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Charlie Red Star: True Reports of One of North America's Biggest UFO Sightings

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A wave of UFO sightings struck southern Manitoba in 1975, with possible connections to U.S. missile defense operations.

In 1975, Manitobans reported UFOs over their province almost nightly. The string of unprecedented sightings launched the biggest UFO craze in Canadian history. With sightings for well over a year, one object seen again and again became known as Charlie Red Star.

Grant Cameron was there. He witnessed Charlie Red Star many times, and led tours for others to see for themselves. He also caught wind of rumours of nuclear testing south of the Canada-U.S. border, which might have been the cause of the unexplained phenomena that was sighted in the upper atmosphere. This is the story revealed by eyewitnesses, photographers, and reporters chasing down the truth behind these still-unexplained encounters with UFOs.

240 pages, ebook

Published August 12, 2017

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922 reviews46 followers
June 30, 2017

A bit of a departure from my usual mysteries and thrillers. I briefly (very briefly) met Grant Cameron when my friend was married to a guy who ran conventions into UFO and it's linked conspiracies & I used to help them out selling the tickets. So while didn't know this story I have heard about some others. One thing I noticed is it doesn't matter which side of the fence you're on the stories are fascinating.

This book is full of stories and theories and included lots of photographs of sightings. If you are new to Ufology or want to know more this is a great little book to get your started

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June 22, 2017
Charlie Red Star: True Reports of One of North America's Biggest UFO Sightings by Grant Cameron is a well-balanced UFO book that sticks to the facts. Cameron collects interviews from numerous Canadian eyewitnesses that observed numerous UFO or UFO-related activity during the mid-1970s. Charlie Red Star was often seen by many and the UFOs arrival was a regular occurrence seen by many residents who lived in the Carman, Manitoba, Canada area.

Cameron covers UFOs, Sasquatch, and various light phenomena often seen with UFO sightings. He also offers a theory of why UFOs visit Earth. I won't give away his theory as that would give away one of the key topics in his book.

Cameron has included a good selection of UFO photos showing what was reported in Manitoba.

If you are interested in UFOs, and would like to learn more about the under reported Manitoba UFO flap, I highly recommend purchasing his book.

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Author 7 books24 followers
July 6, 2017
I like to thank Net galley for providing me a copy for review.

I strongly believe we are not alone in the universe. Twenty years back, evening time, my family use to lie on the terrace and watch the sky and we often see a small ball of light moving from north to south. Sometimes couple of lights trying to overtake. The lights won't blink and we told this to our friends and relatives, they did not believe us.

Coming back to the book, it is about recounting of Grant Cameron work on investigating the numerous unidentified flying object sightings that occurred in the Canadian province of Manitoba in the year 1975-76. The major portion of this book is retelling of the many tales told by citizens involved in the sightings. Charlie Red Star is name given to the glowing, pulsating disk shaped UFO.

The tales are vividly explained and exhaustive. Sometimes recounting feels a drag and the author has tried to change the flow by placing diagrams and photos.

Not only the author had given the records of sightings alone but also given elaborate information of how animals behaved during the appearance of Charlie Red Star, recording the sound and testing the wave pattern. People who become obsessed tried to capture the image of the flying saucer, but only one Tanis Major captured photographs are the best. Even the speed of the UFO is given. The author also raises several questions, what if these unidentified lights belong to alien technology? If the aliens wish to remain hidden, why do they place lights around their craft for all to see? Are they afraid of a mid air collision? Are these lights indicators that they want to land at our airports?

According to the story it appears that not only one UFO was involved, but commonly many had experienced watching Charlie Red Star.

In the end the author has given exhaustive detailed notes in chapter wise. I enjoyed reading the book and I recommend this to UFO buffs and conspiracy theorist.

I like to quote the last line of the book.

" Reliving old memories and dreams of the past. When he hunts through the night, we won't question why. Good Night, Charlie Red Star - Old Chief of the Sky".

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820 reviews1 follower
July 8, 2017
What makes this book pretty amazing.... the multitude of accounts, the meticulous research and documentation.... is also what make this book a kind of monotonous.
I admit I am a believer in UFO's but that's about the extent of it. I had no idea this flap occurred (and I'm pretty excited about learning new terms like "Flap" and "Ufologist"). This book documents so many stories, so many different accounts of so many sightings from so many people. At times I got a bit tired of reading the same thing, then had to remind myself that the repetitiveness and consistent stories is what makes this entire book credible. This was a very interesting read for me. I especially liked the clear exchanged people were able to have with the UFO's through blinking lights and response and the link between nuclear sites and UFOs.
I think ufologists and the like will especially enjoy this book but even simple believers or non-believers should give it a go. I definitely learned a lot.
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73 reviews2 followers
March 7, 2019
Started great... then by midway it just became a detailed story of each witnesses experience, and they were almost identical to each other... so it just became repetitive
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148 reviews2 followers
November 7, 2017
Never have I read any book like this one.
Fascinating information, documentation, historical detail that make the reality of UFOs quite evident. I am becoming a believer... quite the exposé, dating back to Cameron's experiences in Manitoba during the mid 1970's.
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