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Offensive Rebound: Holding Court

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It's a call that changes my life--and my little girl's. Years ago, playing for the NBA was the dream, but the Seattle Stallions suck. Worse than that, my old teammate is now the star center--not to mention my number one rival. There has to be a catch, some sort of agenda. Before I was injured, I was the best. Now? There's no way they want me.

But when I see the roster and salaries, it all comes together. It's a chance to get on the court again and change our lives. And I just can't wait for the opportunity to finally take him down. What I never counted on is Courtney Cohen being the game changer.

I inherited the Bad News Bears of the NBA. When I discovered the star center, my ex fiancé, cheating on me, all I want is to jump ship before the whole thing sinks. But with revenge on my mind, I exact a plan. Take down the dirty player and save my father's dream.

Suddenly twelve minutes is too little time, and a season is not long enough.
Will it be love, or just a game?

275 pages

Published January 15, 2017

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About the author

M.J. Fields

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MJ Fields is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels. She lives in New York with her daughter Miss A, smoochie faced Newfie, Theo and the newest member to the 'fields crew, rescue diva / holy terror Eleanor.
When she’s not locked away in the cave, she enjoys doing home improvement projects, spending time with her family, attending live music and sporting events, the theatre, singing off key, dancing to her own beat, listening to audio books, and reading of course.

Forever Steel!

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1,473 reviews434 followers
February 7, 2017
To be completely honest, I wasn't sure I was going to like this story when I first started. The main characters come off as very immature in the beginning, most especially the heroine. I picked up a young new adult vibe that took a little bit to shake off, but I was glad I stuck around to see it change. The premise of the story is revenge. Both Courtney and Trae have a distinct dislike for her ex, each with their own valid reason. Courtney has to bridge the biggest gap to growth in my opinion. While she stumbles along, you see the subtle changes gradually. Trae seems to almost sneak his development in towards the end. While I liked the basketball setting for a change, I wasn't a huge fan of the plot. Though as far as execution goes, it was well done. The prose was true to the characters at the moment. However, there were so extremely cheesy lines that I just HAD to share with you all:

"Doesn't matter right now. We're gonna be like Nike and just do it, okay?"

"Fucking beautiful. Spalding doesn't even make them this good."

"You ready for the D?"

Cheeseball lines aside, it was a good read. I definitely felt that I was reading something unique and for that, I found the experience refreshing. Safety: No others after they get together. No rape or abuse. Ex drama for the heroine.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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1,481 reviews3,482 followers
July 27, 2017
3.5 Stars

Overall Opinion: This was a little bit better than "just ok" for me. I didn't necessarily go in expecting much, but I didn't get much either. It won't go down on my favorites shelf, and I don't think it will be all that memorable in the long run tbh. I think that the characters had potential to be more than they were, but sadly we just scratched the surface -- especially Trae and his daughter! I felt like there could be so much more to that whole part of the story. Oh well! It was a easy, sexy, low-angst book that I'm sure many will enjoy ;)

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Courtney and Trae's story. Courtney's Dad passes away and leaves her in charge of his nba team and stadium. She just got out of a relationship with one of the players on the team, and revenge is on her mind. Trae is a new player for the team, and he has a bad history with Courtney's ex and wants revenge also. They work together to get the team ready for a new season that will hopefully be better than the horrible first season they just had, get revenge on the ex, as well as trying to keep the stadium from going under. There are some people in their way, a big drunken mistake, some sexy times, and a few communication issues...but they do get a HEA ending.

POV: This alternated between Courtney and Trae's POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Ok. I did feel like the conflict was resolved too close to the end for my liking. I was worried for a little bit that this was going to end with a cliffy and there was going to be another book! Thankfully there wasn't a cliffhanger. I thought it flowed well otherwise, and I never skimmed.

Instalove: No. Instalust? Yes.

H rating: 4.5 stars. Trae. I liked him. I especially loved how he was with his daughter!

h rating: 4 stars. Courtney. I liked her. I did get frustrated with her pushing the H away at the end though.

Sadness level: Low, no tissues needed.

Push/Pull: Yes

Heat level: Moderate. They have some hot tension, chemistry and scenes, but not so much it takes away from the story.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: Yes

OW/OM drama: Yes

Sex scene with OW or OM: No

Cheating: No

Separation: Yes, but very short

Possible Triggers: Yes

Closure: This had good closure with a jump ahead epilogue and a HEA ending.

How I got it: I got on loan through booklending.com/Amazon from a dear friend :)

Safety: This one should be Safe for most readers.
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February 6, 2017
You know those books that you read that can just instantly change your mood and make you feel happy? This is one of those books! The overall vibe of the story is sweet and fun, sexy and hilarious. It feels light and carefree even though it deals with some serious stuff, and you'll be hard pressed to not fall for these characters! Usually yes, the relationship between the characters is what everyone remembers most about a book but the vibe and feel of Offensive Rebound is something else I won't forget. There's a quote from Maya Angelou that goes something along the lines of "People will forget what you said, they'll forget what you did, but they'll never forget the way you made them feel", and I think that's the case with this book. You may forget some specific details over time, you may forget some specific quotes and lines, but you'll never forget everything this book and these characters will make you feel.

"Christa is sobbing, Courtney’s a mess, and there ain’t shit I can do but try to hold it together for both of them while I’m falling apart inside."

Trae... Oh Trae. First off, this world needs more men like Trae Rhodes. He was absolutely incredible and such a treat to read. He's loyal, protective, sweet, determined and caring. He's a leader. And an absolute alpha! But not your stereotypical alpha, mind you. He's strong and aggressive and can take charge but he also has a tenderness, a softness to him as well which was so amazing and fantastic contrast. This man made me swoon to the mother effing MAX! Move over book boyfriends list, Trae is on the book HUSBANDS list (mine only has 2 others!!). Need I say more?

"You needed me, and I needed you to need me. I’m a fucking man, Courtney. More importantly, I’m your man.”

Courtney quickly became one of my favourite heroines. She starts out unsure but her progression and growth were stupendous, she was strong and determined but level headed. I loved her outlook and how she took on the project of the Seattle Stallions and how she made it her own. This would've been an incredibly difficult situation but she had balls of steel and she wasn't afraid to throw down! Add Trae into this mix and sparks were bound to fly. I really did love her character. She didn't take herself too seriously but at the same time, demanded respect for her position and her goals.

"I am piss and vinegar, and ready to unleash my bitterness on a bunch of players, a coach, and a staff of men who view me as a joke."

The chemistry between these two was on another level. From teasing and flirting to their banter and quieter moments, these two had it all. Not only were the sparks flying, but I can't stress how important and sweet the intimate moments were and how much they added to the relationship. These two couldn't help but give it their all.

"I pull Courtney back and shut the door, caging us back inside the bathroom. Landry and her folks are all sorts of pissed, but I don’t care. She’s feeling like shit, and I’m feeling like I need her."

This book also comes with a complete cast of secondary characters who are PERFECT! Christa was the epitome of a perfect best friend plus she was sassy, fun and charming. She may not have always been the brightest lightbulb in the room but she was so much fun to read about exactly how she was. Security guard Bill was another guy who just stole the show. You knew from the get go that is guy is important! And James, can't forget about him! When we first met James, I couldn't stop laughing, I didn't know how I was going to keep reading. As far as secondary characters go, this guy might just take the cake!! Loved him.

“Oh, damn!” Christa yells as Trae steals the ball. “He’s flying! He’s flying! Christ on a cracker, is he a bird? Is he a plane? Hell no, he’s a baller with wings and...Oh, man, he made a three! Sweet baby Jesus, a three! That means we won, right? James, did we win?”
“Yes, Christa, the Stallions have won their first game ever,” James answers, grinning like a proud father.
“James, are you crying?” Christa asks.
“No.” He wipes away a tear. “No, I’m not.”
“Do you need a tissue?”
James gives her a dirty look.
She giggles, shrugging. “It’s just a game.”
The buzzer sounds. The game is over.
“It’s not a game; it’s my life. And these are not tears.” James stands up and begins walking away. “It’s allergies!”

I seriously how there's a possibility for this series to continue. I want a book for Christa! There's some little breadcrumb clues left in this story so fingers crossed for her and Parker to get a book.

“We can arm wrestle over her.”
Oh, my God! I laugh.
“How about rock, paper, scissors? I can so beat your ass at that,” Christa challenges.
She doesn’t. She loses all seven times. The last three, Trae does paper, and I know he’s trying to give her a chance, but she just doesn’t catch on.
God, I love her.

I'm so impressed with this storyline and how different it is than so many romances out there today. A balanced and well thought out plot that's different, fresh and captivating all while giving you bursts of emotion and heat. Plus, there's just something to be said about a guy who is an amazing father. I usually shy away from books where a character already has a child but when it comes to Trae, how can you resist? I would -cough- have all of his babies -cough-.

Part of what makes this story such a success is the banter, it's on point!

You don’t photograph well.” He grins wickedly.
“You did not just say that!” I kick him under the table, and he laughs.
“Be careful. You may damage something you’ll enjoy someday.”
“Oh, please, I kicked your ankle.”
“Mere inches from the goods.” He winks.
“And a big head.”
“I was talking about your ego,” I huff.
“Let’s stop talking about our soon-to-be sex life and back to Coach. What did he say?”
I shake my head. “You make my head spin, Rhodes.”
He raises his eyebrows. “That’s nothing. Wait until I’m facedown between your legs.”
My mouth drops open before I sputter out, “I was talking about the fact you keep switching subjects!”
He chuckles. “I can multitask.”
“You’re impossible.”
“For most. But for you, I’ll be easy.”

I really enjoyed how easy it was to go through not only scene after scene but emotion after emotion. I felt everything for these two! From butterflies to having my heart break and everything in between. By the end I wanted to sing from the freaking rooftops and twirl around in the mountains like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music! Though that might frighten some animals and whatnot with my tone deafness, so I'll stick with writing a review instead.

Honestly, nothing can wipe this smile off my face right now. This book just makes me so happy!

Something I tend to do quite frequently (even when I don't announce which one) is that I love to associate a song with a story. Where its relating to the theme or a character, I usually pick one or two and that song is then forever tied to that book for me. In the case of Offensive Rebound: Holding Court, that song is I Think I'm in Love by Kat Dahlia. And it may not be perfect, but even the feeling of the song seems to match. Don't believe me? Just check out some of these lyrics. <3

Time's a ticking hearts are running
Think that Cupid's up to something
You ask me how I feel I say nothing
But lately colors seems so bright
And the stars light up the night
My feet they feel so light
I'm ignoring all the signs
I keep on frontin'
They ask they bluffin'
I keep you wondering
Keep you hunting for my lovin'
But I crave us hugging
Yeah stay stubborn
'Cause I can't admit that you got all the strings
And know just how tug 'em

There's a few one liners which are so stinking cute my cheeks hurt from my giddy smile. I wouldn't even call it cheesy cause it works with how they're written into the dialogue and spaced out enough to not be overbearing. This couple is just everything. One thing I will call cheesy though and I couldn't get on board with was the hero looking towards the heroine during a game and winking. I'm sorry, I laughed. I could see it maybe once or twice if the heroine had seats near the bench (don't some owners usually sit in a suite or box?), but it happened fairly frequently for my liking. I ended up just ignoring it and pretending it wasn't happening. ;) <--- see what I did there? A few is fine by me!

"Court, you’ll need to get used to me telling you what I wanna do to you.”
“You don’t have to be so crude.” Her voice quivers.
“And you don’t have to taste so fucking sweet, but you do, and I am, so just go with it.”

The timeline for me was a little hard to grasp. I couldn't really keep track of the days and by the time I figured it out, apparently it had only been like, 5 days time or something? LOL. I had no clue, I just assumed it was longer with how the relationship had been progressing. Then as the season progressed more past the exhibition games, I wasn't sure how much time was actually passing in each segment. Ultimately it really doesn't matter, I didn't even notice until about the 60% mark that I had no clue how long the characters had known each other, so it's not something that's blatantly obvious.

"His season, her time." My heart, which was previously encased in ice (Canada, what have you) just melted into a pile of mushy, non heart shaped goo. What am I suppose to do with this mess now? Can someone please bring me a mop?

“When I’m near her, I am aware of every breath she takes—that’s what I told your mom. What I learned last night is that, when I’m not near you, it’s harder to breathe, knowing you are steps away. You have my season, I have your time, and we do this one hundred and ten percent.”

There were a few times where a bit more detail needed to be added to make sure there wasn't any confusion. Some slight jumps in conversation, or perhaps something is mentioned that the reader doesn't have all the necessary info for and its a bit confusing. Like in the major conflict, I didn't realize Courtney was worried about the possibility of -blank- so I couldn't figure out why she was saying that, I thought she was upset because of the more obvious reason. However, with that being said, I also did read an ARC and I know this was not the final published copy, so some tweaks could've been made to this area in which I didn't see. Either way, it works. I'm just getting nit picky at this point.

Even with these small things I found, I can't rate this as less than five stars. If a book is making me feel this vividly for these characters, I simply can't. I'm over the moon. By 60% I was telling everyone who would listen how in love I was with this story because I simply couldn't keep it quiet. Trae, Courtney and the whole gang will have you stomping your feet and cheering as the Stallions charge the court. And pay attention, because with some well timed offensive rebounds, MJ truly shows who is Holding Court. A 3-pointer at the buzzer and a swish for MJ Fields!

“Everyone wants a team; a place they belong. They want to feel a part of something and like they matter."

*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.

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February 5, 2017
This story was about revenge. Plain and simple. Both Trae and Courtney hated her ex Brock for their own reasons. They each had their own history with him and had been burned in many ways by him. Somehow they fell into a friendship with each other that blossomed into a pseudo-relationship and grew into love.

Although a sports romance, it focuses more on the behind-the-scenes action than what actually happens on the court. I'm not sure how accurate it was but while reading it I found I couldn't care less.

Trae was a basketball legend, but due to a knee injury, he had to bow out of what could have been a successful and prosperous career in the NBA. As a single dad to a little girl with special needs, and after rehabbing his knee, he's given the chance of a lifetime: a season with the Seattle Stallions, even if they're the worst team in the NBA. The money alone will help his family and that's his sole focus... until he sets his eyes on Courtney.

Courtney has inherited the team from her much-loved father. And although she hasn't a clue what she's doing and the team sucks, she's determined to turn things around and make her dad proud. Predictably she encounters a few roadblocks along the way, such as her cheating fiance, Brock, who happens to be the star player of the team. On top of all that, she's finding it hard to earn the respect of everyone. With a wack support network that includes Trae and her BFF, she puts everyone on notice and goes about getting everything back on track.

Trae was a character that I love to love... Courtney was very easy to hate. I'm sorry not sorry. She was immature, spoiled, impulsive, and annoyed me right from the start. Somehow though, by the end, she kind of grew on me. Not even sure how that happened. Trae was always the star of this story for me. He was caring and compassionate, sexy and a dirty talker, and he supported the heck out of Courtney while making sure she knew his place as "THE MAN". It may not have been love at first sight for these two, but there's no denying that their connection was immediate.

Release Date: January 15, 2017
Genre: Sports Contemporary Romance
POV: Dual - 1st person
Steam: 4 out of 5
Series or standalone: Standalone, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a story about Christa (Courtney's BFF) and Parker (Trae's teammate)
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2,047 reviews308 followers
June 25, 2017
Oh sweet baby Jesus we all need a Trae Rhodes in our lives. He is a filthy, dirty Hero with a hidden side of sweet.

Courtney Cohen has inherited the Seattle Stallions although at the moment they are acting more like ponies. Her father Charlie Cohen built it all for Courtney.

Charlie Cohen is no more but the sly dog put a plan in motion to help two people.

The Stallions are the laughing stock of the NBA and Court wants to change that and bring them right to the top if it wasn't for one slight pesky thing.

Her lying, cheating ex fiancée is the star player of the team. The rat bag.

Trae Rhodes has probably lost his marbles but what he does for his baby girl?
Well it's worth it. The money will help for her therapy. Although there is an added bonus to the story and a hidden agenda with the star player that involves the lead mare of the stable. Courtney Cohen.

Everybody is waiting and watching her to fail. Courtney started off so naïve it was actually quite painful to read. But she became a strong and independent woman but sometimes she was her own worst enemy. Courtney is in a pool full of sharks and her one confident and who has her back turns out to be Trae Rhodes.

I have very mixed feelings about this book I’m not sure how I feel about the dynamic of the MC in the book. Once Court finally got over her qualms things started to heat up between them. They did have sex until very late in the book which is refreshing in a way but there were times that because of this and Courtney trying to deal with the internal struggles of the Stallions it all felt quite sluggish. There were funny moments that then made it worthwhile. See? Torn!

There were times when I loved it but there were times were I thought it actually wasn't worth reading it. I still don’t know how many stars to give it. I like MJ Fields as an author and I would read more books by her given the chance.

Review can be found @ http://jerisbookattic-reviewblog.blog...

 photo New ARC_zpsdpyxs3wn.jpg
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1,038 reviews2,382 followers
January 22, 2017
Offensive Rebound is an entertaining read. Parts of it could actually be described as fun and the character development is exceptional. The story includes one of my favorite tropes and had some really fun scenes. However, while reading this, I decided on a lower rating. I'm really glad I waited a couple days to write a full review. Since finishing this book, I've thought about it several times. Because of it's staying power, I decided on a higher rating.

Here's what I absolutely loved: One word, Trae! Talk about yum-a-licious, you’re talking about Trae. M.J. Fields did a fantastic job creating a character with staying power. On the surface, he appears to be like every other alpha hot-guy I've read, but he's so much more. He's an all-around GREAT guy. I'm not going to divulge too much because I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but Trae stuck with me long after finishing this book and moving on to others. He's the kind of guy you'd want to fall for in real life. A guy that will always have your back...no matter what!

My early struggles centered around our heroine, Courtney and the basketball lingo used throughout the novel.

I didn't find Courtney’s character believable at all. A 23 year-old (fresh out of college) woman leads a billion dollar sports franchise with only the assistance of her equally immature best friend?? Sorry, I don't buy it. Also, the way her parents treat her is beyond ridiculous. I believe the words “you’re grounded” were actually used. That completely undermines Courtney's character (IMO) and leads me to circle back around to the whole believability issue I mentioned earlier.

Despite all that, with Trae’s help, Court develops into a great character. I loved the way she cared for Trae and his family. The relationship and character development worked out great in the end.
So, overall this resulted in a win!
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1,170 reviews499 followers
February 6, 2017
Offensive Rebound is a wonderful sports romance with two fabulous main characters. Courtney definitely took charge and wanted to do her deceased father proud by taking over his basketball team The Stallions. It took a lot knowledge and work but she was persistent and determined to make it a success.
She'd gotten her heart broken by the basketball team's star Brock but wouldn't let that define or break her down. No, she would get even or better yet, make his time there miserable.

Courtney got help from the newly purchased Trae, whom her father had secured to the team before his passing, and believe me Courtney and Trae were on fire. Trae and Brock also had history but not the good kind.
Courtney and Trae's interactions and chemistry were off the charts sizzling hot. What I also liked and appreciated was their honesty with one another. They openly admitted to wanting to use each other to piss off Brock and of course their feelings gets in the way.
Trae surprised me with his on/off the court persona. He was a skilled and damn good ball player and off the court he was a wonderful father who wanted do right by his daughter Callie. With Courtney he was a beast. A sexual and dirty mouthed beast. He was also the first to support Courtney when she became The Stallions owner.
Courtney best friend Christa was hilarious. Their friendship also added some humor to the story. Those two ladies were so much fun and also kind of badass.

Offensive Rebound made me swoon, laugh and cheer. MJ Fields' prose was electric and addictive. I've read her angsty work and loved those. After finishing Offensive Rebound I can honestly say, that she certainly knows how to write sports romance.

4 BadAssDirtySlamDunkStars

Arc generously provided for an honest review
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1,413 reviews163 followers
January 20, 2017
This is the first M.J. Fields book I have read and I went in not sure of what to expect from her writing but I got caught up on that blurb. So I went in without any preconceived ideas on what I was getting and it was great. Well it was mostly great. I was a little thrown by the way the first person point of view was written for the first few chapters but then I was so caught up in the story and seeing where it was going to go that I didn’t even notice it.

This is one of those books that I went back and forth on my opinion of the characters. For most of the book I loved them, but every now and then they would do something or say something and it felt too juvenile to fit in with the rest of the book that it would drive me a little nuts but since I had to know what was going to happen next I got over it pretty quick and kept right on reading.

Courtney reminded me of a teenage girl at times. But in saying that I think it’s more that she was a very sheltered, young twenty-year-old girl and at times throughout the book she acted a lot more mature than that, that I forgot her age.

I was crushing so hard on Trae from the start even before I knew all of his secrets. He was so honest and caring while still being a dirty talking alpha that I am pretty sure my panties disintegrated or maybe they are just stashed away with all the bras he stole and hid from Court. I loved that he loved so hard and looked out for everyone around him.

I really enjoyed everything about this book and I sincerely hope that there is going to be a whole series of books on the secondary characters as I would like to see more of them and get to see a whole heap more of the Stallions.

Check out my reviews here
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917 reviews237 followers
February 5, 2017
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Courtney Cohen has inherited a basketball team, but not just any team, she inherited The Stallions, the laughing stock of the NBA. To make things worse, her ex-fiance, Brock, is team captain and prior to his passing her father hired Brock's arch-nemesis. Desperate to prove everyone wrong, Courtney takes on The Stallions and begins turning things around, but things get confusing when Trae Rhodes shows her he's more than just Brock's enemy and her Plan B.
Trae has everything riding on this year with The Stallions, he needs the money, he wants to prove Brock wrong after years out of the spotlight, and his little girl needs her dad, but he doesn't expect Courtney Rhodes to be the type of girl he wants for more than just revenge. What starts as necessary arrangement soon becomes friendship and flirting, but neither can give each other more than the season.

“When I’m near her, I am aware of every breath she takes—that’s what I told your mom. What I learned last night is that, when I’m not near you, it’s harder to breathe, knowing you are steps away. You have my season, I have your time, and we do this one hundred and ten percent.”

Offensive Rebound is a standalone, sports romance novel told from the dual POVs of Courtney Cohen and Trae Rhodes. Courtney is a 23 year old girl who is a whole heck of a lot smarter than most people I know in that age group and Trae is a handsome, player type that isn't quite the bad guy he's made out to be. I found the slow-paced novel to be incredibly accurate to the world of basketball and loved the multiple layers that M.J. Fields gave to each character, even the secondary characters that consisted of family members and other teammates. I don't think the story would have been nearly as interesting if it didn't have Christa, the ditzy best friend. The story line is cute, a bit cliche, but done so well I never found myself bored. The situation between Courtney and Trae is taboo in nature, a forbidden romance, but the chemistry between them allows both to throw caution to the wind. Trae's desire to woo Courtney is entertaining and ultimately the basis of their blossoming relationship, despite Courtney's still fresh break-up from the Stallion's team captain. There's history there too, between Trae and Brock, it builds overtime, creating a twist readers won't expect. The entire novel is angst-riddled, filled with smart dialogue, heated arguments, and smut that will make every reader a bit swoon-y for Trae Rhodes.

"When I'm on court I own it.
When I'm inside Court I own her."

I absolutely was beyond impressed with the world building that went into Offending Rebound. It is apparent that M.J. Fields not only did her homework, but cared to make the novel as realistic as possible. The NBA team, the Stallions, features a group of young men with filled pockets and ginormous egos, they fight on the court, they party off the court, and they bring a significant level of depth to the novel, making it truly a sports romance. The description of practice and game time was on point, especially for a reader like me who spends a significant amount of time in front of the TV yelling at my team. Then there's Courtney's relationship with her deceased father, her overly-anxious mother, her stepfather, her best friend, her ex, the entire team, and the list could go on. I actually felt like her interaction with each character made me like the book more, because I recognized their significant impact on her character development and her growth with Trae as he shifted from employee to friend to something more. Then there's the heavy situation that I won't give away, but it took the novel to another level. I found respect for the characters, lost some for others, and easily thought of the characters as people from real life, dealing with real life situations.

"You are woman, hear you roar, and I am gonna be your Rafiki, and be with you every step of the way.”

It's not insta-love, it isn't just a romance that features a sports professional, Offensive Rebound is a complete novel filled with a spectacular cast of characters, brilliant writing, and plenty of laughs and swoon-worthy romance. I absolutely recommend this slow burn, across the board, to readers who are fans of M.J. Fields previous works, sports romance fans, and contemporary romance fans in general.
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January 21, 2017
ARC kindly provided by author VIA TRSOR promotions.

Okay, I'd say this book is a must read for all sports romance fans/readers.
Main hero is a basketball player and heroine is an heiress that recently inherited Seattle Stallions, her own basketball team.
Having that in mind, I have to emphasise the fact that I don't watch basketball and pretty much don't know anything about it. Lame, I know. NBA is just not my thing, and my own little brother would probably kill me for what I just wrote. But that's the truth. Never liked it, never watched it.
M.J. Fields really went into details, and after reading this book in one day, I can proudly say that she taught me one or two things about the sport. So, thanks M.J! :)

This is not my first book by M.J. Fields, and I really enjoy her writing.
I loved the story and the characters. There was no unnecessary drama, love triangles and certain triggers I usually hate in books.
Basically, two main characters start a relationship just to spite heroine's cheating ex they both hate.
Little by little their "fake" relationship becomes something that leaves them both surprised and a tad confused. They fall in love. I won't spoil anything, so just trust me and grab a copy!
Overall, this was a really great read.

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918 reviews116 followers
February 7, 2017
New sexy sport romance ALERT!!!! This book is addictive and will keep you hooked from beginning until the end. One hard-ass basketball player, a smart mouthed team owner, and a little girl. Their story will pull at your heart strings a little bit.

Trae retired from professional basketball so he could be close to his daughter. One phone call from the coach and his life is about to change. Trae has a beef to settle with his teammate who happened to be the new owner’s ex-fiancé. Can you smell trouble? Courtney’s father passed away and left her not a nice car or jewelry but the Seattle Stallions and a bunch of testosterone men to manage. Between her cheating fiancé the last thing she needs is to manage him and his teammates. Add in the cocky, dirty mouthed, alpha Trae and she’s got more than she can handle. But Courtney is no push-over. She may be a beautiful, sexy woman but she can handle her own. Trae and Courtney are attracted to each other from the start but was it just a revenge game for Trae? Courtney wants to keep work professional but can she resist temptation? One drunken night in Vegas and their life changed. You know they saying - Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right?

Offensive Rebound is a super sexy passionate romance full of angst, sexual tension and oh let’s not forget Trae’s mouth. That man can dirty talk like no other!!! That brings me to the banters – great dialogues, dirty and hot. Between those two? WHOA!!! Panty-dropping worthy. Besides all the hotness, there is an element of sweetness and vulnerability surrounding Trae’s daughter too that really touches my heart – there is a twist there that I did not expect at all. I love both characters in this book. Courtney is strong and independent yet sweet and lovable. Trae is all alpha, tough with a dirty mouth but deep down he is a softy who adores his daughter. Both are real and likeable characters. I was rooting for them and I am so glad they got their HEA. Highly recommended!

MJ Fields has become one of my favorite authors. I am addicted since 27 Truths and 27 Lies. Love her writing – flows so nicely from beginning until the end and the stories always get you hooked until the last page.
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927 reviews29 followers
February 4, 2017
5 Holy Rebound Stars

What a book!! I'm loving MJ's new Sports Series Holding Series. We have one hot alpha basketball player, Trae Rhodes and we have Courtney Cohen the owner of Seattle Stallions. The Stallions are the laughing stock of the NBA and Courtney wants to change this and bring them right to the top. She unfortunately is faced with a long hard round ahead with no one taking her seriously except Trae.

This is one incredible novel by M.J. Fields. As always I love her style of writing. I love the way she gives us her Strong main characters and then also lets her secondary characters shine through as well, they all find a way into your heart. I also loved that her story line was strong and held true to the end. I can't wait to get more in this series especially with Christa's story! This was fantastic and is a must read.
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2,153 reviews45 followers
January 27, 2017
5, Her time, his season stars.


Every M.J.Fields book I have read has been different, some more humorous or more serious than the other. What isn't different is this authors ability to have me glued to the pages.

I loved Trae, a basketball player, he's got a rep as a player off court too but you cant always believe the tabloids. Trae is not only hot, he's one caring, sweet talking, sexy,baby daddy, he's definitely my new bbf.

Courtney nicknamed Court by Trae is a great character, after her fathers death she's left with the responsibility of his stadium and team. A 23 year old woman who could of took the easy way out and sold out but she steps up-to the plate and becomes a ball-buster to anyone who disrespects her ability to succeed for her father

I laughed,swooned,loved the hot moments, the chemistry, the dramas and Trae's dirty mouth.

It didn't matter that I know nothing about Basketball I'm with Christa on that when she keeps making baseball and football references, the plot is mainly on the characters and other issues not on basketball this is just the setting.

I loved Christa who is Courtney's best friend, interesting back story, she was funny and would love to read her story.

little one liners, I loved them.

"We're gonna be like Nike and just do it o.k"

So many things in Offensive Rebound I enjoyed, the plot was perfect and had everything I could ask for in a contemporary romance read.

"When I'm on court I own it"
When I'm inside Court I own her"

Arc gratefully received for review Bbbf-sizzlereads-bestbookboyfriends
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1,577 reviews1,226 followers
February 6, 2017
***Available Now - Full Review ***

4 For the Season CROWNS

Alpha hero? Check. Heroine looking to establish her independence? Check. Sexual tension that crackles? Check. A romance that will steam up your screen and make you swoon? Check. M.J. Fields delivers in every single area with Offensive Rebound.

Courtney is a heroine that is looking to reclaim her independence. She has been hurt by someone she thought she could trust, someone who was supposed to love her, and she refuses to allow him to harm her anymore. As a result, she enters a very male dominated field, and she will not yield to the demands of others. I love the fortitude she shows and the cunning mind she uses to reclaim a team that belongs to her. Her strength and independence only grows as the novel progresses with the support of her beloved friend and the hero of the story. While I love Courtney as a character, her continued reprimand for the use of crude language is a little over-the-top for me, and eventually she should have gotten use to the language that came out of Trae’s mouth. Even with this minor flaw, readers will still enjoy her character overall.

Trae is an alpha, exuding cockiness and riling up the current players on the team. Even with his pompous attitude, he cannot hide his heart of gold. The ease in which he abandons the plan and goes to support Courtney in her endeavor to reclaim the organization shows that this alpha knows when to let his woman take charge. While he gives her what she needs outside of the bedroom, he takes what he wants in the bedroom. His dirty mouth and skills in the sack keep her fully satisfied. Trae, however, is so much more than the sexy athlete who is good in bed. His heart of gold shines through in his encounters with Courtney, his teammates, and his family. Just like Courtney, there are parts of his character that became difficult to tolerate, particularly his confidence. Some times it is just too much and doesn’t seem authentic, but, just like the heroine, it is not enough to sway the reader away from liking him.

The story is the heart of the book. I love the initial attraction and banter they have for one another. Every time they are together, the bickering between the two is sure to entertain. Even when they are fighting, the sexual energy radiates between the two of them, and it explodes when they finally choose to act on it. What I love most, though, is that M.J. Fields lets their relationship evolve naturally, and the conflict that is developed is from an outside source, and antagonist of the story. This character pushes the Courtney and Trae to make decisions that affect them, but this couple perseveres and the resolution to their story is incredibly sweet and fitting for this couple.

M.J. Fields’s book gives the reader everything to love in a romance. There is heat, there are swoon-worthy romantic gestures and lines, and there is a touch of suspense and an element of danger. Readers will fall into the Stallion world, and they will most certainly want to stick around to learn more about the other members of the team!
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

For more reviews and other book news, check out Musings of the Modern Belle at www.modernbellebooks.com.
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Author 7 books174 followers
January 15, 2017
I love Trae! That's the first thing I have to say.

This was a fun read, with a depth to it that left me heartbroken.
I loved the main characters, Trae and Courtney. Christa was so damn funny. Parker intrigued me. Brock...I wish he would jump off a building. I wanted to kill Coach, and I loved Bill.

Trae ... I'm telling ya, he's a one in a million guy. He's all alpha, yet he has a softness to him that outshines his alpha tendencies. And his dirty mouth...holy crap!

Courtney overcame a lot in this book and grew because of it. I like seeing that in a character.
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622 reviews18 followers
January 10, 2022
Good read!

This was an amazing read but it definitely needs some editing. I couldn't keep track of the coach's name since at one point he was Landry and the next he was called Langley. That in itself wouldn't of been a problem if it was only once that it happened but it was several times. Other than that I wish there was a bit more to the story. What happened with Parker? Definitely could of used a little more on that whole issue. And yes I'm being vague with that but I don't want to spoil anything!
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3,645 reviews111 followers
January 15, 2017
5 Stars!

MJ Fields has been a go-to author of mine for years now. Not only is she an amazing person, but she is also a fantastic writer. Known for her alpha males, independent heroes, and strong storylines, she gives readers her best book... to date.

Offensive Rebound was a sexy, thrilling, intense, passionate, and all-consuming book that kept me glued to the pages cover to cover. As usual, MJ took me on an emotional roller coaster full of ups, downs, and everything in between.

Trae and Courtney pulled at my heartstrings and made me root for them. From their instant chemistry from the start... their banter that leaves you hanging on to words... the sizzling energy whenever they are near... whoa they gave me a love story that I devoured like no other. The push and pull with the right amount of heat and angst.... this is not one to be missed.

This story was great and an edge of your seat kind of romance. As a fan of basketball and a lover of the sports romance sub-genre, I was hook, line and sinker from the start.

I highly recommend this book.

Review Post >> Link coming soon.
January 16, 2017
4.5 Hearts

Offensive Rebound is a stand alone novel by MJ Fields. I love a great sports romance and MJ killed it with this one. I guarantee if you didn't follow basketball before reading this, you will now. You need to find your own Trae Rhodes somewhere out there.

Here is what to like about this one

STRONG female lead. Courtney is young so she has some typically young adult blunders. But when she decides to take the bull by the horns......watch out. She has a mission, she has a plan, and she gets the man. Loved her!

Trae Rhodes. I'll let you discover his hotness on your own. What you need to know is he is the whole package. He admittedly starts off trying to stick it to his old nemesis. What we come to discover is he is a good friend, a thoughtful romantic, a great daddy and a fantastic lover. The real deal!

Interesting secondary characters. I would really love for more books with the Seattle Stallions. Interesting players, quirky best friend, more layers of intrigue. I'd read more of this team for sure.

Great read once again by MJ!

*Complimentary copy provided by the author for an honest review.
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2,346 reviews213 followers
February 3, 2017
I really enjoyed this book. It's not my usual go-to sub genre - I'm not particularly into sports related books - but this one is worth venturing out for.
It's a great story filled with a few laughs, lots of chemistry, a fiery, stubborn woman and an alpha-ish male. Don't get my wrong, Brock is great but he's not overly alpha. Just enough, which suits his character.
There are parts that warmed my heart and left my eyes slightly damp. It's well written and gets your heart racing on many levels.

Although I barely know the basics of basketball, I didn't find it detracted from the book. There's more than enough going on. That being said, I'm sure those of you know do know basketball will no doubt find it adds to the story.
All in all, I really enjoyed this story and I'm sure you will too.
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809 reviews8 followers
December 15, 2018
MJF is hit or miss with me but I always give her books a shot (see what I did there lol). I really liked this book. It was a fresh take on a sports themed book. I really loved the characters, the storyline and even the secondary characters. I loved the attention to detail when it came to Callie and her needs, you can tell lots of research went in to how to make that little girl's life come in to focus. All in all, a great job.
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1,514 reviews27 followers
April 17, 2017
4.5-5 stars

omg I love this book so much I have no words!!!!
Trea was an amazing character to read... I love him so much!
and Charlotte was great too; tho my favourite girl from the book was Christa, I love her!!!
The book was beautifully written and it sucked you from the start. I couldn't put the book down from the moment I start reading it. It was such a good book to read after many crappy books I've read lately!
fully recommended!!
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376 reviews9 followers
February 4, 2017
Since I was a teenager I’ve always had a great passion for American sports: basketball, football and hockey above all, and I talk about sleepless nights to see matches live and so on, in short, I was really “crazy” for them. Now I switched to the next step: I love reading sport romance novels and as I saw “Offensive Rebound”, I thought “miiiine” instantaneous.

The first few pages had deceived me about Courtney, the female protagonist, she seemed a little bit too naive to fall for Brock and not so strong as a woman, and how I was wrong!!!

Courtney, yes, she is young, but she was really taken aback by Brock in a moment of weakness, he appeared as the man who is not, trying to manipulate her: be attentive, caring, trustworthy and sincere are all things you can’t find in Brock’s DNA , but he managed an Oscar award act for pure interest, knowing that Courtney after her father’s death would become the owner of the basketball team where he plays.

Fortunately he gets caught in the act by Courtney, while he was ready to betray her causing in Courney a rude awakening, and from that moment turns out the real Courtney, the one I didn’t expect and I loved so much.

Everyone think she’s just a spoiled little girl who wants to play with a new toy, they ignore her deep attachment to the team, her determination and her passion for basketball, which was born thanks to her father and she must constantly prove something to earn the trust of everyone.

She finds an ally in Trae, a strong player recruited by her father before his death.

Trae is a man of experience, he knows how to work the dynamics of a team, the internal currents, the rivalries and the mechanisms that might help Courtney to gain the confidence of her players. But above he is Brock’s nemesis.

Between them it isn’t only a matter of rivalry about who has the best scoresheet with women conquests or whether they can steal them to each other. There is much more at stake, heavier and important things, fot Trae are topics very delicate and sensitive, touching his loved ones and he doesn’t want to draw on all the media attention on them, but a small personal revenge, a revenge on Brock in memory of the old days, he can’t say no to that. And Trae and Courtney even in this can be allies.

Trae is irresistible: hot in almost obscene way and conscious of his charm, sincere, direct, smart. If Courtney had little chance to resist her physical attraction at first sight for him, well, then, after knowing the man behind the facade, she lost all the hope of being able to do so. It is humanly impossible not to fall in love with him as a man, then if we add certain other skills in and out of the sheets, I wonder why one should even hesitate (sorry these are my hormones talking …)

I have to stop myself to talk about him, because really I could go on for hours, but I want you to discover him by yourselves little by little… There are other things I loved about this book: Christa, Courney’s closest friend: she’s so funny, but also one of the few people able to support Courtney and give her confidence and I would love to read in a novel with her as the protagonist, who knows…

Then I love the bond between Courney and her father, it was special and basically before his death he was the one to set in motion the chain of events, bringing Trae. a wonderful man in his daughter’s life. I really liked how you can continue to perceive in the book her father’s presence.

It’s an amazing book, well written with an engaging storyline, which inspired me to keep going to see how it would end. A must-read.
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4,991 reviews401 followers
February 3, 2017
I am not much into reading sports romance BUT this is one that I totally dug!! This was fantastic and is a must read for anyone who loves romance novels.
Courtney Cohen has inherited the Seattle Stallions when her father , Charlie Cohen, died. She at first thought thru the pain of his death she found something and someone but her heart was broke and that is when she discovered revenge and strength. She discovered that her father built up everything for her- yet the Seattle Stallions is totally not living up to their name.
What Courtney was unware of is that her father put a plan into motion to help two people come together.
Courtney is finding out that her father has left behind an NBA team that is the laughing stock of teams so she is determined to make them great and put them on top. Only problem is her cheating, liar of an ex –fiancée is on this team and he seems to be some big star. UGH so she is stuck having to work with him. Then there is Trae Rhodes—he was given a 2nd chance to play basketball by Courtney’s father and he plans to replay him and do his daughter right and give the team 110 % but there is bad history between him and Courtney’s ex fiancée, Brock . Will Trae be able to stay on the straight and narrow with Brock around causing trouble? Many see Trae as a has-been when he really isn’t. This is not a love triangle but more of a coming of age-like love story that is filled with primary characters who have this story and then you have secondary characters that you become engrossed in ( Christa & Parker) I loved how this story played out for Courtney and Trae, how they had this emotional connection even as they fought it and when things were rough, that connection was there. I was hooked from page 1 until the very end. I cannot wait to see if Christa gets her own story –MJ wrote a very compelling and strong love story , one that I very much enjoyed.

My Rating: 4.9 stars *****
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
115 reviews10 followers
January 16, 2017
It's no secret that I do love me a good sports romance. Football, hockey, rugby, baseball, basketball...it doesn't much matter to me. A hot jock, some action on and off the playing field/pitch/court, and a good love story and I'm pretty darn happy!

MJ Fields' new book, Offensive Rebound, fits my requirements and gives just a little bit more. Trae Rhodes is the hot basketball player who has signed for one season to the Seattle Stallions. Having missed his chance to play in the big time due to a knee injury, Trae signs on the dotted line. There is more to his decision than just a comeback. Getting revenge on a rival plays no small part, but his true motives are heart melting. Courtney Cohen has been bequeathed her father's legacy, the Seattle Stallions. She has no idea what she's doing or why, but the team and their home court were her father's and that matters. Basketball was their thing to watch and bond over. Courtney wants this last place team to survive and thrive, if for no other reason than to honor her father. She knew it wouldn't be easy. She knew that there were those who wouldn't take her seriously. What she didn't know was that her biggest ally would be her biggest temptation. When things get a little crazy in Vegas, Courtney and Trae find that the what should be a huge mistake is really a blessing.

I really enjoyed Offensive Rebound. It was a quick, engaging, one day read. Trae and Courtney are an interesting pair. They have tons of chemistry that provide the on and off court action, but they're also friends...like friends. They like each other for who they are. Some romances lose the friendship once the heat turns on, but not Offensive Rebound. Whether you know anything about basketball or not, read this book. It's a fun, sexy read.
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3,167 reviews177 followers
January 19, 2017
I LOVE SPORTS STORIES!!!! I don't know what its is about them but I am a huge sucker! Especially of my favorite sports: Basketball, MMA & Football. In no particular order.

Maybe it's the vision of these men all hot and sweaty playing hard..........Phew, I gotta get back on track.

Everyone loves to exact revenge on a known advisory. Better when it's with their ex.....

Courtney Cohen thought she was in love. Brock Boeheim, the star of the Seattle Stallions. Brock was the captain of the basketball team her father , Charles Cohen owned. He was always stealing glances at her. So when her farther suddenly passed away, Brock was there for her. So of course she said yes when he proposed. Too bad Courtney found out the hard way the real reason for the engagement.

Trae Rhodes- Getting a second shot at his basketball career and to do what he needs for his daughter, Too bad his reunion with Brock isn't one of a HEA. There is some deep seeded bad blood between these two that goes deeper than just on the court. Once he sets his eyes on Courtney his plan of action may have changed but still going in the direction he wants. Charles brought him here for a reason. They just aren't all obvious at the time. Can Trae put his trust into another woman?

Even with a broken heart-"the show or in this example the team must go on." After the passing of her father, Courtney decides to take over the ownership of the Stallions who have become the laughing stock of their league.

Will Courtney be able to prove the Stallions management, players and fans that she can handle a male dominant sport. Can she trust a player that her father hired on with no real reason? Or will she put her trust in another person who is only out for himself.
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January 13, 2017
Offensive Rebound is a new stand-alone by MJ Fields and when you open this book from the very first page you are hooked.
We meet Courtney Cohen a young woman just graduating from college and being handed the reigns of an NBA team the Seattle Stallions. Courtney has loved the game since it was the one thing her and dad had in common but with the love comes the responsibility. Courtney realizes that this isn't going to be easy but she is willing to make her Dad proud but when obstacles are thrown at her at every turn she digs in but the biggest obstacle of all is her instant attraction to the newest player to show up and that is Trae Rhodes.
Trae Rhodes the newest player added to the Stallions roster is there to make his mark for a season but when he lays his eyes on Courtney everything he believes he wants changes in an instant. There are many obstacles for Trae too but can his heart and head blend it all together and make it all work or should he stick to the original plan.
Trae & Courtney together can be a powerful "Us", all they have to do is prove it to each other. If you love the game then you will love this couple.
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231 reviews35 followers
January 21, 2017

"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book." 

This is a sweet, sexy, funy, well written book that keep you reading until the last page!!

This is a soo diferente book that make you out of the repetitive and enjoy yourself

The chemistry, and the flirting between them, the alpha and sweet side of Trae, and the stubbornness of Court make the whole pack of a REALLY great book like this. 


En mi blog
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4,971 reviews69 followers
January 15, 2017
5 Star

I got sucked into the story from the very first page. This is another hot, steamy, passionate, sexy, and heartbreaking story from MJ. She knows just what to write to suck you in and have you turning the pages until the very end.

This is Courtney and Trae’s story. After being injured Trae is called and offered a chance with the Seattle Stallions. Problem is they totally suck. Can he help that team come back to win after his injury? Should he try? After discovering he man cheated Courtney develops a plan to save her father’s dream and take her ex down. Trae is what her team needs. Can she pull it off? Will he help out? What happens when they get in too deep? Will it all be worth it? Or will she lose everything?

I highly recommend this story and really anything this author writes.
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815 reviews13 followers
June 18, 2017
"Her Time. His Season."

Her Time.
It is Courtney's time to shine. She has to step in and save a team that is the worst in the league and also save her fathers business. She needs to prove to herself and everyone in her life that she can do this, but can she keep her eye on the prize when faced with a distraction like Trae.

His Season.
Trae has one season to show everyone he is still on top of his game and not just basketball. He will win, he will get his revenge, he will get the girl, but only for a season. Can he walk away?

Just like the game, I enjoyed the back and forth POV's. I was never a basketball fan, but damn if it didn't make me want to after all the ball talk from these sexy Stallions.
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1,013 reviews19 followers
February 7, 2017
Another amazing book by MJ Fields!

I absolutely loved this sports romance. MJ had proven yet again how awesome of an author she is. This is her first sports romance age was written and she blew it out of the water. And the fact that this is centered around basketball just makes it that much better.

While I am not basketball person, Ms. Fields made this book easy to read without any of the technical mumbo jumbo (thanks for that by the way), and centered this book around the ownership side of a basketball team.

This book kept me on my toes the whole time, and had me hoping that Trae and Courtney have their HEA. Ms. Fields of course didn't disappoint.
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