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Am I the Only One

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Desperation had a flavor.

It was all Emma could taste as her life in Washington DC started to crumble before her.

In a city filled with prestige and American dreams also lay political fallacy and corruption—corruption she would soon find herself indulging in.

Emma would have done anything to save herself from the downfall, gone to any length, sacrificed her soul if needed.

What she didn’t realize was that someone else was more desperate to save their own life and that the worst was yet to come.

298 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 8, 2020

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E.K. Blair

24 books3,122 followers

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2,225 reviews8,036 followers
July 3, 2020


Buddy read with Sonya and Anne from Chatterbooks Bookblog ➤https://bit.ly/3dR8Fi8
So here we 3 are, all mean't to start reading at the same time, But nooooo 2x of us couldn't wait
2 of us just about devoured it before we remembered we were mean't to be buddy reading
2 of us got told off!! lol

How far would you go for money?

I'm not going to write this review up as I normally would, mainly because I don't want to wreck it for you, so this is a no frills review by yours truly!!

Onto the book! I feel like I’ve been slapped four ways to Sunday! What a mindf#ck!
Ok guys you NEED to go into this BLIND! This is the E.K. Blair that I am familiar with, the one I love! This book right here, with all the twists and turns was truly beyond PHENOMENAL! A game of cat and mouse, a political psychological thriller that had me sitting on the edge of my seat.


This got its hooks into me very early on, and all those old feels that I used to get with this author came back tenfold, I’m not saying I’ve hated her other works to date, because that’s not at all what I’m saying, but for me personally it’s these types of books where her true talent lies.
The type of book that has you on tenterhooks, the suspense that has your stomach all twisted up in knots. That pure evilness with her plot twists, her ability to make us think the story is going to go one way but then she pulls the rug right out from under you. Yeah that there is BRILLIANT!! A MASTERPIECE!!

To be BLINDSIDED, sitting there GOBSMACKED these are the types of books I chase! This was one crazy, unique read! Highly recommend!

* SIDE NOTE * This ends on a semi cliff hanger even though it's a standalone, there are so many unresolved situations which will never be resolved, but maybe it was all mean't to end the way it did all along?

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1,353 reviews1,283 followers
July 5, 2020
"With a sweeping kiss to his cheek, I seal the decision to make the man I once thought as my savior into my enemy."

Am I The Only One is a dark thriller with complex characters and a twisted plot. Carly Montgomery has always been the perfect politician's wife. She does all she can to please her husband and keep up appearances. When she begins to suspect that her husband is having an affair, she becomes desperate to catch him in the act. Emma Ashford is a young college student who is struggling to make ends meet. After losing her parents, she finds herself floundering for stability. When Carly and Emma’s paths cross, both find they might be able to help the other achieve their goals. But how far are they willing to go?

"I won't feel guilty for doing what I have to do to survive."
Told in multiple POV, Am I The Only One is a thrilling read when appearances, traditions, and love are put to the test. The pacing of the read is consistent as the intensity of the plot slowly unfolds. The mystery paired with the passionate interludes made this book a fast and furious read for me.
"What have I done?"
Overall, Am I The Only One would appeal to readers who enjoy a darkish mystery with an intense plot. The desperate acts of these characters lead to the destruction of many and serves as a good reminder to appreciate what you have when you have it!

💋🖤💋 (F)BR With CC, Loyda & War 💋🖤💋

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1,086 reviews648 followers
July 2, 2020
4 ★

As a politician’s wife, Carly Montgomery was committed to being by her husband’s side and forgoing her own career aspirations. Though they’ve been happy for years, she now suspects infidelity. But Carly needs answers before she can move forward with what she’s rightfully earned and that’s where college student, Emma Ashford, enters a world with high stakes.

“Pushing against him, I search for comfort within his hold. It’s the craving to simply belong when I’m so lost.”

From the beginning, the narrative is fast paced with circumstances that continually to compound due to various decisions made by Carly and Emma. As such, tensions escalate further complicating a situation steeped in deception, greed and insecurity.

“People underestimate you because they don’t know you – the real you.”

In starting this book, I wasn’t completely sure what the dynamics would be, but I liked the immediate pressure and the emotional draw both Emma and Carly feel. I had my suspicions pretty early on and I wanted to see just how badly this house of cards would collapse. While I had hoped for a few different scenarios and there were some unresolved points, I did enjoy this story.

Am I the Only One is a thriller that will take the reader down a road where common sense takes a back seat to desperation.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.*

*This was a (F)BR with Twinsie Hawkey, Loyda and Lonestar Liz!*

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Profile Image for  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕.
975 reviews1,114 followers
July 3, 2020

Whoah!! Now this is the E.K Blair that I’ve missed!! Cunning, thrilling, eye opening, heartbreaking, and oh so exhilarating!! This author held back nothing and when it came to giving us a complex story that was so messed up, so damaging, you had no choice but to hold your breath for the entire read and exhale slowly at the end.


Two women from two completely backgrounds with an endgame that will change the course of each other’s lives. If you want something in life, you have to go get it yourself and in some situations, that means getting your hands dirty. No one is perfect but what happens when you’re pushed too far in a world that wants nothing but perfection?

If I had to sum up this book using two words, it would be: UTTERLY ADDICTIVE. You don’t realize at the time that you’re being sucked into this crazy political, backstabbing, blackmailing world that is so egotistical in many ways and you’re fighting to see the warmth and love because you know it’s there. You feel it every time a character discusses their past and what they want for their future and just when you think that it’s in your grasp, some fucked up shit happens!!


Going into this story, I had a very good idea of what will happen in certain situations but for the rest of them? It threw me for a loop and I really liked that this author had you guessing for some things. These characters held their own and gave as good as they got. This was one of the most conniving, thrill seeking revengeful books that I’ve read in a while and E.K Blair has woven a sexy political thriller that only she knows how to pull off and this book is proof of that.


Profile Image for warhawke.
1,331 reviews2,013 followers
July 2, 2020
Genre: Thriller
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person - Dual

Emma Ashford had her life all planned out but when her carefully built dreams crumbling down brick by brick, she was desperate for an out. Along came Carly Montgomery who could provide her with what she needed. But it came with a price that could change both of their lives for better or worse.

I could connect to both Emma and Carly who were in similar but separate situations. I liked seeing how both of them reacted when forced into a corner. Even though the plot wasn’t unexpected for me, the story was enjoyable and engrossing.

Never have I lied and deceived so much in my life, but this situation I’ve gotten myself into has me behaving so out of character that I barely recognize myself.

Am I the Only One is a story of desperation and deception. It would appeal to readers who enjoy domestic Thriller with a hint of Romance.

🔸❌🔸. . . (F)BR With Twinsie CC, Loyda & Liz . . . 🔸❌🔸

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Author 24 books3,122 followers
May 13, 2020
A savagely clever thriller filled with twists and turns, intense emotion, and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page! Add it to your TBR!

Profile Image for Bibi.
1,288 reviews3,231 followers
July 23, 2020
One of the lowest hanging premises in psych-thrillers is to make the female lead an unreliable narrator since it then gives the ensuing twists and reveals more shock-value.

Likewise the reduction of women into deranged wives or psychotic mistresses with zero agency or money, who then either get saved or killed by their men. It's misogynistic and the holy grail of all cliches.

Am I the Only One overflows with cliches, still, I liked it and would have read it in one sitting had it not been for that pesky thing called sleep. Highly recommend.
Profile Image for Shabby  -BookBistroBlog.
1,516 reviews816 followers
June 29, 2020
The absolute thrill that comes from reading Blair's witchy, twisty reads is hard to articulate because they're books for the heart. A broken, bleeding, contorted heart, but heart nevertheless!!
EK has always brought us hard hitting, jaw dropping, psychological thrillers which belie your senses. Unputdownable reads with greyish brush strokes, they're hard to figure out.
This one is A story of Love lost on the power corridors, blindly stumbling to find a way out. It's like the Hall Of Mirrors, full of Lies & frauds. An adrenaline-pumping, pulse-pounding, taut thriller, spun so connivingly convoluted, that I thought I'd figured out as to who was the heroine and who was the villain.....
......and then EK turns everything upside down and inside out!!!


It's a Whodunit, Howdunnit, Whydunnit psychological battle of seduction that goes out of hand very quickly erupting in an all out war!
Caroline Montgomery is wife of a powerful, ambitious politician - William Montgomery III and her insecure mind plants a seed of doubt in her lonely heart. Her desperation fuels her suspicions driving her to lengths she never thought she would. Standing in the theater of her life, she's come to hate her staged life with a passion.
"I know all too well what it takes to swim with the sharks. These women love to present as refined, but behind the doors of their privileged societies and clubs, it’s the gossip and scandal they love to sink their fangs into."


This central theme here is Corruption , around which EK spins a master web.
The backdrop is the city & state of power, malfeasance swirls like a fog around the characters, seeping into their armors of moral fortitude. I could see the corrosion, the rot spreading, eating away at the foundations of morality and loyalty, crumbling them to dust.
Underlying threats, ultimatums and warnings deepen the degree of impending doom which seems to be lurking just around the corner
“If you ever think about crossing this family again, I will single handedly dismantle your life, piece by piece, until you’re left with nothing.”


I wanted to cry for Emma, wanted to hug her. My sympathies lay with Carly, my butterflies let loose by Luca Sadler. All these revelations lay flat, nothing hiding in the creases and yet the end is a big pile of jumbled mess.
HOW, how did she manage to blindside me? Hats off to you EK for casting the stupefying spell on me


I'm telling you the sheer brilliance of the plot unfolding right in front of your eyes, where EVERY ploy, EVERY curve is RIGHT THERE to read and decipher, yet the bewildering punch-in-the-guts STILL manages to blow ALL my theories to smithereens... I didn't know how to deal with all that!!
It's very tough to vague-review, yet I can't tell you anything, read it and get stunned speechless, much like I was
5 BRILLIANT stars for Insults, lies and deceit!
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564 reviews269 followers
July 12, 2020
"Image is everything, even if it's covered in lies."

WHAT. DID I. JUST READ??? Just kidding....I know what I read. It was a slice of the brilliant mind that is EK Blair.

Talk about an adrenaline rush!!! Holy cow, I'm on a high right now after reading this one and I must say that I loved it. LOVED IT. I have missed this depraved, creepy side of EK Blair for some time now. Her writing is glorious and has been for some time - I thoroughly enjoy it!! But this book, this storyline was fascinating!! I was hooked and on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this book.

Having said that, I will admit that I kinda knew what the twists were as I could see them coming, but the way she wrote the inner depravity....the craziness.....the desperation, that hit the head on every nail. I loved that aspect of it because Blair writes it so well - delightfully so. At some point, I started to see the tables turning and what was going on and I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. I knew, I just knew that things were going to go a little haywire and I was literally sitting and waiting for it to happen.

"It seemed if you wrapped yourself in designer labels and surrounded yourself with the proper society, people were willing to turn a blind eye to live in their false reality of perfection."

It almost laid itself out and karma was a bigger enemy that one could possibly imagine, and I loved the way she ended it because it did everything to up the creep factor. The POVs were used cleverly. The first/third person voice was....creepy and scintillating. Who says that??? Who puts those two words together? HAHAHA!!! All I know is, Blair's take on a twisted mentality - female for sure - is a special kind of madness. Brilliant, but madness. It's these kinds of books, the kind that make me giddy and excited to talk about, these are the ones that I love to share!!!

I don't read thrillers all that often and I know that I am trying to add new voices, as well as new genres and tropes to my 2020 reading list, but I can tell you this voice in this trope was perfection. It was a ride from the minute I opened the book until I closed it, looked around and told my husband how great it was. Being pulled in, being intrigued with a book the entire time I'm reading it is what does it for me, and this one held me captive the entire time I was reading. I liked the not knowing, the creepiness, the volatile side that desperation seeks. The vile side of crazy that no one should want to watch play out...

What a twisted story!!! I'm so glad I read this....so very glad. My favorite part was watching it unravel while watching these characters grasp for purchase on their own reality. It was SO good. Only EK Blair can get you in the emotions with such betrayal and craziness! I want to make a point to say how much I found this cover intensely fitting for the story that was told - this is a shelf-worthy book and cover!

"I'm furious that he remains solid and content while I'm losing my mind in a panic."

AVAILABLE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED: https://amzn.to/32h4Jp1

Affiliate Link

ENTER TO WIN AN ECOPY HERE: https://bit.ly/3gUbMaT
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773 reviews573 followers
July 14, 2020


Genre:  Thriller
Type:  Standalone 
POV:  First Person – Dual

“Image is everything, even if it’s covered in lies.”

Emma Ashford after a tragedy finds herself desperate for help but she refused to ask anyone for it. She is bound to fight hard for her dreams but when an opportunity finds her way she is not sure what to think, but she finds herself unable to refuse the offer she gets regardless of the risk.

“I’ve been drowning for what seems like an eternity with nothing to grab on to.”

Carly Montgomery always thought of herself strong and independent but soon she realizes her life has become a nightmare and finds herself searching for an escape but the choices she finds herself making will change her.

“This is severely risky, and the consequences are unimaginable.”

I liked this story, I really liked both of the female characters. However; I felt some things were kind of predictable and Carly and Emma both could have been a little bit smarter about her choices. My favorite character was Emma’s bother. Overall, Am I the only one will be appealing to readers who enjoy thriller books.

...This was a F(BR) with CC, War & Liz...

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3,577 reviews461 followers
August 5, 2020
Pun ahead and definitely intended! "Am I the Only One" who felt like I got thrown over a cliff at the end and all those dangling ends offered nothing to hold onto?

Yep! E.K. Blair did it -- immediately pulled me into this web of deceit, lies and worse, and then kept me breathless awaiting a gift from the gods proving that one of these characters, someone, anyone in this wicked story deserved to survive.

At this point, I'm going to step away, maybe read this menacing masterpiece of unscrupulous double-crossing and fraudulent behavior again, and then try to finish up this review.

Oh yeah! It was awful-good -- until it wasn't!
Profile Image for Emma.
84 reviews16 followers
July 27, 2020
Ok..seriously..wth? That's the end?? Dude you spent 2/3 of the book with perfectly detailed dialogues and the ending was like boom, dead, the end. Maybe care to explain what happened with Luca? Matthew? Did Carly ever pay for what she did? And okay obviously Tripp wasn't cheating on her with Emma but what about Olivia? pffttt unless there's another book coming i'm very disappointed because the plot was really good, her writing is perfect and you could really feel the emotions and connections within the characters but the ending ruined it all.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,037 reviews95 followers
June 27, 2020
Oh Em Gee!! That was my first thought after finishing this psychological thriller.

This book explores the lengths someone will go to protect oneself, not realizing that in the process, they are slowly destroying themselves. What makes this story unique, is that the two main characters both experience this in their desperate need for survival.

With a sweeping kiss to his cheek, I seal the decision to make the man I once thought as my savior into my enemy.

To avoid spoilers, I won't get into the story itself or the main characters involved. But I can tell you that both characters feel they have no choice in their actions and put morals aside. I didn't feel a connection to either character or the reckless decisions they make, however, I did feel more sympathy for one character over another.

What happens in the last 25% or so of this book is why I gave the rating I did. Some real "OH SHIT" moments that change the course of several lives. And the epilogue, while I did figure out earlier on, was the cherry on top. The perfect way to end the story.

This book is full of deception, poor decision making, and selfish actions, which kept me hooked and eager to see how it all played out. A great read that was exactly what I needed!

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description description description description

*An ARC was received for an honest review.
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726 reviews51 followers
September 1, 2020
Addicting psychological thriller. I was completely suckered into the whole storyline. This brilliant writing deserves 5 stars, but I just can’t. I can’t get over that ending. OMG.! Read it, but go in blind.
Profile Image for aNneMarLi - Chatterbooks Book Blog.
416 reviews287 followers
July 10, 2020

Am I The Only One is E.K Blair and her ability to fuck with your mind at it's finest!

Now onto my shortest review not because I am afraid I'll spoil you but because of the mere fact that there's no amount of words best decibes this book. Admittefly too, I have no idea how to pen what I felt towards the book. ;)

I finished Am I the Only One eons ago buddy reading with my favorite people. You see, we have been a sucker for all things E.K Blair that buddy reading became whose ahead of whom because devour and page turning were an understatement with what we did. And I am confident to say that after devouring Am I The Only One, my mind is still blasted and fucked. It wont function the way it did before I read the book. Now, I can't even move forward to another read because again, the author had this cunning ability to fuck my brains out. But did I regret it? Defintely NOT! I miss this version of E. K Blair!

Going into the book, I was instantly hooked right from the first few pages. It screamed angst, thrill and mytery rolled into one. It was so intense that my eyes were just glued onto the pages and my emotions all over the place it felt ike my heart isn't in it's right place anymore. I did not expect what I read. The plot was just spectacular and penned with accuracy and brilliancy. The kind of read that had me at the edge of my seat guessing and wondering what will happen next and made me even utter, WHAT THE FUCK several times. I tell you this, I was in deep turmoil with it's drama, lies, betrayal, politics, and so with its twists and turns. Emotions in knots, I was intrigued because it is fucking twisted and I might say I am crazy too because I love it the way I have loved it's flawed characters. And that ending? It just made my jaw dropped.

Seriously, I am declaring Am I The Only One by EK Blair the epitome of mindfuckery! It is witty and has E.K Blair trademark written all over it.

Profile Image for Jennifer.
2,011 reviews87 followers
June 24, 2020
* A review copy was provided by the author *

~ 5 Jaw Dropping Stars ~

I don’t even know how to describe let alone review the book I just read!!! Nothing I say will do this story the justice it deserves.

All I can say is that it was mind blowing, jaw dropping and totally addictive. E.K. Blair totally blew this one out of the water. I think this is my favorite book of hers to date!!

Am I the Only One is an all encompassing, intriguing and captivating story. I knew right from the beginning that I was hooked and I wouldn’t want to stop until the story was over. Even after finishing this book….I want MORE!!!! That is probably my only negative about this book…I wanted more out of the ending. I can’t say more than that because it will spoil things for other readers.

This book is different from what Ms. Blair has written recently. There is a romance storyline in this book but it really takes a back seat to the main storyline, which is a psychological thriller!! This book has so many twists and turns, you won’t know who to trust!!! Just know no one is who they seem in this book!!!

The writing of this story is exactly what we have come to expect from E.K. Blair’s books. It was so well written that this story will keep you guessing all the way through. I thought the flow and pace of the story was perfect!!! It is told in Dual POV.

This is a complete standalone novel!!! There is NO cliffhanger, but that ending is totally jaw dropping!!! I never would’ve have seen that coming. I have to say this book was so unpredictable, I would be surprised if anyone guesses what happens as the story unfolds.

If you are looking for the thrilling ride when reading a book, then this is the book to read!!! This is a MUST READ for fans of E.K. Blair and anyone who loves a great psychological thriller.

Make sure to add this book to your TBR list NOW!!!! You won’t be sorry!!!

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461 reviews13 followers
July 11, 2020
Wow! This story gripped me right from the start! Two desperate women caught in a web of deceit. Two very different circumstances leading them toward each other.
I’m utterly speechless yet have been left with so many emotions and scenarios playing in my mind hours after finishing a book that literally held me enthralled and which I read through in hours!
Well developed and intriguing plot, two complex female characters, and two endearing male characters...loved Luca! And Matthew!
Profile Image for Jen Zingaro.
1,013 reviews162 followers
July 9, 2020
My mind is still reeling from this book.
There is so much suspense and craziness. Everything I thought I had figured out was up-ended at each turn. This story kept me guessing. It made me uncomfortable, angry and shocked in all of the best ways. I haven't felt this way since reading Verity by Coho.
I loved the characters and hated the characters. It was such a confusing situation for my mind to be in because I found my feelings were changing from page to page.
If you are looking for a book that is so completely different, then pick up this one for sure.
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580 reviews270 followers
July 28, 2020
Wow so much to love in this book. If you have not read Bang (Black Lotus, #1) by E.K. Blair get that book too.
Mrs. Blair just brings thriller and suspense to a whole new level. I loved this book. I can't go into details, but it did not end in a HEA, nor a cliffy. It was the thrill at the end that made this book.

So many complexities and substories woven together. Yum

Try it, it will put a smile on face in quite a few places.
Profile Image for 💜VGreedyReader🖤.
534 reviews109 followers
July 23, 2020
Desperation has a flavour, a face a soul and a heart which beats frantically and its beat is oh so so fast so fragile so... desperate

When I first saw a new release by Ms Blair I put it straightaway on my tbr list and proceed to pre order it, just like that, no question asked no info no blurb nothing at all, it’s EK Blair we’re talking about.
When it was time to read all I saw around were “go into this blind” the blurb didn’t give much away, actually it didn’t give anything away sooo I did just that I went into it unaware and I enjoyed every single moment. It was pure bliss to be unprepared and there wasn’t a minute I wasn’t second guessing and questioning everything, mostly my brain ability to work out how everything would pan out, of course I failed miserably. Never have I been so happy to lose a battle 🤣

This is EK Blair at her best so here I am telling you “go into this blind” if you like your brain picked and having no idea what is waiting for you on the next page, because anything goes, it’s so so worth it.
Profile Image for Krissy loves to read.
335 reviews11 followers
July 10, 2020
My first ever book read by E.K was Bang, how I was entranced with each book in that series! Years and books later including some deliciously addictive YA stories EK has become a favorite of mine, a go to, dance of happiness when hearing of a new book she’s coming out with and counting and checking my kindle for days until it’s beautiful cover and words are upon my screen.
Am I the Only One is no different! This story gah, how do I explain a story with so much unique craft, addicting right from the start with characters so multi layered?!
Do I recommend such a story to commit to? Absolutely!!! Will you not wanna put down? Yes!!! Will you be perplexed? I guarantee!!! Will your heartache?! Hell yes!!!
Let me conclude with this is a psychological thriller, as you read this story things may a look a certain way, don’t always assume and of course don’t try to solve this after a few chapters, because in EK style she will shock the sh** out of you and if will stay with you forever!!!
Profile Image for Donna ~ The Romance Cover.
2,761 reviews317 followers
July 20, 2020
Errrrrrr where is the rest? What the hell!!! You seriously cannot end a book like that...is there another one? Nothing is resolved. Yes, you could use your imagination, and yes, that last chapter I already knew was going to come, but what the hell...no resolution whatsoever. I just don’t get it. I read a lot of crime thrillers and this is definitely one of those, but you always get an ending. Not left hanging. I’m just at a loss for words because that is ridiculous. I still staring into space thinking the wrong version must have been uploaded.
Profile Image for Berry ♡ Nice.
544 reviews71 followers
July 27, 2020
I hadn't read this author in a very long time and I picked just the right book for a comeback to this author.

Very well written. Amazing storyline. Intense at every page turn... and a plot twist I didn't expect.

I had a few theories of how I thought this would end and none of them were right. LOL. I love it!!!!
Profile Image for Kim Whitehead.
2,387 reviews
July 1, 2020
Holy Smokes!!! My goodness! What utter chaos with so many twists and turns!! Brilliantly written and incredible!! I mean I was so shocked at what transpired! Literally Shocked!! I devoured E.K. Blair’s words! This one will have you questioning everything, while trying to solve the puzzles that were presented! And what a tangled web of lies there was!! Suspenseful and intense!!Phenomenal story!!
Profile Image for United Indie Book Blog.
4,358 reviews79 followers
June 29, 2020
Well that escalated quickly. What a mind trip, all of it. I’m not sure where to begin or what to say without giving too much away. We get two POVs Carly and Emma with a few others at the end. It flows nicely together and leaves you with more questions. So many lies and betrayals. If you are looking for a read that will keep you up late at night this is it. I do wish we would have gotten more and I'm hopeful that maybe we will. **FINGERS CROSSED**

Review by Raychel
Profile Image for Debi Price.
119 reviews6 followers
July 10, 2020
HOLY MOLY!!! I received an ARC for an honest review
Well I sat with this for a bit and I still don't know how I can review this without Spoilers. I've been waiting for another thriller from my Favorite Author E.K. and she DID NOT disappoint! Just when I thought I knew where things were going EEEEEK! So many twists and turns. The main Characters were Emma, Carly, Luca, Tripp and Olivia. It begins one way like I said. I thought I knew where the story was headed. I was totally wrong!
The Ending is O M G! I am still battling a huge hangover from this LOL.
I highly recommend reading this, especially if you love a physiological thriller that leaves you thinking for a very long time.
Hahahahha I can't wait for more stories from this author. She never disappoints.
Profile Image for Karin.
2,168 reviews
July 10, 2020
This was a rollercoaster of emotions type of book, and it definitely is a thriller that will play with your head and take you on a psychological ride with these characters. My head is still spinning a bit from this book. Theres some books that need to be dived into head first completely blind, this is that book
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