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Bookmobile Cat Mystery #6

Wrong Side of the Paw

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As Laurie Cass continues the national bestselling Bookmobile Cat mystery series, librarian Minnie Hamilton is happy to take her bookmobile for a spin with her rescue cat, Eddie—but her tenacious tabby always seems to find trouble...
As the bookmobile rolls along the hills of Chilson, Michigan, Minnie and Eddie spread good cheer and good reads. But when her faithful feline finds his way into the middle of a murder, Minnie is there, like any good librarian, to check it out.
Eddie turns a routine bookmobile stop into anything but when he makes a quick escape and hops into a pickup truck…with a dead body in the flatbed. The friendly local lawyer who was driving the pickup falls under suspicion. But Minnie and Eddie think there's more to this case than meets the eye, and the dynamic duo sets out to leave no page unturned.

352 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published July 25, 2017

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About the author

Laurie Cass

12 books467 followers
Laurie Cass is the national bestselling author of the Bookmobile Cat Mysteries, including Wrong Side of the Paw, Cat With a Clue, and Pouncing on Murder. She lives on a lake in northern Michigan with her husband and two cats.

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398 reviews126 followers
August 27, 2017
Heartwarming characters and a few strange ones. Eddie the bookmobile cat is a sweetheart who has found a dead body in Wrong Side of The Paw. Librarian, Minnie is a loveable character. I loved reading about her and Eddie's latest bookmobile adventure and the tension you could cut with a knife.

Highly suspenseful with tons of suspects including Minnie's friend, Rafe. There's and ending and a new beginning for romance. Minnie is cleaver and and determined along with Eddie. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.
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843 reviews109 followers
July 31, 2017
Minnie Hamilton and furry sidekick, Eddie are back and driving their bookmobile right into another murder.

I have truly enjoyed this series since the first book, LENDING A PAW. I’ve always wanted to drive a bookmobile, so that may be how protagonist Winnie, and her cat, Eddie wormed their way into my heart so quickly.

Author Laurie Cass devised a strong plot for this sixth book in the Bookmobile Cat Mysteries. WRONG SIDE OF THE PAW was another great tail . . . I mean tale, with action and mayhem throughout most of the book. As with the other books in the series, there were also some funny scenes that had me smiling all the way through them.

WRONG SIDE OF THE PAW was a bit longer than most cozy mysteries put out by this publisher. I’m sure that will make many readers happy. All in all, a good tight mystery, with a satisfying conclusion. And be on the lookout for a happy surprise in the next to last chapter.

One thing I did miss in this book was a dedication, and acknowledgements. I seriously doubt this will bother many, but I never miss reading them in a book.
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1,563 reviews34 followers
July 30, 2017
A fun read and a terrific ending, I just hope that the series isn't over. The author has updated her website since the 5th book was released.
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1,899 reviews490 followers
August 4, 2017
Big changes are ahead for Librarian Minnie Hamilton and her lovely cat Eddie in Wrong Side of the Paw, the 6th book in the Bookmobile Cat Mystery series. One thing remains the same though....Minnie is a magnet for dead bodies. Wherever she goes....one seems to appear. This time Eddie discovers the body of a Chilson, Michigan builder. Dale LaCombe's lifeless body is found in the bed of a pickup truck. Unfortuantely, his daughter Leese is driving the truck. She immediately becomes a murder suspect. Minnie knows Leese didn't kill her father, so she and Eddie are back on the case to find the killer. Turns out that lots of people had reasons to dislike Dale Lacombe....but who hated him enough to kill him?

This cute series has been my favorite since book #1. Minnie Hamilton is a likable main character with intelligence, spunk and ingenuity. Eddie is, of course, a very charming cat that chimes in with his signature "mrrr'' often. And I enjoy all of the side characters: Minnie's aunt, her BFF kristen, the other library employees (except for the constantly horrific directors they keep hiring lol), and her pal Rafe with the constant never-ending DIY remodeling project. This book was a bit more serious than the previous ones...but there are some big shifts coming for several characters. So this book was not only a mystery but also development in the characters and dynamic for the series. I'm not usually big on change (I will totally admit that)....but I enjoyed this book. The changes are good ones! It will be a nice refresh for the series. Not giving any spoilers....you will have to read the book! :)

The mystery was a good one....it progressed at a good pace and had a number of suspects and plot twists. But, I do have to admit that the perpetrator was a bit obvious in this one. I figured out who it was....just not the whys or how until the plot developed a bit further. I didn't mind though....the book was an enjoyable return to my favorite cozy characters. Nice to see their lives developing and changing a little.

The cover for this new book is awesome as usual. Very colorful with the bookmobile in the background and Eddie showing his Cattitude. :)

I do hope that in the next book they have a better library director. Ugh. :)

I can't wait for book 7 now! :) Mrrr!

Laurie Cass also co-authors the Victorian Square series with author Lorraine Bartlett. For more information about Laurie and her books, check out her website at http://catmystery.com/
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503 reviews55 followers
July 23, 2017
I finished Wrong Side of The Paw by Laurie Cass Friday at swim lessons for my boys and oh boy did I ever enjoy this one. Laurie Cass has created such a wonderful series around a tiny librarian who drives a book mobile in a tiny tourist town, with a great kitty sidekick. If ever there was to be a Librarian Superhero, the image I get is that of main character Minnie Hamilton. I have read this entire series and feel like I have gotten to know Minnie like a close friend even a cousin after all this time and in this book I felt like screaming "Yes! Finally!" but you will have to read it to find out why. This is an enjoyable series with some unique situations and it will truly give you that cozy feeling, new respect for unsung Librarian Superheroes everywhere and a desire to pick up and move to a houseboat just to join in the fun. Some fun mysteries and even better sleuthing from the naturally curious and clever Librarian extraordinaire!
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1,545 reviews33 followers
August 20, 2017
Mrrr! Come? Non avete capito? Eddie vi sta dicendo che questo libro è da 4 stelle e mezza!
Scherzi a parte, mi piace come l'autrice riesca a far parlare Eddie il gatto usando sempre lo stesso verso (mrrr, appunto) in varie declinazioni onomatopetiche. Sì, parla proprio se uno riesce a capire il gattese! E aiuta Minnie a trovare il colpevole, anche se lei all'inizio non lo capisce. A proposito di colpevole, non appena è stato svelato l'episodio-chiave ho capito subito chi fosse, ma fino ad allora era praticamente impossibile trovarlo visto che la vittima era (giustamente) la persona più odiata della città.
Infine, sono rimasta un po' spiazzata dallo sviluppo della storia amorosa della protagonista. Sono curiosa di vedere come si svilupperà in seguito.
23 reviews
January 31, 2018

This book read like it was by a different author. The first fifteen chapters or so made little mention of Eddie. It just sort of rattled all g getting nowhere and adding more minor characters. Then there was this sudden wakeup like omg I've got to wind this up and there is race to get everything finished before the prescribed number of chapters are finished. For me it was a disappointing finish to what had been an enjoyable series.
Profile Image for Kris Sellgren.
1,054 reviews22 followers
May 29, 2019
Another outstanding cozy mystery with a cat by Laurie Cass. Everything is wrong in our heroine Minnie’s life at the beginning of the book, and she is struggling to keep her attitude positive. Then her cat Eddie finds a corpse... and Minnie jumps into clearing a friend’s name. After much detective work, and a threat of a terrible death, Minnie’s life is much improved by the end of the book. Very enjoyable.
2,809 reviews32 followers
July 29, 2017
Minnie and her cat Eddie work at a library and drive the book mobile. Eddie jumps out of the bookmobile and hops into a pickup and finds a dead body. Minnie's friend, a lawyer, is the daughter of the dead man and is blamed for his murder. Minnie decides to find out who could've done it and finds there is a lot more to the story. A side story is that Minnie turned down the library director job so she could continue to drive the bookmobile. That part of the story is hard to believe and the new library director is worse than the one they had.
September 18, 2017
Oh my word I think this is the best one yet! Minnie has a new boss (and though you wouldn't have thought it possible she is worse than the previous one!), she also has a new friend in the form of a lawyer, unfortunately she (the lawyer) has ended up on the wrong side of the paw/law and it is up to Eddie and Minnie to save the day.
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1,860 reviews38 followers
September 19, 2017
Sixth book in the Bookmobile Cat Mystery Series. Librarian, bookmobile, a cat that helps solve a murder mystery what's not to love. I just hope the series will continue.
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92 reviews4 followers
December 22, 2019
My first cozy in this series! I love our main character, Minnie, and the amazing cast of side characters and friends. The author puts such care into developing some truly likeable weirdos. I adore the setting and related quite a bit as someone who spent three years living in a very tiny tourist town that provided quiet winters of fat biking and long winter walks and lots and lots of book reading. (I only ever did the second two ;) but admired those with fat bikes!)

Eddie was a wonderful cozy pet that I will gladly read about again! Mrrrr!

My only complaint is that the whodunnit was a lil obvious. There were some unexpected twists but I would have liked more suspense. The rest of the little side stories made up for it though ❤️ excited to read another bookmobile mystery!
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2,006 reviews55 followers
October 8, 2017
This is the fifth book in the Bookmobile series and one of the best ones. Minnie and Eddie in outlawing area. Minnie, Julia are having a good discussion with a client, Leese. It is a good fall day and the doors are open. Eddie suddenly leaves the bookmobile and heads for the client's truck where he finds a dead body. Leese, a lawyer, who specializes in Elder Care becomes a good friend and is the main suspect in the murder of her Father. Minnie and Eddie set out to clear Leese. The twists this tale takes will you reading until done. Minnie life is changing. Her new boss is busy changing the library from a service to a large library. Among her plans are cut the bookmobile's funding. Minnie must make some significant decisions. What will she do?
Profile Image for Sam.
114 reviews8 followers
September 1, 2018
I think this might be the final book in the series, which makes it even more of a disappointment. I have really adored the Bookmobile Cat Mysteries, but this one fell so flat. Cozy mysteries aren't exactly known for their stunning reveals, but this one was lame even for a cozy. Anyone with a pulse should have known the SECOND Leese revealed that her father had been the cause of a horrible car crash and that the driver of the other car was thrown from the vehicle, but did not specify that the man was dead (Minnie assumes this), that it was clearly the disabled man from the restaurant.

The final scene defies all logic. The killer is too feeble to get his WALKER out of his own car, but he overpowers Leese, a 6'0", broad-shouldered athlete? And then he also overpowers Minnie, tying her furiously kicking legs to a chair?

Also, not one, but two breakups in a six-installment cozy series?? Did anyone else think that Rafe was...sort of an asshole, based on his appearances in previous books? (Actually, don't all of Minnie's cross-book friends seem sort of like assholes? Kristin won't even let Minnie select her own entree.)

Minnie herself has also become sort of off-putting. Her waffling inability to break up with Ash, her waffling inability to confront her boss (or to engage in coworker gossip; I mean, come on, you fucking prig), her waffling inability to tell anyone how she feels about...anything, really, all converged to make her unpleasant. She bungles around town, asking obvious questions, being a huge dick (her condescension toward Mitchell is really on display) and there was not NEARLY enough Eddie to make up for it. Barely any Eddie at all, in fact.
Profile Image for Jeanne.
513 reviews
January 6, 2018
This one was a bit of a disappointment for me. I have enjoyed most of the books in the series, but this time so much of it felt like a re-run: nasty boss scenario was too much like the first book and though she leaves at the end, I felt we've been here, done that. Also, I work in a library so the subplots about cuts to funding, losing staff and resources, etc. are just too real for me. I read these books for escape, not to dwell on real possibilities. The mystery dragged along too. Minnie spent too much time chasing after false leads, even after the best possibility was finally brought up (about 200 pages in!) And Minnie remained oblivious. I strongly suspect the author thought this was going to be the last book in the series because she made a lot of changes in a short time: Minnie realizes she and Ash aren't a couple, she realizes she loves Rafe, boarding house is being sold, etc. The author just posted that there will be two more in the series starting in 2019. I hope boss #3-- yes, this mean boss abruptly resigns, too-- will be less antagonistic and that the gloom in the library will lift. Eddie the cat is a doll, by the way, and I like most of the characters overall. I still recommend the series.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
806 reviews
September 21, 2017
Found this book in the donation pile at the library and it sounded like just the thing to fill in some time before I read my next book club book. Hadn't read any of the previous books. It checked practically all the boxes. Librarian--I am a retired librarian volunteering at my local public library which..........just bought a bookmobile. Like cats---yes. Michigan---used to live there.

Maybe I expected too much of this book. So much of it was slow going, the search for suspects was tiresome and it was not until the end that the book reached some success. And the sudden romance between Rafe and Minnie seemed to be a last minute thought.

I won't be reading anymore of the series, but will pass the book on to the librarians at my library who really do drive the bookmobile. Maybe they will like it better than I did.
32 reviews
December 25, 2017
This book was enjoyable, but I found the ending hard to believe and a bit of a let-down. Spoiler: An older, handicapped man who uses a walker is somehow able to overpower two young women (one who is athletic) without any weapon, and tie them to chairs. Then when he gets away after starting a fire to kill them, the victim is so worried about this murdering psychopath getting stuck in the snow and suffering, she goes after him to rescue him (really??) still with no weapon except a baseball bat. And the supposedly romantic ending is that the man she has been in love with all her life asks her to move in with him. Blech.
Profile Image for Melissa.
2,304 reviews
October 20, 2018
I adore my visits to Chilson and my bookmobile trips with Minnie and Eddie, helping solve mysteries along the way. This was a great mystery with lots of humor along the way and a sweet surprise/adorable ending that I absolutely loved...it would make a wonderful Hallmark Mystery movie!! My only complaint is I am now caught up with Minnie's adventures and the next one doesn't release till next July...how I am I supposed to wait until then for my Eddie fix?!?!?!
Profile Image for Jeanie.
1,201 reviews1 follower
August 23, 2017
First, I love the title of this - did Eddie get up on the wrong side of the paw this morning? And the cover is as colorfully appealing as the rest of the series. Please don't tell my cats, but Eddie is the bomb! Funny how I see a little bit of Eddie in each of them...

Minnie is an awesome librarian; I forget that many librarians actually like to find information for the community they serve. And she is head and shoulders above the new library director...even if she doesn't wear Italian leather shoes. Love Eddie's first response to meeting her LOL!

Many changes are in store for Minnie, but without knowing her future at the library or what Aunt Frances plans to do, her life is topsy-turvy. One thing is certain, she will not let her friend Leese get arraigned for something she didn't do, namely killer her father, whose body Eddie found under the tarp in the back of the pickup she was driving. She is losing clients in her new, private legal practice that specializes in seniors' needs, and the strain on her siblings is just as evident. I didn't quite have who the right bad guy was...but was very close! The author has bested me again, and while I was surprised, I was also pleased with the final resolution. Actually, all of them! And I can't wait to see how the future works out for Eddie and Minnie! I highly recommend this sixth offering in A Bookmobile Cat Mystery series!
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849 reviews33 followers
August 25, 2017
I have read every book in this series, in order, from the 1st to this new 6th book. It is a delightful cozy featuring a librarian who lives on a houseboat in Michigan with the stray who picked her to be his companion. She also drives a bookmobile to the outer community and helps solves crimes in her spare time. What occurred to me is while reading this book is that the author keeps getting better with each story and the best way to read them is by starting at the beginning to understand the characters and see how it slowly changes like real life which never stands still. I think I've given the first 5 books 4 stars...they deserved them, but now with this sixth, she is definitely layering on an all encompassing story flawlessly and I love the direction it is going. These are light hearted reads for people who enjoy literate cozies, libraries, books and cats. I want the author to know that I enjoy her work and I hope she writes many, many more books in this series. It's a real winner and I feel that I have gotten to know the town and characters and am invested into their lives. Thank you for such an entertaining series!
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108 reviews4 followers
July 6, 2023
Wrong Side of the Paw is the sixth book in the Bookmobile Cat Mystery series by Laurie Cass, narrated by Erin Bennett.
Minnie finds a dead body on one of their bookmobile stops thanks to Eddie running out and jumping into the bed of a nearby truck. The truck and dead body happen to belong to the father of Minnie’s friend, Leese. Can Minnie find out what happened and clear her friend’s name? Minnie and the rest of the Chilson District Library are also learning to work with the new director, Jennifer. Can Minnie make a good impression on the new director?
Once again, Erin Bennett did a wonderful job with the narration. I do wish this book had more Eddie Mrrr’s though. I can never get enough Mrrr’s from Eddie!
I have to say I was not a fan of the old director, Stephen. I also get why Minnie did not want to apply for the director position herself. The new director, Jennifer, is not a good fit for Chilson and I would gladly accept Stephen coming back. Now, that is saying a lot!
I was so happy for Minnie and her love life. Minnie’s relationship changed during book four, Pouncing on Murder, and now it is changing again. I was a little hesitant at first when I saw the direction it was going, but by the end the book I was ready for more. I am totally on board!!

My Rating:

832 reviews9 followers
June 8, 2021
Minnie is working on keeping her Bookmobile Afloat especially with the new director who wants to cut corners. When Minnie, Eddie and Julia are out and about they meet up with the friendly lawyer. But Eddie jumps out of the bookmobile and heads to the truck that the lawyer had been driving and finds a dead body which turns out to be the father to the lawyer. While trying to find out who killed the father, the brother to the lawyer has the beer sabotage and people are sick, the sister to the lawyer has someone tamper with some internet work and almost gets these two people fired. Then whoever is doing this goes after the lawyer. In the meantime her Aunt is trying to decide what to do with the boarding house and Minnie discovers that she really loves Rafe not Ash but not sure how to tell him. The last chapter is a good ending.
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325 reviews2 followers
April 4, 2019
Another wonderful entry in this cozy mystery series. Eddie the cat is a lovely sidekick to Minnie Hamilton, the bookmobile librarian and amateur sleuth. Most enjoyable.
Profile Image for Kathy Kennerley.
567 reviews2 followers
April 11, 2019
I loved it! That was the sweetest courtship ever. I can't decide if I adore "him" or Eddie more. This is a terrific author - the dialogue is excellent.
Profile Image for Melanie.
954 reviews33 followers
October 2, 2020
FINALLY she realizes what the author had been hinting at and every reader knew was coming from book one... I literally don’t remember the mystery (I’m writing this weeks later) because for me that was what this book was about 😆
1,049 reviews
May 2, 2018
As a book it was ok, as a mystery... pretty much a dud. There wasn't really a sense of build up or really any mystery, as the reader can guess who it is pretty much as soon as the person appears. Minnie just goes around asking questions without subtlety, forgetting important details until weird moments, making illogical judgments (sorry, but a guy that gets upset and kicks a brick, breaking his OWN toe, does not strike me as someone with "dangerously violent" outbursts). Then the ending really fizzled, as there was a dangerous situation (that Minnie was a complete moron to get into), they get out of it, then a suspenseful moment as they decide to go check on the killer's safety (which didn't really make sense, and there wasn't real reason to think he was in danger as opposed to stuck in the snow)...only for it to jump into a new chapter, events already behind them and now being told to other characters. What? I have so many questions! Like how did Minnie NOT know Leese went to get a baseball bat? Those aren't small things you put in your pocket. If the villain was pretending to be expert brewer and computer guy, wouldn't people remember him very well because of his obvious scars? And then why was he unescorted and tampering with the tanks? How does he just wipe out the servers? Sorry, not sure I believe a little research on the Internet will suffice to take out the servers of a computer company... Especially without leaving a trace. And it's mentioned that her aunt is a matchmaker for people at her boardinghouse, but there is no evidence of this...and I can't help but wonder how she does match making for people she hasn't met (her cousin will let her choose the guests for the following year, but how does that help??). And the romance was just wrapped up and tossed in there at the end as a done deal.

Oh, and throughout there is an issue with the new library director, who does not seem to have a clue about her job. At all. She just pops up now and again to stress out Minnie, then vanishes until the next time. Honestly, I thought the staffing of the library was a bit weird too (this is not a detail I normally notice in books, but it bugged me here). I don't know why 2 people are needed for the bookmobile in this small town. Or why the assistant director would drive it. She doesn't want the director job since she wouldn't have time for the bookmobile, but honestly the same should be true as assistant director. The issue with her director finally vanishes for good with no drama, and Minnie never has to actually confront her or do anything about her crazy plans. Her friend Kristin also mystifies me, because she apparently runs a high end restaurant that is closed 5 months out of the year (even though it's open 3 seasons, I guess winter is pretty long?) and winters in Florida. But she's marrying a guy that lives in NYC, and she's still keeping her restaurant in Michigan? How is that going to work? And what do her employees do when the restaurant isn't open? Is it not challenging to have to hire good staff every single year? This was an oddity to me.

Despite the title and blurb, the cat really did not play much of a role, which was disappointing. Saying "Mrr" in varying ways and taking a pencil is not exactly useful, nor did it even spark epiphanies for Minnie, so it was a waste.
Profile Image for Brooklyn Tayla.
978 reviews63 followers
July 22, 2018
I definitely feel disappointed by this one, I mean, I went in with high expectations, having LOVED the first five books that focused on Minnie and her rescue cat, Eddie. I loved Minnie’s passion for her job, something I definitley relate to, and I loved the descriptions throughout this series of both the Bookmobile and the library, where Minnie had invested so much in making her dream come true of driving around to remote cities and delivering books to patrons that aren’t able to get to the library.
The whodunnit aspects to these books have always been intriguing and intense, I mean, some had me on tenderhooks in previous books. Like, Minnie and Eddie had some many close calls, honestly!
Which brings me to the matter at hand, okay, Minnie and her friend, who’s father was killed near the start of the book, do find themselves in a sticky situation, but by now I kind of felt it was anticlimactic, because well Cass can’t go killing off her main character, thank goodness! And I’m glad she didn’t, I adore Minnie and Eddie, and I want more books with them, but I felt this plot in a whole was kind of stale? I was expecting lots of intensity, but nothing really came of it? I felt like some of the happenings felt like fillers and okay I can see, and I hope that this is the case, that more books will follow, because, why add these things in unless there will be more books to come?
As per always, Eddie and Minnie were perfect, feline and human bouncing off one another in the best way! And changes are coming in terms of Aunt Frances, so I’m definitley hoping to find out what would become of her and her soon to be husband! I feel like there’s too many loose ends!
Please let Laurie Cass write more books featuring these two!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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