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Witch World #1

Till Death and Beyond

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Till Death and Beyond is a sizzling tale of two souls bound by destiny in a cruel plot to separate them forever...


Amira is the strongest witch on the face of the earth, with psychic abilities no others possess. And yet, she is but a slave to the whims of the gods. Forced to be born anew every time she fails in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, Amira is desperate to break the vicious cycle.


Plagued by the memories and guilt over his family’s demise, Raven lives for the sole reason of restoring his younger brother. And kidnapping a witch is only the beginning—for he intends to right the wrongs of his past by any means necessary.


While the gods might have planned for her to be captured, surrender is not something that comes easy to Amira. Yet one glance into her captor’s eyes, and she is swept away by emotions long ago denied to her. She decides to play along. For a while.

Despite the hatred Raven harbors for their kind, he is intrigued by the witch. One taste of her lips, and she becomes his obsession. Soon, he discovers that fighting against the passion they ignite in one another is futile. But as they strip each other’s secrets, a powerful force threatens to destroy them both.

For in this game of gods nothing is simple—the whole universe seems to conspire against them. And no matter how fiercely they fight, or what they are willing to endure to save each other ... the path they travel is paved with loss.

Will they survive the ultimate test, if even their determination—to fight till death—might not be enough?

374 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 14, 2013

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About the author

Lyn C. Johanson

2 books168 followers
A computer science major, Lyn C. Johanson discovered her passion for writing romance stories during the long and stressful months spent finishing her master‘s thesis. It encouraged Lyn to open a new blank page and let her imagination take flight. Several years later, her first romance novel was born.
Her stories transport the reader into the darkly sensual world where the magic of romance meets fantasy. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and sons.

Visit her website at http://www.lyncjohanson.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/LynCJohanson

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15 reviews13 followers
March 17, 2014

Till Death And Beyond is a perfect mixture of romance, character development, world-building, mystery, and suspense. It was not just steamy romance, the book took me on adventure.
Not once did I want to roll my eyes, rip my hair, or worse… throw the book through the window. And it has nothing to do with it being in my kindle.
Right from the start the story had me captivated. No matter the hour, I was like…

Now let me tell you about the heroes...

“Don’t worry, darling,” Amira mouthed the last word deliberately slowly, “you’ve kind of grown on me. Besides, I wholeheartedly believe in one kidnapper at a time.”


I’m head over heels in love with him. I think it sums it up. But for those who want more – he’s tortured, courageous, loyal and honorable. Did I mention sexy? No? Well, he’s smoken hot! He’s the type of person who does what needs to be done no matter the cost to himself.
There was one scene with his brother where he swallows all his feelings, locking it inside when it’s nothing but turmoil raging in his heart, because he knows he can’t show it (he has to appear calm for his brother’s sake). There were more powerful scenes, both action and emotion wise, but this one touched me. I think it was the moment I fell for him.


“I am fire,” she whispered. “I am stronger than desire.” She moved even closer, her lips all but touching his ear. “I am the flame within your cravings.” Her voice, a soft, low-pitched enchantment, rippled through his veins. “Heat awaken, doom awaiting.”

She’s a strong character. Period. Fierce, sarcastic, someone you don’t want to mess with. She would zap you in no time. She has power and she knows how to use it.
She also has a kind heard and dreams. And I couldn’t help but root for her to get what she wants.

Both of them together… just made sense.

“One lone man is not a warrior to make a stand against an army.”
“You are not alone,” she assured him as her nails trailed up his back, all the way to his nape. They traveled even higher, until her fingers sank in his hair. Without even meaning to, he closed his eyes and the most wonderful thing happened—he saw no fires, heard no screams.
“I see you,” she said against his ear.

Together they made magic happen.

And not just of the obvious variety...

I highly recommend it for all adult PNR fans!
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6,765 reviews581 followers
November 17, 2016
For being the most powerful witch on Earth, Amira is a mere pawn in the games that gods play. She must fulfill an ancient prophecy or face the pain of death over and over again. Amira has had enough, but are the gods finished with her? Raven is a tortured soul, he has lost everything and not only is he out for revenge, he is on a mission to bring his brother back to him and all he needs is one vile witch…what he got was a woman who may hold his destiny and his heart in her hands.

Lyn. C. Johanson quickly and artfully builds her world and invites us in to witness the tale of TILL DEATH AND BEYOND, a story of fear, hatred and superstitions, as well as love, loyalty and trust. Do you believe in magic? Amira will make a believer out of you as she willingly risks her own life in an effort to save the lives of mortals, the very mortals who fear and despise her and would willingly murder her without provocation. Can we blame them? They have fallen to the same failings of all humanity, forming an opinion of a race based on little or no knowledge, or worse, hearsay. In spite of it all, and the abuse she faces at the hands of men, there is a strength and sense of pride that never lets Amira falter, until she is around Raven, as they both struggle to deny the attraction they feel. How long can Raven resist, hiding behind the hatred for witches he has harbored for so long? Isn’t Amira proof that there is honor and goodness among them? Are the gods still determined to cause them soul-deep grief?

Well-told, in-depth and written at a pace that allows the reader to become part of this tale, part of this world and emotionally invested. The right amount of tragedy, turmoil, heat and passion bring this world to life in every way!

I received this copy from Lyn C. Johanson in exchange for my honest review.

My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Series: Witch World Series - Book 1
Publisher: Lyn C. Johanson; 2 edition (December 14, 2013)
Publication Date: December 14, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Fantasy
Print Length: 375 pages
Available from: Amazon
For Reviews & More: http://tometender.blogspot.com

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542 reviews103 followers
June 12, 2014
This was an excellently written book. Wonderful characters and what an amazing plot and excitement! Loved it. Highly recommended. Can't wait for more from this author!!
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26 reviews
January 3, 2018

It took me a very long time to get to this book. With stories like Nalini Singh's Psy-Changellings sitting and waiting to be read I was half afraid to try something knew and unknown.
I shouldn't have been. The story captured me, and even though I couldn't read it in one sitting (it's not a short read, and unfortunately I had other responsibilities that kept me away from my books), my mind couldn't let it go.

I must admit to some confusion: at first I didn't understand what century this story was set in. But the second I realized this was a fictional world, I didn't care about that anymore. I was more invested in what was happening to the main characters: Amira and Raven.
They made the story for me.

She trailed the dagger up, parting his shirt at another button, and Raven realized he hadn’t been this excited in … forever. And to think all it took was a witch and a dagger to his throat.

Amira moaned into his mouth, surrendering to the force of his need. It was a living, breathing flame inside her.
His desire was seductive. It cursed through her veins, feeding fire to her own needs.

I don't mean to sound like I didn't enjoy anything else. I did. I think this is a wonderful beginning to a new series - it has so much potential. The world has so much potential. And I definitely liked some side characters, like Dazlog for example. He's one hot demon I wouldn't mind seeing more.

The plot itself kept me on the edge of the seat - some twists I really didn't see coming. But like I said, the heroes were the best part. Their complexity, their devotion and strength. Their weaknesses and insecurities. I just loved how real they became, how the author flashed them out.

Hot tears were running down her cheeks in earnest now. She was ruled by a pull to follow her destiny. A pull so strong, her body quaked. It hurt fighting it, but fight it she did. Amira was not ready to let go. Not ready to lose him.

Raven and Amira became so real, their struggles so... tangible, I was not only invested in their future, I felt like I experienced it alongside them. That's how much they touched me.
Or maybe I should say that's how masterfully L. Johanson wrote them.

Since I saw another book in the same series, I'll be definitely reading that one too. (When my schedule will allow it.)

To sum up my barely coherent ramblings - I highly recommend Till Death and Beyond to any paranormal romance fan! It has strong characters, dangerous and unexpected twists, magic that serves a purpose and is not just for the show, and love that is both hot and sacrificing.
May 21, 2014
OK OK OK hyperventilating here! If this is Lyn’s first book I can only imagine what the rest are going to be like!





Amiri is a witch. Not just any witch though. She is a witch that is destined to fulfill a prophecy. One where she dies….over and over and keeps getting reincarnated. She still has memorizes from her past lives. Which entails all the heartaches, all the pain, and her powers keep getting stronger. She is emotionless. A hardened version of her true self.

Raven is a warrior destined to find a witch to help undo some of the past torment that his family had to go through at the hands of one. His brother is insane and all of his family is dead. All he has is his hatred. Until he captures Amira. Her beauty draws him in. He is convinced to feelings that he has for her is a spell, but no matter what he does he cannot stay away from her.

Amira knows it’s only a matter of time before the witches come to rescue her. She doesn’t want any harm to come to anyone on her account. So she places a spell where no one can find her. Determined that her life is about to end. She is chained to a pole in the middle of the village where a young girl saves her and also starts a chain of events she has no control of.

Lust…fear…emotions that she hasn’t felt in a long time. And all for the man that despises her or wants to. Their attraction is kinetic. You can almost feel it through the pages.

And by the way Lyn. I LOVED Dazlog. I must have more of him. He is one hot demon.

Goddesses, witches, demons, immortals…you will not be disappointed in this book!

I am nothing, but a lonely sailor

Lost in the tangles of your flames,

Your bewitching smile would be my savior,

Your effulgent eyes would be my fate.

My world lies in your hands

My soul completely given.

I only ask of you to glance…

As if you treasure the heart I’m giving.

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37 reviews8 followers
January 8, 2014
It‘s been a while since I tried anything new. I’d say I was stuck with the same ten authors I usually read, but few days ago I experienced this craving… you know, like the one for chocolate, or ice-cream. I needed something fresh.

I stumbled upon this book accidentally. The cover captured my attention. The description drew me in deeper, and before I knew it, I was reading the book.

Let me tell you this: I was not disappointed. I LOVED IT!

It was nice to see relationship between the leads grow, for a change. I’m so bored with desire-instantly-turning-into-love theme (when there is nothing deeper to the relationship only plain old lust and then boom! Do I love him? Yes, I do).
Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of lust in Till Death and Beyond, but Raven and Amira didn't settle for it. They traveled beyond it. They discovered each other. He noticed her beauty instantly, but it was her spirit, her courage, even all the infuriating things she did that made him truly see her. Trust didn't appear magically over the night – it developed.

I fell in love with both of them. They completed each other. She was his calm in the storm, chasing the shadows away. And he – her anchor, when she was in danger of drifting away. He let her be vulnerable without diminishing her strength. And I think it truly takes a very strong man to accept a woman who could probably turn him into a toad. But he didn't chip away at her confidence.

With the love story developing, everything else does not take a passenger seat. Romance doesn't drive the story. There is plenty of action, danger and twists, that I’d say plot and romance work hand in hand furthering one another to the point where only a few authors (that I've read) dare to go.

I definitely recommend it! And can’t wait for another book in this series.
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112 reviews413 followers
May 1, 2015
A paranormal romance, Till Death and Beyond is an almost even mix of a developing relationship and mystical plots. The pacing in terms of storyline and romance were quick to establish themselves and effectively maintain a reader's interest throughout. The magical elements of the premise are frequently and creatively utilized, making it a true driving force of the plot as opposed to a throw-away backdrop that provides bells and whistles for a love story.

The main characters - Amira and Raven - were both assertive, moral and sarcastic individuals that provide quick banter and respectively strong voices. They have moments that make them enduring as well as damaged that feature their depth coming into the story and development throughout.

Admittedly, I found the alternating POVs jarring. There were several instances where the POV would swap unceremoniously from Amira to Raven without it switching chapters or including a page break. This would pull me out of the story as I tried to figure out whose head space I was in. I quickly adapted, which is why I'm reluctant to deduct a star from my rating; however, I want readers to be braced for potential frustration in the presentation so they won't be discouraged from giving the book a fair chance.

Regarding the romance, there were some racy moments that exceed innuendo or eroticism by depicting sexual acts. I call attention to this not because I feel it was out-of-place in the story but because I know books featuring sex are a selling point to some and deal-breaker for others and want to be respectful of such preferences. Wherever your sensibilities rest in that regard, be aware that I didn't consider Till Death scandalous about including that facet of the plot and felt it accentuated the affection and yearning expressed by the characters.

Overall Lyn C. Johanson is a charismatic storyteller who with a promising voice for a debut author. She has a talent for establishing a scene and applying humor to it that compliments the PNR genre by interchanging teasing exchanges with flourishing lines. I can easily imagine Johanson finding a following as continues her Witch World Series and gives her readers more love and consequences to invest in.
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90 reviews65 followers
February 3, 2014
I received this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.

I really loved this book. It was original and unique in terms of the story and the world that the author created. I liked her writing style. Her writing sucked you into the story and never let you go. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

Background: In this world, the heroine's Uncle is king and has created a safe haven for people in the city of Trinton from the witch hunters. The Order of Venlordia hunt for witches, but in the process target and kill the innocent.

Hero: Raven is guilt ridden. He is at his core a kind person. He has turned his manor into a safe haven for people who have been innocent victims of the Venlordians. He blames himself for the demise of his family by the Venlordians and has been killing them ever since.

Heroine: Amira is the strongest witch in the world, but because of an incident in her childhood she is subject to the beck and call of the gods. She is part of a prophecy from ages ago. Every time she fails, she is killed and reincarnated. This vicious cycle has been going on for quite some time. Sometimes she rebels, but in the end she knows it will do no good so she accepts her fate.

Story: Amira is at her family home and is visited by the Goddess Hope. Hope tells her to go into the forest and take her cousin Natalie with her. She does this and suddenly they are confronted by a man with a sword. Raven(the hero)has been searching for a witch for a long time. He needs a witch in order to lure the witch that tortured his brother. He is desperate to cure his brother. Amira tells Natalie to run and she gets away. Amira calmly goes along with her captor. This confuses Raven.

They travel and arrive at his manor house where he promptly ties her to a pole in town. She is left there, but soon an evil man tries to rape her. Raven rescues her in time and then takes her into his manor. His housekeeper Martha was hilarious. Martha berates him over his treatment of Amira and is protective of her.

Amira heals from her ordeal. After that with a couple of guards, Amira is allowed free access to the house and village. Amira begins to change peoples opinions of her. She heals a dog and also a young woman. Raven's world is being turned upside down. He does not know which end is up.

The road to their HEA is bumpy and unpredictable. There are prophecies that must be dealt with. Deals and sacrifices are made by both the hero and heroine in the name of love. In the end, all is revealed including Raven's true nature and the connection between Amira and Raven.

I am not a fan of reincarnation in romance, but in this book it totally made sense and did not distract from the story.

If you are looking for a paranormal romance featuring two wounded souls whose love frees them both from the shackles and burdens that have weighed them down, then this is the book for you.
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Author 42 books328 followers
March 1, 2014
4 1/2 Stars.

This book is a wonderful fantasy/ paranormal romance. The prologue was confusing to me, I didn't understand it until I read the entire novel. Personally, I would have rather read Chapter 1 first and then the prologue later.
Regardless, after I started reading this novel, I couldn't put it down. Amira and Raven (love their names) were too intriguing. The attraction and romance between them sizzles on the pages. This is a terrific start to a new series.
I cannot wait to read more by this author and Witch World.
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657 reviews43 followers
January 9, 2014
Till Death and Beyond
by Lyn C. Johanson

Till Death and Beyond is a sizzling tale of two souls bound by destiny in a cruel plot to separate them forever...


Amira is the strongest witch on the face of the earth, with psychic abilities no others possess. And yet, she is but a slave to the whims of the gods. Forced to be born anew every time she fails in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, Amira is desperate to break the vicious cycle.


Plagued by the memories and guilt over his family’s demise, Raven lives for the sole reason of restoring his younger brother. And kidnapping a witch is only the beginning—for he intends to right the wrongs of his past by any means necessary.


While the gods might have planned for her to be captured, surrender is not something that comes easy to Amira. Yet one glance into her captor’s eyes, and she is swept away by emotions long ago denied to her. She decides to play along. For a while.

Despite the hatred Raven harbors for their kind, he is intrigued by the witch. One taste of her lips, and she becomes his obsession. Soon, he discovers that fighting against the passion they ignite in one another is futile. But as they strip each other’s secrets, a powerful force threatens to destroy them both.

For in this game of gods nothing is simple—the whole universe seems to conspire against them. And no matter how fiercely they fight, or what they are willing to endure to save each other ... the path they travel is paved with loss.

Will they survive the ultimate test, if even their determination—to fight till death—might not be enough?

My Review: I was very happy with this book! I read the blurb and loved it, the cover goes very well with the story and I wasn't bored through the book. It was just the way I thought it would be.

Gods, Demons, Witches, fantasy has taken over! Twists and turns, and on your toes crazy! By that I mean, don't put the book down until it is over. Amira and Raven are two very amazing characters, Both are detailed just right and they were born for this story. Yes, I liked them that much!

Amira is really powerful, so you shouldn't get in her way. No telling what she will do with you. Though she isn't mean, unless you do something very stupid. Though that could be hard to do, when she technically works for the GODS and is always filling out prophecy's. Can this change? Maybe, after Raven is brought into the picture.

Raven is a warrior who doesn't have so much left. So when he meets Amira he starts to fall for her. She is special and he enjoys that about her. He also hopes that destiny can change. They can't be together. Well they could, but what happens if Amira completes a prophecy and moves onto the next? Raven can't simply join her, though I'm sure he will find a way. Wouldn't you fight for someone you loved? Even if you go from test to test. Fight against anything that gets in your way. What can really be done? Amira is powerful and is tied to the GODS and Raven doesn't have what Amira has.

This book is moving and will keep you begging for more. I really want the next book right now! Want it to continue right where it ended and bring me back into this world!

I give this book 5 stars!
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Author 3 books89 followers
March 13, 2014
The characters pulled me into the story right from the first page, keeping me hooked right up until the very end. Very descriptive. Nicely written. I stepped outside of my typical genre when choosing this book, and am delighted for taking the chance. Excellent job, Lyn C. Johanson! I'll be looking for more from this author - hopefully in the very near future!
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366 reviews10 followers
March 16, 2014
This was a great read, the characters are interesting and the love scenes sizzles. Nice surprise from a new author. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
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3,131 reviews24 followers
May 27, 2014
Love Raven. Love his mixed emotions, his guilt, his love and his determination. Raven is so amazing and a complex character. You are left in the dark throughout the book about who he is and this may drive you batty. The questions will clog your brain. He is so strong and capable and yet a frightened child at the same time. His love for Amira is incredible to see and puts a smile to the face.

amira is a witch stuck in a perpetual cycle of dying and coming to life at the whims of the goddesses. they have an agenda one that they even go as far as to involve a demon in. Amira has a pull to Raven but doesn't know why. He gives her strength and belief. She feels he is who she is destined to help. Except they help each other. They heal each other and find love. they draw strength from each other and find peace through each other. Each battling demons and having each other to help them come to terms. Each fighting the attraction until they can't any more.

They are both in a battle to the end. The discoveries of love and kindness along the way astound each other and bring them closer. The battle in the end is one that shows they are bound to one another and that they are what the other needs. The other one makes them whole. The way Raven accepts who he is and that witches aren't what they seem is wonderful to see. Amira accepting love and that she can be someone that isn't controlled is great.

a book on love and acceptance. Fighting battles within ones self and the outside so that you can come to terms with who you are and what is to be. What is the hardest about the book is the ending you are left hanging wondering the fates of many and what the next battle will bring.
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1,288 reviews64 followers
March 3, 2014

Reincarnated many times over, Amira is the most powerful witch on the planet at this time. Amira remembers her past lives and despairs about perhaps not fulfilling the ancient prophecy in this lifetime. Buffeted by the gods’ whims and a slave to the prophecy, Amira grows desperate to break the cycle just to have some peace. When she is kidnapped by Raven, who wants nothing more than to fix his brother by finding the witch who cursed him, Amira is not sure what is in store for her. Yet neither Raven nor Amira is prepared for the flood of emotions stirred up when they are together. Can they overcome prejudices and perhaps change their destinies once and for all?

TILL DEATH AND BEYOND is a paranormal romance with an ancient prophecy at the heart of the story. Forced together by the manipulations of the gods, Amira and Raven try desperately to fight their attraction. Even though witches are hated and feared (for good reason), Amira takes steps to show Raven’s village that she is not like other witches. As her fate comes bearing down upon her, Amira and Raven are sorely tested again and again. TILL DEATH AND BEYOND shows how much love can overcome adversity. I was intrigued by the unique world the author created and fell fast into the story, caught up in the action, intrigue, and romance. I can't wait until the next book!
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267 reviews27 followers
November 24, 2016

A prophecy needs to be filled by one powerful witch, with power like no other. She didn't expect to find romance on the way.

I loved this book. This book was longer than most I have read this year, so it took me longer, but the book was so beautifully written that I didn't give up on it even if it took me a bit longer to read.

At first I thought the book was starting slow, but when I started to read a couple chapters in I realized that the book started off that way for a reason. The book needed the extra description it was given in the first couple of chapters so that whoever read the book understood why the character was the way she was.

As I continued reading on I found myself wanting more of the book, and dreading having to put the book down just to get other stuff taken care of. This book is just a world of Romance, and magic so complex that you wonder just what it might lead to in the end. The prophecy will be one you will never expect. I was stunned when I found out just exactly what it was.

This book has a strong female character in it that makes me as a female feel stronger just by becoming a part of her in this book, which was a trait that I liked about the book a lot.

I would recommend this book to adults looking for a good paranormal romance to read.
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9 reviews
February 1, 2014
I didn't think I will love this book so much.
Witches are not my most favorite characters. Maybe because every time I hear a word witch I imagine animal sacrifices, and such. And while witches like that exist in this book (in this world), Amira is not like that. I think she calls herself a witch because there's no better word for her, but she is unique.
She's like a... conductor. She can use the energy from all around her to do magic.
She's also "the prophecy girl" which means danger, trouble, and a lot of twists that you will never expect.
I have just one regret - that it ended!
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710 reviews
September 1, 2014
A nice blend of paranormal, fantasy, and romance. I really liked the main characters - Amira and Raven, who were both assertive, stubborn and sarcastic individuals. I did find it awkward to read at times as it jumped from Amira to Ravens POV without switching chapters or page breaks.

It was a good story I did think the book dragged at some points during the book. Though the story did pick up, I found myself struggling to get hooked into the book. xxx
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Author 5 books75 followers
February 15, 2014
*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Amira is the most powerful witch on the face of the earth, but she doesn’t care. Thanks to the Gods she’s forced to relive every single death she’s endured in her past lives. Yes, all of her past lives are part of her just like all witches, but when she remembers her deaths she actually feels them. There’s nothing like feeling like you’re being burned, or stoned, or shot to make one turn off their emotions. Amira disconnects emotionally from her life. In her opinion why feel when she’s just going to die and be reborn, yet again. But that all changes when she’s kidnapped by Raven.

Raven despises witches. He lost his family because of one. Yet, he needs one to reverse the spell placed on the only relative he has left, his brother, who is lost somewhere in his own mind. Kidnapping Amira seemed like the way to bring the witch he needed to him, but why from the moment he saw her could he not stop thinking about her? Raven fights his feelings for Amira, chalking them up to her trying to spell his emotions. But she isn’t. And once she starts helping people, instead of hurting them like all witches do, Raven cannot help but give into the feelings he has for her.

Two unlikely people falling in love should have been wonderful, but the Gods can’t help but meddle in their lives, brining one disaster after another, trying to force them apart. However, Raven isn’t what he seems to be and Amira is stronger than anyone knows. They may be able to come back together, but at what cost?

I loved discovering how Amira and Raven were connected to one another. This is a unique story filled with emotional highs and lows and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances where the witches are as mean and manipulative as the ones in Hansel and Gretel.

On a side note, there are a lot of grammar issues, but even though they were a little annoying they did not take away from the story.

My Favorite Quotes: “Well, at least she hadn’t lied. She was thinking about his sword – just not the one he had in his scabbard.”

“You were telling me how you lost your virginity. Just what every woman wants to hear after a love declaration, I’m sure!”

“It’s annoying to see a man make a total fool of himself. If I shot him now, it would surely be a mercy kill.”
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2,083 reviews
February 9, 2014
Amira was born a carefree happy child but it was soon realised she possessed powers much stronger than any other witch. One night, one haunted vision and Amira would become the child who smiled no more. As powerful as Amira is becoming as she gets older she is still a slave to the gods, born of an ancient prophecy Amira must find the strength to fight it or she will die each time the prophecy comes to bare

Raven is a warrior determined to save his younger brother Dacian from the torment and pain he is suffering. After the devastation of losing his family Dacian is all Raven has left and finding a witch is the beginning to ending his brothers suffering.

Born of a time when witches are hunted, tortured and killed by the Veldorians it is important that witches do not openly show their power. Amira is not one for following rules and often finds herself punished by the gods for not controlling her magic. The gods has put plans in motion and one of them is to have Amira kidnapped but when Amira is involved nothing goes to plan.
When Raven finds Amira he knows he has found the witch to use to save his brother but Amira is not going to go without a fight. Raven will need to use all of his self control if he is to get this feisty witch back to his home alive. As much as Raven abhors witches he feels a definite connection with Amira and is conflicted by her kindness towards other as it is contrary to what he has witnessed with her kind. Once they arrive at Raven's home they will soon find that the battle they have with each other will become much different as everything seems to be conspiring against them and Raven and Amira will need to work together if they are to survive. Raven will need to accept what he knows in his heart and Amira will need to find the strength to combat the prophecy and together they will both need to decide exactly what they are prepared to lose for each other before this battle is over.

I enjoyed reading Till Death and Beyond. The story is well written and I love the dynamics and the strength of the characters, I would definitely recommend this book!

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Author 25 books73 followers
November 26, 2016
The review

I received this book as a R2R

In the beginning

I found it was very slow and a little confusing, one minute Amira’s father was thinking then without indication the mother was thinking. It took too long to get to the point. A prologue for this book was needed in my opinion. I know it's not favored but sometimes needed.

The good

Raven and Amira had a long but lasting romance in the end. The story was well written and the character build up for a first book was really impressive. I read it twice and enjoyed it much better the second time. The author did well in creating a new world and the imagination was ‘til death and beyond ‘literally’

Love the bathroom scene…

The bad

There were scenes I found boring and unimaginative in some places but extremely well written in others (That's my opinion). The couple took too long to get together which became frustrating. But once I read it the second time I understood it better and ‘sort of’ what the writer was trying to accomplish.


I recommend this book to people who like Amanda Hockings and PNR. I look forward to reading other books in the series. And a special thanks to Lyn C. For allowing me the opportunity to review her book. Well done!!!

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February 9, 2014
Before I begin, I would like to thank Lyn C. Johanson for allowing me to review her book in exchange for a honest review.

The prologue of this book had a strong hold of me and I refused to put down the book until I'd my questions answered.

Amira, the only witch who possess psychic powers - no need for incarnation, herbs or whatnot, has fallen into the hands of the gods. The gods treated her nothing more than a slave. Raven, in his entire life, his sole purpose is to find or should I say kidnap witch to save his brother.

It was nice to read both's narration and the POV of each another, I enjoyed seeing their relationship grows. The story slowly unfolds and many questions were answered, overall it's an interesting plot.
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January 31, 2017

Amira is a witch like no other, having lived many lives before always having tragedy befall her, yet her powers are unmatched. While sent on a mission from the Gods, Amira ends up being captured by a witch hunter named Raven. The two are attracted to one another, both appalled by the connection and refuse to act on it. Amira wants the chance to finally life this life, where as Raven wants to free his brother from his curse. Can the two work together instead of at odds to find what they are looking for?

The heart of the story was a romance, no doubt about it. I think I went into the story expecting a fantastical adventure with hints of romance, and that was not really what this was so I was slightly let down. Don’t get me wrong, this was a good book and there is a highly complex magical system and world the author was able to create was very developed. I was just hoping for something else than what I got, so it is probably my fault. But to be honest, there were chapter in the start of the story after the two main characters meet where they just sit and stew about their attraction and how they refuse to give into it.

The book is narrated by Raven and Amira, alternating chapters with the character view points. I am a big fan of romances told from both points of view, so I was really happy to see that both the characters were clearly represented. There are so many side characters in this story that help the character development of the main characters as well as help with the plot. The side characters are almost as well developed as the main characters and I found myself invest in their lives, and I can’t help but be concerned by Ciaran (but that is for another story in another book).

Overall this was a good romance with fantastical elements weaved in the story. I was a little surprised by the path the book took, but overall I think this was a good start to what has the potential to be an epic story.

I received this title from the author in return for my honest review.
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May 25, 2014
I love paranormal stories, but they are so popular these days that many of them seemingly run together. Fated love, strong men, tragic women, magic, love, phenomenal and fantastic events...

Now, that's not to say that a little predictability is a bad thing. You can write a book that's exactly the same as a lot of other books out there and still have it be a fantastic book.

But that's not what we're going to talk about today. No, we're going to talk about Till Death and Beyond. This paranormal romance has some elements that made it really refreshing.

Amira is the heroine. I loved her. When the book starts out, we learn that she was a happy child once, but she was cursed to try to fulfill a prophecy from ages ago. Until she does, she'll die over and over again, forced to endure pain, horrors, and death, retaining the memories of the pain and suffering. She has no choice. Her life is controlled by the gods and will be until she "gets it right". Unfortunately, as gods tend to be, these are completely unhelpful. They can't tell her what she's doing wrong or how to fix it. Just that she must keep living her life, let herself be captured, sometimes tortured, and always killed.

Raven is the hero. Now, I'm partial to a hero named Raven. By the Fates has a heroic Raven. But this Raven is tragic. He's lost nearly everything and sees Amira as the only way to save his family.
From the first time these two meet, Amira shows her strength. She refuses to allow him to harm her family, but doesn't fight him when he kidnaps her. She doesn't run, even when the gods try to screw with her further.

Both characters spoke to me, particularly in their moments of lightheartedness and biting wit. There were the stuffy parts of course (and by that I mean the parts where they're doing the requisite magic casting, alpha male chest-puffing, anti-witch (and anti-Venlordian) rants, but there were also moments when the characters' interesting and fun personalities came out. Even in a serious book, there should be some fun.

The writing was beautiful and moving, though overall, I wanted the book to move along just a hair bit faster. The ending kept me turning the virtual pages long into the night.
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March 5, 2015
The cover looked so enticing and I wanted to find out more about this book! I hadn't heard of the author before and I'm always pretty excited to check out books from a new author. The book is about two lovers who are true soul mates, but there is something in the way that is forcing them to stay apart forever. Amira is the strongest witch on the planet, but she has been cursed by some things. She has psychic abilities that nobody else possesses, but she is a slave to the gods. Amira wants to be free and let her spirit roam, but this difficulty is holding her back. She wants to break the cycle badly. Raven on the other hand has a tough life too and will do whatever he can to restore his brother. Raven steals Amira and then something unexpected happens, they start to fall in love. They are destined to be apart, yet they have fallen for each other. This was such a brilliant storyline from the author and it pulled me in immediately! This was a book that I couldn't put down. It drew me in from the very first page and enticed me to keep reading more. The author did a phenomenal job in describing the characters and everything they went through. I could almost feel like I was there and in the story myself. I really liked Amira and found her character to have such a beautiful soul. I will also add the book is well-written. I didn't see any grammatical errors or anything else that would distract me from the writing. This is one of the best books that I have read in a long time. This is truly a series that I would recommend! I cannot wait to read book 2! I'm sure it will be just as amazing as this one.
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November 21, 2016
This is a unique book about witches packing in a lot of romance. Lyn is a skilled writer who develops an imaginative and captivating plot. There are some nice twists hidden. The book has a great pace to it, never feeling rushed or does it ever feel dragged on. Lyn spends a good time developing the main characters, making them very likable.

Amira is an extremely strong heroine who develops beautifully in this story. I like how open minded she has been and finds her way through her trials and tribulations. Raven is the perfect match to her and is also a very strong character.

This paranormal story has a lot of action and romance mixed within. I enjoyed it so much I went ahead and bought the next book.

I have received this book from the author for an honest review. (LoP, Lovers of Paranormal)
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December 20, 2018
This book had a lot of potential, but it really needed the help of a good editor. We needed background explanations on how the magic in this universe worked and how people are related to each other. It felt like jumping into the middle of a series rather than the first book. We also needed more spacial ques. We never really got descriptions of what rooms looked like or even where characters were in the rooms. Sometimes it was not clear who was speaking either. Small adjustments like that would have really improved this book.

This ebook was provided to me through a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you to Lyn C. Johanson, the publisher, and Goodreads for giving me the opportunity to read it. This is my honest review. No compensation was given.
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June 2, 2014
At first I wanted to give this book 4 stars, because there are places that were not as fast-paced as I want in my paranormal romance novels, but I realized that some things need to be slower.
This book delves deeply into the inner world of the main characters, so it's only natural that not every page is action filled. But even those pages that didn't have a lot of action, made me want to turn another page to find out more. And it was beautiful seeing how the characters changed and grew.
Plus it does have action, steamy romance, and some interesting twists that makes it more than just an enjoyable read.
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July 28, 2014
This was a crazy story, but I liked it. Amira has loved and died horrifically countless times, all to fulfill a prophecy she can not escape. Raven is haunted by his own demons, and is using Amira to try to fix the mistakes of his past. The way the goddesses and demons play with the mortal lives is written well, making it seem impossible to win, but giving the characters a sliver of hope anyway. I would read more from this author.
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