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Today is officially the worst day of my life…

I woke up five hours late after a reckless one-night stand with the sexiest, cockiest, and most arrogant man I’ve ever met. (And this asshole actually left a note: “I think you were lying to me about being “experienced” last night. You orgasmed three times, and that was before we made it to your bedroom. I also find it hard to believe you “usually wear silk or lingerie.” Your drawers are all full of cotton granny panties--The best man you’ve ever fucked… )

My top two PR clients left me for my number one competitor, my roommate accidentally bleached my best suit, and my favorite coffee shop was shut down for “health concerns.”

Still, none of those things dimmed my excitement for what was supposed to be the best four o’clock signing session of my career. I was on the verge of signing the highest paying client in my company’s history, taking on a so-called “impossible” job that no publicist had been able to handle.

But at four o’clock, there was no athlete, television personality, or celebrity who showed up. Instead, that sexy, arrogant one-night stand stepped into my office with his familiar panty-wetting smirk and introduced himself as my new, cocky client...

103 pages, ebook

First published July 13, 2017

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About the author

Whitney G.

83 books12.8k followers
Whitney G. is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author. Her books are currently published in over a dozen languages.

She lives deep in the Tennessee woods and spends most of her time drinking coffee while penning dirty-talking alpha males.

Find out more about her next project at www.whitneygbooks.com

(Be sure to sign up for "The F.L.Y. List" as that's the best way to receive new release updates. Link: eepurl.com/hbhVOf )

You can also connect with Whitney on Instagram and Facebook.

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2,417 reviews13.9k followers
July 25, 2017

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Cocky Client (stand-alone) Publicist must deal with cocky manwhore client after an unfortunate yet orgasmic one-night-stand!

“You orgasmed three times, and that was before we ever made it to your bedroom. I also find it hard to believe you “usually wear silk or lingerie.” Your drawers are full of cotton, granny panties.”

Books in the Steamy Coffee Collection are stand-alones:
Book 1: Naughty Boss
Book 2: Dirty Doctor
Book 3: Cocky Client

Cocky Client (stand-alone) opens up to cocky bad boy manwhore CEO and real estate mogul Ryan Dalton unable to keep a publicist for long until he comes across struggling publicist and owner of PR firm Penelope Lauren.

While Penelope corresponds, and smooches a potential new top secret client she enjoys a one-night-stand fuckfest, only to, the next day, come face to face with her new secret client… Ryan.

Told in dual POVs, the story follows them in the aftermath with hilarious situations, razor-sharp bantering, petty behavior and dirty sex complicated by a non-fraternization clause in their contract.

Sexual tension galore! Forbidden sex! Entertaining plot!

“I left you an important note on your dresser.”
“I never got it.”
“You never got it, or you never read it?”

Hero: ★★★★
Heroine: ★★★★
Plot: ★★★★
Storytelling: ★★★★
Sexual tension: ★★★★
Sex scenes: ★★★★1/2
Story ending: ★★★★
Angst: | LOW FOCUS |
Darkness: | LOW FOCUS |
Humor: | HIGH FOCUS |
Romance: | HIGH FOCUS |
Sex frequency: | HIGH FOCUS |
Suspense: | LOW FOCUS |

ARC provided to me by author Whitney G. in exchange for an honest review.
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1,809 reviews28.5k followers
July 6, 2018
I’m glad I got this on sale, or I’d be pissed. It’s cute, but definitely not worth the price point. I struggle with these shorties from her because I know the heights she’s capable of with her full length books. And she definitely needs better epilogues.

Still, huge WG fan here.
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662 reviews2,412 followers
July 15, 2017

➦Oh, so you're a billionaire macho something something with a pretty bad reputation? What? No reputable PR company wants to represent you?

➦NO PROBLEMO. Call a small company, throw an obscene amount of money at them and, ya know, don't give them your real name.

➦Be careful, though, and don't get your ass handed to you by a woman who you've hired. She, after all, gives 2 shits about your list of "demands."

➦Oh, and make sure to keep your d**k in your pants.

➦This was short, entertaining and sexy. Goes great with morning coffee just as advertised.

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1,260 reviews9,932 followers
July 15, 2017
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

I could already tell that this man was beyond cocky. That he knew just how damn attractive he was and he knew how to use his sexiness to get exactly what he wanted.

 photo CockyClient_Live2_zpsh9zeydqv.png

The ”Steamy Coffee Collection” series has been a fun and guilty pleasure for me. Whitney G knows how to write truly naughty stories that are extremely addictive and get my temperature rising. These novellas were written to give readers pure entertainment without a substantial plot. I wasn’t the least bit surprised at how much I ended up loving this series. Whitney G is unequivocally one of my top favorite authors. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t read by this author.

Penelope is the CEO and owner of Penelope Lauren & Associates, a small public relations firm. She spends all of her time trying to build her business and increase her clientele. This leaves no time for a personal life. It’s literally been years since she’s been with a man. Penelope decides that it’s time she puts an end to her dry spell and goes out to find a man to have a hot one night stand with. She ends up meeting one drop dead gorgeous man who takes her back to her place and nearly blows her mind with an all-night sex fest. Her world was so completely rocked by this guy that the next day she is almost five hours late to work, which has NEVER happened before since she has always been OCD about punctuality. Penelope’s anxiety level is skyrocketing because she has a meeting with potentially one of the biggest clients her company has ever acquired. When the client shows up hours late to their meeting it is to her utter dismay that he turns out to be the man who is responsible for giving her multiple orgasms the night before.

 photo giphy_zpsoykr7xo8.gif

Ryan Dalton is one of New York’s biggest real estate moguls. His corporation is worth billions and he is the CEO but his board members and his brother have been less than happy with him lately due to all that bad publicity he has been generating. His wild playboy ways and foul mouthed vocabulary during interviews has been shining a negative light on his company. If he doesn’t clean up his image soon Ryan could end up losing his title as CEO. There have been countless PR firms that have tried to help but his belligerent attitude and unwillingness to cooperate have caused every last one of them to drop him as a client. Penelope’s firm just might be his last chance and he is more than amused when he walks into her office and discovers that she’s the woman he spent the previous night with.

Ryan has been every publicist’s worst nightmare and he tries to be stubborn and impossible with Penelope at first, but he quickly learns that she is not like the others and doesn’t take any of his bullshit. Ryan has finally met his match. It will be a battle of wills to keep things professional and ignore the insane chemistry that they have together. Eventually, it becomes impossible for the two to fight the lust that has been building between them.

Will Penelope lose one of her biggest clients along with her professional reputation or could she quite possibly keep the client and win the heart of New York’s notorious bad boy?

COCKY CLIENT is currently available!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2rEOK2K
iBooks: http://apple.co/2oQ87Ql
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2sfzYxW
Nook: http://bit.ly/2tBWU8P

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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1,282 reviews3,314 followers
July 13, 2017
Fun, short read. Our main characters, Penelope and Ryan, were perfectly matched but it was actually Sarah and Sean- Penelope's roommate and bestie respectively- who made this an entertaining read.
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2,000 reviews11.8k followers
July 15, 2017
I shut my eyes as I surrendered complete control, as I realized that I was going to let this man do whatever he wanted to do to me for the rest of the night...

Whenever I need a dose of witty and smutty romance that's short but still entirely satisfying, Whitney's Steamy Coffee Collection is a no brainer. And they all happen to be enemies to lovers trope, which is my catnip! So, #Winning

Cocky Client brings together an arrogant billionaire and a sassy PR professional and boy do the sparks fly!

Penelope caves into her friend's demand to spice up her non existent love life by having the hottest sex of her life with a complete stranger. For one night she can forget that her ex is trying to steal all her clients and her job has been her number one priority for too long. But when morning comes, all she's left with are the sizzling memories and a snarky (but still sexy) "You're welcome" letter from her one night stand.

When she learns that her one night stand is her firm's brand new client, she's not exactly thrilled. The man refused to give his name and hounded the firm for weeks. She had all intentions to turn down the anonymous client, until he agreed to her assistant spur of the moment astronomical fee. How can a girl turn down a client for $3 MIL? She can't. So she does the impossible. She takes on NY's public relations nightmare.

Ryan is more known for his womanizing ways and playboy persona than his successful business. He's a notorious bad boy that a normal PR company won't touch with a ten foot pole. He has a chip on his shoulder and an ego bigger than Manhattan. Not to mention the man has seen her naked. What's a girl to do? Give it her all, duh!

As with the predecessors, this was a ridiculously fun novella. The sparks are immediate between Penelope and Ryan and only burn hotter and hotter with each new interaction. I loved Ryan's dirty mouth and Penelope's smart one. This was a shorty but a goodie. I'd have loved an epilogue to really seal the deal here, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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337 reviews991 followers
November 28, 2017
3 stars!

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed this, and I'm sure anyone looking for a quick sexy read would enjoy this, too. But aside from the "Surprise! My new client/publicist was my one night stand!", there really wasn't any conflict in the story. I was expecting something to happen before the ending, but the story went on like this: One Night Stand, They Meet Again, They Work Together, They Finally Sleep Together (again), They Date But Also Work Together, The End.

So while I enjoyed reading about alphahole CEO Ryan Dalton and sassy publicist Penelope Lauren, I was looking for something more. I thought we were going to see more of Penelope's d*ck of an ex-boyfriend, Sebastian Drew, but he and everything else pretty much disappeared.

The sex is well-written as always, and their interactions were funny, so if you want a quick, funny, and sexy read, you might enjoy Cocky Client.

Tropes: One Night Stand, Office Romance
POV: First Person, Dual POV
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888 reviews671 followers
July 14, 2017
This was just a ton of fun. All the characters were amazing, even the supporting ones. Penelope was sexy, sassy and drop-dead gorgeous. Ryan was a wonderful arrogant, super confident, domineering CEO. I liked his hot temper, his tough and powerful nature. I absolutely loved the couple’s insta love story. I was there laughing with them and falling in love.

The dialogue sparkled but I truly loved the sexual sparks those two emitted. It crackled from the pages. The story was simple, predictable even, yet very interesting. So yeah I give this book a perfect score!

If you already are a fan of Whitney G., I am sure you will enjoy this book. If you have never read a Whitney G. book, what are you waiting for?

In short:
Hero 5/5 | Heroine 5/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 4/5 | Writing Style 4/5 | Steam 5/5 | Romance 4/5 | Angst-Suspense 2/5 | Darkness 0/5 | Humor 5/5 | Secondary Characters 5/5 | Drama-Conflict 2/5 | Mystery 0/5 | Twists 4/5 | Pacing Fast | Action 2/5

 photo 16523184_774941469322886_1415168432_o_zpsitcep97o.jpg

 photo 18009131_816557981827901_1142461593_n_zpso3xlzmkr.jpg
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2,239 reviews3,438 followers
July 18, 2017
After the cocky boss and the cocky doctor, let's have a cocky client

Penelope has just had an one night stand for the first time in her life.
Ryan has just had another one night stand and although Rachel told him that she has done it before, he didn't believe her.

The next day:
Ryan will discover that Rachel is Penelope, his new potential publicist.
Penelope will discover that Ryan is Ryan Dalton, her new potential cocky, impossible, arrogant client.

None of them is happy about this development, but they will eventually work together.

Lots of laughter about some impossible, over the top situations.

Some readers may argue that Ryan is basically Michael Leighton and/or Garrett Aston in a different working environment. I did not mind this at all.
I really enjoyed this short novel and I hope there will be more impossible, cocky bastards in the "Steamy Coffee Collection" series.

Profile Image for  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕.
961 reviews1,070 followers
July 13, 2017
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

These novellas just keep getting better with every installment! Who doesn’t love a cocky, arrogant man that makes you want to pull all your hair out while stripping for home at the same time? I know I do and Ryan Dalton certainly delivered.

Ryan is a successful real estate investor and CEO of his own company, but he’s a bit of a problem child in the PR world. Known as a PR’s worst nightmare and the cause of their drinking problem, Ryan has been told he needs to clean up his party image and refrain from having one night stands for a very long time. Well…… that’s easier said than done.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Determined to find the right publicist who won’t quit after an hour, Ryan pays an obscene amount of money to be the new client of a little PR firm. Little does he know, the owner of the company is the same woman he just spend hours doing hot filthy things to in her bed hours ago. It really is a small world right?

Penelope Lauren has worked her butt off into making her company a success. Having your ex practically steal your clients right from under you would make anyone a bit crazy but not Penelope. She’s a fighter and her determination is what’s going to make her business a successful one. When she learns that a potential new client is looking to work with her and pay a ridiculous amount of money in doing so, Penelope learns she’s in for one heck of a surprise. They don’t call it one night stand for nothing!

Every time I read these books, I silently wish that they were longer.They’re funny, sexy, with just the right amount of an emotional connection that you can’t help but to fall for everyone in the story. So if you’re looking for a quick read, these are definitely for you.

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793 reviews869 followers
July 13, 2017
✮✮✮ 4 STARS ✮✮✮

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

The city of New York is full of desperate and frustrated publicists because they had the "pleasure" to work with Ryan, CEO of a billion dollar real estate corporation. Ryan is the living nightmare of a client with a filthy, filterless mouth and a matching attitude.

Enter Penelope. When her assistant tells her about an anonymous client who wants her company to represent him she is torn between excitement and worry. The guy paid her for a year and a horrendous amount of money. So what's the catch? Another nail in her coffin is her ex who keeps poaching her clients and a germaphobe room mate and she decided to follow her best friend's advice. A one-night-stand might be exactly what she needs.

In order to get a very persistent man off her back she kisses a random guy. A man who oozes sex. A man she takes home and has the best sex of her life with. Only to find out that this man is her new client.

As usual we get a sexy, flirty, delicious and dirty novella which is so much fun to read. Not much story yet oddly satisfying. Ryan has the typical Whitney G - vibe, super alpha, cocky, arrogant and filthy. Her heroines are always strong, smart and self confident - of course they need to be with men like these heroes. Penelope is always one step ahead of Ryan.

One thing that is a reccurring thing in this author's books are the emails. They are hilarious and cheeky, often sarcastic with that dry sense of humour I so love.

This collection of novellas have been a huge success and I really hope Whitney continues writing them. They are fantastic if you need a quick, sexy and satisfying fix!

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799 reviews1,009 followers
July 12, 2017
4 'Cocky and Sexy' Stars!
ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
 photo 17440956_zpsssbsv79y.gif

Whitney G. is quickly becoming an expert in writing sexy novellas! I am pretty sure you know how good she is when it comes to creating hot jerks and sassy heroines so that is why I am not surprised that I enjoyed her latest short story.

Cocky Client is the third installment in the Steamy Coffee Collection series and it is exactly what you expect from said title: a cocky man who is looking for a publicist to help him redeem his bad image but imagine how things change when they come face to face (for the second time) because they had a one-night-stand the night before. How exciting!

“Last night, you told me your name was Rachel. Did you not?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr.—” I stood up and extended my hand to him, “What exactly is your name sir?”
“My name is the same as it was hours ago when we were fucking,” he said.

This novella was entertaining, easy to follow and, of course, oh-so-HOT! Whitney G. gets to the point with this new series of short stories and I am definitely not complaining about it. Ryan and Penelope have amazing chemistry, they gave us lots of laughter and sexy times so I really enjoyed the story as a whole!

“I liked you a lot better in my apartment, when I didn’t know who you were.”
I liked you a lot better when my cock was buried inside your pussy...

Therefore, my rating for Cocky Client is 4 STARS because it was a great smutty novella to read between longer books and who complains about having another of Whitney's sexy assholes to love? Not this girl!

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942 reviews573 followers
July 18, 2017

I am a big fan of this author but I'm even a bigger fan of this Steamy Coffee Collection. Every time I open one of these books I get exactly what I want. Great banter, lotsa of passion and tons of entertainment. These books are the equivalent of taking a shot; quick, fiery and you know you'll have a great time...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On this third installment we meet a sexy and very cocky CEO. Ryan Dalton is a hugely successful real state investor who happens to love sex. He is handsome and very good in bed so he's always on the hunt for his next best lay. The problem is his business is constantly being splashed all over the media and he doesn't help his case by flaunting his ways or by being totally unapologetic about his sex life.

Ryan is in desperate need of a new PR company. He's been dropped by almost every PR agent in the city and now his reputation is actually hurting his business. Penelope Lauren doesn't take crap from anyone, she's trying to grow her PR company but it hasn't been easy. Now she's presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, will she take on the cocky client every other company refuses to work with?

And what happens when you meet your new client and he turns out to be the sexy one night stand you can't stop thinking about?

I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this book. Ryan and Penelope are fire together. This book was the perfect combination of all the things I love in my sexy reads. I can tell that author Whitney G. created these books with the sole purpose of giving readers a good 'Ol time. Cocky Client is absolutely fantastic!!!!

 photo CD947C1A-8251-43A0-B6B5-72D4A0A4EE37_zps3rgiutfu.jpg
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2,434 reviews4,564 followers
July 13, 2017
Live Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Cocky-Client-N...


This was exactly what I needed!A quick,fun,flirty and steamy read!Ryan and Penelope were super hot together and their chemistry was off the charts!Their dialogues were smart and I was smiling all the time while I was reading it!

This is what Whitney G's books doing to me, they are so refreshing,fun and entertaining!Cocky Client was such an enjoyable read!The chemistry and the flirting were something else!!If you're looking for a quick read with a cocky hero a smart heroine and some steamy moments then this is the perfect book!!I love this series and this one is one of my top favorite!


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1,335 reviews1,398 followers
July 14, 2017
5 Stars!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Penelope Lauren is a gorgeous, single woman living in New York. She owns & runs a small PR firm in Manhattan called Penelope Lauren and Associates. She's a publicist who caters to mostly high profile clients, and is trying to grow her business. Professionally she's in a good place, but her personal life is at a stand still. She hasn't slept with anyone since her ex, & is in need of some male attention. She gets herself all dolled up & heads out to a club. She meets a sexy stranger at the club & ends up having the best sex of her life.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

-He was sexier than any man I'd ever met in my life.

-I could already tell that this man was beyond cocky. That he knew just how damn attractive he was and he knew how to use his sexiness to get exactly what he wanted.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ryan Dalton is a self made real estate tycoon & the CEO of Dalton International Estates and Realty. He's well known in the media as an arrogant, billionaire playboy. His reputation precedes him in this city, & nobody wants to deal with him anymore. He can't seem to keep a publicist with all his constant scandals, and needs a new PR firm to help him clean up his public image.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Penelope has a meeting with a new secretive mystery client who has yet to reveal his identity. Her ex has been taking her clients, so she really could use a wealthy high profile client. She is completely stunned when she realizes her newest client is her unforgettable one night stand, Ryan. She soon figures out he's cocky & impossible to work with. They drive each other crazy and can't agree on anything. She will only be representing him for a limited time, so they try to be professional. Eventually the sexual tension between them becomes too much to deny. They can no longer resist one another and real feelings develop.

I really enjoyed this third standalone novella in the Steamy Coffee Reads Collection. It was my favorite in the series. Super hot, sexy, & a fun flirty read!

 photo 6B9B7F00-B9BE-4A9F-AC1C-8FCB1F1E7535_zpsb34ape3n.jpg
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982 reviews786 followers
July 11, 2017
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sometimes a quick, light, steamy read is all this romance reader needs to save the day!
Obnoxious alpha hero
Strong female lead
Witty dialogues
Wicked hot chemistry
And Whitney G freaking delivers every time! I can't recommend enough her Steamy Coffee Collection novellas to you all.
( Naughty Boss , book 2 in the collection is currently #FREE HERE

More reviews and book talk at :

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1,314 reviews2,784 followers
August 8, 2017
⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Might contain spoilers*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱

I didn't like the ending. It happened too fast and it was unsatisfying. CEO and real estate mogul Ryan Dalton (cocky, arrogant manwhore) had his moments, I guess and owner of PR firm and publicist Penelope Lauren was alright. And together they were hot, but that was all. There was no depth, no real emotions between readers and characters; I didn't really feel for them. Nor care. They just were. Same with the story; a one nightstand, the one nightstand turns out to be your client/publicist, lust is all over the place and they can barely stay apart and then they are together. I liked the previous books in the series, book one the most, but this one just didn't hit it with me. Perhaps because this is the first M/F book in a long while. I wasn't ready, I believe. I still want to read M/M, you see. Damn I hate being addicted to M/M. It's ruining my reading life... xp
“I liked you a lot better in my apartment, when I didn’t know who you were.”
I liked you a lot better when my cock was buried inside your pussy...

Quick basic facts:
Genre: - (A) Contemporary Romance (M/M)
Series: - Series (Standalone), Book Three
Love triangle? -
Cheating? -
HEA? -
Favorite character? - Ryan Dalton.
Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Sure.
Would I recommend this book/series? - Sure.
Will I read this again in the future? - No.
Rating - 2.5/3 stars.
Profile Image for TJ *Book Twins Reviews*.
1,043 reviews2,396 followers
July 12, 2017
Another hit from Whitney G!!

I love this collection of short steamy novellas. Each of them has really hit the spot! In cocky client, we're introduced to another alpha-hole hero and strong and sassy heroine. What more could you ask for?!

Here's the breakdown: Penelope owns a small PR firm that she used to manage with her cheating ex. He's trying to get her to reconsider working, but she just wants to move on personally and professionally. She meets a handsome stranger while out on the town and spends one steamy night with him. To her surprise, her cocky new client ends up being her one night stand.

What I loved: All of it! My only complaint is that it was too short! I enjoyed the writing, as usual. The characters are engaging and the sexual tension is magnificent. The storyline is super cute. And the steamy bits are hot! This is another winner.

I highly recommend this to lovers of quick fun reads where the heroine gives as good as she gets :)

My rating: 4.25 Stars

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778 reviews2,116 followers
May 26, 2020
I have enjoyed Whitney G‘s novellas since reading Naughty Boss. They are always FUN, QUICK, HILARIOUS and SEXY!!!

The perfect combination!

I love them. They make me happy, and are perfect for in between books. Like Whitney G. says, her novellas are perfect while drinking a cup of coffee.

Cocky Client was fabulously funny. I enjoy Whitney G’s humor. Whenever she writes communications between her characters I’m cracking up EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! There is just not way around, I LOVE her writing style. Her eloquent way of describing scenes, her witty and sassy heroines. Those alpha assholes of hers, that are so deliciously arrogant and sexy. They make we swoon every time I read her books. I just need to say TURBULENCE!!

I adore her books – enough said!!

And on that note, don’t expect a huge ass review here. Go and buy it!! This book is a light, easy and sexy read. Perfect for an hour (or less if you are a fast reader) of fun.

Relax, sit back and enjoy it!!!

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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1,774 reviews446 followers
July 13, 2017
Looking for a fun and sexy story to read over lunch or coffee? Look no further! Cocky Client is a model quickie. Get your head out of the gutter… sort of… I’m talking about a short, easy to read story that will make you smile and fan yourself.

Penelope Lauren’s day could not have gone any worse. After a long dry dating spell, she finally decides to end it by having a one night stand with the gorgeous man who approached her at a club. She thought she’d never see him again, and the next morning after one too many misfortunes, she just wanted get through her meeting and sign with an unknown yet promising client. After hours of being late, the man who arrives is none other than the cocky, arrogant man she slept with the night before.

They say there's a thin line between confidence and arrogance... it's called humility. Confidence smiles. Arrogance smirks. Ryan Dalton is a cocky, arrogant alpha male with a panty melting smirk who starts a delicious battle of wills with Penelope that amped up their chemistry during the first month of their hands off working relationship. Their interactions are witty and meant to one up the other, but there’s also an underlying friendship building.

Even with the reduced plot and character development Whitney gives us the ideal amount of insight to make Penelope, Ryan and the secondary characters so appealing I’d love to read more about them. Each one of the Steamy Coffee Reads is a tiny bundle of sensually fun goodness I could not put down and devoured in a single sitting.

Cocky Client is novella #3 in the Steamy Coffee Collection by Whitney G. It is a standalone, contemporary office romance. It’s a fast, witty and sensual read with an arrogant hero and a feisty heroine. Told from two points of view with a happy ending.

Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2tl1gla

4.5 stars

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts taken are from that copy. *

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July 31, 2017
4 ★'s

I really enjoy these short, sweet and sexy novellas that Whitney G. writes. Of course, I would love for them to be longer (isn't that always the case?) but I understand why she did them this way. And they are great for when you need a quickie! Or need a short book to make your Goodreads goal! ;)

In this story, Penelope and Ryan meet at a club and have an amazing one night stand.

Ryan happens to be a billionaire that while doing great on the business end, has a wild personal life...more like he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. His board of directors think he needs to settle down and they make some restrictions on him, namely for him to get help from a public relations firm. The problem is everyone quits after a few months due to his outlandish behavior.


He takes things into his own hands and gets an interview with Penelope's company because naturally she's a public relations person and knows exactly what to do.

The big problem is that the contract has a non fraternization clause in the contract. I was actually surprised by how well they did.

The ending was really sweet and I loved how they worked everything out. Definitely a sexy story for only 71 pages!
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July 15, 2017
"3 Stars"

This was a cute short (too damn short in my humble opinion) story. I liked the book and enjoyed these two characters, but I wanted more. At least a few more pages with them being a couple. Well obviously that's not gonna happen so suck it up Maria! I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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July 12, 2017
➳When it comes down to business and pleasure mixing together, Whitney G. knows how to handle and control them in this enticing love story...

➳I loved this short novella! If this is the ending of the Steamy Coffee Collection, then Whitney did a great job finishing it, because this novella is definitely a MUST READ! Loved every aspect, every point, and every emotional point of view giving because it was all very unique and beyond presentable to the eye of the reader!

➳I cannot wait to read more of Whitney's stuff, and hopefully more novellas will be coming in the future!

➳ARC kindly provided by Whitney in exchange for an honest review

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July 19, 2017
3* unpopular & spoiler-ish STARS!

Review @ Midnight Romance

Ladies and maybe gents... Let me present you... The most immature grown up man of the month! His assholiness level is above the both males from Naughty Boss and Dirty Doctor; the previous books. My patience was definitely tested.


⇒ No PR company is crazy enough to handle Ryan Dalton, a billionaire and playboy with an extra package of high and mighty attitude. He won't stop having sex until some of his 'scandal' effected his company. But Ryan didn't really care and he's still on going the night he met 'Rachel'.

⇒ Penelope Lauren is an independent and hard-working woman. She owned her small PR company despite her ex jerk moves stole her clients. The night she decided to relax herself, Lauren finished with a mind-blowing sex with her future client. Yup, the mysterious $3M came from Ryan Dalton, her one night stand.

⇒ Like I said earlier, I considered Ryan is immature AF. Yeah, he's rich and brilliant businessman. A self-made billionaire with an a$$titude. He's in lust with Penelope since their first night (she gave him a fake name).


⇒ Their first official met didn't go well. Ryan demands a ridiculous proposition and Penelope turn it down. Anyway, Penelope has patience like saint to face this frustrating man after Ryan's brother plead for the company.

⇒ I liked Penelope with her professional attitude. I couldn't like Ryan because he doesn't seems redeem himself somehow. He didn't do anything worthy for her. Ryan is just stop being a manwhore to have a serious relationship with Penelope. Well, everything went well and everyone is happy. Except me. Because the story totally bored me with time skip and some decent sex.


✦ Please visit @Midnight Romance for more reviews! ✦
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December 24, 2017
This book felt more of a banter between two teenagers rather than two professionals suppressing sexual desires IMHO.
3.5 stars rounded down because of the HFN ending. I do need my HEAs.
Hero was a manwhore.
However he was celibate for about 7 months before meeting the heroine however I still didn't find that satisfactory.
She approached HIM, unintentionally, but still.
So forgive me if I don't feel special enough on behalf of the heroine.
However, even without the no sex contract from work, he'd still have found the heroine special enough (I guess thanks to her "phenomenal " V, his word not mine) and would have stayed celibate for a while.
The ending was anticlimactic, however believable. For a reformed manwhore and a guy who has been betrayed, he has picked up the hints himself. He acknowledged small feelings by himself without any possible external threats. There was no hint of losing the heroine, so the recognition wasn't desperate measure.
However, what I come to realise, with Whitney G, is that her heroines almost ALWAYS have an embarrassing moment, usually acknowledging there sexual desire for the hero. I don't see why that is necessary.
A) it gives the heroes an upper hand, NOT a desirable thing in a relationship.
B) embarrassment is NOT an aphrodisiac, in fact it's a turn off.
Is it too much to ask for once, for a heroine who can remain professional without drooling and leaking over the hunk? We manage to do it every day!
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May 11, 2019
It was Ok...just not as good as the other two

****3.5 Stars****

I have really enjoyed the Steamy Coffee Collection, but unfortunately, Cocky Client just didn't work as well for me. Sure, there was the same sort of humour, arrogance in our hero and sexy shenanigans, BUT, this Cocky Client was a first-rate DOUCHEWAFFLE!! I'm still kind of fuming over the horrible note he wrote to the heroine after their hook-up. He just didn't convince me he was a "changed man", by the end.

Narrators do a fabulous job, the characters were interesting, even though a little frustrating, and the sexy times were HOT!!

After this very entertaining introduction to Whitney G., I will definitely go back for more of her stories in the future.
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July 15, 2017
3.5 Stars
I hate novellas because they are too damn short. lol But I love this author so I had to read it. Loved it but I needed more.

I also have to say that 2.99 for a book that ends at 84% just pisses me off! There I said it! They should be .99! Glad I had a credit to spend:))
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Want to read
July 13, 2017

★4.5 STARS★

Cocky & confident hero.
Obnoxiously hilarious banter.
Clever and feisty heroine.
Knee trembling steamy moments.
Your next indulgent read ;)

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December 6, 2018

Realmente Cocky Client me sorprendio gratamente. Aunque habia leido algunas reseñas positivas de este libro seguia teniendo mis reservas cuando lo empece, principalmente porque la novela anterior no me gusto nada, pero la historia de Penelope y Ryan fue muy graciosa y entretenida, ademas pese a las pocas paginas que tiene, no me resulto una historia inverosimil o irreal, tiene un muy buen equilibrio entre el numero de paginas y la historia que narra.

En resumen, una novela agil, divertida e ideal para aquellas personas que sean fan de los romances de oficina o del cliche de enemigos que se enamoran.

3 Estrellas!
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November 8, 2017






And...that's all?!

Well, there's a cock in sight too, one that is a part of a cocky billionaire in need of a PR clean up of an image and a smart mouthy badass of a heroine...and the steam...what else is there to say?!

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