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Ink and Metal #1

Inking Scars

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Love will always leave a mark, no matter how fleeting.

Tattoo artist Seth Baxter has had enough loss to last him a lifetime. Focused and driven, he channels his energy into making his store is the best in the business. The one thing he can certainly do without is the return of his ex-girlfriend.

Bexley Way is lost. She runs back to the only person who can help her. She’s willing to take Seth’s hurt as long as he’ll offer her the solace she craves. He needs her help in the store and she’s desperate for his forgiveness, as well as his personal brand of security.

Secrets are kept by both of them, even when their old, unresolved, feelings resurface. Each day spent in her presence is a step forward for Seth. Their relationship was never truly over to him. Yet Bexley keeps so much to herself. Protecting her heart. Protecting Seth.

But when Bexley is faced with the true horror of her situation, she has no choice but to reveal it all to Seth. However, the words barely leave her lips before it all takes a deadly turn, leaving behind more anguish than ever before.

Are Seth and Bexley strong enough to right a past wrong and give themselves a permanent future?

Reader Advisory: This book contains reference to drug use, violence, pregnancy loss.

General Release Date: 17th January 2017

221 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 20, 2016

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About the author

M.A. Stacie

11 books405 followers
M. A. Stacie is never without a book or her eReader. A voracious reader, with a love of sexy, yet angst ridden novels, she loves getting lost in new worlds. Her need to write did not grip her until after her second son was born, when her previous rambles became fully fledged stories.

She describes herself as one huge contradiction, and though not the most conventional of hobbies, she counts getting new tattoos as one of hers. Along with running, knitting, and listening to loud music. However, she is yet to work out how to do them all at the same time.

M. A. Stacie lives in the UK with her husband and three sons.

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Profile Image for Jannie Lund.
Author 25 books35 followers
February 5, 2017
The Queen of Tortured Heroes is back.

INKING SCARS is a fantastic start to the Ink & Metal Series. It hurt my heart it just right, it made me laugh, made me fan myself, and most of all made me happy that this gifted author has given me another book soulmate. I love M.A. Stacie's voice, and the tale of Seth and Bexley, their pain, their love, and the wonderful cast of characters that surround them, does not disappoint. I've already made room on my bookshelf for the rest of the series.
Profile Image for Janet.
549 reviews12 followers
January 17, 2017
''Love will always leave a mark, no matter how fleeting.''

Seths business is booming ,so much so that Skirt, another tattoo artist , took it upon himself to find an additional artist ...

Bexley Way is Seths ex .. ex partner ..ex employee ..

Bexley left in an emotional whirlwind , unresolved ,she returns with yet more secrets..

Are Seth and Bexley strong enough to right a past wrong and give themselves a permanent future?

Reader Advisory: This book contains reference to drug use, violence, pregnancy loss.
Profile Image for Risbee.
429 reviews22 followers
February 1, 2017
Perfect balance of heat, drama, snark, and plot.

I can't wait to read the next in the series!
Profile Image for JoAnna G.
677 reviews8 followers
January 18, 2017
I like reading what M.A. Stacie writes. I just need to prepare myself going in because sometimes your heart may not be able to take it. This is the first book in the Ink and Metal series.

Seth is the owner/operator of the tattoo shop. Bad boy with tattoos and piercings. Love that. Bexley is right there with him. When they meet again they ignite. He looks up and never expected to see her again.

In reading Inking Scars my heart went out to Seth. He is heartbroken, even though it has been some time, since it all went down, he is still a mess with his heart on the floor. When Bexley walks back into his life because “he needs help” and she got a call from Skirt. The shop is short staffed and is having a hard time keeping up. Bexley was and is a tattoo artist, hence the call to her form Skirt. Seth is even more upset because he feels betrayed by his best friend, seeing how said best friend, Skirt, had been keeping up some contact with her. Bexley’s reasons for leaving come to light and my heart (see this is what I mean about preparing myself) hurt. There were times I just wanted to smack her and say, “look you weren't alone, you had them to help you.” Seth was a beautiful man with a heart so huge, that he wore it on his sleeve, and a big giant teddy bear. I loved him. That man loved Bexley beyond rational thought. She is his everything. So when she comes back, he tries to be detached, but he can’t, he just can’t seem to keep the distance he wants to.

Bexley is trying as well. You have these two people that ignite and bring out the best and the worse in each other. I have read people in love before, but these two, so much damn passion, hurt, anger, and so much damn love is between them. You can feel it when reading. I felt like I was there to stand witness. When it hits the fan Seth is there for her. He is true to himself and her. He never once falters. These two are soulmates. Now Skirt (tattoo artist and bff to Seth) and Kit (friend and piercer) are the comic relief. I loved these two as well and they tiptoe around each other with a fine line between of love and hate. We all know how powerful those two emotions are.

Can these two get past the hurt, lies, omissions, deceptions and half truths and find their HEA? Do you love reading about a man that would give the woman he loves anything in this world to make her happy, tattoos, bad boys, hot sex, steamy passion and above all friendship and love? There was a twist that I didn’t expect until I saw it, then it made sense. Well then this book is for you and you should read it.

I can’t wait to read more in this series, one because it’s good, and two, the people are awesome and I simply want more of all of them.

*ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.
Reviewed by JoAnna from Alpha Book Club
Profile Image for Rachael Orman.
Author 26 books369 followers
February 10, 2017
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

I really enjoyed this second chance story. There was drama, hotness, a bit of angst and a great plot. I really liked watching the secondary characters bicker too.

There are a few twists and turns that are left unexplained until the end, which kept the pages turning quickly.

This was an odd read for me in a way because normally I relate to the female in the story, but in this one I really felt for Seth and didn't really like the explanation Bexley gave for running. Seth was the character that was dealing with the pain from their past relationship and all that they'd been through while Bexley seemed to only want to place blame where it shouldn't have been. However, I have to say that I did see her side of things, I just didn't understand why she left. She ended up making the situation so much worse by doing it so I was a little bitter toward her at points.
January 29, 2017
In this first volume of her Ink and Metal series, M.A. Stacie is in fine form when she spins a tale full of the sad, the funny, the heart-wrenching, and the hot. She will yank your heart out, torture it with glee, and then put it back together in a way that will have you begging for more.
Displaying 1 - 6 of 6 reviews

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