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Monster Musume #1

Monster Mädchen, Band 1

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Die Monster-WG

Ach du Kacke, so war das aber nicht geplant! Teenager Kimihito wird unverhofft Betreuer eines Schlangenmädchens, das zu allem Überfluss noch auf ihn steht! Und als wäre das Leben mit einem Monster nicht kompliziert genug, stehen kurz darauf eine niedliche Harpyie und eine stolze Zentuarin vor der Tür! Könnte ganz nett werden angesichts ihrer unübersehbaren Reize. Doch die drei Damen treiben Kimihito schon bald in den Wahnsinn!

166 pages, Paperback

First published September 13, 2012

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87 reviews430 followers
September 2, 2023
You're curious about the graphic emanations wafting from the basement of our newly acquired habitation. A smell so grotesquely detailed that you once remarked, over dinner, that, "It reminds me of... eating a bolus of pubic hair held together by coagulated pepperoni grease... with old mayonnaise." A sharp intake of breath. "Smeared on stale saltines… preserved in a substance that was highly regarded under the Abbasid Caliphate. One that the caliphs of Baghdad used lavishly, and, in the early 9th century, was included in a large number of perfume recipes by Al-Kindi, causing it to become one of the most important luxury items brought by Arabian ships from the East. (i.e. Deer Musk). At which point a completely coincidental bout of phalangeal palsy causes me to insinuate my steak knife through several layers of gypsum and heavy paper by launching it like an asperous, beef-piercing dart across the table and into the sheetrock behind you, “Did you know that researchers in Germany have found that body size is revealed by the frequency of Gorillas’ beats? Turns out this show of bravado also has an highly detailed acoustic dimension. Isn’t that fascinating? I’ve taken to sounding out my own dimensions in the shower. Just give your chest a nice wrap of the knuckles. Of course it helps if you’re flat as an empty sausage skin.” I say nervously while freeing my extemporized projectile from the wounded drywall, using it to surgically partition my sirloin into manageable portions. And, despite my incessant reassurances that the smell of big foot's wooly and irrepressibly tumescent dangling participle, (fortified with a decade's worth of smegmatic residue), is typical of all domiciles recently shelved with new tenants, "Bog standard odor of any nascent cryptozoologist's lodgings." You recall me saying, after finding my knife throwing completely unconvincing. You realize that I have never once voiced any interest in the pseudoscience and subculture that searches for and studies unknown, legendary, or extinct animals whose present existence is disputed or unsubstantiated. Leading you to investigate the offending redolences by positioning yourself at some indeterminant interstitial location in the Kaluza-Klein of the undercroft.

Triangulating the malodor reveals a surprise: a compartment behind the far wall, behind which a melodious voice cuts through the static of a noisy shower head. You press your ear against the hidden door and hear the first greatest hits album by Britney Spears (My Pejorative) being cycled through with great affection and familiarity. Behind you, at the bottom of the stairs, I clear my throat. Startled, you turn and see me there in all my lanky ominousness. Face in Samara-like occlusion behind a tenebrous curtain of hair. A potato peeler in my right hand. Before you can register your incredulity at my choice of murder weapon, the shower compartment opens to reveal a anthropomorphic deer girl with a towel wrapped around her head. Rills of water meandering between pert, humanoid breasts, terminating in the wet fur of a lower body which belongs to a hoofed ruminant mammal. She bleats in ear piercing register upon seeing you, the shrill death cry of an armadillo trapped in Swiss Mocha tar pits. I clutch my banana hammock garrote and close the distance. “I wish you hadn’t came down here.” I say. Approaching with my watermelon baller poised to abbreviate your involuntary chronological preoccupation in a manner most improbable and gruesome. “The doe is out of the bag. You have discovered my shameful dussy addiction.” Aiming my spudzooka at your vitals.


I’m going to approach reviews of this series in typical Goodreads fashion, (no seriously), by outlining the events of the manga in lurid detail until your eyes glaze over and you consult the convenient metric of quantifying my enjoyment which is wholly inadequate on all fronts to express my feelings towards any complex stimulus. But since you’re the type of person who skips through video game essays to see an arbitrary numerical value, mostly in the service of affirming your pre-order, but occasionally as an opportunity to become part of the vocal minority who continually transform forums into irredeemable shit holes by expressing your strongly worded objections to said criticisms (or praise), and hyperventilates when the latest entry in your beloved franchise experiences a vertiginous decline on your favorite review aggregator, you’re going to miss my completely redundant synopsis. However, those of you who gut it out and indulge this pointless exercise - the jokes on you. Because when it’s time to fuck monster girls, fuck humans.

Our self insert (Kurusu) wakes up in the full body kung-fu grip of a snake girl (a Lamia named Mia) with his face nestled between a giant pair of cubic polynomials, and his meat vehicle wrapped snuggly in sinusoidal sensuality like that Satanic staff they use to beknight medical professionals when they’re swearing fealty to Faphomet and the principles of confidentiality and non-maleficence in Ionic Greek (i.e. Hypocritical Oafs). The twin sensations causing his little Hippocrates much confusion. Unfortunately, the crushing power of an 8 meter (26ft.) constrictor-human hybrid tips the scales (sorry) causing him to grasp the tip of her scales (sorry again, but true). Mia, who is a Poikilotherm, (meaning she need external energy to get hot and bothered enough to move about with much enthusiasm), immediately grows excited and warns the hapless fuck that, should he continue this tail jacking, she will despunk his nervous system like a tube of toothpaste in a hydraulic press. Our erection with a soul can only heed the conduction of pain throughout his ouchie-filaments as he buries his face in her milk muscles and continues to feloniously slay the makeshift testator like a man masturbating whilst drowning, causing Mia to nut his entire neuromuscular system with a tremendous COOM-driven squeeze.

Later we see our boy, having recovered from the most painful ball busting of his life. Running a hot bath for the Lamia. Having expanded his shower to the size of a small swimming pool in order to accommodate the salacious serpent. This leads to some shenanigans in which our pecker-pilot is up to his neck in warm liquid with a creature who wants his warm liquids. In comes Interspecies Cultural Exchange Coordinator and Superlative Cockblocker: Ms. Smith, to remind him, and not for the last time, that popping the snek-mami’s cherry would be a major diplomatic incident and a vile transgression against the spirit of fostering relations between sapiens and smoking hot monstrous sex-pots.

Cut to lingerie shopping with approximately one ton of reptilian middle passage. Protag inadvertently fondles a small triangular object of a satin nature outside the dressing room, which, of course, ends up being the shield which Mia uses for her snek-puss. Much blushing ensues when Mia idly questions the whereabouts of this cloth which normally conceals her slimy hatchet wound. Upon exiting the boutique inundated with fresh fashions, thoughtless hoodlums taunt her with anti-liminal (i.e. a term which denotes non-human sausage mittens) sentiments. The lamia coils her body in order to tail whip the offending parties like a bearded oyster, er, dragon, but our masochist absorbs the blow intended for the hecklers right in his fucking gob, because there would be mucho trouble if a Liminal slapped the dog piss out of a human, and she would be sent back to the land of ophidian orifices. Seeking to quell tensions, our dick with a brain stalk takes Mia by the hand and makes a beeline for the nearest Love Hotel. Enter Ms. Smith to ensure that no sugar walls are spackled with baby batter. Upon exiting, Kurusu clocks one of the miscreants on Mia's behalf.

Papi the Harpy snatches Kurusu and deposits him in a tree. She insists that he take her in as a host. Gratuitous popsicle-assistance scene ensues in which the amorous avian has her hot little mouth banged by several inches of cold, sugary goodness (because birds can’t grip popsicles, dumbass) until she’s a total mess of once quiescently frozen fructose and food coloring, now warm and dripping down her chin and staining her cheeks. Papi immediately gets butt naked and takes a bath in the park fountain.

While out grocery shopping our cock on autopilot gets struck by an inter dimensional ballistic centaur missile, as two F-cup sized wrecking balls of pliant, concentric circles, moving at approximately 60 km/h (37.2823 mph), and situated mid-torso on a 6’7 blonde haired, blue eyed Centauress, concuss the ever loving nocturnal emissions from ye bois REM cycle. Centorea, in pursuit of a snatch-purser (sorry), declares: “Lily-livered knave! He but increases the ledger of his sins!” However, due to the stipulations of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Accords, she cannot put the pickpocket to the sword, and so she has sought a master to fight by her side. How fortuitous that our nutsack with a dowsing rod collateraled into the warm valley of her speeding breasts. With much reluctance, she is mounted. Vowing to slay the rider if he should grasp her leave it to beavage. In pursuit of the crook, events transpire that render Centorea’s virgin-killer sweater soaking wet and considerably less opaque. Meanwhile our phallic animism, having been jostled by a mighty leap performed by the Centauress, finds his mitts embedded in her juggantic jiggly puffs. Incensed, the horse with hulking hooters decries this savaging of her virtue with much vehemence, as her top is bisected and ripped away, causing an avalanche of adipose vanguarded by fierce nips. The robber, catching sight of this, projects dangerous quantities of blood from his nostrils and crashes. Regaining his sinister composure, the villain, seizing upon the noble liminal’s embarrassment as she attempts to stem the tide of top bollox with her hands, raises the buxom equine’s discarded sword in an attempt to fell her, only for our protagonist to thrust himself into harms way. Turns out the sword was fake. As floppy as Peter North’s firehose without daily administration of alprostadil, phentolamine, and papaverine to relax the smooth muscle and open blood vessels for necessary engorgement.

Next we transition into a scene where the Snake who wants The Snake is bickering with Horse who wants The Pony about who is more deserving of our self-inserts monster. Meanwhile, The Bird who is too birdbrained to consider the pecker very much, finds herself in a situation where her pterodactyl hands are morphologically disadvantaged when it comes to slipping into a Japanese schoolgirl swimsuit, prompting our bro to take one for the team and offer some surrogate hands - which make her consider The Bird.

I have ran out of space.

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Author 84 books336 followers
December 30, 2020
My thoughts as of chapter 38.

Monster Musume is an NYC best seller, and while this manga is not for everyone, I can say that I have enjoyed the series so far. This is why:

Interesting character design

It's funny

Characters may be trope-y, but that's why we like them!

Miia is adorable

Rachnera is a badass

No, this manga is not for everybody. Yes, this manga has a lot of fan service and nudity. If that turns you off, then that is fine. However, for those who like this particular genre, it won't disappoint you. It has all of the aspects about the harem genre that people who are into it will like, and it spices things up in ways that keep it interesting.
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540 reviews166 followers
June 22, 2017
Firstly, anyone who read this manga should know what they are going into. It has lots of nudity and inappropriate moments.
I hate nudity in serious manga and stories. However here all of these are used for comedic purposes. So I didn't mind them so much.
Monster races were interesting to read about and the whole story seems enjoyable. The art is quite fine and detailed. What else can I say? I liked it.
Profile Image for Elizabeth (Elzburg).
354 reviews950 followers
March 3, 2019

The synopsis seemed intriguing... I thought that since I enjoyed Sunstone which is literal lesbian bdsm that I wouldn't mind this manga... I was wrong...

I have three problems with this book: The story is shit, the characters are shit, and the nudity is way too obnoxious. Obviously this is just judging by the first volume so who knows, I'm *sure* these all miraculously improve in later volumes, but damn if I'm going to bother wasting my time to find that out.

I had heard of this series for a long time, but wrote it off as another stupid basic harem anime. (Well, I was right.) Then a couple weeks ago I came across a brief synopsis, that reeealllly piqued my interest: Monster Girl exchange program, all the girls tryna smash but if the main character smashes he'll go to jail, hilarity ensues. I dunno, something about that got me really interested in finally checking this out. Maybe there would be a way to properly execute that plot, but I don't think that is what this series does.

It's literally boring. It wasn't interesting. The girls are all so... Cliché in their devotion to the main character. They literally see him and for no real logical reason all of a sudden become DEVOTED to him. It's an annoying stupid fantasy that boys WISH would come true, but actually seeing it happen just looks extremely moronic.

I thought the nudity wouldn't bother me, but GOD DAMN is there a metric fuckton of nudity. I read a bunch of other reviews before reading this and I didn't believe anyone when they talked about the nudity. I should have. It's not like normal nudity that has a purpose, these irrational girls will literally just randomly lift up their shirts or just completely strip naked ALL THE TIME. Like every PAGE. Every minute was just like "Damn, another titty. Oh, another one. Another one. Holy shit calm down-- Another one!!! What the fuck??"

Has the author never heard of the great idea where you don't over saturate the frick out of a good thing, because otherwise you'll just desensitizes the audience to said good thing?? It literally just got so obnoxious. Also I really don't like how the author draws boobs and nipples in particular. The nipples look weirdly plastic and then the boobs were just shaped weird. Other than that the art was decent.

I literally don't know what's to like about this? Someone enlighten me? Is it really that great to try to pretend you're the protagonist?

Didn'tSmash/10 would not recommend.

Please consider giving this review a "Like" (it helps me out a lot), and follow me if you want more!
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Author 4 books78 followers
May 22, 2017
While the audience for this manga is definitely geared for men, I, a woman, vastly enjoyed this series. At present (by the publication date of this post) there are 11 volumes released in North America by Seven Seas publisher. Volume 12 is scheduled for Late August, 2017, and the NA publisher is keeping up as volumes are being released in Japan. This manga has a rating of OT (older teen, which is 16+) and has an abundance of nude breasts, so be warned.

So what is this multi-genre manga even about? Basically this young man named Kimihito was not signed on for the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act, but when Smith-san brings a shy Lamia, Miia, to his door, his home becomes open to monster girls, and he is their host. Of course, there is only Miia, but when he encounters a Harpy in the park and a Centaur on the street, he finds that more and more exchange monster girls are in need of a place to stay. Not only do these three girls end up staying with him, but a Mermaid, Arachne, Slime, and Dullahan live with Kimihito too!

Miia is very protective of Kimihito and gets flustered and jealous when the other monster girls are around, because she wants "Darling" all to herself. When the Interspecies Cultural Exchange takes a new step, considering it currently states that humans and monsters cannot physically mingle (sex or harming). With Smith-san the head of many things, she puts forth that Kimihito must select one of the monster girls living with him to marry, so that the cultural exchange can move forward.

A number of other monster girls get involved with our daring "Darling," some even seeking to kill him!

There is also the MON squad, a group of more human-like monster girls (consisting of a Doppelganger, Zombie, Cyclops, and Oni) that help Smith-san keep the peace between monsters and humans. They, too, get some fun date time with our hero, Kimihito. (Zombina is one of my favorites!)
Even though this series is geared toward men, I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves comedy and can handle a lot of breasts, because bare breasts are an iconic thing in this manga. The thing I personally love most about it is the author's sense of humor. Okayado knows just the right time and place to implement memes and modern media humor.

The same review on my blog features two photos I took of my favorite video game references in the manga that really made my day (scroll to the bottom of the post): https://teresacrider.wordpress.com/20...
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94 reviews8 followers
September 1, 2015
The art is really pleasing and accurately done. However, holy tit hell. I like breasts, I think they're great. But this was like beyond dirty. The breasts were overly manipulated and used every 2-3 pages. Did the nipples really have to be so... rubbery looking and over the top enlarged? I thought I was reading pornography the entire time, with an odd story line that kind-of made sense, but it really didn't in the end. It got so graphic my boyfriend looked over at it for a second and looked back to his phone, only to immediately use my shoulder as a pillow prop to read the entire thing with me. The writing felt super rushed and the sex appeal, the sexual frustrations, and tensions between the characters were quickly developed just to get that boob scene going. Granted no sexual intercourse technically happened, (unless you count that beginning tail scene with Miia, honestly wtf was that?) there wasn't actual full on contact. Just a lot of breast rubbing/suffocating/look at me I'm vulnerable because my boobs are out scenes. Don't let the youth read this. They will get suspended from school. It's that graphic.
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869 reviews
March 8, 2018
I've been seeing praise for this series on /a/ and elsewhere, but always managed to avoid it, based solely on its premise, judging a book by its cover, as it were. It wasn't necessarily the fact that the girls were monsters, so much as it was that the series seems to just be haremshit. But then more recently I decided I don't really have anything against haremshit, that I can actually enjoy the generic proceedings of so many same-y series falling under the same trappings of 'x' genre (all haremshit is the same thing with ever-so-slightly different-looking girls, all shounenshit is the same thing with ever-so-slightly different-looking superpowers, &c.). The main issue, then, was that I couldn't quite see past the monstrous aspects of the girls. Miia looks hot, but she has a long snake body. Papi looks hot, but she has bird/dinosaur legs and wings for arms. Cerea is a fucking horse. And so on.

I don't remember why I actually first bought this volume. Pretty sure it was in part inspired by seeing Volume 2 for sale at Books-A-Million so frequently, making me believe certain manga volumes (really, a shitload of Seven Seas stuff) was being bargain-binned because no one wanted to buy shit with big cartoon titties adorning the book covers. Or in the case of Monster Musume, Volume 2, Papi's prominently displayed tight bird ass (what an odd thing to say!). So I had no problem buying Prison School in a physical store because the covers themselves are pretty tame, gigantic "parental advisory" label notwithstanding. And I've bought Senran Kagura, Volume 2, at the very same Books-A-Million, whose cover is deceptively "clean" (okay, I've not yet read it, but the 3DS game's story is pretty serious, so I can imagine the manga adaptation wouldn't be so wholly focused on T&A as one might think). But if I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure I decided to check this series out after having read a little bit of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, thus realizing that manga about monster girls can make for a funny read, regardless of how inhuman the girls might sometime appear.

So anyway, this series is pretty good so far. It starts out quite bold, making it seem far more lewd than it turns out to be, with Miia constricting Kurusu (as a snake does its prey) until he jacks off the tip of her tail, prompting the exclamation, "I'm gonna cum!," a phrase I had never expected to read in an official English translation (in all honesty, I've read enough erotic ecchi romantic comedy shit online that seemed a bit too 'racy' for American consumption - Nozoki Ana is one major example). There's also quite a bit of exposed breasts, complete with clearly visible nipples, perhaps quite deserving of the shrinkwrap encasing the volumes, protecting our innocent children from the horrors of witnessing cartoon breasts (!). Actually, it's quite odd, since there are plenty of times when nipples remain covered, as might befit an age-13-and-up manga, for example when Miia might have her hair falling down over her tits, as if OKAYADO is trying to censor himself. Or maybe he's trying to simply titillate the audience with some teasing instead of explicit nudity, but then why the hell would you do that when we've already seen exposed nipples? It seems unnecessary. It's better when he gives the girls wet shirts, such that the bunched-up material might obscure the actual stems of nipples, leaving only areolas visible. Not that I'm against girl's-hair-falling-down-over-breasts, but I don't know, maybe it would be better to not just have it look like Miia's glued her hair to her nipples, and maybe have the hair slide away from her nipples sometimes - make it marginally more realistic.

Regardless, the book itself is pretty good. The humor is sound, taking full advantage of the basic premise by thrusting Kurusu into silly situations based on the idea that monster girls are being integrated into Japanese society as protected species. So there's a couple of gyaru trying to insult Miia when she's on a date with Kurusu, and she's angered to a point of wanting to lash out and hit them, but monster girls aren't allowed to harm humans (or vice versa) because it would prove the integration to be a failure, so Kurusu jumps in and gets his face smacked by her tail. The slapstick is thus augmented by cartoonish facial expressions, and indeed we rarely get a glimpse of Kurusu's normal face, since he's usually overreacting to some event or other, and pretty much only ever has a silly facial expression. There are also a strange number of animal puns, particularly concerning Cerea's horse features, but I can't really tell if these are genuine effects from OKAYADO's writing, or if they were shoehorned in via translators fucking about. Indeed, the puns feel like something out of the dubs for Pokemon or Digimon, which only augments the silliness.

The girls are pretty great, and OKAYADO does well to space their introductions out a little. We start only with Miia, the lamia, known initially for her big breasts, her hips (because lamiai slither around all day, thus strengthening their hips, is the explanation), and her possessive love for Kurusu (Cerea would later dwarf Miia's tits). Miia gets the first two chapters to herself, though they also kind of double as world-building chapters. She loves Kurusu because he accepted her without being shocked at her appearance or anything, and this results in a deep confusion between love and lust, wherein Miia seems to actively oppose the anti-fraternization laws by being always ready and willing for sex with her "Darling" (though in typical haremshit fashion, Kurusu tries his best not to get laid ever, but at least it makes sense here, as it would be extremely illegal for him to fuck one of the monster girls). I don't really get why Miia has elf-like ears, though.

Anatomically speaking, Papi the harpy is Best Girl. She has a slim body, with flat chest but a well-sculpted ass, justified in-universe that harpies are so fit because they fly around all the time and need small-ish bodies so as to not be weighed down so much while airborne. But really it's just probably an excuse to have a slimmer body type (even Yu-Gi-Oh! decided it was necessary to give Harpy Lady and her Sisters big tits). Personality-wise, Papi's the most interesting. She generally comes off as childlike, not being particularly intelligent, to a point where she speaks in the third-person, and often gets tongue-tied trying to call herself "Papi the harpy." But in actuality she's quite cunning, abusing her apparently low intelligence in order to manipulate Kurusu ("Boss," as she calls him) into suggestive scenarios, trying to tease him into arousal, under the guise of merely innocent play.

Cerea the centaur is probably actually the Best Girl here. I can't really get over the fucking horse body, but her personality is fantastic, her pride as a noble knight often causing her to get flustered by any potentially lewd goings-on. Sexually, her main draw is her gigantic tits, completely outsizing Miia's, which is quite a feat, as one can tell by a simple glance at the volume's cover. But still, that fucking horse body - so weird! Papi's legs aren't hard to tolerate, as they're just like dinosaur legs, which of course aren't sexy, but at least they look pretty cool. Like you'd be fucking a Rathian from Monster Hunter. Not that I'm into that, but I'm just saying, it's badass. But a horse body? That's just strange. But really the main issue is that Cerea's human half has blonde hair, and her horse body has brown fur, though I suppose maybe her tail is at least blonde. Still somewhat inconsistent, especially considering Miia's hair and scales are both red, and Papi's hair and feathers are both blue. I mean, I guess horses can have manes and tails of one color and the rest of their body as a different color, but isn't still usually just dark brown long-hair and light brown short-hair? I don't know enough about horses, I guess.

Anyway, good stuff, and the overall presentation is fun enough that I don't really feel like a pervert for having this in my collection, though of course I'd probably avoid showing it off to people. Or if I did, I'd go further to show more explicit shit, to prove I'm not specifically into monster girls, but rather sexually explicit manga about cartoon ass and titties in general. (What's wrong with me?)
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Author 13 books55 followers
December 31, 2019
The last book I read this decade, right here. Given how grotesque this year was, I felt some delving into the grotesque was entirely appropriate to play its needle out. I also wanted to know why thieves steal so many of these shrink-wrapped manga off the shelves. So I started with Monster Musume, having never read any manga or hentai or Japanese comics. The first reaction I had was just a solid appreciation that cartoon smut is freely available in bookstores across America. Cracks me up. I was also struck by how silly and goofy it all is. Like most pornography, the plot is thin (a guy in his twenties who has no personality is accidentally made a foster home for monster girls -- after a treaty has been signed where humans and monster girls open up diplomacy and are legally forbidden from hurting each other). Enter Miia the snake girl, Papi the harpy, and Cerea the centaur. All are hot for the nobody protagonist guy. But he is legally forbidden from having sex with any of them. So he basically goes through the whole experience of meeting them all with hyperbolic sexual frustration, because they take baths around him and get nekkid and so on. Silly, silly, silly. As a post-Jungian literary critic, however, I find all of the archetypal images at play a lot of fun. Mythologically, plenty is going on in this smut. It makes me want to go read up on lamias, harpies, and centaurs. And I've already discovered a whole subculture of cosplay around the monster girls online. So something's going on here -- I just haven't figured out yet what it is. Will be reading book 2, for sure.
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175 reviews9 followers
March 28, 2020
Quite enjoyable, though I did not expect this extent of nudity etc. Quite funny which is what I needed!
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Author 1 book49 followers
April 28, 2018
You have to give a manga five stars when it manages to hit the best seller list of the NY times, and introduces the west to the pervy world of monstergirls.

The plot is basic harem; a stand-up guy offers to serve as an exchange host for various monstergirls to foster cross-species communication and relations. His first boarder is Mia the Lamia, who has an obvious (and literal) crush on him. Soon he attracts other monster girls like a magnet, all who have their own issues, all who are pure fetish fuel, and all who squabble over him. There's also Mrs Smith, the head of the hosting organization, who loves to remind him that they can be deported for the merest hint of improper conduct.

Okayado actually did this series before as a pornographic web comic with the character types, and it shows. His style is pure hentai; massive boobs, constant sexualization, constant nakedness, and more. The fact that these are mythological monsters, and hot as heck, is not a little feat to accomplish. The story actually reminds me of Love Hina some, in that both of them are good enough to entice you, but tend to fall into the same tropes over and over again. And that both have really fun characters. The main is generally a lot more masculine than most harem hosts, although his lot in life is to get wrapped up, squeezed, drowned, tied up in webs, and more.

It's not a little hard to say how influential this series is. This was the first real mainstream monster girl manga in the west, and it normalized something which had been a rather sketchy form of porn. However you can see the appeal in the series, as the monstergirl aspect is unique and makes for a lot less cliche situations than normal harems, as for more worldbuilding. Just seeing the different monster girls show up is a lot of fun, and they all have fun personalities.

It is HEAVILY sexualized, though, and given how goodreads is something like 80% female users, most people here would hate it. For them, "A Centaurs Life" might be a better choice. But it's pretty rare to see an entire genre spring up before your eyes, and this is probably the flagship manga for monstergirls.
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4 reviews
December 4, 2015
It starts out as not quite porn and keeps on being not quite porn. The art is well done, but it is amazingly formulated, the characters are canned, and the situations all overtly and overly sexual. I knew it was a harem manga, and I picked it up hoping for something a little bit pervy which it delivered, and something with a cute story and a little romance which this book lacks.

Don't give up on the series though. I was kind of disappointed with the lack of story in this book, but I liked books 2, 3, and 4 in the series better since they have a bit more story. Try Love Hina if you want a bit more love and romance, and try Ouran Highschool Host Club if you want more humor with your romance.

It's still just almost porn though.
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1,344 reviews17 followers
December 17, 2018
“Die Monster Mädchen” habe ich zufällig gesehen und fand den Titel und das Cover recht ansprechend. Das ich hier in einem Harem Manga gelandet bin, habe ich erst im Laufe der Geschichte gemerkt, das ich noch recht neu in diesem Bereich unterwegs bin.

Kimihito ist der männliche Hauptcharakter, der im Rahmen eines Austauschprogrammes, zuerst Mia zugeteilt bekommt, diese ist ein Lamia und hat einen Schlangenkörper. Allerdings kommen im Laufe der Geschichte noch Zentrea und Papi zu Kimihito, was natürlich sehr amüsant wird. Auch die Betreuerin des Programms, tritt immer mal wieder in Erscheinung.

Persönlich fand ich die Geschichte ausgesprochen amüsant, denn wie man sich vorstellen kann, kommt es zu diversen amüsanten Ereignissen, die ich jetzt nicht absehbar fand und mich so wirklich toll unterhalten haben. Ich darf natürlich nicht vergessen zu erwähnen, dass auch die erotische Komponente nicht zu kurz kommt, denn in diesem Manga wimmelt es nur so von Brüsten. Gerade Lamia und Zentrea sind wirklich sehr gut ausgestattet und es gab Seiten in dem Buch, da waren nur Brüste zu sehen. Mich hat es jetzt nicht gestört, aber ich fand es etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig.

Die Zeichnungen haben mir gut gefallen. Der Schreibstil hat mir sehr zugesagt, denn es war amüsant zu sehen, wie Kimihito mit der Situation umgeht. Allerdings sollte man nicht prüde sein, denn ich denke, dann ist man sicher fehl am Platz.

Das Cover ist gelungen und würde mich auf den ersten Blick sicher ansprechen.

Tolles Manga. Amüsant und Humorvoll. Kann ich weiterempfehlen.

4 von 5 Sterne.
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June 26, 2016
I wasn't really sure what to make of this book at first, as it's essentially a harem manga with a shockingly generic protagonist, weak attempts at comedy, the barest excuse for a story, and copious amounts of sexual content that I initially assumed was included to cover for the series's other weaknesses. Eventually I realized that the omnipresent nudity, breast & butt shots, groping, monster-girls-spasming-in-orgasm, etcetera, was the entire point of the book, with the story, gags, and whatnot included just to create a thin veneer of respectability.

Honestly, you'd be better off buying an issue of Playboy. The jokes are better, the articles are more interesting, and you're going to get a lot less side eye from friends and family for looking at photographs of real naked women in a magazine than underage-looking monster girls in a manga.
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September 2, 2014
The plot was actually pretty decent and overall the book was cute. Just that it took the concept of "fan-service" to ridiculous levels that actually took away from the fun one can normally get from such things. I'm not as much of a prude as other Christians, and think one can enjoy beauty without necessarily lusting, but this is really in your face and constant to the point of distracting from any enjoyment of the manga, art, jokes, so on. For an example, think about the most fan-servicey manga you've ever come across out there, and that would be tame by comparison.

If not for over-doing the fan-service to much, I'd likely have given it four or five stars.
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January 23, 2020
You know the fact that I watch the anime and still read this years later. Yet I enjoy just the same should speak of the quality of the comedy. I personally enjoy the art and story but most importantly I enjoy the expressions. The artist did a good job of showing detail when the charters are happy or any other emotion is being express. Especially in a particular scene where not words are use yet you know the characters is experiencing bliss. Noting sexual or otherwise, simple pure bliss from the heart.

I like everyone and the MC I really like him. That being say Papi right now is best girl but the other girls are just as good. 10/10 better love story than Twilight
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January 19, 2016
Хич не си падам по харем анимета/манги, но не можах да издържа на изкушението за моми-змии, кентаври и моми-птици и какво ли още не! Любима ми е Miia и твърде романтичната ми натура няма да понесе харемския стил на мангата за дълго. Все пак има забавни моменти, свеж хумор и прекрасна графика. Стилът предполага еднообразие и вероятно другите томове ще получат по 2-3 звезди, но първият си заслужи четирите :)
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Author 20 books93 followers
October 20, 2013
Oh my God, I haven't read a collection of puns this bad since I tried a Piers Anthony book. On the bright side the fan service in this is a lot less skeevy than Xanthony's prone too,
but that doesn't mean it sucks any less. Seriously, having someone tell a centaur to "hold her horses"? Gack!
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September 6, 2015
Disgusting. Why do I feel that a lot of titles like this are just harem fanservice?
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807 reviews265 followers
December 22, 2020
Pues si les gustan las chicas con muchos pechos y con demasiadas posiciones sexuales esta historia les puede gustar. El arte erótico esta muy bien detallado y aunque soy gay, puedo decir que disfrute mucho las ocurrencias de estas chicas voluptuosas.

¿Para qué leer mi vida con las chicas monstruo?
1. Para conocer de una manera divertida las características de criaturas mitológicas como son las arpías, los centauros y las lamias.
2. Por que la temática es algo hilarante un chico heterosexual cuidando a 3 chicas que lo desean y el debe aguantar sus ganas de intimar sexualmente con ellas por que si no lo encarcelan o lo matan. Pero a ellas no les importa eso y siguen restregándose y desnudándose frente a el.
3. Hay muchas escenas demasiados divertidas que te sacaran muchas sonrisas.
4. Hay demasiados temas de fetiches muy bien llevados.
5. El control de los impulsos es la critica de este manga. ¿en verdad los seres humanos no podemos controlar nuestros instintos? Debes descubrirlo en esta historia.
6. Te entretiene y refresca tu mente. Una manera muy diferente de tratar la literatura erótica la mitología y el humorismo.
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1,339 reviews15 followers
August 20, 2021
Monster Musume, Vol. 1 (My Kindle Review)

In a world where mythical monster girls coexist with people, our 20-something male protagonist Kurusu is a volunteer for the government’s home stay program for these girls and already has his hands full on his guest: Mia the lamia 🐍 , a daemon creature. Our beautiful lamia has already developed a huge infatuation with him and will stop at nothing to win his affections, despite the consequences and a hot security officer checking in on them. However, he later ends up meeting a flighty blue harpy named Papi 🦅 and a spirited Shakespearean centaur 🐎 named Centorea and becomes their caretaker and more craziness (and love rivalry) will happen soon.

Regardless of its genre, this story definitely knows its audience and provides many fun characters and funny ecchi moments. It also doesn’t skip on the fanservice as well. For a first entry, it has enough story, lore and fantastic art to keep you invested in each page. Can’t wait to see what other cute monster girls will walk into Kurusu’s already wild life. A (100%/Outstanding)
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2,883 reviews14 followers
January 12, 2023
I've decided to try and see how risque a few "usually in sealed bags at Barnes and Noble" manga are, but under the stipulation I can get them through the public library. Monster Musume is the second one I am trying, and this one is very straight forward harem monster girl porn. LOL
Kurusu Kimihito is running a home where monster girls, newly joined and allied to society, can stay. They are all alluringly gorgeous, most have very large breasts, and the laws state that he may not do anything sexual with them, or he could lose his "license". First is Miia, a Lamia (human upper half, snake lower) and she gives him the nickname Darling and is constantly trying to mate with him. Next joins Papi the Harpy, followed by Cerea the Centaur. The watchful eye is Miss Smith, who is responsible for monster girl placement.
I understand what this book was trying to accomplish and it is a funny fan service harem story, but I have so much to read and this just isn't my cup of tea anymore.
If the premise sounds good to you, pick this up. If not, there is tons of other manga to pick up.
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April 20, 2019
Warning: You may hear the actual cries of brain cell dying when you are reading this.

Sexual puns, juvenile humor, soft-core monster porn, and boobs. LOTS and LOTS of boobs - literally, every other page, giant, lovingly-drawn, meticulously-shaded boobs.

Fun premise: an exchange program where the exchange students are quite literally monsters (in this volume: a lamia, a harpy, and a centaur). Problem: There's no real reason for the monsters to be all girls, other than to have three super-sexual, super-horny monster-girl species fight over one 20-something boy who is the lone member of their host family. The monster girls are cute and at times humorous in their bumbling, awkward, destructive way. The story is mindlessly, painfully sexist.

Two stars for the premise.
One star for the actual lack-of-story.
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105 reviews
February 9, 2019
Typical harem manga with a slight twist that the monster girls aren't as human looking which is a great set up for cultural misunderstandings and discrimination which is why I like it. The main character is just a hapless dude who doesn't lust after the girls, he genuinely cares about them like punching speciests in the face. Heartwarming and funny at times but also a lot of fan service so 4 instead of 5 stars.
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Author 8 books2 followers
October 4, 2022
We have all thought at some point what would the world look like if it had monsters.
Others have thought, could I smash them? (I hope you are not part of the ladder)

A dumb and silly story about a guy who inexplicably attracts super sexy monster girls to stay in his house due to an extra-species, the monster people, hosting program.

While it does have its fanservicey moments, the story is just a series of funnt antics that do make you come back for more.
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235 reviews
December 5, 2017
Ok. My sister loves these. Very funny she said. And I mean.. those mangas do not have an age restriction. Are classified as comedy.
I do not agree with that. So sexual. So in your face. It is funny- but it even could be without those obscene chunks crowbared in between.
I really like the charakters! They are very clever made. Cool implied. etc etc
58 reviews
May 2, 2020
A goofy harem story where a hapless man has to take in an assortment of Monster girls and their drama
I like this series for the humor and others like it for...let's call it risque moments...
While not enough to turn me away from the series it can be a little overwhelming at times -_-, definitely 17 and up with this one
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