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FBI special agent Patrick Bowers grapples with a baffling series of murders in Detroit—and discovers a terror plot with roots that stretch back centuries.
Called in by an ex-girlfriend to consult on a case, Patrick encounters the work of a killer who displays a stunning degree of ruthlessness. Bowers is shocked to find that the slayings are linked not just to his own history with a known terrorist, but to his former lover as well—and that her secret past might hold the key to stopping the crime spree. As layers of intrigue peel away, the city is pushed ever closer to a seemingly unstoppable bioweapon attack.
Unnerving and laced with breathtaking suspense, Every Deadly Kiss is a surprising and complex thriller that will keep readers obsessed to the final page.

575 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 4, 2017

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About the author

Steven James

129 books1,494 followers
Steven James is a critically acclaimed author of eighteen novels and numerous nonfiction books that have sold more than 1 million copies. His books have won or been shortlisted for dozens of national and international awards. In addition, his stories and articles have appeared in more than eighty different publications, including the New York Times. He is also a popular keynote speaker and professional storyteller with a master’s degree in storytelling.

Steven's latest series follows Travis Brock, a redactor for the Department of Defense, as he attempts to thwart a terrorist plot. BROKER OF LIES released on April 11, 2023. FATAL DOMAIN releases in 2024 and is available for PRE-ORDER now.

Since 1996, Steven has appeared more than two thousand times at events spanning the globe, presenting his stories and teaching the principles of storytelling to writers, speakers, teachers, and leaders. He also hosts the weekly podcast www.thestoryblender.com, on which he has interviewed more than 150 of the world’s leading writers and storytellers. In 2020, he was inducted into the Christy Award Hall of Fame for excellence in fiction writing. Publishers Weekly has called him “[a] master storyteller at the peak of his game.”

When he’s not writing or speaking, you may find him playing basketball or disc golf, or hiking near his home in the Appalachian Highlands of East Tennessee. He may or may not watch too many science fiction movies while eating bottomless bowls of chips and salsa.

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3,880 reviews1,644 followers
August 24, 2017

Bodies of young women have been found in abandoned houses in Detroit. Patrick is called in to consult .... by his ex-girlfriend of many years ago. They're both wondering if the sparks will fly, especially as Patrick is unsure where his future lies with current girlfriend, Christy.

Seemingly, there are different crimes being committed .... the bodies in Detroit, a meeting with a known terrorist, and his ex-girlfriend's history of being abducted by a stalker. A germ warfare specialist is found dead. There's a threat of a smallpox worldwide exposure by a human transmitter. Everything seems to be coming to a head in Detroit.

Lots of questions with few answers. How do these all connect? Does the ex-girlfriend know more than she's sharing? Who is killing the women? And what does a dating app have to do with anything?

Although this is a nice addition to the series, it is not my favorite. The story line is convoluted and bounces back and forth between now and years ago, and from crime to crime. Eventually they do start to converge, but it takes awhile to get there. I love the character of Patrick Bowers, but in this one he is a bit diminished in my eyes because of his seeing and sawing of his personal issues.

Hard core Bowers' fans will still love this one ... and as a follower, I will be looking forward to the next adventure.

Many thanks to the author / Berkley Publishing Group / Netgalley for the digital copy. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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1,788 reviews541 followers
October 14, 2019
Another twisted and engaging suspense novel in the Bowers Files Series. While I missed having secondary character Tessa play a larger role, it was nice to have her at least a part of the novel. Loved the cliff hanger ending.
Profile Image for Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey).
1,397 reviews473 followers
January 24, 2018
Well, that was disappointing. The cops made too many mistakes that trained FBI on average wouldn’t. And these were supposed top people in their field. The whole take my phone and gun has been overused in this series. Why Sharon wouldn’t fire off a text or keep her phone when their was no immediate threat baffled me? No one figured out Canyon was murdered??? How could a guy infected with a virus/disease know down to the second when he would be contagious??? Everyone’s body chemistry is different. Then why Ralph would give Christie air miles to come visit Patrick in the middle of a deadly case is like seriously. There is a potential disease outbreak and now is the time for Christie to arrive in the city. It’s so contrived. There were just so many flaws in this book, it’s amazing an editing team didn’t pick this up. Then there was the antiabortion message that got ridiculous. If someone didn’t want to have a kid not because she was raped but because fear of getting fat, why does that person currently have a kid. How did that same individual get over her psychosis from child trauma? No therapy, just after drifting between reality and fantasy to the point she lost touch with said reality, she’s just fine today. I don’t know, but I think this book should be considered fantasy. I get this is fiction, but a book set in modern times should have a basis in realty. And see how long it took me to finish :(
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1,032 reviews43 followers
July 5, 2017
Steven James is my go-to thriller author. Every book he has written has captured my attention and drew me into the story instantly. I'm excited that there is another installment of the Patrick Bowers' files, and I couldn't wait to read it. Every Deadly Kiss might be the first book by James that I don't brag to my friends about. It didn't hit the mark for me.

First, I enjoyed returning to Patrick Bowers and watching his life interact with Christie and Tessa as he juggles his work life. This deepens Bowers character and makes him jump off the page for me. I enjoy seeing Christie and Tessa wander if there is room in their personal lives for Bowers or do they allow him to move on.

While the reoccurring character is a nice treat, I had a hard time with the plot in this story. For the first time, I actually had to drag myself to finish Every Deadly Kiss. It seemed pretty boring and not so thrill seeking as usual. James is great at allowing Bowers to work hard on a case and allowing us to see his stream of consciousness, but in Every Deadly Kiss, both of the cases, the bioterrorist threat and the dead women really didn't seem to motivate him to move. Bowers spent more time focusing on his relationship with Christie and his past relationship with a fellow FBI agent. The novel becomes more of James' style in the last ten percent of the novel. I am just sad that the rest of the novel didn't lead up to what I was expecting.

While the novel is unpredictable and original, James does leave a cliff-hanger at the end of the novel, begging me to return to the next one, which I will do since I love James' writing so much.

A word of caution there are more profanity laced words in this novel than any of the previous novels in this series. The action might still be a little too violent for young children. Maybe a late teenager might enjoy this, but I would have a hard time giving the novel to my fifteen year old. I don't think he is mature enough to handle this type of book.

Overall, Steven James' Every Deadly Kiss filled me with joy as I encounter Patrick Bower's again as he struggles through his life, but the plot didn't hit out of the park for me. I even got bored for a long time. I pray the next installment does a better job at giving me the type of story that I know James can write.

I received a complimentary copy of Every Deadly Kiss by Steven James from Berkley Publishing, and the opinions stated are all my own.
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430 reviews12 followers
July 16, 2017
1 1/2 Stars for the thriller plots only

This book is a mess -- two divergent antagonists with deadly intentions: a bioterror plot & a serial killer. Eventually they converge. However, the protagonist, Bowers, is all tied up in a romantic dilemma which contaminates the thriller story lines including the protagonist's ability to do his job.

A hint to writers -- Make a choice. You are either writing a thriller or a romance novel. When you try to do both, they're both awful.

Comment on the loose ends of the story: in the last few pages we find out 1. The identity of one of the murderers with an extra murder thrown in via a flashback, 2. The fate of one of the other murderers, and 3. Part of the 'romance' conclusion. None of these were adequately fleshed out. I can imagine the author looking at the draft and thinking, "Oh, I forgot to tie up these side-plots." Then the author writes a page of conclusion that leaves the reader thinking, "Huh?"

I won't be reading any more of his books.
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374 reviews39 followers
December 23, 2022
My favorite author didn't disapoint! I listened to the audio book and I love the narrator for all of Steven James books. They go perfectly together.

Epic series! Loved listening again 2022
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2,028 reviews559 followers
June 28, 2017
Every Deadly Kiss is the newest Patrick Bowers book, which is my all-time favorite series, and the book I've been most looking forward to releasing this year; so, suffice it to say, I had exceedingly high expectations for this book when I started it and Every Deadly Kiss surpassed them all.

From the first chapter my attention was grabbed and whenever I had to put the book down my mind would keep thinking about the story and trying to figure things out. The plot was intricate, but not so much that it was confusing.

On the personal side of the story, I loved getting to see Patrick with Christie and it was also interesting learning about his previous relationship. I also really liked Ralph in this book -- some of the scenes with him made me laugh, which was nice in the midst of all the tension and intensity from the crimes.

All in all, I absolutely loved Every Deadly Kiss. It kept me on the edge of my seat and was almost impossible to put down. I recommend the book, and really the entire series, if you enjoy thrillers -- just know that they are intense and even gruesome at times, so if you are at all squeamish, you might want to skip them.

*Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.*
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1,144 reviews638 followers
May 31, 2021
Steven James has a way of introducing the most creepiest and evil serial killers/culprits in a way that I actually sometimes can say, intrigues me vs disgust. Enough detail to show the creepy but not enough to have nightmares.

The plot had me captivating and Steven James is one author who keeps surprising me when he reveals his hand. I had no idea who was the partner and when the partner was introduced, with flashbacks, I was totally left blindsided and want to see what happens next NOW!

Steve James is one of the few authors who can have a few different plots which he brilliantly brings together at the end.

I loved seeing more of Pat and Christie and again, really loving Tessa - suggest a unique, different but real teenager. And loving Ralph!

“I have a feeling that if I Googled ‘excessive force’ your picture would come up.”

Blake is a great nemesis for Pat and I’m looking forward to see what happens next. He almost reminds me of Reddington in the Blacklist (for those who watches that series), also with his trusted companion. A baddie with a moral code.

If you love thrillers, you should give the Patrick Bowers series a try!

No, there’s nothing certain about love. It centers you by unbalancing you.
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Author 64 books1,655 followers
July 16, 2017
A fantastic book for suspense lovers and fan of the Patrick Bower Files.
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Author 6 books526 followers
March 13, 2018
Twisted Plan A. No plan B. You'll love this. I really enjoyed it.
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3,866 reviews118 followers
September 6, 2017

Every Deadly Kiss
The Bowers Files: The New York Years, Book #2
By Steven James
ISBN 9781101991572
Author’s website: www.stevenjames.net
Brought to you by OBS Reviewer: Jeanie


FBI special agent Patrick Bowers grapples with a baffling series of murders in Detroit—and discovers a terror plot with roots that stretch back centuries.

Called in by an ex-girlfriend to consult on a case, Patrick encounters the work of a killer who displays a stunning degree of ruthlessness. Bowers is shocked to find that the slayings are linked not just to his own history with a known terrorist, but to his former lover as well—and that her secret past might hold the key to stopping the crime spree. As layers of intrigue peel away, the city is pushed ever closer to a seemingly unstoppable bioweapon attack.

Unnerving and laced with breathtaking suspense, Every Deadly Kiss is a surprising and complex thriller that will keep readers obsessed to the final page.


Wow! What a great read! This is the first novel I have read by this author, and it won’t be the last. Sometimes I am hesitant to open a book by a new author, especially one that is longer than average, and I was very pleasantly surprised. The author’s use of dialog, building suspense, and designing mostly likable characters, conducts the novel to a thunderous crescendo before returning to a pleasant, calming tempo.

There are many things going on in this novel, events the author introduces one by one so the reader doesn’t feel confused. He also does a great job of defining the characters and events from prior novels in the series so the new reader isn’t floundering. Patrick Bowers is a special type profiler, so to speak, for the FBI, an environmental criminologist and lead geospatial investigator. Very simplified, it means based on where, when, and the progression of crimes that have been committed by a serial offender, he can make assumptions to have an idea where the serial criminal will strike next.

Patrick has been requested to consult in the Detroit field office by Sharyn, a woman he had dated while in the Academy, eight years earlier. He has not seen her since then, although he has kind of followed where she has gone over the years. There is a particularly brutal killer in Detroit with a unique signature, and they want to catch the bad guy/ gal before they strike again.

There is what seems to be a totally unrelated case opening at the same time. A terrorist is coming in with a mutated form of a deadly disease for which there is no cure, and most who contract it die as a result. They learn about this when a video is captured through the various web sources that shows a woman who works for the NYC office dying a terrible death over the span of a few days. Thankfully, he is partnered with friend and colleague, Ralph. Trying to work two major, different crimes is hard enough, but knowing that not only is a former colleague turned terrorist involved, but the murders are linked to the Special Agent, Sharyn, ups the ante.

The layers of the crimes in this novel can only be pulled off by a master author. It is mesmerizing; this reader was pulled in from the beginning with my attention held throughout. It is not the kind of novel that one reads in one or two sittings, one can see how the cases are built, person by occurrence by clue. The author includes the human element, with Patrick’s girlfriend and daughter in NYC and the differences they are trying to work out when Sharyn requests Patrick’s help in Detroit.

The characters are defined throughout the novel. There are a limited number of characters who we learn about through their actions, dialog, and descriptions. As we learn about the bad guys, we learn about them as individuals with whom we can have empathy with regards to their circumstances. The protagonists are hard-working law enforcement people and their loved ones, and seeing a bit of their personal lives shows us their individuality behind the badges. I do like Patrick Bowers, as well as his girlfriend Christie and her daughter Tessa.

This novel moves along at a steady pace, allowing this reader to eagerly turn the pages even while understanding what is occurring at any given time. There are interesting plot twists, and breathtaking, suspenseful scenes. I was very satisfied with the resolution, especially as there are no open challenges. One thing I appreciate is reading a thriller of this caliber that is an almost “clean” read insofar as language and sexual situations are concerned. The details of the crimes, while not shied away from, are not magnified; I can think of only one scene that was TMI (for me). I highly recommend this to those who appreciate excellent thrillers with international dimensions and characters that a reader can be invested in.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*

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905 reviews27 followers
May 7, 2019
I think I'm all caught up now with this series. In this 10th book of the Bowers Files(but actually book 2 or 3 if you count OPENING MOVES as book 1 in the prequel to the series), Patrick has gone to Detroit to investigate a series of murders. He and Christie are on rocky ground at the moment because Pat has issues with saying, "I love you" and is uncertain of his feelings for her. In Detroit he is working with an ex-girlfriend. When Christie finds out you can imagine how well that goes over!

Patrick's nemesis Blake is back and in the center of things it seems. Once again it seems that someone in law-enforcement is working with the bad guys. And Patrick's side-kick Ralph adds levity to the story and made me laugh several times.

EVERY DEADLY KISS was much easier to read than the last book. I liked all of the twists and turns. I liked how the two stories seemed to merge together. I even kind of like Blake and Manny's characters even though they are cold-blooded killers. They have a moral code of their own. I already know what happens in that department because I read EVERY WICKED MAN(3rd book in the prequel series) first. Now I'm thinking that I need to go read the whole series over again! Anyway, if you love a good thriller then as always this series would be perfect for you!
Profile Image for Jim.
1,103 reviews14 followers
June 5, 2020
Book two in the Patrick Bowers New York series is a definite step backwards in this author's long running series. Far too preachy to suit my tastes. Although this one ran over 560 pages paperback like the previous entry, this one needed major editing unlike, "Every Crooked Path". This one ran anywhere from 150-200 pages too too long. The characters introduced from previous book had no growth or fleshing out stronger. The conclusion does set up an interesting plot for the third book of series. This New York series has the same basic problem the author created in his Chess series, limited character growth. Discounting the way too over the top conclusion here, I was looking for a thriller's ending not comedy. I'll be very nice going with three stars out of five stars possible. (2.666 stars more likely). Book three of this series up up next, ("Every Wicked Man"). Check it out, and this series as well.
Profile Image for ME.
714 reviews
October 6, 2017
It's not the best of the Bowers series but it was good. There were times when I wondered if there was a bit of ghost writing going on... just some incongruities with James' otherwise tight and taught writing. But the plot was the typical Gordian Knot with some cliff-hanging loose ends that promise more to come. Two things that bothered me most were the dropped (or did I miss a resolution) issue of moving out of New York to follow Christie, and the timeliness of the plot topic. These books are supposed to be prequels to his other series but they don't seem to "lose" much time in going backward. Maybe I'm just thinking it's further back than it actually is in the timeline, but it seems very much up to date. Anyway... nothing to put me off the series. One of the best and always a favorite!
Profile Image for Cameron.
21 reviews
January 31, 2019
Definitely my least favorite of the series. There was just way too much going on and the characters made uncharacteristically poor choices throughout the story. Hopefully the series gets back to form in the next book.
Profile Image for Jackie Rogers.
1,164 reviews13 followers
September 9, 2017
Steven James is a storyteller. A really great storyteller. Have read all his books and each one outdoes the one before. This one has a serial killer. terrorists, and an old lover. Patrick Bowers, our main character is at his best FBI solving as he continues to be in hot water in his work as well as his personal life. This novel pulls one in a the beginning and doesn't let go until the end. Constant adventure and excitement. If you havn't read Mr, James yet, get with it. No disappointment.
10 reviews
July 12, 2017
Steven James has yet to disappoint me with one of the Patrick Bowers series. The last 50 pages wouldn't let go. Suspense until the end and openings for more stories during this earlier time period in the character's life. Can't wait for more but appreciate that he takes his time and writes an awesome story rather then spitting them out monthly like another of his peers.
2 reviews
July 28, 2017
Not the Best in the Bowers Series

I was slightly disappointed at how the story developed - it didn't flow as well as previous books in the series. The two storylines didn't gel particularly well and the overall plot was a little far-fetched. Not bad - but not my favorite.
18 reviews
October 9, 2020
There's plenty of action here; and a ton of plot, characters, and back stories. Maybe a bit too much of those aspects. There's two premises which wind the tension and suspense up to a pretty wild vortex of bio-terrorism and serial killing.

The author has staked out a great deal of crime/mystery territory, and he's succeeded for the most part by delivering a good thriller. One thing that helps is that nearly all of the scenes are in one location, Detroit. James gives us a convincing noirish, almost post apocalyptic view of the urban and human blight in the run down parts of town.

The FBI partners, Pat and Sharyn (also former lovers) plunge into this maelstrom; we see how Sharyn is the ultimate target of her newly-released ex-con sexual abuser-turned serial-killer, Dylan. It's a bit too neat that she jumped from being an actress to an FBI agent to animate the plot, but it does make sense in this context.

Sometimes the backstrories take on a life of their own in this genre, but James deftly weaves Sharyn and Dylan's stories together to support the serial killer plot. The terrorist plot is a little more opaque. There's so many people involved--Ali, Fayed, Igazi, Mannie, Maria, etc., only one of which is delineated very well, that the background to this plot seems like off-the-shelf generic middle Eastern terrorist stuff.

On the other hand, the biological warfare element is unique; it plays significantly into the climax as well. Also, Ali is definitely not all a bad guy, valuing love for his family over fidelity to the terrorist cause. In a similar vein, romances usually intrude in this sort of book; this one, like the background stuff, figures into the plot lines, and manages to stand on its own.

Except that our main protagonist, Pat, has such an hey-look-at-me streak that I can't see what he has to offer on a personal level. That trait is pretty much a requirement for the big deal guy in this genre; so it doesn't really stand out. Possibly this sort of action hero is supposed to leave some people skills to the lesser characters, both to make his motivation (to put away bad guys) more convincing, and to let us know that he's flawed.

As expected with a dual plot line, switching between the sets of characters keeps tension brewing, as the plots compete for our attention, building an overall momentum. Some of these thrillers don't know how to end, blowing promising beginnings with a let-down or tangle of loose ends.

In this case, though, the ending of Every Deadly Kiss is suitibly the best part. Especially the device of Ali letting himself get blown up with his infected body in the bomb shelter. That's really the only way that the smallpox is stopped before it starts. The sabotaged bio-hazard suits add another cliff-hanging danger into the bargain.

I got a little lost as this drama played out with the concurrent scene in the depths of the ruined church. Christie was the only one who could plausibly have rescued Sharyn; so that made sense. There's a bit too much time for elaborate speeches in these sorts of standoffs, however. So much so that they had time to send out for pizza down in that old factory with Pat and the terrorist guys.

Still, like most of the rough spots here, the outcomes dwarfs minor issues. After all the mayhem goes down, we're not stuck with how all the good guys lived it up with new toasters and such. A few lines or a paragraph on how Pat skates through the bureaucracy (he's golden, right?) by making a private deal with a literally explosive terrorist wouldn't have hurt.

Obviously, he'll be vindicated, in spades, by basically turning Ali, and thereby snuffing out the biological danger completely. Even though he ponders all of this outside-the-box stuff beforehand, after the fact (getting Ali out of jail, for starters), it isn't even mentioned.

Despite some flaws, this is well-worth reading.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 11 books168 followers
September 4, 2017
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love this author, and I love the Patrick Bowers series. It’s been a few years since I randomly picked up the second book of The Bowers Files, and ever since then, I anxiously await for more writings from Steven James. Especially when Patrick Bowers is the star of the hour.

Every Deadly Kiss is the second prequel to the series. First, a quick back story for those of you mystery fans who shamefully have not picked up James’ books. We first meet FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers in The Pawn, followed by The Rook, The Bishop, The King, The Queen, and Checkmate. He’s a widower who is learning to battle the dangers of his work along with raising his late wife’s teen daughter, Tessa Ellis. It’s rarely easy for someone in law enforcement to raise their own child by themselves, but Tessa isn’t his daughter, but his stepdaughter of only a few months. In the end of the first prequel, we briefly meet Christy Ellis, who Pat will one day marry. Now in Every Deadly Kiss, we get to actually meet her, which is exciting. To me, anyway.

I loved all aspects of this book: the mystery, the relationship between Pat and the Ellis women, and the fact that a former love of Pat’s, FBI Agent Sharyn Weist, requests his assistance, which eventually causes a rip in his love life.

Steven James is definitely a natural storyteller (and he knows it!). The way he weaves the action, the tension, even light comedy, to form his stories is the way I hope readers view my writing. It’s taut and you can almost, almost, smell the blood or feel the abandoned building with your fingertips. It truly is rare that I can get that much into reading a book. Every Deadly Kiss isn’t my favorite in the series, but James does not disappoint. Several times I feel my heart beating out of my chest. A few times I laughed, especially when it’s bantering time with Pat and his best friend/sidekick, Agent Ralph Hawkins, who just might be my favorite character (sorry, Agent Bowers, I still love you too). The thing I like most about the prequels is that we still get to hear from Ralph. In Checkmate, he’s moving on to bigger and better things and I got the sad feeling that if there were more books, any appearances of Ralph would be more of a walk on. Thank goodness for these prequels!

I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good mystery. For some, it may take a bit getting used to because, in this series, it’s written in first and third person. It did confuse me when I first began to read The Rook several years ago. However, the storytelling is so crisp and well written, it didn’t take long for me to get used to the difference in POVs.

I hope we’ll get plenty more of Patrick Bowers (and Ralph) soon!

*For more book reviews, visit: https://angelakaysbooks.com/book-revi...**
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1,199 reviews20 followers
July 4, 2017
If you have never read a Steven James novel, I suggest you start now with this one. It will keep you up at night and have you looking twice and double locking the doors.

FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers is back and ready to solve a series of murders taking place in Detroit. Not only are there murders to be solved, there is also a terrorist plot that is more than a century old making it one of the toughest cases Patrick has ever had to tackle. When Patrick is called in by his old girlfriend to help on a case, he questions briefly if it will affect his current relationship but tries to convince himself it is just for work and can be kept professional. When he arrives, he finds a connection between the murders and his former lover. With the murders continuing and the threat of a bioweapon attack increasing, Patrick finds himself digging deep to solve all the clues before it is too late.

I have been telling people for several years that Steven James is the best there is. The way he can spin a story and keep you on the edge of your seat is better than anyone out there and he is at the top of his game with Every Deadly Kiss. The amount of time and research he puts into these books shows as you read. This is not the kind of book you can skim and still get everything out of it you need to understand the story. Every page, paragraph, and sentence is full of information that is vital to the story and the way James gets that information across will keep you on the edge of your seat and up way past bedtime. With this book set as another prequel to the original Bowers files, it is interesting to see the relationships develop between Patrick and the other key characters that we have grown to love throughout the years. Patrick still has his quirks and we see them develop more into what they eventually become. For me, a Steven James novel is always going to be at my “Top of the Year” list. There is just something about his writing that resonates with me more than almost any other author I read. Unlike his earlier books, this one has a bit more language and adult content, not a lot compared to what many authors like to put in, but still a little more than I’m used to from him. With that being said, it completely fit in with the characters and how they would react with something that they would actually say. That’s what I want, the character to act as they naturally would and every character James writes in his novels fulfills their role. That is an incredible difficult task but one that he pulls off with ease. I cannot recommend a Steven James novel highly enough and Every Deadly Kiss is no exception.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. The views and opinions expressed within are my own.
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1,201 reviews1 follower
August 19, 2017
This is a fabulous read for those who enjoy suspenseful novels. It is the first I've read by this author and I will be reading more in the future. Steven James brings together characters and events centered in Detroit, a city that is shrinking year by year. There is much more crime there than in most major cities, allowing the thousands of vacant homes and commercial buildings to be used by those who have no good intentions.

Patrick Bowers is a special FBI agent who profiles unique serial offenders using the times, locations, and violence of crimes to determine where and when they might strike next. He has been called to Detroit from his home base in New York City to consult on a case for Sharyn, a woman he dated when they were in the academy. There is a series of murders with a similar signature and Sharyn wants to stop the killer. In the meantime, there is a potential crime with devastating, far-reaching effects -a mutated virus that almost always kills the victim, that would be widespread. Involved in that crime is a former FBI agent preparing to unleash an unparalleled act of terrorism on US soil.

The characters are detailed in such a way that one learns about the primary people, both protagonists and offenders, throughout the novel. Most are likable except for the bad guy(s), of course. I like Patrick, his co-worker Ralph, girlfriend Christie and her daughter Tessa.

The plot becomes more and more suspenseful as the murders are studied and noted that the killer is looking for Patrick's former girlfriend from the academy, while at the time for releasing the virus nears. There are surprising plot twists that propel this steadily-moving novel forward, culminating in a breathtaking, heart-pounding denouement. I do appreciate this being an overall, almost clean read with little language and no overt sexual situations. I highly recommend this novel, and this reader will certainly be looking out to read other novels by this author in the future.
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483 reviews42 followers
September 29, 2017
I needed a fast paced read for the weekend...didn't get it...but I can explain. Every Deadly Kiss is book #2 in The Bower Files that is I believe a sub-series of a bigger series (Patrick Bower Files). I am not sure...I have never read those books and I think I might be missing something with that. A very intense Mystery/Suspense/Spies & Politics read. I don't read enough of books such as this and have been wanting to try and find a series to start with...I chose The Bower Files.

I actually had a bit of difficulty with this book because it does take some heavy concentration to stay in constant focus through out these stories. But once you start getting a hang of the lingo, the terminology...all the political stuff, it gets easier and then when you find an intense book...it moves quicker. I was getting there. It's just thick...thick in plot, characters, terminology and a strong masculine feel to it. Not that it's a bad thing at all...just difficult for me to get through. Maybe inexperience with this author and these kind of books are to blame for that. But I did want to try and see if this genre was something I could get more into...and I am not giving up on it just yet. I found this book and it's storyline interesting. The mystery and the thrill...it's def there. I just think I need to go back and check out all the first books of this author and start from there. I am really interested to see what his works are about and what books that I would enjoy. I def recommend this book...

Thanks as always to the peeps at goodreads for my free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review to which I gladly and voluntarily gave.
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September 1, 2017
On a scale of cotton candy to Brussels sprouts, Every Deadly Kiss by Steven James is sweet and spicy barbecued chicken. At first taste, the set up is sweet and prepared, but the slow burn that makes you reach for water and only further ignites the fire keeps the intensity building. This flavor and meat will stick.

Patrick Bowers faces a complicated case when an ex-girlfriend asks him to consult on a series of killings, which becomes more involved by the appearance of a known terrorist and Patrick's current girlfriend. And then, intel reveals the upcoming attack of an all-new bioweapon. Will Patrick be able to unravel the case before everyone dies?

I knew this book was going to keep me on the edge of my seat, and it did. From a story perspective, complexity ruled. And boy, were there a lot of interesting surprises! And despite a large host of characters, I never had to stop to check who's point of view I was in. I always knew, which made it creepier when Steven James wrote from the perspective of the villain/killer.

For the record, one scene made me experience a touch of nausea. I consider myself to have a rather strong stomach, but the scene was intense. This book does require a certain level of tolerance for evil, pain, and gruesome detail, but on the flip side, so much truth was laced throughout, coming from the most surprising characters.

Here's one quote that I loved.
"Love is not a mutually beneficial exchange. It is much more than that, or it is nothing at all." - Every Deadly Kiss by Steven James
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October 9, 2017
Another story with Patrick Bowers, though this one, the tenth overall, challenges expectations with its unusual blend of two major story arcs - one involving a former child star turned FBI agent (and her horrifying backstory - you'll probably never look at any child star the same way again after reading this book!), the other, a fairly reluctant jihadist, one who doesn't 100% subscribe to the same warped ideology as do his comrades, and armed with a very deadly, and very unique, weapon indeed. Set between Every Crooked Path and The Pawn - and with an ending implying at least one more good story in that in between - Every Deadly Kiss, like its immediate predecessor, benefits from James' use of a floating timeline. You'd expect this book to take place sometime in the late 90s to early 2000s (that is, if the original Bowers Files series takes place roughly around the times the books came out), but James adorns this story with the high-tech nature you expect in a story of this decade, heavy on social media apps (clearly modeled on the likes of Tinder and Snapchat in particular) and even tinges of biopunk with the big terror plot. And as with all of the other novels to date in the Bowers Files, James gives us such a blazing fast plot that well over 500 pages read all too quickly. Seriously, why aren't more people reading these books? They're some of the most underrated crime stories out there. Dark but not excessively so, and adrenaline-pumping like nobody's business.
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August 2, 2017
The story is quite a thriller with lots of intense action, suspense, intrigue, mystery, and hair-raising, nail-biting drama. A book of this length would typically take me three or four days but I had trouble putting it down, especially in the last 100 pages. The one disappointing thing for me was the smattering of profanity. I have read every book in The Patrick Bowers Files series and enjoyed them immensely. Even in the most difficult scenes as Patrick Bowers and his fellow law enforcement officers dealt with extremely evil criminals, the author kept to the high road with the language. In this one, he veered slightly off that road occasionally and it detracted from the story rather than adding to it, in my opinion. Every other aspect of the book was well-done. I think several of the characters really nailed it with their response to a woman who was trying to insist on politically correct terminology. In short, they said that things need to be called what they are rather than tiptoeing around to try to avoid offending anyone. Yet, they were not suggesting that we should go out of our way to offend. There are a significant number of people in high places who need to get that message. I enjoyed the book overall with the one exception mentioned.
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November 10, 2018
Me, during the final 40 pages: who the fuck is Gaviola????

It's been a while since I've read the first book in this prequel series so I honestly didn't remember much. Apart from Pat's relationship with Christie and her daughter Tessa and that there was some semi-villain called Blake... but that's about it. I have no idea who Gaviola is and I probably should. Sorry, Steven.

Actual Rating: 3.8 stars

Not the best book in the series, but still very entertaining and compelling. I absolutely love James's way with words and his stories never let me down. I can't believe there's only ONE Patrick Bowers book left. It kind of scares me and at the same time I can't wait to read it. Anyhow, it was definitely a thrilling read but reading a prequel series is never as exciting as reading the actual series. I mean, one of the main threats in this particular book was biological warfare. A new kind of small pocks virus that was about to be released... but since it's a prequel you already know for sure that it won't happen. I guess I'd rather just read about Pat having to catch an insane serial killer (in a prequel) than this. Plus, the ending of the Sharyn Weist storyline was kind of anti climatic. Still. Not gonna lie. I will always love the Patrick Bowers Files so I don't have another choice but to give it a 4 star rating.
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August 12, 2019
James brings complexity and intrigue to his latest Patrick Bowers thriller; layering plot lines and unfolding characters in a way that keeps readers on the edge through the very end. The details give readers just the right amount of description and suspense- not too much to be completely gruesome, but clear enough to let readers know the horror of what is occurring. The story lines are believable and James does an impeccable job of taking two seemingly different paths and converging them in a gripping climax, adding in twists and turns all along the way. Fans of the Bowers Files will not be disappointed in his latest installment.

SUMMARY: When Patrick Bowers gets called to Detroit to work with an ex-girlfriend on a new serial killer case he doesn't know what to expect. The killings are making a point, trying to tell them something, but none of the detectives are able to figure out just what it is. As Bowers works to uncover the pattern in the killings, he finds that his partner on the case, and ex-girlfriend, is in grave danger. All the while a terrorist plot to unleash a bioweapon in Detroit is coming to a head. With threats coming from every direction, Bowers is faced with danger that may be too great for even him to overcome.
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June 29, 2017
First I would like to state that I received this book through the Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. When I received this book I began reading it at once. I really enjoy the authors writing style, he pulls you into the book from the very beginning and you don't want to put the book down. It kept me on the edge of my seat reading from cover to cover. All the characters are very well portrayed thought out. This was the first book that I have read by Steven James and obviously Blake is a re-occurring character so, there is a lot of history between Blake and Patrick that I wasn’t familiar with. I really enjoyed these fast paced complex story lines that are throughout this book. I found the various plots compelling and suspenseful keeping you on the edge of your seat. It was truly interesting to see how all these plots were connected. I enjoyed the several unexpected surprises at the end. I really enjoyed reading this book and will be looking forward to reading other books in this series and other books by this author.
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