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The Macalisters #2

A Suitable Affair

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Despite being beautiful and wealthy, Lady Susanna Macalister’s marriage prospects are rather lacking. To avoid a life of spinsterhood, she decides a loveless marriage to the dull and unromantic Lord Riverton is better than none at all. But still, Susanna longs for true, passionate love, the kind she grew up hearing stories about.

Enjoying a quiet walk with her insipid suitor one afternoon, Susanna is nearly trampled by the handsome Earl of Westcott as he rides through Hyde Park. Driven by his own guilt and despair, the earl embraces this chance encounter as an opportunity for vengeance, for Lord Riverton is the very man whom Wescott suspects is responsible for the untimely death of his beloved sister. But is his mission of separating Susanna from Lord Riverton simply a desire to save another unsuspecting lady from his sister’s fate, or something deeper?

As Susanna helps Lord Westcott investigate her future fiance, she realizes she might have found what she was looking for all along. Can the pair keep their budding romance a secret from everyone around them until the investigation is over? Or will the unsuspecting Lord Riverton win Susanna’s hand in marriage before the truth comes out?

Content Warning available at www.ericataylorauthor.com/content-war...

332 pages, Paperback

First published June 6, 2017

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About the author

Erica Taylor

14 books152 followers

Erica Taylor is a mother of two and military wife married to her high school sweetheart. Raised in the mountains of Colorado, she holds a BA in History from the University of Colorado. Erica has been writing stories since she can remember, picked up her first romance novel while on a beach vacation as a teenager, and fell in love with falling in love, with sexy heroes and the feisty women who challenge their lives.

Twitter: @EricaTayor

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October 6, 2017
**I received a free eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Susanna has not been very lucky when it comes to attracting suitors, mainly because of her older brothers (especially the duke), so she's almost convinced herself to settle for boring Lord Riverton... Until Lord Westcott comes along and makes her realize that she can actually hope for more.

I really liked Susanna. And I felt so bad for her, everyone just wanted her to marry and move out. It's not like her brother didn't love her, but he obviously thought they would all be better off if she had her own house to manage (why scare off suitors then?). It's really unfair that a woman just stops having her own home when her brother gets married, even if she's been living there her whole life!

And Ian was a sweetheart! Although he was going waay too fast. He needed to calm down, and start to take some responsibility for his actions. Ian wanted to spend an awful lot of time with Susanna, but didn't want to marry her, and that was a little selfish... Good luck trying not to ruin Susanna's reputation, Ian! It's not like it's the 21st century. Be a responsible grown-up and propose!

He just kept asking too much from her, and was always trying to get her to answer his questions. But he never answered any of hers.

I would've liked to see someone worthy of Susanna coming out of nowhere, sweeping her off her feet and proposing... Now, what would you do then, Ian? Huh?? Would you let her go? It's like he thought she'd just be there for him and that there'd be no consequences or whatever... No, wait... I just don't know what was going on inside his brain.

The poor girl had so much pressure to get married that she would've accepted (almost) any offer.

And ok, all right, I know I'm just complaining about Ian, but what I said at first is true, he is a sweetheart. I just wanted to slap him for risking Susanna's reputation and not proposing to her when he obviously wanted to marry her.

Something I really enjoyed was that Ian and Susanna spend so much time together from the very beginning! We don't have to wait to finally see them together, it just happens right away!

A very cute couple. And a very cute ending, I would've liked to see more though :)

Another thing worth mentioning: Susanna's brother's relationship was really touching and I loved reading about him and his wife, I'm very interested in reading their own story.

Really recommend this to any fan of historical romance.

More reviews on my blog: Lipstick and Mocha
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March 30, 2017
4.5 stars

***ARC received in exchange if an honest opinion***

This definitely isn't going to be the last book by Erica Taylor I'll read. It was a very good read!!!

In fact it was very very close to a 5 stars rating, the only reason I deducted 0.5 is because I feel like this book was so good through the whole story that it needed a better ending, or an epilogue. I don't need an epilogue in every single book I read, like some readers, but I do need a more definite ending, or better, an ending that wraps up the story better, specially if the story is good. There's no cliffy, it was just too fast and seemed rushed and the story is sooo good and it's a long one, which I love, that I believe it deserved a better ending.

That being said, this book was HILARIOUS! I loved the banter. It was very accurate, historically speaking, without being stuffy or stiff. It all flowed very well and I really enjoy the story and the writing. The author's writing style is so good!!!

I love a good historical book and this one is a great one! So good I wish I could unread it, just so I'd read it for the first time again, I predict some re-reads of it, for SURE!!

A Suitable Affair has everything a good historical romance needs, in my opinion. A swoon-worthy, yet cocky hero, a sassy and funny heroine, great dynamic between the characters, great supporting characters, a good storyline, a plot twist that makes sense (and what a twist this one have!!!) and some romance! It has everything I look for in a good (historical or not) book!

I really hope the author writes the story of Clara and Andrew, because they were such amazing secondary characters! The same for Norah, I'm really curious about her secret and why she chose to afiiliate herself with a mean girl.

I know that I'm lready missing Ian and Susanna's story. I really fell in live with them, while they fell in live with each other.

I DEFINITELY recommend this book, even if you're not used to reading historical romances, this is the kind of book that could convert you into a historical lover like me!
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1,658 reviews666 followers
June 9, 2017
***I received this arc courtesy of Netgallery in exchange for an honest review***

I really enjoyed this and it was very well written for a debut author. As good as it was it was really slow, it dragged a lot. Ian was investigating Riverton and we weren't given a reason until the very end. We spent the entire book with him running around and warning Suzanne away from Riverton for no reason at all. I think it would have worked better if we knew the reason he was so interested in him except for the barest information he gave to us.

This books also mentions Claire and Andrew's courtship a lot, I believe that was the first time Ian was introduced but as there is no previous book I don't understand why that detail was added. I hope they have their own book because Suzanne had alluded they had no ordinary courtship, I would love to read about it.

It was a nice book, the mystery was interesting at the end even though I was almost bored by the time it was revealed. Apart from that, great writing from the author, I can't wait to read more of her work.
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1,507 reviews141 followers
April 8, 2020
A Suitable Affair was my first book by Erica Taylor, but it definitely will not be my last. I believe this is her first book, so I look forward to seeing more. I don't know if this is part of a planned series, but -- I think it would make a great series. However, I would have liked to see the story of Susanna's brother, the duke, and his wife as a first story in the series. The author alluded to it a number of times, but never really spelled it all out. I think it would have been a great first book in a series, followed by this book and then Susanna's sister's book. *** UPDATE - 4/8/20: I think they must have switched the order of the books in the series as this is now book #2. ***

I could have easily made this a 5-star rating except for the ending. It just ended too abruptly and didn't really 'finish' the story. If the author were to write an epilogue taking place about a year in the future where we see Ian and Susanna married and maybe expecting, him taking responsibility for the Marquessate and loving his new job with the Home Office, etc. that would have gotten it a 5-star.

The two main characters are fully developed and complex. We get to know them well and come to understand why they are the people they are today. Ian feels so much guilt for failing to protect his family, particularly his sister so he feels totally inadequate and unworthy of love. Susanna has taken her grief in another direction - she's started her own orphanage for boys. Both are flawed, but very loving and caring individuals.

I love Susanna's relationship with her family -- particularly her brother and his wife. They are such a loving and supportive family.

Along with a wonderful love story is a murder mystery that sure has a twist at the end. We sure didn't see that one coming!!!

"I requested and received this book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it; my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher."
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927 reviews320 followers
November 6, 2017
3.5 rounded up to 4 for a pretty good debut novel. I'm pleased to find another new historical romance author to follow.

I am not a fan of revenge plots, but I enjoyed this one immensely. Probably because the revenge sought is not anything violent; the hero just sets out to steal the heroine from marriage to a horrible man. Also, there is an excellent twist at the end.

As a romance, it's quite satisfying. Susanna and Westcott are very well drawn characters, and there is an engaging group of secondary characters. I will definitely be reading the next title in this series.

Thank you, Edelweiss and Amberjack Publishing for a complimentary copy of this book.
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Author 43 books1,825 followers
June 10, 2017
A Suitable Affair is the debut novel by Erica Taylor, and it features a likeable heroine, a charming hero and a really rather clever plot with a twist it took me a while to figure out.

Sounds great, huh? Yeah... it's also really, really confusing. The heroine is the younger sister of a Duke who has recently got married after a courtship alluded to multiple times in the book as being dramatic and unconventional. I was absolutely, utterly convinced that Andrew and Clara were the subjects of an earlier book in 'The Macalisters'. Indeed, I enjoyed A Suitable Affair enough that I was considering purchasing that other book for myself.

See the first paragraph above and the phrase debut novel. There IS no earlier book in the series, and this means that, in fact, we have basically been dropped into the middle of something with already established characters, but with no way to know about them. I was reading this under the assumption that existing fans of the series would know exactly what was going on and be thoroughly enjoying seeing the stars of an earlier book feature again. But no. That's not what is going on here.

And that means that the editing of this book is a LOT worse than I thought. There were quite a number of mistakes, which since I received an ARC from NetGalley, I was going to assume would be corrected in the final edition. Mistakes like 'honesty' instead of 'honestly', 'softy' instead of 'softly', 'swamed' instead of 'swarmed' and 'persuing' instead of 'pursuing' - seriously a spellchecker should have caught THOSE. That's basic proofreading.

The muddle of existing characters with alluded-to interesting backstory is the job of a content editor, and it seems apparent that neither a competent content editor NOR a competent proofreader have been employed to finalise this book.

Which makes the Kindle price of $9.87 all the more shocking. That's just a fraction less than the PAPERBACK, and that's an appalling price strategy for an unknown author. It's a ripoff any way you look at it considering the relative production costs of paperbacks and ebooks; the Big 5 publishers have been employing this sort of strategy of late (and then complaining about falling ebook sales) but it's madness for a small press and a debut novel.

Erica Taylor, you are a really talented author with a knack for creating intriguing characters and fascinating plots, but you need to get the heck away from Amberjack Press. They aren't doing your book justice with their editing and they're ripping off your potential readers with their pricing. Get out and find a reputable publisher or hire an editor and self-publish. You'll win a lot more fans taking either route.

Five stars for the story; one for the editing and the pricing strategy, which I'm afraid rounds out to three. It is what it is.

Disclaimer: I received this book for review through NetGalley.
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874 reviews196 followers
June 28, 2017
My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts... for more, visit Punya Reviews...

A Suitable Affair is Erica Taylor’s debut historical romance and book 1 of The Macalisters series. I do love well-written family sagas. When I went into this book, I didn’t know what to expect but glad to report that I emerged quite happy because the story and writing-wise, A Suitable Affair was wonderful.

In the beginning of the story, our H Ian and h Susanna met with quite a, uh, bang. Well, kind of a bang. She was strolling Hide Park with her soon-to-be fiancé Lord Riverton, while Ian was on the way to attend a meeting. And his horse almost collided with her, which could’ve been seriously bad but thankfully, it wasn’t. But it did introduce our H and h unofficially. Even from then I could tell these two are going to be a handful, their banters were already fun to read. True to that, I enjoyed most of Ian and Susanna’s banters to the fullest. After a while, you simply know these have to be together cause they’re going to have a lot of fun! :D

Susanna is one of the daughters of the Macalister family/Bradstone Dukedom, which somewhat reminded me of Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons. They have 10 siblings, now minus their eldest brother Sam, the heir to the Duke of Bradstone, who died in a carriage accident alongside their father. After Sam’s passing, the responsibilities of the Dukedom fell onto the next bother, Andrew, who wasn’t quite ready to shoulder it. This sudden and tragic transformation in their family took a toll on everyone, least of all Andrew, who had become distant and cold in the intervening years until he met Clara and fell in love. He’s now happily married to her. Susanna’s older sister, Sarah, was also married but now widowed. She’s got more brothers that I couldn’t keep a count on, 2 of them being overseas. Younger sister Norah has already had her come-out while the youngest, Mara is waiting. If all of them are getting a book each, we can safely say we’re in for quite a journey here!

The more practical part of Susanna wants to get married and have her own family. She didn’t seem to be expecting too much. She’s around 23 and it’s about time! Yet no one seemed to have offer for her because they fear the cold Duke. Only Lord Riverton had offered a few months ago and Susanna was seriously considering his suit. Riverton isn’t the greatest conversationalist or the most interesting person alive but he’s a viscount, has enough money to keep her comfortable. He’s also quite good-looking; not one with a flair but definitely attractive. Susanna thought she’d had it all figured out, until the day she met Lord Ian Carlisle. Whether she wanted it or not, her life was about to turn upside-down in the best way imaginable. ;)

Ian Carlisle is currently working for the Home Office, secretly of course, investigating the most difficult cases that their other agents can’t solve. Ian and his men’s case solving rate is so good, so he’s always busy and has not time even to breathe. At the moment though, he’s driven by grief, hoping to avenge his younger sister’s death. Ian’s life hasn’t been a fairytale as you can see. His father, a controlling man, drove him to escape it all by running away and signing up for the Army when he was quite young. He was far away from home for a long time, leaving his younger sister pretty much alone as his parents grew ill and mentally unstable overtime. Elizabeth got engaged herself, and before anything could happen, was abducted and murdered. Ian came home right at the time of her engagement. He didn’t like her fiancé, Lord Riverton, all that much and there were things after her murder that put him off the fellow for good. Ian was also drowning in guilt for not being able to save Beth, and it’s taken a toll on him in the past few years.

With his vast experience handling criminals, Ian knew there’s something fishy about Riverton. And when his discreet inquiries revealed that the man is seemingly alone, without much of a family to speak of, his suspicion grew. It solidified when information regarding more deaths of young women exactly the same as Beth’s surfaced. It seemed no one was able to solve the mystery, except that in every sketch of the so-called fiancé, Riverton’s face stared back at him. Ian was going to catch Riverton, would prove his guilt or he’d die trying, which is the reason why when he saw Lady Susannah with him he got duly alarmed; most especially when he found her to be an amazing girl, a spitfire he gradually came to adore. But this venture didn’t remain just a goodwill for long. Even with Ian’s disinterest in marriage because of his line of work and the dangers surrounding it, he started playing with fire, for he couldn’t put Susanna out of his mind.

After her meeting with Ian, Susanna was swept away in a world of smooth banters and charming smiles. ;) She knew she was in danger of falling hard when Ian began popping up almost everywhere she went. At first, she was irritated but not in a bad way. But soon things turned intimate for it seemed inevitable. They were like magnets attracting each-other, while also poking each-other with their words. :P Even though they signed up to be good friends at one point, they knew things won’t stay that way. But after a few more kisses and intimate moments, Susanna understood there’s a lot in Ian’s mind that he’s not forthcoming with. Though he’d told her about his profession, he wasn’t sure he’d like to divulge the depth of his fear regarding her involvement with Riverton. Susanna knew about Beth, she knew Riverton was the fiancé and Ian only told her to be wary of him that’s all. But she wanted to know more to be prepared for whatever it is that Ian wouldn’t explain. This creates quite a bit of friction in their relationship until Ian decides his feelings for Susanna has gone way past the friendship level. He didn’t wanna lose her, but she was his best hope of catching Riverton in action.

Well, there were questions in Ian’s mind. How could Riverton always seem to have an alibi for every murder to make sure he was not anywhere near the scene? HOW? That was the only reason why he was never caught. Ian was determined to solve this once and for all. He was tired to this, but he also knew if he wanted a life with Susanna, he’ll have to serve justice for his sister and for all those unfortunate girls to be able to move forward. When Susanna was made aware of it all, she was only too happy to help. With Duke and Duchess’s added help, it seemed like finally Ian would be able to put it all behind. They were at the cusp of something dangerous, and quite big...

Now, even though I mostly enjoyed this book, some things did bug me:

1. Susanna’s repeated proclamation that Ian is wasting time being an investigator for the Home Office. That he should instead take care of his responsibilities that come with a title. After all, someday he’ll be a Marquess. She liked his devil-may-care attitude, yet thought he wasn’t serious about anything. :/ It took her sometimes to understand that while Ian was undoubtedly a charming rogue, he needed distraction from the darker aspects of his profession. I definitely didn’t think he was wasting time in any way because Ian was doing something dangerous yet equally amazing rather than living an idle life like most of his peers. Yes, in his absence the marquisate suffered but I’m not going to blame him for it. I’m not sure how a smart girl like Susanna, who also has a big charity about saving the street boys, can think like that.

2. Ian’s use of Susanna as the bait. I did understand his reason, how effin’ desperate he was to catch Riverton but I’m not sure I liked the feeling that he was putting Susanna in danger at the same time clearly knowing what he’s putting her into. Don’t worry, Susanna was aware of it but I hardly doubt she could realize the profundity of the danger involved.

3. Even though I shouldn’t complain about this but the ARC had way too many typos and other mistakes that I couldn’t ignore. It was a good thing the story got me totally hooked. I went to buy a copy from Amazon as the book was already live, but couldn’t due to the hefty price tag on the book. What’s up with that? :o

Another thing I’d like to note here. The first few chapters had me quite confused with some references to the history of the Duke and Duchess of Bradstone’s courtship. It seemed they had quite a story to tell. Ian was a good part of it too because of his profession. When I went to investigate myself (I hate not reading series in order), I found there was no previous releases in this series. But a prequel containing Andrew and Clara’s story is upcoming, though it’s still too far away publishing sometimes in 2018. I wish it was sooner, rather than later. *sigh* I really wish to know how they met and what happened. :) If you’re confused, check out the author’s website for what’s next in this series.

A Suitable Affair had a quirky yet strong heroine in Susanna and a charming rogue for a hero in Ian. I loved their banters throughout. Ian made the story a smooth sailing with his sometimes funny, other times absurd activities (seems like it runs in the family, just check out his cousin Bexley and his extended family LOL). I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the story and the characters and wanted the upcoming installments ASAP! Finally, I think it’s worth noting that even though I mentioned the Bridgertons, the tone of the story isn’t quite as fluffy as most JQ books. 4 stars and recommended.

Review copy received from Goddess Fish Promotions as a part of the "A Suitable Affair Blurb Blitz Tour", June 29 2017.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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986 reviews95 followers
January 21, 2020
I would like to thank Edelweiss and Amberjack Publishing for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book in the Macalisters series, all about the Macalister siblings. Susanna is number 6 and not actively looking for a husband, but is expecting a proposal from Lord Riverton.
Ian, Earl of Westcott is working for the Home office solving crimes no one else can solve. His sister was killed and he suspects Lord Riverton.
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March 29, 2018
“There is a saying that every nice piece of work needs the right person in the right place at the right time.” –Benoit Mandelbrot

Rating: MA: Mature Audience: PG->17: due to explicit, graphic sex scenes and discussions of violent acts of a serial killer… not described. No, the rating is for the steamy sex. Just saying.

The Macalister series:
Book 1: A Suitable Affair [Susanna and Ian]
Book 2: The Perfect Duchess [Andrew and Clara]

I had volunteered to read an ARC of The Perfect Duchess [estimated publication April 17, 2018] when I realized it was book 2 in a series. I enjoyed it so much that I then purchased book 1 in order to read about the Macalister clan/family. Although both books were stand-a-lone… there was always a niggling feeling that something was amiss… more so in this book than the first… no, that’s the second. It was confusing as heck because I felt that they were out of sequence/order. Book two should be book one and book one should be book two. Book 2 was the marriage of the Stone Duke to Lady Clara… in book one they are already married. Does that make sense? If not… then you know how I felt. Oh well.

I love a good clan story. There are ten siblings in the family Maccalister and when the elder Duke of Bradstone and his son and heir were killed… the second son Andrew suddenly found himself the new Duke and responsible for his younger siblings. This was all explained in book two, which is Andrew’s story.

Lady Susanna Macalister was on a quest for a suitable marriage partner. At twenty something [but who is counting], she was well dowered and had five brothers, one a powerful Duke. One stern look from him had sent many a fortune hunter scurrying back into the shadows of the marriage mart. Susanna was currently being courted by Lord Riverton. The Viscount had been everything that was proper [dull and boring] and Susanna felt sure he would propose at any time. She strongly felt the duty to her family that she marries well and she needed to get on with her life away from the Duke and his new wife. Too many women in the house was too many women.

This is not suitable for me” – to say this is indeed madness, it is nothing but egoism. To say ‘will not suit’ is an offense.” –Dada Bhagwan

Ian Carlisle was the heir to a Marquessate, [the Earl of Wescott]. The county seat was Ashford Castle located in Northumberland. Ian worked for the Home Office and his duties were shrouded in mystery and were slowly explained throughout the story. His deep feelings of duty had a tremendous influence on his putting aside his desire for a wife and home. His parent’s dementia was another factor. They were haunted by the death of his sister Beth and his taking care of home and country was beginning to strain his body, soul and mind. Then he met Lady Susanna in Hyde Park… on the arm of his mortal enemy… Lord Riverton.

“Every object strives for its proper place. A book seeks to be near its truest admirer. Just as this helpless moth seeks to be near the candle that infatuates him.” –Vikram Seth, A Suitable Boy

Lady Susanna was smart, witty, very intelligent, bold and had a heart of gold. She loved her family and was loyal to a fault. She was also drawn to Ian like a candle to a moth… wait, that’s a moth to a candle. Well, you get the picture… they liked each other and struggled against the emotion.

There were many secrets, surprises and outright shocks as this story unfolded. There were times when you wanted to shout and other times when you wanted to cringe as scenes happened on the page. I enjoyed this even though several situations seemed implausible. The love story was endearing, the couple was cute together and I loved their banter back and forth. I became so involved in the story that I wanted to shake Ian several times and shout ‘what’s your problem.’ He struggled with his feelings and desires for Lady Susanna.

For those fans of Jane Austen, there was a ‘shout out’ to Pride and Prejudice and even a few of her more famous lines of dialogue that were used between our characters. That was a pleasant surprise.

OK… let’s clarify… book 2, The Perfect Duchess… is looking back at how the love story between Andrew [the Duke of Bradstone] and Lady Clara Masson came about. Perhaps the author decided that the Duke needed his own story or that it wasn’t explained enough in book 1. I don’t know. I’m OCD and it drove me nuts because they felt out of sequence. But, that’s me. I still enjoyed the stories and… hopefully, the rest will be in order. I am looking forward to any story about this family. There were so many clues dropped regarding the siblings and their secrets yet to be revealed. I want to know… I have to know.
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275 reviews9 followers
March 13, 2017
I was sent this book through NetGalley for an honest review.

I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this book. The characters & story were very well developed. I fell completely in love w/ Susanna as fast as Ian did & vice versa. Like him I definitely prejudged her. Ian & Susanna's relationship was perfect. I had the cheesiest grin on my face during every moment with them. The moment that really got me was when Ian introduced Susanna to his parents. The tears were definitely welling up; it broke my heart. I was a bit frustrated around the middle of the book when she couldn't put 2 & 2 together about Beth's death being a murder possibly brought on by "Riverton". The murder mystery part of the book along with the romance kept me hooked. My only other complaint is that end confrontation between "the 2 Riverton's' felt rushed. Honestly it confused me; I had to reread the passages at least 3x before I gave up. Would've loved to have seen a small epilogue of Susanna & Ian getting married/married life. Typical shipper request. I Will be keeping my eye out for other books written by Taylor. I would love if she told the stories of the other Macalister siblings. Maybe even back tracking & telling the story of Andrew & Clara.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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949 reviews28 followers
January 16, 2019
A Suitable Affair (The Macalisters #1) by Erica Taylor was an entertaining, enagain read, that kept me reading until the very end.

My first read from this author, I dove into this book head first not even looking at the reviews, because with that beautiful cover and steller synopsis, there was no need to look any further, well for me anyways. It was a prize gamble because this book drew me in from that first page, that first meeting, and it kept my attention right until the last word was read.

Detail with beautiful writing and rich multi layer characters, this historical fiction has a little bit of everything. You can tell care and research went into making this read as authentic as possible, especially in regards to social etiquette for that time. I fell right away for our lead MC Susanna. She was definitely a head of her time, while trying to follow the strict social rules and expectations for women of that era. I loved her snarky remarks, and how she managed to be witty and sarcastic, while keeping within those norms. I got a little North and South feel, and that connection just made this story all the more enjoyable.

The only thing that got me down, was Westcott, and how though he wanted to be with her, properly court her and marry, he pushed Susanna into trying to break some of those genteel lady rules, that could have severely tarnished her reputation. As nice and sweet as the guy was, (don't get me wrong I love him as the lead male MC), I felt like he was a little removed from what social norms were. But at the same time, I do get again how that came about, as he does mention that he never really got into the courts, because he left London pretty much as soon as he was able. I believe that the amount of pushing, was for me, longer than necessary.

Overall this book has mystery, romance, witty engaging dialogue, and a multi layer plot, that will keep you on your toes. So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval that you will fall for this seamly at odds pair, and have you before you know it, rooting for them.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh
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4,332 reviews54 followers
January 16, 2019
5 Stars

A Suitable Affair is the first book in The Macalisters Series by Erica Taylor. This is a really great historical/regency romance- full of mystery, drama, revenge, humour, and so much more. Ms. Taylor is a mew-to-me author whose work I am happy to have discovered as she certainly knows how to tell a clever, captivating story.
Lady Susanna Macalister is twenty-two years old, which in 1830’s London society is getting very close to becoming an old maid. Susanna feels she has a duty to her family to find a suitable husband and takes her responsibility quite seriously. But she feels time slipping away from her, and feels her options are running out. It’s not that she wasn’t beautiful, or independently wealthy- it was her overly protective brother/s, her status, and her confident, non-conformity that had the gentlemen shying away. All except Lord Riverton who had been courting her for the past few months. She expected he would propose any day now, and that should have pleased her, but she just wasn’t all that excited by the thought. He would make a fine husband, safe, reliable, stable and ‘proper’……and oh so boring. She was afraid she was ‘settling’, instead of holding out for an epic romance- one that would sweep her off her feet and leave her breathless. But the chances of that happening are quite slim. SO, what happens when a handsome stranger nearly runs her down with his horse, while she is taking a quiet walk through Hyde Park? Why does he both intrigue and irritate her so? She can’t stop thinking about him. And when their paths keep crossing, the spark between them gets more intense. What about Lord Riverton, who is currently courting her? But, we soon learn that there is more to this handsome stranger than he’s letting on- which adds an extra element of mystery and suspense to the story- and had me flipping pages, reading as fast as I could to find out what his secrets were, and how the story plays out!
I really enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it to anyone who likes historical romance with a clever storyline. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Bring on book #2!

Thank you, Ms. Taylor!
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May 18, 2017
“Our choices in life do not define us… It is what we learn from our choices … that define who we are”. Ms Taylor had me spellbound by her ability to instil depth and complexity in her characters, aptly explained through this comment by Lady Susanna Macalister.
The sister of a duke, Susanna finds herself on the verge of a proposal by Lord Riverton. However, she is nearly trampled by Ian, the Earl of Westcott, on his ride through the park. It becomes quickly apparent that there are ill feelings between Riverton and Ian, with Ian warning Susanna to avoid any interaction with Riverton, if she values her life. Despite the usual nature of their meeting, Ian and Susanna are attracted to each other and find themselves constantly seeking the other whenever they chance to meet.
What was particularly fascinating about this story was the ease with which Susanna and Ian interact. The feelings that they develop for each other were plausible and well established and this was supported by the clever dialogue between the two.
Half way through this story, I found myself researching whether the author had written previous novels as the secondary characters were so well developed and integral to the storyline. I certainly hope that Clara and Andrew’s story appears in the future.
I thoroughly enjoyed this “A suitable affair” and look forward to reading more from Erica Taylor.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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June 4, 2017
Book Review For: A Suitable Affair by Erica Taylor A Suitable Affair by Erica Taylor My rating: 4 of 5 stars 'A Suitable Affair' by Erica Taylor is the story of Lady Susanna Macalister and Ian the Earl of Westcott.Susanna is being courted by Lord Riverton and Susanna hopes to make a marriage. Not that she loves Lord Riverston but that she thinks he is the better option than not being married. But when Ian almost runs her down when she is walking in Hyde's park with Lord Riverton he peaks her interest. Ian is a friend of Susanna's brother so when he is given a invitation to a house party by Susanna's brother he goes. Ian doesn't know what relationship she has with Lord Riverston but he feels he must inform her of what happened with his sister and Lord Riverston. A sweet love story with a good mystery thrown in!"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/A2H...... http://sissymaereads.blogspot.com/ http://booklikes.com/bloghttps://roma...... https://www.tumblr.com/blog/romancebo... View all my reviews
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April 25, 2017
A Suitable Affair is a book that really captures your interest immediately. Lady Susanna Macalister is out for a walk with a gentleman, Lord Riverton, who she is courting and hoping to marry. She does not love Riverton and finds him to be quite boring but it is her desire to marry and have a family. They are almost trampled when a speeding horse comes through the park. The rider of that horse is the very handsome Earl of Westcott, Ian. It is obvious that there is no love between Riverton and Ian. When Ian warns Susanna to be careful of Riverton she is intrigued. He does not tell her why she is to be wary of Riverton just that she should be. She understands that it is of a legal nature and she agrees to help Ian investigate Riverton. As they investigate him, sparks fly between Ian and Susanna. Ian begins to realize Susanna is much more than the typical Lady of the ton. Susanna begins to realize that there is so much more to marriage than just to settle for a loveless one. Ian begins to open up feelings in Susanna that she thought were impossible.

Ian is dealing with his own demons. He has parents who are suffering with dementia and he is still trying to come to terms with the murder of his younger sister. He works for Home Office and does not feel he is capable of having a family and the love of a woman. As he begins to fall in love with Susanna, he realizes he has put her in danger by asking her to help investigate Riverton, but by arresting Riverton, it may close chapters in his life that may allow him to move on. Susanna works to help Ian realize that he can have what he desires if he will just try.

What I liked about A Suitable Affair was the characters and the setting. I enjoyed Susanna and Ian but I also enjoyed Susanna's family and Ian's family. The book is filled with romance, suspense and adventure. I was shocked to see this was Erica Taylor's first novel because it was so well written. I am anxious for book two so we can continue the Macalister adventure.
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April 5, 2017
This was such a wonderfully well written story that I could not put it down! The characters were well developed, and perfectly suited to one another. In fact, when compared to Riverton, I often wondered what Susanna had seen in the man in the first place.

I loved that while we got to watch Susanna's romance with Lord Westcott bloom, there was also that air of mystery happening in the background. Were his claims against Riverton's character true? Or were they merely the imagination of a man who had been hurt by the other's actions? Was Beth's murder random or was it a part of a much larger scheme?

The entire story comes together in a complexly woven story that will draw you in and keep you reading well into the night. I do wish there had been an epilogue giving us a glimpse into their wedding, or another aspect of their future together, but all in all this is a do not miss story for those who enjoy historical romances!

I will definitely read more from this author!

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. This has not affected my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.
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July 24, 2018
I loved this story, if I could give it more than 5 stars I would. A Suitable Affair by Erica Taylor is cleverly written and full of adventure. It is fast paced and kept me interested. Susanna and Ian were funny and really just adorable. I laughed out loud so many times. Sometimes the story was predictable and other times full of surprises. I find myself wondering about some of the other Macalisters and would really love to hear their story. This was a fun and witty read and I throughly enjoyed it.
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April 2, 2017
Erica Taylor has become one of my favorite Historical Romance authors. She easily takes to England 1800s....

Lady Susanna Macalister is wealthy and has already made her debut to the Ton a few years ago, yet her prospects are lacking.... not that she is desperately looking. However, she is being courted by Lord Riverton, but feels like something is missing in the relationship. He's a bore, unemotional, and there is no spark... until she's nearly ran over by the Earl of Westcott, but then Riverton only seems angry that it was him on the horse.

The Earl and Riverton have a history, and its not a good one, The Earl is investigating a rash of murder of engaged Ladies, just like what happened to his sister. He's also very attracted to Lady Susanna, but because of his investigation and worry about her courtship with Riverton he warns her but tries to stay away. He finds he can't, so instead he decides to stay close and form a friendship.
Susanna finds the Earl irritating and he strays a bit to far from whats proper when around Society. She's afraid she could be scandalized, but when they are in private things get heated.

Just read it... and prepare to be swooned.

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February 7, 2019
A Suitable Affair by Erica Taylor a four-star read that will pack a punch. This is the first novel in the Macalisters series, and it shows us what a promising series this is going to be. It’s a historical romance that will surprise you, I am not a huge fan of the genre but after seeing some friends rave about this one and how it was more than just your typical historical romance, I gave it a go and enjoyed it. There was a bit of everything in this story, Lady Susanna Macalister was so much more than I expected her to be, what a fab character. Throw in a couple of great suiters and you have a great story.
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October 6, 2017
I'm just going to come out and admit it... This may be the first romance novel I have read; if I did indeed read a romance novel before this one, it clearly didn't leave a lasting impression, so let's just go ahead and say that this is the first romance novel I've ever read...

I thought this book was very entertaining and very compelling. I really liked the characters, and the plot held my attention. It was a page-turner for me, and that's what I always look for in a novel.

Dare I say it, I may be a convert to this genre, thanks to "A Suitable Affair"!

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April 8, 2017
Rather impressive book for this author's first outing. Very engaging story and characters with a few loose ends that might be fleshed out in a sequel.
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March 12, 2017
Lady Susanna Macalister is a lovely outgoing young lady who lacks for marriage proposals mainly because her brother the Duke scares them off just by giving them a "look" so she is still single. Lord Riverton seems to be interested but so boring. Along comes the Earl of Westcott who she is attracted to but he does not seem to want to court her. He works for the Home Office and is after the man who he feels was behind the death of his sister 3 years ago. That man is Riverton. He persuades Susanna to help him prove his theory. Lots of secrets exposed and mystery abounds.
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May 8, 2017
An enjoyable regency romp!! Full of fun, mischief and intrigue, this is a rather modern telling of a regency tale. Although the descriptions of London were clearly well thought through and confident, there were a number of American English phrases which jarred and didn't quite fit with the style of the novel. Other than that, I liked the characters and the twists and turns! It's been a while since I read a Regency/ historical book and it reminded me how much I liked this genre...
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May 25, 2017
You won't be disappointed! A Suitable Affair is a light-hearted and entertaining read. Lady Susanna Macallistar, the heroine of the story, finds herself with a large dowry but she is falling short in her search for eligible suitors. The one gentleman who has offered to court her is too compliant and boring, a stark contrast to her own vibrant and adventurous personality. After a random and potentially dangerous encounter with a stranger in Hyde park, Susanna finds herself drawn to the newcomer, Ian Carlisle, the handsome Earl of Westcott. Ian has trouble ignoring the magnetism between Susanna and himself but his affection is clouded by his troubled past and his quest to bring a murderer to justice. Susanna turns out to have a few secrets of her own as she struggles between society's expectations of a Lady and her own ambitions.

The writing style at the beginning of A Suitable Affair is verbose in my opinion. The author uses too many words in the characters dialogue and some of the sentences and descriptions are awkward. Susanna does not need to describe in length her motivation behind everything and she often repeats the same thing in two different ways in one conversation. After the first few chapters the writing style becomes less forced and the characters conversations flow more smoothly. The plot is entertaining from the beginning with the murder mystery keeping the storyline complex and engaging. And of course the romance isn't too bad either! I appreciate that Susanna's character is not just adventurous and witty but she is also brave and intelligent. The more the plot progresses the more interesting and developed Susanna's character becomes.

I would not hesitate to recommend A Suitable Affair to my friends and I think if some of the wordiness in the first few chapters could be edited out I would definitely raise my 4 to a 5 out of 5.

I also want to thank Amberjack Publishing and NetGalley for a chance to read an advanced copy of A Suitable Affair .
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March 11, 2017

Excellent read. This is my first book from this author, it will not be my last. Loved Susanna, the word plucky kept running thru my head.
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April 18, 2017
Wonderful read and my first from this author. I loved how brave Susannah was.

I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley.
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May 8, 2017
A great first book by this author. Loveable characters and great story line. I would definitely read more from her. The only negative I would say is the ending was much too abrupt and I would have loved an epilogue. Also there were a few typos, but other than that a great read!
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May 8, 2017
*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

What a delight, to be transported to 1800 England and get lost in Lady Susanna's life! Imminent proposals, tall, dark, handsome and somewhat wild strangers get all entangled on the rules of society.

Life gets complicated for a modern thinking woman like Susanna: is her suitor hiding a terrible secret? Can she trust Ian Carlisle, the Earl of Westcott or is he just stringing her along for his own non-committal amusement?

Fantastic writing and edgy characters makes for great escapism.
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