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Welcome back to Friendship, Texas. A town where your best friend may be dating an Olympic swimmer and his best friend may or may not also be an Olympic swimmer you sort of, kind of did the nasty with against Nonna's goat pen.

“Is that…?” I asked, staring at Dr. Burly Santa.
He smiled and nodded. “That would be your baby’s heartbeat.”
The emotion I’d been storing away came flooding back as tears burst from my eyes. A baby. A person. This was real. I was carrying a tiny human inside me.
The doctor tried to console me as he gave me samples of prenatal vitamins and paper after paper was piled in a folder with my name and September on the front.
September. My baby’s due date.
Holy shit, I was going to be a mother.
And Johnny was going to be a father.
I had to do so many things to prepare and people I had to tell. But at that moment, I just stared down at my stomach. My stomach holding my baby.
This wasn’t just about me and my future anymore. This was about us. And whether I liked it or not, this baby was a part of me, which meant Johnny was a part of me. It was time we stopped running from each other.

Each book in the Friendship, Texas series is a STANDALONE
*Edge of Glory
*Rumor Has It
*Meet Virginia
*Part of Me
*The One That Got Away
*Something to Talk About
*Love Like Crazy

235 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 21, 2017

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About the author

Magan Vernon

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Magan Vernon has been living off of reader tears since she wrote her first short story in 2004. She now spends her time killing off fictional characters, pretending to plot while she really just watches Netflix, and she tries to do this all while her two young children run amok around her Texas ranch.

You can stalk or...er...find her online at all of these fun and happy places.

Amazon Author Link: http://amzn.to/1Mi23I9

Website Link: www.maganvernon.com

Facebook Page Link: www.facebook.com/authormaganvernon

Twitter: www.twitter.com/maganvernon

Instagram User Name: @maganvee

Newsletter sign up: http://eepurl.com/qIJA5

FELL THE VERN (reader group): http://on.fb.me/1lVsZEo

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4,846 reviews294 followers
June 10, 2018
I had read a few books in this series, the books, however, can be read as stand-alone. In Part of Me, we meet Sofia who a few years ago went through an awkward phase and almost hooked up with Johnny - her best friend's fiance's best friend. The two went their separate way until now Johnny is back in Friendship, Texas and the spark between him and Sofia is still running extremely hot. So hot that they try to have sex by the goat pen and end up breaking the fence. I really liked this book as not only has it got a second chance romance storyline but a few romantic comedy parts to the book which makes it an easy read. Ever since Sofia's mum died and her father checked out, she has been doing things on her own and now her life is about to change in a major way. Her dad has a new girlfriend and is moving in with her and now she also has a part of Johnny growing inside of her. Is Sofia ready to become a mother and is Johnny - an Olympic swimmer with an amazing career ahead of him, ready to be a dad ? Especially considering that their relationship is still very fresh and new and they are finding their feet with one another? I really liked this book and all the characters seemed to fit in together quite well even the ones we want to hate like Johnny's swimming partner. If you are in the mood for a fun light-hearted second chance romance with laughs and an unexpected pregnancy, then check out Part of Me by Magan Vernon - Book #4 in the Friendship, Texas Series.
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2,051 reviews28 followers
February 21, 2017
This book made a solid on me.. I love the main characters and the unconventional way they fell in love.. their situation might have started as an oops, but the journey they take us in as you flip the pages, it's so much more.. there's love, friendship, family, betrayal and hurt all over these pages, but the outcome is the greatest thing of all of it!
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698 reviews19 followers
February 23, 2017
Part of me was such a quirky, refreshing read.

A surprise pregnancy brings Sofie and Johnny together.

I couldn't help but love Johnny. Johnny’s reaction is not what I expected it to be. He was great about it and just went with the flow. There are times I wanted to ring his neck, but he really stepped up to the plate. Will he be able to break Sofie’s walls down?

Sofie I going to college and working as well. She is used to being let down and having to take care of herself. She keeps people at arms length to protect herself. What happens when one wild night ends up with an unexpected pregnancy.

They are both determined to make the best of their situation. Not having the best start to a relationship, will they be able to learn together for the sake of their baby.

I laughed so much in this book. I loved it. It is the third book in the Friendship, Texas series, but can be read as a standalone. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and look forward to reading more from this author. If you want a light, funny read, then this would be a great read!
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698 reviews19 followers
February 23, 2017
Part of me was such a quirky, refreshing read.

A surprise pregnancy brings Sofie and Johnny together.

I couldn't help but love Johnny. Johnny’s reaction is not what I expected it to be. He was great about it and just went with the flow. There are times I wanted to ring his neck, but he really stepped up to the plate. Will he be able to break Sofie’s walls down?

Sofie I going to college and working as well. She is used to being let down and having to take care of herself. She keeps people at arms length to protect herself. What happens when one wild night ends up with an unexpected pregnancy.

They are both determined to make the best of their situation. Not having the best start to a relationship, will they be able to learn together for the sake of their baby.

I laughed so much in this book. I loved it. It is the third book in the Friendship, Texas series, but can be read as a standalone. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and look forward to reading more from this author. If you want a light, funny read, then this would be a great read!
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2,117 reviews22 followers
February 21, 2017
4 Stars

An unexpected pregnancy puts this pair of young characters way out of their comfort zone. Part of Me is a unique story line, with quirky, fun and captivating characters.

The banter between Johnny and Sophie is completely engaging and entertaining, and moves between heartfelt emotion filled prose, to humorous fun filled laugh out loud moments.

Johnny's heart is in the right place, he's well meaning and completely endearing even if he is a bit clueless and at times frustrating, but that may just be the male persona in general.

Sophie is a complex and unique character with emotional walls that require the right person and patience to break them down.

I once again adored Magan's side characters who really add the extra element of depth and humor to the story line.

I have read the first title in this series, but not the subsequent two titles, and I believe that Part of Me, can be read as a standalone. I thoroughly enjoyed this humor filled romance of friendship, family and love and look forward to more of this series in the future.

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3,945 reviews29 followers
March 2, 2017
Part of Me: Friendship, Texas #3 by Magan Vernon is the fourth story in the Friendship series. This story is fun, emotional and excitement all balled up into one. This story is about a nerd, a swimmer and one night behind the goat pens. You will love how the author has created characters that you will be able to relate to and they will pull at your heart strings. They will take you on a journey of life, friendship and struggles that you will not be able to put down. Find out what happens to this couple as they struggle with the consequences of one night!

Sofie is a young woman who has a little bit of spit fire to her but she also is no stranger to being let down. The only family she ever knew is her best friends family as her father has never been around for her. She is use to taking care of her until one night behind the goat pens. What she never expected was to get pregnant from that one hot night. What will she do? Now it is just not her she needs to care, there is a life growing inside her. What will happen when she tell him? She wants more, will he be willing? She is ready for what will happen, but is he?

Johnny is an Olympic swimmer and is wanted by all. What will happen when one hot night gets away from him? Will except responsibility for this baby? What you will find out is that he is not the best in relationships but his heart is in the right place. How determined is he to make things right for her and their baby? Will he be the stand up guy she needs him to be?

Sofie and Johnny's relationship didn't start out normal as you will soon find out. Will she stop pushing him away and will he be there for her and the baby? How will the fame and the girls affect their relationship? Are they forever linked together? Is it time that they stop running away from each other and start running together? You will love how the author has created these characters to interact with each other. They seem to be worlds apart but yet will they be brought together by one little life? Find out what happens to this couple and the life they will bring into the world! What will fate have in-store for all of them?

This is my first story by Magan Vernon and I know it won't be the last. I can't wait to read more and to go back and read the other four stories before this one. Megan spends her time killing of fictional characters, watching Netflix while chasing after her two children around their Texas ranch. She has been living off readers tears since her first story was published in 2004. You will love how this author has created a story that will have you turning page after page. You will not want to put this story down, you will need to find out what happens to this couple. This story is a pure romance with struggles that I highly suggest you read. Sometimes you really don't know what fate has in-store for you!
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990 reviews4 followers
March 14, 2017
Part of Me by Magan Vernon
4 stars

Part of Me by Megan Vernon is book 3 in this series but can be read as a standalone. Sofie and Johnny met a year ago and shared a nice make out session. Sofie was the nerdy quiet girl being picked on so she thought Johnny kissed her out of pity. Now its a year later and they're attending Christmas Eve dinner with mutual friends. Gone is the braces and unruly hair for Sofie and Johnny is even more attracted to her. Taking a joke said at the table seriously, end up getting frisky against the goat pen in the backyard, knocking it over in the process. Can two people from opposite pasts, come together and effectively raise a baby?
Sofie is quiet and basically on her own. After her mother died, she and her father just coexisted together. When her dad has news for Sofie, she in turn has news for him shortly after. Seeing the errors in their relationship they try to fix things. And then there's Johnny. He's an Olympic swimmer who could have anyone he wants, but when Sofie tells him she's expecting, he wants to try and have their first relationships, together. Sofie is scared of losing her heart if they don't work out, so she guards her heart and places barriers around herself. Can she learn to let go and embrace her feelings before its too late?
Johnny is a happy guy about everything. But he's also a little clueless how some actions look to a girlfriend and that in turn hurts Sofie in a way he doesn't understand. Johnny is a roll with the punches kind of guy and when life gets rough, he thinks it out in the pool. Can he get Sofie to admit her feelings for him or will the baby come and make things impossibly harder?
I really enjoyed this story and was able to feel the emotions felt throughout the book ,and there were many!
264 reviews4 followers
March 8, 2017
Part of Me by Magan Vernon is the fourth book in the Friendship, Texas series and is the story of Sofie White and Johnny Laughlin. Although part of a series it can also be read as a standalone. This is the first book that I have read by Magan Vernon and I can honestly say that though part of a series I wasn’t lost or feeling as if I missed anything by not reading the first three books. Honestly though I will probably go back and read those too since I enjoyed this story so much.
Sofie and Johnny meet one another earlier in the series and share a make out session a year previous to this novel beginning. At the time Sofie is a self-proclaimed geek with bad hair and braces who has a hard time seeing anyone wanting to be with her so she writes off the whole run-in with Johnny off promptly putting it in the back of her mind and moving on. Johnny leaves and the two don’t hear from one another until a year later.
The story starts at a Christmas Eve party where Sofie and Johnny are re-introduced by mutual friends. Sofie and Johnny decide to re-acquaint themselves and hook up, by the Conti family goat pen, this part seriously had me laughing out loud! Sofie finds out that Johnny is now living close to Friendship and they decide to see how their relationship can progress. In theory, this should have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship, what it becomes is two strangers and an accidental pregnancy.
I loved this story, especially Johnny. He is the perfect guy, sweet, easy-going, loving, anything a girl could probably want. Sofie on the other hand was tough to like at first, but after the early part of her life you can see, as a reader, why she is the way she is. Throw in an ex-hook up, a father with a new life, crazy friends and a new potential sister and you have hours of entertaining reading ahead of you. I for one can’t wait to delve into the rest of Ms. Vernon’s back library.
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110 reviews18 followers
April 26, 2017
3.5 - 4 stars! <3

i've said it once & i'm gonna say it again; I LOVE ANGST-FREE BOOK!!! <3 <3 <3
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2,135 reviews11 followers
March 6, 2017
4 star review
Part of Me is the third book in the Friendship, Texas series by Magan Vernon. Although part of a series it can be read as a standalone, which is how I read it. This is the first book that I have read by this author and I will certainly be looking to read the other books in the series too. I found the book to be really well written and it was a nice easy read. My interest was kept throughout the whole story! I really liked the main characters Sofie and Johnny. There were some great secondary characters in the story, especially Lia and Jay, who I believe have been in a previous book! I definitely want to read their story too!
Sofie and Johnny had previously met 12 months earlier, she calls herself a weird geek and he is an Olympic swimmer!! She thinks there is no way he would be interested in her! They find themselves meeting again and this time it’s pretty definite that he likes her! The part behind the goat pen had me in absolute stitches; I could actually see the scene unfolding before my eyes! There are certainly some funny moments in this story.
I liked Sofie! She had a great attitude, she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind but she still had the slight vulnerability when it came to her relationship with Johnny. I really felt sorry for her especially when it came to his ‘relationship’ with Emily! I would probably have felt exactly the same.
I did like Johnny too! He was definitely not your stereotypical, good looking athlete! He was ready to stand up to his responsibilities straight away and he was there to support Sofie, for the most part! I think when it came to Emily there was maybe just a little bit of naivety to blame as he tried to see the good in everybody!
If you are looking for a nice, refreshing read, with a bit of comedy and some romance then I definitely recommend Part of Me by Magan Vernon! I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read more by this author!
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269 reviews
March 4, 2017
Part of Me written by Magan Vernon is book four in Friendship, Texas. (Upon further research, it is number 3 with a 2.5 that came out so technically speaking it would be number 4! :]). This was the first story I have read by Magan and while it may be part of a collection, I had no issues so I would say it could be read as a stand alone.

This was a very cute and sweet story about two almost strangers who had hooked up a few times and were now in a crazy situation. If you are looking for a relatively clean and fast little romance, then this would definitely be the book for you. Magan takes a situation that is very real and happens often nowadays and turns it into a cute little romance.

Sofie White is your average geeky twenty year old. Sofie lives with her dad and they have had a strange relationship since her mother passed away. They are more like roommates as they really have no idea how to communicate. Though Sofie has no idea what she plans to do after graduation, she is determined to figure things out along the way. That is until one Christmas with a hot Olympic swimmer.

Johnny Laughlin is an incredibly gorgeous 23 year old Olympic swimmer. Johnny is one of those people who tries to make everything positive. You know those "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" kinds? Yeah that would be him. Even though he has dozens of Olympic medals and can break records with his backstroke, he doesn't let his (minimal) fame go to his head.

September. September is just another month out of the year, right? But no, September is the month that Sofie and Johnny's baby is going to be born. Yes, that Christmas gave them quite the interesting little present. Even though they had known each other for over a year, their best friends were dating, they knew nothing about the other. Will Johnny step up and be a father to this child? Will Sofie push him away and into the arms of another girl? The pair will get their happily ever after, but only after they go through a few bumps (ha see what I did there) along the way.
678 reviews5 followers
March 6, 2017
Part of Me (Friendship, Texas #3) by Magan Vernon
5 out 5 stars
This isn’t my first book that I have read by Ms. Vernon and I can tell you her writing gets better with each book she is a writer you will love to read her stories deal with some heavy everyday stuff. This is a light and funny read.
I simply loved the main characters and the unconventional way they fell in love. Sofia and Johnny had me laughing throughout the book that my husband wanted to know what was going on so I had to tell him the part I was reading. I can’t tell you because I don’t want to give away spoilers.
We have Sofia she is a weird geek with a hot-temper she is used to taking care of herself. She never thought for one moment with the smoking hot swimmer would change her life forever. She has no filter but behind the girl who seems to need no one, and always pushing people she was insecure.
A baby!!! I was carrying a tiny human inside me. This wasn’t just about me and my future anymore. This was about us. And whether I liked it or not, this baby was a part of me, which meant Johnny, was a part of me.

Johnny the hot swimmer he wasn’t perfect but he was a standup guy who took an unexpected pregnancy better than I thought he would. He just went with the flow. There were times that I wanted to smack him upside his head but overall he was a good guy.
Will Johnny be-able to break down Sofia’s walls? Will Sofia let Johnny in? Can these two people make it with an unexpected pregnancy? Will they have a happily ever after?
This is the third book in the Friendship, Texas series, but can be read as a standalone. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and look forward to reading more from this author. I highly recommend this book/series…
By Tracy Manderson
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2 reviews
March 5, 2017
Part of Me: Friendship, Texas #3 by Magan Vernon is the fourth story in the Friendship series. Even though this book is part of a series it can definitely be read as a stand-alone book. I haven’t read the first books yet but I am so excited to do so now! Reading this book was like reading my past. Unfortunately for me, my situation wasn’t filled with nearly as many embarrassing yet hilarious hook ups.

I found the overall plotline of the book easy to follow and so much fun to read! What girl wouldn’t want to be pressed up against a goat pin on Christmas eve by an Olympic swimmer?

Sofie is the perfect persona of the geek in us all who gets to live out the fantasy we all had in high school/college about that one amazing athlete. Even though Johnny is an Olympic swimmer he still very goofy and down to earth. Everything about their relationship was done out of order but that is what makes it so great. No one plans to get pregnant from a hookup but the author really captures the character and strength of this young couple by showing the ups and downs of their decision to raise the baby together. It’s not all sunshine and roses but they still manage to work everything out and be there for each other.

Lia Conti, Sofie’s best friend has her own book and I cannot wait to read it. The Conti’s are the classic Italian family and I would be lying if I said I wished they weren’t real. Please Magan Vernon tell me you based this family and their restaurant off real people I can go meet.

If you are looking for a light-hearted but still steamy and fulfilling read this is definitely the book for you!
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773 reviews7 followers
March 6, 2017
Part of Me, Friendship Texas, #3 by Magan Vernon is definitely a 5 star read for me. This book was funny and romantic all wrapped into one fabulous read.

Sofia and Johnny first met a year ago when they hooked up. He is friends and a swimming teammate with her bestfriends boyfriend. A year later at her friends Lia’s family's home for Christmas, they again come face to face and realize that they are still attracted to each other. When they take their attraction outside and after a little extracurricular activity and an unfortunate incident with a goat pen…. they find themselves spending a lot of their spare time together. When a surprise pregnancy happens, they are both truly shocked and scared for what might happen next. Sophie has school to finish and Johnny has his swim meets and practices to prepare him for the Olympics. Sophie thinks everything is going really good until, she is at Johnny’s apartment and his cute, swimming teammate just walks into his apartment. Sophie's insecurities on running rampant now. She thinks she is gonna get fat and ugly while pregnant and Johnny will be around all these beautiful swimmers. There is no way that she will be able to compete with them. Will Johnny be able to put Sophie's fear to rest or will she push him away before they even get a real chance of being together?
This book had me laughing hysterically. The characters just meshed so well together that you felt like you were just part of the gang. I strongly recommend this book!! You will not be disappointed. It is part of a series but this was the first book from the series that I read and I was totally able to follow without any problems.
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659 reviews6 followers
March 6, 2017
Part of Me is such a cute; sweet and funny novel! The third novel in the ‘Friendship, Texas’ series by Magan Vernon, will have you giggling, swooning and smiling from ear to ear! This is a definite five star read.

This entails on a young woman called Sofie White, who hooks up with handsome Olympic swimmer Johnny Laughlin, and ends up pregnant. This story embarks on a journey both new to Sofie and Johnny, and what’s destined for their future.

I am absolutely in love with Sofie’s character. With everything that she has been through, Sofie is a funny and strong character. With her life literally changing in front of her very own eyes, she is incredibly strong. She is kind, sweet, but will not take any kind of rubbish, but like a lot of us, she has some insecurities. Sofie is a brilliant, human character – completely relatable, with some brilliant comebacks.

As for Johnny, he is perfect. He is funny, carefree but serious at the same time. He is new to this kind of seriousness, but that doesn’t deter him; he is prepared to be a man and be a father and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He cherishes and loves Sofie, and that is obvious in the novel. Johnny is what I would consider my perfect man; sweet, funny, charming and responsible. His family is most important, with his career closely behind, and that makes him the more adorable.

This novel has just become one of my favourites! It’s one of those books that makes you smile, and laugh. It’s a book that cheers you up and, as I said before, smile. Part of Me is a definite recommendation from me!
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155 reviews1 follower
March 6, 2017
Part of Me is book 3 in the Friendship, Texas series by Magan Vernon. We follow Sofie and johnny on a journey through growing up and trying to deal with all the surprises life has to throw at them.
Sofie is just taking life day by day now that her best friend has left for college and she has put off leaving to stay behind and help her dad who is still dealing with his grief. Little does she know someone who she had a moment with a year before is about to take a giant leap back into her life that makes everything turn upside down.
Johnny is getting settled into life in Texas where he has decided to stay and train with a new coach. What he never expected was for an encounter by a goat pen to change is his life so drastically.
When dealing with life mixed with an unplanned pregnancy can these two figure out their differences and be stronger for it or will it destroy them instead?
"You. Me. And our little heartbeat". Pretty sure this is my favorite line of all time! I totally melted when I read it and that just gave me all the feels. This book took me around in circles. It starts out these seeming so immature and naive, but that truly led to great character development as we got to witness the growth between them as they took on new roles in life and had to come face to face with some past demons. The banter and witty comebacks did their job and brought it back from the brink of being too serious in spots. I highly recommend this book as it is a wonderful read and really allows you to connect to the characters the way only great writing can!
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2,654 reviews32 followers
March 8, 2017
Title:Part of Me
Author:Magan Vernon
Series: Friendship, Texas #3
Contemporary Romance/Sports Romance

Part of Me was a great 5 star read.

Sofie finds herself pregnant after a one night stand with Johnny. The place of conception was hilarious.

Sofie was a feisty woman who was used to disappointment. She didn’t have much for a family which is where her best friends family came in. She is good at pushing people away.

Johnny is an olympic swimmer with a great personality and good sense of humor. He is also a pretty laid back guy. He takes things one day at a time.

When Sofie breaks the news to Johnny, I was pleasantly surprised to see his reaction. Johnny could feel that him and Sofie had a connection and the baby solidified that. He was determined to be there for her even though he had no clue what was coming.

Will Johnny get through her walls? Will they get a HEA?

Reading their story was great. The connection they developed through the story was wonderful. You of course get all of the drama that comes along and I experienced several different emotions. The secondary characters were great, they added so much to the story. This is my first read of the series and I am looking forward to reading more. Magan does a great job of pulling you right into the story. You won’t want to put it down until you are done. 1-click and get started today.
1,516 reviews7 followers
March 7, 2017
5 Star

Part of Me :Friendship, Texas #3 By Magan Vernon


Part of me:Friendship,Texas #3 By Magan Vernon is actually the fourth story in the Friendship series,which can be read as a standalone. Which is how I read it.I will be going back and reading the other stories in this series Being this is the first book I've read by this author,I was drawn in from the beginning to the end. I had a hard time putting it down.I enjoyed the story which I felt was well written. This story is about  Sofie  and Johnny who had previously met 12 months earlier. Sofie calls herself a weird geeky girl and Johnny is an Olympic Swimmer.Sofie is a bit of a spit fire but she also used to being let down.She doesn't any family of her own the only family she really is has is her best friends family.Sofies father has never been around. She is used to taking care of herself.One  hot night behind the  goat pens,she never imagined she'd get pregnant from having a  to hot one night stand.She has no idea what to do.She not only has to care for herself but also the growing baby inside her.Sofie is scared she wants more ,but will Johnny?She's convinced herself she's ready but is Johnny?Johnny is not only an Olympic Swimmer but he's pretty much wanted by all.Johnny does not fair well on relationships but he has such a big heart.To find out what happens grab this amazing book.I loved it!It's a definite read.The characters are well written and the story is to.I look forward to reading more from this author.

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542 reviews9 followers
March 6, 2017
What a great book. I love the fact that it takes place in Texas with towns that I am familiar with that makes it so much better. Sofie has been best friends with Lia since they were kindergarten. Sofie always has Christmas Eve with her best friend and loves it every year. Sofie met a guy a year ago when she thought that she was not pretty and they kissed and she has been thinking about it ever since. Lia’s boyfriend is an Olympic swimmer and has convinced her to move to California to spend time with him which leaves Sofie not hardly ever seeing her best friend.
Johnny is a swimmer and he is friends with Jay, which is Lia’s boyfriend so Jay invites him to Christmas Eve dinner with Lia’s family since he lives in this town now. Johnny’s mom does not live here so he is here by himself. Johnny spends almost every waking hour at the pool training and loves the chlorine and water. Johnny has a friend that lives across the hall from him that is a swimmer as well and she and him are pretty close.
This story was amazing and I loved how genuinely sweet Johnny was. He is the perfect book boyfriend and made my heart smile seeing how caring he was and would put others first. This is a great book and obviously a part of a series but this is the first one I have read in the series and I did not feel lost at all. To me it felt like it was the first one.
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2,162 reviews36 followers
March 2, 2017
Part of me by Magan Vernon is about two people who’s casual hooking up results in a baby. It is book three in the Friendship, Texas series, but they are stand alones, though they do refer to other characters.

Sofie, a tiny 20 year old with shoulder-length curly brown hair, and Johnny, a 23 year old with spiky brown hair and a swimmer’s body, hook up around Christmas time. The first time is by the goat pen, and the picture she paints in that scenario had me cracking up! Sofie wants to know if they are just fooling around or if it’s more. She doesn’t even seem sure she WANTS more. She is afraid of getting close to someone and losing them, which makes sense as she lost her mom already, and that can stay with you for a long time.

Well she finds out they made a baby together, and the way he reacts when she tells him is pretty sweet and supportive. At this point in the book, I’m very pro-Johnny! They both have a lot to learn when it comes to relationships, but as young as they are, that’s totally normal. He has a female swimmer friend who bugs me, I definitely was annoyed by how chummy they were.

This is the first book I’ve read by Magan and it won’t be my last. It made me want to read the others in the series, but I wasn’t lost by starting on book three. There was humor, and the book flowed well. It was an enjoyable read and at one point I cried. I hope there is a book 4 in the future!
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547 reviews5 followers
March 5, 2017
Part of Me (Friendship Texas #3) by Magan Vernon was truly a treat to read. The story is about a quirky yet funny and very blunt young girl named Sofie who made out with a very hot Olympic Swimmer, named Johnny once while she was all geeky and in braces. She never thought for a second that the next time she saw him a year later they would start an epic journey together.

Sofie and Johnny, two crazy kids having some frisky fun (and one goat pen) didn't think that sleeping together a few times would lead to a baby. But that's just what happened and needless to say both were shocked. It was Johnny however that surprised me most in his unwavering loyalty to Sofie. He wanted so badly to make it all work out. Through many ups and downs, Sofie pushing Johnny away, a girl named Emily and and Johnny being an Olympic swimmer, these two managed to make it work and what a love story it is.

This story also had so many great additional characters like Lia, Jay, Abbey, and even Emily that you just dive right into the book. I found that the writer was very descriptive and Witty in her writing. Didn't feel like the book dragged at all. Overall it was a heartfelt, sweet, funny and touching book. Would read another by this author easily.

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February 21, 2017
“Part of Me”, is a Texas novel! Everything is definitely bigger in Texas and she proves it. Bigger friends, bigger love. This is the fourth book in Magan Vernon’s friendship series. I have never read any of the previous three books and I don't feel like this one has to be read in order. It definitely can be a standalone. Now, don't get me wrong; I'm totally going to go back and read the previous three “friendship” books for more character back stories. So with that sad I think it shows just how much I enjoyed this books! I had a hard time being an adult and carrying on with my daily responsibilities. I was so wrapped up loving and being involved with these characters. This book is based in Friendship, Texas. I'm a tried and true Texan gal myself so I felt like I really was inside this book with all her talk of towns and places I'm familiar with. This book we have Sofie White and her crush, Johnny Laughlin; an Olympian swimmer. The fun, love and banter between these two made me smile a lot. Early on in the prologue you know Sofie is pregnant. The story begins with finding out and unfolds throughout her entire pregnancy. Which I really enjoyed. You hear her worries and triumphs. To know she and Johnny conceived behind a goat pen is a tale to laugh about for years to come. Sofie is young, but still has a big heart and is ready for what the world throws her way. Johnny Laughlin is a stand up guy. I really fell in love with Johnny! He makes you swoon. Hello genes! I loved the casualness between Sofie and Johnny. Both of them not knowing what lies around the corner but both ready to jump into the adventure. Johnny seems more ready and established than most guys which was refreshing to witness. Everything with this book seemed to just flow. I hope their story gets to continue in other parts of Ms. Vernon’s “Friendship” series. I can't wait for more. I love them and I know you will too.
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February 20, 2017
*** ARC kindly provided for an honest review. ***


Part of Me was something unexpected. A pleasant surprise. So refreshing and spontaneous.

The first lines just made me laugh. The chemistry was already there. Sofia and Johnny, the weird geek and the hot swimmer! A lot of flirting and intercourse later and bam, they are pregnant.

Johnny’s reaction? Running off or assuming it?

What about being a man, taking care of a woman he barely knew? Damn I really liked that guy.  Not because he was standing for Sophie, but for believing in their connection. To make it into something so much special.  Being hurt in the past, he was looking for fun and focusing in his career. Until Sofie.

Sofie, the weird geek girl, hot-tempered. The girl who used to be letting down. An absent father and the only family she knew was the Conti’s, her best friend’s family. Always used to take care of herself. Never she thought that one moment with the smoking hot swimmer would change their lives forever. She may be too much, has no filter but behind the girl who seems to need no one, and always pushing people she was insecure.

I really liked Johnny and Sofie, their story may not started as conventional, but I think that it definitely fit them. I couldn’t imagine another way to tell their story. Off beat, a bit crazy, and of course some drama in between, a tad too expanded to me but I appreciated that we kinda have some reactions that mirrored their age. Betrayal, jealousy, family and of course love.

Johnny wasn’t perfect either but together they will learn how to grow up together, to fight for what they have.

The world Magan Vernon created is very endearing, with colorful characters with no filters, a lot of fun and totally awkward moments, when you can switch from craziness to sadness. You’ll be hooked by their story.

Friendship, in Texas is a place you wouldn’t want to miss. And I love swimmers!!

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February 21, 2017
Sofie is a quirky sometimes awkward nerd when she sees Johnny Laughlin again they had a heated long make out session about a year ago but she looked a lot different back then mouth full of braces and in need of a serious wax at the eyebrows at least she has now discovered the hair straighteners and having her eyebrows threaded but she still feels terribly intimidated by this good looking guy but he has always ran through her mind after there moment together who would of thought it would happen again but things get hot and heavy and lead to a life changing outcome.... I loved this cute novel it was a really sweet read but still had enough drama to keep you on your toes. Johnny is a loveable character with his awkward moments but he’s incredibly sweet and funny he makes you chuckle when he gets himself in one of his awkward rambles, he’s a good guy who’s very attentive to Sofie and he lives up to his new responsibilities and what’s to make things work between him and Sofie this is another reason why you cant help but fall in love with him. Sofie can be her own worst enemy at times , she wants but she lacks confidence which doesn’t help when Johnny is a Olympic swimmer and the fame and the girls which comes with it makes her doubt them which then leads her to push him away but deep down she know he loves her and only her she just needs to get out of her own head more be more care free. I did really love there storyline It was well written and nice paced read and could be hilarious at times which also puts a huge smile on your face but there also times where the emotions are so raw which makes this novel even more captivating. I would highly recommend this novel if you want a sweet raw emotional read.
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February 21, 2017
Part of Me (Friendship Texas #4) by Magan Vernon
Four Stars
This is the 4th book in the Friendship Texas series, but can be read as a stand alone. I say this because this is the first book of Magan Vernon’s that I have read. I really enjoyed reading this book and plan to go back and read the first three books.

Sophie, the small in stature, tell you like it is heroine who also has some insecurity issues was at a Christmas Eve party at Conti’s (her best friends family annual festivities) when Johnny walked in…. “Once upon a time, I had a long make-out session with Johnny Laughlin, world record holder in the backstroke. That was almost a year ago when I still had braces and needed to wax my eyebrows. Now, I’d discovered straightener for my chin-length brown hair and how to thread my eyebrows, but I was still intimidated by the guy who towered over me with his dimpled chin and eff-me smile.”

The story that ensues is funny and endearing, as Sophie after spending Christmas with Johnny finds out that she is expecting. The fact that she has only had a single relationship that didn't end well and not knowing Johnny all that well her insecurity issues pop up with little provocation. The ups and downs the couple endure is quite entertaining. The writing is witty and flow smoothly. The interaction with the supporting characters (best friend, Lia and her boyfriend, Jay) make the story come together. Lia and Jay’s story is book one in the Friendship Texas series. That is next on my tbr list.
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February 21, 2017
I truly love a good unexpected baby romance story... and this one did not disappoint! This was also my first title by Magan Vernon and I really want to take a trip to Friendship Texas. I will be picking up the rest of this series VERY soon!

This book starts off really fast, and while I expected some insta-love, it really was a slow burn, even though things started out so fast. I loved seeing how Sofia and Johnny connected at the very beginning... they seemed like total opposites. These characters are endearing, and flawed, and real. These situations happen ALL the time these days, and it was a really good basis on a relationships despite the hardships they now face.

I really liked their goofy connection, as well as the sweet, light and funny parts. I think a good relationship has to have humor and I really liked seeing the lighter side to this very heavy situation. Things definitely could of turned and went the opposite direction for sure... Johnny had so much patience and it was amazing to see how this all played out in the pages.

I really enjoyed Magan's style of writing, simple, but very detail oriented. I adored all her secondary characters so much, they added so much to the story, and a series like this needs those side characters. That is where other books are born. I can't wait to read more.

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February 18, 2017
"I never thought I would spend my nights sitting on my bathroom sink wearing only a snorkel and my bra and underwear while my powder covered boyfriend stood in front of me, ready for me to sugar wax him."

Gosh I loved everything about this book! So many laugh out loud funnies, funny flirty banter, but also packed with those real, raw, emotional times too.

Sofie is living with her dad and going to college. Living the typical college life, working at her best friend's family restaurant. When a night of love making against a goat pen gets her into some major trouble it changes everything, for both of them.

Johnny, you just can't help but love him... Even when you want to smack him! He's not the best with relationships. He might screw up a lot and do things he didn't mean to do but he's learning and he's trying his hardest to be there for Sofie and their little swimmer...... and he LOVES to eat - a man after my own heart!

Sofie and Johnny go through a lot together. You have to give it to Johnny for being a real man and stepping up to help Sofie. He's determined to make this work and take full responsibility. Sofie has to stop pushing him away and let him be there. Johnny being an Olympic swimmer isn't the easiest relationship to be in, Sofie isn't used to the fame and the girls. But she loves him and she's not going to let him go that easily.

"We're going to be a family. This is forever. You're forever a part of me, and I'm forever a part of you."

My rating: 5/5 little swimmer stars!
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks for allowing me to read this book!

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February 21, 2017
4 Stars!!

Are you familiar with Friendship, TX? If you are, you will this next chapter in the lives of the residents of Friendship. If you aren't, shame on you. Okay, I'm kidding. But, seriously, you should become familiar because this series is so sweet and romantic!

Sofie calls herself the "quirky nerd." Two years ago, she shared a hot kiss with Olympic swimmer Johnny Laughlin and that kiss replayed in her head time and time again. But, she never saw him again...until he shows up for Christmas Eve dinner at her best friend Lia's house. They replay that hot kiss and a lot more in a hot encounter that destroys a goat's home. I kid you not. Pun intended! Lol!

I love a good unexpected baby romance and this one was so cute. Sofie is all nerdy and self-conscious and maybe a little self-deprecating. Johnny is awkward and goofy and sweetly sexy. They are perfect for each other, but things don't always go easy in life and it doesn't for them either. They were their own sabotage. I loved Johnny. He was funny and attentive and so, so awkward. His rambling speeches cracked me up. Sofie was frustrating at times and I wished she would get out of her own head, but she gets it eventually.

I loved this fun romance and I think you will, too!
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February 22, 2017
I just finished Part of Me by Magan Vernon and I absolutely loved it! Poor Sophie! She had a lot of challenges to overcome and a lot of growing up to do. The recurring problems that generate are related to her dad, her new found baby, and trying to overcome all the new doubt that she feels. Sophie was awkward and left out a lot and that has dealt with her some strong insecurities about relationships. Johnny is a heart felt All American sweetheart. I couldn't believe how good he was, his awkward humor, his loyalty, and his determination to be a good dad. We find out about his childhood and his positive outlook while reading and that just connected me more to him. There was an underlying theme of acceptance, positivity, and family which I enjoyed reading about. I loved the humor that was sprinkler throughout the book. Johnny didn't always know what to say or do to make Sophie happy and Sophie had expectations that fell through. I loved that all of that was included because it felt so real and while I may never have been their situation, I have been awkward and put my foot in my mouth. I also loved all the descriptions that were used to bring some of the side characters to life. For example, in the description or the book we get a burly Santa for a Doctor and I don't know about you but I could see it clearly and it also made me laugh.
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March 3, 2017
This book was funny and cute. Loved the characters and the chemistry. Even had a lil bit of 'ex'-angst. Glad that I finally decided to go past the 2nd chapter :))
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