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Omega Studies

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Matt Guerrero is ready for the freedom that college brings: freedom from his family, and the pressures of being an omega in an alpha's world. So when the school assigns him an alpha "mentor," he can think of nothing he wants less than a mandatory babysitter...no matter how hot the guy is.

Derek Fisher just wants to play it safe after a serious mistake almost cost him everything last year, but it's hard to keep his head down when his assigned omega keeps making trouble. He's never been into guys before, but Matt is attractive, smart, and funny, and spending time with him is seriously distracting. Derek wants more, but giving in to his desires could put everything at risk all over again.

When Matt uncovers a plot that could tear the school apart, he's all in--on fighting it, and on his relationship with Derek. Derek won't let him do it alone, but they'll have to fight the school administration and a ghost from Derek's past before they can be together the way Derek truly wants: as alpha and omega.

This is a 57,000 word stand-alone steamy gay romance with lots of heat, non-shifter alpha/omega dynamics, and a happily ever after ending with no cliffhangers.

193 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 23, 2016

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Casey Cameron

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879 reviews7 followers
March 6, 2017
4 hearts!

This is the second book I’ve read from Casey Cameron and I still really love the world she’s built. So we have human Alphas, Betas and Omegas and all in a modern setting. In this particular story we have Matt who is an Omega and is a passionate advocate for Omega rights. He’s in his first year of college at a newly integrated A/B/O college and is annoyed as hell to realise every Omega has been assigned an Alpha to virtually babysit them. Derrek is Matt’s assigned Alpha and while he’s never identified as bisexual he’s immediately drawn to Matt’s intoxicating scent.

I found Matt quite a hard character to like at first. He’s obviously passionate about his cause but it's caused him to be very cynical of anything good to do with his biology or alphas in general. Matt takes a really long time to warm up to Derrek, probably because he’s constantly blaming Derrek for things he didn’t do and all based on his generalisation of Alphas being meatheads.

Despite that, I did really like these two together. Once they're together Matt’s tune changes and he really does like and respect Derrek. They work well as a couple and despite some dramatic reactions from Matt they actually do talk about their issues and keep moving forward together.

Now for those of you who are dying to know, never fear KNOTTING is here!!! Alot. Like a lot of knotting is done and its pretty damn yummy!!

There wasn’t alot I didn’t like about this story actually, Matt was probably the most annoying aspect, but everything flowed nicely and I really enjoyed Matt and Derrek once they were together. I think I’ll be coming back to Cameron when I want a A/O story with a twist.

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1,419 reviews37 followers
April 20, 2017
3.75 Stars!
Another fun read from the non-shifting alpha, beta and omega world. This one has a bit of angst, a bit of intrigue and a bit of political drama. Add to that interesting MC's and secondary characters, some really hot sex scenes (including knotting), and you have another really good read from Casey Cameron.
467 reviews
October 30, 2016
This was a very well-written book, with great characters and an interesting storyline. I would definitely recommend it to readers who are new to the Alpha/Omega genre.
This is a guilty pleasure for me. The reason I love Alpha/omega stories is for the animal instincts, dirty sex, dominance, and heat. This book had those elements, but they were secondary to a very strong story.
How odd is that? I found the story to be too strong and was disappointed that there wasn't more hot sex?!?!

I think this book would be ideal for anyone new to the A/O genre because it was so strong with the story. I'll definitely recommend it to interested readers, but for what I was hoping to read, this wasn't quite it.
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510 reviews30 followers
November 1, 2016
Me ha gustado, lo que es una sorpresa, porque aunque el concepto del Omegaverse es super conocido en fics, había leído pocas novelas que pudiese acabar. Ésta no ha estado mal del todo, pero no he conseguido ver esa química animal que se presupone entre un Alfa y su Omega, sin embargo, de lo mejorcito que he encontrado.
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378 reviews45 followers
January 12, 2023
After actual years of thinking o-verse was absolutely not for me, I read Morgan Hawes's Late Bloomer and started reconsidering some of my life choices, i.e. I poked around the omegaverse tag here to see whether there was more in that book's league.

Omega Studies tries to do some of the same things, I think -- Matt is an omega who doesn't automatically defer to alphas & who correctly resents the control masked as chivalry that's imposed on omegas, while Derek is an alpha who hasn't given social conventions much thought but finds himself challenged and intrigued by Matt's personality and his critique of the expectations on both of them.

Well, if you read two books that take up similar themes and the first one happens to be brilliant, the second one is going to suffer by comparison no matter what. There's nothing wrong with Omega Studies, exactly; it's just that neither the characterizations nor, therefore, the emotional movement is as complicated and thoughtful as they are in Late Bloomer, so I was inevitably disappointed.

Interestingly, Casey Cameron also wrote Truth by His Hand, which is one of my favorite romances ever. I'm always curious when one of an author's books is head and shoulders better than the others -- I checked out some other CC books after reading TbHH and was underwhelmed. Neve Wilder's Center of Gravity also wowed me whereas her other books struck me as fine but not impressive-fine. In that case there's a clue in the afterword, where NV talks about the events in her own life that informed the book: Right, so that's why this had so much emotional oomph! No idea whether anything similar applies to TbHH, of course -- maybe Casey Cameron just happened to brew the coffee exactly right one day -- but if there's a general secret to these things then damn would I like to know it.
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2,358 reviews70 followers
April 5, 2021
I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I liked the main characters both Derek and Matt. There was enough going on to keep my interest and I like a slow burn to the romance.
Profile Image for Cadiva.
3,467 reviews320 followers
April 10, 2017
Another good paranormal romance from Cameron

I like the paranormal world that Casey Cameron has created for her alpha/beta/omega romances. There's no shifters here but a lot of the dynamics work in a similar fashion.

This is a romance but it has a nice side order of college politics running alongside it. I did think there were a few plot elements which didn't get properly resolved like Andy's fate for one, but overall it was an enjoyable read.

I found Matt a little too abrasive at first but he slowly grew on me. Derek I liked from the off as he seemed determined to try and not fulfil stereotypes and was willing to listen.
I liked the secondarily characters too and I liked that all the alphas weren't jerks.
Profile Image for ButtonsMom2003.
2,888 reviews18 followers
October 27, 2016
Interesting book and a good story.

This is the first book I’ve read by Casey Cameron and I enjoyed it. I’ve never read a book with Alpha/Omega elements that wasn’t a shifter story. There were a lot of interesting dynamics happening is this book. I know this is probably weird, but Omega Studies reminded me of the original Star Trek series. Many episodes of that old TV show provided a no-so-veiled social commentary (e.g. on the irrationality of racial prejudice) while providing entertainment.

Omega Studies, while an entertaining gay romance story, also addressed elements that seemed, at least to me, like an illustration of how not to handle a lot of things that might happen in our changing world and mix of cultures. I found this to be interesting and a good thing. I have no idea if this slant was intended or not but it sure got me to thinking while I was enjoying a good story.

The story takes place on a newly-integrated college campus after two different schools merged. Previously one school was for alphas only and the other was for omegas. While omegas were considered the more docile population, Matt, an omega, wasn’t one to just sit quietly in the background and take the treatment being doled out by certain alphas. He forms a social group to help the omegas and then discovers a plot that could end up dividing the school.

Derek is assigned to help Matt integrate into the school and escort him to and from his classes to keep him safe. Matt objects to this and as they get to know each other Derek becomes more aware of how unequally the omegas are being treated. While Derek has always thought of himself as straight he gradually comes to realize that he’s having romantic feelings for Matt.

The sexy time between Derek and Matt is pretty hot!

This story engaged me and I was absorbed in it from the start. It looks like Ms. Cameron is a new author with only 4 books showing on Amazon and Goodreads. I would definitely read more of her work.

An advanced copy of this book was provided to me but my review was voluntary and not influenced by the author.
Profile Image for Katy Beth Mckee.
4,039 reviews44 followers
December 1, 2018
I like the twist in this book. Matt is a strong and determined man who wants something different for Omega's including himself. I love the irony that Derek is willing to participate in the omega program to make amends for his more violent ways when those ways are the very reason he was chosen to take part. I liked they way several worked together to overcome a plot. I appreciated the idea that like in real life sometimes things get fixed without a big fanfare and news crew on stand-by. And I enjoyed the fact that Matt learns he can be strong and still be open to relationship. Sometimes at least in books you can have it all.
Profile Image for caroline wilson.
560 reviews3 followers
October 25, 2016
I had an advanced free copy of this book for an honest opinion
This book was a firm 4.5 for me, as I really enjoyed this book.
Matias or as he wants to be known now as Matt is trying to distance himself away from his influential family as he heads off to university. He's opinionated and is adamant he won't be tethered to an alpha just because he's an omega, and he wants to achieve his independence and prove he can stand on his own.
Unfortunately for Matt the university is in the first stages of integrating Maxwell university which is for alphas and Elodie Hart university for omegas, meaning opinions is still high that omegas still need the help and protection of alphas still. This is where Derrick comes in.
Derrick has been advised that he needs to do this alpha/omega programme to try and exonerate some of his bad behaviour from last year to keep his scholarship, which is where Derrick and Matt clash. Derricks trying to be good and take his responsibilities serious but Matt's not having any of it and is being very vocal in his displeasure making Derricks job more difficult. This is where they have tension until they start to appreciate the other and get romantically involved. But everything is not as it seems at the university, with omegas unhappy and a dean that is unhelpful Matt decides to do some digging, dragging Derrick in. With plots finally starting to unravel and old nemesis ready to destroy the blooming relationship between the two its full of action.
This book has all the properties of a shifter romance and the dynamics of an alpha/omega but none of the furriness. I enjoyed this romance between Derrick and Matt and its start from enemies and distrust to a heart warming love story with a sprinkle of villains into the mix. I also enjoyed the secondary characters that rounded out the story, a good read.
3,009 reviews28 followers
December 14, 2016
College for All

I liked the story line.
I wish we'd had closure for Sarah.
I wonder what made Mr. Guerrero change...maybe Mrs. Guerrero.

Profile Image for Molly Lolly.
834 reviews3 followers
December 23, 2016
Original review on Molly Lolly
Four stars!
This was a wonderful story. I adored seeing Matt figure out not all alphas are testosterone fueled jerks and Derek realized not all omegas need the same thing. Plus this world is so fascinating! We learn a little bit more how things work in Ms. Cameron’s universe. I enjoyed the friends surrounding Derek and Matt. They made a wonderful case and made me want to get to know them more.
Matt was someone you could tell was going places in his life. He was an omega advocate and wanted what’s best for every omega even if it’s different than what he wants and society thinks omegas want. He definitely came off preach at first and mellowed throughout the story. But that was part of his growth as a person to realize not all alphas are bad and not all typical A/O relationships were abuse. The way Matt’s feelings for Derek grew was so sweet. You could tell he was hesitant at first but when they were both on the same page their emotions poured from the page.
I really liked Derek. He had growing of his own to do. At first I kind of wanted to smack him with his stereotypical alpha-centric views. However it was obvious he just never through about things from any other aspect. The way his eyes opened from knowing Matt and handling his feelings for Matt he evolved and realized there was far more to omegas than he thought. I adored how he handled his dawning bisexuality. The way he was all “oh, I like that too” made me cheer. He was slow to come out though I did understand his reasonings. However the way he came out when he was ready was completely epic!
There’s a scene towards the end where Derek’s friend does something to Matt. I was confused by its inclusion since it didn’t further the plot and not much actually happened. It was over quickly and not mentioned again.
The plot line where Matt uncovered some things between alphas and omegas at the college was really well done. I liked how it was woven in the story and you didn’t realize you were biting your nails wondering how it was going to go down until the suspense and tension was so thick you could wade through it. It did wrap up a bit too easily. However it was also realistic for the bad guy in this situation to slip quietly into the night without any repercussions from his actions.
I liked Matt’s friends and Derek’s teammates. They were supportive of both of them and their relationship. They had their own personalities and were fun additions to the story. I liked how Jesse and Paul got their own happy ending even if they weren’t the focus of the story. Matt and Derek are in that happy space between happy for now and happily ever after. I know they’re going to make it and they love each other deeply. But I so want to see them a few years down the line. I want to know what career field Matt goes into and how his and Derek’s relationship plays a role in that. I can’t wait to read more in this world and from Ms. Cameron.
Profile Image for Mike.
1,171 reviews27 followers
November 4, 2018
Inventive setting with decent Omegaverse execution

This was a nicely inventive setting, paralleling Omega Studies to modern university’s Gender Studies critique on gender roles (with Omegas being restricted to a mixture of 19th/early 20th/21st century traditional women’s roles). The protagonists were definitely interesting to me, if the chemistry was at times lacking, although overcoming distrust/dislike because of stereotypes and personalities due to both positive experience as well as attraction due in part to hormones was interesting, if not always as compelling as I’d like.

The somewhat intricate political plot was pretty fascinating, but resolves too quickly and a bit too pat for me, as was Derek the alpha’s semi-tortured past.

Because of the focus on gender roles, Matt’s heroic fight for Omega equality, and Derek’s tortured past, and perhaps the fact that the two didn’t generate as much chemistry, I wasn’t really pulled into the heat. (I ended skimming it even more than normal, as it just didn’t seem quite right or compelling for me to dive into the hormonal heat after all of the political and personal struggles.)

4.5 stars - setting/political plot - for those who want a detailed dive into gender politics, which is one of the most fascinating aspects of Omegaverse stories for me
3.5 stars - protagonists - I really liked (a flawed but strong Alpha, a strong but still needy Omega)
2.5 stars - heat and romance - I understood the attraction, but the steam and chemistry didn’t work well with the political and personal stories for me)

Profile Image for Xan.
218 reviews3 followers
October 26, 2016
I was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
My very first thought is, how much time does Cameron spend writing, because it seems like I just finished reviewing another book not that long ago? Not only that but this book's prose is clean and tight, not full of the typos and grammatical errors that seem to plague so many ebooks in this genre. But that's just the technical stuff.
The first thing I noticed about the story that set it apart from other pieces of read by this author is the great description of the characters, and not just the main ones. Cameron does such a great job of letting us into the thoughts and hearts of her characters that I always felt their physical descriptions were often lacking if not altogether absent. But not this time. In this book I may not be able to keep Matt and Dereck straight, (for some strange reason), but I could certainly describe them to you when I figure it out.
Beyond the wonderfully colorful characters in cameron's book the other thing that really stands out for me is her fabulous world building. She has created an entire A/B/O Universe with its own rules and culture. It is a place that I am more than happy to spend time visiting for some vicarious M/M steamy fun.
I would highly recommend this book and this author to anyone who enjoys A/O, M/M fiction as I definitely feel that Cameron Is one of the better written. I will be anxiously awaiting whatever she comes up with next.
January 14, 2018
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3.5 stars

For an explanation of my ratings, see my ratings legend. For brief reviews on hundreds of books, check out my site.
173 reviews1 follower
June 2, 2021
I read this as part of the box set, so after Tying the Knot and His Alpha's Alpha.

Good story and the author avoided making it overly dramatic for the most part, which I appreciated.

The story reflects on themes like gender/racial inequality and integration of schools.
471 reviews3 followers
June 14, 2017
What a surprisingly good read!

ABO (non-werewolf) dynamics in a college setting with the mandatory sex but also with liberal scoops of storyline. The college politics played a big role and kept me interested in the book.

At the beginning, Matt is a little too volatile and has a big chip on his shoulders and Derek readily believes the alpha-omega dynamics. Both grow up by the end of the book.

Profile Image for Isha.
1,216 reviews
December 11, 2017
Enjoyable Alpha/Omega book.

Matt, the outspoken omega, has issues with traditional alpha/omega roles. Derek, the alpha, is okay with the roles but as he starts spending time with Matt, his views start to change. I really enjoyed their relationship. I do wish, there was some closure between Andy, Sarah and Derek. There was so much talk about that issue, but no real closure.
Profile Image for Jen.
Author 7 books110 followers
December 31, 2017
Sooo good

Even though I have a lot of critique about the homophobia in the book because it really doesn’t make sense in an omegaverse, this was a fantastic story. Definitely recommend.
Profile Image for Adrienne -kocham czytać-.
688 reviews60 followers
December 8, 2017
Started off with lots of potential, but then the enemies to friends, the criminal conflict, all the issues fizzled. It ended fine, but far down from where the beginning was at.
Profile Image for Jo.
1,605 reviews
May 30, 2020
It was ok... I did skim a lot of it though 🤷🏼‍♀️
Profile Image for D..
1,645 reviews11 followers
October 8, 2021
I loved it but I need more of them, I want to see when Derek get on one knee and asked Matt to be his husband and some parts were dismissed like Matt's parents and the thing with Andy and his sister, I'd love to see how the problem was solved.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
10 reviews2 followers
January 12, 2017
I decided to read this book because I was looking for an Omegaverse novel that looked like it had something more cerebral to it. It was a little shorter than I was aiming for, but it certainly didn't under deliver on delivering a cerebral element.

Omega Studies does a good job using caste dynamics to primarily parallel real world gender discrimination. It was a little heavy handed at times, but that's fine; It's a serious issue that Omega Studies is a modern day sudo-fantasy parable of. The minor characters were all enjoyable and the twist with Paul was a welcome surprise for me.

Casey does a good job portraying Derek's well meaning but ignorant bigotry and giving him room to grow as the novel progresses. It felt a little quick to me, but it was paced well considering the book's length. (Don't take that as a complaint necessarily. I'm heavily biased in favor of long reads, but that's not everyone's cup of tea.) He walks an uneasy line between what he's obligated to do and what he feels is right. I especially enjoyed the execution of Derek's introspection. It's a profoundly difficult task to decide on your own that one of your morals is fundamentally misplaced, and an even more difficult task to portray the subtleties of that well.

Matt, the other protagonist, I had a little more difficult time with. I did enjoy how he casually subverts his caste's stereotypes early on, and his playing detective was where the meat of the story took place; but I had a bit less fun reading when he was playing activist. He always did everything perfectly. He always said the right thing the right way, he was always on the right side of social issues, he basically handled everything perfectly, and it was well done to boot. But at the same time that degree of execution was a bit dull. Matt doesn't really make mistakes when dealing with other people. He's jaded, cranky, and petty, sure, but those are justified character flaws, and that's fine. But he doesn't have a moment where he decides 'wow, I was a jerk/made a mistake/crossed a line/execution was off, I should change/fix something.' or at least, he didn't have one that resonated strongly with me. Matt's struggles were outstanding, but his growth was minimal. I normally wouldn't hold that against him, except he was a major perspective character who had a lot of interesting things happen to him, it felt like a missed opportunity.

To be honest, I don't know if it's fair for me to hold that against Matt or not. Omega Studies is first and foremost an allegory for equal rights/treatment. Matt has a lot riding on his shoulders being the espy for the mistreatment and struggles of oppressed people in modern society, so I don't know if there ever really was an appropriate moment for Matt to be flawed in the way I was craving.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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387 reviews4 followers
October 28, 2016
*I received this book in return for my honest opinion*

This book was a little different from some of the other Alpha/Beta/Omega stories I've read. Not bad, just different. It wasn't your tradition meeting of mates, bonding and then mating. It was a slow building of two opposites learning to be tolerant of one another, turned friends, and then love.

Matt was a little tough to swallow. He was independent, smart mouthed and sometimes downright a jerk some of the time. All the things he accused all the Alphas of being, he was himself. Right off the bat he was rude and mean to Derek within 5 seconds of meeting him. I felt sorry for Derek to have to deal with someone who was such a jagged pill after all he had already been through. Matt accused Alphas of being set in their ways, unwilling to listen to others opinions and cruel, but he himself was also fitting Derek in with what he thought of all Alphas. Even when Derek tried to reason with him, he was unwilling to bend even a little to see his side. Eventually Matt softened toward Derek.

There was some suspense and drama with Derek's BFF (which had to do with Derek's previous problems) and also with the Dean of MHU, because when you are someone with the power to do what you want, you will do what you want. It didn't play put like I thought it would but it was still well written. The issue with Derek and his BFF towards the end was left as a cliffhanger. We don't find out what happened after all is said and done with the BFF or the outcome with his family.

The man on man action was steamy with a little mating heat and some knotting thrown in.

All in all this was a good read with little to no editing errors that I noticed.
815 reviews8 followers
January 15, 2017
An interesting variation of Alphas and Omegas and Betas without any shifting...

This was an enjoyable read that held my interest from cover to cover. This writer has a gift that explores and reveals some truly discouraging and troubling issues that exist in the modern world while according it that element of creativity and the supernatural by making he two MC's an Alpha and his very compatible Omega. The twist lies in Maria's being privileged, rich and a scholastic genius while Derek is more predictable as an Alpha depending on an athletic scholarship for his college degree. We aren't told what Derek's life goals are, but we do learn he is truly a sincere, caring man underneath his initial archaic beliefs about the Omega/Alpha roles and places in society. Matt and Derek get thrown together at first, and before long they come to mean more to each other than either of them had planned. A lot like life, and the natural evolution of basic human nature, desires, chemistry -- whatever name assigned, it all translates into fate , or better yet, Destiny. In the scheme of life and love, Matt and Derek are absolutely lovely and perfect for each other, Five stars for a wonderful couple of hours of reading!
Profile Image for Lovingbooks1.
1,185 reviews24 followers
October 25, 2016
*I was gifted this book in exchange for my opinion*

Matt is a Omega with not much respect for the Alpha guide assigned to him when he starts his semester. Derek is the Alpa who is the receiver of Matt's disrespect but when he senses that Matt is his mate he must rethink his sexuality. What will he do when he finds out he is not as straight as he thought he was?

I liked this story, it was sweet, hot and fun. I'm not a big fan of college romance but I found that I can forget it and just enjoy the experience of a good story.

The writing style is light and to the point, no excessive description of surroundings and a good amount of dialogues. Just as I like it!

I liked that Derek wasn't a typical Alpha male that just growled and demanded obedience of his Omega. He actually listened and considered what was being said before reacting. And I admired Matt's courage to stand up for his beliefs.

I feel like the plot in the story was a little weak but the overall build up was good.

The characters was well written and with feelings so I got to know them a bit. I didn't get the full "living in the story" feeling but it's a good 4 star story.
Profile Image for Cheryl.
552 reviews12 followers
October 25, 2016
ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review.

Matt has just started at college and is excited to be attending a newly integrated institution. Alphas and omegas mixing in education for the first time. Part of the deal of joining this college is that the omegas are provided with an alpha mentor to escort them everywhere. Unlike your average omega, Matt is not backwards at coming forward. In fact, he's very opinionated and doesn't care who knows it.

Derek gets more than he bargained for when he is paired with Matt and as a 'straight' guy, he is confused by his growing feelings for this mouthy young man. As the term progresses, Matt realises that there is a conspiracy against the omegas and sets about uncovering the details.

I liked both MC's and there is almost a bit of role reversal between the two. Matt is sarcastic and has a lot of funny one-liners that made me laugh and Derek knows he just can't win where his charge is concerned. A fun story and well worth a read.
Profile Image for Missjoanie.
284 reviews2 followers
December 4, 2016
Let me be

I enjoyed this book as it was not a simple non shifter relationship overrun with uncontrollable hormones. Instead we have good world building set on a university campus in which two universities have (one an omega and one an alpha), have amalgamated. Matt (Matias) an omega from a wealthy family comes to the slightly down at heel univ where he can be is own person without his family's influence. However, having omega on campus means they must be under the protection of an alpha peer. Matt is assigned Derek a senior alpha, who has his own complex story. Matt tries to be good student but something Todd is going on at the college and he feels omegas are been subtlety undermined. He's forms an omega alliance group. At the same time Matt and Derek must negotiate what they are to one another whilst unravelling what is going on at the university and the dynamics of an alpha/ omega relationship.
The characters are built up that you are rooting for them. This is the first time I have read this author and would do so again.
Profile Image for Jaymie.
673 reviews11 followers
November 10, 2016
What a pleasant surprise Omega Studies turned out to be. I honestly didn't have high expectations for this story because ABO dynamic stories have been pretty hit or miss for me. However, I found myself completely immersed in Matt and Derek's story. Easy to read, it went quickly, but Casey Cameron did a great job creating the world this story inhabited.

I liked the characters, both Matt and Derek are great together as well as individually. The care and gentle hand Derek had with Matt was refreshing for a story with this theme. I also enjoyed the way they took their time getting together. They moved slow and unaware, becoming friends and eventually more and it felt very natural.

If you are a fan of A/B/O, Omega Studies is definitely a book I'd recommend.

4 Stars!

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*
Profile Image for Antoinette.
370 reviews1 follower
November 11, 2016
Loved it. I loved Derek he was this sweet caring alpha that was misunderstood. I liked Matt and understood how he felt but sometimes he was just too in your face. I'm glad he found Derek, it kinda mellowed him out and he was better able to take care of the Omega's problems. Andy was not only your stereotypical alpha, pushy and thought omegas should do whatever alphas said and grovel at their feet, he was also a little nuts. He didn't even attempt to understand Derek or get his sisters feelings on the matter. The tension between Derek and Matt was hot, the sex even hotter. Also I love a book when the underdog wins. I will definitely be reading more books by this author. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
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