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Dirty Little Secret

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She's the last thing he needs, but she's the only thing he wants...as long as it's behind closed doors.

It was supposed to be a one-time thing. No one would find out; no one would have to know. And then once turned into twice, and twice turned into several times a week, and now pierced, punk-loving, rebellious Tia Lanning is banging Mason Brooks, the big man on campus and Mr. All American.

But banging him isn't the problem. Falling for him is. Especially when he's content to let her remain his dirty little secret.

150 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 25, 2016

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About the author

Brighton Walsh

40 books1,288 followers
Award-winning USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brighton Walsh spent nearly a decade as a professional photographer before taking her storytelling in a different direction and reconnecting with her first love: writing. When she’s not lost in her own made up worlds, she’s probably either reading or shopping—maybe even both at once. She lives in the Midwest with her real life hero of a husband, her two kids—both taller than her—and her dog who thinks she’s a queen. Her boy-filled house is the setting for dirty socks galore, frequent dance parties (okay, so it's mostly her, by herself, while her children look on in horror), and more laughter than she thought possible. Visit her online at brightonwalsh.com.

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Profile Image for Irene.
1,847 reviews120 followers
October 21, 2016
5 stars

I loved My Strongest Weakness, it was a fun, emotional and sweet romance that grabbed my interest from the first page.

I really connected with Tia, loved everything about her and she holds a special place in my heart.
Mason was hot and sexy and you couldn't help but fall for him but at times he was such a guy, totally clueless... I wanted to smack him a few times, but when he finally stepped up and acknowledged what we all could see that he loved Tia all was forgiven and I was left with a huge smile on my face.

I have a huge girl crush on author Brighton Walsh and her words. Once again she's given us a heartfelt story that will make you hold your breath and pull at your heartstrings.

*I received an advance copy from the author in exchange for my honest thoughts.*
Profile Image for Stacee.
2,694 reviews702 followers
October 21, 2016
I've always been a fan of Brighton's words, so I don't even look at the synopsis any longer. As long as her name is on the cover, I'll read it.

I loved Tia and Mason. They're so different and yet so similar. I truly enjoyed reading them figure out how to make a relationship out of the twisted hook ups.

One of my main things I love about Brighton's work is that we're guaranteed a HEA, and this was no exception. My only complaint is that I would have liked a bit more from the ending, but that's mostly because I'm greedy.

Overall, a quick and chemistry filled read.

**Huge thanks to Brighton for providing the arc free of charge**
Profile Image for Carmen Rae.
1,439 reviews171 followers
January 4, 2020
This book has been on my kindle for so long. I saw a few awesome reviews from some of my GoodReads friends and one clicked it then didn't get around to reading it.

When I saw it on there today and checked it out on GoodReads I was shocked it was under 100 pages.

Tia and Mason were both great characters and I really loved this whole story. I don't know why I waited to read it.
Profile Image for Jamie.
708 reviews114 followers
October 27, 2016
This had a really good plot and I liked both MC's. I only wish that it was longer!
Profile Image for Teresa Mary Rose.
1,122 reviews354 followers
January 25, 2021
I can always count on Brighton to deliver a sexy and good story and that is exactly what she did with My Strongest Weakness. I devoured this novella and I really loved both Tia and Mason. I also loved that it took place during the nineties. That was fun.

On paper, Tia and Mason do not work and are opposites in every single way, but in this case opposites attract. The problem is they have both made a mess of things by keeping everything a secret. We all know how cliques work and both of them fall into those cliques and let others define how they acted. I liked watching them work through all of that though. Their chemistry was intense and I really felt the connection between them.

What I really liked about this one is that while it was a novella it never felt rushed or incomplete. I really felt as if I got the complete story and that was awesome. For me, that is always the biggest challenge with novellas. I actually love novellas as a rule but there are times where the story clearly feels rushed and that I don’t like. We never had that problem here. I also loved the nineties setting. Leaving notes instead of texting and mix tapes and walk men, it was a lot of fun.

My Strongest Weakness was a really good novella and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Once again, Brighton Walsh delivered.
1,557 reviews38 followers
October 27, 2016
Brighton Walsh est une auteure un peu inégale mais elle signe ici une nouvelle simple et classique mais très mignonne qui raconte l’histoire d’un quarterback, star montante du foot dans sa fac et d’une jeune étudiante en cinéma qui n’est vraiment pas issu du même milieu.

Quand l’histoire commence, Tia et Mason ont entamé une relation secrète qui dure depuis quelques semaines. Tous les deux sont tombés d’accord pour maintenir le secret. Mason, appartient à une fraternité dont il vise la présidence. Il est fils d’une famille bourgeoise et unie. Tia est d’un milieu plus modeste et ses parents sont séparés. Elle est couverte de tatouages et de piercings. Mason est propre sur lui et bien élevé. Rien ne les prédisposait à se rencontrer et encore moins à partager une liaison. Tous deux ne sont pas très sûrs de vouloir continuer et d’assumer tout cela publiquement. Quand le roman commence, c’est ce qui commence à tourmenter Tia, qui se sent dangereusement remise en cause par Mason.

Profile Image for Timitra.
1,261 reviews
October 18, 2016
I love a good opposites attract story and My Strongest Weakness so was that.The attraction between Mason and Tia was magnetic, they tried not to want each other but it didn't work the pull was too strong. I really enjoyed this story, I just couldn't put it down so I read it in one sitting. I didn't expect it to pack such an emotional punch being that it's a novella but it did. This is my first time reading this author but I won't be my last.

ARC provided by author in exchange for a honest review
Profile Image for Valerie.
885 reviews383 followers
October 29, 2016
I love this author. Her stories are always easy to slip into, sexy to spent time with, and satisfying to finish.

Mason and Tia are strong characters that come alive on the page. Though this is a novella and we come into their relationship after it's started, the relationship feels real. These two come from very different worlds yet they are soul mates. They balance each other and I cheered for them both.

I loved the message that was woven into this one. We're comfortable with people that have similar interests, look similar and act similar. It's a product of where we came from and who we have become. But it doesn't have to be an ending place. I enjoyed that.

It's a great story that you can devour in a few hours. And you will want to devour it.

Find time for this one. You won't regret it.
84 reviews2 followers
May 19, 2022
I am pleasantly surprised! I did not have high hopes due to the length and it deals with college age adults (not my favorite genre). However the author did not waste a word! She was able to develop real characters, a believable scenario (no 19 year old billionaire, star quarterback) and an FMC and MMC you actually rooted for. They were both strong and vulnerable, no ridiculous miscommunication and just enough angst that you are cheering for the HEA. First time reading this author but it will not be the last.
Profile Image for Sarah Bailey.
40 reviews4 followers
July 30, 2017
I loved this novella. In the short time we had with them, Brighton created multidimensional characters with insecurities, dreams, and fears. I loved watching them get pulled in by each other and the 90's pop references were awesome.
Profile Image for Indra VL.
264 reviews4 followers
November 16, 2021
Loved it! It’s a short story about two very different people who fall in love. Because they’re more worried about what other people think, they breakup. But after some time they get back together & everything is forgotten.
Profile Image for Mandy Moffat.
895 reviews2 followers
April 1, 2018
A really enjoyable short read.

Tia and Mason were well written complex characters. There was plenty of steam and passion, and a very touching and heartfelt HEA
Profile Image for Illa .
558 reviews17 followers
February 13, 2017
It's been too long since I read something like this, sadly it was a short novel.
I love reading about opposite attract. Celebrity with antifan (now is usually fan who is obsessed, wants to bang the celebrity and they get their way), Nerd with popular kid, Emo/punk/ with football/popular (like in this case), the age gap. Because usually in those situations there is always something that gets in their way; laws, pressure, because you don't want to risk being made fun off, lose popularity. And with those obstacles comes the thrill; the thrill of hiding, the persuasion, the I would never date you but I want you. Personally those situations I love to read about.
I Love Tina she is the type of FC I would love to hang out with. So funny that now her fashion sense is consider sexy to many guys including Jocks. The whole pinup look.
Sadly this was too short to know more about Mason in his POV for me he was more of what others want for him that what he wanted to do, like he talked more about that what other wanted him to do I wish I read more about what he wanted. I feel I knew Tina more when I read her POV than Mason.

I wish I could read more books like this. Overall I love this book.
Profile Image for Alis Renzi.
Author 1 book7 followers
November 4, 2016
My strongest weakness parla di una giovane ragazza, Tia, di cui non si sa nulla ma che una sera va ad una festa con la sua migliore amica e li nel corridoio buio di una fraternità fa impazzire Mason, un giocatore di football, con cui ha una relazione segreta da mesi... le regole dovevano essere chiare: non parlarsi in pubblico e non invadere gli spazi altrui. Ma qualcosa in questo rapporto cambia e la voglia di vedersi e toccarsi si fa sempre più forte e entrambi cominciano ad avere problemi nel concentrarsi negli studi e soprattutto diventano gelosi. Cosa accede quando due persone che non hanno nulla in comune si amano ma non hanno le palle o la forza di mostrarlo per paura?

Eh bene capita che questa coppia faccia di un librettino carino un librettino dove i cliché non sono pochi...
Il giocatore stronzo: CHECK ... La sfigata che nessuno vuole: CHECK ...
La storia d'amore impossibile: CHECK..

Che devo dire... non sono rimasta entusiasta di questa storia. Anche se corta e molto ben scritta i personaggi non hanno spessore tranne forse per le perle di saggezza che saltano fuori nei momenti in cui più te lo aspetti e che sicuramente abbiamo gia letto in altri libri.

Dunque oltre che un po noioso e pieno di Déjà-Vu, aggiungo anche che non lo consiglierei proprio... mi dispiace ma per me il voto è 1 farfalline fragilissima.

*** Esempi di perle di saggezza: lei gli parla mentre lui è con i suoi amici.. lei si gira e se ne va ma sente lui ridere con i suoi amici di com'è vestita.. lui dopo ci pensa e fa: ma forse sono stato stronzo a ridere di lei anche se volevo accompagnarla in classe e mandare a cagare l'amico. NOOO MA VAAAA CREDI?? .... altra perla: voglio mostrarle che l'amo ma tutto quello a cui penso quando la vedo è entrare in lei e farla impazzire.. forse dovrei parlargli e conoscerla... Nooo davvero non devi .. tranquillo una ragazza che ti fai e che tratti come un segreto si sentirebbe felicissima di essere trattata cosi dopo averti detto i suoi segreti... certooo come no!
Profile Image for Becca.
687 reviews49 followers
October 25, 2016
Brighton Walsh has once again managed to amaze me with her fantastic storytelling in My Strongest Weakness. This talented author packs some great character growth and genuine emotion into these few pages, leaving me desperate for more. Brighton had me effortlessly falling in love with Mason and Tia and I’d gladly take a full length novel and then some of this fun, sexy couple. Tia and Mason couldn’t be more opposite, yet their chemistry is undeniable. From the second this story began, their connection was absolutely electric, pulling me into their world and getting me hooked on them. Brighton Walsh has crafted something fierce and palpable between them that made my heart race and ache as I experienced the ups and downs of their journey. My Strongest Weakness is a perfect taste of what this author has to offer and a great reminder of what the new adult genre really is.

Despite its limited length, My Strongest Weakness made me feel deeply. I laughed at Tia’s feisty and sarcastic nature, swooned over Mason’s character-revealing internal conflict, and melted at the toe curling heat this couple generated. Both characters evolve over the course of this story, a combination of self-realization and emotional honesty driving their mutual growth. I adored seeing them grow into their own and mature beyond their years, allowing themselves to see the true value and rare honesty in their relationship. I was pleasantly surprised by the poignancy of Tia and Mason’s story. Not only does Brighton Walsh entertain with My Strongest Weakness, but she broaches social issues that anyone can relate to, imploring her readers to root for this couple to defy societal norms and find their happily ever after. Brighton’s writing maintains its enchanting quality, making this love come to life with her vibrant imagery and evocation of emotions while revealing the surprising depth that makes this author so brilliant.
Profile Image for Ashley.
313 reviews17 followers
October 28, 2016
New Adult meets 90’s nostalgia in Brighton Walsh’s My Strongest Weakness. As my first story from Walsh I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was highly satisfied. An opposites attract trope mixed with all the things I miss from growing up in the 90’s had me laughing, cringing, and falling in love with Tia and Mason.

Tia is that girl you look at and can’t help but think “Why?” about. She’s a bit grunge, a bit goth, and kind of emo as well. As a film student she’s been filming her fellow students about what makes them choose the friends and groups they hang out with. Mason is your average all-American boy next door. Frat boy and jock, he’s everything Tia is not. But when they share an Econ class together sparks fly and things heat up quickly.

I loved Tia and Mason. They had this amazing, palpable chemistry. They had this whole love-hate thing going on that I couldn’t get enough of. I understood why they had the agreement that they did but I didn’t agree with it entirely. I understand as humans we want to be around those like us and we have always been wary of the “other” but we cannot really do that. I love that Brighton took time to examine that aspect of life.

My Strongest Weakness is a quick, steamy read full of life. Tia and Mason gripped me from the beginning and didn’t let me go. I’m only hoping I can see more of them in the future. And more 90’s nostalgia. (But what does that say about me? Ha!)
Profile Image for Katie Rios.
269 reviews4 followers
October 31, 2016
I was really in the mood for something really specific when I picked this book up, and I wasn't sure if it would fit the bill, but I thought I'd give it a try. I don't enjoy novella's as much as full length novels. I read them mostly to satisfy the need to read something, but they almost never turn out like I hope. I always want more, more back story, more ... story. But with this one? It didn't even phase me. It moved quick, but it was refreshing to read that the characters had already started what they were doing. There was no one chapter where they are quickly introduced. What they were doing had already been going on for a while, and while I wished I could have read about the start of their relationship, I was glad we were able to focus on so much more than just how they started sleeping together in the first place. I loved Mason and Tia. Tia reminded me a lot of myself back in the day with her piercings and black hair. I liked the concept of groups mingling in groups. And I REALLY liked that it was in another time. late 90s or early 2000s I think. Which was awesome because that's when I was doing most of my high school stuff so I got a ton of references.

All in all, while it was a short read and I would have LOVED for another hundred pages or so, this book was awesome. Read it.
Profile Image for Honestly Honest Bookworm.
398 reviews43 followers
October 28, 2016
Favorite Quotes:
- Snapping my head up, I look at him, then glance around to see if anyone else sees what I see-this guy who's all wrong in this space. In my space. A square peg trying to fit in a round hole, too awkward to do anything but stand out there.
- Maybe she's worth everything.
- He's everything I never thought I wanted, but it's perfect.

It's everything.
- My opposite. My balance. My strongest weakness.
Profile Image for Jo.
74 reviews
December 23, 2016
I <3 90's!

This novella was a great little read! I don't read much contemporary romance & was given this as a gift. I loved the 90's references and the yin & yang of the couple. I felt the writing style was easy to read with a good flow to the story. It was easy to relate to the context despite being British & having no idea about Greek fraternities too!
Profile Image for Melissa.
166 reviews3 followers
November 11, 2016
Cute quick read!


Miss Brighton Walsh brought all the feels to My Strongest Weakness. Though the book is a quick read (under an hour for me) it leaves you with a smile on your face and sense of conclusion!
Profile Image for Sabrina.
1,148 reviews15 followers
October 28, 2016
I liked this book a lot. I liked how it dealt with stereotyping and how hard it is no matter who you are you struggle with your status.
Profile Image for Anne.
429 reviews16 followers
October 29, 2016
I liked the characters and the plot a lot but sadly it is a novella. In other words too short to be able to deliver a satisfying read.
Profile Image for Cassie.
328 reviews60 followers
October 30, 2016
Brighton writes the most best angsty and gritty relationships. This book contains 90s nostalgia and the cutest relationship that I cheered for throughout the whole book.
Profile Image for Jiyoung.
1,262 reviews5 followers
November 5, 2016
Short, pleasant read!
I liked the theme of this book which was about a sense of belonging and understanding difference.
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