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A table for two

Waitress Tiffany Hayes knows what she wants and she wants Sebastian. Top’s grumpy sommelier calls to her in a way no man has before. She simply needs to show him that they belong together. Finding an opportunity to spend some quality time with him turns out to be the easy part. Convincing Sebastian to look beyond his damaged heart and soul is far more difficult.

A thirst he can’t deny

After losing everything he held dear, Sebastian Lowe has finally rebuilt his life and the walls around his heart. Tiffany is a sweet temptation he struggles to resist. She’s bright and complex, but he’s sure she can’t handle his dark desires. When they’re thrown together on an assignment, he can’t help himself.

A perfect pairing

As passion builds, the new lovers are both forced to face their pasts. To have a future, they must find a way to heal the wounds they thought would haunt them forever.

237 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 29, 2016

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About the author

Lexi Blake

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NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog in the world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn't until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem.

Her first novel, Their Virgin Captive: Masters of Ménage, Book 1, was a collaboration with New York Times bestselling author Shayla Black. There are five more books available in the series: Their Virgin's Secret, Their Virgin Concubine, Their Virgin Princess, Their Virgin Hostage, and Their Virgin Secretary. The next book in the series, Their Virgin Mistress, is releasing this April.

In addition to the Masters of Ménage series, she is the author of the Masters and Mercenaries series. There are eight full-length novels and four novellas available now, with more coming in 2015.

In 2013, Lexi also began releasing her urban fantasy series, Thieves. The first five are available now, with Ripper, a spin-off to the series, coming in 2015.

Sign up for Lexi's newsletter at http://lexiblake.net/contact.html#new....

For more information about her books, her appearances and her wacky life visit her Facebook page (http://goo.gl/q2IHnJ) or her website (http://www.lexiblake.net).

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3,463 reviews2,358 followers
December 5, 2016

Ahh, where to begin? Yet another AMAZING read from an author that just CANNOT do wrong in my eyes. Even when I don't absolutely love the way one of her stories plays out, I still know I am going to get fabulous writing. Intricate plot. Amazing well-developed characters and a whole TON of FEELS.

I simply ADORED this one. I think it is actually my favorite of the TOPPED series so far. I've been intrigued by Sebastian from the moment we were introduced to him in previous books. Top’s grumpy and wounded sommelier. I wanted to know what made that man tick. And boy do we get to see all that and more in this one.


Half the time I wanted to reach into the book and give him a hug. The other half I wanted to reach in and punch him in the face. That's the brilliance of Miz Blake's writing. She takes these seemingly cold assholes and peels back layer after layer until we are left with a Dom that is strong, but vulnerable to their women. It's a heady combination for sure.

On the flip side, Tiffany was one of my favorite heroines to date. She wanted Sebastian and she had a plan. Usually, I am not overly keen on my heroine doing the chasing, but in this book that is what needed to happen. Sebastian needed to be chased. He needed someone in his corner. He needed to see that even though he was missing both his legs, he was still a complete person. I love how Tiffany never gave up. The girl had the patience of a saint. I would have told him to stick his corkscrew up his ass after some of the stunts he pulled. She never gave up though and their HEA was as sweet as Moscato wine.

Of course, we also get to catch up with a few of the gang from previous TOP books as well as the Masters & Mercenaries series which is always a treat. Anytime I get some IAN is a good time for this lady. Not much more to say. I LOVED this one, so two thumbs up from yours truly.


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December 3, 2016
4.5 Stars

A smart girl got what she wanted. A good girl made sure her Dom got what he needed, too.

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Lexi Blake brings the feels with this one. Big time. So sexy and swoony. I adore everything this woman writes. She has a knack for writing a romance that not only scorches but packs an even more solid punch of emotion. It's perfectly balanced. It's perfectly written. It's has a couple that's perfectly paired.
That’s the trade, baby. Love can lift us up or it can crash us right down. Nothing good comes without risk.

Tiffany Hayes isn't afraid to go after what she wants. And what she wants is the perfectly mannered but grumpy and standoffish sommelier, Sebastian. These two are polar opposites. Tiffany is fun loving and sunny while Sebastian shies away from any attention and prefers the shadows. Losing everything you ever held dear may do that to a man. Now he feels like a shell of a man he used to be, a monster. He doesn't understand why a bright ray like Tiffany may be attracted to someone like him. But Tiffany isn't above manipulation to get what she wants. And suddenly a flooded apartment and a few other "occurrences" and Tiffany is the only sub available for a Dom/sub training that Ian Taggard asks Sebastian to do...well...in his own Ian Taggard way.
Dude, will you take over the baby Doms for me? There’s a new crop coming in and they need to be sown. Otherwise they’ll all be like ‘brah, let’s go spank some bottoms and drink craft beer’ and then I’ll have to murder them. Seriously. I’ve been told not to murder them. Millennial Doms. Has it really come to this?”

Can I just say how much I love Ian? Because I swear the man is the perfect comedic intervention in every single book he appears in. I will never, and I mean EVER get enough of him.
It’s not like I’m getting any right now. Have you ever tried to top a woman who recently had a baby you put up in her? Charlie’s not having any of it. And Seth and I here are still outnumbered because someone neutered Bud and now the dog doesn’t have a dick either. Or balls. Yeah. I think he’s got a dick, but no balls. Isn’t that right, Sean? It’s the same thing. You kept your dick, but they cut off your balls. Dude, I don’t know how you survived. It made the dog cranky so he ate one of my shoes. That made me cranky. God, I’m tired.”

As for Tifanny and Sebastian? I couldn't get enough of them together. I loved the way that Tiffany was determined to break down all Sebastian's walls. She doesn't bow down or run away when things get difficult. She pushes his and forces him to see things the way they should be. She gives as good as she gets, if not better, and man but I loved her for it.

And Sebastian? Holy mother of swoons but I adored this man. Watching the painful struggle of him still trying to deal with his past and his present was absolutely gut wrenching. I hurt for him. I cried for him and everything that he's been through. The man was just so perfectly imperfect.

This book was everything I love about romance; an endearing and strong heroine, a broken alpha that just needed the right female touch, a perfect balance of swoon and steam, and all with the spice of Lexi Blake's BDSM to top it all off. It's the perfect book to warm you up on a cold winter's night. Simply delicious.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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January 3, 2017
3.5* cheers to happy end STARS!!


Good food. Good sex. Good wine. This is the perfect summary for this book. No, I'm kidding. Sean Taggart opened a new Top restaurant in Fort Worth and the whole group from previous books will be there. This third book from Topped series is about Sebastian Lowe, the most talented young sommelier also a veteran soldier who lost his legs.

Tiffany Hayes only wants the certain grumpy sommelier in her life. When Big Tag/Ian assigned both her and Sebastian pretended to be a D/s couple in Fort Worth, Tiffany couldn't miss this chance. Aside his cold act, Sebastian cared for Tiffany. But he didn't want to get closer because of his past.
“Yes, but anything can lead to tragedy. You can do absolutely nothing wrong, make all the right moves, and still have things end in tragedy. But real happiness and joy, those don’t tend to come along without some risk. Those things are worth it.”

I still remember Tiffany and her sisters. Named after branded stuff. Funny, huh. Tiffany is easily likable woman. She's independent, strong-willed and free spirited. She loves art. Sebastian is the biggest challenge for her because he always distant himself. This man really frustrated me. When they pretend as D/s couple, Sebastian always use Dom card to get his way out. They have the chemistry but Sebastian is still in denial. He still haunted by his past and couldn't move on.


When Sebastian called himself as one of the toughest Dom, I couldn't believe him. Well, in this story he kinda all bark and no bite. Their scenes was okay. I think it was only happened twice? He always said about rough play but in the reality, he is a softie. Sebastian was really romantic. He's cold outside, but warm inside.
A smart girl got what she wanted. A good girl made sure her Dom got what he needed, too.
She was going to make sure she was a very good girl.
“You want to push the boundaries?” His mouth had taken on a hard line, those sensual lips flattening.

I never have problem with Tiffany. She was like the opposite of him. Sebastian has good improvement because of Tiffany. He's no longer like an ass. Tiffany still cares for him even after he tried to kick her out. I rarely read story about insecure man. Sebastian always distant himself from people. Finally, the happy ending didn't take too long. I'm satisfied enough with Tiffany and Sebastian's journey. It was all about love and healing. All points goes to Tiffany!

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2,101 reviews1,263 followers
December 1, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 98e046043a5e2ebdba4831bd901c32_zpso6znbff7.gif

It’s official, readers will be sipping and savoring Perfectly Paired by Lexi Blake. This book was everything you expected from Lexi Blake as she beautifully blended eroticism with vulnerability and passion with a lingering note and aftertaste of love.

 photo 0afb2f8e138411f6ae09353115d233_zpsoti9awnu.gif “Damn but she was a beautiful woman. She was also something he needed to keep his hands off of. No matter what Big Tag said, he did not date women he worked with. ”

Sebastian Lowe is a former military veteran who has been left injured with two missing leg limbs. As someone who relies heavily on his two prosthetic legs, he has managed to work his way up in the restaurant world as a top leading sommelier. As far as his romantic life, it’s been nonexistent since ever he came back injured. As a top sommelier, Sebastian also leads a lifestyle as a Dom in the BDSM world.


Tiffany Haynes is a waitress at TOP and has a thing for moody Sebastian. She is well aware that Sebastian is missing two of his legs but she doesn’t care at all. All Tiffany sees is a man that she is very attracted to and whom she wants. She wants Sebastian to claim her for himself. So when a circumstance arises, Sebastian and Tiffany are encouraged by their boss to be paired up.

 photo 0afb2f8e138411f6ae09353115d233_zpsoti9awnu.gif “He was thoughtful, careful, and he wanted her to be that way, too. He watched her as she exposed her body to him, his eyes hot, but he remained perfectly still. He was savoring her. He was looking at her like she was a glass of wine he wanted to be able to describe with precision. ”

As these two complete opposites are paired off and forced to lived together, Tiffany is presented the opportunity to show Sebastian that she does not see him as half man that is broken but instead a man who has a beautiful heart that needs to be slowly mended and pieced back together. Will Sebastian be able to let Tiffany fully into his life and show her his scars? Or will he push her away?

 photo 0afb2f8e138411f6ae09353115d233_zpsoti9awnu.gif “She was responding to him and he intended to make sure she never regretted it. Here in bed and in play he would give her everything he had. Everything she could need.”

Perfectly Paired is a sexy emotional passionate love story that was swirling with lots of heat, chemistry, love, vulnerability and healing. I love that Lexi Blake continues to write stories that showcases flawed characters who just needs a little patching and encouragement of love in order for them to heal the broken pieces outside as well as inside. So if you are looking for a love story that perfectly pairs readers to a story that hits all the right notes and awaken your senses to breathe in, taste and sip a romance that gets better with age then this light, crisp emotional and steamy book is definitely for you.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg Lexi Blake

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3,749 reviews455 followers
November 30, 2016
Bottoms and tops are not just bikinis or pajamas…

If you have read this author’s Masters and Mercenaries series then you won’t be shocked by the love play that goes on in and out of the dungeon in Tiffany and Sebastian’s story.

Sebastian (never call him Seb) is ex-military who wears his service every day in the injuries he has suffered and the emotional baggage it has left him with. He’s gone through hell and faces his future alone, just the way he wants it. Faced with a woman who shouldn’t be as tempting as she is, he’s going to do everything to keep her at arm’s length.

“Big, gorgeous, stick-up-his-muscular-backside Sebastian.”

Tiffany, however, has other ideas. She’s been fascinated with him from the start and maneuvers her way closer to the man who has ignited every fantasy she has. She’s determined to breach his defenses and he’s equally sure that is never going to happen. Sexy rock, meet delicious paper.

“That was all she needed. A shot.”

I was on #TeamTiffany from the start as she executed a game plan worthy of any five-star general. She should have seemed calculating but instead she was warm and loving, in tune with Sebastian’s uncertainty and fears.

“I might look all soft and fluffy but I have moves, too.”

She was the master of manipulators but she took responsibility for her actions and made sure Sebastian did too. Their chemistry was over the top hot and could melt ropes as well as all the reasons why they shouldn’t work together. Tiffany was pushy and had a plan she was going to execute with the precision of a five-star general in training wheels. She had love in her arsenal and that tempered everything she did with humour and grace and an attitude that made her so, so likable. Sebastian was the perfect yin to her yang as he met every strategy with some of his own.

With wine and service as the backdrop to their story their courtship was full-bodied with a delicious after taste. Or should I say ‘after-glow’? ~ Diane, 4.5 Stars
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1,813 reviews597 followers
November 24, 2016
SHE. DOES. IT. AGAIN. Lexi Blake writes MAGIC! That's all there is to it. PURE freaking MAGIC!

Just when you think she can't do any better, Lexi Blake gives us PERFECTLY PAIRED, a beautiful, heartwarming, and intense romance that you won't be able to put down. Ms. Blake continues to give the fans what they want with her AMAZING character match-ups. This is a romance, not only for her readers, but to honor our wounded veterans, the warriors that risked their lives to make us safe. There is a sense of pride and understanding when reading a book like this. Only this author can make me feel this way. I've yet to come across another author who makes me feel that sense of understanding with her characters and the message she is trying to convey within her beautiful love stories.

Tiffany and Sebastian couldn't be more different. Tiffany is all sparks and light and Sebastian is all brooding and dark. Tiffany is on a mission of her own to make Sebastian hers for good. But first, she has a lot of work to do breaking down those cement walls he has built around himself. Sebastian thinks of himself as half a man, but Tiffany is set out to prove him wrong. She will do anything to chase away his demons, and she is just the stubborn submissive to bring this master to his knees.

The passion builds with every turn of the page and I never wanted it to end! Since this is the TOPPED installment of the Masters and Mercenaries: Topped Series, some of your favorites are back in action. And yes my friends, that does mean our gruff and handsome FAVORITE master is back and the banter is FREAKING hilarious as always! PERFECTLY PAIRED is another WINNER for this series and for this author. Laugh, blush, smile, sigh, and repeat. There is NOTHING better than a Lexi Blake romance...NOTHING.

perfectly paired teaser

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2,097 reviews316 followers
February 19, 2017

I expected to like this more but this book just didn’t work form me and I truly wish it had. I don’t like Simon I thought that he would improve throughout the book but he didn’t. I don’t know why Tiffany bothered to be honest.

They all can’t be perfect so on to the next Lexi Blake book as she is still awesome.
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2,990 reviews688 followers
May 24, 2019

Never have I ever read a book where I understand nothing in the book. I listen about 30% into the audio book and i understand nothing.

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2,196 reviews289 followers
November 23, 2016
Full review to be posted by release date.


I really enjoyed this entry in the series and if you’re a Masters & Mercenaries fan, you should absolutely check it out. If not, what are you waiting for? Defintely recommend this series and its spinoffs to those who like a touch of BDSM and suspense with their contemporary romances.

**ARC provided by author via inkslinger PR for review**

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7,013 reviews835 followers
December 2, 2016
Shadow's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

A smart girl knows how to go about catching her Dom, and Tiffany Hayes is nothing if not smart. And when she sets her sights on Tops' sommelier Sebastian, she has unexpected help from their friends. But Sebastian, burned by the only other woman for whom he had feelings, doesn't want a relationship. His shell is even harder because he lost both legs in the war and doesn't want someone who will pity him or feel he is a burden. When they are thrown together by a a ploy of Ian Taggart's, Tiffany finds out just how hard Sebastian's shell is. Can she overcome his resistance in order for the two of them to find their happiness together?

Perfectly Paired is part of the Masters and Mercenaries Topped series and is a delightful read from start to finish. Between the humor and the angst, Lexi Blake has written a wonderful story that will have you laughing through the tears. Sebastian is such a good guy with such a sad past and Tiffany's determination to make him see the world in a better light makes her as much of a hero as he is. I loved both these characters, both flawed enough to be human, but strong enough to struggle past the flaws. And what Sebastian can do with a corkscrew!

The sex is hawwt, and the author ventures away a little from straight bondage and domination. As always, Big Tag's acerbic nature can't quite hide his efforts to make the members of his family happy. The reader also gets to catch up on some of the other Tops characters.
Lexi Blake has developed into first rate writer and storyteller and her books remain high on my have to buy list.

ARC provided with no expectations.
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2,159 reviews120 followers
November 29, 2016
Why haven't I read anything by Lexi Blake before? She's on my TBR list. She's even on my Kindle. Thank heavens I'm taking some time off in December to do some reading not for the blog because I'll be going back to the beginning of her Masters and Mercenaries series and reading it.

This was sexy and funny and emotional. Sebastian was alpha and strong, yet so vulnerable. I just wanted to hug him ;0) Tiffany was bubbly, a little bit of a procrastinator, a master at avoidance, and knew what she wanted. She kind of reminded me of me...LOL

Yes, this is book 3 in one series and book 12.5 in the grand scheme of this world, but I totally wasn't lost. Would I have enjoyed this more if I knew the back stories of some of the other characters? Sure. But even without that background knowledge, I gave it 5 stars because I absolutely loved everyone I met in the book.
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4,449 reviews140 followers
November 18, 2016
5 Star Review of Perfectly Paired (Topped #3) by Lexi Blake
Well where do I start? It is no secret that Lexi Blake is one of my favourite authors. Perfectly Paired, although not a particularly long read was amazing. One of the things I love about Lexi Blake is the diverse characters she creates. I love that in her this spin off series from her Master & Mercenaries series, the men and women of Topped are often returned veterans; men and women who have sustained injuries and are learning to live with them.
Ms. Blake does not shy away from the harsh realities that many returned veterans find themselves faced with. She writes about them with a great deal of dignity, compassion and caring. Perfectly Paired is a wonderful example of this, Sebastian Lowe is such a man, badly injured and now living life with two prosthetic legs, disillusioned by those he loved and exiled by his family.
Tiffany Hayes is the waitress at Top who catches the eye of the cranky and at times scary sommelier. Sebastian is a sexy alpha male who Tiffany has been half in love and lust with him for ages. When when circumstances push these two together you can be sure there will be BDSM scenes with smoking hot sex that will melt your heart and your panties.
Sebastian is determined to keep his walls up and ensure that Tiffany doesn’t break through; he doesn’t count on her absolute determination to show him that what they have is real and will last. This was an emotional read at times as Sebastian struggled to come to terms with the issues caused by his past. I will say that once again Tiffany was a strong, feisty and, smart and determined submissive and I loved her. Lexi Blake’s characters are never one dimensional, there are always so many layers and Sebastian and Tiffany no exception.
Each book in the series just seems to get better and better. Perfectly Paired is a beautiful story of triumph over heartache, a growth of a deep and committed love; one that made me laugh and sigh.

December 3, 2016
***This and other reviews can be found at www.imasweetandsassybookwhore.com ***


When you start a Lexi Blake you know that you are about to have an alpha dominant male who can make your panties wet with just a few words, you will have a sassy female who is the perfect match for her man, you will have suspense, you will have action and you will have some of the hottest sex scenes you may ever read. Perfectly Paired had all of that and more. It also had a hero who is broken, one that I wanted to heal myself because he deserved to be shown love after being treated horrible by the family that should have honored him.

Sebastian and Tiffany had this book whore so into their story that when I reached the end I wanted more right then and there. I loved how Tiffany was on a mission to get her man, even if that meant in the long run she would get some punishments along the way. Sebastian wanted Tiffany as well, too bad he felt that he wasn’t worth enough for her. Watching their D/s relationship form as well as their private one was at times beautiful, at others sad, and in the end healing.

Lexi Blake has reminded this book whore once again why she loves her books with Perfectly Paired, it is one that not only makes me want to go back and read all the books in both series, but is one that I highly recommend to be added to your TBR lists.
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1,623 reviews182 followers
December 6, 2016

I am just going to throw it out there now. Lexi Blake is officially my go-to author for true BDSM stories. And it’s not because of the kink but because of how she accurately portrays this lifestyle. She’s just flat out amazing.

Perfectly Paired is part of the Topped series which is a spin-off from her Masters and Mercenaries series. If you want to get the true and full awesomeness of this whole world, you have to start from the beginning, and I mean all the way back to the first Masters and Mercenaries. BUT, if you want to get a glimpse as to why I love reading Lexi’s books, this is one you want to read. You will instantly fall in love with all of these characters and will find yourself wanting to know more about all of them.

Back to the book. This is Sebastian and Tiffany’s story. I have been waiting for Sebastian’s story for what seems like forever. He is a tough nut to crack, this one. He is very closed off and keeps everyone at arms length. Most know that he went through a lot after losing both his legs in the army. But what they don’t know is that there is something deeper too.

Tiffany is a spunky, off the cuff nut job and I love her for that. She is a wild card. You never know what to expect of her, except her loyalty and true friendship. And she’s determined to crack down Sebastian’s walls.

Perfectly Paired is a sweet yet slightly angsty read. There are some troubling times between these two but Lexi does a great job of quickly overcoming things and setting things right. And do not even get me started on the steamy, BDSM lifestyle added in. Let’s just say that you will need a drink or cigarette or whatever your poison is afterwards. HOT!!!
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475 reviews38 followers
March 10, 2017
Another fantastic book in this series. Tiffany wants Sebastian and maneuvers her way into his life by telling a teensy lie (not really) about the need for them to room together while setting up the new Top restaurant. Sebastian has sworn off relationships since losing both his legs in Afghanistan. As always, Lexi Blake weaves a great story along with some suspense of course. And as a huge plus, we have Ian Taggert sticking his nose in their relationship. Love Ian!
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3,126 reviews35 followers
June 14, 2019
Tiff and Bas... lol the very well put together sommelier and the vibrant gregarious hostess were an absolute joy to read, I love that they are both extremely stubborn and loved to get their own way... I seriously love how Tiff makes a plan and shifts it every time Sebastian needs another kick up the butt.
Perfectly Paired fits really well into the Mand M family this story was just fantastic.
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715 reviews62 followers
December 6, 2016
4.5 stars!

I'll admit that when I first started this book, I wasn't very enthusiastic about it because it wasn't about the core MK team and it was a little slow at the beginning. I'll also admit that I wasn't feeling the characters because Tiffany came across as a ditz and Sebastian was wound a little too tight for me. Okay, a lot too tight.

But that's the beauty of Ms. Blake's writing because first impressions are not always correct and in the end I can say that as usual, PERFECTLY PAIRED is exquisite and emotional writing from Ms. Blake, with a wounded Dom in need of some TLC, a scheming sub willing to pull out all the stops to love on her Dom, and lighthearted relief in the form of the manipulative Taggart brothers; all of this set against the backdrop of food and wine. And can I just take a minute here to gush about Ms. Blake's brilliance? Danger, food and wine are prefect complements for passion and we get all three here!

Sebastian Lowe has lost a lot: both legs in war and his family in the fallout on his return home, so he treasures the new life he has built around his new family at Topped and isn't willing to do anything that will affect it which means staying away from the temptation that is wide-eyed and bubbly waitress Tiffany Hayes. But working with her on assignment is about to become the biggest test of his resolve.

Tiffany has wanted Sebastian from the very first day and the perfect opportunity to show him how good they can be together is not one she's going to pass up. Convincing him of this is the hard part but she's determined to let nothing stand in her way.

Tiffany turned out to be so much than she appeared to be - strong, determined, patient and focused on her goal to the exclusion of everything else. I love her no holds barred play for Sebastian because that was exactly what he needed after all the rejection and loss, someone to go all out for him. Tiffany's chaotic world was just what a control freak like Sebastian needed to feel useful and needed.

I can never get enough of Ian and Sean Taggart and they provided much needed hilarity here alongside the rest of the secondary characters. Overall, an enjoyable read and a great addition to the series, and although it can be read as a standalone, I would recommend investing in the entire series because you won't regret it.

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine.

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993 reviews83 followers
January 3, 2017
Wine, sex and food...what more could I ask for in an erotic romance novel?

Sebastian Lowe is shocked when his boss Sean Taggart asks him to take over the training of the "Millennial Doms," the new recruits at his brother Ian's BDSM club Sanctum. As a sommelier at Top and longtime Dominant, Sebastian is used to working women over, but the one woman he wants and CAN NOT HAVE, Tiffany Hayes, was not the woman he expected to partner with. Posing as a committed D/s couple, Sebastian and Tiffany will have to live and work together closely if they're going to teach a potential new club Dom the ropes.

Tiffany has wanted Sebastian since she met him, and she's not above some subterfuge to get some alone time with him. She couldn't care less that he's a vet who lost his legs, she wants the man behind the prosthetics, the man who makes her blood boil with every heated look. Sebastian isn't in the market for anything resembling a relationship, especially not with a chipper, eternally happy and BOUNCY blonde who's totally not his type. That's OK, because Tiffany has a plan to make sure she ends up with the brooding sommelier Dom whether he likes it or not.

As much as I adore Ms. Blake's Masters and Mercenaries series, the Topped sub-series hasn't really done it for me as much. Maybe it's that badass suspense element that's missing, or maybe it's that the characters don't have nearly the…well, character…that her other ones do, but I just don't enjoy these books as much. Which is a damn shame, since the combo of food, sex and wine should be a no-brainer slam dunk for me!

Tiffany was sweet and loving, but also manipulative and pushy. While it serves her well in the end, I can see why Sebastian didn't want to engage with her. He was surly and cranky and quite frankly not so nice most of the time, and while I get that he had a tough time with the loss of his legs, he's literally pulled himself out of the gutter and made a life for himself, with the help of some damn good friends, and he doesn't appreciate or recognize that. Together they had good chemistry, but for all of Sebastian's "you can't handle my hardcore-ness," there wasn't much more than some spankings, light bondage and orgasms when it came right down to it.

Bottom Line: No OM/OW or sharing; condom use; BDSM/kink (spanking, light bondage); no sexual assault; slight violence; no murder. - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/v...

The Romance Review - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/v...
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January 2, 2017
Lexi Blake is my kick-ass Queen of kink romance. Her Masters & Mercenaries series and its spin-off Topped are just a breath of fresh air as far as BDSM is concerned.

“Sometimes a thing had to be destroyed to become something new, something more beautiful than it had been before.”

I love the way she finds humor in the strangest places and especially that she believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, even manipulatively perfectly paired...

Damn Ian Taggart!
Aka Big Tag. I love him, especially his big bad mouth, dirty mind and dizzy machinations.

Tiffany about Sebastian, aka the big old wine kiss-ass som:

“He reminded her of the old story about Androcles and the lion. In this case she was an artsy version of the Roman runaway slave who found a lion in his cave. Sebastian was the growling, wine-loving lion who had a massive thorn in his paw. She simply had to get close enough to remove said thorn and claim her super-hot lion.”

Sebastian about Tiffany:

“Tiffany was a pretty, happy butterfly flitting around the flowers.
He was the gaping, hulking beast who clumsily smashed butterflies and hurt their tender feelings.”

Sebastian lost someone he cared about quite deeply and it wounded him to the core. He doesn’t know that he can love Tiffany the way she deserves to be loved, but he’s ready to take that risk...

At her own risk.

“How fucking dare he.
Her lion was roaring. Now she knew what Beauty had felt like when the Beast had gotten pissed.
Stubborn man. Stupid man.”

“Well, honestly, right now I don’t particularly want to be here, but some things we suck up and take, Sebastian. That what couples do. We don’t run out on each other when the going gets tough or when one of us turns into an emotionally tight-fisted asshole.”

Enjory reading Perfectly Paired!

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November 18, 2016
Perfectly Paired is a heartwarming, feel good, love story with a bit of kink. It's part of the Masters and Mercenaries family. I am addicted to this series, it has action, adventure and kink. The characters are unique and bold. Perfectly Paired is the third book in the Topped series and can be read as a standalone.

Sebastian Lowe is a veteran who had lost his legs while serving overseas. Since he left the service he’s lost more than just his legs but also his longtime girlfriend/fiancé and family. His life has become rigid, he needs control and emotional distance from people. All of that is about to change when Sebastian is recruited to train as part of a D/s couple and he’s partnered with the very attractive but chaotic Tiffany Hayes. Ian Taggart is back to being the Dom cupid. Now it’s up to Tiffany to find a way to break down Sebastian’s walls and let her in. If that is not enough, Sebastian has double duty protecting Tiffany from her ex who had been making death threats and is scheduled to be released from jail.
I loved Sebastian and Tiffany. Tiffany is a strong, warmhearted, feel good character. She’s the perfect yin to Sebastian’s yang. She takes risks while Sebastian chooses to remain in control. “Nothing good comes without risk.”, should be the motto of this story. Tiffany and Sebastian have to take risks with their hearts to find their HEA. 5 Stars!
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June 29, 2017
I loved this book, because it was all about connections. Tiffany is connected to who she is, but that isn't necessarily an all-around good thing, sometimes. Sebastian is not in touch, with himself, his co-workers, his family, any subs, his boss, no-one. He slowly makes these connections all through the book, and all because of Tiffany's influence.

We get to see the connection with Tiffany and Javier, and a bit into Javi's past. Deena and Eric are here, along with Ally and Macon. And while we are in Sean's world, we get to see the connection that still strongly exists between the original two, Ian and Sean

There is a lot of emotion here, but it isn't all gloomy, there are some good LOL moments. There was one gasp sob moment that caught me by surprise, and it was with such simple words "I miss my sister". Tiffany and Sebastian's connection is beautiful, and I liked that they were comfortable with their BDSM needs, even if those didn't fit others around them. It also gave us the moment, that while we love our parents, their sex lives are still eww, no matter how old you are!
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November 12, 2021
4.5 stars. Well written with very steamy and erotic romance scenes. There is BDSM, but the relationship is slow burn and you can feel the H/h's attraction. Our hero has a lot to deal with, as he lost his legs in Afghanistan and our heroine has to try and convince him (in a sneaky way), she wants to be with him and doesn't care about his disability. There's drama, some lighthearted scenes and a bit of suspense. An excellent read as usual by this author. I haven't read the other books in the Topped series, but it stands alone re the romance and the back story. Several of our Masters and Mercenary characters make appearances, so there could be slight spoilers for other books. By the time I get to them though, I'll have forgotten. LOL.
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March 31, 2018
Lawwwd, why it took me so long to come back to this (full - novels, novellas & spinoffs) series I will never know. Loved Sebastian from the moment her started at Top and his book more than delivered. As for Tiffany - Round. Of. Applause. Lexi Blake writes some of the best (read: strong, capable, determined, badass & kickass) female characters in romance & Tiff is one of them. I loved everything outta the woman’s mouth & she is perfect for Sebastian.
As for the scenes with Big Tag in them... I can’t even.
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February 22, 2020
I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to more!

I listened to the audio with Sebastian York narrating rather than Ryan West. I usually love Sebastian York's work and did enjoy this, but it wasn't his best for me.
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Want to read
February 11, 2023
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July 19, 2021
I do like the restaurant part of this universe and wish we spent more time there. Not my favorite of the restaurant stories, but still a pretty fun one, some communication and stubbornness issues notwithstanding.
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December 3, 2016
Sebastian Lowe may be a skilled sommelier, pairing the perfect wine with every dish Top’s chef creates, but when it comes to finding his perfect submissive, one he feels can meet his “exacting standards” and participate in an array of “unsavory” acts, he won’t allow himself to top the woman he truly wants and does his best to keep her at a distance, convincing himself that she doesn’t meet his standards or his controlled and orderly lifestyle.

Tiffany Haynes would be more than happy to call Sebastian her Master, and she’d give anything to enter into a loving and lasting D/s relationship with him because, despite his prickly nature and his prim and proper personality, she knows he’s the Dom for her, and she’ll do just about anything to make her fantasy a reality, even if it means topping from the bottom and plotting and scheming to allow her a chance to prove to Sebastian just how right they are for one another.

I have to admit that I was torn between wanting to wrap my arms around Sebastian and attempt to ease his pain and wanting to strangle him, knocking some sense into him and forcing him to truly see how much he needs Tiffany and the Top family to heal and move on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to understand why Sebastian is the way he is and the fear behind the walls and chilly demeanor he’s perfected to keep people at a comfortable distance, but it was so frustrating to witness him shut down and treat Tiffany the way he does because it’s clear that Tiffany would do anything to make Sebastian hers, even when he acts like a stubborn ass.

Sometimes I find the third person perspective difficult to truly understand and see the multiple layers of the main characters, but because Lexi Blake shows her readers exactly who Sebastian and Tiffany are at their most basic levels, we’re able to see their growth, their conflicted feelings, and their true desires, and because Blake does such a fantastic job of illustrating why Sebastian is as emotionally damaged as he is and how much his “skewed perception” of himself prevents him from taking what and who he truly wants, readers may get impatient with him, but they can’t deny that he has ever right to feel as he does given the hellish situations he had to endure.

Tiffany is a free-spirited, sweet, and giving heroine - one who may love to be dominated but also one who has the ability to challenge and push her Dom in any number of ways that allow her to get what she wants while still giving her Master what he needs.

Tiffany is Sebastian’s perfect match…they make a great team both in business and in pleasure, and while Sebastian may have his work cut out for him when it comes to teaching his bratty sub the necessary knowledge about what he requires of his submissive, he also realizes that Tiffany’s affectionate demeanor and her caring ways just might be what helps Sebastian to trust her and give them a chance at agreeing to a D/s contract that is mutually beneficial in all the ways that matter.

Perfectly Paired is an emotional and passionate journey for both Sebastian and Tiffany. As they work together and realize that their feelings for each other are something they want to explore, readers are privy to their tortured and conflicted emotions as well as what their D/s relationship helps them to understand about themselves as well as what they could be as a committed couple. Neither Sebastian nor Tiffany are perfect, but they are perfectly imperfect together, which is proof that what they have is something that just might save them both.

4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
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November 29, 2016
Ladies and Gentlemen, Lexi Blake is a phenomenal writer. I am in awe of her writing and I am huge fan of her books. Ever since she has started writing Masters and Mercenaries series, she has just exploded us with books that are just perfection. With 15+ books and spin offs in the series, she has has given us a series full of heart, action, passion, angst and a powerful romantic edge. Perfectly Paired is definitely a perfect with so much conviction and story that truly captivating and so magical. The story embodies the above attributes of heart, action, passion, angst and a powerful romantic edge that will have you falling in love with it.

Perfectly Paired is the third installment in spin off series of Masters and Mercenaries, Topped. It is about Sebastian an ex veteran and sommelier and Tiffany, one of the wait staff at Topped. I have been waiting for Sebastian and Tiffany's book and I was so excited that I got to read. It was a fun read with so much passion and emotion that was so beautifully written. Erotic with amazing BDSM scenes that definitely made my kindle sizzle. It was so damn hot. Wow. Lexi Blake gave me a story that was on another level both emotional and intense. There was some intense moments that simply gave a distinctive edge. I was left speechless sometimes. Lexi Blake is a wordsmith. She brings so much depth into her characters and also in some scenes chapter by chapter. Perfectly Paired had definitely oozed total action simplicity. I loved every moment in the book.

Lexi Blake comes up with amazing characters that you cannot help but fall in love with. I love when she gives a glimpse of characters from previous books. It simply makes the book so magical you know to interlock character the way she does. Tiffany was a feisty and resilient. I loved that she was willing to go after the things she wanted. It made her so commendable and such a lovable character. Sebastian was protective and the perfect dominant in my eyes. I could see his struggle with amputated legs. There was so much vulnerability in him that touched my heart strings. I loved Sebastian and Sebastian together.

Perfectly Paired is definitely my favourite read from the Topped series and cannot wait for more books from this series. Lexi Blake bring me more. I am just addicted to them.

ARC provided by author via InkslingerPR in exchange for an honest review.
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December 5, 2016
3.25-3.5 stars. This was an okay read. I liked some things, but others not so much. This is Tiffany and Sebastian's story. Sebastian is the sommalier at Top. He is a war veteran who lost his legs. Tiffany is a server. Both are helping open the new Top location and moving to be near it. Ian has a plan for the two of them to help train a billionaire to be a Dom by having Tiffany and Sebastian live together and pose as a long term D/s couple. They have both been attracted to each other for awhile, but Sebastian's past history has held him back. He doesn't think he's capable of having a real relationship. But they go along with Ian's plan and sign an 8 week contract. Tiffany really likes Sebastian and does everything she can to convince him to give them a shot, manipulating the situation at every turn. As they spend more time together, they fall in love and are able to move on from the past.

I liked Tiffany. She is funny, sweet and happy go lucky. Sebastian, though, was hard for me to warm up to. He is kind of cold and an OCD/control freak. He also had so much baggage and emotional problems to get over from his past (losing his legs, not wanting to get close to anyone, not wanting anyone to help him, his ex-fiancee drama, his estranged mother and sister, etc.). He pushed Tiffany away a lot and I felt sorry for her. I also did not like his formal speech pattern. I did think he had come around by the end of the book and I did end up liking him, but I spent most of the book not really sure about him. I did think Tiffany and Sebastian made sense as a couple by the end of the book. It was a rocky, emotional road though, all packed into this novella. I did enjoy it, but it was not my favorite read by Lexi Blake.
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November 30, 2016
Lexi Blake just gets better and better! Every time I think that the current book is my favorite a new one will come out and it quickly becomes my favorite. Sebastian Lowe,a former military veteran whose injury cost him both legs, has worked his way up in the restaurant world as a top leading sommelier. Not to mention he's a Dom but his romantic life has been anything but existent since his injury. Tiffany Haynes is a waitress who has a thing for Sebastian and doesn't care that he is missing his legs. All she sees is him and how much she wants him. When they are encouraged by their boss to pair up Tiffany sees it as a change to show Sebastian that she sees him as anything but half a man.

This is classic Lexi Blake giving us a deeply flawed and damaged person who needs to be pieced back together. We are left breathless as we take the journey of not only discovering the beautiful love between Tiffany and Sebastian but as Sebastian discovers himself again. As he realizes that losing his legs didn't mean he lost his manhood. As always I highly recommend any book written by Lexi Blake! You will be left with raw emotions and wondering if you could get away with rereading it again so soon.

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A copy of the book was provided in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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