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The Intuitives

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In Egypt, an archaeological team discovers the lost tomb of Alexander the Great. Seven years later, every public school student in America takes a strange new test, but only six are chosen to attend a summer program at the mysterious Institute for the Cultivation of Intuitive Cognition, where nothing is as it appears to be, including the students themselves.

Roman Jackson, 11—the lonely artist.
Sees things. Around people. Things he can never, ever tell.

Samantha Prescott, 16—the sarcastic nerd.
Isolated by a premonition even she doesn’t understand.

Daniel Walker, 17—the shy musician.
Hides his private thoughts in the soundtrack of his mind.

Kaitlyn Wright, 15—the bubbly engineer.
Can fix anything, except the one thing that matters most.

Mackenzie Gray, 17—the disciplined athlete.
Armors her deepest fears against a world she can’t control.

Ashton Hunt, 17—the frustrated gamer.
Hoping to turn pro, and a constant disappointment to his father.

But why is the U.S. government so interested in six outcasts? And what, exactly, is it teaching them to do? Now, they must band together to uncover the true purpose behind the institute—and the ancient secrets that lie hidden beneath its surface.

Before history catches up to them.

374 pages, Paperback

First published July 25, 2017

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About the author

Erin Michelle Sky

5 books355 followers
Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown, Dragon Authors

As a child, Erin fell in love with llamas and with the books of Anne McCaffrey, whose Dragonriders of Pern series inspired her to become a writer. When she finally met Anne McCaffrey at a fantasy convention some two decades later, she wept uncontrollably throughout the entire affair. She does significantly better with llamas.

Steven Brown spent his childhood reading anything he could get his hands on, sharing his favorite stories with his younger brothers and then acting them out, especially if this required sword fighting on horseback. When they ran out of books, he wrote his own, including his brothers as the main characters by sketching original illustrations on magazine clippings.

Together, they are Dragon Authors, writing science fiction and fantasy novels for teens and adults. You can find them online at https://DragonAuthors.com.

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Author 5 books355 followers
August 2, 2018
Now that The Intuitives has been out for almost two months, I wanted to change the little note about ARCs that I had left here back in December. (To be notified when ARCs are available for our future books, you can sign up for our mailing list at http://dragonauthors.com.)

I loved writing this book. The characters all spoke to me, and the theme is close to my heart. Everyone matters. Everyone's unique take on the world--what they notice, how they think, what they care about--matters. And what's even more important is that we all matter. Together.

Steven and I, for example, wrote this book together, and neither one of us could have written it alone. We brought different ideas to it, different interests, different perspectives. And we always gave each other veto power. If either one of us didn't like anything about the manuscript, we revised it until we were both happy. We never settled.

The result, I hope, is a book that will speak to a wide variety of people. Mostly to entertain, of course, but perhaps (if we're lucky) even to inspire a little--to give someone out there just a little more energy or enthusiasm about their own ideas. About their own dreams.

Which is why we dedicated the book to all the Intuitives out there, making the world a better place. To the creatives and the dreamers. Whoever and wherever you are, we believe in you.
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1,757 reviews753 followers
July 23, 2017
I want to start this review by stating that I received an arc paperback of the book from the authors in exchange for an honest review. This in no way changes or affects my review.

I was a little bit sceptical at first when I saw that the main characters of this book were quite young. But my worries quickly proved to be unfounded and I was actually quite impressed with how maturely the characters were written and how much I enjoyed them and their interactions!

I was instantly drawn into the story and couldn't stop turning the pages! It's such an unique and interesting concept, I just couldn't get enough of it! I liked that it was kind of like superpowers but at the same time it really wasn't. Each character had such an original ability and I really loved how they all worked together as unit to bring about an incredibly awesome result!

I quickly grew to really love each character as well, despite their ages they really were a great cast of characters. Other than their abilities, they each brought something special to the story and I definitely couldn't pick a favourite if I even tried!

I also very much enjoyed how fast paced and action packed the story was. There wasn't a chapter that went by without an interesting or exciting development and it made the pages fly by. And with the way it ended, it definitely left me wanting, no NEEDING more!
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590 reviews80 followers
July 18, 2017
*I'm already going to treasure this book as it was my very first physical ARC! (Being from Ireland, it’s easier for companies to send them through my Kindle, so this was a lovely gesture). Thanks again to Trash Dog Media Publishers for sending this book out in exchange for this honest review. It does not impact my review in any way.*

I really enjoyed this book. It had great characters, an interesting storyline, and always kept me on my toes.

So what’s the story? It starts off in Egypt, where a very important tomb has just been opened which has catastrophic results. We then jump ahead seven years where we’re introduced to our six main characters: Roman, Daniel, Rush, Samantha, Kaitlyn and Mackenzie. They undergo (what appears to be) a standardised test, but it turns out these five teenagers and one preteen possess special gifts that the government need. So these six kids are sent to a summer programme to help the government.

I have to admit, this book kept me in the dark until about 300 pages in. I had no idea where this book would head. It wasn’t in an annoying way – I still really enjoyed it! I mean, it still follows that YA trope about a group of kids with unique perspectives about the world find that what makes them different is what might make them heroes. But the way the authors handled it was really refreshing and it didn’t feel unoriginal or trope-like at all. It could’ve gone in so many predictable ways, yet I still was guessing until the very end. Everything flowed wonderfully, between the story and the relationships between the characters.

Regarding the characters, I loved them. It had a bit of a slow start, as there are six main characters that are all focused on. In fact, the first six chapters of this book are giving a background check into each character’s family life and personality. It meant the book started a little slow but I really appreciated having a sense of who each character was. So many books with a lot of characters just brush over their arcs and individuality so they all blend into one grey blob.

I think Roman (or Sketch) is my favourite. He was the youngest, at eleven, and comes from a fairly dysfunctional family. He’s also got a special gift in which he can see how good or bad someone truly is by seeing more in each person. For example, his older brother has a terrible temper and Sketch knows when that anger is going to surface as bees start buzzing angrily around him. It’s something so unique that was written so believably. When Sketch meets the other characters in the summer programme, he meets people that are so unlike anybody he’s ever known and he learns to accept his gift for what it is. It was so great!

The book tried to add in a minor romantic subplot between four of the six main characters, but honestly, it wasn’t needed. When it did show up it seemed very forced and sudden and I don’t like that some authors feel they need to have romance in a book to make it successful. I believed and loved the friendships between them all and there was no need to add something more into it.

The one thing I found confusing is the nicknames. Each of the six main characters is given nicknames soon after they first meet, and for the rest of the book they go back and forth between their true names and the nicknames. Since this book is written in third person and it goes back and forth between the six characters constantly, I often had twelve different names to try and remember so it was disconcerting to know who each one was. Maybe if each chapter stuck with only one character’s point of view and that chapter had the character’s name on the top, it might have been easier to decipher the names. Or just choose whether their name is going to be their true name or the nickname, and stick with that name for the rest of the book.

However, with everything being said, I really enjoyed this book. It comes out July 25th, 2017, so be sure to pre-order or pick up a copy if you can. It’s a truly refreshing read.
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July 25, 2017
The Intuitives is a quite fascinating read for me. It was also unique and diverse and the plotline is really great. You can’t think of any YA that will show what this book has. It was indeed original in my taste and the course of my adventure with it was amazing. Before I add more, let’s see first how the story goes in no spoiler way.

The story was introduced in Egypt where a tomb is opened and then transported years later to the present, revealing every important character that will hone the plot into a great journey. I never yet assumed any expectation when I got into it first but moving really thrilled on every page – I indeed love it. Every character shows little bit hint first of how they will do their part in the process which makes me really became intrigued then, that until the end, every unexpected way I crossed, it made me think how come I didn’t expected it all really. The ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ are what I mouthed silently from time to time since sometimes I’m at the school when I read it. Though I give way for it when I’m at home. This book is a fantastic and magical also (as you go through deeper you will know what I mean).
Full review at my blog --> https://descendantofposeidonreads.wor...
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342 reviews42 followers
July 11, 2017
Title: The Intuitives
Authors: Erin Michelle Sky, Steven Brown
Publisher: Trash Dogs Media, 2017 (July 25)
Genre: YA Fantasy

**I received a copy of this ARC free from the publisher and authors in exchange for an honest review**

This review can be found on my Blog, TeacherofYA’s Tumblr, or my Goodreads page

My Review:

Ok, so you know how I feel about covers, and when I first got this, I was a little disillusioned…until I saw that it actually is a very strong cover.

I’ve been lucky enough to have this copy for awhile and I just always looked at it, wondering what the runes meant. The cover ties in pretty well with the story, so the cover makes a lot of sense.

I can barely contain my excitement over this book: let’s just say I was really surprised and I wasn’t expecting what I got. What I got was a book I couldn’t put down…you’d have to pry it out of my hands as I read it, glued to the pages.

Let me explain:

The POV shifts several times between our six teen (besides Roman, who’s 11) characters.

We start with Roman, and we learn that he sees things around people that no one else sees: angry red bees around his bully of a brother or fairy wings sprouting from his little sister’s back. He is afraid to tell anyone bc he knows no one else sees what he does: he just draws it all in a sketchbook to keep his mom from worrying about his “hallucinations.”

Sam intrinsically knows the time, all the time. She feels like she’s always waiting for something to happen, but she just doesn’t know what. It’s incredibly frustrating for her. The only time she feels a sense of urgency is when a strange test is announced af school: finally, Sam knows she’s supposed to take this test. She just doesn’t know why.

Daniel loves music and stays relatively upbeat. His friends, however, seem to call to mind certain music depending on their mood. Because of his perfect pitch, Daniel has a running soundtrack in his mind all day, but it doesn’t bother him while taking the strange standardized test at school that asks questions with no real answers, like “What is the best color,” or “when is it too hot?” He just goes with the flow and answers his questions as the music plays on in the background.

Mackenzie misses her dad: as a military “brat,” she goes from place to place, but she looks forward to the Skype calls every Sunday: this is when she can tell her father about all the fight matches she wins. She always seems to know when the opponent is going to move against her, and it has helped her beat them all. When she gets an invitation, after the test, to join a special school for the summer, she’s just glad to get away from the mundane house that seems to mock her with its plainess.

Kaitlyn works after school at a repair shop, fixing almost anything. It’s almost as she can just see what’s wrong with the machines and lacking schematics, she just find the issues and fixes it. It relaxes her and she is always looking forward to the next Broken toaster or lawnmower. When invited to the school, after her test, she worries about her grandmother…but the Institute assures her that she will be taken care of while Kaityln is gone. So she packs up to go meet the other kids involved in the summer program.

Rush is a talented gamer: he’s so talented that he’s guaranteed himself a spot on the beta team, touring as a professional gamer. When he takes the test, he just fills in whatever because he knows it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, when the results come back that he’s been accepted into the summer program, it throws a serious wrench into his summer plans and career goals. At the insistence of his father, he goes, but he’s not happy about it.

These six “students” don’t realize they’ve just been recruited for skills they don’t even know they possess….

To stop a threat they didn’t even know existed.

Is It Classroom-Appropriate?

Oh, yes yes yes! This book has some great characters and each one is fully fleshed out. The plot is enticing and the concept of the “intuition” that guides us is a great discussion topic. This could bring up talents that we all don’t even know we have, and we can talk about the diffferent kinds of intuition we all have: fear, fight-or-flight, emotional, etc. it has characters that range from 11-17, so there’s someone every student can identify with, and there’s both girl/boy POVs so it’s not like it is geared more for this reader or that.

A lot of fun could be had with this text: it ends in a good place but it also leaves room for speculation of a sequel. Mythology and modern-day meet to create an interesting concept of other planes of existence. The head of the group, Ammu, has an ancient text with all sorts of creatures that can be discussed, such as the Gryphon, who makes an appearance and becomes the favorite of all the characters.

The book is the guide to the realm and each person plays a part. I would defintely give The Intuitives ★★★★★ for classroom use, which is a rare rating for any book!

Age Range

We aren’t going to see any Lexile scores for this book…I would compare it to Michael Grant’s Gone only for the multiple POVs and that book sits at a 620L, which means a MG reader would comprehend this book with no issues. So I would recommend ad low as 11 if the reader was avid, but would settle comfortably at 13 if the reader is unmotivated. I feel this is s book that could motivate reluctant readers for sure.

End Result:

I LOVED The Intuitives! I want more. I NEED more. I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Let’s just say that if people like this, there will be more, so we NEED people to like this book! And that’s why I’ve got some cool news…but first, my rating, which I’m sure at this point you’re not surprised about….

It’s OBVIOUSLY ★★★★★.
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631 reviews61 followers
October 12, 2017
Review to come!!

Update 10/12/17:

See more reviews on my blog Novels and Necklaces

Actual rating: 4.5 stars!

There is a lot to love about this story and I was hooked right from the start! With an interesting and unique plot, fantastic characters, and brilliant writing...there is no way you won't love this story!

I want to intentionally stay a little vague in regards to the plot because it's better to stay in the dark until you actually find out what is going on. However, what I will say is that this story is told from multiple POVs. Every teenager has a unique ability--for example, Roman sees things no one else sees; Sam intrinsically knows the time; Daniel loves music and basically has a soundtrack in his head for every situation and person; Mackenzie is a skilled fighter: Kaitlyn can fix anything and everything; and Rush is an extremely talented gamer. The only perspective we don't read much from is Roman, which I definitely would like to see his side of things more. After each of the teens takes a standardized test that gives them the opportunity to join a "special" summer program, all of these abilities start coming into play in a way none of them (including the reader) expect.

While the story was a little slow in the beginning, this was because we get background on each of the 6 main characters. We learn a little bit about each of them and what their lives are like (as well as the sacrifices they must make to attend the program). However, after they arrive at the program, the story quickly picks up the pace and has you at the edge of your seat! I definitely didn't have any idea where this book was headed which was exciting to me as a reader because I liked to be surprised. Each character is very well-developed by the end of this book in my opinion, and it was fun to see how each of their abilities figured in to the bigger picture and underlying plot. I loved watching all of them come together and form a team, even though initially none of them wanted to be working with each other. The group dynamic was fantastically written, and I am interested to see how this plays out in future books!

I think the thing I appreciated the most about this book is that it could have been incredibly predictable...but it wasn't! The Intuitives felt new and fun, like nothing I have read previously. There was the perfect balance of action, world-building, and character development throughout the story. The book just had a good flow, and that was something that kept me glued to the page.

There was a minor subplot that tried to incorporate romance between several characters. However, I truly didn't think this was needed. This was the only part of the story that felt more forced and unnatural. It kind of seemed like an afterthought in some scenes. Maybe with a bit more development in future books, this aspect will grow to be something I like. But for now, not the biggest fan. The only other thing that was a bit confusing for me was the nicknames of the characters. Because there are 6 main characters it became a little overwhelming to remember who was who (especially when you can't actually see the characters except inside your head). On top of this, the characters went by both names throughout the story. So, in essence, you had 12 different main character names to remember. And that's a lot for anyone! I wish the authors just stuck with 1 name consistently.

I highly recommend this new novel! It's thrilling and exciting to the very last page, and something new and different. The story is unpredictable and will have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more after the conclusion. I can't wait to see what is next in the series!

Happy reading :)
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August 7, 2017
The Intuitives is the debut novel of co-authors Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown.

A fascinating, fantastical story of six extraordinary and engaging young adults, each with unique and “intuitive” abilities – abilities they didn’t even know they had; that is, until they are brought together for a reason they could not possibly understand. The individual personalities of each of the main characters are well developed, and the interpersonal relationships between them lead to strong bonds that help them overcome the many challenges they face as they work to achieve their common, yet unknown goal. By the end of the story you begin to believe their incredible journey may not be as far-fetched as you once thought.

While written as a standalone novel, it’s clear the authors have left lots of room for new and exciting adventures for the Intuitives. Not only that, they masterfully tell the tale leaving you wanting more. Keeping my fingers crossed……
49 reviews
February 23, 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Each of the characters was well thought-out and developed. I enjoyed seeing the relationships and trust among the characters progress throughout. The plot was captivating to me.

My only disappointment is that I feel like we weren't left with much resolve - Did they ever come up with a way to defeat the dark beings that didn't involve so much risk to themselves/the light beings? Did they ever find a way to train others to use their unconscious minds to see the beings? Did Rush ever make the pro gaming team and, if so, how did he make it work with the ICIC program? What other beings did they encounter? How is the secret war going? Are there any others out there with these abilities? Are Daniel and Kaitlyn together? Does a relationship blossom between Rush and Sam? Is there a higher significance to the images that Sketch sees attached to people than is explored so far? What beings are able to bond with each of the other characters just as the gryphon is able to bond with Rush? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Dear Ms. Sky and Mr. Brown, You left us in the perfect position for a sequel or two. Please, I beg of you, give us more!
20 reviews
December 13, 2017
I loved this book so much! The beginning is a tad bit slow, but it picks up almost immediately after and doesn't slow back down. As much as I liked the premise, I loved the characters even more. It's typically difficult to have six main characters with chapters in each point of view (even if they're in third person) and have them still sound different and real, but that's exactly what happened with this book. I especially loved Roman and his sibling-like friendship with Rush and all of the others.
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38 reviews9 followers
February 7, 2017
My rating: 3.75 / 5 stars

This book was so refreshing to me! It was so unique and diverse, and I adored the characters. Also, I found that The Intuitives was so original, and that's something you don't see often in YA novels today! I was definitely pleasantly surprised by that!

All of the characters seemed to develop very well. They were also so real! I felt as if I was right there with them the entire time. I really loved reading about these characters & their awesome friendship!

The Intuitives was very quick paced, but I really struggled reading towards the end. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, and I wasn't very interested in the plot, I guess? I can't quite put my finger on it. It started to feel very repetitive towards the end of the novel- it felt like I was reading a chapter all over again, if you understand what I mean.

But with that being said, the writing was wonderful! Everything flowed so smoothly together, and I have to applaud Erin and Steven for their wicked writing skills!

*A tremendous thanks to Trash Dogs Media for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review!*
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1,164 reviews24 followers
July 26, 2017
I generously received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This book was so addicting that I finished it in less than two days. I couldn't wait to find out what the Homeland Security wanted with a group of kids and then later to learn of their special abilities.
I loved learning about different mythological creatures, how an unlikely group of kids learned how to work together and finally learning a bit about what was going on.
This book was a fascinating mix of mystery, adventure, humor, magic and the power of believing in the unexpected.
From the way it ended, I really hope there's a sequel because I want to know more and see what next adventure could be around the corner! If you like a bit of Egyptian myth tossed in with the modern world, you'll really enjoy this book. Plus there's an adorable Gryphon!
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2 reviews1 follower
July 26, 2017
Erin & Steven are great authors. I've enjoyed reading all of their works. The Intuitives is no different. From the beginning to the end, I was enthralled by the creativity, atmosphere and character development throughout this tale.

The careful and meticulous attention given to each character, setting, time, and space was more than I expected (I expect a lot from them).

I fully encourage everyone to give this book a read. I consider it a must read. I've read it twice now, and will revisit it a third time. I honestly can't wait until my youngest daughter is old enough to read this book.

Bring on the good reads.
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Author 6 books14 followers
February 10, 2017
So what did I like about this book? Ummm... Everything! What wasn't there to like! Intriguing characters, government secrets, ancient legends and mysterious abilities. Oh, and mythical creatures! Even the lack of romantic plot did not deter me!

The story begins in Egypt, where Alexander the Great's tomb has been opened, then moves ahead 7 years to present day America, where the students are about to undergo a new standardized test. The plot itself definitely kept me guessing. I have to admit, I had no idea which direction the story would head. Which was rather refreshing. Yes, it was a book about a group of kids finding their secret powers and banding together to battle the forces of darkness. Yet it was still a refreshingly original story-line. There was so many predictable ways the plot could have gone, yet I could not predict the outcome. I had several "OMG I didn't see THAT coming' moments, which I absolutely love. The story just flowed seamlessly, and the pacing and tension was right on point. Plus I just love Erin and Steven's writing style!

Each character is uniquely different and I love them ALL! But, I would have to say Rush is my favorite. Surprise! I loved the moody brooding guy! I dunno why, I just tend to always have a thing for the grumpy ones. He is the only one of the six, who REALLY does not want to be there, but with his Pro gaming career depending on him participating in the secret summer program, he attends under sufferance. But, as is the way, things happen, and Rush is forced to make some tough choices along the way and becomes more than the moody gamer kid by books end.

One of the things I loved seeing was all these vastly different kids, from completely different backgrounds become a tight knit group of friends. Some of my favorite scenes are when they are all just hanging out, getting to know each other and giving each other nicknames. And the way Rush and Roman bonded in such a brotherly way made me smile so, so much.

I could not put this book down once I started. Work commitments prevented me from getting much reading done, but once I finally got to it, I read the almost whole thing in a day!

I will be definitely be hoping for more books in this series. I definitely recommend having a read.
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144 reviews
January 19, 2020
I would give almost anything to see this become a Netflix series, this needs to be a Netflix series.

This book is a spectacle. It's the kind of story I wish I could write - so unlike anything else I've read and written in a way that can be understood and enjoyed by all ages. There are elements of fantasy / mythology yet it didn't feel like a fantasy book, and the main characters are ages 11-17 yet it doesn't feel like YA. Every character is so cool and interesting and had my full attention (except Sam sometimes, I enjoy a bit of snark, but not the amount she has).

The Intuitives deserves so much more recognition than it has, and I really hope it will one day. But until then, whenever anyone asks for book suggestions I will point (force) them in the direction of this book and wait for them to thank me later.
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206 reviews25 followers
December 25, 2018
This book is amazing! The Intuitives is one of the most unique YA books I've read in a long while. Yes, there were tropes, but they worked.

I normally fall in love with the plot of a book, but with this one, it was the cast of characters who hooked me. I loved every single one of them! I wish there were a sequel; I would buy it in a heartbeat!
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1,484 reviews36 followers
May 13, 2018
The blurb for this book was interesting, and so I chose to read it, and am insanely glad that I did. While the book needs to lay out the background for each of the students attending the school, it might seem to the reader that they aren't getting to the meat of the book. But it's the backgrounds that get you excited about who you are going to be reading about.
After I "met" each of the characters, they were wooshed together and from their initial meeting, I was hooked. I loved how each of their personalities shined through. It took a while for them to become a true team for a multitude of reasons. The main one being they are teenagers with attitudes, which is what makes them so endearing.
The more they learned at the academy, the more intense the book got. To call forth things that would seem unimaginable in today's world is impressive. I loved each of the connections they made with the other team members, the instructors, and the main military man Miller. I loved their excitement in what they did back home and with everything they learned.
The Intuitives is a fast-paced, addicting, Young Adult novel. I would like to see the authors revisit these characters as they have progressed even further in their abilities.
2 reviews
June 9, 2017
I recommend this book unequivocally. This is a fun and fascinating story that introduces us to a great team of heroes as well as reminds us all that we all have the capacity to develop our own heroic relationship to the world. Having been lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC copy I wanted to be sure to savor this story. Oops. I soared through the pages and was finished the day after I started. I have savored the reread... and the one after that. I am discovering nuance with each visit, and am hungry for more of the team's adventures.
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1,505 reviews66 followers
June 16, 2018
We are proud to announce that THE INTUITIVES by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells readers that this book is well worth their time and money!
2 reviews
August 24, 2017
This book is for anyone who knows people, who recognizes subtleties, is aware and interested in their intuitions, and/or is interested in the times and exploits of Alexander the Great -- fun, fascinating, well written, and attuned to history.
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187 reviews7 followers
November 29, 2018
I entered a number of Goodreads Giveaways for The Intuitives. I really wanted this book, and although my subliminal chants of "pick me, pick me" never came to fruition, I knew I had to buy it anyway. So many times, my enjoyment of a book depends on when in life I read it. The Intuitives, however, is one of those books I think I would love no matter my age or mood or circumstances. It's well-written, unique, and just plain fun.

Any plans for a book #2? 😊
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Author 6 books2 followers
November 16, 2018
I'm totally hooked on this writing duo! I started out reading their work with "The Wendy", and was totally taken with it. So, naturally I bought their other book right away, hoping for something just as good. I was NOT disappointed. I can without question say that I want more from these authors! I was hooked on this story as well, as soon as I started reading. This book will lead to a very engrossing series, if they're so inclined to write more. I'll be waiting for the next book!
2 reviews
April 19, 2017
The Intuitives is a must-read. Totally engaging, I would have read it in one sitting if life's necessities had not interrupted. The suspenseful situation intertwined with getting to know each young person is masterfully written. It is a captivating story with a wonderful blending of fact, fantasy, thriller, and human capability.
1 review
January 5, 2017
Vivid images will spark your imagination in this captivating battle between good and evil, leaving readers anxiously awaiting a sequel! Great read for anyone young or old who enjoys science fiction and even for those who didn’t know they did.
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70 reviews2 followers
March 1, 2018
A superb, character driven contemporary fantasy novel about a group of kids with unique abilities who find that their summer study camp is more then it appears. Appropriate for middle-grade and perfect for YA. Highly recommended!
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349 reviews2 followers
January 7, 2018
Really liked this. Well written and engaging
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387 reviews3 followers
September 2, 2020
New Generation of Heroes

Consider this: when you see the world differently from others, do they (a) put you in asylum (b) drug you to the gill (c) recruit you as superhero. This book definitely choose option c.
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45 reviews
May 2, 2020
After a bit of a slow start, I thoroughly enjoyed this. A fantastic new slant on magic that has me needing the next instalment, like, yesterday!!!
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89 reviews17 followers
December 2, 2021
There is but one fault to this book: that it's not BIGGER!!!

I wish I could follow our Intuitives much further into their future, battle side by side with them, watch them grow and find out what else is out there.
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January 4, 2017
The Intuitives was one of the best Young Adult books I've read in awhile. At first you might think it's going to be another dystopian adventure involving young teens saving something...but it's so much more than that! It builds on the lives of six young people, each with a special set of gifts that sometimes alienates them from the world at large. As they are drawn into a world that uses their collective gifts in a way they could never have imagined, one sees the inner obstacles they must overcome and the personal bonds they form. This novel is meticulously written and beautifully crafted. Part thriller, part fantasy, it captures the imagination and leaves you wanting more. Libraries will be clamoring for this one for their Young Adult collection, and I'll be the first in line. I'm ready for the sequel!
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