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Celebration #2

Tears to Cheers

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Linda Maxim is a woman who learned early on how to work hard and succeed. Her only regret is that the man she loved disappeared just days after she got pregnant at the tender age of sixteen.

Fourteen years later, Ian Dugan needs a break from life and ends up crashing his vehicle and waking up in the hospital to find Linda watching over him.
Can Linda forgive Ian for leaving her alone as a pregnant teen? Will Ian be able to forgive Linda and himself when he learns of the daughter he never knew about? Find out on New Year’s Eve if Ian can erase the tears and find something to cheer about.

Tears to Cheers is the second book in the Celebration Series; the first is Tangled in Tinsel.

A Clean Romance with Adult Language.

156 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 12, 2016

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About the author

Stacy Eaton

113 books604 followers
Stacy Eaton is a USA Today Best Selling author and began her writing career in October of 2010. Stacy took an early retirement from law enforcement after over fifteen years of service in 2016, with her last three years in investigations and crime scene investigation to write full time.

Stacy resides in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, who works in law enforcement, and her teen daughter. She also has a son who is currently serving in the United States Navy.

Stacy is very involved in Domestic Violence Awareness and served on the Board of Directors for her local Domestic Violence Center for three years.

Visit her website: www.stacyeaton.com

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2,315 reviews17 followers
January 8, 2017
I was hoping to enjoy this book, but I found that I had a lot of problems with the characters in it. Linda had all sorts of problems with Ian leaving in their teenage years, yet she never tried to seek him out, despite the fact that they had a child together! Likewise, Ian never tried to find out about Linda, even after the situation that caused his sudden departure had resolved itself. Yet, we're supposed to believe that they're pining after one another and want to get back together?! Uh, nope, not this reader! For all the problems that I had with the plot itself, the story was actually well written and moved at a good pace. I did like seeing the events from the previous book from a different point of view, so that did redeem the story for me mostly.
1,571 reviews32 followers
April 22, 2018
I liked Tears to Cheers because it was different from anything else I've read. It is a second chance romance by Stacy Eaton. Linda Maxim works in an ER in Celebration Township. One night a male accident victim is brought in. Shockingly it turns out to be Ian Dugan, Linda's daughter's long lost father! It was fun to find out how things between these 3 turned out. This book is easy to read in one sitting (149 pages).
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Author 107 books99 followers
May 12, 2017
I didn't really like this book because it was incredibly predictable from cover to cover, and there wasn't really any tension or plot twist to make you feel like you cannot put the book down. It was very easy to read this story about star-crossed lovers Linda and Ian, who happen to find each other again fourteen years later, basically because nothing really happens.
I wanted to like the book, but I just couldn't get into the story and the characters were very unidimensional.
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2,327 reviews6 followers
July 7, 2020
Fabulous Story & Audible Listen🎧📚🎧 Captivating & Heartfelt!

Tears to Cheers
The Celebration Series, Book 2
By: Stacy Eaton
Narrated by: Yvonne Cude

Stacy Eaton does it again, she pens delivers another fabulous book in her “Celebration” series. Each book is set in Celebration Township, PA and features a different couple and Holiday. All the books in this series can be enjoyed year round and on their own though I do I recommend starting with the the first book, “Tangle in Tinsel” Thad and Casey’s story, not only is it awesome but it gives you more insight about Celebration and some of the characters who reappear in future books. I am loving the small town charm that continues in each book as well as the awesome characters. The timeline for this book starts about a day or so after the first book, Linda Maxim is a nurse in the same hospital where Casey works. She is a long time resident and a single mom of a teenage daughter, Megan. Ian Dugan is heading back to Celebration, he needs to take care of things in the home his father left him, plus he needed a break from his life in Philadelphia. Unfortunately he crashes his vehicle before making it there, landing him in the emergency room. When Linda realizes who he is she faints, he is a long lost love, the only man she ever loved, the one who got her pregnant and then disappeared without a trace. While he never knew of her pregnancy he owed her an explanation and when he sees Megan he knows exactly who she is, she also knows who he is. I loved how everything plays out in this book, it is wonderfully plotted with plenty of drama, a touch of angst, some heartfelt moments and a great second chance romance. Stacy Eaton, thank you for another fabulous story, I am looking forward to see what comes next for these amazing characters in your Celebration series, it is interesting to see what they do for each holiday.

I listened to the Audible edition, Yvonne Cude continues to bring the characters of Celebration to life. She is a talented narrator and voice artist and has been doing an awesome job portraying each character, giving them their voices and personality. You could hear how much heart she puts into her work as she captures the characters emotions and projects them into her performance. She is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another fabulous listen🎧
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3,898 reviews25 followers
May 22, 2020
If you were given the a second chance to be with the one you love, would you take it? Linda is an ER nurse, who at the age of 16 found herself pregnant and alone. Her boyfriend, Ian, took off without a word and left Linda to make some life changing decisions. Now 14 years later, Ian is in the emergency room where Linda works. Should she tell him about their daughter? Do they still have feelings for each other? Will Ian survive? This is a sweet, second chance at love with that one special person. Stacy Eaton's 2nd book in her Celebration series is just the kind of feel good romance I enjoy. Linda is a strong, capable woman, but the arrival of her old beau has definitely thrown her. Ian is just as shocked to see her in the hospital, but is even more surprised at the circumstances. It's fast moving, but has all the feels, all the surprises and the standout character of their daughter whom I found delightful. Narrated by Yvonne Cude, the story flows with wonderfully warm voices, easy transitions and a beautiful performance.
2,753 reviews18 followers
December 6, 2020
This second audiobook in the Celebration Township series gives the starring role to Linda Maxim, a character we met in the previous story.
Linda is a single mom working in the hospital as an ER nurse. Her life will be turned upside down when a man from a car accident on his way to Celebration is brought into the emergency room . This man on the gurney is a blast from the past.
Ian Dugan was Linda’s HS sweetheart. The boy she gave her heart and virginity to, whose child she had and the same one that disappeared fourteen years ago to never return.
While Linda still carries the hurt and feelings of betrayal, other feelings are still alive between the two them. Their very mature daughter Megan is thrilled to finally meet her dad and hopes she can finally have a real family.
As he recovers and things seem to be going well for the them to have a future, someone from Ian’s past shows up . Will that person destroy their future or will they finally get their HEA?
I am looking forward to more entertaining ad engaging stories in this series.
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611 reviews18 followers
October 27, 2017
Linda Maxim and Ian Dugan grew up in Celebration and were "the couple" in high school. After Prom, Ian's family disappeared into the witness protection program. Linda, found herself pregnant and no way to locate the father. She chose to raise their daughter Megan alone.

Fourteen year later, Ian Dugan no longer in the witness protection program, works in Philadelphia and is a very wealthy man. He caught his girlfriend in bed with another man, so he ended the relationship, then decided to return to Celebration to repair and sale his father's house. In a storm storm.

Ian crashes his car and ends up in Celebration's ER where Linda is an ER nurse. Seeing him causes Linda to faint.

In ICU, Ian is visited by a friendly candy stripper with green eyes just like his. This cheerful bundle of energy is his daughter Megan.

This is a tender second chance romance, where Ian recovers at Linda's home as this broken family heals and discovers that thier love is forever.
Profile Image for Patti.
1,015 reviews5 followers
November 9, 2016
Loving this series from Stacy Eaton!! This book continues on from book 1 with the main character Linda Maxim, who is friends with Casey from book 1. When Linda is working as a nurse, covering for Casey when an accident victim comes in. Linda is shocked to find out it is Ian Dugan, her long lost love that she has not seen in 14 yrs. Linda was shocked, hurt and devastated that Ian left with out a word. Later after finding out she was pregnant, she raised her daughter by herself.
Ian Dugan comes to town to be alone and away from his cheating girl friend. When Ian gets in an accident he is reunited with a love from his past. Once he finds her and his daughter will Ian be able to walk away again?? Great Christmas love story!! Definitely a one click buy!!
Profile Image for Red Reader.
458 reviews13 followers
May 20, 2017
Tears to Cheers is cute. While I enjoyed the characters individually I didn't really feel like Ian and Linda really had the present day connection needed to end up where they did. The beginning of the story had me instantly hooked but I felt like the middle kind of fizzled out there for a while, and then the end it picked back up before it ended quickly. I would have loved to see more of Ian and Linda's dad together. From the vibes at the Christmas dinner conversation I thought they'd have more of an altercation that readers could witness. Overall it's a super cute and quick story that fills us in a little with the past book characters and leads us to new characters.
Profile Image for Reggie.
2,681 reviews
June 23, 2020
Christmas time in Celebration is like no other...Linda has spent the last 14yrs raising her daughter as a single parent. Just a few days before Christmas she comes face-to-face with her past...ok, sort of, after all, Linda is assisting in the trauma intake of a MVA patient. Said patient is Ian Dugan...her hs love, who just disappeared...and father of her daughter. Follow along as this pair of star crossed lovers find their way back to each other, with the nudging of their daughter. Another beautiful book in this Celebration series!
I accepted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for J.
2,321 reviews6 followers
June 24, 2020
a beautiful read/listen,. book 2 in Eaton's Celebration series. It can be read/listened as a stand alone. Linda is an ER nurse in small town Celebration. Ian is a blast from her past who comes back into town and turns her world upside down. can Linda forgive Ian for her heartbreak all those years ago, or will Ian return to the life he's fleeing? a beautiful read/listen of second chances and HEA.

I received this book for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.
* this review is based on the audio version of this read.
Profile Image for Jocelyne.
3,658 reviews11 followers
June 23, 2020
Celebration Series, a small town romance. Linda and Ian's second chance story is sweet and beautiful. Linda is lovely, strong and independent. Meghan is a beautiful and smart teeneger. Ian is intriguing. I loved to follow them in their journey. The ending is heartwarming. Yvonne Cude did a good job with the narration. I love her male voice. Looking forward to listen to the next book in the Series, Heathens to Hearts
432 reviews1 follower
December 5, 2017
Book 2 of the Celebration Series. Linda and Ian were high school sweethearts, then he up and left her without a word! Little did he know she was pregnant when he left. Now almost 14 years later, he comes back to Celebration. Can they forgive each other and move on and have a HEA? Great read! I do recommend reading book 1 of the series first.
Profile Image for Kathy Zuercher Diveley.
1,124 reviews6 followers
September 7, 2019
Linda & Ian

Linda is a nurse in ER, and had raised her daughter Megan on her own. Her boyfriend Ian disappeared after her sophomore year, and she was unable to find him. Now 14 years later, he is in ER in serious condition from an auto accident. He recovers and meets his daughter and falls in love with Linda all over again.
182 reviews1 follower
April 8, 2020
Hard to beat a hometown reunion

Ian and Linda were high school sweethearts then after prom Ian disappears leaving behind Linda. Ian literally crashes back into the home town area. Linda is his nurse, and steady unflappable nurse and highly capable mom that she is faints in the team's room. The story is just begun hung with a lot of energy.
258 reviews
September 23, 2021
This was a cute second chance story. I enjoyed it better then the first one in the series. However I couldn't stand the female main characters voice in this one. It was high pitched and Hurt the ears. This narrator was used for the first book as well, and I prefered the voices used in that one to this one.
747 reviews
November 19, 2017
Linda realizes with fear that the next trauma patient admitted to her ER is the boy she's loved since high school, the father of her daughter and the love she's never gotten over, that disappeared from her life mysteriously over 14 years ago. Can she survive this reunion with her heart intact?
2,887 reviews22 followers
October 4, 2019
Better than I thought given #1.

Linda's an ER nurse gets a patient who turns out to be her long lost love.

We learn why he's long lost and what he's missed.

No relationship really develops here. It's odd.

Profile Image for Sheila Schwartz.
1,430 reviews3 followers
December 14, 2020
Lost love

This is the kind of story that I never get tired of reading. A couple separated for years by no fault of their own and then reconnecting years later with surprises neither is expecting! Totally electric!
286 reviews2 followers
January 17, 2021
Short and sweet

Second chance with her high school love. Not very detailed yet everything is answered. I like that, not a lot of excess words or repetitiveness. Nice characters and a pretty clean read.
4,416 reviews22 followers
December 20, 2016
Tears to Cheers review

Tears to Cheers is the second romance in The Celebration series written by author Stacy Eaton. There will be a new book each month for twelve months.
Profile Image for Marie Godley.
Author 12 books21 followers
October 30, 2017
A good follow up to the first in the series. You get more hooked as you find out more about the characters that you've met so far.
Profile Image for Natalie .
2,412 reviews32 followers
January 11, 2019
I like how the characters tag on the relationships, on some of them you can tell who is next. I thought Thad’s sister would be next but Linda was just as interesting. Favourite character in this one was Megan, so charming and adorable but cheeky.
743 reviews
December 14, 2020
First book I've read by this author, definitely not my last, great story, loved the characters.
Profile Image for Vera mallard.
458 reviews11 followers
December 12, 2016

Once upon a time a boy seventeen and a girl sixteen, fell in love and spent every possible minute together. He declared his undying love for her. However, without a word the boy left town and the girl found she was pregnant. He never contacted her again. She had their baby, matured, became an ER nurse, and provided for their daughter.

This is the back drop of romance novel, Tears to Cheers. However, fate will step in to bring resolution to this tale. Fourteen years later that same boy, Ian Dugan, now a man, is laying in the ER with Linda Maxim standing over him. Shocked beyond belief, Linda faints dead away. Ian, badly injured, leaves Linda with lots of questions about why he is back in Celebration after so long. Has he come back for her, does he know about their child Megan, why did he leave fourteen years ago, and why did he never contact her? So many questions, mysteries, and problems needing resolution.

Welcome back to Celebration as you journey with Linda, Megan, and Ian. Grab your favorite beverage, have a seat and enjoy Book 2 of The Celebration Series. My romance novel review of Tears to Cheers follows.


First I must tell you, Tears to Cheers is an emotional roller coaster ride. I felt everything from great sadness to great joy reading this novel. Emotions run high and intense. Megan desires what she has never known; Linda wants Ian to love her but fears more hurt. Ian has past issues and hurts he must resolve before he can move on. Ultimately, changes are coming, wanted or not. Revelations are on the horizon as Ian and Linda hash out the past.

Additional, introductions of secondary characters proceeded seamlessly and smoothly, as Ms. Eaton enlarges the character base in The Celebration Series. Each character adds another element to the story-line and future story-lines. Ms. Eaton formatted alternating chapters for the two main characters. This structuring added depth to the story as we receive insight into the characters thoughts and feelings. I found the portrayal of Megan unique and warm. Ms. Eaton characters are believable and feel real to the reader.

In conclusion, the pacing of the story was in keeping with the length of the novel. With well-developed characters, writing which did not require fluff to fill the pages, Ms. Eaton crafted an enjoyable book. Moreover, the many twists and turns capture the reader and do not let go. With several plots, you will not lose interest in this multi-faceted and character driven story.


In addition, I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend. As the story has a light love scene, I would recommend Tears To Cheers for young adults to adults.

Finally Please Note:

Additionally, I received this book from the author and voluntarily chose to review the novel with an honest romance novel review. Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion. Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinion. Furthermore, the free ARC did not influence my romance novel review of this book.

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2,899 reviews15 followers
February 20, 2017
Linda was going about her daily life as a nurse, until one car accident trauma victim was trundled into the OR. Ian had been high school sweetheart, until the day after their prom, when he and his family moved, without a trace from the small town of Celebration. Now Ian was back, laying in an induced coma, to allow the brain injury he had suffered in the course of his car rolling three times, on slick icy roads and ending up impacting with a tree.
There was lots to discuss, to find out about each other lives and the problem he had left Linda with 14 years ago. Did any of the love they felt for each other, back then, still survive, after all this time??
A fantastic, whimsical and romantic story. I enjoyed it, and would find it hard for anyone else not to enjoy this delightful tale.
Profile Image for Barbara.
549 reviews4 followers
June 21, 2018
I just loved, loved, loved this book. Every book I’ve read by author Stacy Eaton has been great but this one really takes the cake. I couldn’t put it down and it’s a good thing it was a Sunday so I didn’t have to put it down! I loved all the characters especially Linda Maxim. She is such a strong woman that didn’t let a pregnancy at 16 get her down. She became a nurse and provides for her and her daughter. The other main character, Ian Dugan, was an interesting man who had some baggage of his own. It’s a great story about the two characters and the future. This is a must read as far as I’m concerned.

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