perfect. Yet, I was able to put all that aside and plow through it in two days, which lately, for me at least, is nothing short of a miracle, as I've lost my reading mojo. I credit the writing to that. The writing was awesome. In fact, I think the writing was bigger than the story itself. My first Georgia Cates book, and I was struck several times by the way she can turn a phrase and get to the heart of the matter in a few short words. These two characters were in a no win situation, yet they found a way through with mere determination and true acceptance. I didn't see how this could have a good ending, yet I turned the last page with a happy little sigh.
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March 7, 2017
2.5 stars
I loved the idea of this book.
I loved the setting, New Orleans, La.
a place I spent all of my childhood
summers. I loved the flow, and
I loved Bastien and Rose.

I didn't like the push and pull,
and I didn't like the disease
that Bastien had. I read romance
for romance. I love to escape
to another place and just enjoy.
This book was not the book to
do that with.

ALS is a horrible disease. I have
watched a friend die from this
and I hated reading that my
hero had it. You don't come back
from this disease, and it is
rough. It takes a huge toll on
all family members. The feel
of it had me kinda depressed
at the end, and that is not my
goal in reading a romance.

That and the push and pull of
this book account for my low
rating. I will
this author, but I did not
like this one!
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