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J’ai rêvé d’une île immense perdue au milieu de l’océan. Une île légendaire où tout semble possible, tout sauf lui dire la vérité.
Black, mon destin m’empêche de te révéler ma véritable identité, je dois donc arriver à trouver la Table d’émeraude pour qu’enfin nous soyons réunis. Pour que les magiques et les humains puissent vivre en harmonie, ou du moins pour empêcher cette guerre qui prend forme à l’horizon.
Avec mon équipe, nous allons nous rendre en Atlantide pour découvrir le premier indice de notre quête. Je suis confiante que mes amis sauront m’appuyer dans cette mission incroyable ! L’Atlantide ! Vous imaginez ?
Alors, serez-vous de l’aventure ?

342 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 31, 2016

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Evelyne Contant

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373 reviews94 followers
September 23, 2017
Man, oh man. Where do I start with this book?! Well, let's first say that I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
Book two in the Enchantment series where we now get to discover the hidden city of Atlantis, yes, it still exists. I was blown away by the imagery and the characters. Especially Black. I just missed him so much and could use another 500 pages of just him. *swoon* The story this time around felt a bit choppy, unlike the first book. Some of the plot just seemed to jump forward or have an incomplete transition. But this is also a translated work, so this may definitely have something to do with the flow of the novel as a whole. There was action on every single page making it difficult to put down. I definitely loved how the team camaraderie. It was great to see the relationships grow and flourish but in such a natural way.
Still very in love with this series but think it suffered a bit from second book syndrome.
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209 reviews6 followers
August 17, 2022
5 Stars

*ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*


This book has got it all, romance, action, villains, magic, and dragons! And that’s just the beginning!

After reading ‘The Moonstone’, the first book in the series, I just knew I would be reading the second one, as soon as it comes out in English.
I can honestly say that I got exactly what I hoped for. First of all, I wanted to see Lou using her powers in real combat, and being a true leader to her team. Let’s just say I was not disappointed, there was plenty of occasions for Lou and her team to use their talents... and new weapons, battling against old and new enemies and monstrous creatures as they finally begin their mission to retrieve the Emerald Tablet.
Now, the tension between Lou and Black has been building since the first chapter of the first book, so it was bound to bring some romantic drama at some point. But oh boy, strap in and get ready for a bumpy ride. With old flames making a reappearance (Zach), and new admirers fascinated by Lou’s beauty and skills, Black has to step up his game.
Finally, my favourite character in the book is definitely Pyros. I know what you think, this pompous jerk from book one? Well, we get to know him a little better, his past, the relationship with his sister, and most of all his loyal and commanding nature. He becomes a crucial member of the team, and one Lou can depend on.
Hopefully, the wait for the next instalment in the series won’t be too long, because I need to know what happens next!
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400 reviews146 followers
April 1, 2017
in all honesty, atlantis wasn't as good as the moonstone. it was good for sure. one thing i noticed in atlantis that didn't wow me was the plot. it was a little flat and came off a bit boring in places. i didn't feel as excited about the overall story as i had in the first book.

the characters definitely pulled the story along for me. i loved lou so much in atlantis. she's come so far since the start of the moonstone. she's so strong and brave now. all the characters have matured so much. (except black. he still acts like a grumpy hormonal teenage boy who can't seem to control his dick, but at the same time i love him?????)

along the same lines, the romance became very annoying in this book. i quite liked it in the moonstone, but in atlantis it became nearly unbearable. black is as controlling and possessive as before. honestly, he needs to grow up. you wouldn't think he was as old as he is. although, when lou found out that he'd had other sexual partners in the past, she was upset. like, you expect him to go 4,000 years or whatever and remain faithful? that's asking a bit much.

the use of mythology was great. there were a couple of little hidden things which made reading quite fun and enjoyable.
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94 reviews17 followers
May 24, 2017

Spoiler Free Section

I was so excited to finally get my hands on this when Evelyne was kind enough to send me a copy. I was given this arch in exchange for an honest review and here it is!

The first book kept me on my toes for almost the entire, and the pacing of the first novel kept me wanting more! While I initially struggled slightly with the translation of the first novel, the second book was such a perfect flowing read. It was cohesive and beautifully written that I was able to read it so easily and without having to stop and start constantly. I can definaltey say that this book was much more enjoyable, funny, witty, and adventurous asa pose to the first instalment of the series, which I’m VERY pleased with.

The characters were so rich and vibrant, and I honestly fell in love with all of Lou’s team, and I won’t lie I particular love Pyros! My favourite aspects of this book was definitely centred around the witty banter between the characters (dialogue) and the gorgeous detail and romanticised languages used to describe the setting and scenery.

I had only a few little issues, but that was mainly centred on what I felt to be open ended plots for certain characters…I will go more in depth but I you guys will have to wait until my spoiler section!

That’s all I have to say to my fellow book lovers who have not had the pleasure of reading or finishing this book yet! So please continue reading the spoiler section below!

Overall, I was so happy to read this book. I found myself hooked instantly which I felt was a vast improvement from the first book. I enjoyed the development of the story, pacing was terrific and most the characters really had their moment to shine. This world keeps getting better and better!

4.5/ 5 ⭐
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21 reviews11 followers
April 10, 2017
I received a copy of “Atlantis” from the author for an honest review of the book. I don’t know what else I expected after the first book that completely blew my mind and enveloped me in this world… but to be once again blown away by the turn of events.

First of all I have to say that I simply adore the world and how everything blends with Greek mythology. If you think the world from the first book, “The Moonstone”, is extravagant and luxurious, you will be blown away by the world of Atlantis. But entering this realm is not that simple and meeting the queen puts Black’s team through a series of challenges. They have to prove they’re worthy of being invited to the Queen's ball. The challenges are inspired by the 7 deadly sins and while they might seem a simple task, in the ending they prove to be quite the headache, characters being eliminated from the trials one by one.

The action in this book is denser, compared to “The Moonstone”. Everything is vivid, animated by the character’s actions and thoughts. The action is fast paced, the world taking shape from the details. Long descriptions are my weakness, I just love it when the author takes time to shape the world in detail, telling us everything about the surroundings and about the way her characters feel towards what’s happening. I loved the references, once again, the characters might be familiar to you if you’ve read The Legends of Olympus. One interesting fact about the world of Atlantis is how human fantasy literature seems to root from this realm, where Jules Verne’s Kraken and various other fantasy creatures are real and blend perfectly into the world.

I loved the plot twists, the courage contained in the characters actions, the battles they have to take and decisions to make. And once again I loved Lou and how she always managed to be one step in front of the others. She is one truly pure and genuine individual, but stubborn nevertheless.

The romance between Lou and Black is still complicated and a bit frustrating, but we must not forget everything is aimed to a bigger purpose, not just the two of them being happily together. Lou might just spill a secret or two to Black, things might have an interesting turn, but…one moment you might jump from your inner joy, the next you might just stare at a blank wall, asking yourself “why?”. But when were things ever simple and not heart breaking?

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait for the next book. The heartache is unbearable.
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183 reviews24 followers
March 22, 2017
I received a copy from the author for an honest review of Atlantis. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to read the next adventure of Lou and her gang.
The second book of the Enchantment series surpassed my expectations. From the very beginning it had more action, more romance and more fun banter between the characters. I loved that throughout the book there were little references inspired by the authors favourite books, fairytales and Greek mythology. We get more extravagance and excentricity and even more sweets and balls and fun. At the same time you can also tell all the characters start to change, to mature but they still manage to maintain a little of their innocence.
Atlantis is the city of extravagance and opulence, from the clothes to the architecture everything screams luxury and lavishness. Lou and the gang have to blend in but at the same time have to stand out to the right people. In Atlantis they find they have to pass a multitude of tests and challenges that will bring to light their best and worst qualities. There will be heart-breaking moments and serious moments that reveal another facet of all the characters. All the characters become more approachable because suddenly they feel, suddenly they are more human. For some of them this hits harder. I loved how simple the challenges seemed to be but how in the end the enchanters found them hard because of the multitude of emotions they felt at once.
I loved the new characters introduced, the Queen, one of the three Fates, captain Nemo, the gentleman thief inspired by Arsene Lupin (I fangirled a lot when he was introduced) and the creatures inspired by the Greek mythology.
This book had all of my favourite things in one: epic romance, plot twists, fantastical creatures, book references and awesome action scenes and dangerous situations and I liked that this book as well had a little quote at the beginning of every chapter that gave you a hint on what’s to come.
I enjoyed reading this book and I don't know how I'm going to cope with waiting for the next one because that ending left me wanting to know more: more about what is going to happen between Lou and Black, about the future challenges and what happened to Zach and Adam.
May 8, 2017
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review by the author.
I started this one just after I finished the first, and I wish I could do the same with the third (not finished yet!). Evelyne has done a great work with this series!

It’s been a long time since I haven’t fell in love with a series that much. The characters are lovely, Lou is just a fantastic heroine. She’s gaining confidence in her love life and with her new life as an enchantress. I like more and more Black, who becomes softer as the story goes. We learn littles secrets about all the others, and that’s make the story even better in my opinion.

Here again, we are completely in the world of mythology and legends. The author surely has made great research about all of them and it’s great! Lou (and Evelyne) are music passionate and we really can feel it in the books. By listening to every song the author included in the book, it was almost like watching a movie.

Atlantis is such a perfect place and it is so well described, I want to take Captain’s Nemo’s ride and go for a 3 days trip with the team. My favorite part of the book is the Challenges in Atlantis. There’s just so much action, secrets, everyone is helping each other!

At first, I thought a love-fantasy book would be for a target audience of 13-16 years old, but I (21 years old), had such a good time reading the series! It is for an older audience than young teenagers, and adults will love it too. Please go read it!

I would like to thank Evelyne, who gave me the opportunity to discovers Lou’s world. She is such a great author and a great person! I just can’t wait for the 3rd book!
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40 reviews34 followers
March 26, 2017
I absolutely loved this book!! It definitely lived up to my expectations! I can't wait to read the 3rd book!
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81 reviews21 followers
March 14, 2017

Avec le deuxième tome de la saga Enchantement, Atlantide, Evelyne Contant m'a de nouveau embarquée dans son univers magique et c'est émerveillée par son récit et son imagination que j'attends impatiemment de découvrir la suite des aventures rocambolesques de Lou et son équipe (et forcément de Black...)
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68 reviews2 followers
September 26, 2017
Huge thanks to my wonderful friend Cha( @oldbookpages – instagram) for giving me her extra copy of this gorgeous book. I wanted to read this book asap I finished the first book. Lucky me coz I got this sequel days before I finished the first book.

Evelyne Contant did it again! It was mind blowing and more awesome than the first book. So when Lou finally found out that she was the reincarnation of Orpheus’ wife. She wanted to keep it to herself, she doesn’t want Lord Black/Orpheus to know the truth about her. So when the mission to find the emerald tablet kicked in. Lou and her team/friends are ready for a quest to look for it. When visions of the where to find the clue for the location of the emerald tablet appeared on Lou’s dreams. Its in the freaking ATLANTIS ya’ll! Yup! You read it write! Atlantis, its real my dear friends. So when Lou and her friends went to Atlantis, I was so excited and it didn’t disappoint me. I met new characters like Captain Nemo of the Nautilus, Clo ( the very awesome shape shifter!), then Calypso who’s the queen of the island of Atlantis and many more.

There are some progress in the character development,especially with Lou and her friends. I’ve said before on my review of “The Moonstone (Enchantment #1)” that I wasn’t impress with Lou’s friends, coz for me their were too cliché. But I can take it back right? I’m effin’ loving them now, especially Pyros. Before I forget to mention how I’m deeply in awe with this particular part in the book. Where Lou, Lord Black and friends went to the 7 sins island where they played this 7 sins challenges, so they could get a ticket to Queen Calypso’s ball. I totally enjoyed it and I really want to join this challenge and I’m going to slay it so that I could also go to the Queen’s magical ball. Let’s not forget our villains, so Bethany was also a villain and she’s kinda bitchy in this book. Then we also have the traitor-jerk Zach that I really want to kill so badly.

The pacing of the book was amazingly fast and the writing was totally entertaining. But then again I noticed some errors in the book (page 441), but never mind it’s just a little error. There are some plot twists that readers will totally enjoy and once again this book will make you hungry even more. Then the romance in this book is getting more intense and you! gorgeous reader will totally love it. Lord Black and Lou will make you squeal to the highest level. Also I have a new ship to sail! Its Pyros and Clo! I really like them together.

All in all, I totally enjoyed and liked this book very much. I highly recommend it to all the YA/FANTASY readers out there. If you want some unique adventure and some relatable characters, this book is for you. It’s a very good read, there’s romance, comedy and adventure. I really can’t wait to read the third and final book in this trilogy, good thing the lovely author Evelyne Contant is working her magic on it.
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61 reviews3 followers
April 25, 2018
I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

After reading the 1st book I got totally excited for the 2nd book. Atlantis! I am always fascinated with the myth of Atlantis. I read stories also possible theories that it existed for a time.

Even Disney's Atlantis is one of my favorite. I do hope they make a live out of that. Anyway back to the book.

So Atlantis is the 2nd Installment of The Enchantment series. Here we have a world of people who can do magic and called themselves as Enchanters. You also might meet some familiar names from the world of Greek Mythology.

Yes people, the gods and goddesses are at it again. Well the Greek Myth retelling kinda sold me to this series. Anything involving Greek Myths won't go wrong for me....unless the writing is bad and that's a different story.

So let's begin on the main course

There are so many things I don’t know about my world, sometimes I find it so confusing.

Lou and the gang has to continue their mission in search for The Emerald Tablet. After discovering on who and what she is, Lou still kept it from Black until she finds the Tablet for him before Aaron and Zach get their hands on it.


I applaud the author for maintaining the pace from the first book. Usually sequels are not much better than the first book but this is one of the best.

I always love a good adventure especially in a fantasy book. The pace is just right enough for you to lose yourself in the book. I also love the quotes on every chapter that the quote has some relevance in the chapter as you read it. It's like it's foreshadowing on what will happen in that chapter.


We have some new interesting characters! If you know your Greek Mythology then you know some of the familiar names.

Clotho who is one of the 3 fates! I so love her and her cute fox! This fiery red-head is so sassy and amazeballs! She can easily put Pyros in his place and he can't do anything about it.  
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339 reviews11 followers
October 6, 2018
5 étoiles !


Bon vendredi à tous !

Comme promis hier soir, me voici enfin de retour avec une nouvelle chronique qui s'est légèrement fait attendre. Il faut dire que j'ai commencé la lecture que je vous présente ce soir le 25 Septembre dernier, mais je l'ai terminé hier soir seulement. Ça fait donc presque une semaine et demi pour lire un roman, ce qui est très loin de mes habitudes. Avant que vous ne vous faisiez des idées, je tiens par contre à clarifier le tout. Ce n'est pas du tout à cause de l'histoire que ma lecture fut si longue, mais à cause de pleins de trucs qui sont arrivés dans ma vie privée dont un accident de voiture qui ont fait en sorte que mon temps libre s'est retrouvé empiété assez rapidement vous pouvez me croire. Par contre, dès que j'avais un peu de temps, j'en profitais pour me plonger dans ce roman d'Evelyne Contant qui est arrivé à point nommé pour moi parce qu'il m'a permis de m'évader loin de mes tracas quotidiens et pendant un moment, de ne plus y penser du tout. Je remercie donc Evelyne pour le bon moment que j'ai pu passer entre les pages de son roman. Ayant beaucoup apprécié le premier tome, je dois vous dire que j'étais vraiment très curieuse de voir si le deuxième tome serait à la hauteur de l'opinion que je m'étais faite de la série jusqu'ici. Avec la note que je lui ai donné, vous pouvez donc en conclure que le roman a rencontré les ententes que j'avais envers lui et je peux même dire qu'il les a dépassés parce que je me suis retrouvée envouter par la magie qui débordait des pages de ce roman. Comme vous le savez sûrement, le genre fantastique a été mon premier amour en littérature. C'est grâce à ce genre en particulier que je me suis mise à lire et je n'ai jamais arrêté depuis. Oui, j'ai eu des moments où je lisais un peu moins, mais jamais je n'ai passé plusieurs mois sans lire. C'est tout simplement au-dessus de mes capacités. Donc, en lisant Atlantide, c'est ce genre en particulier que je me suis permise de retrouver et j'ai adoré. De plus, comme j'ai toujours été fascinée par l'Atlantide, c'est comme si j'y avais voyagé moi-même. Que ce soit la plume de l'auteure que j'ai appris à connaître un peu mieux ou alors les personnages que j'ai aimé apprendre à connaître beaucoup plus en profondeur et je peux même vous dire que je suis tomber en amour avec un en particulier, mais je ne vous dirai pas tout de suite de qui il s'agit. J'ai trouvé l'histoire vraiment complète et sa trame de narration est très bien exploitée. Et que dire de la fin ? Mais quelle fin !! Je meurs tout simplement d'envie de pouvoir me mettre le troisième tome sous la dent, mais il n'est pas sorti pour le moment... Ce fut donc un très bon second tome !

Comme à mon habitude, voici venu le temps de vous faire un court résumé du roman qui vous permettra, je l'espère, de mieux comprendre mon avis sur celui-ci et surtout de vous donner envie de vous le procurer afin de le lire. Nous retrouvons donc Lou et ses amis alors qu'ils préparent doucement, mais sûrement leur voyage vers Atlantide afin de vraiment mettre leur mission en branle pour retrouver la table d'émeraude qui permettra aux humains et aux magiques de vivre en harmonie. Du moins, c'est ce qu'ils espèrent. Les fonds illimités que Lord Black met à leur disposition ne peut que leur facilité la tâche afin de pouvoir être prêt sous tous les angles possibles. Sauf que ce n'est pas tout le monde qui veut du bien à nos amis et c'est ce qui causera le kidnapping de Lou. Heureusement, elle s'en sortira, mais cet enlèvement ne fera que pousser les autres évènements et tout ira assez vite. Et quand une grande attirance vient se mêler à tout ça, laissez-moi vous dire que ��a fait un mélange assez explosif. Alors, est-ce que nos amis réussiront leur mission en Atlantide ? Mais surtout où tout sera les mènera ensuite ? À vous de le découvrir en vous laissant tenter par ce roman.

En ce qui a trait aux personnages, je dois dire que nous sommes vraiment servis avec cette série parce que nous avons de un, des personnages tous plus attachants les uns que les autres, mais surtout très complexes qui ne nous laisse jamais au bout de nos surprises. Sincèrement, si j'aurais pu, j'aurais pris le temps de vous parler de chacun des personnages, mais tout d'abord, ma chronique serait vraiment trop longue et ensuite, où serait vos surprises lors de votre lecture. Comme je trouve cet aspect vraiment important, j'ai pris la décision de vous parler de l'évolution de Lou et de Lord Black que j'ai pu observer dans ce second opus. Tout d'abord, commençons avec Lou. Dans ce tome-ci, j'ai trouvé qu'elle avait pris beaucoup de maturité même si elle a une tête brûlée. Elle n'hésite pas à sauter à pieds joints dans l'aventure et surtout, quand elle a une idée en tête, elle ne l'a pas ailleurs et elle fera tout son possible pour la mener à terme. Elle tient beaucoup à ses amis et elle fera tout son possible afin de les garder en sécurité même si, pour ça, elle doit elle-même se mettre en danger. Sinon, pour ce qui est de Black, je dois dire que j'ai beaucoup aimé le voir s'ouvrir envers Lou dans cette suite et ça ne l'a rendu que plus attachants à mes yeux. Je crois même que je peux dire qu'il fait dorénavant parti de mes book-boyfriends. De premier abord, il donne l'impression d'être quelqu'un de très froid, mais quand on prend le temps de l'analyser, on se rend compte, qu'au contraire, il ne veut que prendre soin des personnes auxquelles il tient. Il veut seulement se protéger après avoir vécu quatre mille ans en souffrant continuellement. Il a aussi une personnalité très forte et il n'hésite jamais à faire valoir ses points peu importe la façon dont il décide de le faire. J'ai bien hâte de les retrouver tous les deux dans le troisième tome.

En conclusion, je dois vous dire que j'ai adoré lire ce deuxième tome et que si les évènements de ma vie aurait été autrement, je l'aurais tout simplement dévoré ! Ce fut un deuxième tome à la hauteur du premier et je peux même dire qu'il est monté crescendo donc j'ai vraiment très hâte de pouvoir me mettre le troisième tome sous la dent pour découvrir les prochaines aventures de Lou et de ses amis. Si vous ne vous êtes pas laissés tenter par cette série jusqu'à maintenant, la seule chose que je peux vous conseiller, c'est de le faire dès maintenant parce que vous ne savez pas ce que vous manquer. Alors n'attendez plus et vous aussi rejoignez le monde des magiques !

Sur ce, je vous souhaite à tous une bonne lecture !

Je tiens à remercier les Éditions Édiligne pour m'avoir permis de lire ce roman !
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2 reviews1 follower
June 8, 2017
Woww i just read the 2 first novels in 3 days , just to show you how addictive is this series! She brings us in such a fantastic world full of mythical and fantasy creatures! And the love story is so well written that we would all like to have one like that! Read it and you'll find yourself travelling between worlds!
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84 reviews
May 18, 2017
This series has a way of breaking my heart...
I loved this book as much as the first one! We got to see more of the enchanter's world and I found it so interesting getting to explore other places of the world like this!

Full review to come soon!
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108 reviews25 followers
September 24, 2018
Okay! What do I say? I love this book! Evelyn has done a great job! Amazing! I enjoyed every bit of the book! I savored the whole book within 2 days!

I love the world she has created for the readers and how she has blended the Greek mythologies and the mythical creatures. It was simply beautiful. To get introduced to this world you have to read the “Moonstone”, the first instalment of this series which is extraordinary. I have awarded five stars for this beauty because I really love the story line and every single thing about this world!

Atlantis! A different part of this world. It was pictured beautifully into words. All the beauty and extravagance! Incredible!

The challenges they had to face at Atlantis, this part was really interesting where each character’s weakness was reveled and their loyalty towards Lou is well depicted. And the food! I loved the part where they had to taste the best version of their favourite food. The scene was so tempting. The way author had described all types of food were so divine! That was one of my favourite part from the book!!!

You get to see more of the enchanters’ world in this book. The mythical creatures, the way the world is balanced, and the way the white enchanters avoid the enchanters and why they do it. Everything’s clearly explained which makes it easier to understand the story. The changes that occur in the scenes and the atmosphere are beautifully explained. The territory of the white enchanters reminded me of the Elven woods from Lord of the Rings.

The character development was remarkable. The way Lou gains confidence in her and her love was heart captivating. The way Black, Pyros and Eloi changed themselves is stunning! Pyros’ change was unpredictable. The way he started being very responsible. And the way he started reacting towards Clo. I wasn’t expecting that! I think Clo and Pyros would make a good couple. The slight development in Flickas and Paxs’ relationship, changes in Blacks’ character was all very pleasing to read. The team work among the members was mind blowing. They were all duty conscious and their sole motive was to complete their mission. They were totally into solving this mission ahead of them. The determination of the crew was just thrilling!

The scene where Black learns the truth was heart breaking. I actually didn’t expect Black to react so. But yeah, he realized his mistake later on.
Action! It was as if I was watching a super cool action movie!!
The end, just like the first book this book made me read the third book immediately! The element of curiosity has been used well. This book is definitely a page turner! I found some slight grammatical errors in the previous book but this one has been carefully written.
The cover was so beautiful too! If I had spotted it in a store, this book might have been a cover buy for me for sure!
Will I recommend this book to anyone? Yes Yes Yes!!! This book is so underrated, Guys you have to read this beauty! You will be transported into a totally amazing world!

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543 reviews3 followers
November 21, 2017
I enjoyed the worldbuilding of Atlantis and what the team had to do there in order to fulfill their mission was intricate and engaging for me to read and enjoy. I really love the friend group that was created as well as the romance however I wanted there to be more about the friend group like in the first book and not as much romance. Do not get me wrong there were still as many twists and turns as before and I really enjoyed the emotion that came through but it wasn't as good as the first one to me. In addition, the book playlist for this book wasn't as complete as the first one either not being sure when to go from one to the next. So perhaps next time I'll have @Evelynecontant help me with the timing or something. So overall 4 out of 5 stars for these reasons and definitely looking forward to book 3 in English coming out in Feb!!!! :D thank you Ms.Contant for the opportunity to read and review this book I truly appreciate it!
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25 reviews2 followers
May 5, 2017
4.5 stars!! I was so glad to have received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Wow! I really enjoyed this book, especially the world-building and character development. Lou, especially, seems to be more mature and sure of herself than before. I can imagine Atlantis clearly in my head and it is beautiful. In fact, both worlds were amazing. I loved the teamwork, deadly vices challenges and better understanding we now have of the other characters. It was intriguing to know their pasts and their weaknesses. I had been waiting for Lou's truth to come out and it finally did, but then..... that ending happened! Now I need book 3!!!!!!! (P.S. So much cover love for both books)

Thank you Evelyne for sharing your lovely novels with me and I look forward to reading more books and seeing your great success!
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67 reviews10 followers
June 2, 2018
I felt that there could have been more description in this book. Also it was inconsistent with Lou’s emotions regarding Black. I felt sometimes she despised his controlling tendencies while other times completely ignored them. The ending felt very rushed with not much description and more constant dialogue. I believe some instances should have had more emotion put into them, especially Black finally believing who Lou really was. It felt so rushed and short, instead of pure raw emotion. It felt like childish excitement. I will say I love this story and the whole idea behind it. I really loved the cliffhanger ending as well. Overall I love the characters (even if they do some a tad younger than they are supposed to be), the plot, and the relationship with Lou and Black. Black definitely gives me chills! I can’t wait for the English release of the third book!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 31, 2017
WOW what can I say the book blew my mind. I can definitely see that Evelyne's characters and development of the story grew to a whole new level.
A couple of translation errors are the only fault to this book. It is definitely a whole lot better than the first and I was immediately drawn in to the plot.
I enjoyed quite a few parts in this book; particularly scenes with Black and Lou and Captain Nemo. I fell in love with Pyros and honestly I think he was meant to be the character I would fall for since the beginning.
I would love to see this book growing with more of an audience and others discovering the beauty that this story entails.
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May 22, 2017
En 2 mots : Encore mieux que le premier (oui bon ça fait plus que 2 mots)!
Ce livre est rempli d'aventures, de magies, d'amour, d'amitié et bien plus encore.
Je l'ai dévoré !!!
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October 12, 2017
j"ai adoré ce deuxième tome et surtout Black <3 très hâte de lire le 3ème tome !!
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June 14, 2017
Ma Chronique : https://soaddictblog.wordpress.com/20...

En Bref : Un second tome aussi intense et intéressant que le premier. L’auteur arrive parfaitement à faire des liens entre la mythologie, l’univers de Jules et les contes. Les descriptions qu’elle fait de l’Atlantide vont vous emportez.
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April 23, 2019
I read Atlantis because I really enjoyed the first book, Moonstone, written by Evelyne Contant, and wanted to see how the journey of Lou would continue on. Sadly the second book just couldn't hold up to the level of the first book and I was somewhat disappointed but the book was still entertaining and I did enjoy reading it.

One of the issues I had with this one, that I don't recall having with the first book, was that there were quite a few editorial errors that just shouldn't be there anymore, especially with ARC readers these days and based on other reviews there clearly were quite a few of them that should have helped out the author and eliminated those pesky errors.

Another minor issue I found, ok I get it, you were major loves and then lost each other and rediscovered each other finally after 4000 or some odd years, but PLEASE, not everything the other person does is oh so adoring! I get it, you love each other and want to be with each other but let reality hit at some point and live in reality and stop admiring things like the other person just breathing! At one point that just seemed absolutely ridiculous and just anything Black or Lou did ended up in a page or more of admiration of the other and started to distract from the actual story. I get that a big focus is the whole Orpheus and Eurydice part but I also want to focus on the Atlantis, Emerald Tablet and overall story.

So those two really detracted in my eyes from the success I think this book could have had. I did enjoy the take this book had on Atlantis and especially the Moiria. Those two were really nice additions in my eyes and I really enjoyed that a lot.

I do really like Lou and she is a neat character although her common sense really seems to be lacking quite a bit on quite a few occasions. I get it she wants to help but, does she really think she has all the answers? Why can't she listen and try to discuss things with the others at times? She can be rather frustrating at times but her heart is in the right place which gives her back some points!

Black is a more straight forward character and there really isn't much bad about him. He is a strong male lead that has been true to himself and the ones he loves. He has in my eyes consistently grown so far and seems to continue to do so.

All in all this is an interesting read with some flaws. But I do like the overall story and I will read the Emerald Tablet since I really want to know what is going to happen next in this little saga.
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April 8, 2017
Quelle fantastique aventure j’ai vécue en lisant ce tome! Si vous avez aimé le tome 1 d’Évelyne Contant, vous raffolerez du tome 2! Si vous ne l’avez pas encore lu et bien n’attendez plus!

L’équipe de Lou est prête à passer aux choses sérieuses et le périple commence. Ils partent enfin chercher la table d’Émeraude et feront au travers de leur aventure de belles et moins belles rencontres. Plusieurs problèmes surviennent et les embuches s’ajoutent leur donnant des indices sur leurs objectifs finaux, mais compliquant aussi son accès.

L’équipe prend plus de profondeur, on en apprend beaucoup sur eux, leurs faiblesses sont exploitées, la froideur et l’inaccessibilité de certains deviennent compréhensibles, à mon grand étonnement j’ai eu un certain coup de cœur, pour un personnage distant et extrêmement froid!

Encore une fois, la faim m’a assailli durant ma lecture… chocolat, caramel, gaufres, poutine… on peut prendre 10lbs facilement si on se laisse aller à accompagner les héros, dans leur orgie culinaire!
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July 9, 2018
It was a fantastic read from start to end. Can't wait for 3rd installment.
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