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Kuttiedathi and Other Stories

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Kuttiedathi and Other Stories is a careful collection of ten short stories. This collection brings together some of the most well known stories of M T Vasudevan Nair, fairly representative of his literary works. Written over a broad span of time from 1962 to 2000, the stories collected here reflect the built-in variety of his fictional concerns and the changing tones of his narration.

204 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1959

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About the author

M.T. Vasudevan Nair

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Madathil Thekkepaattu Vasudevan Nair (Malayalam: മഠത്തില്‍ തെക്കെപാട്ട് വാസുദേവന്‍ നായര്‍) (born 9 August 1933), popularly known as MT, is a renowned Indian author, screenplay writer and film director. He was born in Kudallur, a small village in the present day Palakkad District, which was under the Malabar District in the Madras Presidency of the British Raj. He is one of the most prolific and versatile writers in modern Malayalam literature. In 2005, India's third highest civilian honour Padma Bhushan was awarded to him. He was awarded the highest literary award in India Jnanpith for his work Randamoozham.

More information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._T._Va...

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Profile Image for Dr. Appu Sasidharan (Dasfill).
1,037 reviews2,043 followers
December 10, 2022
(Throwback Review) This is a short story collection written by M.T. The story Kuttyedathi tells us about the life of a girl who is discriminated against and had to suffer based on her skin color and comparisons with her prettier younger sister. Many people dislike her also due to her boisterous nature. I love almost all the stories written by M.T. This small collection of five stories is also a must-read book if you know Malayalam.
Profile Image for Jiju.
27 reviews8 followers
May 19, 2018
The book describes the lives of people in the villages of Kerala and also those of Keralites who leave the villages and move to cities.Stories like Kuttiedathi , The deluge,Doors of heaven open and Insight covers topics like marriage, divorce, adultery, old ailing parents all of which describe the mindset of people with a Malayali touch.
Profile Image for Jwala.
1 review
October 8, 2016
kuttyedathi and other stories include a very touching styl. it narrates the stories of unchoosen ones in society. those among us who were always invisible or those who were not accepted due to lack of normal tag.. kuttyedathi was a different girl from tht era. she ws brave and unlike any other girls she ws a genuine being.always neglected by her family and society in the name of her dark skin, she learned to ignore the hateful comments and live happily ,until she crossed the limit of her pain sustaining capacity.. until her heart and soul broke apart irrevocably ,reminding us tht,somehow we still live in a similiar society... wen wil we ever understand, normalcy is just an average of major populations madness.. liv and let ppl live
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194 reviews13 followers
April 28, 2022
മരണപ്പെട്ടപ്പോൾ കുട്ട്യേടത്തിയുടെ ചിന്തകൾ എന്തായിരുന്നിരിക്കണം. ആശയറ്റ്, സ്വാഭിമാനം മുഴുവൻ പണയം വച്ച് ജീവിക്കാൻ അവൾ ഒരുക്കമല്ലയിരുന്നു. സ്നേഹിക്കാൻ കൂടി അവകാശമില്ലാത��...!! ഒരു കാലഘട്ടത്തിലെ മനുഷ്യ ജീവിതം എന്തൊരു ഭീകരമായിരുന്നു. ഇന്ന് കുറെയേറെ അതിൽ നിന്ന് കരകയറിയിരിക്കുന്നു... ശരിയാണോ...? കുറച്ചൊക്കെ. വളരെ കുറച്ച്.

1 review
June 12, 2014
These are one of the best stories ever written in Malayalam. M.T. the master craftsman of short story not only in Kerala but also in India.
Profile Image for Virtuous Puru.
7 reviews
April 11, 2019
I am a fan of short stories. At times, they end abruptly. And at times, they end definitively. When I spotted this book at Thiruvananthapuram airport, I simply grabbed it and continued turning pages at one go. I still took some time to stay with the stories and felt happy that I could relate to them. The original language didn't matter. Atleast the language, it is translated in made it a lovely read.
607 reviews37 followers
January 16, 2022
The bad production of the ebook is a downer - missing and wrong words abound, as do spelling errors. Even so, the stories have a power beyond the mediocre translation. The decay of the Nair tharavad is a background in many of them. Most are in the form of inner monologues of the main character. Grief, loneliness, betrayal, exclusion are recurring themes. Ultimately, the stories form a tapestry of life’s defeats, with little redeeming joys. Reality bites.
Profile Image for Darsana.
84 reviews10 followers
February 28, 2016
I have always loved MT sir's works. It always brought us back the nostalgic moments of childhood. Most of the characters were familiar to me. Though I hate tragic ending, I always his stories showed life, how our life goes beyond our planning. The main attraction of his stories are the relationships and the love. You can always feel the love between the characters and how society comes in between them
Profile Image for Shibin k.
97 reviews11 followers
May 3, 2019
Stories of people of love and struggle
not the best of MT, but necessary piece to the huge MT-verse.
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