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Naked Chocolate

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Free tracking. History of chocolate.

248 pages, Paperback

First published February 1, 2005

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About the author

David Wolfe

182 books88 followers
David Wolfe is a self-proclaimed Nutrition and Wellness Expert. Author of Eating For Beauty, Superfoods: Food and Medicine of the Future, Amazing Grace, Sunfood Diet Success System.

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Profile Image for Jacquelinn Kai.
15 reviews1 follower
May 11, 2012
Lot's of great information and truth about the Raw gem of a bead. Just, believe it or not, I am kind of getting over the necessity for chocolate.
Profile Image for Amanda Paisley.
6 reviews1 follower
November 6, 2009
Upon cracking the cover of 'Naked Chocolate', one first encounters the disclaimer issued by the David-Shazzie duo. Not too surprising given the subject matter (natural health, etc.). Shocking however, is the 'Note on References' that follows three paragraphs later. The reserach that went into the book is referred to as 'chaos magic'. Personally, I prefer documented facts. The authors go on to state that some references to studies and facts were lost. Lost? Here I quickly become skeptical of the validity of ANY material that is going to be presented. Furthermore, the authors statement recommends that if the reader finds any information that is unsubstantiated, they should take it upon themselves to 'do the book and Internet research to corroborate the information' Hmmmmm....isn't that why I purchased the book? To read SUBSTANTIATED facts about cacao presented by an educator on the subject, rather than the unverified blatherings of a self-proclaimed nutrition guru? In a nutshell, I believe that I'm being told that the author may not be able to actually back up his 'facts' and that I should just 'google-it'. No thanks! One could save their hard-earned $24.95 and just googled 'raw cacao facts, cacao mythology, cacao processing, etc'.

Given the above information, I've taken any information contained within the pages of 'Naked Chocolate' with a grain of salt (pardon the pun). That aside, the book itself is very well laid out and pictures were quite beautiful. As far as value, I have to disregard it as and educational source and focus solely on its value as a recipe book. Unfortuntaely, it seems at best, a glorified, over-blown 'un-cookbook'. I haven't actually tried any of the recipes. From my experience with raw foods preparation/recipe books, they seem insanely rich by comparison. Most recipes contain huge amounts of oils and excessive use of sweeteners. Plus, the nauseatingly 'cute' endorsements of the recipes contained within the instructions slaughter my food prep inspiration before it even had a chance to blossom.

My consolation? This book was gifted to me rather than an actual purchase on my part.
Profile Image for Polina.
199 reviews67 followers
June 25, 2012
I expected a lot from this book, but perhaps precisely because I am a raw foodist chocolate addict myself the title just didn't measure up. I read the theoretical part of it in one sitting, skipping the endless chemical composition lists and diagrams (seriously, is anyone is interested in that I believe they will be conducting their own independent research and such data does not belong in a mass interest cookbook/reference title in my opinion). I don't feel like I have learned much new from it, and it just went from one unconfirmed speculation to another. And the recipes, the main reason for purchasing it, also failed to inspire any new creations on my part but I will revisit it at a later date to see if I can gleam anything of interest for my chocolate creative endeavours.
Profile Image for Damien.
243 reviews29 followers
August 24, 2021
David Wolfe's books are getting better as the years go by, but not good enough. I liked this one just a tad more than Superfoods, although I am still sceptical. Almost convince, but not quite. The photos are really cool, as well as the Galeano style dabbling into Meso-American legend. There is also an illustated outline of most of the foods from Superfoods. I figure some day Wolfe will be able to revise his books and give us something cool and straightforward without being such a cheeseball. Also, like most raw food books, the recipes were way too complicated for new comers.
Profile Image for Jasmine.
62 reviews7 followers
September 15, 2012
About as 'twirling hippie' a book as you can get and I absolutely loved it. The raw food community is pretty guilty of circular referencing of scientific 'proof' and 'research' and there is plenty of pseudoscience in evidence here but... I don't need scientific proof to know something makes me feel fabulous and that something is delicious and that's what this book is all about. FULL of inspiration for how to harness the miraculous health powers of cacao.
Profile Image for Sharolyn.
191 reviews18 followers
July 31, 2012
Chocolate is good for you... but most especially best when it is in it's most natural state - raw and dark. This book encouraged me to make my own raw chocolate from scratch. Which I still hope to do ... one day. In the mean time I enjoy the darkest chocolate I can find with the least unnecessary ingredients.
Profile Image for Viktoria Nieva-Gomez.
3 reviews6 followers
October 15, 2020
I read this book already 10 years ago and really enjoyed it at the time... it sparked my passion to experiment with making my own raw vegan chocolate. With recent findings that cacao is quite contaminated with heavy metals I changed from having it every day to once in a while. Some of David Wolfe's ideas I find quite whacky but entertaining.
65 reviews15 followers
February 1, 2008
The naked truth about this wonderful food's origins, traditions from a hippie's point of view. Some interesting and healthy ideas about how to best partake of this fruit of the gods.
Profile Image for Anna.
4 reviews1 follower
September 16, 2008
Chocolate is the best thing in the world for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Profile Image for Loree.
151 reviews13 followers
February 15, 2009
excellent addition to a foodies book shelf. Good collection of recipes and information about cacao (raw chocolate).
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