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The Kennedy Boys #3

Keeping Kyler

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The captivating third book in the Kennedy Boys series concludes Faye and Kyler's love story.

Nothing or no one will keep them apart…

Kyler Kennedy is in the wind.

Shocked and upset, he has taken off on a solo mission—to track down his mom’s ex and demand answers.

Faye understands what it’s like to have your world turned upside down. Determined to support her boyfriend, she gives chase. Yet nothing could prepare her for the ugly truth. Ky has always been plagued with inner demons, and as he falls apart, Faye finally discovers what he’s been hiding from her—from everyone.

When serious accusations arise, Kyler’s future hangs in the balance. But Kennedys stick together in times of crisis, and they rally around him now.

At least there is nothing to prevent Faye and Ky from being together. They go public with their relationship, but not everyone is thrilled for them. Enemies reappear, and fresh battle lines are drawn, but Faye is ready to fight back.

No one is taking her new family from her.

Especially not a manipulative ex.

With time running out for Kyler, Faye takes matters into her own hands.

But when you play with fire, you risk getting burned.


Please note this series is only suitable for readers age 17+ due to mature content and themes. The first three books in this series must be read together but, thereafter, every book will work as a standalone with an HEA and no cliff hanger.


First published May 29, 2017

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About the author

Siobhan Davis

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Siobhan Davis is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon Top 5 bestselling romance author. Siobhan writes emotionally intense stories with swoon-worthy romance, complex characters, and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages beyond bedtime! She has sold over 2 million books, and her titles are translated into several languages.

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in human resource management.

She lives in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons.

Connect with Siobhan:

Website: www.siobhandavis.com
Facebook: AuthorSiobhanDavis
Instagram: siobhandavisauthor
Email: siobhan@siobhandavis.com
TikTok: @siobhandavisauthor
Readers Group: https://bit.ly/35yTX14

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1,805 reviews458 followers
May 29, 2017
Happy Book Birthday

Drama. Young adult love dripping with sweetness. Drama. Hot young adult sexiness. And you guessed it drama!! A great ending to Kyler and Faye's story and a fantastic add to the Kennedy Boys series by Siobhan Davis.

Last time in the Kennedy Boys series, Kyler had learned shocking news that had him reeling and sent him on a lonesome quest to confront his past. Knowing what it’s like to deal with adversity, Faye will not let the love of her life face his alone and will give him the support he needs when he reveals truth behind his tormented past.

But those disclosures are only the beginning. Even though they’re finally free to publicly acknowledge their relationship, not everyone is happy about them being together. Faye, Kyler and the entire Kennedy clan will have to fight together against their enemies, especially after new and grave allegations have been made against Kyler. Can they figure out who’s behind them and what their agendas are before it’s too late for Ky? How much is Faye will to risk to save him?

Keeping Kyler starts right where Losing Kyler left off but I’m not going to comment more on the plot, other than my previous synopsis as there are many twists and turns I’d rather not spoil. Perhaps a couple are easy enough to guess but there are a lot of loose ends that Siobhan skillfully ties in a way I did not see coming. Needless to say, the mystery (ok I’ll give you a hint, there’s a murder to be solved) and romance (there’s lots of incredibly sweet, swoony and sexy moments), and yes of course the teen drama, kept me glued to my seat and frantically turning page after page until the very end.

Faye and Kyler have resolved some of their issues, they’ve faced difficult ordeals individually and as a couple, but there are still more obstacles to tackle on their road to happiness which they need to face together and Keeping Kyler shows how much they’ve grown and keep doing so as the love, trust and intimacy between them keeps on building.

The writing and pacing is great and while Faye and Kyler keep being the center of this story, Siobhan deftly reveals answers to previous events while laying ground for future stories in the series. From the James and Alex situation, to the not so sweet in this installment Brad, to the reformed Kal whose story I can’t wait to read and is up next in the series.

Keeping Kyler is book #3 in young adult The Kennedy Boys Series by Siobhan Davis. It’s written from both points of view with a happy ending and a lead in to the next book. I recommend it for readers that like teen drama and angst revolving around family secrets and taboo relationships, all wrapped up in a sexy, swoony romance.

Author’s note: Series is only suitable for readers age 17+ due to mature content and themes. The first three books in this series must be read together.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. My review is voluntary. *

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December 21, 2017
The drama was way over the top in this series. I can’t say that I liked it, but I did want to finish to see what secrets were revealed. I was only surprised by one thing and I expected the reason why this family was targeted to be something much bigger than what it was. I’m not sure why the drama in one series is worth it and why in another it just makes me want to roll my eyes.
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6,766 reviews588 followers
May 25, 2017
This is it, Faye and Kyler’s moments of truth and in true “young love” fashion, the passion will grow, the desperation to be with each other, to be all they need, to fade into their own safe cocoon will be tested beyond their wildest imaginations. Outsiders will enter their world, truths will be revealed and the twisted soap opera that is the life of being a Kennedy will cut deep, like a garrote on the unsuspecting neck of innocence and love. This is no fairy tale romance, this is raw angst, vile jealousies and nightmares that become things of day time horrors.

Just when all of the obstacles they thought stood in their way to going public, murder and mayhem will become just one more blot on the Kennedy family name and the family will once again have to circle the wagons, but not until making room for one more wagon to join the train, as Faye’s blood father makes himself known. So, where the heck was he all of her life? Does he have Faye’s best interests at heart or is he to become “Daddy Dearest” to this young woman who has had enough turmoil to write several seasons of high angst soap operas?

And again, Faye must stand up to save the family she now has, but is she doing the right thing or is she playing into the hands of death as another drama unfolds in wicked darkness. Is Faye about to make her last stand for the love she and Kyler share?

Siobhan Davis is the reigning queen of new adult angst and she has broken her own record of dramatic tension with KEEPING KYLER. With no apologies, Ms. Davis takes angst to a new level, PDA to new heights and lends a dollop of coming of age to the love between Kyler and Faye, proving that it isn’t always chronological age that matters in affairs of the heart. And that Kennedy family? They are a little off-center of normal, with a closet full of ghosts that keep falling out, but one thing for sure, they stand up for their own, no matter what!

Ms. Davis takes her writing to the limits and piles on event after excruciating event, all while keeping her readers hanging on by their fingernails page after page!

I received an ARC edition from Siobhan Davis in exchange for my honest review.

Series: The Kennedy Boys - Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Upper Young Adult/ New Adult
Release Date: 30 May, 2017
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December 20, 2017
So Kyler and Faye both truly grew in this book. They were finally a team and opened up fully to each other. Kyler grew the most. Of course he had much further to go lol.

I didn’t look at Kyler as a hero in the first two books as he never really earned the title. I feel like he does after reading this one. He became a man hell bent on protecting Faye while standing by her side instead of protecting her by pushing her away. It was refreshing to read.

Many would look at Faye as a doormat in previous books and they wouldn’t be wrong really. In this book though, Faye decides to fight for what she believes is her destiny. She doesn’t allow Kyler to hide anymore.

Of course as with the other books in this series, there is TONS of OTT drama that ensues and I loved it lol. I don’t mind drama but I hate angst. There’s a big difference in the two to me. I will definitely continue on with this series as the books are released.

When these boys love, they love hard. I look forward to reading about the fall for each of them. I’m also hoping that Alex and James can work through their issues. They both made terrible choices and mistakes along the way.

Thanks to Mindy for The BR of this series. This is one I definitely needed a buddy for ;)
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375 reviews210 followers
September 22, 2019
Five obsessed stars for Faye and Kyler 💖💖💖!!!


I love the first book.

I love the second book.


I'm totally and absolutely obsessed with the third book.

Okay, I know that Siobhan knows how to write the book which will keep you awake all night but this book was the next level in her writing career and I'm so in love with everything written in this book.

"Keeping Kyler" is the book with many roller coasters and when you suspected that everything is in its place, you get another secret, another case which needs to be solved and that's is the reason for your new obsession.

I have many favorite couples from books I've read, but Faye's and Kyler's relationship is something different, something you never met in any other book.

The first their relationship was forbidden, then there was crazy ex, family's problems and so many secrets...

Too many problems which needed to be solved but they fought for their love and at the end got their HEA.

Faye is the female character who knows what she wants and she gets it one or another way. She isn't scared of anything especially when that includes protecting Kyler.

Kyler is a hundred percent one of my new favorite male characters (and the new book boyfriend 😉).

In this book, there were a few parts, where his words melted my heart and I said in my head: "I wish that you exist in real life. You're a such perfection with all your imperfections."

Yes, he is special and I'm so jealous of Faye 😜!

They both are heartbroken and their pasts weren't beautiful, but together, their broken pieces are again put together because that is what love does...

It heals.

And two souls become one.

Highly recommended!!!

P. S. Can't wait to read the next book in this series 😍!

I voluntarily reviewed an advance complimentary copy of this book.
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4,494 reviews469 followers
May 17, 2017
I want to apologise in advance because I know this review is going to be long. I know that Siobhan Davis always pulls the lengthy reviews out of me due to all the emotions I feel, but this is something else entirely. All the things I wish to say, everything I plan to get across, will result in a legitimate essay. So strong are my feelings. Due to that, I’m going to do something I’ve done a couple of times now, when a book threatened to destroy me: I’m going to give you two versions of my review. First, I’ll give you a little short one – one where you can get my general feelings. Then, I’ll give you my full-length emotional breakdown as I try to express the hot mess I’ve become. I doubt either will do this book justice, but such is the only way I can imagine myself getting through this review.


If I was to sum this book up in one word it would be ‘wow’, and yet that would be a massive injustice. This book is a wonderful end to the story of Faye and Kyler. Things are brought together wonderful, with information from the two previous books coming to light in this one, alongside a new emotional punch landing. Without a doubt, this is my favourite book in the series. I’m having an internal debate right now about whether it is going to earn the spot as my favourite Siobhan Davis read – it’s a very real possibility. It has everything you expect from a Siobhan Davis book: raw emotion, plot twists, and wonderful romance. It is extremely hard to pull a five star rating from me, and I was so close to handing it with this one. Honestly, it’s amazing. If you’ve enjoyed the rest of the series, I’m positive this one will blow your mind.


I think Siobhan Davis may have broken me with this one. It was such an emotional rollercoaster, and I fear I will be unable to look at a book the same way for quite some time. As amazing as it is for such a thing to happen, I really feel sorry for the massive list of books I plan to read as they have a lot to live up to after this one. You see, Keeping Kyler was all I had hoped it would be. It was a perfect ending to the Faye and Kyler story arc. Not to mention, I’m so pumped for the future books – a point I will come back to later in my review.

Picking up where Losing Kyler left off, Keeping Kyler starts with a bang and does not let up. We’re pulled straight into the action and throughout the entire story the adrenaline is kicking. In typical Siobhan Davis fashion, twist after twist is thrown at us. New information is constantly being handed off. Pieces of information you may have overlooked or written off in the first book come back to bite you in this one. Do you know of Chekhov’s gun? It’s the principle that every element in a story must be necessary, if it is unnecessary it can be removed. In the first book there were a couple of things that I thought were unnecessary, and when they failed to come up again, I feared the rifle hanging on the wall would never go off. Well, let me tell you, that rifle finally went off. Things went wild in this one. All the elements were brought together, things I’d been unsure about came back into play, and I loved the way things came together in this one.

It truly was a thing of beauty.

But wait – the beauty does not stop there. Whilst the story does a wonderful job of bringing everything together from the prior books, it also adds more layers. We’re introduced to so many new themes in this one. If I were to list everything that occurred, you’d look at me as if I was crazy. Or, perhaps, you’d look at Siobhan Davis as though she was the crazy one. It’s too much, you’d think. There’s no way all of those details could be well executed, you’d fear. I can assure you, this one is jam packed with so many things and they’re all done so well. It will blow you mind in so many ways. Honestly, I want to scream out so many details, I want to share in the emotions I experienced through the events, and yet I have no wish to be that person who spoils a book for everyone else. I’m just not that girl, and you really need to go in without any expectations of what kind of scenes play out to allow you to enjoy them as much as they deserve to be enjoyed.

Still, I’m nowhere near being done with explaining to wonder that is this book.

I keep mentioning the emotional impact of this book, and I now wish to point you towards what hit me the hardest. Reading things from Kyler’s perspective absolutely broke me. The first few scenes we read from his perspective ripped my heart to pieces. I honestly believed that people could hear the pounding of my heart, I feared someone would question me about possible arrhythmia with the spluttering and skipping it was doing. It really wasn’t healthy for my heart to be beating as violently and erratically as it was when I was reading Kyler’s perceptive. Honestly, it broke me in so many ways. Although I’ve enjoyed Kyler as a character, it wasn’t until this point that I felt something for him. As soon as I started reading things from his perspective, everything I felt toward him shifted. I wanted nothing more than to pull him into my arms and hold him close, protecting him from the world.

My only displeasure with the Kyler storyline is that we didn’t get to read more from his perspective. Every time we read something from Kyler’s point of view I found myself melting inside, and when we flipped back to Faye’s perspective I felt empty. That being said, I doubt I would have survived an entire book written from Kyler’s point of view. That boy will bleed you dry. It was probably wise of Siobhan Davis to limit to the number of scenes from Kyler’s point of view, as I’m unsure whether I would have survived much more. If I were handing out stars for how my view of Kyler changed from reading this book, I would be emptying the sky of stars right now. The swooning most fans have been expressing towards Kyler throughout the first two books pales in comparison to the deep emotional connection I made to him in this book. Seriously, be still my beating heart, be still.

It isn’t simply reading things from Kyler’s perspective that will break you on the emotional front. I admit that it’s the biggest culprit, but it’s not the only thing. The events that take place throughout this book will pull your emotions in so many directions, and quite a few of those emotions will be heartache. There’s no denying the positive emotions you’ll experience throughout this story, yet this one packs a punch through pulling your heartstrings taut. So many of the storylines within this story will threaten to cripple you, will leave you fearful of whether we’ll get that happily ever after we’re hoping for.

At this point, I’d like to take a break from all my emotional fangirl gushing and commend Siobhan Davis on another factor of the story. The Kennedy Boy series is more upper young adult than Siobhan Davis’ prior books, and due to this the content within the books are heavier than in her prior books. I’d like to give Siobhan Davis a well done for pulling the hotter scenes off so well. I admit that I feel as though she fell into the Sarah J. Maas trap in that they went at it a bit much, but the way she made light of it in through the comments of the other characters meant I was able to deal with the bunny factor we seemed to embrace at points. Honestly, though, these scenes can often be extremely awkward to read yet such wasn’t the case here. It can be hard to do in young adult or even new adult books, and Siobhan Davis manages it. I could go on to share all the details of why I think it was so well done, but we’ll simply leave it with this paragraph of praise.

Now, I’ll head back to my commentary of being pumped for the future books. In this one, I feel as though all of the characters developed wonderfully. It goes without saying that Faye and Kyler developed massively – that statement falls in line with all the gushing I have done regarding the emotional impact of this book. What I really loved is that the same can be said about the other characters. All of the Kennedy boys developed so much within this book, and we finally got to see so much more of them all. This works so well in preparing us for their future books. I was so excited when I found out all of the boys would be getting their own books, but this book has worked to make me even more excited. You get an indication of where some of the stories will go, and I’m so excited to see them play out. In fact, the stories I’m most excited for changed as my views towards all of the characters developed.

Note, because of the above, there are still a few things hanging in the air. The main elements of the story are all brought together, the things relating to Faye and Kyler, yet we’re still waiting on some details to come together for other characters. It’s nothing overly major, it’s nothing that will leave you feeling as though the story wasn’t brought together, but it will leave you super excited to pick up the future books in the series so that you can see how the future plays out for the other characters you have come to know and love.

Honestly, I think this may be favourite book by the author. Saven Defiance was staying strong and holding that spot, yet the two are in a heavy battle. I fear, in all honesty, that Saven Defiance may well find itself resting in second place once the dust has settled and my emotions are less raw. Keeping Kyler really does have so much to it; it really did so much to me. As you can probably tell, it has left me all over the place. It really was extremely close to pulling the elusive five star rating from me.

I guess I should address that before I wrap up my review. I know that may will not hesitate to hand this book five stars, yet I so very rarely hand them out. Less than five percent of the ratings I have given are five star ratings. In fact, I’ve handed out more one star ratings and I absolutely hate doing such a thing. This is because I always manage to find a little something where I think ‘maybe I wasn’t quite as happy as I could have been’. With this one, it was because I worked out quite a lot of the plot twists. I wasn’t one hundred percent with the details of some, but I managed to get the more general things right. Not that it was the worst thing, far from it. I had simply been hoping I was wrong. The fact I didn’t get all of the information, though, was wonderful. The other thing is that it seemed a bit overly cute at times. Whilst I enjoyed the romance, there were a few times where I was rolling my eyes and felt a bit like the siblings in thinking it was a bit over the top. This probably has more to do with the fact that I’m still trying to deny my love for the romance genre (even if my Kindle will tell you otherwise) and can almost always find something to complain about – perhaps when I find myself a man that view will change, but the inner ogre won and I found myself sighing at some of the cuteness. Without a doubt, it’s an easy four star read, one of the strongest four-star ratings I have given this year, but my bitter mind prevented me from handing out that five star rating. If nothing else, it’s shown Siobhan Davis may well be one of the very few authors to manage to get me to hand over a five star read in the future.

All in all, you need to go and jump into this series. Even if you only read the Faye and Kyler arc, you need to appreciate the wonder Siobhan Davis has created. I’m now going to go and wallow in self-pity as I await the next book in the series, rocking slowly back and forth as I anticipate where things go from here. Fortunately, I have something to keep me sane – I’m a terrible fan who has yet to read the True Calling series (I know, I totally deserve those gasps of horror and pitiful looks) and I believe I may very well have to bump it right up my to-read list to keep me sane until I get my next dose of this series.

Overall, to conclude the ramble that is this mess of a review, I loved it.
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1,672 reviews818 followers
November 8, 2021
accidentally delete my review, adding again :)

Oh my Kennedy family loving heart! I love the drama, all the angst- and after an epic journey full of drama and emotional growth, we’ve reached the end of Kyler and Faye’s books. Siobhan has created such an energy around this family- that curious fascination that has me as obsessed with this family as the world around them. I can’t wait for future stories, but Kyler is going to be hard to beat.

This has everything I love about this series- over the top drama, delicious steam, deep emotional connections between our leads, and the quirky, loyal force of nature that is the Kennedy brood. The story picks up right where left our pair- with Kyler on the hunt for answers and Faye determined to support him. The dynamics have changed- they are in the public eye now, secrets are out in the open, and they can finally exist as a pair without either of those obstacles between them.

Faye and Kyler are the ultimate soulmates. I feel their connection, their love DEEP in my soul, and this is my favorite part of their journey- perhaps because we get to see them just BE together finally. They’ve been through so much to get there, and now they can focus on solidifying their relationship vs. the push-pull they’ve been in and the way they’ve had to hide. I’ve always loved Faye, and she continues to shine here. She’s strong and patient, determined and resilient. She’s willing to fight for what she wants, but she does it with love and empathy. And Kyler- OH my Kyler, you have my whole heart now. Siobhan is the QUEEN of taking flawed heroes and stripping them bare- exposing what makes them so flawed, And then once we’ve seen their beating heart, she works her magic- she redeems them for their flaws, gives them meaningful opportunities to grow and evolve as men, but also as partners. And that is the best part of this whole book for me- seeking Kyler vulnerable, open to both us and Faye. He stopped pushing Faye away, and he starts pulling her in- he gives her trust in action, he treats her as his partner.

I also just LOVE this whole Kennedy crew, and I can’t wait to see how they evolve over time. While the story is definitely focused on our couple, the ensemble element adds such richness to the story - and always makes for some of my favorite parts of the books.

Siobhan continues to earn my undying one-clicks with this series. Drama, intensity, secrets and danger- and at the center, a passionate and captivating epic love story that I’m utterly addicted to- I’m hoping to get to see much of Faye and Kyler in future stories, because I will never get enough of this couple!
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May 23, 2017
I had to take a night to try to get my emotions in check after finishing this book. I still can't put it all into words but ive figured out Siobhans writing does that to you. you aren't able to form coherent sentences from the aftermath of all the wonderful you get from her books.

Keeping Kyler keeps you on the edge of your seat through every single page. I had company in town while I was reading it and I was sneaking in reading where I could and thinking about what I read when I couldn't. Siobhan is an expert with the suspense, love, emotions, and outright roller coaster you get in her books. This one was no different.

I can't say what goes on in this book due to it would be a spoiler for the whole series but man! It threw me for a loop! when i was coming to terms with the first set of suspense I would get smacked by another one.

The characters develop even more in this story and I swear if I didn't know they were fictional characters, I would think they were real people I would want to go visit.

I love Kyler and Faye. They are such wonderful characters that both have hearts of gold even if it is displayed in different ways. I could see me being proud to be their friend no matter the crazy going on if they would let me in!

I seriously love almost all the characters in this series, with exception of a small few but you are meant to not like those so it is okay! I have to say though my favorites are Kalvin and Keaton and i can't wait to get more of them in the next book!

If you have not read this, go get Finding Kyler right now and be ready to be a zombie in society because you will not be able to function until you finish the story!
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931 reviews8 followers
June 23, 2018
Audible Review: I’ve just loved listening to Kyler and Faye’s story on Audible! Their story was intense, emotional, and sometimes so painful. But as they grow together, they become much stronger and better people. I’m thinking of especially Kyler, who started out with a lot of problems. They also grow so much closer as a couple, it’s so beautiful.

This book in particular, was full of surprises, plot twists, lots of excitement and some pretty crazy moments. It really was a great wrap up to Kyler and Faye’s story.

It was really awesome to have Craig Van Ness narrating along with Sinead Collins! Having that male voice for when we were in Kyler’s head was great! I thought they did a great job and thoroughly enjoyed the audible!!!!


Book Review:
I have been procrastinating writing this review for a while, because I've just been so emotional about the end of Kyler and Faye's story. Sure I know they are going to show up throughout the Kennedy Boys Series here and there, but Kyler is my favorite Kennedy boy. Ky won my heart. I loved Ky and Faye's relationship. This just goes to show how well Siobhan Davis writes her characters, she writes awesome characters. I had a really hard time letting go of the characters at the end of her Saven Series. AND THIS ISN'T EVEN THE END OF A SERIES!!! lol...I've been moping around , not wanting to read anything else. Don't laugh at my pain! lol Anyway...my review....

"My entire world starts and ends with him. When he isn't with me, he's all I think about to the point of obsession." Faye (Keeping Kyler)

Book three picks up right where book two left off (I love how Siobhan Davis does this), but I'm not going to say how it picks up or what's going on, because I don't want to spoil it for those who have not read book two. Although, I have to say "What are you waiting for?"!!! Especially if you've read book one, you need to read book two!!! OMG...I'm rambling...I just really love this series and highly recommend it!!!! As you can tell by the synopsis, Kyler has taken off, by himself, to track down his mom's ex and demand answers. He has left Faye behind with just a note, no goodbye, no talking about it...just left her a note and disappeared. But Faye understands what it's like to have your world turned upside down and the rug pulled out from under your feet, so she wants to be there for Ky. That's the beauty of their relationship, they really do get each other and they put each other's needs first. Now, anyway, it was a rocky start...but they have grown. So she's there for Kyler, with all he's going through, even when his ex tries to shake things up. Things get pretty crazy, pretty suspenseful and it will keep you guessing.

"That's what you do when you're in love. Nothing else matters but you, Faye." He rubs his thumbs under my eyes, smoothing the moisture away. "Not now. Not Ever." Kyler (Keeping Kyler)

I have to say, although I'm sad Kyler and Faye's story has come to a close, I am really looking forward to Kalvin's story in Loving Kalvin. He is so sweet and I want to see him have the happy ending he deserves, after all he's been through.

*I read an advanced copy of this book, but my opinions are my own*
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Author 18 books396 followers
May 24, 2017
This series! Wow, just when you think things will calm down, BAM, Ms. Davis hits you up with something new! I loved the drama in the first two books of The Kennedy Boys series, and KEEPING KYLER continues that trend, challenging the reader with its take on family, friendship, trust and love. Ky and Faye keep the sexy times rolling in this steamy story, and I'm happy they finally settle into their relationship by the end of the book. I'm looking forward to the adventures of the other Kennedy brothers, too! I highly recommend this book and this series for fans of NA with steamy sex scenes and lots of drama!
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May 19, 2017
This really was the perfect end to Faye and Kyler's story. There was plenty of that crazy over the top Kennedy drama that we've all come to expect and love with this series. Kyler's revelation was absolutely heartbreaking. So many feels. Faye continued to be awesome and fight for those she loves. And I'm so excited that there will be more books in the series focusing on the other characters. I need my Kennedy fix!

Thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC of this book. This did not influence my opinions in any way.
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May 30, 2017
**ARC Copy**

Absolutely loved Ky and Faye's story! It was a good ending for them. I still want more! I love books that are a easy read (in a good way).

I have to say I love suspense so anything to do with danger and mystery grabs my attention plus throw in some love so it keeps it sweet and loving. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out after all those bomb drops. I was worried there for a little bit. Mostly just heart broken for Ky. No kid deserves that. That hit home for personal reasons. Glad to see him work through it and try to over come it.

Super excited to continue on with the rest of the bothers!
Definitely can not wait for Kal's story!

I voluntarily reviewed an advance complimentary copy of this book.
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May 28, 2017
Disclaimer: I received an arc in exchange of an honest review. And HOLY SHIT, I'm soooo happy for it. Once again, Siobhan Davis brings the perfect amount of drama and love <3

Book 3 starts off right where we stopped at book 2: Kyler left the Kennedys household after he discovers he's not James' son but actually shares the same sperm donor of Keven and Kaden. It's really sad to see him fighting his demons so hard.


Of course, poor Faye is frantic not knowing where he is... and we suffer it along with her...


For reals, Kyler really should know better than look for someone Keven and Kaden clearly advised to not to. I mean, the guy is obviously a POS...


Then it gets worse. We learn a secret, something bad that happened to Kyler that just breaks the heart...


I mean really, Kyler is all


Oh, Courtney and Addison are back.


I know, I know...


We also meet new characters who make Faye's life crazy good and crazy bad. You know Siobhan is all about spicing things up lol


There are moments throughout the book I was




And of course:


Thanks to all Faye’s and Kyler’s sexy moments and I’m not gonna lie Kent. He’s my favorite Kennedy at the moment, y'all. Pure sex on a stick:


This book was the last of Kyler and Faye though we know they are forever.


Am I right? ;-)
Not to mention, I'm confident we will have cameos on the next books. Speaking of it, the next one will be Kal’s and Lana’s. I admit she is on my shitty list ever since she pulled the fake rape card on Kal.


I am curious though to see what Miss Davis will do to redeem her in order to be worthy of Kal. Don’t get me wrong, he messed up too but I really just wanna walk up to Lana and…


Haters gonna hate I guess. But I’m sure she is up to the challenge and will bring us more crazy shenanigans from all Kennedys and I love her for it haha.
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May 23, 2017
Before starting Keeping Kyler, I didn’t think there could possibly be any new drama in Faye’s world, and boy oh boy was I wrong. What I love most about this series is that I can get caught up in all the craziness that I secretly crave in my life without actually having to live through it. While Faye deals with psychos and near-death experiences, I get to lounge on my bed in my pajamas. Trust me, there are some major OMG (and a little scary) moments with this one.

I thought this was a beautiful conclusion to Faye and Kyler’s story and the best part is the transformation of certain characters. I couldn’t love James any more than I already do. I need to go back and read Finding Kyler again because James was an absolute train wreck in that book, and it is so nice to see how much he has changed since then. Same goes for both Kyler and Kal. I remembered how Kyler acted toward Faye when they first met and couldn’t stop smiling at how much he has matured—all thanks to Faye’s love and support. Kal’s transition begun in Losing Kyler and I was so happy to see it continue in Keeping Kyler, and Siobhan utilizes the end to set up the plot for Loving Kalvin which I know is going to be amazing. Now, Brad's character has some interesting moments which makes me wonder what Siobhan is planning in Saving Brad.

Adam is a great character and I hope that we get to see more of him in the future books. I also enjoyed the introduction of Whitney and I am interested to see where Siobhan takes her character. I loved the twist regarding the villains and had fun trying to guess who was the main person behind everything and what their motive was.

I highly recommend this book as well as all of Siobhan Davis’ others (even if you don’t think you are a science fiction fan, I assure that you will love them all). You are missing out on life if you aren’t aware of Ariana, Cal, Zane, Sadie, Logan, and Axton.

I received a copy of this and volunteered to review it.
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September 17, 2019
Wow what a third book and why I guessed some of the plot twists in the other books I did not see this last one coming .This last book was even harder to put down than the last two and I felt ended the series well I am however very glad that I saw some spin offs from the series which I will be reading now so am on to book 4 Kalvin and Lana story.
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May 28, 2017
4.5/5 Jerry Springer stars!

OTT- The drama is strong with this one!

Just when you think things couldn't get more insane, they do. No one in this book has a filter and everyone needs a cold shower to combat the raging hormones. The adults are no better than their teenage kids. With the exceptions of Jill and Rose (who have very minor parts) Faye is the only girl described as having any virtue.

The rest of the girls, including complete strangers, only want to rip their underwear off at the sight of the Kennedy boys.
I'd call out the author on slut-shaming, but I can't because it's more like slut bragging.

I mean when Whitney says this, you can hardly feel sorry for her: I give great head or so I've been told.

TMI- As no one has a filter or a maturity level above fifteen, you can just imagine how they let it fly. Brad, dude, you didn't need to confess your undying love for Faye in explicit detail. Everyone knows, dude. You just don't learn from past mistakes, do you? Can't blame Kyler for not trusting you. Faye, I know you feel bad, but you need to stay away from Brad. Your presence just makes things worse. Take a step back and stop making it about you.
Brad isn't the only one with TMI. All the girls and women other than Faye can't keep their mouths shut about all the ways they would like to further debauch the Kennedy brothers. Kyler comes across as a real elitist prick when he shoots down the waitresses and some of the other girls. He even calls them horrible names. Yet, they still want to do the dirty with him. Seriously??? It's called self-respect. If he spoke to me that way I'd have to introduce him to my middle finger.

PDA- Kyler and Faye are the perfect couple and they love to demonstrate it in front of others. Note to Faye and Kyler, if different people at different times are commenting on your handsy behavior, then you probably should get a room.

WTH- This could probably go under the OTT heading but it works well here too. Some of the drama was just unbelievable. There was no need for Adam's children to meet Faye at the Kennedy house. A more neutral location would have worked better. As expected everything went to hell pretty quickly. There are other instances of a more private, less dramatic option being available, but the characters choosing the most OTT scenario they could dream up. Even if it defies all logic. I'm of two minds on this. It annoyed me enough to take off a half-star, but at the same time, it makes the story that much more page-turning. I'll leave it for you to decide.

HEA-After Faye and Kyler take out the trash, they can finally concentrate on being a normal couple. I will be waiting to see what happens next with Kal. [caption id="attachment_526" align="alignnone" width="300"] Man taking out garbage[/caption]
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May 23, 2017
This volume in the Kennedy Boys series certainly kept me on my toes! I swear every other chapter had me saying "what the heck???" This is NOT a bad thing, I love when books are unpredictable! It adds to my reading enjoyment.

In this edition, you'll get a lot more of Faye and Kyler and a lot more drama surrounding the family. There will be shocks and surprises, adventure and excitement! I love that we get not only Faye's point of view, but Kyler's as well. And I love that there is such a strong family involvement. Even when there are tensions and secrets and mistrust, there is still a sense that this family is there for one another and will go to any lengths to make sure that their loved ones are taken care of and protected. Everyone should have family who loves that fiercely! This book was the perfect way to wrap up Faye and Kyler's portion of the Kennedy story. I'm glad to see, however, that we will be seeing more of the couple in future books of the series.

If you love a complicated romance, and some intrigue and danger along with it, you are going to love this volume of the series. If you haven't read the first two books in the series, what are you waiting for? This is a series and an author that you will thank yourself for getting to know!

Thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC of this book to read.
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May 28, 2017
Keeping Kyler is the third book in The Kennedy Boys series and I'm kinda sad we've come to an end for Faye and Kyler's story. This book picked up pretty much where the second book ended and Kyler is in a really foul mood. Faye is soooo worried about him and enlisted Kalvin and Brad's help. In the process, someone important in Faye's life was revealed and that caused some complicated emotions for her.

Kyler kinda got into trouble and Faye desperately needed to help him sort it out. While Faye was doing her detective work, she uncovered a load of secrets involving several people that were key to the story. Siobhan has done a really great job weaving all these complicated characters together.

In the end those who were deserving got what was coming for them and Faye and Kyler got their happily ever after :) Now I cannot wait to read the other characters' stories especially Kalvin's and Brad's!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book)
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August 20, 2020
Once again... Just because it worked the once doesn't mean you should do it again.
Although I'm not as mad at this series as I was before... I still find the author's writing style to be extremely juvenile and bad. It's hard to describe but this is something that has stood out to me: The author writes the dialogue of a character who is supposed to be 1. a teenager and 2. a "trouble maker" super formal. Like instead of saying "don't or won't" the author will write it as "do not or will not" ya know what I mean???

Overall, I don't really like this author but oh well.
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May 23, 2017
Way to go Siobhan Davis! The 1st 2 books of the series were good but this 3rd one was definitely the best in my opinion. A LOT of character development for almost all the main characters and so much growth for them. The writing style was intense enough that I felt like I could feel all of Kyler's pain and Faye's anger. I don't like reviews that give too much details so I try to follow the same when I write my own. Read this 3rd book in the Kennedy series. You will not regret it!! PLUS I cannot wait to read Lana & Kal's story next and continue to see how the stories play out for the rest of the family.

I did receive this book free in exchange for my honest review.
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June 4, 2017
His book was made just for me, it couldn't have been any more perfect. Everything I wanted to happen, happened. Is like the author read my mind.

There were plenty of twists and turns. I loved each curveball.

A fantastic series.
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August 12, 2017
I voluntary received an ARC copy of this book and did not in anyway influence my review.

This series will have you hooked to it from start to finish... Siobhan has produced a winner for a series for me!
Where to even start... i loved book one and two but book 3 is my favorite so far, Faye and Kyler are so good for each other, they balance each others emotional and physical stress and needs, this book we understand kyler a lot more and why he is the way he is. Its not smooth sailing for them again in this book, but they become each others rock. Faye does what she can to protect and help Kyler even though he didn't need it.
I'm on the fence about brad in this book, because he was hurting i cut him the slack, but i hope that he grows a little more in books to come.

Cannot wait for Loving Kalvin - he deserves his story!!!
Check out her other series if you enjoyed this series so far.
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May 31, 2017
What can I say about Keeping Kyler, other than the fact that it ripped me to shreds, only to put me right back together again. This book was the perfect conclusion to Faye and Kyler's story and gave me everything I was hoping for in an ending...and then some. I am highly rec that you all pick this series up, ASAP.

Kyler was just as broody and charming as I wanted him to be, while Faye had me giggling with all of her sass. I adored their banter and all of their swoon worthy moments, everything leading me to believe that this is truly and end-game couple.

I cannnot WAIT for Kalvin's story, along with the rest of the brood. But what I'm really pumped for? That adorably sweet Brad. He's a keeper, and I so want to see him get his HEA.

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January 27, 2018
En realidad, no sé qué puntaje darle.

Este libro fue tan... no tengo palabras. Demasiado drama. Demasiado empalagamiento. Demasiada perfección para mi gusto.

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July 7, 2017
HOLY COW! Folks, Siobhan has done it again! The third book in the saga of Ky and Faye is chock full of twists, turns, suspense, and steamy scenes!

I'm at that disjointed place after you finish a book that is a wild rollercoaster. I'm still processing everything that happened in the last 15% of the book! At one point when I was reading I gasped and exclaimed "Oh my GOD!" with dread in my voice and I actually scared my husband, because he thought something bad had happened in real life, haha.

I cannot believe all of the stuff that happened in this book. I was so surprised by all of the twists and turns. This book is a must if you liked the previous two books in the series. I would definitely recommend the entire series if you are a fan Paper Princess by Erin Watt. I think this series actually has even more drama and sexiness than the Royals series!

This book was amazing. It was the perfect ending to the trilogy. I'm so glad that Siobhan is going to be writing books for all of the other characters. I can't wait for Loving Kalvin, which she is writing next!

I read a beta copy of this book.
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May 29, 2017
I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of Keeping Kyler provided by Lola's blog tours and the author. Thank you so much for the reviewing opportunity!

The ending was everything I hoped it would be, it's the one I've been rooting for especially after all the ups and downs in Faye and Ky's relationship that left me thinking, can things get even worse?

Of course, for Siobhan Davis, she just excels at plot twists and cliffhangers and sees that as an opportunity to shock her readers again and again. Nevertheless, the series has been a fun and emotional ride that I am sad to disembark, but looking forward to Kal's book at the same time! I have to say that Brad stole my heart and it kills me to see him so heartbroken in this book, I need his book so badly too.

I'm ready for the next Kennedy boy story! July better roll in quicker!
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May 22, 2017
Originally posted on Daydreaming Books.

*I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This book was a wild ride and I am so glaaaad it lived up to my expectations. You can read my review of book 1: Finding Kyler, here and book 2: Losing Kyler, here.

Losing Kyler ended with another cliffhanger and I've waiting to get my hands on this book ever since. After finding out another shocking family evidence, Kyler takes off on his own leaving Faye in the darkness but she is not going to give up on him so soon. But fate keeps throwing them one blow after another, will their love for each other be strong enough to hold them together or will it lead them to their ultimate downfall?
“They are far from perfect, but they’re my far from perfect.”

The plot was unpredictable yet again. I was continuously on the edge and I couldn't stop reading this book. After Kyler hears overhears another shocking truth which involves him, he takes off without thinking. What he did was reckless but I agree with Ky, it needed to be done and the chaos that followed would have happened one way or another. But he shouldn't have kept Faye in the dark. One thing that I love about Faye is her ability of not giving up on the people she loves and trusts them. She didn't leave his side for one second and stood there as a shield in front of Ky.

We got to see another side of Addison in this book but one way or another, she is a hell lot of twisted. Courtney is crazy, I knew that but I didn't imagine her crazy could reach that level. Some parts felt a bit repetitive but other than that I have no complaints. This book also highlighted the fact that not only women but men could be the victim of sexual abuse as well and when I read about the particular aspect in this book, it broke my heart.
“Your scars, your flaws, your fears, your pain - they're mine too.”

Faye and Kyler together are just indestructible. Their love for one another is so strong and they both are always ready to lay down, even their lives for one another. Their chemistry intensified much more in this book and I loved the romance between them, so freaking much! Kyler is such a romantic, he even became te mushy-gushy type but he was proud of it, now tell me who doesn't want a guy like that? <3

Siobhan's ability to wrap up so many loose ends flawlessly together continues to amaze me. I mean a shitload of things went down in this book but the way they were all wrapped up in the end, I was satisfied yet in need of more and I'm glad we'll be getting more of them in the future.

Overall, Keeping Kyler was a great read. It was hard to put in down and the plot was executed neatly. I fell in love with the characters even more in this book and I just can't get enough of Faye and Kyler together. The writing was smooth and easy to read and the pace was even throughout the book. I can't wait for Loving Kalvin!! We'll finally get to see Kalvin and Lana, I'm sooo excited!

Recommend it?

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May 22, 2017
Final Score - 4.5 Stars!!!

This book was an emotional rollercoaster, and I fear I will not be able to re-read this series in the near future. I may need to give myself time to recover.

Picking up where the last book (Losing Kyler) left off, Keeping Kyler starts with a bang and does not let up until the very end! I was pulled right away into happenings and throughout the entire story the adrenaline was definitely kicking in. Twist after twist is thrown at us. New information is constantly being handed off. Pieces of information you may have overlooked or written off in the first book come back to bite you in this one. The revelations in this book are mind-blowing, but of course at the crux of the story is Kyler and Faye's love for one another and how that love can not only change a person for the better, but helps to heal them as well.

Love and all that it encompasses is truly a thing of beauty to be valued and cherished.

The story does a wonderful job of bringing everything together from the prior books as well as adding more layers. The details are so well executed, you’d fear they'd be jam packed - not so. With so many things happening throughout the story, each one is carefully crafted and executed so well. This story will truly blow you mind in so many ways. Honestly, I wanted to scream my head off!

The emotional impact of this book ... gah! I was in knots for hours reading it. So much so, I had to take small breaks here and there or else I would never be able to handle it all. Reading the events from Kyler’s perspective absolutely broke my heart and ripped it apart. He was the character I was most worried about in this book - I feared he wouldn't make it through to the other side after the truths were revealed in the last book. I just wanted to be Faye in that moment and cuddle/hold him to my breast, he was so lost.

The only issue I had with this book was the dueling PoV's - Kyler's and Faye's. I want to learn all that I could about Kyler. We've already read from Faye's PoV in the previous books, but Kyler still remained an enigma of sorts. However, all that brooding and hostility and I have to say Faye's inner thoughts helped to sooth that destructive balm.

This book was the perfect ending to the first part of the Kennedy Boys Series, as I consider them to be one big book and not 3 separate ones.I can't wait to read more of this series as all the brother's will get a chance to shine - I'm especially looking forward to getting to know Keven & Kaden, the oldest brothers as they aren't mentioned much but in passing. Kalvin's story is another I'm extremely interested in reading as well as Brad's.
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