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Guthrie Brothers #2

Worth the Wait

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Ready or not…love will find a way

Single dad Hogan Guthrie is getting his life back on track, and working as the "barbecue master" at a local diner is just a temporary detour. He and restaurant owner Violet Shaw constantly butt heads…until one night they end up mingling other parts instead. Hogan thought he had the recipe for happiness all figured out. But loyal, carefree Violet is daring him to trust his impulses…and see just how sweet small-town living—and loving—can be.

Nathan Hawley traded his SWAT team credentials for a sheriff's badge, but a gorgeous new neighbor is shaking up his orderly life. Nathan has a hunch there's more to Brooklin Sweet than meets the eye—but given her caution about getting involved, he has his work cut out for him. Still, there's something about the elusive beauty Nathan can't walk away from—and helping her come to terms with her past might pave the way to the future they both secretly long for.

384 pages, Paperback

First published July 25, 2017

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About the author

Lori Foster

477 books11.3k followers
Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN.

Lori hosts a very special annual “Reader & Author” event in West Chester, Ohio. Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children’s Home.

Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity. You can see the benefit romance books here: http://lorifoster.com/benefit-books/

Career Highlights
•In 2001, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Series Romantic Fantasy.

•In 2002, Lori’s book Too Much Temptation was the top-selling romance title for Amazon books.

•In 2003, Say No To Joe was the second “Bestselling Original Contemporary” romance title for Waldenbooks.

•In 2004, Lori Foster was a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle.

•In 2004, The Secret Life of Bryan was the “Bestselling Original Contemporary” romance title for the BGI group.

•In 2005, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Contemporary Romance.

•In 2006, Jude’s Law was the “Bestselling Romantic Comedy” romance title for the BGI group.

•In 2007, Lori launched a new “urban fantasy” series under the name L.L. Foster. See more on her “dark side” at www.llfoster.com.

•In 2007, Causing Havoc was among Amazon’s Top Ten Editor’s picks in Romance.

•In 2008, Hard to Handle made #2 on The New York Times.

•In 2009, Servant: The Acceptance was Amazon’s #1 Editors’ Pick in Romance.

•In 2010, Lori was a clue in the USA Today Quick Cross puzzle.

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7,013 reviews834 followers
July 25, 2017

Lori Foster delivers three romances in Worth The Wait making it an extremely entertaining book. While there was definitely more time spent on one couple, the love matches were quite entertaining. Most of all I love the sense of community in this series; the friendships, the nosey neighbors, and they way they help each other through lives trials and tribulations.

Hogan Guthrie’s life was turned upside down when he found out his wife was cheating, she cleaned out his bank accounts including their son’s college fund, and then died in a car accident forcing him and his teenage son to move to Ohio and live with his brother. With a job at a small accounting firm and working part time at Screwy Louie’s on the weekend cooking up his famous ribs, Hogan is working on getting his life back together. He’ll be the first to admit he isn’t proud of his actions over the last few months, but he can’t change the past and all he plans to do is go forward and pursue the woman that intrigues him, but Violet his “boss” at Screwy Louie’s wants nothing to do with him and his player reputation. Violet was such a strong female character and I loved that she was self reliant and self sufficient, and it took an illness to make her slow down and an even stronger man to help her through it all. I loved the chemistry between Hogan and Violet, but what I loved more is the respect he had for her and the fact that Violet began to see Hogan’s true self; smart, funny, and a dedicated father. I also enjoyed the bond Violet began forming with Hogan’s 18 year old son, Colt; they both had great admiration and respect for one another. Hogan’s inability to commit and Violet’s refusal to settle for anything less proves to be a bit of a roadblock, but between the town’s gossip column and watching their friends fall in love it’s hard to ignore what’s going on between them.

Ex-SWAT team member and now Sherriff Nathan Hawley takes his job, so when he sees he has a new next door neighbor he plans to get to know her, but Brooklin Sweet has secrets and she doesn’t think she can trust anyone even if the man pursuing her is the town’s sheriff. I loved the way Brooklin made Nathan work to know her even though she was intrigued by him. Their relationship was sweet, but intense and a lovely bonus in this book.

There’s nothing quite like the rush of new love, so it was fun watching Colt realize that between jobs and school, the right girl was worth making time for and new girl in town, Charish, proves to be just what he wants. I really love we get to revisit the couple a few years down the road when the time is right for them.

Watching these three couples find love was fun and enjoyable, but what I really loved was the crazy camaraderie of the Screwy Louie’s crowd. Lori Foster offers up another exciting contemporary romance in Worth The Wait.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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July 26, 2017
Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

As the second Guthrie brother, Hogan, takes his turn we get a closer look at life in small Clearbrook, Ohio town and while not quite everybody is in every body else's business, it's close. Like the first book, we get two romances for the price of one and they are both great.

Hogan Guthrie is a single dad who is getting his life back on track. He has finally found a good paying job in his field as an accountant and is working as the "barbecue master" at Screwy Louie's. The owner, Violet Shaw, is just about the only woman in Clearbrook that he hadn't hit on during his temporary hiatus from the sensible, solid, hard working man he was before his wife left him devastated and his ego in tatters. But, it all takes a turn when Hogan discovers that Violet had the same lusty feelings for him that he has for her.

Sheriff Nathan Hawley traded his SWAT team credentials for a the slower pace and less crime in Clearbrook. A new neighbor has caught his eye, but she is having nothing to do with the hunky guy. Gorgeous new neighbor, Brooklin Sweet, is a keep to herself kind of woman and that just intrigues Nathan more than anything else possibly could. She has an quite beauty and venerability that Nathan can't walk away from—and helping her come to terms with the secrets from her past can't hurt his chances for something more romantic. 3 1/2-Stars
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2,484 reviews246 followers
September 5, 2017
According to a recent Facebook post by author Lori Foster, Worth the Wait is her 100th unique story, which is an amazing accomplishment! Writing for just over twenty years in the romance genre, her books obviously resonate with readers who keep coming back for more. The first novels of hers I read was the Buckhorn Brothers series, which originally came out in the early 2000s. Since then her name on a book automatically draws my attention, and Worth the Wait is a classic example of what readers have come to expect from Ms. Foster – straightforward plots with down to earth characters who enjoy some sexy times on the way to their happy endings.

Worth the Wait is the second story in the Guthrie Brothers duology, and includes two complete romances in one novel (as did the first story in the series, Don’t Tempt Me). Hogan Guthrie is a newcomer to Clearbrook, having moved there with this teenaged son, Colt, after the death of his wife. While Hogan has spent the last several months playing the field in an effort to avoid dealing with the complicated feelings leftover from his marriage, recently he’s been drawn to Violet Shaw. Hogan works at her diner part time as a ‘barbecue master’ (best ribs in town!) but spends his regular business hours as an accountant. He’s not looking for marriage, but a fling with the petite, fiery owner of Screwy Louie’s sure would be fun. Hogan lives next door to his brother Jason, who has helped him settle into town and is good friends with Nathan Hawley, the local sheriff.

Nathan turned in his SWAT badge for local law enforcement, and has his eyes out for trouble. When those eyes are caught by his new neighbor Brooklin Sweet she makes it clear that keeping a low profile is her priority and she’s not looking for new friends. Nathan’s spidey sense tells him that something has Brooklin spooked and he’s determined to prove to her that friendship (or more) with him would be to her advantage. When Brooklin’s past catches up to her, things get dicey for everyone whom she’s becoming close to, including her new friends Violet, Hogan and Nathan. Will a brush with danger show them all the path to their happy ever afters?

The story is written in such a way that there is a chapter with the development of the relationship with one couple and then a chapter with the other, until later in the story when the overarching plot of Brooklin’s troubles start to encompass them all. I really like how this is done, and found myself equally interested in both couples as they have different problems to overcome.

Hogan never got any real resolution over the end of his marriage, discovering his wife was unfaithful (and feeling like a fool for not realizing it was happening) and then having her die unexpectedly in an accident. He also discovers she’d spent all of their savings, including his son’s college fund. Working two jobs is his way of trying to replenish the savings and save his son’s future. But it makes him wary of any kind of relationship commitment. Plus, his boss at his day job is continually overstepping his boundaries and is making him question his future there.

Violet lost her parents at an early age and inherited the diner from her uncle. She’s been running it for so long that making changes to it, even ones that Hogan suggests will help improve the business, test her comfort zone. Of course she’s not blind, and the sexy, confident man running her grills is the kind of man she’d love to see in her bed, even if he is her employee. And when Hogan makes it clear he’s interested but only for the present and with no guarantees for the future, she’s willing to take the risk. It’s Hogan who soon has to come to terms with the fact that the feelings he’s having for Violet are getting him in deeper than he’d planned.

Nathan is another quintessential good guy hero, persistent in showing Brooklin that he’s interested in her without overstepping the boundaries she’s put in place. Brooklin can see that Nathan is unlike the men in her past, but she’s got secrets that put her on the run and still haunt her. These secrets make up a good portion of the second half of the story and drive the action that results, taking the tension up a notch.

Lori Foster writes hot sexy times that are not over the top with swearing or dirty talking but read like a couple who are interested in each other, who respect each other, and who have an equal part to play in their mutual satisfaction. They are definitely some of my favorites to read and are integral to the emotional connections made between the couple concerned.

One thing evident in this story is the reliance on conversations to move the plot. There is not a lot of introspection and deep thinking by the characters, so instead of spending a lot of time mulling things over, the characters will ‘think’ things out by having conversations about them. Hogan is the central figure around which the plot revolves, so this means plenty of conversations with his brother, his son, his friend Nathan and obviously Violet. It’s a simplistic approach but one that works for this small town romance.

Though the four main adults make up the bulk of the points of view in the story, there are also some scenes told through the eyes of from Hogan’s son, Colt, in particular his interest in a girl at his high school. It’s a sweet touch and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a later story with him all grown up, as the author did with the children in the original Buckhorn series. Whether Worth the Wait is your first Lori Foster book, or your 100th, she delivers a sexy, engaging contemporary romance every time.

For more of this review please visit All About Romance: https://allaboutromance.com/book-revi...

A copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review.
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2,735 reviews333 followers
July 18, 2017
This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional Bookviews
Worth the Wait bears its title very well! I loved this story, even though it followed one main couple, plus another couple who got less time allotted to them. The writing is so good, and there's some well-timed suspense as well as the romance.

Review - (un)Conventional Bookviews

Hogan had been through the wringer more than once, and Worth the Wait was really about how he was worth waiting for. Violet was attracted to Hogan, but she didn't want to be just another notch on his bedpost. I was intrigued by Hogan when I first met him in Don't Tempt Me, and his story was really good. He had quite a bit of thinking through his past to do, before he could completely open up to Violet and maybe start building a new relationship again.

Worth the Wait follows two couples, but Hogan and Violet are the main characters, while Nathan and Brooklin have a bit less time for their romance. The suspense parts of the story have to do with Brooklin, and it was interesting how she tried to shy away from everyone who wanted to become her friend. Once Violet broke through her barriers, though, there was no going back.

One of my favorite things about Worth the Wait was how great a father Hogan was, wanting to put his son's needs before his own. Violet was great with him as well, understanding Colt's need to be independent all the while needing a little bit of guidance every now and then. The interactions between the various characters were authentic, and I really enjoyed the banter, the friendship and the loyalty.

There was a little bit of intrigue as well, as Hogan's female boss was doing her best to snag him - bordering on harassing him, she was. Violet totally put her in her place, though! The writing in Worth the Wait was really good, the third person past tense with plenty of dialogues allowed me a good overview, and at the same time get to know the characters fairly well.

Fave Quotes - (un)Conventional Bookviews

"I'll walk you out," she said. Short of telling her to go to hell, what could he do? Is this how women felt when being sexually harassed? No, for a woman it'd probably be worse. After all, Joni didn't physically threaten him. She just annoyed the hell out of him.

Violet hadn't slept as soundly as Hogan predicted she would. How could she when she kept thinking about him 'taking care of himself?' Oh, how she'd love to watch.

It was an amazing thing when a man so wonderful on the inside also had the perfect, very masculine wrapping on the outside.
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529 reviews24 followers
December 21, 2018
Finito finalmente.In questo romanzo ci sono due storie:Violet proprietaria dello Screwy lovie's ,innamorata di Hogan.Lui e' un commercialista che lascia il suo lavoro per lavorare con Violet nel suo dinner. Poi c'e' Nathan,lo sceriffo che si innamora di Brooklin. Lei si è trasferita nella Città per fuggire da una situazione spiacevole. Poi c'è Colt, figlio perfetto di Hogan e infine le protagoniste fondamentali di questa storia:"le costolette",grigliate in continuazione da Hogan e irrorate con la sua salsa segreta.Considerando che sono circa 400 pagine,non so quante volte la parola costolette appaia. Questo romanzo mi ha fatto addormentare facilmente leggendolo di sera,considerando che io soffro di insonnia. Ho dato tre stelle,ma in realtà sono due e mezzo che avrei trasformato in tre se Hogan avesse svelato il segreto della sua salsa....
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2,421 reviews69 followers
November 16, 2018
What was great :
- Hogan's two jobs (accountant by day and barbecue master in a diner by night)
-There's two romance in the book
-The other hero, Nathan, is the town's sheriff but he's also a singer in the local garage band
-The great relationship between Hogan and his teenage son

What I found less great :
-Hogan and Violet's bickering and arguing was too melodramatic
-Hogan is honest and pretty straightforward with everyone so he should have said what's on his mind to (and about) his second boss's inappropriate behavior
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498 reviews3 followers
September 5, 2017
Worth the Wait is a really great suspenseful, two-for-one romance! It is a solid 4 star rating from me. Not sure if we can expect any more from this series of fantastic standalones but I certainly would be happy to have more, even if this book did end with nothing left unanswered.
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219 reviews1 follower
April 24, 2017
Amazing book!!! I absolutely love violet! Shes my favorite heroine in thr series. Violet and Hogan are perfect for each other, so are Nathan and Brooklin! Hopefully we get to see more of the family if colts receives his own book. I recieved an arc copy in exchange for an honest review.
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2,307 reviews161 followers
July 16, 2022
Worth the Wait
4 Stars

Similar to the first book, Worth the Wait also focuses on two couples. The first is Hogan Guthrie and his feisty boss, Violet Shaw, for whom he works part-time as a barbecue chef, and the second is that of Sheriff Nathan Hawley and his gorgeous yet secretive new neighbor, Brooklin Sweet. Both romances are delightful and Foster's characterization is engaging.

Violet is the type of heroine one either loves or hates. She has endured a great deal of loss, and her prickly façade conceals a deep-seated vulnerability and fear of becoming attached, especially to a man with Hogan's reputation. Speaking of which, Hogan's hound-dog behavior in the previous book did not endear him, but it soon becomes clear that his womanizing ways are in the past, and now he only has eyes for Violet.

Nathan and Brooklin's relationship gets off to a rocky start as his actions are borderline stalkerish. Nevertheless, Brooklin has a backbone of steel and doesn't hesitate to put him in his place. Her strength and resilience throughout the book are incredible, and the revelation of her past only reinforces her fortitude. Their romance is intense with several sweet and endearing moments.

The minor stalker plot adds another layer of tension and suspense as it keeps the reader guessing - is the threat one from Brooklin's past or a more recent one to Violet. The eventual climax and resolution are intense and exciting.

Overall, this has been a short and fun duology.
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1,073 reviews53 followers
August 11, 2017
*arc provided for an honest review*

I have to say, I'm kind of disappointed with this book. first the cover doesn't match the main storyline at all. it depicts teens against a brick wall, and while this does happen, Colt's storyline isn't the main focus of the book. so it's a tad misleading.

moving on to the storyline. I got really really , and I hate to use this word, bored with it. I understand Hogan's hesitation with his love life and why. but holding out to 90% of the book to finally admit how you feel, and only until after a huge scary event. I mean, I really started to question if he was ever going to admit it to himself. I even went as far to see if this was part of a series. the storyline between Nathan and Brooklin moved faster, and again, they weren't the focus of the storyline. there's a huge difference between angst and fluff, and this held more fluff than angst. believe me when I say, this pains me to say that because I usually love Lori Foster books. however this one took me over a month to read. it moved so slow, I kept putting it down and moving on to another book. I'd come back to give it another shot and walk away again.

I didnt mind 3 love stories in one book. I also didn't mind the little bit of crazy from Brooklin's life the dribbled over into anyone else's. it may have been a little much to have Violet sick or hurt every few chapters too. just a tad overdone to have someone so independent always sick or hurt and depending on or needing Hogan's help.

I had to rate this 2.5-3 stars
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3,089 reviews664 followers
July 25, 2017
I loved that Foster gave us two completely fleshed out happily ever afters in WORTH THE WAIT. That combined with secondary characters, Screwy Louie's restaurant and a thread about young Colt made for a warm, page-turning read.

Hogan, Colt's Dad, has worked hard to get his life back on track and find happiness after his wife's death. In book one DON'T TEMPT ME we felt the chemistry between Violet, the owner of Screwy Louie's restaurant and Hogan, so I was anxious for their story. Violet is fun, strong, confident and someone you would want to befriend. She works long hours, and her dating life is practically nil. She is attracted to Hogan, but he has a reputation as a bit of player and that scares her. Hogan is tempted, but he isn't looking for happily ever after.

Hogan works weekends at Screwy Louie's grilling his ribs while keeping the ingredients to his sauce a secret. Grilling and watching folks enjoy his cooking helps Hogan relax,  but more than that he likes being near Violet. When Violet ends up ill, Hogan is there, and it allows the two to spend a little time together. She discovers he isn't a player and he finds that despite some issues he wants to get to know Violet intimately. Watching them tango was utterly addictive, and I found myself caught up in their romance. Foster weaved in humor, sweet moments and spicy heat.

I enjoyed getting Hogan's backstory and the current thread about his accounting job. Both added interest and allowed me to connect. Violet was a real gem even if she tries to do everything on her own. Both characters felt genuine and had me rooting for an HEA.

Our local Sheriff Nathan Hawley is more than a little curious about his cute, standoffish neighbor Brooklin Sweet and I had fun watching their relationship develop. While this was a secondary romance to the overall story, Foster threaded their romance throughout giving us some suspense, humor and awkward moments. Foster also used them to touch on the subject of how quickly we condemn folks before knowing all of the facts.

For fans of the series, we get updates on Honor, Jason, and other characters. Colt is present throughout the story, and we get tidbits about his life. Even though he is only eighteen, I hope we get his story. I loved the thread about the local gossip page. It was hilarious and cute moments developed from it. WORTH THE WAIT will work as standalone, but you'll want to read Honor and Jason's story.

Fans of Jill Shalvis, Robyn Carr, and Bella Andre will enjoy this series with its small-town feel and smidgeon of heat.

Copy provided by publisher. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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653 reviews
April 24, 2017
As the title indicates, this book was worth the wait.
In this book we get to revisit old friends Sullivan and his love Lexi, Jason and his love Honor.
We get to watch as Hogan and Violet grow closer , sexy Sheriff Nathan meets Brooklin, a new mysterious woman to town. We are taken on a ride full of sexy fun, intrigue, danger and hear all about the BBQ ribs that Hogan cooks ...shirtless maybe? Maybe not. A lot of excitement goes on in this small town, shoot...in the diner owned by Violet called Screwy Louie's . How great is THAT name or the band named Drunken Monkeys that Nathan plays in?
So much going on. This was a great read. I have not told everything...what fun would it be if I didn't leave a few things for you to discover when you read this book?
So do yourself a favor and go buy this book when it's available. You will NOT regret it. Oh! One more thing.....you see a...never mind....I'll leave that for you to find out as well.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
April 21, 2017
So happy with this one! The first book was a bit disjointed for me. I wasn't interested in what felt like a "secondary" couple. This book felt like I got two completely fleshed out HEA's. This is single dad Hogan's story and his friend the town sheriff, Nathan. Violet and Hogan were so full of chemistry. I would read more with Violet in it--she is a firecracker. Hogan will be on his toes with that one! Nathan and Booklin end up being so sweet together. Very happy to see Brooklin heal and get a well deserved HEA. Loved the over arching suspense that combined the two stories.

And, by God, Ms. Foster better jump ahead 3-4 years and give us Colt's story next! What an awesome kid!

Great read!

*Complimentary copy provided via Netgalley for an honest review
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2,140 reviews68 followers
July 8, 2017
Hogan and Violet's relationship was a fun balance of sweet/sassy, a dash of witty banter, and their chemistry was absolutely combustible! I loved Violet's sassy Southern drawl and take charge attitude. Hogan's strong work ethic was easy to respect and I loved his relationship with his son Colt-it was too sweet! Speaking of Colt, I hope he gets his own story..I would love to see how his future pans out!

Brooklin and Nathan were just too stinking cute! Brooklin's appeal was understated, yet she had a sweet personality and plenty of gumption to hold her own with Nathan. His gentlemanly manners contradicted the sizzling looks he was throwing out, but give the man credit! He knew what he wanted and was willing to show Brooklin she was worth the wait. Their chemistry was not as steamy as Hogan and Violet, but still quite appealing. I had so much fun watching these two fall in love!

Lori Foster writes wonderful romances full of humor, witty banter, and quirky characters I can't resist falling in love with! An exuberant cast of characters, a touch of suspense, and plenty of sizzling, sexy moments, this story is exactly as the title implies-Worth the Wait! Definitely recommend!

I voluntarily reviewed an arc that I received from Harlequin via NetGalley.

Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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2,217 reviews435 followers
April 5, 2017
I loved this latest by Lori Foster. It was a great followup to the first book in the series, and I enjoyed seeing all of the characters again and meeting a few new ones. I am enjoying the small town setting of this series. Although I think that all of the characters are great, I have to say that Colt is the best! What a fantastic young man Foster has made of this character!

Hogan Guthrie has been through a very tough time and the good life he once knew is over. He and his son, Colt, are trying to pick up the pieces. Hogan has had a rough start in their new life, but is now settling down and trying to be the man he knows he should be. Violet, his boss at the diner where he cooks ribs part time, has caught his interest. When he finally convinces her that his player days are over, they give in to attraction. As the relationship between them begins to deepen, a newcomer to town inadvertently brings danger that soon envelops Violet. Hogan must protect those he cares about while trying to decide what he wants in his life.

This was a great book! I'm already looking forward to Foster's next one. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a copy of the book in return for an honest review.
Profile Image for Hollie.
163 reviews
April 25, 2017
Wow! This book is Worth the Wait! for sure!
Hogan Guthrie is one hot man! He's got 2 jobs,a good looking son, and knows his way around a barbecue grill! He also has one boss that can't keep her hands off of him. Much to his displeasure! Now if only his other boss would show more affection his way! being burned by his late wife is definitely put a damper on him, but Violet is more than he can do without!
The other couple in this book is the hottie next door sheriff Nathan.. he's got his eye out for his new neighbor Brooklin. She's a cool one that has more than meets the eye going on in her life! But there is just something that makes him want to know more about her. Can Nathan be the man who can help her?
This book is such a great read! It has all the things that make a Lori Foster read so enjoyable!
I was given a copy of this book for a fair and truthful review.
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524 reviews6 followers
July 5, 2017
Love, love, love Violet's fiery personality. She's funny and sarcastic and gives Hogan hell. I love their playful banter. I don't think Lori Foster is capable of writing a bad book!!!
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1,473 reviews88 followers
August 14, 2017
Hotness Rating 3 out of 5

Worth the Wait is a gem in that you basically are getting two stories in one. Primarily this book surrounds Hogan and Violet, however as you read on we get Nathan and Brooklin's story. I kept thinking Ms. Foster is giving us just enough of Nathan and Brooklin to set us up for the next book, but I was wrong. We get it all. Yay! While I enjoyed Hogan and Violet I found myself so much more drawn to and invested in Nathan and Brooklin. And don't even get me started on Colt. Such a sweet loving boy that made me sigh as he explored his own high school love match.

Losing your wife unexpectedly seems like the worst possible thing that could ever happen, right? How about throwing in that she died on the way to meet her lover leaving him and their son with their savings and son's college fund emptied. This is exactly why Hogan and his teenager son Colt has found themselves starting over in the small town Ohio. Hogan is working full time at as an accountant and night duties as grill master at Screwie Louie's. This served to help him get extra money in trying to rebuild Colt's college fund, but had the unexpected windfall of gaining him access to the pretty owner Violet.

I absolutely loved Violet. She was a tough chick that ran her business with fairness. She held onto everything with a tight rein in fears of losing her legacy, but wasn't rigid or unwilling to listen to ideas. She just seemed so human. You could tell right off that she was head over heels for Hogan but was willing to sacrifice her own happiness in deference to Hogan's son and his needs. It was blindingly obvious that Colt was in no way being affected by the possible relationship between Hogan and Violet and it broke my heart that she was willing to expect so little for herself so that Hogan's "relationship insecurities" wouldn't become too much. I was a little annoyed with Hogan as the book went on that he just would not bend in his belief that he could pretty much be with Violet in every way but hold a huge part of himself back.

Nathan and Brooklin were my favorite. You could tell she was hiding something right off, but Nathan handled her with such care. The secret she carried was heartbreaking yet she was more worried about how it would affect others than herself. I loved, loved, loved this couple and really wish there would have been more of their story.
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2,769 reviews12 followers
July 14, 2017
Copy received from Harlequin Australia via Netgalley for an honest review

Worth The Wait is right - I didn't realise how much I wanted this book until I got it!

What I like about the Guthrie Bros books is that we kind of get 2 stories in each one.

The main protaganists in Worth The Wait are Hogan and Violet - they have been kind of circling each other for a while with a bit of a love/hate thing going on. I adore them, Hogan in all his hotness, and Violet with all her bite and snark.

We also get the new girl in town, Brooklin, and hot cop Nathan finding their way to a HEA.

We get lots of the characters from the first book, as all their lives are so interwoven.

Sweet and sexy, with a bit of suspense thrown in for good measure, these guys sure do give us a bit of the swoon factor, and had me reading Worth The Wait in one day.

It is sad to see these characters go, but now I can't wait to see what Ms Foster brings us next.

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1,605 reviews19 followers
April 15, 2019
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It really feels good when you start to catch up on the authors that you enjoy. It's been a while but I pulled Worth the wait to read and review. I read the first book Don't Tempt Me when it came out and really planned to read this one when it came out in 2017 but time got away from me.

Since this year I am trying to read more of the books I have laying around. They are everywhere and since I spent all this money to buy them I think it's time that I at least try to put a dent in the piles.

So saying that I decided to pick up Worth the Wait and I'm glad I did. I was able to get lost in the story. You know what I mean when one second you start it and the next it's an hour later and you don't remember anything that happened in that hour other than what you just read.

I love those books.

This book is really two stories written together so I'm going to break them down for you. I'll start off by telling you that as a whole this story is very good. It leads off a little after Don't Tempt Me and continues when the characters you met in that book. What I really loved is that she kept Jason, Honor, Lexie, and Sullivan. I really enjoyed them from the first book and was glad to enjoy them again in this one. Of course, Colt is in the story but that's a given since he's Hogan's son.

Hogan and Violet
I really liked these two together. More than once they made me smile. I like how they tease each other and I loved how when Violet decides to finally give in to him that all she can think about is sex. It's so funny. It was like once she gave her body permission to do what it wanted it was all she could think about.

I was also pleased by the way she treated Colt. He's very important to Hogan and I can't see him falling for any woman who didn't treat his kid good. One of the reasons he finally allowed himself to fall in love again was because of the way Violet treated his kid.

I don't blame Hogan for wanting to not take a chance on love again. He went through hell and it took him a while to realize that was an end to it.

Nathan & Brooklin
I totally loved Nathan. He was so steamy. All I kept thinking as I read his and Brooklin's story was that he could jog with me any time. Of course, I would have to take up jogging first and I'm pretty sure it would kill me so...

I thought the way he pursued Brooklin was sweet. He gave her time to get used to him and didn't rush her. He saw that rushing a relationship wouldn't work and played it cool.

Brooklin needed friends who didn't judge her or think badly of her and she found them. Once she did she was able to relax and start having a life again. When she most needs it Nathan is there for her and that meant a lot to her.

The whole story!
As I mentioned above this is a great story that's very well written with enjoyable characters that will leave you wanting more. More of this town, more of these characters, more of everything.

I did enjoy the story very much but like I said in my review of Don't Tempt Me, I really wish Nathan and Brooklin had their own story. I really loved him and wanted more of him. You get more of Hogan and Violet which is understandable because this short little series is about the brothers. Still, one could hope.

What didn't work for me is that I felt that Violet and Brooklin are one person. They both kind of acted the same. Both of them closed off, they both wanted to do everything on their own even if it was impossible to do so. I think each couple should have had their own story. The likeness was glaring.

Other than that I enjoyed it. They are all great characters. Very much worth the read. Like what I did there?

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September 5, 2017
Let’s cut to it, I’m about to tell you the Pros/Cons of WORTH THE WAIT then you be the one to decide if it’s WORTH THE WAIT (pun intended).

I’m not going to beat around the bush with this novel, in fact I’m going to be brutally honest. Let’s start with my love of this book because love first then hate.

Hogan, single accountant by day hot barbecue master by night, was definitely a well developed character of this novel. As was the little red head, Violet, who’s strong willed and high strung. Hogan and Violet’s love/hate relationship only left me wanting more. I really loved these two characters. These two just know how to push each other but only in a way that ends with being pushed into bed with each other. Yes, jaw dropping.

While there are other aspects of this book that I also really enjoyed, Nathan & Brooklin, I felt that this book had two different stories going on. I remember when I used to have to write stories in high school. My teacher left more red on the page, red that said “Pick one story and go with it”. This is exactly what I thought of while getting mixed in Nathan/Brooklin story. Also, in the mix of two stories, I just didn’t enjoy so many POV’s. Normally 2-3 POVS is all I like in a story so 5 just overwhelms me. Adding to the over uses of POV’s I felt Colt, Hogan’s son, didn’t need his own voice. Colt’s voice could have been in conversation with characters vs his own POV.

I feel WORTH THE WAIT is a book worth reading, regardless of my judgements. Each reader I have found, reviews a book differently which is what being a reviewer is all about.
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July 25, 2017
Review to come.

Will be cross-posted on my blog -Novel Addiction, and Romance Reviews Today.

I am going to start this review by stating how much I love Hogan and Colt. Hogan is fantastic, and made me like the whole single-dad trend, which was never one of my interests before. And Colt.. Colt was absolutely perfect, and well written. Sometimes it's hard to write a believable teenager/young adult, but Lori Foster is a wonderful writer, and proves she can do anything - even write the perfect teenager.

Now to what I wasn't a huge fan of - Violet. I tried to like her, but she just seemed so self-serving. There were times I didn't really believe she liked Hogan, it just felt like she wanted him for what he could do for her or the diner. There were elements of their story that were cute and sweet, but the majority of the time, Violet just felt like a jerk to me.

Like with the first book, there was a secondary romance happening alongside the main couple. I think Nathan and Brooklin's story was probably the better one. I loved these two together, and it was so good to see Nathan get a happy ending, which was something I was hoping for since the first book. And as good as that secondary romance plot was, the small third romance was even better - Colt gets his own chance at love! And maybe he deserves a happily ever after most of all.

I loved Don't Tempt Me so much, so that could be why this book felt like such a let down in comparison. I think this is the first Lori Foster book I've read that hasn't gotten a four or five star rating. She remains one of my favorite authors, but I have to say I was disappointed with this book.

Final rating: 3.5 stars

Disclaimer: I received a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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June 17, 2017
Lori Foster’s contemporary “Worth the Wait” has humor, suspense, and those steamy, sexy scenes we’ve become accustomed to.
“Worth the Wait” can be considered a companion book to last summer’s “Don’t Tempt Me” since it gives us Jason Guthrie’s brother, Hogan’s road to romance. Even Hogan’s son, Colt, meets a girl. We also get to watch the sheriff Nathan fall in love. Most books have one romance, but this one essentially has three!

The central romance is, of course, is between Hogan and diner owner Violet Shaw. Out of his job at the accounting firm, Hogan turns his part-time job as barbecue master at the diner into a full-time one and as a way to get closer to Violet.
Violet is stubborn and independent and doesn’t want to lose control over her business. She’s fiercely attracted to Hogan and their chemistry is off the charts, but Hogan is still not over his past and losing everything, including his wife.

“Worth the Wait” is more than a title. The words prove true for Violet and for this reader who’s been waiting for Hogan to find his HEA since last year. Kudos to Ms. Foster for writing another sexy read.
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July 23, 2017
In Don’t Tempt Me we were introduced to Hogan Guthrie and Violet Shaw. In Lori Foster’s Worth the Wait, we get to see their story come to life as well as a secondary story with Sheriff Nathan who makes a connection with the new mysterious neighbor.

Hogan is a single dad trying to get his life back on track and Violet is an independent diner owner who knows what she wants. The awareness between Hogan and Violet simmers below the surface and keeps readers wanting more.

Without looking up, she asked, “What do you want, Hogan?”
“How’d you know it was me?”
She tipped her face and one vivid blue eye peeked up at him through that fall of incredible hair.”Honey,” she drawled, “I know the sound of your walk, the way that you knock, and I know your scent.”
His brows lifted. “My scent?”
Sitting back with a grumpy sigh, she asked again, “What’d you want?”
Ignoring her mean mood, he said “Besides you?” He heard her growl and his grin widened.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
July 27, 2017
Lori Foster does it again. In her second Guthrie Brothers book we are introduced to Violet Shaw a strong, independent restaurant owner and Hogan Guthrie a single father trying to create stability in his home as he raise his teenage son Colt and figure out how to help his son get into the college of his choice. Hogan and Violet will make you laugh as they together at her restaurant where Hogan is the Grill Master and with their interactions with Hogan's son Colt as well characters that were first introduced to us in the first Guthrie Brothers book Don't Tempt Me including Hogan's brother Jason and Honor and Sullivan and Lexie. The secondary story with the town sheriff Nathan and his neighbor Brooklin is completely charming and funny as we follow Nathan through his frustration with his beautiful new neighbor and his need to know all her secrets while trying to break down her walls of secrets and get her to trust him. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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July 6, 2017
This was such a blast to read? I loved this story! You know these characters a little from the first book but now you get to see and know these characters more in depth.
The way these two butt heads is very amusing and you can feel the sparks fly off the page. I love a book with great verbal sparring. The story also catches you and before you realize it, its done. I was sad to see the go.
If you want a great summertime read, definitely check this out. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy.
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July 5, 2017
The title of this book nails it! This book is definitely worth the wait and worth both your time and money. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book from beginning to end. Worth the Wait is a great follow-up to the first book in this series, Don’t Tempt Me, and we not only get two great romances but we get to revisit the characters from the first book. This book has everything you need- humor, conflict, sexy guys, and strong women. I highly recommend both books in this series. You won’t be disappointed!
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July 18, 2017
I am just kicking myself that I haven't read the first book in this set. But that is so very surely going to change.
I loved everything about this book. All the awesome characters, the magnificent writing and wonderful storyline.
This book really has two stories going on. In parts they are separate, but they do intertwine quite often, especially towards the end.
I am really starting to enjoy small town romance novels, and this one by Lori Foster is now firmly one of my favourites.
There is plenty going on in this book, lots of emotions, twists and turns and intrigue.
I cannot recommend this book enough.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book via Netgalley.
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